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  1. honest_bertie

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    Steve Bruce was a terible manager who served his own needs over the teams. The level of incompetance he was at by the time he got the sack (lack of coaching, lack of prep, defence etc etc). Should have voided any sort of pay off for him and his staff. Dean Smith has come in, got us scoring more, winning more and playing 10 times better football. Currently there really is no negatives we can throw at DS, he’s done more than an amazing job so far. Would i rather take a 1-0 SB win over last night. No - because i would still be shi**ing it that we were going to let one in at any point. With DS currently yeh its nervy every time we get attacked but everytime we attack theres the chance, belief and feeling we migh score. I’d rather be bold as we are at the moment and let a few more in than play with the caution and fear SB had instilled, and anyway we were losing more when he was in chatge anyway! carry on Dean, 100% with ya mate.
  2. honest_bertie

    Match Thread: Villa v Nottm Forest

    Credit to taylor, great assist. Super goal El Gazi!!! Come on villa!
  3. honest_bertie

    Axel Tuanzebe

    If its a choice between developing and being more successful to the point of ‘outgrowing’ the need for AT i’d be happy. Good player, pleased he is doing well,but longer term we need to be finding young players like this ourselves now as much as we can.
  4. honest_bertie

    Dean Smith

    At least read other peoples posts correctly mate
  5. honest_bertie

    Dean Smith

    Research has shown it takes 10000 hours to master a skill or learn something properly... based on that stat i reckon i’ll give DS (and the players) more than 2 or 3 training sessions before expecting any more than we have seen so far. Work in progress, we have to look and think long term now and DS knows that, just hooe the fan base do to. Think most do.
  6. honest_bertie

    Dean Smith

    When the beat us last year at VP i wished he was our manger so i happy with this. Was a bit distracted by the Henry media show but think in many ways this might be more suitable, especially if his team coming and JT. Good luck Dean, please stick to your footballing philosophy, you got my support
  7. honest_bertie

    New Manager Speculation

    If its experience we need i know a bloke thats got tons of it. 4 promotions as well. His record speaks for itself (so he says)
  8. honest_bertie

    New Manager Speculation

    Cool mate, absolutely - lets see what happens. I hoping for someone progressive thats all, happy to give Arteta or Henry a try but equally wouldnt be suprised if we end up with Moyes it seems the way it goes with Villa. Just enjoying the chance however slight that this might be that time we might find our Nuno or Pep.
  9. honest_bertie

    New Manager Speculation

    @One For The Road you keep saying you are “telling it like ot is”. In truth however you are on a forum speculating with others and unless you are ITK your really have no idea how it is same way as the reat of is. Chill out a bit with the shouting down of people enjoying alittle hope.
  10. honest_bertie

    Steve Bruce

    Yes. I would prefer any tempory situation other than SB as manager
  11. honest_bertie

    Steve Bruce

    What anoys me most is that bruce is lowering and has been lowering expectations ever since he’s been here, i’m sick him and his self preservation retoreic. So much so that i now almost dont care if we win or loose, i want some hope but instead i just feel apathy!
  12. honest_bertie

    James Collins

    Didnt like the way he and dunne apparently were with Hollier when he was manager. Bit of a word removed by all accounts. Would rather we didn't bring him in but if he and chester works well together then maybe.