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  1. Sorry was typing in a bit of haste. I definitely agree with your caution, but (IMO) ultimately if any FTA accorded with EU rules in the majority or entirely, then it will be easy to agree the deal, this is in essence what Labour want to do anyway. On the flip side though, the more they want to not comply with EU Rules, the more complicated a free trade deal will become and the likelihood that it will not be done by December 2020. What we do know is that Tories don’t want to comply with most EU Rules so are probably going to be a longer timescale to agree a FTA; although I don’t really know what the Tories are actually suggesting as they are still focused on “getting brexit done”. So actually we really have no idea what the Tories actually want to do, so it is difficult to predict!
  2. Quite, but it will depend on how much the Tories would want to vary the current trade deal (i.e. single market). If they were to agree to that, then deal could be agreed tomorrow, but we know the Tories don’t want that. The more they want to change, the more negotiating there will be. To be honest as well, I am not entirely sure what the long term trade deal will look like under the Tory deal, although I’m not convinced they know either...
  3. Had to Mooney him and his bands, but that is a pretty stunning venue!
  4. So postal vote has gone. Whilst ideally would have voted Greens, went for Labour in the end for a number of reasons: - FPTP means Greens will barely register and likely to lose their deposit sadly; My MP has done a lot on trying to stop no-deal brexit for which I am very grateful for; Policy wise Labour and Greens have a lot in common and general consensus on the way forward, just not agreeing specifics (when I did the Policy questionnaire, some were really splitting hairs); Think Labour’s Brexit plan is probably going to be the plan that has the best chance to actually sort out the division. Still maintain the view that of the went straight to a “soft Brexit” then the majority of the country would have just accepted and moved on. I don’t think revoke/2nd referendum without a sensible alternative will take us any further and will only anger people who want to leave. I also think Johnson’s deal angers a lot of both leave and remain voters. It is a mess of a deal that is actually only a tweaked version of one he said “wasn’t Brexit” and that he wouldn’t put custom checks down the Irish border (it does despite Boris’ protestations). It also only delays the trade deal issues for a year and when you have USA sniffing around public services (I definitely accept that the UK hasn’t offered, but those documents are clear that the USA wants it) and also want us to distance ourselves from EU regulations (so they can provide inferior goods and services) it is clear that any trade deal that benefits the UK and not the USA is going to take years to resolve. If we do stick 2 fingers up to EU then we will be begging for any form of deal from the USA which doesn’t benefit us at all. Really think it is a terrible deal; I am very worried that given it is a predominant leave area (63% estimate), the risk of Tories/Brexit Party knocking down Labour majority for a Tory take. Given the simple message that Johnson is peddling, people do believe it and everyone is sick and tired of Brexit. I would like to try and avoid Tories winning the seat if I can; and I would rather take Corbyn as PM over Johnson any day of the week. Every time anyone tries to question Johnson he tries to avoid it. Operation yellow hammer, prorogation, getting rid of people in his party who question his way forward, pulling his Brexit Bill when it passes because they want time to consider it properly, not agreeing to interviews as some examples off the top of my head. He simply does not want to be scrutinised. For all of Corbyn’s faults, at least he will try and answer questions, albeit he may do it pretty badly sometimes. I at least can respect that. So there we are. Whether I am actually right or wrong, doesn’t matter. I feel reasoned in my decision. I suspect though that the labour message won’t trump the Tory one and I suspect we will have a Tory majority come Friday morning, but we shall see. If Corbyn loses again, it might be the end of him and someone else will take up the battle. Who knows, this may be someone who people can actually like, if the press allow it. Who knows, but we are likely to be in for a very rocky road.
  5. All I say is Beef on the Block better be there this time... was really looking forward to my steak and chips at Newcastle only to find out despite being mentioned in the introduction piece there were never meant to be there! Still, they have at least acknowledged they will be there so
  6. FTFY Also, if he hates interviews, why has he been doing a lot of other interviews?
  7. Its alright, we don't have Sherwood in charge so we wont have this: Seriously though, going to be a tough game but what we have consistently shown this season so far is that we look try and win every game and we don't give up. Whilst I like Konsa and I have been impressed with him, I think we need the experience of Engels for this match. Guilbert slots right back in. Midfield trio of Nakamba - Luiz - McGinn (Luiz changed the game on Wednesday and deserves to start). Trezeguet probably on the right, though not sure we have much option (think El Ghazi will still be injured). Going 2-1 Villa.
  8. Thanks. That’s why I appreciated your first post on this. To be honest I wasn’t wanting to go beyond what I originally posted, i.e a big donation for the last week of campaigning for the Tories, but you know, internet
  9. What @snowychap said, those figures were announced today, thought I would share. As your own figures show, whilst Labour have at other times substantial funds, so have the Tories. These aren’t just one off figures.
  10. I wonder if they will book a slot on Wednesday night and empty chair him if he doesn’t show. Ask him all the questions they would and put every quote about every lie he tells. Might need more than half an hour.
  11. Yeah I did concede the small difference, but the point remains the same in that the Tories will be likely spending a lot over the next week on advertising as they have just been given an extra £3,000,000 over all over parties. Facebook is going to become (even more) unbearable.
  12. Oddly, his 2nd Christmas album that’s he’s done?!
  13. Yeah, but that list has these figures: Which is a lot closer I accept, but covers 3 months rather than 1 week before the General Election and also still has Tories out in front. Still think my original point remains valid in that given a vast influx of money, it is likely the tories will be out in force.
  14. Nope, includes unions as well. Have a look at the list.
  15. Donations to Each Party from the Electoral Commission: Prepare for A LOT of Tory political propaganda over the next week...
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