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  1. It's tight but it's doable. Early July feels realistic for a launch of something going in this late. I'd expect all future seasons to be earlier and with more "detail" to the designs as timelines play such a big roll. I've worked on timelines where we signed teams for the World Cup as late as March before the tournament. Not too much call for Angola or Iran replica shirts though, so it's not such a problem!
  2. 14 months is a short run. The Adidas design team would've been briefed on all of the 25/26 club kits in January of this year.
  3. He follows me on Twitter. I don't follow him back.
  4. Genuinely CANNOT WAIT for the end of the season so I can quote a load of posts from the first 50 pages of this thread
  5. TBF she's the epitome of pretty crap.
  6. Killed in a car accident a few years ago.
  7. Self explanatory isn't it? Nike's tagline isn't "Just Do It - or you'll get fat and type 2 diabetes is shit".
  8. OK then, that worked So applying this logic, why are so many of our fans turning their noses up at Weston McKennie, who played in 34 of Juventus' 38 games last season?
  9. I love Dougie and I'm absolutely gutted. BUT If he was THAT good, wouldn't he be going somewhere better than Juventus?
  10. On a serious note - I think it's more likely we're seeing him as a supplement to Kamara than a replacement for Dougie. And if you think of it like that, it makes a lot more sense.
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