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  1. Steve Bruce

    I don't know how much longer I can continue, it's either going to result in me getting bannedfromhereaswell or having some form of nervous breakdown!!
  2. Steve Bruce

    Apparently not, for trying to be reasonable I apparently am Steve Bruce.
  3. Steve Bruce

    Do you know what guys. I'll leave you all to it, thanks for the memories.
  4. Steve Bruce

  5. Steve Bruce

    Because, as has been documented (on the rumour mill at least), McCormack's problems are far wider than being out of favour in a football team. There may well have been a lot of jokes made about it and on the surface it seems silly and trivial but that whole 'gate-gate' thing i suspect is the tip of the iceberg, it was what Bruce could say without being liable for defamation of character or something I'd guess. You cannot just throw someone back into the team if they're not mentally and physically right, irrespective of a lack of other options. As well as being highly unlikely to work out on the pitch it sends the wrong message to the rest of the squad. Can we not just accept that there are things happening at Villa that we don't know about? Whatever your personal opinion of Bruce surely you can accept that he's a professional, that maybe after 40 odd years in football he might know something? If McCormack warranted a place in the squad, he'd have one. Edit - re Hogan, how about oh I don't know, maybe Hogan himself??
  6. Steve Bruce

    Dave, do you not think he might have tried? Or do you think that he's purposely keeping two players out of the side who could propel us to promotion because....................I literally cannot think of any reason. Hogan has had chances, he's failed to take any of them. McCormack was average at best (for us) before he had a meltdown in his personal life, both were shit buys in hindsight, in the case of the latter it's definitely time to forget about him, he's gone, his head's gone and his body will follow shortly, if not already. It's no wonder you get so frustrated with Bruce if these are measures used to evaluate him.
  7. GTA 5

    @Stevo985 are you guys still playing this? I've been looking for some active players to buddy up with for heists for a while now......
  8. Lets all laugh at Newcastle (again)

    No they're not and no, they don't.
  9. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Chances for higher viewing figures when we're away from home, I don't actually think there's much in it beyond that.
  10. Scott Hogan

    They've barely played, Kodjia has been out for most of the season, Gabby hasn't played at all has he? McCormack is an ongoing joke of a human being, Hogan has been dreadful and injured and Davis is a 19 year old kid who made his professional debut a few months ago and is now knackered as he's had to play every game for the past 10 weeks or so. But yeah, aside from that it's all about the style.
  11. Steve Bruce

    Because he highlighted all the games in which we haven't won and said, 'after each of these I wanted the manager sacked, but then that faded when we won but resurfaced after we lost again' it's not that difficult pal, do you need some help with English language? edit - I'm not deleting the above so as not to hide from it, but @Villan_of_oz I accept that the last line was unnecessary and for that single line I apologise. Anything and everything else though I stand by.
  12. Steve Bruce

    Ah right, so basically every time we don't win you want the Manager sacked and when we do win you're placated. There's a word for that.
  13. Steve Bruce

    I'd save your energy pal honestly. Literally not even worth rising to any more.
  14. Steve Bruce

    Come on man ffs be reasonable, if you're going to debate at least do so on some form of logical basis. It's almost not even worth replying to but if no-one does we just have to read this type of shite again for the next few pages. Tshibola - really, does it even need explaining, he was sent back early from a loan with MK Dons, but yeah sure, let's throw him into the starting line up here RMC - serious personal issues, I don't care if the Manager is SB or f***ing Pep Guardiola, no-ones getting anything from that man until he sorts his own shit out Elphick - injuries, lack of appearances, lack of desire, call it whatever you want but he's a liability in central defence now, he hasn't fitted in well here Gollini - accident prone, homesick apparently, would rather sit on the bench for Atalanta than play or fight for a place here, not someone I want around the place De Laet - has been injured for most of the time SB has been here, has been used sparingly coming off the bench which is about as much as he can hope for given the players ahead of him and his return to match fitness I don't know if this was tongue in cheek, it's really hard to separate them on here these days but if one of your measures of SB doing well is getting a good return out of that collection of misfits (that he inherited) then he literally cannot win with you. It's the equivalent of saying Davis is shit because he hasn't scored a goal in every single appearance.
  15. Steve Bruce

    I think what you are forgetting is football doesn't give a toss about the average fan who turns up each week to watch their team.