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  1. Dominik Livaković (Dinamo Zagreb, 24) the guy that replaced Kalinić, was best rated player on the pitch today. Lovre will need to work his socks off this summer.
  2. Confirmed lineups, he lost his place in starting eleven.
  3. croatian news sites suggest he lost his place in their starting XI, some guy Livaković will start their game vs wales on saturday.
  4. Dan Bailey (NFL) Forrest Gump
  5. it's a shame the final is played on a random Monday (for most of the world), right after work
  6. Kitts Green's main local attractions are McDonald's at the top of the Meadway, Lidl, BJ's Bingo, Darlaston Builders Merchants and the shopping area at The Mackadown shops. LOL he's not enjoying playing professional football, he looks like he's 45
  7. i know Cadbury is fantasy, i dont even like their cheap chocolate, but i dont want to use any gambling/casino logos in my mockups
  8. slovenian


    Been three times, i like it there. Try one of these walking tours, local guides are always fun.
  9. slovenian

    Jed Steer

    He has a knee injury (torn meniscus) sustained in croatia vs azerbaijan game. Needs arthroscopic knee surgery, expected to be back in a month.

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