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  1. What about if we offer Ross McCormack as well to sweeten the deal?
  2. NeilS

    Leeds United

    I think this is the interview and news article in question. The video is linked in the article. Chris Wilder blasts 'muppets from Leeds' as Sheffield United secure promotion
  3. That is what I thought, no flinch or recoil from the Leeds player which would happen if Conor had punched him in the stomach. The Leeds player just carries on as if nothing has happened, I think Leeds fans are clutching at straws here in an attempt to deflect attention from their own teams actions.
  4. NeilS

    Villa charged by FA

    Yeah it was what could be classed as “out of control” or “reckless”. Sha have been charged for fan invasion now, not sure why the FA bought this charge as well?
  5. NeilS

    Villa charged by FA

    Sha charged for Fan attack on Jack Birmingham City have been charged by the Football Association with failing to control their spectators after a fan attacked Jack Grealish during the Second city derby against Aston Villa. Supporter Paul Mitchell invaded the pitch in the 10th minute of Sunday's Championship fixture and struck the Villa captain from behind. Mitchell was jailed for 14 weeks on Monday after admitting assault and encroachment on to the pitch. Blues have until 22 March to respond.
  6. Just had to go and double check the score on BBC. I thought VT had been hacked. Wow, what a great first half, welcome back Jack. With a defence behind him now, hopefully we can build from here.
  7. His middle name is Sidney isn’t it?
  8. I found out the following last night, thankfully they are all in my camp at Horseshoe Overlook. It all stems from if you do the mission for Uncle first of all. See link for the explanation Missing Characters Basically, the bug means that the characters of Sadie Adler, Abigail Marston, and Jack Marston (John Marston’s son) will not appear in Chapter 2’s Horseshoe Overlook camp. Players are also reporting that Red Dead Redemption protagonist John Marston himself may not appear either. At the very least, John may be around during certain missions and to hand out his own key story missions, but during regular camp exploration all four characters are totally absent.
  9. Just opened up the case to install the game, TWO discs!! This could take some time. ?
  10. I thought that Purslow was in charge when Rafa was sacked at Liverpool and replaced by Hodgson? I cannot see that one happening, unless they have buried the hatchet so to speak.
  11. Yes he did, it was on the OS Italy boss Cesare Prandelli is an Aston Villa supporter - and that's official. The news was brought to us by Simone Farina, our head of sports integrity. Farina met up with Prandelli on the eve of the Italy v Ireland friendly at Craven Cottage this past weekend. It was there that Prandelli revealed his admiration and respect for the claret and blues - and his desire to head to a game next term. Farina said: "Mr Prandelli told me that he has liked Aston Villa for many, many years. "It is obviously due to the fact that in Italy, Aston Villa is renowned as a very famous club. "Mr Prandelli also told me of his desire to come to Villa Park to see a game next season." It wouldn't be the first time that Prandelli has been to Villa Park. He was boss of Fiorentina in August 2009 when La Viola came over for a friendly game in B6.
  12. Wasn’t it Martinez who was in charge for the 9-1 or 9-0 drubbing at Spurs? I could see him replicating that here.
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