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  1. Too much of a circus associated with Rose now and as @Mazrim said, he’s openly admitted to not enjoying football any more, apparently he wants to quit.......guess he just can’t afford to, or it’s a load of hot air just for the sake of being heard. Either way, don’t want him here, want young, hungry players willing to continue developing.
  2. I’ve watched Amapdu a fair bit for wales, he’s a defensive midfielder not a centre back. Class act but still raw and makes mistakes you’d expect a young player to make but which can be crucial given his position in front a defence.
  3. Exactly, and how much of that high wage bill was Bruce responsible for? Agbonlahor, McCormack, Richards - 3 high earners that were essentially unavailable to play for varying reasons.
  4. I'd lick anything for £20k..........just so you all know.
  5. Benteke was a third of the cost
  6. hahaha....oh wait, you're serious?!
  7. First Brazilian to play for us??
  8. Did we pay £20M for Traore?!?! Thought it was way less than that
  9. Ah sorry, I forgot how good we'd actually been in the 12 months prior to Bruce's arrival..............
  10. Probably because they can't click their fingers and un-skint themselves.....
  11. I wish sky and bbc would separate the mens and womens football news..........they should have their own sites. I could not care a toss about anything happening in the world of womens football.
  12. Oh right, I've blatantly just made that up then! Thanks for researching
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