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  • Posts

    • Midweek football 23/26 November
      They do seem to be learning from West Ham fans about this mythical "way" they are meant to play LVG isn't there to develop a brand of football he's there to tick boxes, like zatman said 2nd in the league, challenging for the title, box ticked, how they got there is irrelevant in his head As for the fans, **** em, can't stand Utd fans, I bet the majority of them will want pep next summer and his renowned exciting brand of football...
    • Trials
      I **** hate this game.  Sorry Stevo, my daughter kept playing up. 
    • Relegation Thread Version...99?!
      Regarding the players, my view is that you can really only have a go if they're not trying, not showing any fight. N'Zogbia is a prime example of this. But if they're simply not capable or good enough then it's not really their 'fault'. And this is what I've been stating for ages. The players aren't good enough. Simply put, they don't have the quality for this division. Maybe management, tactics and motivation haven't helped but ultimately I think even at their best they'd be classed as mediocre.  And that fault lies with Lerner for not supplying the money for quality additions. Some will argue the money has been mis-spent but with the figures, especially wage wise, I think it's a very difficult task with zero room for error - when sending so little you can't even afford for one player to be a dud. Fault only lies with those not trying. The players are trying but aren't good enough. Lerner isn't trying.
    • Midweek football 23/26 November
      If your team is spending hundreds of millions and fans are paying hundreds of £ to watch, you expect a little more than watching paint dry. LVG football is as boring as pulis. It is shocking. Sport is for entertainment. United fans have every right to complain about the awful football which is being shown to them. And whilst theyre watching this, their biggest rivals sign one of the most exciting managers in world football.

      i think its a bit unfair to say whether Depay is good enough for this level or not when you got a manager which is limiting freedom as much possible for keep ball and 5000000 triangles in midfield with no intensity,
    • Relegation Thread Version...99?!
      When you outline it like that Chris, it does look a daunting task. 
    • Relegation Thread Version...99?!
      Debate the bit about managers all you want, but the basic premise of what Woodytom is saying is bang on the money. Been saying the same thing for a few years, the players are the ones responsible. they aren't responsible for signing or picking themselves obviously, but they are given an easy ride on here by many. Some people still hold out hope for Nzogbia ffs. We have a squad littered with players who've only ever finished bottom half of the premier league. Where the idea of them being good enough to be a mid table team comes from I don't know. Hutton, Gabby and Richards aside (OK, and the creaking limbs of Cole, Senderos and Lescott.) these players have only ever proven to be good enough over the course of a season to be in the relegation mix wherever they've played. It shocks me that we only have 5 points, but it isn't shocking to be bottom of the league in any way. We had a poor squad when Vlaar, Delph and Benteke were among the ranks. Even if their replacements had hit the ground running we'd still be in trouble as 3 or 4 decent players does not make a good team. Hasn't proven to be a popular viewpoint on here in the main.
    • Jack Grealish
      I think he's the best player thats come through our academy since Lee Hendrie , but didn't he like to party and not fulfil his potential. 
    • The banker loving, baby-eating Tory party thread (regenerated)
      Quite possibly not: It's pretty clear at this point that the placebo effect kicks in even with some (not all) patients who are specifically told they are eating a sugar pill, and that it isn't medicine. Nonsense homeopathy also serves to prevent over-medication in some cases - I've read estimates that between 20 and 50% of 'evidence-based' drug prescription is either excessive or waste. So I doubt there's any saving at all in removing reiki, acupuncture or complementary therapies, no matter how dumb you and I might think they are.