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  1. bannedfromHandV

    John Terry

    Absolutely, so he may miss 2 games next season, honestly couldn't give a shit if it means having him as an option for the other 36 games.
  2. bannedfromHandV

    Pre-match chat

    That's a seriously high powered set of binoculars man!
  3. bannedfromHandV

    Steve Bruce

    I'd call it an absolute joke, on the eve of the biggest game we've had in McGrath knows how long. But, each to their own.
  4. bannedfromHandV

    Steve Bruce

    Hell hath frozen over
  5. bannedfromHandV

    Steve Bruce

    We were bang average under houllier, from what I remember we were bumming around between relegation spots and midtable until we picked up toward the end and even some of those results were more down to McAllister (having taken over for the last few games). And that was when we still had a decent team too
  6. bannedfromHandV

    Trains & Disruptions

    Can I park there too?! If it helps at all, I reckon we have the exact same name (judging by your PSN username)
  7. bannedfromHandV

    Jack Grealish

    How tall is he though? I've heard he's only 3ft2
  8. bannedfromHandV

    Mile Jedinak

    One thing that's impressed me over recent weeks is Jedi's mobility and energy. Early on in his time here he couldn't complete 90 minutes and looked slow as hell. He hasn't suddenly become Usain Bolt either but he seems far more able to get across the pitch and last for 90 minutes recently.
  9. bannedfromHandV


    me and the bro managed to get one each woohoo see you all there bitches x
  10. bannedfromHandV


    Doesn't make any sense man, they shouldnt have a queue for the queue if its just gonna be done at random anyway....
  11. bannedfromHandV


    Jammy git
  12. bannedfromHandV

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    As with anything tho, it's a double edged sword, what if we go hell for leather at them and concede on the break early on, will piss on the game plan I'm sure. I don't see SB changing too much, think we'll try and start solid, aim to keep a clean sheet and hope we nick one. People can say that's not good enough and we should be aiming for better but it's worked time and time again in history. Plus, whilst we have scored a really decent amount of goals this season, I'd suggest our best strength is still the defence, nothing wrong in playing to those strengths.
  13. bannedfromHandV


    Unless you're number 1, then it must be awesome
  14. bannedfromHandV


    4000 people ahead of me still......
  15. bannedfromHandV


    I've been on since before 4pm, was 5500th in the queue gutted