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  1. Potentially unpopular opinion: I'd love it if as well as swears, obnoxious slang like "Gash" could be automatically altered or blocked on this site as well.
  2. Two defensive yellows.... Douglas Luis Injured.... is this going well??
  3. I'd love us to not give out the presents we all think we're inevitably going to here.
  4. The only thing I miss about listening match day WM is/was the famous Klaxon "IT'S A GOAL!!" thing.... Do they still have that?
  5. Wow. You listen to WM over 5Live??
  6. The same reason, and the same injury, as has been widely reported and discussed by everyone including the manager quite openly and honestly.
  7. No, but it will have a catastrophic effect on the general mood here.
  8. I honestly appreciate this logic, but I think there is a genuine rationale to this complaint about the Villa. Let's take Shane Long as an example. Simply not a very good striker, I think we can all agree, until Villa come along. He has scored more goals AND has more assists against us than any other club he has faced in his career. 9 goals, 6 assists in 17 appearances. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/shane-long/bilanzdetails/spieler/37304/gegner/405 I won't bother this thread anymore about the subject, but I think I would like to flesh this out further. I even have the thread title: The S
  9. I would honestly like to see a whole thread dedicated to this very real, and very upsetting phenomenon, which goes back decades. Here's another, to add to that long, long, (Shane) Long list: Remember Frank Lampard struggling to break the Chelsea scoring record? I think he went more games without scoring than in his entire career! And then........
  10. Whenever logic dictates something or other should work in our favour, I fear the worst.
  11. I wonder if it's maybe just Villa fans, VillaTalk fans or fans in general who are slightly hypocritical on this matter? Namely, if a player/the team gives absolutely everything, then the fans are happy.
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