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  1. We haven’t scored two goals in a match since losing to Burnley, I think 0-0 draw on the cards.
  2. I wouldn’t send abuse nor abuse someone in the street but if I was asked to feedback on her it would be 0/10. She managed to alienate both Alun Wyn-Jones and Owen Farrell and I wonder where they dig these folks up from, I mean what criteria did she fill in order to be in the privileged journalistic position of interviewing top sportsmen immediately after a match because, at a guess, it’s not her in depth knowledge of rugby union. edit - it was Sonja McLaughlin who has been involved in this space for many a year now, man standards are slipping at the beeb big time.
  3. Leeds fans are embarrassing, think they’ve bought into their own hype a little too much.
  4. Probably the worst set of questions I’ve ever heard to be honest, so blatantly biased it was embarrassing. Not saying she deserves abuse for it but if she hadn’t done a shit job it wouldn’t have happened. These people are meant to be the best in class.
  5. Not sure I’m on board with the ‘Trent’ thing......is it really too much hard work to say Alexander-Arnold?
  6. Almost 100 games for the club, good value signing. Thought his set pieces were generally good yesterday and he really seemed up for it (out to prove a point perhaps after his last outing there) in the first half in particular.
  7. With 14 games remaining more than a quarter of the points we can get come against Everton and Spurs, two teams in and around us. I fancy that those 4 games will have a major say on how we end up.
  8. Code, which hosted Godskitchen was an awesome club, at one point I think it had one of the best / most expensive sound systems in the world. Only went there once tho not living in the area
  9. Lee Mason, his catalogue of errors is really starting to look quite impressively bad. How many more before someone in authority realises quite how incompetent the man is.
  10. Strange game but very happy with the result and did not see it coming, unlikely grand slam up for grabs!
  11. Well happy with that one, nullified them really in what must have been a crap game for the neutrals.
  12. Fair play to bielsa congratulating el ghazi as they went off for second half
  13. El Ghazi has been on fire, shame he couldn’t slip Traore in late in the half. Good energy so far, maybe swap Traore for trez
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