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  1. cyrusr

    New Music 2020

    New Killer Be Killed out last Friday. Another belter of an album.
  2. As the instigator of said topic, thought I should give it a listen. Not my cup of tea per say but appreciate that it isn't just a carbon copy or complete s***.
  3. I think that relies on them becoming “Faithless Electors”. This would involve them going against what they have been ordered to do. Different stats again have different mechanisms and I don’t know whether the numbers are right for Trump to do anything with it. It also runs the risk of Dem electors that should vote Rep voting Dem anyway. Complete farce of a system to be honest.
  4. Gojira have put up their Hellfest 2019 performance on Youtube for the next couple of days which is just sublime, but wouldn't expect anything less from Gojira
  5. Only Christmas song? Clearly you've never heard King Diamond's "No Presents for Christmas" Plenty of other options available without jumping to Mariah f***** Carey!
  6. So fair to say that The Pogues aren’t really bothered. Things I have learnt from this: Didn’t even realise that word was in the song. Don’t actually really like the song. Can’t actually remember the last time I listened to radio 1. Didn’t know the word “herrenvolk” until now. Actually have a bit more respect for the Pogues. Seriously, does it actually matter?
  7. And you are the only one on Discogs who's got it, unless someone else is using your profile picture!
  8. This but yes and no. Judges are picked by the Law Commission as what @LondonLax says which is made up of Judges, solicitors & barristers and lay people, though primarily Judges. Traditionally it has been more white male barristers (public school etc) that have been picked to be Judges but that is slowly changing for a more diverse selection. Whether our judiciary could go rogue is possible, we saw it somewhat when the government tried to prorogue parliament last year. Under judicial review, you can (currently) challenge any executive decision (so government decision or Statutory
  9. cyrusr

    U.S. Politics

    "Went to OANN" - says it all really.
  10. I'm sure he will just as quick to announce that it has been reversed...
  11. Now has been passed Wayne Co. canvassers certify election results after initial deadlock It is somewhat scary though that this seems a genuine line that Trump & the GOP are taking. Real abuse of power & utterly undemocratic.
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