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  1. Manchester Arena Explosion

    Just came on to mention this. Starting to sound pretty serious. An Ariana Grande concert? Gonna be a lot of youngsters in there. Heartbreaking, whatever's caused it.
  2. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Moved house (again) today. I hate renting now. It's a beautiful house, but the owners have dogs so of course the place still smells of them. They paid £500 to get the place thoroughly cleaned, and the cleaners have clearly mugged them off. I really want a place I can call my own.
  3. General Election 2017

    While we still can?
  4. U.S. Politics

    Somebody say circus?
  5. U.S. Politics

    Could've been the cat, yeah. Or the Russian journalist who was allowed to attend the meeting. I guess we'll never know...
  6. U.S. Politics

    He's definitely not done anything wrong though...
  7. General Election 2017

    Rather than introduce more grammar schools, I think there should be an entrants exam for Polling Stations. Jesus wept...
  8. U.S. Politics

    I'm a Mod
  9. U.S. Politics

    Which people? Who are this imaginary, subjective group of Obama devotees you insist on referencing en masse?
  10. U.S. Politics

    I can't find anyone advocating that. Any politician, let alone a president, who has broken the law or has compromised the ethics of office should be punished accordingly. Too many Trump advocates offset his misdemeanours by pointing out what his predecessors may have done. One does not excuse or justify the other. All of them should be held accountable. As for not caring about democratic processes - I think that part of your post is nonsense.
  11. General Election 2017

    One more before bed -
  12. General Election 2017

    I'll take your Tory Jesus and raise you a Theresa May's Photo Casebook...
  13. General Election 2017

  14. U.S. Politics

    One man's sharing intel is another man's boasting.