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  1. Your right, but I still think the prize is rubbish.
  2. I think if they made it a Champions League spot that would be interesting but no. Does feel like what is even the point?
  3. Cup Winner’s Cup by the looks of things. It is to make the Europa League smaller and it’s prize is a place in the Europa League... yeah.... It’s still technically European football though.
  4. Ive heard from a few different sources that the fee was around £2million. My sources? @Demitri_C @bannedfromHandV @StewieGriffin @hippo
  5. Having gone back and re-read your posts, you were absolutely right about the Grealish parts. However, from the Grealish interviews to him a new contract didn't seem on the cards until the last week or so, meaning I would suspect your source (so to speak) comes from the inner workings of Villa rather than anything else. I am really intrigued to know what the link is and how you are so sure.
  6. People using the same avatar as other users. You think someone has put a wholly sensible and reasoned point which is completely against character, only to realise its someone else. Complete headf***. Wouldn't you agree @Vive_La_Villa?!
  7. I think this is fair. Ultimately I really thought he would have been good last season and one I thought had the capacity to progress in the premier league. The fact we are looking at a couple of wingers says it all though and I think sadly his confidence is shot. He really struggled against Burton last night.
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