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  1. NurembergVillan

    Rugby: General Chat

    Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the new President of the RFL -
  2. NurembergVillan

    West Bromwich Albion

    That flu over his head.
  3. NurembergVillan

    The When Will Dem Get Flu Thread?

  4. NurembergVillan


  5. If Javid were to win it they'd be in trouble. Daily Mail types aren't voting for a brown Prime Minister.
  6. Sounds like she was raised by a vicar.
  7. NurembergVillan

    General Chat

    If you're able to treat it with Day Nurse it's not flu, it's a cold.
  8. NurembergVillan

    Dominic Revan

    Try saying that to Alan Hutton.
  9. NurembergVillan

    General Chat

    Part 2 of me waffling about things I used to do -
  10. After I'd got past everyone laughing at her, it sounded crystal clear that there's no way this can work without shafting the Irish, or everyone.
  11. That'll be why the beads are around her neck.
  12. She's basically saying Brexit can't happen, isn't she? Can't have a hard border, won't sign up to making people poorer through a no-deal. What's left?
  13. Hopefully, she's going to walk out to the lectern, announce she's revoked Article 50 and then do a Slobodan Praljak.