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  1. What anoys me is is Southgate is just perpetuating the top six dominance in signing players. By playing people like Hudson-Odoi who has hardly featured in the prem Southgate is turning players heads at lower league clubs. He is a **** - the only people his attitude helps is the top six in prem, players will sign for them knowing they dont even need to play reguarly. It doesnt even do Southgate any favours to say this!
  2. Do you know we didn't try? I dont think its that simple really. And what if steer had of got injured instead of Nyland? If this if that. I’m happy with Kalanic and all our signings this season, so far it lools like we have sensible people with half an idea of what they are doing in charge now, rather than the charlatans we’ve been unfortunate to have last few seasons.
  3. I don't think we did waste 7mil. I’m glad Kalanic is here, with him and Jed we have 2 good keepers for where we are at. What i do think we wasted was the money we spent on Nyland and the wages we have given Bunn over the years.
  4. This. Showing his true ability now and seems to be maturing rapidly. Every game he gets hit constantly by the other team and loads of abuse from opposition fans, he just gets up and laughs it off and plays his football. Think giving him the armband has been a vety good move and great for his confidence, seems to have gone to the next level.
  5. The general. Cant underestimate how much this guy has brought to the team, great with the ball, intelligent, goes long when needed, organises the defence and not afraid the tell people when they not up to scrarch.
  6. Doing really well, has the odd mistake in him but have to remember how little he has played in the last few years and only 23, young for a CB really. Worth signing which ever league we end up in i reckon.
  7. Hopefully we’ll be there or thereabouts.
  8. Was never coming and would never come to Villa unless we were already back and settled in the prem. Dont understand why people think think thisa, same with Rafa.
  9. Agree with this. We got a bargain and i love his energy but not the complete player some seem to think he is. I keep reading that he will be off along with Jack, cant see it myself, we are about his level at the momemt, hopefully he will develop as i hope the team as a whole do next season and be ready for prem when we get back up (how ever long that’ll be). But right now no way is a premier league team coming in for him, not good enough with final ball and a bit raw still.
  10. If he can carry this form on he would be an excellent signing if we can make it happen in the summer. I’d make him captain next season if we keep hold, communicates and leads, which i hardly see Chester or Hutton do. Cant see Chester getting back in if he continues like this.
  11. For where we are at he would improve us. Not to old and enough experience to be a bit of a leader for youger players if we are offloading the olds in the summer.
  12. This time last year Norwich fans were calling for Daniel Farke’s head. Here’s hoping we as fans will reaping the reward for patience next season. Signs look like we are beginning to get things in order, here’s hoping so. UTV
  13. I think the reason smith went for the ref in his post match interview is because if he said what he truely thinks about the defense he might alienate the players, which he has no choice but to use in the next few games b4 jan. his tone and body language screamed frustration amd annoyance. To me he was probably protecting players as it was plain to see our defense was really why we lost, not the ref, even though he was poor moat ofbthe game.

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