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  1. Jota running about like he's already played 90 minutes this morning.
  2. Imagine being able to bring on Henderson, Firmino and Wijnaldum... We've got Keinan Davis up front and Ezri Konsa at right back.
  3. Trez showing TAA a clean pair of heels there. Wasn't expecting that.
  4. Second person to ask me today. I've genuinely no idea either when it comes out or what it's going to look like. I just hope it's made at a better manufacturer than this season.
  5. Here is a list of all my favourite funny car stickers and t-shirts -
  6. Depends how wide your phone is.
  7. Have you ever tried "cranking"? Might help you through this difficult time.
  8. Sadly I'm not a loyal customer. Just a random punter. Might be worth me trying it out though, so if they aren't a "computer says No" kinda set-up. I've always hated anything credit related. I think being a Brummie means you're born with a guilty conscience. I'm still surprised when I get approved for a new mobile phone contract!
  9. My lease car goes back tomorrow and for the next car I'm looking to buy something more modest - just take out a loan and go from there. I was offered (well, pre-approved) a decent-ish rate by Zuto, who advertise on AutoTrader, but the Mrs talked me into applying through a bank to see if I could get a better rate. I went through the full process and was approved by the bank at a rate far higher than advertised and higher than the "pre-approved" Zuto rate. If I don't want to accept the bank loan, do I just leave it? I haven't signed anything and I have 28 days to accept it. I'm worried it's knackered up my chances with the Zuto loan now too, with me having a search on my record. I wish the whole loan and credit card thing wasn't so cloak and dagger...
  10. Frank Bruno was "in the fight" against Mike Tyson.
  11. If he were sacked tonight, where does he go next? Based on his record at all clubs to this point, who will putting him top of their shortlist? Swansea? Reading? Sheffield Wednesday? Blackburn? Derby? I think that tells its own story.
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