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  1. slovenian


    Been three times, i like it there. Try one of these walking tours, local guides are always fun.
  2. slovenian

    Jed Steer

    He has a knee injury (torn meniscus) sustained in croatia vs azerbaijan game. Needs arthroscopic knee surgery, expected to be back in a month.
  3. slovenian

    Jed Steer

    kalinic is out for at least a month, steer is our number one man now
  4. He has a knee injury (torn meniscus) sustained in croatia vs azerbaijan game. Needs arthroscopic knee surgery, expected to be back in a month.
  5. upsetting Yes, it may seemed so, but it really didn't work. Very, very different nations were glued together by propaganda. It was only a question of time... Interestingly enough, most of 70+ year-olds from ex yu countries still defend him and his regime. It was a decent life for all that didn't think or speak outside the box. If you did, you were sent to Goli otok (Bare island). I was eleven when the war started in slovenia. I was on by bicycle with my friends on the bridge, 300 meters from my home, when the barricades were placed in the afternoon. When the first shots fired, we were all sent home by my friends father that we didn't even know was in special forces. Grown adult policeman were panicking like little c**s and drove off in their cars. Three JNA soldiers died on that bridge that night. They were all draftees, unlucky to be there, serving under old army officers, trying to rescue the myth of yugoslavia... I remember my father telling us to lower all the blinds, closing lights, listening to the gunfire and hoping for the best. There are so many upsetting videos on youtube of that pointless war - father finding his dead son, brother, etc. It's hard to believe eu let that shit drag for so long...
  6. croats aren't happy with his todays performace against hungary...
  7. Kalinić started for Croatia yesterday against Azerbaijan. Croatia won 2 - 1. He made a crucial save at the beginning of the match but then let a goal in that he should save. Received the worst score in his team on most websites :\.
  8. we'll start winning games when there is no mathematical chance to reach sixth place anymore
  9. wake me up when this season ends... next one can't be any worse... right ?
  10. * only if the future transfer fee is higher than 7.7m € , according to 24sata.hr ...
  11. appears to be a nice guy, too. he bought a merc for his old coach.
  12. tbf, they would both probably turn shite if they signed for us
  13. our (previous?) scouts thought 1.3m was too much for Jan Oblak and let him go to Benfica and then they were scouting Nyland for four years... i would welcome Kalinić with arms wide open at Villa, he would make a big difference
  14. scouting young players in luxemburg apparently

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