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  1. Gotta be honest, aside from the size and scale they all appear the same to me. I've frequented the markets in Brum, Manchester, Chester and Edinburgh and they all sold the same crap, at the same prices, in the same kind of format. But people still go mad for them, I think the novelty was decent for the first year or two they appeared but it's become tedious now and I flat out refuse to visit them. Although I will add that the Edinburgh one had some guy selling crispy, paprika sprinkled potato crispy things on a stick which were banging and quite honestly one of the greatest things I've ever eaten, but then I love potato.
  2. I know some are better than others but isn’t that the premise for all the ‘Xmas markets’ now? People selling overpriced tat and people paying 3 times what they should for food and drinks whilst being crushed by swathes of people all around you.
  3. What a pointless ‘debate’, no debating going on, just an opportunity for BJ to keep repeating “get brexit done” every 3 minutes when he has to respond to something. What a joke.
  4. If it’s anything like the one in Liverpool then i can well imagine
  5. I’ll send the gardening bill her way then, she can at least cover half of it.
  6. Well......I don't see museum staff out there doing metal detectoring.......seems super unfair to me. What happens if you find something buried in your own back garden?
  7. What’s the effing point in metal detecting if you can’t benefit from finding something!?! Bought one for my nephew recently thinking it might pay off long term....can’t even get a refund now cos he’s scratched it to shit the thoughtless little twonk.
  8. Always struck me as being a total bellend to be honest. Not saying that makes him a poor Manager or otherwise but I’ll bet he doesn’t have many fwends
  9. Only when Julian Assange is in town
  10. It’s because he isn’t loud and brash, media friendly, and dare I say it, because he looks like any other old bloke. I’d say a good portion of public opinion these days is based on nothing more than image, nothing else matters.
  11. It’s just totally indicative of modern culture. The whole does art imitate life or does life imitate art conundrum. We live in a post-truth world, a world where idols are formed in bikinis on beaches, where facts and statistics count for nothing.
  12. Edit - found it. Much better than previous years and quite interesting
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