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  1. Let's check in with Olof (Swedish Football)

    Do it, just get him in now. One thing is certain, he'd bring passion back into the club/squad! It seems he knows what he's doing on a matchday too, please please please make this happen Tony!
  2. Leandro Bacuna

    Fluke is definitely not the best term then., A fluke is when you don't intend to do something, I think we can all agree that whether or not he can do it again he fully intended to kick the ball into the net, which is where it went.
  3. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    I like Ledley, as a Welshman I've watched him closely for most of his career. What I will say though is this, he's not a goalscorer (or at least hasn't been), in fact he doesn't do much that will 'catch the eye' of your average viewer and he's always seemed to play better for Wales than he has his clubs. You also do well to get anything more than 60 minutes out of him these days, seems to tire very quickly.
  4. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Is anyone who no longer plays for us anything other than average in your eyes? I get that it's all about opinions but for you to say this about Milner suggests to me that we've been watching two entirely different sports.......
  5. John Terry

    I think this is all being driven by a necessity to change the culture in and around the club, if he can change that then the guy's a miracle worker frankly.
  6. John Terry

    The Man City player?
  7. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    So do Wales
  8. League Cup Draw 1st Round

    Colchester it is then......
  9. League Cup Draw 1st Round

    To be fair, I think this was something the smaller clubs were all in full favour of as it boosts the chances of drawing a big(ger) club and thus resulting in higher revenues from attendances, the league cup means very little to anyone now particularly League 1 and 2 clubs and ever more so when they have to travel the length of the country to play in front of 1000-2000 fans on a Tuesday night!
  10. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    It doesn't. We are truly skilled in the art of making average opposition look like world-beaters!
  11. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    You got one part of that right, you will be shot down
  12. Please tell me when to stop laughing at SHA

    It's a good signing, kinda makes you wonder why we weren't looking at him (assuming we weren't) and if we were, how on earth did he end up with those shitbags?!?
  13. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    As much as I dislike Terry if he came in and brought some form of a winning mentality into the club then great, my reservations however are that Elphick was supposed to do that and failed (whether Elphick and Terry can be classed in the same way is up for debate) and will we get much RoI on the pitch?
  14. Steve Bruce

    Yep, my thoughts exactly and on that basis, I'm done with it.
  15. Steve Bruce

    It's not the 'Do you want Steve Bruce out, yes or no?' thread though is it? I don't see why you have to fall in one of those camps, what about the 'I'm less than enamoured thus far but think he should have at least a bit more time to be judged upon' camp? Or does that just not roll off the tongue well enough?