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  1. I can actually fully believe it, but that’s me. Sure, he’s a marquee signing in terms of the transfer fee but he’s moving to a squad of players who have all achieved far more on the European and International stage, he simply does not warrant being the highest paid player or even one of them.
  2. I’ve seen a fair share of ‘money grabbing’ mentions, I understand perfectly why people are annoyed although I think a lot of people seem to be taking it really personally.
  3. I’d imagine he’ll be on something around £180k at City and at a guess, we offered something nearer to £200k, total guesswork though.
  4. Interesting that according to Sky, we offered him more money than City have. If that’s true, it should put to bed the petty comments around it being money motivated.
  5. Imagine spending £100M on Grealish and having the same risk…….
  6. We’ve got plenty of money, don’t know why people are fixating on spending the ‘Grealish money’, we can spend this and more irrespective of Jacks impending move.
  7. WTAF. Just went into the kitchen to do the dishes, come out and we’ve signed Ings from out of nowhere!!! Tell you what, after years of being labelled a boring club, we’re anything but these days! Cushions the Grealish blow a little I guess.
  8. Well, what is there left to say. Gutted, like everyone else. Thanks for all the memories Jack, a wayward moral compass (for a time) plus injuries have robbed us of seeing more. Aston Villa losing their best player isn’t anything new, I learnt that as a kid in the 90’s, firstly with Platt when I was too young to really understand it and then with Yorke, when I was too old not to. Club record fee for Britain speaks volumes about our progression, as well as giving us a nice chunk of cash to spend. Like many others (including those voicing raw emotion right now I’d wager) I will continue to follow your career and I hope you achieve what you want to achieve, provided of course it doesn’t come to a point where that’s in direct competition with us. Perhaps in about 7-8 years we’ll see you in the shirt again.
  9. Lingard could be an interesting proposition, if we got the lingard that West Ham got and not the lingard that’s been happy playing second (or even third / fourth) fiddle at United for 5+ years. Whoever we sign I have faith in the club that they’re the right call, the transfer success rate under the new setup here has been highly positive so far.
  10. I can’t see Traore as a striker, he can’t hold a ball up, he’s not effective in the air, his first touch is hit and miss and I don’t think he’s a clinical finisher so I’m struggling to see how he’d cope playing up top, particularly in our system where all of the aforementioned traits are key.
  11. It’s like the seven stages of grief on here, seems we’re now moving into the phase where people convince themselves that’s it all for the greater good.
  12. SMITH.DOES.NOT.CONTROL.THE.TRANSFER.STRATEGY (if we sign Tammy, it’s a club choice by committee)
  13. For starters, Smith doesn’t solely set the transfer criteria, in fact, given we have Lange etc I’d say his input is relatively minimal. Secondly……actually F it, that’ll do. What a joke.
  14. Absolute bullshit that, Vettel drove beautifully and what a shame for the team.
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