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  1. "People" are in for a **** shock when they realise "getting Brexit done" is just the start of the negotiations, not the end of them. We've got another decade of this bullshit, but with ever increasing levels of poverty and unemployment.
  2. Might have to get IF McGinn back into my squad!
  3. I think he'll be playing golf with Andy Gray and Nigel De Jong by February.
  4. I can see why you'd think that but he's actually just really short.
  5. I only did 4 of the original set so left myself too much catching up to do. Originally I set myself up to at least get to 11 and get Roberto Carlos in, but I can't be arsed. Maybe once the Squad Battles ones are out of the way I'll have a try at the Rivals ones.
  6. That was my original plan, but the objectives are so painful I'm just going to bag Schmeichel and draw a line under it.
  7. I just came into this thread to see if he'd made an appearance. As a moderator, obviously we have access to additional information compared to regular posters but as of now I know nothing more than any of you guys do.
  8. Well, that's my gast utterly flabbered for the rest of the day.
  9. If vanity were a factor she'd be on the phone to Roberto Firmino and Jurgen Klopp to find out who fixed their teeth. I find her a fascinating politician but she's got a gob like a witch doctor's necklace.
  10. I dunno man. I feel like a hat-trick would be quite a good thing for him to do.
  11. Swung his leg at it like a toddler with a tennis racket.
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