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  1. I literally had to bite my fingers watching this shambles of a performance -
  2. If there was, Nigel Farage would film himself walking along a beach moaning about it.
  3. Welcome Emi! When he makes his debut he will be our 9th goalkeeper since our first season in the Championship - Gollini, Bunn, Steer, Johnstone, Nyland, Kalinic, Heaton, Reina... It's a position we definitely need to stabilise.
  4. Those Atalanta shirts look so badly made. Look how the fabric is all rolled on the collar of the blue one. Grim.
  5. What's he been promised, apart from buckets of cash?
  6. I doubt it. He probably drinks Sneak when he's playing Fortnite.
  7. I'll be using this on Twitter. Strong work!
  8. Correct on both fronts. The Spar round the corner from me has mountains of them at 79p a shout, though. Bloody lovely!
  9. I would strongly urge you, and anyone else thinking this, to watch this video. I posted it at the time, and things are only getting worse. It's coming.
  10. If we're carving him up, can I have his hair? And his face.
  11. To think the board has been alight with criticism of Bertrand Traore for 2 days
  12. Looks like he's got the lot. Can beat a man, pass, positioning is great. Sign him up! Pay whatever it takes!
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