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  1. Keinan Davis

    I don't see why not, if they're good enough they're old enough. Granted yesterday was the debut so he needs to show that it was the rule and not the exception in terms of performance but man, if yesterday was the rule we've got a serious player on our hands, I just don't think it can be understated (nor should it be overstated for above mentioned reasons) how good he was throughout yesterday and how he provided that link we've been missing. That it resulted in 4 goals against not the worst side we'll play this season is testament. Kick on now kid, you can be the toast of the Holte.
  2. Ahmed Elmohamady

    Bit harsh, he wasn't front and centre but I thought he played pretty well, that nutmeg and turn in the second half was sublime.
  3. Conor Hourihane

    Easy to say after he bangs in a hat trick, a week ago he didn't look like someone capable of that. Sometimes players come good when they come good, maybe he's just come good
  4. Pre-match thread

    Could be tough this, they've won all 4 games thus far
  5. Keinan Davis

    Thing is, above all else he's done today what we've been crying out for, he held the ball up. Hogan and gabby both seem relatively incapable of doing it and Jimmy Danger is a loose cannon at the best of times
  6. Steve Bruce

    I hope he wasn't sincere in his assessment of the kids today, "they showed flashes"....KD ran the show up top and was solid throughout, held the ball up, bullied there players, showed awareness and finesse, just needed a bit more luck in front of goal so no Steve, he did more than a 'few flashes'
  7. Keinan Davis

    Christ, Bruce might have stumbled on to something here, he looks unplayable!! Just needs a goal now for confidence but that was a heck of a performance first half
  8. Steve Bruce

    Missus edit - beat me to it @Jareth
  9. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Would defo take him on loan
  10. Steve Bruce

    Depends on what support you're talking about, there's been a distinct lack of anything resembling support in certain quarters for a long time now.
  11. Gareth Barry

    want a pic?
  12. Steve Bruce

    The club is fooked. I honestly wouldn't be surprised to see us do a full on Portsmouth. The problems are far wider than just the Manager, name a single positive aspect about the club right now? For the first time in my life I actually genuinely hate being a villa fan, one or two more years of this and I'm not sure I'll even consider myself a football 'fan' any more.
  13. Gareth Barry

    Can you imagine if, 15 years ago, someone told you that on this day (yesterday) we'd be getting easily beaten by Reading in the 2nd tier of English football whilst Gareth Barry signs for West Brom. I'd have laughed my sweet little tits off, not so funny now it's reality.
  14. Steve Bruce

    Super negative set up last night, we were ridiculously deep for most of the first half. Yes, we have injury/selection problems, yes it's early in the season but I could accept losing away to Reading, I could even just about accept losing to Cardiff and drawing at home with Hull but the reality is that we've put in one good set of 45 minutes during those 3 games (Hull first half) and have been shockingly, embarrassingly bad for the rest. I just don't get it, even Terry is starting to look dogshit, during pre-season and against Hull he was measured, composed and displayed a confident and effective array of passing, fast forward a couple of games and he's making mistakes and hoofing the ball away at any given opportunity. Aston Villa is no longer a football club but rather an infection.
  15. Alan Hutton

    Assumed yours was a typo, fixed