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  1. Get Tom Hanks in..role of a lifetime
  2. I don't think the owners will stand for it to be honest looking at what they did when they fired the coach over at the Milwaukee Bucks
  3. I don't think the owners will mess about, it will be bang - bang - bang ....next
  4. I don't blame him. Would you want to stay in a job where most of the people around you were incompetent
  5. All very well having a 'philosophy' but that doesn't win football matches without the personnel to go along with it which we clearly do not have. The best managers mould their teams into a shape and a system that works for the collective and the circumstances they are in. Clearly Dean Smith has had a long time to ponder this through the enforced break and changed his tune probably against his better nature.
  6. At least Cazoo won't have to blow their own trumpet now. Very pleased it's not a betting company, never had a bet, never been in a bookies, would never buy a shirt with one on. I did work at a place that had a Mita copier back in the day though
  7. That's okay , we won't need one next season
  8. Shut up shop for the last 10 games and try to nick a few wins. There's nobody in the stadium to boo them for passing back or not bombing forward all hung up.
  9. Remember when Targett was vomiting on the side of the pitch. He wasn't ill, it's nerves. I think it will actually help us if players are not scared of making a mistake in front of fans, and if Deano himself has identified it then it's a genuine thing.
  10. Hopefully as side effect it will mean a massive course correction to the crazy inflated player salaries and transfer fees
  11. Not sure we're allowed to play them all at the same time though 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 formation
  12. My bad ! Play that one..I think either would beat us right now though
  13. The only fair way if they are not going to write the whole season off would be for teams to play their games in hand , probably behind closed doors and have a 29 game season That would mean we'd have to beat Chelsea at home to relegate Watford instead of us. It's quite a big ask but with a Chelsea squad member testing positive for the virus I can't see this happening either. I think the best case scenario for us is they write off the whole season....Deano steps down in the Summer...and we go again with more experience knowing that we've twice made teams up of young talent from other leagues and both times we've struggled big time to stay in the division.
  14. Don't write him off just yet...He's still making his run in to the box
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