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  1. Except it turns out he's not a journalist at all! Shock! He's ACTUALLY Head of Digital for the Brexit Party. Imagine that!
  2. I went to see the Whitecaps vs New York City a couple of years ago. The referee awarded a free kick for offside from a throw-in...
  3. I'd buy at least one size up in those, for definite.
  4. Ironically the bit that's seemingly been left alone after Kappa got involved.
  5. Back when I lived in Nuremberg one of the Irish lads at the local bar was nicknamed "Ganzee" on account of him wearing a horrible jumper the first time he went in there.
  6. The drawings looked nice... The shirts themselves are different than what I saw, but the graphic ideas, colour, etc are the same. Different rules for friendly matches. Absolutely no chance that's being teed up for league matches. The head of kit design at Umbro was the first person I hired over 15 years ago, back in my Puma days - she knows the rules... The FA are playing into Paddy Power's hands by giving this stunt oxygen. That's be my guess. It's been a "thing" in graphic design for about 4 or 5 years now, to have diagonal stripes that differ in width and/or mismatch.
  7. Back in the early days of football, players would bring their own tops to wear and these would be jerseys or guernseys. A guernsey would be a fairly heavyweight jumper, traditionally worn by sailors, and so preferred by goalkeepers. A jersey is lighter weight but would still have typically been wool. This evolved into players bringing their own shirts, as they were lighter still than jerseys, and so you can see in some pictures from the late 1800s that some players had half-button shirts and others with the full button design. This is because they were literally the shirts that the men would have worn to work during the week. In the early days of international football the players wouldn't be given a shirt when they played for England, but would be given a badge to sew onto their own shirt. The name guernsey stuck with Aussie Rules as the shirts are sleeveless and so it marked a difference from the jersey worn in football and rugby, even though it bares no resemblance to an actual guernsey jumper. /kitbore
  8. Huddersfield one would be in breach of sponsor logo size and placement and thus is 100% PR stunt. Sorry.
  9. Fairly confident Paul McGrath didn't make many tackles either. He's read the game and step out to intercept the ball. This is anecdotal, however, and so is there to be shot at...
  10. The first reply to that is telling him that it was 52.3% of the vote. Which is more than the 51.9% who voted Leave...

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