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  1. Missing spine = spineless performance, We need to be at it against Bruceball next game.
  2. We can beat the Dingles without him
  3. Whole system needs a re-think My wife likes tennis, and I think they should look at having a similar ' challenge ' system. Ref referees the game as normal. Manager / Captain has 2 or 3 challenges available per game. If they think a decision is wrong they use up a challenge to get it looked at again. Referee / 4th offical review the screen at pitch side. Ref & 4th official are mic'd up so we can hear the discussion and footage they are reviewing is shown on big screen in stadium. Ref either stands by original decision or overturns it. Game continues with one less challenge left.
  4. Smith has brought us along massively in his first year. He's stil learning, the team are still learning and the coaching staff and the new people that came into the club along with NSWE are learning too. I take a huge amount of confidence that we are on the right path, this young team that were assembled some 6 months ago is starting to gel in the toughest league in the world. Whilst I expect highs and lows we seem to be on an upward trajectory after years of failure and mismanagement. UTV
  5. Should have smashed it hard into the roof of the net with that left peg of his.
  6. Nice goal from Tammy today - joint top scorer now..his movement makes Wesley look like a statue. What a pity we couldn't sign him but I guess he made the right choice,
  7. Is it not fashionable to put defenders on the post at corners anymore ? That's cost us big style..so simple.
  8. Get the new owners to hire Banksy .....a bit of stealth art whilst nobody is looking
  9. Football logic says that if Norwich beat them , and we beat Norwich then we win it 8-3
  10. Matt Target say...did u leave before the end ?
  11. If he wins his court case he can buy himself an ironing board..I mean filthy mugs, empty beer bottles, dog eared books , a filthy keyboard and a box of Keith Sized tissues...ewww
  12. He'd be making a rod for his own back
  13. Came free with a Happy Meal
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