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  1. Not sure we're allowed to play them all at the same time though 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 formation
  2. My bad ! Play that one..I think either would beat us right now though
  3. The only fair way if they are not going to write the whole season off would be for teams to play their games in hand , probably behind closed doors and have a 29 game season That would mean we'd have to beat Chelsea at home to relegate Watford instead of us. It's quite a big ask but with a Chelsea squad member testing positive for the virus I can't see this happening either. I think the best case scenario for us is they write off the whole season....Deano steps down in the Summer...and we go again with more experience knowing that we've twice made teams up of young talent from other leagues and both times we've struggled big time to stay in the division.
  4. Don't write him off just yet...He's still making his run in to the box
  5. At least we showed some spirit...denied an equaliser by a worldy save If we were going to lose ( and it was massive odds on that we were ) then this is the way to lose it.
  6. I see no Rabbits..I see no hats
  7. Beginning of the end..that's a massive physcological gut punch
  8. ... only for Scott Hogan to tap in from a yard out.
  9. Calling it now..Top scorer in The Championship next season
  10. There once was a striker called Baston Who made a free transfer to Aston He scored one in three, then fecked up his knee And spent several months laid in traction
  11. Looks promising..I think he will make the step up..did he come off with cramp ? Just shows you how much more intense it is between Prem teams.
  12. And mine..something about him..he will get there with fitness
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