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  1. cyrusr

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    The last time 3rd got 90 points was 97/98 - 1st & 2nd got 94 and 91 respectfully. 4th has never got 90 points. I’ve only checked back to 1980/81 season but that was the last season of 2 points for a win, and I would be very surprised if anyone got 90 previously as it is mathematically impossible! It over just yet, not by a long shot and it is looking like it is going to the wire. As it stands you are looking at Wolves, Cardiff, Us, and Fulham for the top 4; just not sure what order! Incidentally, it does make a nice change though to get to much and to have something positive to play for!
  2. cyrusr

    17/18 Relegation Thread

    Technically Barnsley (in 22nd) can still finish above even Wolves (just). However, I suspect if you work out the permutations of results between now and the end of the season for the league at least 3 teams can't overtake us. So probably not going to be relegated!
  3. cyrusr

    Your Top Live Music Experiences By Venue

    I agree. The only benefit to outdoor gigs is if you wish to you can see a lot of bands. A good festival will be able to keep you busy more or less the whole day listening to bands (and maybe with a beer or 2 in your hand... ); however try and stick to the tents as the sound will generally be better! Whilst not been to thousands of gigs, it is quite hard to narrow down! Going off my setlist account I would probably suggest the following: Bar –Gojira The Slade Rooms 12 November 2012 - Absolutely cracking gig. Although highlight being a crowd-surfer going to the front and falling flat on his face when he realised that there was security at the front to catch him... The band also reminded the crowd that the floor was made of concrete. Needless to say there were no more crowd-surfers... Nightclub – Mark Lanegan Glee Club 2 May 2016 - only real "nightclub" gig, however was lovely intimate acoustic show and given i was on my own managed to grab a seat on the front row Outdoor –Black Sabbath Download 2005 - first time seeing Black Sabbath and absolutely loved every minute of it. Arena –Heaven & Hell NEC 13 November 2007 - This is actually Black Sabbath with Ronnie James Dio but definitely was a great show. They had Lamb of God and Iced Earth supporting who were both fantastic. Stadium – never been to a stadium show. Wouldn't be adverse but usually expensive and never wanted to see bands that play the stadiums/travel to them. Concert Hall – Sunn O))) & Boris – The Forum 10 December 2007 - could have been quite a few here but decided on this one for the uniqueness of the show. One off performance of Sunn O))) & Boris and their Altar album. Each did their own set along with a joint set and Earth supported for it as well. University/College – Therapy? - Manchester University 21 October 2001 - first ever gig so will always be there! Not really been to many university/college venues so likely never to be topped! Plenty of over good gigs over the years though
  4. cyrusr

    Ross McCormack

    I thought he struggled to get over walls...
  5. cyrusr

    Albums of the Year 2017

    Yeah it doesn't take long to listen to... Their "Album" from last year is about 3 minutes long! I quite like it to be honest! It is more of a joke project by the Cattle Decapitation guy but more in reaction to the nonsense that is Trump! Still think the EP just a bit of fun and makes me smile. I did forget about the Cannibal Corpse album, that is a good solid record too to be fair. Not listened to the Full of Hell record, probably should though!
  6. cyrusr

    Albums of the Year 2017

    Was looking through old lists to see what new music I have bought over the last year. Looking back sadly don't think that there has been much great music. This list is easily the best of what I've bought (in no particular order): - Code Orange - Forever John Garcia - The Coyote Who Spoke in Tongues Mastodon - Emperor of Sands Mark Lanegan - Gargoyle Pallbearer - Heartless Municipal Waste - Slime and Punishment Enslaved - E Myrkur - Mareridt Mastodon - Cold Dark Place (EP) Converge - the Dusk in Us Electric Wizard - Wizard Bloody Wizard Anal Trump - If You Thought Six Million Jews Was A Lot Of People, You Should've Seen My Inauguration (EP) All good albums though and would recommend all. I do feel like I have missed something though... Top 5 in order I would say: Enslaved - E Mastodon - Emperor of Sands Myrkur - Mareridt Code Orange - Forever Pallbearer - Heartless
  7. cyrusr

    What Album Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Anyone who likes Sabbath should check them out. Some exceptional riffs, though they are somewhat obsessed with Cannabis, 70s horror and naked women... Dopethrone is a complete classic, with Funeralpolis just sublime! I find some a little tired and dull (Time to Die I found very disappointing) but the latest is not bad on first listens (spoilered the cover as it could be considered NSFW)... The linear notes, DEFINTELY NSFW! Yeah have to admit they have a somewhat “colourful” history... Their spat with Rise Above is pretty special! However doesn’t spot the music being good and live they are pretty **** cool! Remember catching them in the Hare & Hound a few years ago and they were fantastic!
  8. cyrusr

    Aaron Tshibola

    Correct Richards was on a free, but the expectation as an ex-England international and pedigree of Man City, arguably higher expectations. He also was part of the negotiations for his wages of (a reported) £50k. at 4 years that's £10.5million. Tishbola cost us £5million. I think I have seen wages for Tishbola at £10k a week. Given he also had a 4 year deal his wages cost approximately £2million. So yes outlay its about £3million difference but it was not down to Tishbola that we paid £5million for him, that was our choice so unfair to lay that at his door. He had no control over the transfer fee. Reality is the wages cost is about £8million difference and that is the why I say it is unfair to compare. To be fair, it's more depressing defending him. Ultimately they have both been disappointing signings.
  9. cyrusr

