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  1. It’s just petulant and immature, two words to sum up the past 4 years of US government.
  2. Looked sharp and busy in his cameo, may be hope for Anwar yet!
  3. It’s going to be up and down for us this season folks, hopefully we continue the trend of more up than down and we finish upper mid table, that’s massive progress on last season if we achieve it. Even in defeat yesterday we were so far beyond what we’d have seen for most of last season, in my opinion, and we lost a hugely influential player in the second minute. I’m far more encouraged by the performance than I am worried by the result.
  4. Trez actually had a helluva game yesterday and I really wanted to vote him MotM but whilst he played well he did also miss one or two great chances to change the game so it’s hard to then call him MotM. I can’t in good conscious complain much about the penalty yesterday when I decry diving so much, it was a dive, it was minimal contact and not enough to send him down to the ground. The frustration of course is again with VAR, even though it reached the right decision in my opinion.
  5. I’m actually strangely encouraged after yesterday. I thought we would play worse, as it was we were largely the dominant team and it was like the Alamo for the last 15 minutes. We should have scored two or three, defensive lapses were worrying but I think we can all see by now this season will be up and down, whereas last season was largely down so for me there is clear progress.
  6. Going to need to learn to press and work hard off the ball to get into the team consistently I think. El Ghazi looked good when he came on albeit for a brief period.
  7. Was always going to happen to one of them sooner or later, balls.
  8. Agreed, football is an art and art is imperfect at times. It’s emotion, both euphoria and despair and it’s ruining the essence of the game - it’s already changed how i celebrate goals and I’d be surprised if it’s not done the same for everyone by now. I’m amazed people are still defending it but then they’re the same people who welcomed it with open arms to begin with so I guess once you plant your flag these days that’s what’s you stand.
  9. Yep but there isn’t the pressure of necessity to do it, so I think it’s interesting to see if it happens. As has been said, it belongs in the same family of virus so you’d think it would be more than possible.
  10. Big business cold and flu ‘remedies’.....be interesting to see how that plays out.
  11. Thanks for that, standard government issue advice.
  12. I could be wrong of course but wearing a mask or not wearing a mask feels to me to be the difference between hitting someone whilst driving a car at 70mph versus hitting someone whilst driving a car at 67 mph.
  13. Again, how much dirt will she have on Boris et al? They’ll keep her close because she knows too much to be outside of the gang.
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