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  1. They were few and far between in reality, probably less than 1% of all goals scored, now it’s every week without fail, it’s just not comparable in my opinion
  2. I don’t think you get it man, there’s a massive difference to celebrating for a minute and getting ready for a restart than glancing across at a lino instantly with their flag up. A massive difference, for fans and players
  3. By today’s standards yeah sure, it was a foul but was it actually a foul or did origi purposely throw himself to the ground upon feeling a bit of contact? That for me is still diving, plus it’s Liverpool so I really don’t feel sympathy for them ha
  4. Pretty much exactly what I’ve been saying for the past year or so.....and often being ridiculed for it.
  5. Hit and miss in his cameo, messed up some basic stuff but then looked a world beater for a few seconds with his burst and shot.......I’m still a fan and I still think there’s potential to be converted but he has to improve on the simple stuff more consistently.
  6. On the ball we we’re pretty good again, off the ball and defensively we were a shambles today. Brighton were bossing the game before going down to ten men, even after that they could have scored a bunch of times and found space every time they got the ball. Just seemed a bit lax all round today. That said, can’t beat a last minute winner! UTV
  7. Just hope he didn’t leave early (though I can’t imagine he would)
  8. Enjoy pal, must be a heck of a day for you and hope the result makes it extra special
  9. hahaha I watch it once every year from start to end! One of THE best things ever made, fact.
  10. Whilst it's natural to look back at that period for comparison at the same time they're somewhat incomparable. Even then, we weren't selling out for the likes of Brighton, Burnley etc, there was no waiting list for season tickets and you did not have to be a member to have a realistic shot at getting a matchday ticket. As others have said, if we can maintain forward momentum as a club over the next 2 years it could set us up nicely for a sustained period of good times, everything seems to be moving in the right direction on and off the pitch, hell - even the womens team are smashing it by all accounts. Our sponsorship deals are moving in the right way, we have players being lauded (Mings, Grealish, McGinn in particular) left, right and centre, we are a rolling good time story right now all ends up. We have to capitalise on it and keep capitalising on it for as I say, 2-3 years then see where we're at but I'd love to see us increase the size of VP - we could do it without losing any of the character of the ground too, I don't think many would honestly miss the North Stand if it was taken down and rebuilt (versus missing the old Trinity Road for example) and if we could wrap it into the Trinity Road stand we could probably increase capacity by 5-10 thousand I'd guess....... What a time to be alive.
  11. Is your missus the bird in your profile picture and if so, which part of the ground do you normally sit in?
  12. I reckon a good portion of leavers must have died in the past 3 years too so that will help swing it the right way I'm sure.
  13. Maybe so but fudging something through for the sake of a few hours kudos isn't the same thing as actually agreeing a legally ratified deal. Let's see where this all ends up because I'd suggest it's more likely to end up in the bin than anywhere else.
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