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  1. NeilS

    Dean Smith

    Looking back on our season, we played Man Utd at Old trafford on the 1st of January 2021 and by all accounts we were pretty unlucky in that game to lose and the stats show we matched up against them pretty well. Then covid struck, we put out the kids against Liverpool in the FA Cup the following week and since then we have been patchy with our form to say the least. It may well be down to the effects of Covid whether that has taken 10% off some players performances I don't know. It doesn't take much of a drop off in performance in this league to see results change, it is very much fine margins
  2. Haha, sounds like my house. I usually have a small bet or two on this race without much success. The one year I did win I had 3-4 horses covered and that was when I went with Mon Mome, simply because MON was our manager at the time. That was a good win as it was 150-1 when I put a couple of quid on it. I think the bookies have made that back since then though as that was my last win on the Grand National.
  3. NeilS

    Tom Heaton

    After a quick google, the only site I found with a definite date was Trasfermarkt. They have his contract as expiring on the 30th June 2023. Are they usually acurate in these matters or are they just guessing? Tom Heaton Profile on Transfermarkt
  4. This! I am not in the slightest bit worried that Jack will leave this summer. He will have four more years left on his deal this summer and I don't think he will look to force a move as he is a boyhood fan of the club. I think we will add less numbers and more quality to the squad this summer which will keep Jack content this year. Next season we will have to be more consistant and really looking to be in that top 6 come the season end if we are to keep him the year after next. If we are still mid table and not looking like matching Jack's ambitions then he may start to get itchy feet, and we
  5. I had forgotten about him as well. I have just looked on google and seen that he suffered a bad hamstring injury the other week so his season is over. Going by the report I just read, it looks like he has played 28 games this season for Forest but hasn't really hit the form from previous seasons for them with only 1 goal and 2 assists.
  6. The same Mike Dean caught on camera celebrating a Spurs goal against us at Villa Park? What could go wrong? Mike Dean Celebrating
  7. I must admit, the thought has crossed my mind. I am wondering whether there is some game playing going on here, or maybe even blame deflecting because they have done a terrible job rolling out the vaccine across Europe.
  8. Haha same here. I still remember one particularly bad night on the Jäger bombs where I couldn’t eat a thing until the following evening as it turned my stomach.
  9. For anyone who has their first vaccination coming up..........................................I am 45 years old and had my first Oxford AZ vaccination on the 6th February as I am on the clinically vulnerable list due to suffering from Sarcoidosis (inflamation of cells in the lungs lining) a number of years ago, and I am booked in for my second jab on the 25th April. Like others on here have already said, I too had a few minor side effects in the evening after I had my jab, like feeling lethargic and suffering from a sore throat and a headache. I took some paracetamol and went to bed and woke u
  10. NeilS

    Dean Smith

    Same here. Like you, I get annoyed when we lose but then I remind myself how far we have come in such a short space of time. I also remind myself that maybe the covid outbreak we had has made more of an impact on the squad than we think. I cringe when I read some fans comments on the clubs or players official social media posts, it doesn't help the team or the player in the slightest. I think we need to remind ourselves how close we came to playing in the Championship again this season, and be patient as we are in a far better position than we were 2-3 years ago.
  11. The one thing they can do well is defend and stay organised. Once I saw they took the lead I feared the worst. To be honest they knew if they stayed compact in the middle and forced us wide and into crossing we would struggle to break them down. There CB’s would lap that up all day long against Watkins. I may be wrong as I am only seeing a small selection of highlights, but Is this not a similar tactic to how we dealt with Arsenal and Leeds once we took the lead?
  12. I guess there is that, that is the one thing they are actually good for. Even during our lowest lows they would somehow manage to outdo us in the being rubbish department.
  13. I may be getting the wrong end of the stick but I think @Zatmanis referring to why you would want to watch that steaming pile of turd known as sha attempt to play football.
  14. I have always disliked Bamford as a footballer even since his younger days at Chelsea and Boro. I put it down as an irrational hatred, but the last 2-3 seasons he has really cemented that feeling in my mind. It is embarrassing behaviour, and what makes it worse are all the Leeds fans online who constantly bang the drum about us being cheats. They are the worst culprits that I can think of in the league.
  15. NeilS

    Ezri Konsa

    This! I don’t understand why people say “he isn’t worth that much”. The amount he is worth is the amount we are willing to let him leave for, and as an unwilling seller with a player under contract we hold the ace cards in this game. Hopefully we stick an extremely high price on him. We don’t want to have to rebuild a defence that is starting to gel and look strong after a tough season last year.
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