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  1. I love mafia movies, I enjoy reading about the mafia, I just feel like I can't be arsed with The Sopranos. Maybe it's a bit like @sharkyvilla said, where I know there's so much in front of me I'm already apprehensive before I start.
  2. No Deal isn't really "no deal" though, is it? It's just a different kind of deal because we'll still have a deal with the WTO. For the avoidance of doubt, these aren't my words - this is Kate Hoey MP, a few moments ago in the House of Commons. We pay these **** idiots to represent us and they haven't got a **** Scooby.
  3. Praise be, I'm not alone. We've had two or three attempts at the first episode and never made it to the end. I'm looking at it thinking "I can imagine this was good back in the day", but it all feels slow and, I dunno, American? I think I just prefer something with a bit of pace to it, like Luther or even Big Little Lies.
  4. I had another swing at The Sopranos last night and I just cannot get into it. I might just have to consign it to the pile, with The Wire, of classic TV shows that just passed me by.
  5. Michael Gove would be the worst caretaker since Ian Huntley.
  6. Reports spreading like wildfire of a Cabinet coup tonight, with the aim of replacing May with either Lidington or Gove. What an absolute dearth of leadership we're enduring in this country.
  7. Her strict religious upbringing now being inflicted upon the nation.
  8. I guessed that might be what you meant. There's definitely a link between both.
  9. I dunno man. I reckon there's more kids suffering from poverty than stabbings at the moment, but I hear what you're saying.
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