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  1. He was substituted in 37th minute today due to hamstring injury.
  2. i know him from his playing days in dinamo zagreb. believe you me, he will not save the villa.
  3. he is that useless player nobody really likes... like robbie savage
  4. Vida is slow, error prone, uncomfortable on the ball. He would fit right in. Please god no .
  5. those cheeky smiles on jack and conor after they scored ... you can't fake that - they love the game and they love the villa
  6. "Great feeling, it's an honor to play for your country... I want to play in the Premier League, i want more than Livingston. I'll give my everything to achieve that." He didn't have a lot of work yesterday but he played with great confidence and without any errors. source
  7. he started in today's friendly vs Georgia, did not impress.
  8. Just saw his interview here - he claims he is fully fit after the knee surgery and is training hard. He spoke with the club officials and they reassured him that they believe in his abilities. He is waiting for his chance, he is giving his 100% but its the manager that picks the starting XI.
  9. The Carabao Cup Quarter-Final draw will take place on Thursday 31st October. It will start at 08:45am GMT.
  10. yes, but thats because others have to go to work in the morning
  11. Brighton: Eight of the starting XI aged 20 or under including six teenagers. Haydon Roberts and Teddy Jenks both aged 17.
  12. he said himself he is fit and willing to wait for his chance at the villa: https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fsportske.jutarnji.hr%2Fnogomet%2Freprezentacija%2Fvatreni-prolazi-teske-trenutke-a-slicno-mu-se-vec-dogodilo-na-poljudu-i-tada-sam-bio-bacen-sa-strane-ali-sto-da-radim-da-budem-zivcan%2F9314918%2F
  13. Dominik Livaković (Dinamo Zagreb, 24) the guy that replaced Kalinić, was best rated player on the pitch today. Lovre will need to work his socks off this summer.
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