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  1. cyrusr

    What Album Are You Listening To Right Now?

    That looks and sounds right up my street, time to investigate...
  2. I see Newcastle have signed Almiron for £20million today, wasn't he the player they needed to allow Hayden to move on?
  3. cyrusr

    André Moreira

    Really odd signing all round. Nevermind, another one gone!
  4. What typeface is it now? Personally think it should be wingdings, will make about as much sense.
  5. Apparently we made up our mind 2 1/2 years ago about something that nobody really knew what it meant and we are not allowed to change it...
  6. cyrusr

    Chris Gaughran - AKA Villan4Life

    Thinking of him and his family; he provided real insight and was a delight to read. Hope you get better real soon.
  7. To say he has been underwhelming in this whole process is an understatement. The fact that that he doesn't seem to be able to get a majority in the polls in spite of the Tories being in complete and utter shambles to me show that the public simply don't trust him to lead the country. As the majority of Labour MPs appear to be saying, if he changed the policy to seeking a further referendum, either after a newly negotiated deal or not, he would get into government almost instantly. Just feels like apathetic opposition. Both main parties have really shown that all they care about is themselves, not the country.
  8. cyrusr

    André Moreira

    Not sure but likely if you consider this article from the Birmingham Mail with quotes from Smith (referred to on previous page via villareport link): Article was from 21st December, so obviously the Nyland bit a little redundant now. If there was any prospect of him playing for us, we would not have recalled Steer and this article suggests he isn't making the grade for Smith. I am sure he will be sent back this month. Ship back and use the money/space elsewhere.
  9. cyrusr

    Tammy Abraham

    I know Telegraph is pretty reliable but what about Evening Standard? To be fair this seems fairly more logical response than £18 million for a 21 English striker who already has 2 caps and has scored 16 goals with 3 years left on his contract. I'm not saying that the Sun, Talksport et al are talking Hause s***, but you know...
  10. cyrusr

    The Concert/Gig Thread

    Agree with you on his solo stuff. You’ve got Judas Priest supporting as well though. If it was a joint headline or Judas Priest headlining I would be all over that, but can’t justify the ticket price. Should be good fun though.
  11. To be fair, it’s what they have been doing for the last 2 years, why change it?
  12. cyrusr

    The Concert/Gig Thread

    Last gig of the year on Saturday with Clutch. Really looking forward to it, bloody love them! Top that with finishing work today and Villa playing on Sunday it’s looking like it’s going to be a cracking pre-Christmas weekend!
  13. cyrusr

    Albums of the Year 2018

    @Rugeley Villa 2nd from me. Sleep - The Sciences in particular are right up your Sabbath street. 1 track is even called Giza Butler. Should have been in my honourable mentions as well but forgot..!
  14. cyrusr

    Albums of the Year 2018

    Heard of Bob Dylan and Neil Young but otherwise totally baffled! I’m not under 30 though; think it’s more of there is a ridiculous amount of music out there to cater for everyone’s taste. That is the beauty of music, no 2 people have identical tastes in music! One that I did forget was the Oh Sees - Smote Reverser. Never heard of them before and them somebody (really sorry can’t remember who but thank you!) posted the album cover which is awesome. Really good album and I have villatalk to thank for it!