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  1. bannedfromHandV

    Italian Football

    I think it demonstrates just how fortunate we are to have such a strong league system in place in England. When you think of some of the teams in our current 3rd division and the kind of attendances they get (Sunderland being the obvious one) it's incomparable. I've long said the greatest strength in English football is not the top 4 or 5 teams but how strong our 4th division teams are and how well they're supported in a lot of cases.
  2. bannedfromHandV

    Cardiff player on missing plane

    What is the implication here then? That Cardiff / Warnock have done something wrong? "I only booked and paid for the flight" - that's kind of a big deal Willie and it's nothing like booking a taxi, unless there's more than 4 of you the size and type of taxi is irrelevant. If you're flying across the channel, at night, then I think the size and type of plane is quite important, as well as the experience level of the pilot............hard to see anything other than he tried to do it on the cheap and now he's lashing out as a defence mechanism cos he knows that in some form he's at least partly responsible. I would have sympathy for him but he's a football agent and tantamount to pond-scum as far as I'm concerned.
  3. bannedfromHandV

    Dean Smith

    You're trolling us all right!?
  4. bannedfromHandV

    Dean Smith

    Performances in the main, the two go hand in hand anyway, if you're performing well then your results will (or at least should) improve. You don't win every time you play well but if you're playing well, you should win more than you lose. I'd like to see some inventiveness from Smith, some intriguing selections and lineups, more proactive substitutions, all the things we thought we were getting basically. I'm not expecting promotion, I think it would be a tall order to even get in the playoffs now so my expectations are not so high. At the moment I feel like we're looking the worst we've looked since going down, that's a pretty major indictment of a Manager who replaced two previous alleged/perceived failures.
  5. bannedfromHandV

    Dean Smith

    I think Slavisa Jokanovic would be getting a better tune out of our squad. I'd go all out for him in the summer if things don't improve, drastically between now and then.
  6. bannedfromHandV

    Steve Bruce

    ITK here folks. Just glad we have such expert analysis on hand.
  7. bannedfromHandV

    Dean Smith

    I don't think it's bizarre, it would be bizarre if we were doing well but we're playing about as badly as I can recall since being relegated. It's too early to sack him, for sure, but it's not too early to be discussing the virtues of it.
  8. bannedfromHandV

    Ross McCormack

    Oh god no, you mean, wait....what? He went fast in a really fast nice car?! Mate I've clocked more than that in the shit cars I've had, hardly something to judge someone on.
  9. bannedfromHandV

    Tammy Abraham

    Tammy's looked to me like someone who made a really bad decision and is now counting the cost of it recently........
  10. bannedfromHandV

    Steve Bruce

    And yet, people will stock mock it?! People mocking a point against Rotherham whilst we're getting beaten, again, at home. The trick is to get your own house in order before pointing fingers elsewhere, seems to have been sorely forgotten around here.
  11. bannedfromHandV

    Steve Bruce

    Another for the long list of failures here.....I see little to no reason to focus on him above and beyond others.
  12. bannedfromHandV

    Dean Smith

    Thats a 4 hour commute if you don't want to relocate.
  13. bannedfromHandV

    Steve Bruce

    As opposed to our fantastic recent form. Nope, no hostility there at all Dave, I totally see why you refute any accusations of personal bias. And using someone's achievements as a way to try and belittle them is pretty sad mate in all honesty, it's like running up to Bill Gates and mocking him for launching Microsoft just because their attempts to enter the mobile phone market failed. No doubt you'll fail to see this and instead respond with words like unsubstantiated and unwarranted etc, usual response to being challenged on your views.
  14. bannedfromHandV

    Dean Smith

    I think you're overlooking the draw of London.
  15. bannedfromHandV

    Jack Grealish

    His injury record is also pretty bad guys, I'd say he's a major risk for anyone considering bidding £20M+. Not saying that will prevent him from leaving this summer but it will surely be factored in by most clubs.