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  1. I would have liked to see Targett come on in the second half once we took control fully, Taylor is just so reluctant in attack.
  2. What game were you watching? Ive just left the ground and we had plenty of opportunities
  3. Well I think that's pretty selective but who am I to tell you what your opinion should or shouldn't be. I don't think Tammy did anything more or anything less than anyone else in the squad to warrant being singled out as possibly unable to make the step up, but then that's my opinion I guess.
  4. Not really, there's either a question mark or there isn't. I would have placed a question mark on any of last seasons squad as irrespective of how good they seem (Grealish, McGinn, Mings included) you don't know how they'll cope with the step up in quality. It's the exact same situation for Tammy.
  5. So how then do you disagree with me saying that you could have said that about any of the players last season?
  6. Maybe not but let's say he makes that mistake in every game he plays in - where does that leave him?
  7. Ah okay, you are/were supremely confident then that the entirety of the rest of last seasons squad could/would make the step up with little to no problem then?
  8. You could have said/thought that of any of our players last season. Everyone seemed to be set on the fact that Grealish is definitely PL quality and yet, he cost us the game on Saturday.
  9. I’m hoping it’s horses for courses and Targett starts tomorrow, likewise Guilbert. Taylor will probably get the nod for games where we’d expect to be digging in, I don’t know if he’s markedly better defensively than Targett but he certainly doesn’t appear to bomb forward as much which I guess by default makes him a better defensive option.
  10. This is the litmus test isn’t it, anyone can lose 3-1 to spurs away - we didn’t lose that game because we’re a promoted side, we lost because they’re one of the top 3-4 sides in the country. Beating Bournemouth at home is something of a prerequisite for anyone looking to stay up or do well.
  11. So how do you know he was so keen on going there then if it didn’t even get past that first hurdle?
  12. Yeah, he preferred it so much he stayed with us........
  13. Yeah, we’d just beaten West Ham 3-0 the game before (I think), it was the second game of the season and first away - if I’ve got the timeline right (and yes, I could check but I can’t be arsed) it was about 10 days after O’Neill had walked out and a few days after Milner left and Ireland joined. So many bad things all in a couple of weeks!

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