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  1. Tried Cactus water yesterday..interesting
  2. I think he could have done a job in the Prem, he's the right age , still developing and the Head Coach knows what he's all about. Plus he seems to be made of the right stuff to work in the culture that Smith is building so in many ways he's a known quantity and less risk than a new signing.
  3. Lampard sounding like he's off to Chelsea probably means the end of Tammy ever coming here.
  4. I just don't want to see Villa in an identikit modern bowl type stadium. I don't care if it's in B6 or not, if we have to move then fair enough. Aston/Witton is a s###hole let's be honest. If they designed a classic piece of architecture that reflects our proud history it would be worth moving for if it couldn't be done on the current site.
  5. Football Manager from 1982 was written in BASIC so you could stop the program and change the values of things if you knew where to look.
  6. Page 1 of 2 on the Ceefax league table
  7. We put Bruce's tactics in there and a few of his right backs
  8. Not a fan of their new stadium, it's got no soul. I hope that we never end up with a monstrosity like it.
  9. My old Sunday League team Belcot Fc, perennial upholders of the bottom of division 7 bid a pound sir !
  10. I would loan him out to a championship team for the season
  11. When they say debt this is obviously very different to net spend. Didn't the new owners go around settling lots of loans, mortgages etc I seem to recall. Obviously paying interest to service debts is dead money so if you're cash rich it makes sense to pay them all off.
  12. Do you remember us signing Andy Comyn..literally from nowhere straight into the opening game of the top flite. Can you imagine if we did that now ?
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