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  1. Matty Cash and Milot Rashica haven't denied it was them, so that's confirmed then.
  2. No other premier league team went for Upson either, I think he had his heart set on Brighton.
  3. Like most on here, the only thing I know about Simon Dawkins is the videos. It is probably a very cheap gamble, he looks like there is talent there, maybe he just hasn't shown it consistently up to now. Give him a chance and lets see what he can offer. Maybe a season in the MLS has done wonders for his confidence and work ethic, one thing a lot of US players will do is put in a shift, and get a very good level of fitness. Confidence and self belief can transform the performance of a player.
  4. Right it's past 11pm, so apart from NRC, what other free transfers, centrebacks hopefully, are available.
  5. If we get injuries, another 6' player who can hold a defensive line
  6. They were making the lad feel at home, in a nice French car.
  7. Still, look on the bright side, none of our players turned up at another clubs car park. Top team
  8. It's a centre back, a man mountain Omar Gawd
  9. Brek Shea, 6' 3" ginger winger might be to play in central defence.
  10. Brek Shea, just signed for Stoke from MLS
  11. Not quite creaming, there's a little movement to be fair, but nothing has come of it yet.
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