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  1. Samatta should hopefully be more match fit than Drinkwater having played a fair few matches already this season, whereas Drinkwater has barely played in the last couple of seasons. Playing Drinkwater in that first game was an odd decision, doubly so when you consider the opposition in his first match.
  2. Agree, it is all well and good having "projects" and the young and hungry approach, but you need some nous and experience and game management on the pitch to bring it all together when the going gets tough. The PL is a harsh league and punishes you for most mistakes, and I feel our players heads have gone to a certain extent. Even the Man Utd "You won't win anything with Kids" team had a core of senior winners alongside them to pick them up after the set backs they had.
  3. There is your link, Biz Markie made appearances on a few of the Beasties albums during the 90's.
  4. There is already a thread going for January transfers:- January Transfers 2019/20
  5. If I have understood it correctly I think there is a smaller verision of AFCON in January 2020 which Marv won't be playing in, but the 2021 he will be eligible. See the following Birmingham Mail article:- Marvelous Nakamba in Birmingham Mail Zimbabwe have already qualified for the 2020 African Nations Championship and will compete alongside 15 other countries between January and February in Cameroon. However, nations in this lesser competition can only select players from their respective countries - meaning the likes of Nakamba will not take part, allowing the midfielder to stay with Villa throughout January. The bigger, 24-team African Cup of Nations gets underway in the summer of 2021 and, next month, Nakamba and Zimbabwe kick-off their qualifying campaign for that tournament against Botswana on November 15 and Zambia four days later. Algeria, this summers AFCON winners remember, are the other side in Group H with a fixture between Zimbabwe and The Desert Foxes scheduled for August 30, 2020.
  6. Returns Info I am not sure if you have since sorted your return but here is a link. I found it at the bottom of the Shop page under Customer Services. Edit Also noticed it under Help, second link down in the left hand box.
  7. It's all in the Marvelous Nakamba thread
  8. I like Conor, he has not always had it easy in his career but he has battled his way back from disappointments and I like that in a player as it shows character. He may not be the fastest or strongest, but his delivery from both set plays or open play , combined with his goal scoring threat makes him a valuable asset in my opinion. I would not be against the line up that brummybloke suggests in his post above, with El Ghazi as a potential replacement later in the game.
  9. That was Declan Rice applauding the Holte, my Dad commented that it was unusual for the opposition to come and acknowledge the home support. Snoddy came up to applaud after as well. I think you are right and Conor needs to be tried, his deadball delivery and ability to pop up with a goal is something that is vital and we may need to utilise. It is hard to see where the goals are going to come from at the moment. It may have all turned out differently if we had buried one or two of those first half headers that Wesley and Guilbert missed.
  10. Well done Tammy. I so wished we had signed him, but unfortunately the Chelsea transfer embargo made a small chance impossible. What I liked about him was even though He may miss a few chances, he always gets himself back in the box for another chance. He has that natural instinct, and confidence in his ability.
  11. This purchase has already happened, the owners bought the ground back in May to comply with the FFP regs. FFP thread
  12. Was it Gary Thompson? He does a bit of punditry and comments on Villa. Played for us in the 80’s. A bit on Garry Thompson from the OS a few years back
  13. No, I was amazed as well. Like you I thought they were still struggling in League Two, I guess all the bad finance and ground sharing stories have clouded a slight upward trajectory for them. PS. No need to ever apologise to Coventry
  14. Yes you are correct, Lee Hendrie was the player you are thinking of. I remember it was a regular criticism of him on the forums. As it happens though Elmo has Guilbert competing for his spot, so that will keep him on his toes.
  15. I was quite surprised to see that Coventry are now in League One and near the top (it's early I know), which is a league above Carlisle I suppose. I was hoping to see him get a Championship club come in for him, but I guess if he gets a full season playing for Coventry rather than a bit part season in the Championship then he will benefit from that more. Hopefully he impresses and improves, and earns himself a new deal here with us before the end of the season.
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