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  1. Steve Bruce

    I get that you don't want/need me to substantiate the point any further but nevertheless........£19m is not a small amount of money, granted - particularly at this level right? However, considering this was spread over 5 players (less than £4m per head) I maintain that it's not a lot of money in the wider sense. Looking at our overall spend for the season - that's a lot of money but then we can hardly hold Bruce accountable for the shambles that was our transfer dealings in the summer.
  2. Steve Bruce

    Mate, you're hardly well set for calling someone out for claiming opinions as fact. Most of what you post is opinion emphatically stated so as to appear factual. You reference having had over 30 games this season but fail to reference that the 11 prior matches had yielded 1 win and we were 22nd by the time his first match kicked off - a little misleading don't you think? I'm getting bored of this 'lot of money spent' bollocks, he didn't spend "a lot of money", Hourihane/Lansbury were a combined £5m I think, Bree was what, £2m? Bjarnason was around the same and then there's Hogan at £12m, that's not "a lot" of money these days and it cannot be underplayed just how woefully short we were in terms of squad and quality, the money we spent has simply brought us up to a level of equality with what you might expect in the championship - that's how shite a situation we were in. Things seem very black and white in your world.
  3. Scott Hogan

    I am a little intrigued as to how a front 3 of Kodjia, Hogan and McCormack could perform next season.
  4. Please tell me when to stop laughing at SHA

    I'd like to see them go down and given that we're not playing for anything other than pride I'll walk away happy from Ewood park whatever the result is (except maybe a draw, if SHA win)
  5. The Tim Sherwood Thread

    I would always rather be runner up in a cup final than not get there at all. Ridiculous comment.
  6. Please tell me when to stop laughing at SHA

    Sooooo, anyone else kinda hoping we lose to Blackburn this week?
  7. Steve Bruce

    You assume. It's not a fact.
  8. Gabby Agbonlahor

    The man loves a derby, makes me think it really is all about motivation for him which makes his lack of it for the rest of the season hard to bear
  9. Match Thread: Villa v SHA

    No. ****. Way
  10. Match Thread: Villa v SHA

    Comes to something when we're relying on Gabby to save us, christ alive.
  11. Match Thread: Villa v SHA

    Sounds absolute garbage to be fair. As much as I hate the OTT opinions/reactions of some on here I am warming to peoples perceptions that Bruce will not get us playing to a standard required for promotion next season........
  12. Steve Bruce

    Maybe we're keeping Gabby just to roll him out on derby days........
  13. Steve Bruce

    2 things. 1. We still haven't been good enough under Bruce however; 2. People need to take stock of exactly how much of a mess we were in when he joined, off the back of an abysmal season in the Premier league we'd won 1 game out of 12(?) in the Championship, sure, we'd spent £60M but spending money doesn't equal success. Whilst I am not overly enthused with what I've seen under Bruce thus far the fact that he inherited what in all honesty was/is probably the biggest shit-show in English football (aside from Leyton Orient) mid-season should not be underestimated.
  14. Ugo Ehiogu

    Along with Dalian one of my childhood idols. Incidentally also the first players' name I had printed on a shirt......gutted.
  15. Steve Bruce

    Don't know whether to laugh or cry. It's not for me to judge but seriously, people need to gen up before kicking off.