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  1. So judging by this I make that as 2 players missing for Chelsea. Also, I didn't realise James had such an extraordinary name!
  2. Terrible. What do the media make of it all? When I lived there the media were pretty savage and that was when they were qualifying for things.
  3. I can't actually recall a lowlier time for the Republic. When I was young they had brilliant players and were essentially the Burnley of international football.
  4. Not certain how any player can be described this way and practically finished at 24, unless through serious injury, which might well be the case, I'm not sure. Was it hype over substance?
  5. Eire currently bottom of their group! Desperate times for the Republic. Notice Hourihane taking up residence on the bench too. Sad times.
  6. Thanks to whomever first mentioned this show. Think it's excellent.
  7. Makes it slightly worse than Spurs managed to keep Kane by simply denying the move whilst we offered our ex-captain to anyone in the top 4 who'd pony up the cash.
  8. Why? We've now been informed in the thread. Thank you for your time and patience.
  9. Not sure I understand the rules there. Oh well. Go rules!
  10. Dalian Atkinson the last Villa player to score in the opening 3 games of a season. Come on Ings.
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