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  1. Steve Bruce

    All else aside, surely it's dependent on how we do tomorrow (both performance and result)? Things were moving in the right direction, Wolves was a setback but we were never going to go the rest of the season undefeated so it was inevitable at some point, yes the manner of the performance was uninspiring but again, we weren't going to go the season without putting in another poor performance. Bounce back tomorrow with a decent performance and a win and the picture will look far better again.
  2. Steve Bruce

    Not sure how managing one of the better teams in a poor league (and not really achieving much, I think one cup win wasn't it?) can be compared with successfully promoting the likes of SHA and Hull. But then, football is about opinions.
  3. Steve Bruce

    On what basis do you make that comment? I appreciate it's just an opinion but what during his tenure here suggested to you that he would have done better than those since him?
  4. Steve Bruce

    Surprise surprise, after 7 odd games unbeaten and 4 wins on the bounce we inevitably lost a game and the knives are out. I wonder, did people actually think we would go unbeaten for the rest of the season?
  5. Steve Bruce

    Dave, I do not feel Bruce is a top Manager. Just because I don't think he's the anti-christ doesn't mean I like him, there is space in-between, it doesn't have to be one end of the spectrum or the other. If you read my posts since we hired him you'd see this.
  6. Steve Bruce

    Dave, I'm seeing people thinking that Rafa Benitez or the latest, Carlo Ancelotti, might come here - it's farcical honestly. I'd love to know which "top managers" you think would have come here one year ago or even today?
  7. Steve Bruce

  8. Steve Bruce

    Well, he's lasted longer than our previous 4 Managers so on that basis alone he should be congratulated!
  9. Steve Bruce

    I disagree, wholeheartedly. If you don't think Villa was one of if not the toughest jobs out there then you've had your head in the sand for the past 5+ years.
  10. Steve Bruce

    Under more favourable circumstances. This is not an effort to over-appreciate Bruce's efforts but just taking actual cold hard facts into account. We were in a mess basically when Bruce joined, people just seem to be completely skipping this fact (conveniently for their ongoing rhetoric in some quarters) as he had money to spend in January. Money does not solve problems, it can solve problems but money doesn't automatically mean success (look at Everton for a case in point).
  11. Steve Bruce

    Cardiff - stable club (in relative terms) Aston Villa - downward spiral for the past 6 years In my view it's like comparing apples and pears. It's also October, I'd wager with anyone that we will finish above Cardiff.
  12. Steve Bruce

    Mate, you're getting seriously desperate now, if it wasn't so tragic I'd add a laughing emoji.
  13. Steve Bruce

    How desperate people are, to now be referencing Neil Warnock as an example of what could have been, it's actually embarrassing guys.
  14. Steve Bruce

    Okay fine, but don't hold Warnock up as some shining example of what could have been if in reality, you'd have been equally as, if not more, irked by the prospect of appointing him! I don't care if people are 'against Bruce' (although I do question how that fits with supporting the team, of which he is a component) but when it boils down to stuff like this it just becomes petty and unnecessary.
  15. Steve Bruce

    But is it not an irrelevant point if at the same time you're acknowledging that he's as much a "yesterday man" as Bruce. Maybe if he's doing so well it's time to invest in 'yesterday men'