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  1. NurembergVillan


    Not only that, but what they cook the stuff in. I'd never heard of "gutter oil" until last night. Apparently, experts believe 10% of restaurants in China use gutter oil for cooking. Looks delicious!
  2. Just like when Leicester won the league - it's like they've got 15% more speed and stamina than anyone else. Remarkable really...
  3. @alreadyexists as the video in this tweet
  4. If we stay up and he plays a role, I honestly couldn't give a shit.
  5. Look at him in the background here. He's up for being one of us and getting us out of this hole, so let's give him the opportunity to do that.
  6. He was there last night, but still on crutches... Gabby and Alan Hutton were there too.
  7. He's wonderfully gifted, but still learning his trade and with that comes mistakes and inconsistency. For comparison, and I'm unsure where I read this (here or Twitter), but he's a week YOUNGER than Callum O'Hare. If he'd come through our youth team to do what he's doing now, we'd all be singing from the rooftops. Or certainly from the stands at Villa Park...
  8. Oh look - it's a young Rio Ferdinand!
  9. Towards the end, once Indy came on, he was running at their defence from deep and skipping past challenges for fun. He may not be a striker, but he's got a spring in his step at the moment and has been scoring and creating all season. He's just inconsistent. And that's why he cost £7m and not £40m...
  10. His passes seemed to zip to their target rather than being underhit and / or bobbly like a lot of our passing tends to be.
  11. Every time we put the ball into the box they have 6 defenders plus Foster and we have 0 strikers. I think that's all we need to know at this stage...
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