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  1. Agree with @daggy_333, think Guilbert was better than a 5. To be fair you could give completely different scores to some players for the 2nd half. Targett, Konsa and Nakamba in particular really improved 2nd half. Still do not see what Smith sees in Drinkwater though...
  2. cyrusr

    Dean Smith

    Definitely saw a ball boy run around the pitch speaking to all of the others and that seemed to be the message that went around. It was also after this that one of them had a bit of a to do with Foster with getting the ball onto the pitch for a goal kick, which was pretty funny to watch.
  3. cyrusr

    Lovre Kalinić

    As per @bannedfromHandV has said, certainly in recent times McCormack is easily the worst signing. Leading striker in championship we paid at least £12 million for. He was expected to fire us up the table and instead blew a gasket. Mentally he was completely wrong, for whatever reason that may have been. Given we paid out on his contract with a year to go and he still hasn't got a club really says it all. An utter waste of money sadly. Whilst Kalinic has struggled, it appears to have been because he got injured and other players were doing better (Steer, Heaton, even Nyland). Even in the limited time he has played he wasn't bad, just more it that it has not worked out. Whilst not a great signing, there is no chance this signing will be worse than McCormack.
  4. Good Luck Kodjia. Thank you for the 1st season and bringing a smile to Villa fans' faces again. Shame it didn't work out the best in the end but I appreciate what you have done for the club.
  5. cyrusr

    Islam Slimani

    From the Transfer Thread as to why this is likely to be a short thread...
  6. VAR: Premier League referees set to use pitchside monitors Can't this just be done on the majority of close decisions. The VAR bod say "you might want to double check this decision", then the ref checks it on the monitor and then makes the final call? Would be much better. Don't know how the Premier League has made such a mess of this, given that everyone else seems to be doing at least alright with it...
  7. Yeah, with his height he really struggled with this headed goal against Liverpool... (FYI wikipedia has his height at 5'11"). Yes he will always be a risk due to the step up in quality but from he's done what a lot of players in this league have struggled to do this season and score against Liverpool. I appreciate it's 1 game but at least he has some experience of the best team in the league. I think he will do just fine personally.
  8. 31 and no premier league experience. No thanks
  9. Why is this news?! Utterly hopeless as a newspaper, why do they still exist?
  10. You do realise that Watford are playing 4 games in 9 games due to their game being postponed yesterday? FA Cup: Watford face four games in nine days after replay postponement I suspect that they will throw the towel in against Tranmere but that is very congested which will give us an advantage.
  11. Sorry @hippo I completely disagree. No it wasn't an awful window, we had to have a huge turnaround in players. Of those that were not on loan last season, only arguably Grealish, McGinn, Hourihane, Lansbury, Steer, Elmohamady, Chester, Kodjia and Taylor were going to be around the 1st team. That's 9 players. We needed to practically sign a full team because of the numbers that were not good enough. We had 20 (including youth) players leave permanently and 7 go out on loan. That was the big issue with the transfer policies with previous regimes but that is a different point. Of those that we have brought in some have been wonderful (Mings, Heaton), others have definitely shown glimpses of being really good players. Not a few months ago people were singing the praises of Nakamba, Engels, Targett and Luiz. Some players are off form but surely you can expect that every now and then? El Ghazi, Konsa, Trezeguet, Hause and Wesley have had moments where they have looked the real deal. Some haven't been as good as we would hope for (Jota, Wesley) but still you expect there to be some that struggle. Every transfer is a gamble is it not? We also had a tough run of games of Man City, Liverpool, Wolverhampton, Newcastle, Man City, Chelsea and Leicester. Only Newcastle was an "easy" game for 3 points. We have had a poor month in December where we struggled to get points we should have done, but then in hindsight it clear that actually Southampton and Watford have hit form and are not that surprising in the grand scheme of things. Let us also not forget that whilst we are in the relegation zone, we are only 1 point away from coming out of it again. Come the Spurs game on 16 February we actually could be safely mid table again. In theory we could even be on level points with Spurs. Baring the top of the table, its actually pretty tight. We have brought in 2 premier league experienced players to cover massive injuries which were completely unexpected. There are also clear signs that we are looking at strengthening still this window, of which we are not even half way through. Sure Drinkwater didn't impress against Man City, but were we really banking on 1 or 3 points in that game? No, anything got from the game would have been bonus. Brighton/Watford/Bournemouth are far bigger and more important games, of which all are winnable games. We showed at Burnley and Leicester that this system can work, particularly away from home. This season is far from over, this window is far from over and certainly you cannot judge the summer window based on the last month of football. This is not like 2015/6 and I know you are of the same view. That team was dead and buried and utterly off the pace by this time already. I will say it again, 1 point from safety. That is all. We have 16 games to get 17-19 points. Please can we all just have a little perspective please?
  12. cyrusr

    Pepe Reina

    Really don’t think he will be rubbish. Yeah he’s 37 but that’s fine for a keeper. Whilst he hasn’t really played at Milan, he’s only been there 18 months and before that he was first choice for Napoli when they came 2nd twice and 3rd over the 3 seasons he was there. I think he will surprise a few people. Welcome Pepe!
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