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  1. Control

    She's basically the oracle on all of this. She'd be on my top 3 dinner guests at the moment.
  2. General Chat

    My nipper LOVES that video. But yes, it's a Yellow Submarine rip-off. Although I always saw it as being a bit tongue in cheek because at that point they'd had the Beatles thing thrown at them, and embraced it, so much that why wouldn't they just go balls out on it.
  3. All New Funny Pics Thread - Clean Edition

    At least you'd know that she'll probably have no teeth.
  4. Football Kits 2017/8

  5. The Game's Gone

  6. Football Kits 2017/8

    Those Puma kits. Jesus wept. Even the marketing images look phoned in. The whole lot is an absolute disgrace.
  7. Russia

    Another step closer to real life being the storyline to "The World Is Not Enough". Funny how his publications are all extremely pro-fracking and he is on the advisory board of Genie Energy...
  8. General Chat

  9. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    I think it works both ways with Dr Tone. If we go up we're going to need to spend the GDP of a medium sized country just to be able to compete. Thinking that the squad we have now, without the loan players and probably Terry, will be anything less than whipping boys in the top flight is nothing less than fanciful. We're at a funny stage in the history of our storied club. We're at a funny stage in the history of football in this country too. Clubs like us are just the collateral damage.
  10. Match Thread: Bolton v Villa

    So bad we've made Sami Ameobi look like Ajax-era Kanu.
  11. Match Thread: Bolton v Villa

    At least we'll finish above Blues
  12. Match Thread: Bolton v Villa

    We're defending the "difficult end" in this weather. It'll get worse as the game goes on so could benefit us. Really need to be at least level at half time though.