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  1. That’s pretty much how I read it as well.
  2. It makes no sense to play all of the remaining games at Wembley. As @nick76 says that amount of games played over such a short period of time would ruin the playing surface. The time in between games would not be enough to repair the pitch satisfactorily. Also, why should it be a neutral venue? That takes away our advantage of more home games left than away. Unless they are going to reset the points total as well to make a new mini league, I don’t see why we should accept that. It all sounds like a load of newspaper made up rubbish to me!
  3. I think our defence have been observing the social distancing rule for most of the season, so we won’t be any worse off for it.
  4. 100% agree. This is a trap we seem to have continually fallen into over the last ten years, and was one I hoped we would stop falling into. Players like Richards, Lescott, Drinkwater etc who are living on past glories of 2-3+ years previous, rarely manage to pick those former glories back up. There is usually a reason said players have not reached previous highs for a number of seasons. One being injury, one being hunger and another being it was their peak and they’re now on the slide. We need to pick up more players on the rise, not the fall! I think/hope Drinkwater was a desperate move, and we won’t see many more moves like this from now on.
  5. I could live with that decision. Let's start the season again at match day 1 in August.
  6. Very sad news my Aunt suffered with this for many years until recently passing away. Hopefully with modern medicine and Sid's fighting spirit they can help fight it off for a while. A true Villa legend.
  7. I didn't make it to episode 2 of the first season, and was thinking just the other day that maybe I should give it another chance. I think I will give it a miss after the comments on here.
  8. If they are found guilty a second time, I imagine the penalty will be far greater than the first time.
  9. NeilS

    Formula One - 2020

    Further develeping news on the BBC regarding the Ferrari engine thing:- 7 Teams object to Ferrari Engine Settlement Seven of the 10 Formula 1 teams have formally objected to the handling of Ferrari's engine controversy last year. Last week, governing body the FIA said it "reached a settlement" with Ferrari after investigating their engine. Ferrari's rivals have issued a collective response expressing their "strong objection" to the confidential deal. They say they will "pursue full and proper disclosure" and "reserve our rights to seek legal redress". Mercedes, Red Bull, McLaren, Renault, Racing Point, Alpha Tauri and Williams all released identical statements to that effect on Wednesday morning. The only teams not to sign other than Ferrari are Haas and Alfa Romeo, who use Ferrari engines. The FIA do themselves no favours with this, they have often in the past been tagged as Ferrari International Assistance. They need to clarify this situation, as at the moment it looks like a cover up favouring Ferrari.
  10. NeilS

    Louie Barry

    Maybe rotating of the team, as it says there is another game on Monday?
  11. And it's not even the Steve Bruce thread!
  12. Oh yeah it is definitely too close for comfort at the moment. It is getting to the crunch time, and I am just trying to remain positive for the time being.
  13. I knew when I was typing that somebody would say that. Here's hoping not.
  14. A great start for the lad, and at a decent level for someone so young. Hopefully he takes confidence from that, keeps working hard and progresses well during his time there. With a good end to the season Doncaster could make the playoffs, and Jacob could make a good claim for a look in at first team level here in the summer, or worse case scenario a loan at a Championship club next season.
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