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  1. World Cup 2022: Qatar

    So this is happening... World Cup 2022: Report into corruption allegations published Bild newspaper in Germany claims that it has got hold of the unreleased version of the 2014 report... A few claims already like £1.6million payment to 10 year old daughter of FIFA executive... It will start publishing in full from tomorrow...
  2. John Terry

    I said this in the transfer speculation thread, but where's the evidence that he only played 90 minutes 4 times because of fitness rather than tactical? I don't disagree that the question needs to be asked but then you see players like McAuley at the baggies playing week in week out and he's a year older than Terry.
  3. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    One question about John Terry. A lot is being made of his fitness and being able to last 90 minutes in 3 games last season. However, was that because of fitness or managers choice? Don't forget Chelsea do have other younger options at centre back so it may just be a preference. Was he injured at all last season? Not saying he is at full fitness but there may be more too it rather than an assumption he is unfit because he only played 3 full games last season. My main concern is that he is 36/37 this year. The likelihood is that he is coming as back up/squad/player-coach -£30/40k is a lot for a player for that role in the championship. There are cheaper options surely? I would prefer that money going into other areas of the squad that are needed *cough* GOALKEEPER *cough* rather trying to shore up an already decent position. Like said before, I think if he was to drop down to the Championship, I would rather he was with us than a rival.
  4. General Election 2017

    Nah, celebrity bake off clearly.
  5. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    It is, but given he has done a "come get me plea" for sometime to sign him now, he must be desperate for first team football? Say comes to end of July/August time what if he hasn't found anything then? Will he be more desperate? As I said, it is "wholly unrealistic", but stranger things happen. Perhaps "cheeky bid" is the wrong phrase, but why not make an enquiry to see how much and if any interest. What is the harm in that? I am saying there is no harm in that, but don't hold your breath and really we should be focusing on other targets. Again as I said, the more important part of Hart is where he goes to and who he dislodges (and perhaps in turn, who they dislodge).
  6. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    I think the reason people keep mentioning him is: 1) We desperately need a new keeper this summer, without someone good in goal we will probably not get promoted. A good goalkeeper will earn you points. Simple as. As identified by I think EVERYONE this is the first target position. If we only got a goalkeeper this summer, it will still be OK. 2) Joe Hart is clearly unwanted at Man City. Given that the have just signed another keeper on top of Bravo and whilst Caberrello (sp?) has been released, this would still mean Hart is likely no 3, or no 2 at very best. He will be moving in the summer. 3) However, there does seem to be a lack of options for him. Liverpool seemed the ideal choice but they don't seem interested. Whilst there are a lot of clubs, when there appears to be a "come get me, anyone!" plea from him it does seem no others have been made. As such, he *may* be tempted to come. 4) He is clearly the best keeper on the market at the moment. All other targets we have been linked with are not as good as he is. Yes his England performances have raised questions (not watched so taking that from comments and opinions of others) but he would easily be the best option for Villa. He is therefore someone that Villa should be going for. 5) The difficultly is whilst he would get first team football, would he be willing to drop down a league? How much wages would he be willing to lose? Given he played for Torino last year, I don't think it's too far fetch to think he would play for Villa. However I can see the wages being a problem. 6) Even if he was willing to come to Villa, he would easily replace the first choice keeper at most premier league clubs. It only takes 1 of them to look to upgrade for him to be more tempted IMO. So yes, I think it's merited that Hart is mentioned, it is a transfer "speculation" thread and I can see a cheeky bid wouldn't harm would it? However it is wholly unrealistic to expect him to come here. His wages and a better offer will probably materialise. His move should remain of interest however, because wherever he goes may create a knock on. There is no team obviously looking for a keeper but he would take the no 1 shirt. This would mean current no 1 looking elsewhere and maybe a more obtainable target for Villa. Thats why Hart is suggested/a person of interest, even if he doesn't end up at Villa.
  7. The Concert/Gig Thread

    Was there too. Always a delight to see Devin! And yeah though they are damn expensive! Every ticket has the latest album with it which is incredibly annoying if you have already bought it....... Still probably going to get one though as I am a sucker.......
  8. The push for the Play offs ?

    Similar to the Relegation one I just did: 6th Place for the last 10 years: 2015-6 – 74 points 2014-5 – 78 points 2013-4 – 72 points 2012-3 – 68 points 2011-2 – 75 points 2010-1 – 75 points 2009-10 – 70 points 2008-9 – 74 points 2007-8 – 70 points 2006-7 – 75 points Average: 73.1 points Realistically we would need to get 31/32 points out of 12 games – meaning we would need to win 10/11 games out of 12 and require a couple of the play-off teams to drop badly in form. The lowest points to reach the play offs since we were last here was that 68 points. That would still mean 26 points and us winning 8 games out of 12 (winning 7 games means we would need to draw the other 5 to get to 68 points) and that’s the lowest points total to reach the play-offs. We are not reaching the play offs this year. Let’s focus on getting use to the league, building some good form, tidy up the team and get ready to hit the ground running next season
  9. Relegation thread 2016/17

    Shall we put this thread to bed? 22nd Place for last 10 years: 2015-6 – 40 points 2014-5 – 41 points 2013-4 – 44 points 2012-3 – 54 points 2011-2 – 40 points 2010-1 – 42 points 2009-10 – 47 points 2008-9 – 46 points 2007-8 – 52 points 2006-7 – 42 points* Average: 44.8 points (*Leeds had a 10-points deduction due to entering administration so would have been on 46 points and relegated anyway - pushes the average to 45.2 points if you take that into account). A win on Saturday and we will be 45 points and then another 11 games against Blues, Brighton, Norwich, QPR, Reading, Sheffield Wednesday, Blackburn, Burton, Fulham, Huddersfield and Wigan. The shame is that the home games are against tougher opponents and the away matches are teams in the bottom, but we *should* be able to scrape 10 more points which would put us at 55 points – more than anyone who has been relegated since we were last in the 2nd tier. Rotherham already look to have sown up 1 spot and I can’t see 2 of Ipswich, QPR, Forest, Burton, Wolves, Bristol, Blackburn and Wigan getting above us in any event (with both Bristol and Wolves below us in the form table). We have not been great, by any stretch of the imagination, however we surely are not being relegated? Time to lock this thread? For this season, anyway…
  10. The Concert/Gig Thread

    They are great band. Last album was fantastic. I'll be there too so I'm sure it will be good! Ah yes, the *ahem* "nuns"....! Oh and Anthrax the other night were great. Clearly though Amongst the Living is their best album by some distance! Going to the Hard Rock Hell Metal "festival" at the academy this weekend. Not sure how much will actually go to given Villa playing. However Sodom are playing on Sunday and they rarely play UK so good opportunity to catch them
  11. The Concert/Gig Thread

    Anthrax tonight. First headline tour in 10 years apparently. "Amongst the Living" in full too, which I am very happy at!
  12. Matija Šarkić

    How does he compare to Johnstone? If he is as good as then I would rather be playing a Villa player rather than a Man Utd one.
  13. The Concert/Gig Thread

    It was amazing! Best I've ever heard them and yeah best way to go out! So long Sabbath, it has always been an absolute pleasure!
  14. The Concert/Gig Thread

    I'm with @dAVe80 on this one. Whilst there was some ok riffs, instantly forgettable!
  15. The Concert/Gig Thread

    You definitely didn't miss much with Rival Sons - average rock band at best. You were better off going to the other bar! Sounds like your taxi driver was ace to be fair though with the parking, didn't end up paying as I wanted to pay by card at the end and the security couldn't be arsed to deal with it so just left me through!