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  1. NeilS


    He fell out with/lost his trusted back room team in Culverhouse and the other bloke whose name escapes me.
  2. NeilS

    Tony Xia

    I think Dr Tony is running off to lead the supporters for the pitch invasion at the end. Now we know who started it.
  3. NeilS

    Robert Snodgrass

    Agree, you can see the difference with him and Terry providing great togetherness between the squad, and the squad connection with the fans. For too long there has been massive divides in both. I remember him coming on against Brentford for his debut, and geeing up the crowd as the atmosphere was a bit tense. You could see he wasn’t fully fit, but I said to my Dad at the time he would be an important player this season. Hats off to Steve Bruce for bringing in quality characters to the squad to fix that bad divide, it really feels like the atmosphere around the place has done a 180 turn from where we were 18 months ago.
  4. NeilS

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    Haha, It was one of the games I went to earlier in the season. I thought they played, so had to look it up as I was doubting myself as the memory isn’t what it used to be as I hit middle age!
  5. NeilS

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    That is strange, as the BBC report on the match suggests that R Sessegnon played in that match, unless the BBC were mistaken and it was his brother Steven playing? I went to that game and can't really remember to be honest. I just remember them being lucky to only lose 2-1, as Kodjia was rugby tackled in the penalty box in front of the Holte.
  6. Ok own up, who messed up the do?
  7. So happy we finished the job, it was not going to be a foregone conclusion and we could easily have slipped up. I was confident after Saturday, but had a few doubts creep in and thought if we conceded first it could all go wrong. Thankfully a professional performance kept Middlesbrough fairly quiet. On to Wembley now and a one off game against Fulham where anything can happen. They beat us, but we have also beaten them earlier in the season. It will be definitely be a tough game and Fulham will probably be favourites, but we should not fear them.
  8. NeilS

    Jlloyd Samuel killed in crash

    What terrible and sad news, RIP Jlloyd. Thoughts and Condolences go to his young family.
  9. NeilS

    The Game's Gone

    I have a vague recollection of something similar happening before, might have been X-Men tie in? I imagine they have some tie in, they have ridiculous amount of partners, even a tractor partner! As you say, how can anyone compete with that? FFP and Money has seriously damaged the sport I loved.
  10. NeilS

    Gran Turismo Sport

    I managed race victory number 7 this evening, in the GR4 race at Lago Maggiore. If I am honest I don’t normally do very well on that track. Tonight I had a favourable draw in my 4th attempt at the race and started on Pole rather than 8-12th of the previous races this evening. I kept it clean and kept a good 3-4 second lead throughout. I am still waiting to achieve a fastest lap though. I thought I had it tonight, but someone just pipped my best lap time.
  11. NeilS


    I would not be surprised if you are not far off the mark with that final paragraph. I remember hearing that my Nephew in law as a young child (now he is 18) had very different sports days to my generation where everyone was a winner and received medals. Now that is all very nice at the time, but doesn’t toughen a child up to disappointment and not getting their own way. Now he is quick to claim he is being bullied if he gets told off by my brother or his Dad and legs it to his Grandma’s at the first sign of trouble. He shows no signs of getting a further education often skipping classes or job again making excuses and not doing work experience. Now I only have that one example, so could be totally wrong but it does seem to ring true with these stories about football clubs and bullying. Even the armed forces have had to water down their training as the generation coming through can’t take discipline.
  12. Yeah sadly it is unlikely, they have probably scraped enough points already to escape for another season. I live in hope though.
  13. They have benefited from some last day escape acts over the years, could they fall victim to it this year. It would be comedy gold if it did happen!
  14. NeilS

    Ratings & Reactions: Ipswich v Villa

    Nice win today. I think the auto spots have gone barring a miraculous collapse by two teams above us, but you never know as the line gets closer. For now I will consider it a nice boost to morale and confidence for the play offs.
  15. NeilS


    Darren Bent helped send them down by scoring the equaliser, I bet the locals did not enjoy that!