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  1. This is old ground but really depends on how hands-on he is with the property stuff. I suspect he pays people to manage it all for him but it’s an easy stick with which to beat him.
  2. Surprised at the strength of your feeling on this one, if we’re going to start giving penalties for that volume of contact then there will be a penalty given at every corner kick.
  3. I worry they might come after McGinn at some point and I worry that he might be tempted given how close-to-home it would be for him. On the managerial front as others have said, it’s a crucial appointment, get it very wrong and they’re down which I’m sure would not have been planned for.
  4. But contact does not equal foul. Contact was minimal and dubious in terms of the outcome, the Madrid player sent himself to the floor not the contact.
  5. I hate Liverpool as much as the next guy but that was never a penalty last night and I think the correct decision was reached eventually.
  6. ‘Kick it out’ asking for Newcastle fans to not wear headscarf type attire. I understand and accept that racism can be inadvertent and sometimes through misguided good intentions but does this fall into that category and does ‘Kick it out’ need to be wading in?
  7. Don’t all socks have holes in them, how else would you put them on?!
  8. Sorry but it’s ridiculous. How can they enforce a restriction on criticism, sadly the Amess death seems to conveniently fit an agenda the Tories have been pushing for over the past few years. Theres literally nothing they won’t try and turn to their advantage and I will never stop criticising the scum that is the Conservative party.
  9. I think we’ll win this one, the players will be itching to set the record straight after throwing away the points on Saturday.
  10. Awful on the weekend, Danny Rose shouldn’t get anywhere near the first team again.
  11. Unable to sleep and late at night (early morning to be precise), I watched a Bruce Willis film named Cosmic Sin recently. Now I’ve seen my fair share of shit movies, B-movies that intended to be a bit shit included but this one really topped the charts on utter shite. I cannot believe it was commissioned and then released. Ordinarily you’d advise anyone to steer clear but in this case, seeing is believing and you just have to watch it to appreciate the utter ineptness of it all.
  12. Jesus Christ this place gets so reactionary these days, beat United away the guys a messiah, have a mental 15 minutes when we were cruising to a win and he’s out. Perspective folks, perspective.
  13. It was probably just someone on here.
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