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  1. Can you copy your post into the Site Issues section and we can have a look at it? Not come across this before, personally. Ta!
  2. Unfortunately for them, piss-testing gets taken seriously in football so they can't shithouse their way to glory.
  3. He's just signed a 2-year extension at Palace.
  4. Cos cats don't eat mice. They just terrify them for a bit, then rip them apart and leave them in the kitchen.
  5. It's a great piece of kit. My controller didn't last long before the buttons started sticking etc, so I bought a Razer one instead. Although that has gone the same way...
  6. They should change the name of that account from Britain Elects to 'Britain Eats Crayons'.
  7. I'll have a look at that. Nice one!
  8. My business partner has been in Dubai for 6 weeks. It was absolutely essential business, at least in terms of keeping our company afloat. His original plan was 4 weeks, with the hope that UAE would come off the red list. There was still no sign of that happening, though, so he flew to Portugal on Saturday where he was able to spend 10 days on holiday rather than 10 days in an airport hotel prison. As a side note, the hotel prisons aren't at every airport so he would've had to fly into London or Bristol to quarantine even though his car is parked at Manchester... In order to fulfil
  9. Neither are heart conditions.
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