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  1. Annoyed that the 5Live team have gone straight into talking about Wolves at HT instead of Villa! Honestly? Okay.. they're onto it now..
  2. Love that Columbo painting! I remember the episode. I've always wanted to produce a canvass on Peter Falk's Columbo.
  3. I have to take regular breaks win or lose, as some of the criticism is as dumb as it is predictable. Even Paul McGrath made mistakes, ask Shaun Teale! I wonder how he, and his lifestyle, would be perceived playing in this perfection or death social media age.
  4. Can never understand the stick that Lawro gets. He is oblivious to any social media bullshit meaning he speaks more freely and plainly than practically any other pundit. As much as I love Dion Dublin the Villa player, my heart sinks whenever I tune into Football Focus to see him occupying a seat. There is so little insight on offer with so many of the pundits, and I just cannot understand why more sports journalists aren't employed on these shows, whose job it is to have all the facts and speak articulately about them. I work for a charity, and it really reminds me of this football pundit
  5. Feel the same about his playing career. Simply outstanding. But I think it shows the huge pressure and scrutiny he now finds himself under in a completely different way, at still a relatively young age, that he clearly struggles with. Who wouldn't? It's surely only losing that brings about the humility and philosophical attitude that you need as a manager.
  6. It isn't the target, if hitting the post doesn't result in a goal.
  7. I don't have Prime so didn't watch the game, but the commentators were being slaughtered on twitter too. Were they/he just biased against us or about as ill-informed as Charlie Adam?
  8. It really was. His stats against us are staggering.
  9. What a absolutely brilliant result! Was fully expecting a crash landing and a bit of soul searching but not a bit of it. Turn around from one season to the next is truly remarkable.
  10. Bloody hell this Talksport commentary is so far behind!
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