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  1. It really comes to something when the best defence someone can offer up on behalf of their ‘good friend’ Prince Andrew is that he sees everyone as servants and so couldn’t possibly have considered that they might have been underage prostitutes.
  2. There’s a great potential for a good horror film in the Alien series which hasn’t yet been explored. That gap between them finding the Alien ship in Aliens and the Marines arriving, you’d have to follow it through the eyes of ‘Newt’ as she’s the only one who survived of course but I reckon you could make a great film with the right script and direction. Call it LV426
  3. Just not the requisite level of quality to be in this division.
  4. I think the sad thing is he sees all those things as an achievement and I’ll wager he’ll harp back to them regularly whilst doing the circuit as a motivational speaker once his political ‘career’ is over
  5. Ah okay fair enough, hadn’t paid that much attention as per my OP!
  6. Only just realised how well Brentford are doing this season, it alone doesn’t make Smith a bad manager but you might have liked to think that he really was performing miracles at Brentford. Sadly it does not seem to be the case, and perhaps far from so.
  7. Can’t help but think / see it. When the Leicester lockdown news broke I immediately thought Bradford would be next.
  8. ‘Beast mode’ went far beyond Akinfenwa though didn’t it? Im sure it was a FIFA (video game) thing too.....
  9. I had a feeling Jack wouldn’t come back well from this break. At this rate he’ll be playing himself out of a big move. By the time transfers come around he’ll still be an uncapped player with half a good season in the PL, and we’re gonna want £80M for him. I agree he still looks the best player on the pitch but that says as much about the players around him as it does himself in my opinion. Maybe my expectations are too high but I’d like to see a lot more from him than what’s been on display since the restart
  10. The master plan is coming together nicely lads. We just have to keep losing by one goal and let the others get battered, staying up on goal difference all on 27 points............just need Chelsea to bang in 6 tonight and it’s falling into place just as Smith planned. Absolute masterstroke.
  11. So which one of the Tory arseholes has a finger in the e-scooter pie then? Guarantee someone stands to benefit from it financially.
  12. Is that what the kids are calling it these days? Irrelevant anyway, I completed Pornhub weeks ago.......
  13. The BBC news reader earlier today called it the ‘Level Up’ government campaign. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, in fact for about 90% of my waking life right now I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.
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