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  1. Pundits yes but fans too, the only way this will ever change is if fans start jeering their own players for doing it, which is obviously highly unlikely to ever happen.
  2. More and more over the course of this season have I begun moving my focus of attention away from match officials and match rules and firmly on to the players, who, by and large, seem to be immune from any real criticism. Gamesmanship/Sportsmanship has just become accepted, and in the case of the latter it’s anything but sporting so for it to be termed sportsmanship is highly ironic. Its just constant cheating and seeking to gain that 1% advantage, forget the blatant diving for a moment and consider how players now have to perch the ball on the very edge of the corner marker (when tak
  3. I don’t get how my girlfriends brother in law can go to hospital in the morning with severe pains in his groin, be sent off home with some co-codamol and then end up back there in intensive care hours later having collapsed and stopped breathing at home. He’s now unresponsive and unable to breathe without aid. I’ve never sat comfortably with people who go after compensation from the NHS but they really don’t help themselves sometimes, similar thing happened to my mates Dad a couple of years back, had crippling back pain but they kept fobbing him off before he collapsed an
  4. Slow start but after the first 10 minutes we grew into the game and took a not undeserved lead. Save for the odd few moments we looked steady and still capable of scoring again up until Luiz lost his head (again), then another combination of errors from Mings and Martinez and the games gone. I liked that we took the initiative when we made the changes and overall it was actually a pretty decent performance, certainly better than the majority of what we’ve witnessed over recent months. Davis should have been greedy when he carved out space in the box, genuinely looking forward to seei
  5. When do United piss off to the ‘Super Duper League’? Can’t come soon enough if you ask me.
  6. No doubt there’ll be 2 or 3 minutes of injury time added on at the end of the half, despite Maguire taking up more than that alone.
  7. Ffs man, same shit all over again against these bunch of knobs. Mings, poor, Martinez, poor.
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