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  1. bannedfromHandV

    André Moreira

    Sorry, hadn't read back to see it's already been used as an example. I'm not having a go either, I agree with you, outside of the penalty save he looked pretty bloody dodgy. There was a 2-3 minute period in the first half where he seemed to completely lose his head for some reason.
  2. bannedfromHandV

    André Moreira

    To be fair, I vaguely recall seeing De Gea's debut for United and thought he would be shite. Not that I'm directly comparing the two, but I think goalkeepers in particular get better with age. Doesn't really help us obviously given that he's here for 12 months
  3. bannedfromHandV

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Well I doubt we're going to guarantee anyone a starting spot so where does that leave us? Pretty sure I've seen loanees sitting on benches before......
  4. bannedfromHandV

    New Manager Speculation

    Embarrassing would be more apt.
  5. bannedfromHandV

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Just what we need, another striker who can't score.
  6. bannedfromHandV

    Rushian Hepburn-Murphy

    Everyone calling for him to go out on loan - he's our only other fit striker!
  7. bannedfromHandV

    Jake Doyle-Hayes

    He started okay, faded as the game went on along with the rest of them. There were one or two times in the first half I was screaming (at the TV) for him to move forward with the ball but he kept looking left and right for some reason.
  8. bannedfromHandV

    Steve Bruce

    It's all relative though surely? We are not a PL club, we do not have a PL team, so why would we devalue our results using that criteria? By that logic, a defeat in the PL is not so bad then, yet I doubt anyone, whilst we were doing so poorly in the PL, consoled themselves on reflection by thinking 'well we've just been beaten 3-0 by Southampton but at least it was in the PL'. Its flawed logic, in my opinion.
  9. bannedfromHandV


    Somewhere near Yeovil would probably be best. Unless you're just going home, in which case probably best off on your drive.
  10. bannedfromHandV

    Steve Bruce

    What would your opinion be if they both came back down this season?
  11. bannedfromHandV

    Steve Bruce

    Blandy: a) I'm surprised you would take such an absolute view on it all, but that's your prerogative irrespective of what I think b) I was not extolling the virtues of SB having done a 'great' job - I agree a 'great' job would have been promotion, my post was in relation to the constant accusation that he's a dinosaur, that we are not entertaining. Our goals for record suggests otherwise.
  12. bannedfromHandV

    Steve Bruce

    The rest of the team seem to have very little difficulty in finding the net. Do we judge the Manager on a squad of 15+ players scoring with regular ease or 1 player who can't score?
  13. bannedfromHandV

    Steve Bruce

    Ive been thinking about this a lot, as you say, we all watch the same matches and whilst we may take enjoyment out of different aspects, it's still the same game. For me, it's not that we all view the games differently, I just think we have different measures of success - this ties perfectly into the wider SB debate, some people have a very black and white view of non-promotion = failure = sacked. Others don't. I think as someone alluded to earlier on this page, it may well be that a lot of people haven't adjusted to the reality of our situation, I can imagine it must be hard for the foreign contingent amongst us, some of who had probably barely heard of the Championship previously.
  14. bannedfromHandV

    Steve Bruce

    I give up pal, literally zero point in us being in dialogue together, we fundamentally view villa and football differently. You carry on being disappointed every week and I'll carry on being quietly satisfied. I know which one of us will enjoy the next 8 months more.
  15. bannedfromHandV

    Steve Bruce

    Did you watch the game Saturday, out of interest? The full game, not a highlights package, not a website showing statistics, actually watch the game? I'll try this once more, we are - out of 72 teams, the (joint) highest scorers in 2018, goals win games - we've won a lot of games, we've scored a lot of goals, I, and many others are entertained, that you and a handful of others cannot see past your own high expectations is your problem.