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  1. he shouldn't be reffing a game ever again
  2. love watching villa again after all those shitty seasons... and god bless teams that end up with potato face on their bench
  3. Tony Moon handed two-year suspended prison sentence for sharing sex tape.
  4. also, his english is getting better, can't wait to see him play again
  5. Lovre is now already in Split, he joined Hajduk on loan for six months with an option to extend the deal for another season after that. Villa were happy to keep him at Villa Park but Hajduk president got in touch and started his loan move. His manager there will be Boro Primorac, Wengers ex assistant coach. "Training conditions at Villa were really good but trainings with no matches don't get you anywhere. I couldn't just sit and wait, money doesn't always come first."
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