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  1. Leeds are for the taking. Players were tired today but mainly because of 2 games in quick succession. I suspect Deano will play as strong as side as possible, given they will be on the verge of missing out autos they will be demoralised and the prospect of knocking them down further will make it easier for Derby/Middlesbrough/Bristol City. Also if we can knick 4th that would be even better as I am on holiday for the first leg! With the form of Norwich as well I would fancy us to beat them as well. It’s so frustrating as without some injuries to key players (Grealish/Tuanzebe in particular) I think we would have been challenging the autos this year. Never mind, just keep winning the next game, that’s all we need to do!
  2. Mastodon’s cover of Stairway to Heaven. The reason why stood in a queue for 2 hours on Saturday for RSD. The song is cool but love the background to why they did it. Their manager, Nick John, sadly passed away in September 2018, losing his battle with cancer. For his funeral, the band were asked to do the cover as he was a huge Zeppelin fan. It transpired that the song was recorded by the singer of Gojira (another band the guy managed), which is b-side to the track. They decided to record a studio cover and give the proceeds to charity.
  3. I dunno, has he been romantically nourished? In relation to the game, I am not sure what to make of any possible postponement/abandonment. I suspect given that the takeover is going through they will try and fudge it and get the game on. Let's just get the game won and move onto Millwall.
  4. cyrusr

    New Music 2019

    Those are absolutely daft prices. £117 for a soundtrack that I can get on CD for a couple quid?! Seriously? Though I can’t really speak, currently standing in a queue in one of the stores in Brum as I want the Mastodon tribute to their manager who passed away last year. Given I can get it on Discogs for £20-25 it doesn’t seem worth it!
  5. Yeah - just read that thread but since I read your comment first you get the like
  6. Didn’t want to infect my phone. Should learn to trust @chrisp65!
  7. cyrusr

    Lovre Kalinić

    @villalad21 - the Kiraly is the perfect example of when it happens. It’s also why the leagues allow emergency goalkeeper loans. Whilst it doesn’t necessarily happen every season it does happen. Also @JamesBCFC has mentioned that Bristol City are on their youth keeper having had both 1st team keepers out. They also bought in another keeper in January and he’s also out injured. Now that is worse luck than us!
  8. Was there too. Felt they were on absolute form last night!
  9. I see they have now started to resort to chemical warfare...
  10. That is not a good situation to be in. Whilst we have had 4 keepers this season it’s been through our own choice. Are the other 3 likely to be back soon?
  11. I'm in the opposite dilemma. I didn't vote for my MP but throughout this process he has been pushing the Soft Brexit/2nd Referendum, making him far more palatable.
  12. That's what I mean, if you ask people who you vote for, they will tell you the party, not the person. It seems very few actually consider what that person does in parliament/the local area. Its foolish but doesn't stop people doing that.
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