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  1. Surprised he hasn't gotten injured again there!
  2. It'll be the least miraculous miracle ever if it comes to pass.
  3. It's the Daily Mirror.......they don't bother with things like research, knowledge and facts.
  4. Ah okay, that was the problem, I read it too fast obviously, cheers for the advice.
  5. I like you, you remind me of Con. lets have some fun. Newcastle are on 30 points from 24 games, so where the feck do you get 0.7 ppg from?! You could pick out any set of results from any team in any season and say the same. If you looked at Liverpool’s season and focused on the one game they didn’t win they have 1ppg.......totally redundant statistic.
  6. Genuine answer - team A were incredibly wasteful, I mean 100,000 shots at goal and they miss every one, I’d say that’s criminally poor efficiency. Team B were the opposite and incredibly efficient. The beauty of football is there is no one way to win a game, shame so many people seem to have forgotten that.
  7. But they've been down that route already haven't they with Van Gaal and Mourinho.......
  8. No, I don't think they are - I know they are, that's what the table quite clearly states. They're also European and Club World Champions - they're literally the best team in the world all ends up.
  9. I think I understood clearly. When Newcastle don't lose it's blind luck but when they do lose it's because they have a substandard, monolithic, prehistoric Manager right? Or did I misunderstand that?
  10. I've never actually had to write out that phrase but I'd have put 'tow'. Learn something new every day.
  11. I think they need to go and get Pochettino before he's snapped up elsewhere........
  12. Are you for real or are you part of the new wave of Trolls we seem to have onboarded in the past few years?
  13. Ridiculous luck. He's managing these wins with what was/is a substandard squad (as defined on here) and with half of it missing through injury. I guess when they lose it's bad luck right? We might as well just start throwing dice to determine the results of matches......
  14. bannedfromHandV


    Anyone watched The Passage (TV series)? Basically this, just hopefully with less vampires.
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