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  1. bannedfromHandV

    Dean Smith

    Plus, let's be honest, it's Jack Grealish at about 60-70% at best this season so far. Improve back up to 100% effort and then whinge about being taken off.
  2. bannedfromHandV

    John McGinn

    His pressing and ball winning high up the pitch should have seen us score at least another two yesterday. We just failed to capitalise.
  3. bannedfromHandV

    Dean Smith

    Encouraging start, bagful of chances and would have scored 4 or more on another day. Seemed to look to play more on the deck, not bad for a weeks work.
  4. bannedfromHandV

    Dean Smith

    And? Most of them were shit for us, what do you do? Keep paying them for 5+ years in the hope they get to a decent level? Most of those listed are no higher up than us really and a whole host of them did not come through the academy so not sure why they're listed. The exception of course is cahill, will never understand the logic on that one.
  5. bannedfromHandV

    Dean Smith

    Yep, hence why I said it was not based off a single poor performance
  6. bannedfromHandV

    Scott Hogan

    Perhaps, although bear in mind that Lansbury and thor were signed over 18 months ago, there's debate now as to whether any of those youngsters mentioned are ready or good enough for the first team so 18 months ago, they were probably even further away. Look, I'd love to have a villa team made up entirely of academy players but I (and I doubt others) would be prepared to sacrifice quality for sentiment. I remember under Houllier when we fielded a team largely made up of academy players (out of necessity), we were shite (although I do recall an entertaining game with Arsenal which we lost 4-2 I think with Clark bagging 2)
  7. bannedfromHandV

    Dean Smith

    We always have 'great players' coming through. The problem is that they don't come through. Green was not sidelined after one poor performance, he was shit every time he appeared earlier this season (which okay, was not a large sample size but still, you can only go off what you see).
  8. bannedfromHandV

    Dean Smith

    Well he obviously felt Onomah was better, to be fair from what I've seen in competitive first team football I'd probably agree with him. And I thought Onomah was bang average.
  9. bannedfromHandV

    Scott Hogan

    I'm not and it has little to do with my opinion of Hogan either - Hogan summed himself up for me on two occasions last night, one was a semi-difficult pass he failed to control (semi-difficult generally speaking, should be bread and butter for a professional) and the other was a cross he hit 35 yards over the bar - neither of which have anything to do with tactics in my opinion, we're talking basics here. I'm defensive over unnecessary criticisms of SB, not generally. I was asked around a week before he went what my opinion was and I stated I thought it best he went, his leaving became inevitable for all concerned and his decision making became strange, at best. So no, I am not sad or angry that he's no longer Manager but equally, I find it difficult to not react to stuff that is just plain wrong. Like how now, Brentford apparently played us off the park this season (they truly did not), how SB should have used more of our youngsters (who?!) etc etc. Once that stops I'll stop, simples.
  10. bannedfromHandV

    Steve Bruce

    Plus, Andy Cole is a grade A moron anyway.
  11. bannedfromHandV

    Scott Hogan

    Ah okay, well he also plays badly for Ireland but guess that's Bruce's fault too.....
  12. bannedfromHandV

    Scott Hogan

    Looked like an absolute bag of shite when he came on for Ireland. He tried to cross the ball, it went about 30 yards over the bar, that's the Hogan I know.
  13. bannedfromHandV

    Dean Smith

    It really is not harsh. His last appearance for us was almost a joke, he could barely control the ball without tripping over himself, literally. I get that SB did not use 'the kids' but which kids should he have used as I've seen barely anything from any of them to suggest they should be in the first team, every year we hear (often via SGC) about the wonderful talents we have and yet, none of them ever make it. We have one academy product (Grealish) in the first team squad right now, for me that's an indictment of what we're producing, not the Manager (whoever the Manager may be).
  14. bannedfromHandV

    Dean Smith

    Get with the script man, it's revisionism time. SB literally did nothing of any form of good and is to blame for every single one of our troubles. Thankfully we now have the messiah Dean Smith who is 'definitely' the right man to turn us into one of the top 3 teams in Europe. Or that's what seems to be the general tone to me anyway. Can't wait for 6 months from now when we're talking about needing a new Manager again.
  15. bannedfromHandV

    Dean Smith

    Of course, not expecting anything remotely like the finished article. Just interested to see if the shackles come off, assuming there were shackles to begin with, what kind of state of mind Grealish plays in and whether we attempt to control possession more.