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  1. Our defence has been preparing for that all season so we should be fine
  2. It’s just mind blowing in the most tragic of ways. How can we possibly have ended up where we are, I just don’t get it. But then, I think the amount of things I do ‘get’ these days can be counted on one hand. Sometimes things get so overwhelmingly surreal I don’t even want to wake up in a morning.
  3. Who knew so much thought went into a shirt design, I guess that’s diminished over time and with the high volume of templated kits and a keen eye on maximising profit?
  4. Seems a total joke when you have police flying drones around instructing people to not go for walks in the countryside.
  5. Wasn’t he just recently on video talking about how ‘doctors were amazed at how much he knew about it, largely due to his uncle being a medical genius’ or some total bullshit along those lines?
  6. We'll see worse than people stealing NHS lanyards over the coming months I think, far worse. Not to trivialise it.
  7. Priorities innit and brexit means brexit bullshit.
  8. Mate, we have that already, in abundance. I can't see how removal of that clown can be anything but positive.........unless of course it's Raab C Dipshit who replaces him.
  9. Christ alive, it’s time for Dominic Raab. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse.
  10. Wasn’t he only recently complaining about the volume of matches during the Christmas period?!
  11. That’s beyond hair brained. It’s totally unviable.
  12. I didn't check 6 weeks ago but we've been looking at it over the past couple of days and have quotes significantly less than that we've been paying over the past 2 years.......unless I've missed the context of the conversation.
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