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  1. U.S. Politics

    Or he caught her shagging "Mooch".
  2. U.S. Politics

    Anyone love a conspiracy theory?
  3. Drugs

    Good luck Ruge. I've got a couple of people really close to me now (well, one of them isn't as close as they were..) who have got big issues with coke. One has acknowledged it and is taking steps to get things improved, whilst the other is blindly strolling into a deeper and deeper mess. I feel fortunate that I've never been addicted to anything worse than Football Manager, as I acknowledge that it's not just case of thinking "yeah, I'll just stop". I've been pretty open on here about my own mental health issues though, and so I know that being desperate for an apparent escape route is often not far away. The big opportunity you have here is made bigger by the fact that it's "only" coke. It's not heroin, so it hasn't got a physical hold on you. It's just getting your responses straight so "action X does not = sniff some charlie", whereas it seems like right now that's a default behaviour. I know it is for the folks I mentioned before. Anyway, this ramble is meant as part understanding, part encouragement, and a big chunk of unconditional VT support. Go on son! X
  4. Christmas Party Season 2017

    Everyone will be properly sniffed up. Guaranteed.
  5. It's a get out of jail caveat, for sure, but based on the current circumstances one that seems very far-fetched. Last night bookies would still have offered odds on Maribor, even at 0-5 down. Doesn't mean they thought it was likely to happen, just that it was still physically possible and someone may wish to lump their savings on it.
  6. There was a HUGE proviso, at least based on the current position, that it would need " an ambitious EU-UK agreement and a transition period to allow for adjustment to the new agreement".
  7. Just imagine being this much of a bell end -
  8. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Using her finely-honed "special skills" to break the world cow-milking record.
  9. U.S. Politics

    Politicians should have to wear the logos of their backers like Formula 1 drivers.
  10. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    It's not a Brexit rant! It's a "farmers as a charitable cause" rant. I've mentioned Brexit because huge amounts of farmers were in favour of it, and now appear on course to be "even worse" off as a result. I don't add a picture of myself wearing wellies in a field to my invoices alongside an option to pay an up-charge of 20%. It absolutely takes the piss.
  11. Steve Bruce

    It certainly isn't turbo-charged that's for sure. At least now we've not got McCormack around, who seems to run on 4 star.
  12. Steve Bruce

    I think the big problem we have with games like Saturday is that if we sit deep and try to hit teams on the break, we've nothing to hit them with. If we look at Wolves with Cavaleiro, Jota, Costa - they're all absolutely rapid, and tricky. This means they can play on the front foot, or break if teams come onto them. They're like a Championship version of Liverpool in that respect. For us, and I'm assuming Round and Wyness don't just sign players and have them delivered to Bodymoor Heath, Bruce just hasn't built a forward line to do that. It's like he's completely missed that part of the modern game. Adomah is pretty quick but lacks real flair. Kodjia has more tricks in his locker but lacks electric pace, and is fairly myopic. Neither of them were signed by Bruce anyway. Snodgrass is a good player but has no change of pace, Davis was showing some nice footwork but also has little pace. If we're trying to box clever, as I was hoping we were in the first hour on Saturday, we then have no counter punch. Without Andre Green, there just isn't that threat. Grealish may be back soon, but he's just a young Robert Snodgrass so if anything makes matters worse. Big miss from the management team that we've pulled together some good components around the field but there's no "out ball" to help move us forward a few stages at once.
  13. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    ^^^ This, and its various iterations across the supermarkets. "An extra 25p goes to farmers when you buy this milk". The cheeky bastards. Either the supermarket should pay the right amount for farmers' produce and reflect that in the price, or the farmers should just suck it up. They shouldn't be a charity case for the few people left in this country who can actually afford to pay for their groceries. You don't see many people queuing up at food banks in Hunter wellies and Barbour jackets so they can't be doing that bad. And they all voted for Brexit, so they could "get a fair deal". And then started bitching and whining that they're going to lose out on their EU subsidies so want the government to cover it instead. So when they're living it up in Brexit Wonderland, will we see the demise of "Plead for Tweed"? No chance. Give it a couple of years and it'll have changed to "An extra £1500 goes to farmers when you buy this milk, because the country is so poor everyone's now existing on home grown cress and Giles here can't afford to send his kids to private school". Farmers are getting it up the arse off the supermarkets, so they've all agreed to give us the option to bail them out like some sort of creamy Comic Relief, except the farmers are the only ones with red noses. Arseholes. "Get ****, I'll buy the one that's 25p cheaper thanks. Freeloading fox-botherers."
  14. Two of the middle letters in that last word are incorrect.