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  1. NeilS

    Carabao Cup 2nd Round Draw

    Yes, in this round. They split the draw into two in the early round to save the smaller teams travelling the length of the country. The teams all join together again in round three.
  2. NeilS

    Carabao Cup 2nd Round Draw

    This is only half the draw, the rest other than those competing in Europe will be in the other half. The teams competing in Europe join at round three.
  3. NeilS

    Rushian Hepburn-Murphy

    From the brief cameo we saw of him against Wigan he impressed Me and my Dad, we both thought he looked very lively when he came on with a good turn of pace. It looked for a second that he was going to get a chance late on, but the defender slid in to clear the danger. I think that is the main difference between U23 and competitive football, you just have less time, so it is a case of adjusting to that and learning how to deal with that. Fingers crossed he gets that first goal soon for us soon as I would love RHM to help solve our striker problems, same goes for Jimmy I think he needs a goal as well.
  4. NeilS

    Rushian Hepburn-Murphy

    If you look at the stats for most young forwards, they don't usually become regular scorers until they have a couple of seasons under their belt. Obviously you get the exceptions like Owen who burst on the scene and score goals instantly, they are the exeption and happen to be playing with teams that create better opportunities than we do. I also think a young player only gains the confidence when he knows he has the trust of the manager and crowd. This is why I always think for youngsters like RHM they might be better served playing regularly on loan somewhere first to build some confidence, rather than being thrown into the cauldron at VP where instant success is required because we all want promotion/win a cup/qualify for Europe/avoid relegation*. * delete as appropriate.
  5. NeilS


    Maybe on ebay?
  6. NeilS

    Mile Jedinak

    I was saying to my Dad at the match on Saturday, most of our problems in defense were self inflicted. Wigans best attacks started from us giving possesion away in dangerous areas with bad touches or passes. It wasn't always Jedinak to be fair although he was a big culprit, I remember Birkir taking a heavy touch near the end of the match giving Wigan a chance at getting in on goal. Also watching back the highlights, Wigan caused us big problems with their crosses into the box. I don't feel we dealt with those at all well either in cutting them out or defending the ball in.
  7. NeilS

    Micah Richards

    It may be that we can negotiate a lesser amount to pay off the remainder of his contract, which would require Richards to be kind and accept out of the goodness of his heart, or for Richards to have something else lined up who he could sign for if he was a free agent.
  8. NeilS

    Micah Richards

    I will believe it when I see it. It was all sounding good, until I read that they thought Micah Richards was a solid defensive option when playing. That threw doubt on the whole article in my eyes.
  9. NeilS

    John McGinn

    I was discussing this with my Dad at the game. In my mind he was the last Villa player to touch the ball, he put the ball on the money and created the panic in Wigans defence, so it is an assist in my opinion I don't care whether it counts in the records or not.
  10. NeilS

    Robert Snodgrass

    I have thought all summer that Snoddy would return as a late loanee at the tail end of August. Having watched McGinn on Saturday, I am not so sure we will need him now.
  11. NeilS

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    I don’t see us going for the Norwegian lad. Unless he is amazingly better than what we have, how would we fit him in? Grealish, McGinn and Hourihane fill our creative slots, then you also have Green. I just don’t see anything from his stats at Heerenveen that suggest he is somebody we desperately need. As mentioned above, our priorities in the squad are gaps at CB, LB and CF, then maybe a winger.
  12. NeilS

    AVTV 2018/9

    They are shown on Quest, which is on my freesat channel 167. 9pm last night, 10am this morning. How do you get Quest TV? Quest can be accessed on Freeview, Freesat, Sky, Virgin Media and BT TV. These are the relevant channels: Sky: Channel 144; Channel 244 (+1) Virgin Media Ireland: Channel 154 Virgin Media: Channel 172; Channel 173 (+1) Virgin TV Anywhere: Watch live (UK only) Freeview: Channel 37; Channel 83 (+1) Owner: Discovery Networks Northern Europe Freesat: Channel 167; Channel 168 (+1) From Birmingham Mail
  13. NeilS

    Jack Grealish

    Today was the first time I have seen him live. Sadly I don’t get to many games, but I thought he played well as he could considering. I echo the above in that referees need to be doing more to protect him. He just makes defenders look foolish and they kick him and referees let players get away with it. He just seems to drop a dummy and drift past players easily. I can see him and McGinn developing a good partnership in midfield together given time.
  14. NeilS

    Jack Grealish

    The referee was an extra level of special today. I used to think the referees in the PL were bad, but the few matches I have seen in the Championship, it is frightening how bad the referees are. It is like they have just pulled someone out of the pub and given them some kit sometimes. I am sure one last season was waddling around the pitch with a beer gut.
  15. NeilS

    John McGinn

    Industrious, has a wicked dead ball delivery. Quite impressed with that debut to be fair. The one thing you ask for is effort and he gave that in bucket loads, and has a good shot and pass on him. He also harries the opposition well. The ball in for Chester’s goal was a beaut, tempted the keeper into coming for a ball he was never going to get. The corners were all on the money too. I think we have a good one here!