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  1. No lone striker will do a job for us at the moment. We either hit him early when he's completely isolated or take too long to get it to him by which time the whole opposition is back and in shape. We need more pace on the flanks to enable us to get up the field quicker as a unit. Only when we're doing that can we truly judge him.
  2. Absolutely. We're at Phase 1 of becoming a PL team again. West Ham brought on a £24m winger to replace and £18m winger, and already had a £35m winger on the opposite side. We finished the game with £7m El Ghazi on one side and Elmo on the other... To bring this back on topic, I think Jack is playing like Rooney did a few years ago - he's trying too hard and coming too deep in trying to take all the responsibility. As it stands, we don't really have an "out ball". Those West Ham wingers are rapid and tricky, but ours (maybe Trez will be) just aren't. Jack can't pick the ball up and ping it out wide which gives the team chance to drive forward. They're all running it through the midfield which means a slow build-up and opposition have chance to get back. Liverpool, Spurs and City, who are miles ahead of us, have electric pace out wide which means they can pass into space and the midfield can move up as a unit, looking for space. We're relying on trying to pass it through teams and you just can't do that at this level.
  3. My constituency is a swing seat CON/LD, so I've got to trust them. I've signed up as a supporter, not a paid member, so I can get some insight into what I'll be voting for.
  4. Slim pickings on CBeebies. You've basically got Jess, Welsh Rebecca, Maddie (from Do You Know), the Mom from Topsy and Tim, Catie (from Amazing Machines) and maybe Ferne (from My Pet and Me) if you like the smell of farms.
  5. Some absolutely top drawer posts in this thread. Ruge and Kent, your posts have been as eloquent as they have honest. Powerful stuff. @villan-scott I totally get the FUT thing. I think I still have some semblance of an addiction to it, even if only in terms of the time I spend on the web app to trade and build teams. I managed to build an incredible squad this year without spending a cent. In previous years though, especially in Canada where I was pre-kids, earning a fortune, and in a different timezone to my mates so had nothing better to do, I spent fortunes. I was never one to buy packs, though. I was fully cheating and buying coins. A market crash and the loss of a load of in-game coins was soul-destroying. Looking back it was pretty intense. I like to think I don't have an addictive personality, but I think we're all vulnerable to something. Just a case of whether we've stumbled upon it and how negative an impact it's had.
  6. @choffer I had a look but it's too hard for me, so I'll now just leave the story well alone.
  7. Meanwhile, here's something else completely normal that happens all the time...

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