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  1. Made even worse by the fact I switched it off at 6-0
  2. CosmicVillan

    Louie Barry

    Can he play up front tomorrow ?
  3. Would 100% have snapped your hand off for a 1-1 at the start..ended up slightly dissappointed we gave a sloppy goal away but well done ..all set for 2nd leg now
  4. Our only fit striker can't even make the bench..Jeez
  5. There's an even better case for taking neither, we would be back to the overpaid - rarely played brigade
  6. He's about as good as Gueye was in his first season so obviously not destined to amount to anything
  7. They are in Small Heath
  8. Could be a blessing in disguise, the pressure must be immense.
  9. Great name for a band ! I imagine they perform Indie Folk and have a VW Camper
  10. Watch this and tell me you don't believe these guys will have very little sentiment when it comes to changing the Head Coach. They are 100% business guys through and through
  11. Well we're certainly not playing champagne football
  12. Wesley has more Premier league & cup goals in half a season than Benteke has in two and a half.
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