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  1. I really don’t rate richarlison, don’t get the hype.
  2. Why does WBA getting a result here (if they do, long time to go) affect our expectations?
  3. It was a good strike but you’d think a top goalkeeper would get something on it.
  4. Nope, what’s ridiculous is deriding a guy who ensured we didn’t start the season playing Wycombe, but each to their own. He was our second top scorer last season so I shudder to think what your opinion must be of the rest of the squad.
  5. Classic bit of modern ‘journalism’. In the absence of information they just write about their own opinions. Pretty hard to separate so-called ‘professional journalists’ from any random internet blogger these days.
  6. Great signing, welcome Bertie T.
  7. Could also mean he’s joining Burnley, West Ham, trabzonspor or Scunthorpe......
  8. Put it on my watchlist last night funnily enough, prob watch it over the weekend. I’m less bothered about my virtual anonymity, even though that’s more likely to be hacked, strangely. I’m more about hiding from neighbours and getting angry if someone dares to call or knock the door after 7pm
  9. I didn’t begin this focused on masks specifically, you’ve driven it that direction. I wear one when I have to, for the record, so I’m not an anti-masker to the extent I won’t wear one, i don’t like wearing them though and I hope it becomes a passing thing.
  10. Control comes in many forms, having a nation of people petrified of something is ideal for a government, it’s how rulers have ruled since day dot.
  11. I think the requirement of face-masks is so that the government can point to something tangible that they've done to try and combat the 'highly contagious' disease. Don't forget, it was only a matter of months ago that same government said there was no value in wearing them. I find it somewhat amusing how people can (at least in these parts) unanimously deride the government for being the shambles they are but then turn into happy clappers once some form of guidance comes out from them on how to combat the 'killer virus'.
  12. Yes I am, I value my personal privacy immensely.
  13. I dont believe either set of people. As with most things there’s a middle ground, it doesn’t have to be one end or the other.
  14. You think this government is acting honestly or is being driven by anything other than the whims of a certain bald headed sociopath?
  15. You’re asking how creativity and freedoms are impacted during a time when we’re told what to wear, where to go and when and what we can and cannot do dependent on what the time is and which part of the country you find yourself in - you seriously have to ask that question?
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