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  1. I think the best incentive to buy Watkins is that the manager really believes in him, and the player wants to play under the manager again. Works across the front 3, so would get plenty of game time, which could easily translate into 8-12 assists, and maybe even score 12-15 goals in his first top flight season. Gamble worth taking.
  2. I actually prefer to read these links instead of the constant negativity about them. This is the 21st c. economics of media whether you like it or not. You think these journalists wouldn't prefer to base all efforts around the relatively calm waters of a daily print edition? Major advertising has migrated online and there's no money in print, therefore the imperative is to grab attention in the highly competitive attention economy. I just cannot understand the constant need to complain about this. Don't click. Don't engage with it if it upsets you so much. When all print media/journalism disappears as an option, then they'll be something to complain about.
  3. A lot of spurious links mentioning Villa and Daniel Sturridge about on social media. I think his wage to game-time ratio would mean a no from me. Also, have I just completely forgot that he was a former 'academy product', as I've just read. If so, why don't we ever see his name chucked about along with the others we gave away instead of giving a chance to?
  4. Actually a really good question. What is the evidence a player, once brilliant over consecutive seasons, moves club, suffers seemingly irreversible loss of form, moves club, returns to previous best? Fernanado Torres is another 'Benteke' example. Brilliant, moves to a different club, becomes barely recognisable. Is there an opposite example?
  5. Apparently, according to 'Transfer Markt', this transfer is 72% likely to happen. Right, where's my debit card...
  6. From Turkish news: Aston Villa is 12 M to Galatasaray for Christian Luyindama € He is preparing to make an offer. (Fanatic) Translation a bit off. Wonder if the report is?? *edit* not heard of this player, anyone else?
  7. Absolutely love it! What next Tom Hanks brought onto the board!?
  8. ****. Nervous about this news about Man U. threatening to pull out of the Sancho deal. If they do, then Jack goes, surely...
  9. I think you might be conflating 'news' with 'just another opinion'.
  10. Struggle to understand some of the pessimism. Even with the exact same squad, I think *next* season we would finish around 10th/11th. Imagine not having our spine ripped apart last season. A full season with John McGinn regaining his super, Heaton in goal, Wesley continuing his improvement plus having fully settled in a new culture. If Jack stays, plus these new signings, it's top 8 for me. We'll be chasing a European place, no doubt in my mind.
  11. Except Grealish won't sulk throughout an entire season, is way younger, better, and will only improve.
  12. Surely Grealish to Man United is ruled out now that £90m is being spent bringing in Sancho. They were already pretty well covered in midfield. No way they'll splash out another £80 for that position.
  13. "probably not much better than 15th over the next 5 years".... To use your own words... "Hmmmm..."
  14. Exactly my feeling. If we do, and we then have a terrific season; 7/8th, I think it likely Jack would stay and perhaps even sign a new contract with a buy-out clause. That's the price. Pay it or leave us alone.
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