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  1. Ball cleared to the halfway line, McGinn stoops to head it round Maguire and run on into empty space behind him. Maguire (carrying an injury) grabs McGinn's arm and hauls him to the ground. Dean looks the other way.
  2. Leon Bailey would've had an absolute birthday down our right side. Such a shame he's injured.
  3. Absolutely. Finding the line between privacy and accepting ads as a necessary evil can be tricky.
  4. Of the sites I frequent, most of them are for shopping. The ones that aren't are either huge (like Twitter and Facebook) or I make voluntary contributions to them (like VT and Futbin). For once I've got a fairly clear conscience.
  5. I've had it set to auto-contribute since I first started but have just checked and no auto-contributions have been made. This means I'm currently sitting on $7.42.
  6. Exactly 6 months on, by coincidence, and I'm still using Brave on both my laptop and now my phone. Top quality.
  7. Why would the beer be in the handle?
  8. This is a terrible story to read. I can't begin to imagine what that family must be going through. Great work @JAMAICAN-VILLAN in doing something to help. On that subject, I know not everyone visits the Off Topic section of VT, but we've got a thread in there specifically for discussing mental health. It's non-judgemental, and people can read, post, ask, answer, whatever they want. We may not always agree with each other on VT, but we're still a big family, held together by Aston Villa. If you want somewhere to talk, or just to read that others are feeling the way you are, this might be a good place to start -
  9. El Ghazi looked superb today. His workrate is up, he's looking to beat his man and he's crossing better than he did last year too. If this is now his "level" then he'll be a real asset for us.
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