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  1. Westy is a solid player... a good squad player. Nothing more. Unfortunately- we don't have anyone better to supplant him. So he is 1st11 every week instead of a rotation player like he should be. Personally I think Veretout is more talented and will surpass him, however- he is having difficulty adjusting to the Premier League so far- Westy has had 3yrs, Veretout has barely had 5 matches. Sanchez is a better DM, but he is more limited than Westy offensively- and cannot play more than 60minutes it seems. Westy cannot play DM as effectively as Sanchez... but he is a better passer, and can last the full 90. What never seems to work is when we play both Westy and Sanchez together at the same time, neither are mobile enough, zero pace. It leaves us too limited in MF and we are overrun. It needs to be one or the other. We need a mad scientist to combine Westy and Sanchez into one player... Sanchwood! holding midfield problem solved!!! UTV
  2. That is very true- that past couple years our CBs have been as brittle as graham crackers.
  3. I'm very happy with our summer dealings! but i'm a 'glass is half-full' type person also
  4. All this is based on the assumption that he even sees the field for Villa. Which is not set in stone. I now see Richards (captain) and Lescott as the No1 CBs, with Clark, Okore (when healthy), and Llori all battling for the No3 CB slot(s). For all we know this kid might be a bench warmer all season, regardless of how 'highly rated' he may be. I'm sure Lescott didn't come here to sit the bench either, and we are not going to bench our captain.
  5. Given Sinclair's current purple patch... he cannot be out of the 1st11 right now in my opinion. I'm assuming TS will ride the hot player(s) all season- and thats how we will get our goals. Frankly, I like that strategy. (We have many players capable of going on a purple patch and going on a scoring run). If we play a 442 <> formation I can see Sinclair up top on the left side with a target man like Gestede or Kozak on the right. If we play 433 or 4231 he will play on the left out wider cutting in and finding the openings that he is has that knack for doing. Assuming he stays healthy- Sinclair is good for 10-12 goals this season for us. He can replace over half of Benteke's goals by himself. Not bad for such little money outlay! UTV!
  6. If we stay healthy this season I can see us pushing top10. If we have injury issues like previous seasons, players that flop, etc... I'm thinking 13-15th. Either scenario we have too much talent to be in a relegation scrap imo.
  7. i would be happy with Berba showing the kids how to put the ball in the net.
  8. Despite my previous post... I also agree this has been the best window in many years at Villa- the quality of players we have signed have been several steps 'higher' than we have previously been signing. We have addressed all the major weak areas. I'm hopeful that TS will 'ride the purple player' at ST during the season... right now that player is clearly Sinclair. At ST we rotate between Sinclair, Gabby, Gestede, Ayew, Kozak Behind them we have a nice stable of flair players to create chances: Adama, Grealish, Gil, Veretout, etc.
  9. I guess TS is going with the youth movement for goals?? I must say- that is very risky. I was certain that we would bring in a veteran ST on loan at the very least. And given the tremendous increase in TV money this season- wages should have been a non-issue for a loan deal. Overall i'm very pleased with our transfer window dealings... but i'm disappointed we didn't completely address the glaring need of goal scoring that appeared obvious to everyone. TS must really be confident that when the team gels and everyone is fit- we will create enough chances that 'anyone' can score. That is my hope too. This still feels a bit like when Lambert was here and for 3 windows he never bought an attacking MF when everyone knew we needed one. Overall I'd give this window a B+... if one of the young ST comes good... easily becomes an A- or A.
  10. ok... sorry do not know much about this fella. He is tall, 26, plays in French league. Is he the French version of Kozak? Dumping Libor to get a French speaking one instead??
  11. My top choice would be Remy on a loan. Realistic?? I doubt it... But I can dream. We have already purchased several young strikers to nurture and build. Remy would be an excellent pacy addition who would obviously score goals for us. How much game time would he really get now at Chelski??
  12. On form and should be in first 11 for me. Personally I would swap Sinclair for Gabby. Like for like.
  13. He was exposed, imo, because WBA have a static backline full stop. The lack place all over the pitch, so there was nobody around to make up for his shortcomings. He's a very intelligent defender. Composed, a juggernaut in the air, I've always rated him and wanted him. That is a very good point. Regardless of what I think of his mobility... If he comes to Villa he will be cheered by me. I just hope he doesn't stunt the development of Okore and Clark
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