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  1. Exactly... It was my best option for timings. The return flight with Delta would've only given me a 50-minute layover at JFK and I wasn't willing to risk it given they're not an especially timely airline. At least I'm up the front in the posh (normal for other airlines) seats...
  2. I've read that De Rossi isn't retiring, despite getting the boot from Roma.
  3. I'm flying with Thomas Cook and will be around Greenland at kick off. Get to JFK about 6 UK for a couple for hours then on to Raleigh / Durham.
  4. I'm going to be on a **** aeroplane all day. **** me, it's going to be agony.
  5. Bet this whopper's drunk about 18 pints tonight and is currently roaming the streets smashing everything in his sight
  6. We've got a tough match at Wembley based on that showing.
  7. "Liverpool got 97 points. 97! Still a good side..."
  8. My Mom will be 84 in August. She's just text to tell me that the course of treatment she's been having for the last six months has worked and the NHS has saved her eyesight. I'm sat at my desk crying tears of joy.
  9. I'm doing the opposite of @Czechlad and @trom_borg and will be on a flight from Manchester to New York that day, departing at 11am and landing about 6pm. It's for work so I didn't have any real choice. Balls.
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