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  1. NeilS

    Dean Smith

    It’s what Fergie did best. Might want to mention these tough decisions before any future game referee’d by Jon Moss. Basically Phil Dowd him.
  2. It looks like only Leicester got the memo judging by this report on the BBC. Maddison and Leicester adhere to goal celebrations Leicester City were the only team to follow the Premier League's new guidance on goal celebrations - but they had a bit of fun with it. Saturday was the start of the first full round of top-flight games since players were told to curb their celebrations because of the coronavirus pandemic. Not only has there been a recent rise in cases in the UK, but footballers and clubs have been criticised by politicians for repeated breaches of Covid-19 ru
  3. To be honest, I don’t really care what he thinks as I always preferred Watkins of the two. Wilson would only have been a back up to Watkins in my eyes. But, if the option to come here really was an option then he probably has a few regrets now.
  4. I see on his instagram feed that Bogarde has signed a pro contract with us today. Link to article
  5. It’s a lot better now, still has the odd crash and a few glitches but nowhere near as bad as it was. I only had the one crash yesterday after 3-4 hours of play. I occasionally see the odd NPC floating in the air as well. I have decided to keep the game now, rather than returning it for a refund. I think the promised patches due in Jan and Feb will be the big game changers, then we will see the game we expected.
  6. I thought the ref was ok, we don’t want another Mike Dean type who dishes yellow cards out for fun. However, I would say that having sent Mings off, he should have sent off Joel Ward who when on a booking clattered Targett late.
  7. I guess one bright spot was at least VAR got the decision correct on Livermore's assault on Jack. I can't believe he was only given a yellow initially, it was bizarre with a foot that high, kicking out and with studs up challenge on the calf, the Ref somehow only deemed it a yellow card offence. The VAR for offside should be as @Stevo985 says. If you need to draw lines on the screen and take multiple minutes to decide whether someone is offsidethen it is not clear and obvious. I am not sure why that criteria is ignored on the offside rule?
  8. That only works if we are trying to sell him though. If we aren't looking to move him on then he is worth the price we request to release him from his contract.
  9. I am a massive fan of Witcher 3, and was hoping for a similar quality game. It is still early days for me in this game literally just been to Ripperdoc for the fist time and starting the first proper mission with Dex, but I am not feeling it at the moment. The controls aren't great, it feels very complicated gameplay compared to Witcher 3 plus I am finding it is hard to navigate my way around the city map. I am hoping it gets better as I get used to the game and the controls. With regards the bug and play issues, I feel a bit let down at the moment if I am honest. The news that more patch
  10. NeilS


    They chased one of the best managers in my lifetime out of the door for the poor return of 7 FA Cups and 3 PL titles, after just one year of failing to qualify for the Champions League. They truely are morons, and get no sympathy from me.
  11. Nah, I don't believe it, it can't be, it must be a photoshop. Next you will be telling me you once spotted an even rarer Ivo Stas in a Villa Kit.
  12. From Birmingham Live Aston Villa have put forward exciting new plans to build an impressive state-of-the-art inner city football academy just 500 yards from Villa Park. The project consists of two sites either side of the River Tame between Witton Railway Station, Witton Road - where it meets Brookvale Road - and Tame Road in Aston. The current site is used by match-day staff as a car park with plans in place to build a new staff car park via a slip road opposite Nobel Way - just yards from Witton Railway Station. Today's planning document adds: "The new youth aca
  13. It was his armpit that was ruled offside. You are allowed to score with your armpit apparantly?
  14. This is very true, heads can drop quickly and the valiant / unlucky losses can quickly become stinking losses and the nice play becomes nervous play. We do seem to be a streaky team under Deano where we can win a few on the run but equally lose quite a few, I sometimes wish we could turn a few of these narrow losses into draws. We need a win now against Newcastle, if we drop more points in that game then we could quickly find that our early season form stands for nothing and we are in for a battle over the rest of the season. Here is hoping this is just a blip, and the good results are cl
  15. I have seen a couple of dubious links over the last couple of days now. I would be shocked if we are back in for him, especially as it looked like he was signing for Bayer Leverkusen on deadline day. He would have moved there but ran out of time to get the deal done. I think we moved on from Rashica when we signed Bertrand Traore. Unless we shift El Ghazi or send Davis on loan then I don't see us bringing in any further strikers into our squad.
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