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  1. They look like 70's heroin dealers
  2. But I think it's a question of who fits the system better, it may be that Smith is confident in Kodjia to do that, it's just my opinion that Davis may be better suited, guess we'll see tomorrow. I'm confident goals will come for Davis.
  3. Sounds like Abraham is out, from what I can gather. I think Davis is more of a natural replacement than Kodjia as I think yes better at holding up the ball and playing with his back to goal, so I'd expect him to start ahead of Kodjia.
  4. Big chance for Keinan if he starts tomorrow
  5. Come on man, let's not rewrite history to suit a narrative. I'm as on board with Smith as anyone now, I'm absolutely buzzing about the Villa for the first time since MoN days probably, we look the real deal now. But there were some abject performances during the shit run coupled with what looked like uninspiring team selections (plenty of comments around that time as little to no difference to what we'd seen under Bruce). Now I'm perfectly fine in writing that period off as our transitional period but that's not to say that having concerns around that time weren't valid. Od course, suggestions of imminent sacking were way OTT but then it was only one or two suggesting that from memory. We've seen it fall to shit too many times to not expect/accept pessimism.
  6. In fairness, it's the exact kind of situation where its easy or easier to get it wrong, play was going the other way, spurs were in possession but lost it quickly, too quick for the linesman as it turned out. It's not like he was yards offside. I'm not sure why people are finding it 'amusing' that others are not comfortable with VAR, I'm sure it'll be amusing right up until we get done by it in the last minute of a big game. Like Terry said higher up, it's great for armchair fans and neutrals, in fact I feel like the whole VAR concept has been thought up by neutrals, for neutrals.
  7. People still had black and white TV's in the 70's, I think it's fair to assume that the technology to effectively determine offsides etc would not have been available.
  8. Ha, calls people luddites whilst simultaneously suggesting that technology should have advanced by 30 years in the 70's. Cheers.
  9. But they were minor tweaks to rules, we're talking a dilution of what the very essence of football is. Football is all about that moment, it doesn't matter if its against Wigan in the Championship or Barcelona in the Chumps Lge, mess with that and you mess with football. It's also added stress and we go through enough of that already!
  10. I didn't think it was a handball anyway, arm was at his side, he can't make it disappear
  11. Exactly, this is what I've been trying to get across, it stands to change football irrevocably.
  12. Still don't like it, even more so after tonight despite the right decisions being reached. I think it leaves a somewhat surreal feeling.
  13. I wonder how he's gotten on at Stoke this year, it seems most Brentford players fail to live up to the hype once they move on.........
  14. He sounds like a piece of work, that Bolton ST holder I mentioned earlier also told me that Bolton spent £400,000 on agent fees last year with one agent employed. That one agent was/is the owners' son.
  15. Just spoke to a Bolton ST holder I work with and he's none the wiser, said the game will defo go ahead but may not be any fans allowed in.
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