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  1. Just got back..what a day Could have won by more but for their keeper who puled of a few amazing stops. Was worried when Jack wasn't in the squad but we never seemed in danger of losing. Thought Keinan played great when he came on, and El Gazhi caused them problems all afternoon. I still worry about Conor ..a bit lightweight for me and insisted on taking a free kick which was set up for a right footer when El Gazhi wanted it, which ballooned over the bar. 6 mins of injury time was a joke but we should have won by more in the end.
  2. Great comeback I love John Terry's face at the end..We will never be his first love but he has really bought into the Villa https://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/football/competitions/championship/11690155/rotherham-1-2-aston-villa
  3. Yeah but he would have brought him on after we equalised
  4. Get Whelan on shore things up for the last 10 - 15
  5. How many centre halves does it take to change a light bulb
  6. He s**ts when he wants toooo...s***s when he waaants tooo...
  7. Get Whelan on instead of El Gahzi - Put Conor further forward,
  8. Saquib Kebab House have stated Smith is 16 kebabs, 2 bottles of chilli sauce and cabbage down on his predecessor at the same point last season
  9. The local kebab shop owner

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