    Aaron Tshibola

    Maybe, but sadly, whilst there maybe talent there, this would seem to be more of an attitude and application issue. That is difficult to overcome/change. I disagree with the comparisons to Micah Richards; I can't foresee him being on a substantial salary and to be fair, he has gone out on loan twice and tried to play. Any comparison to Richards is harsh, unfair and wrong. But as suggested by @sne Clarke is at Kilmarnock now so may take a punt again. Scottish Football maybe his level...
  10. cyrusr

    John Terry

    Baker wanted regular 1st team football, which he was never going to get with Terry and Chester here. That’s why I think we allowed him to move on. Definitely preferred him to the others though. 6-8 weeks is the suggestion from the internet. At least the international break is here to knock off a couple of weeks from that. I imagine though Villa have slightly better resources than the NHS so maybe quicker... I reckon we will see him back some time in December which would still mean a minimum of 4 games out. Jedinak would probably be my first choice, though given Samba scored he might get the nod. We have got De Laet, Bree and Hutton who all played there during pre season don’t forget. Don’t think we will be buying a CB in January. If I see Richards there though I might just walk out...
  11. cyrusr

    Steve Bruce

    Well September football month is now truly done. At this point last year this we felt it was time to make the change with Di Matteo and it's clear Xia knew this was an important month. So what to make of Bruce? I have tried to avoid commenting as the run has been going on. However after Middlesbrough (league game) he lost it for me. All we got was poor defensive football, couldn't break down teams and we were not even winning ugly, which would deal with. Yet since then we've had 4 wins on the bounce. Scored 10 goals and conceded 1. We are now just outside the play offs. Much better then? Well, yes and no. Yes, brilliant to get back up to the right end of the table and look like we are playing a settled team with 2 strikers. Davis has been a revelation and what is clear teams are struggling to deal with him AND Kodjia, and then Adomah appears out of nowhere which is great. Snodgrass is looking stronger with each match (can't say for today though as currently on Holiday) and Hourihane is finally the player we thought we signed. Defensively we are looking stronger (Whelan the exception). Will be better when Jedinak is back though. So yes a lot of positives. There are negatives though. 4 wins against teams all in the bottom half of the table. If we are going to be challenge at the right end of the table we should be beating Burton, Brentford, Forest and Bolton. We should have also beaten Middlesbrough, especially since they were down to 10 men for most of the game. Given how we played before though we have lost points when we shouldn't have (Cardiff, given how they are doing maybe can let slide a little). To the extent that we are now getting around the playoffs. We are also still struggling to break down teams. It would seem we have played a lot better away and if teams sit back, it takes individual brilliance to sort it. I think the decent run has very little to do with Bruce. If anything, he has allowed the players to attack more but I can't decide whether that is down to him or the players. Likewise couldn't say that he was the one being conservative rather than the players (though there is a strong suspicion it is Bruce). Ultimately we need to see how we do against the Wolves, Leeds etc. To see whether we are truly going to be challenging the top 2 spots, playoffs or not at all. Can we do it under Bruce? Possibly. I can see us struggling against the big teams but you just don't know. Like I said, these are teams we really should beat, so it's difficult to say where we truly are. The Wolves game will be massively telling. They are in better form than us and looking better. Its clear though that Bruce is going to be given more time to prove it, and to be fair he has earns it. Has he won me back over? Nah, if he does get us promoted this season, I have zero confidence that he will be the guy to lead Villa back to glory (though I know he will be given the opportunity unfortunately). If he struggles against some of the championship sides, he will struggle badly in the premiership. So long as the first 11 more or less stay fit, we should be there or there about, but that's it. I do think you could have anybody there, it would just be utterly illogical to change manager now. So whether like him or not, I think he's staying for a little while. Overall Mr Bruce: 7/10. Ok but definite room for improvement. Just hope we can do something good at Wolves...
  12. cyrusr

    Next Aston Villa Manager

    Well the good news is that if/when we get rid of Bruce, Nigel Pearson is out of the picture. He's just been appointed manager to a 2nd tier Belgium Team OH Leuven (who are owned by the Leicester City lot!) But yes, don't think he would now be in frame for the Villa should it become available!
  13. cyrusr

    Steve Bruce

    The more he talks, the more I regret we even hired him. Last year he was the clear front runner. Unfortunately we seemed to have obtained the Bruce from Sunderland rather than Hull. As has been said, if he had left it at "I know some fans are unhappy. I think we have been unlucky and know I can turn it around. Just need to show it on the pitch." Then fine, not spout the same rubbish again and again and again. Bruce, I was with you right up until Bristol City game. You have your team, you have your staff. Whilst you do have some players from previous squads, your "best players" (Kodjia, Jedinak) were signed by previous managers. You've even made Terry look average in the damn Championship! However I was willing to give you the time to rectify it, because of your "experience" and the fact that we were looking at restarting again. The last few games have been the last straw. Its clear that he can't break down teams that sit against him. It's clear he can't change when needed. To the extent he admits Jedinak was taken off not because of tactics but damn injury! He could have got away with that! To then come out with complete tripe like this, it's clear he knows he's on borrowed time and if doesn't get enough points he's gone. For me whilst I gave him the benefit of the doubt and thought he could still get us promoted at least, he cannot. He can't deal with teams that sit against you, he can't create attacking football. I don't think he is necessarily a dinosaur, his tactics may work elsewhere, but when teams come and sit against you, you have to break them down. In reality you can rarely do that with 1 DAMN STRIKER!!! Brentford outplayed us. We only got so much of the ball against Middlesbrough because they were down to 10 men for almost the entire match. My main worry is the lack of alternatives available and the reputation we will get of sacking. If we get this wrong we could end up in the Championship for a long time.
  14. cyrusr

    What Album Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Thanks for that! I have to say I have been a little disappointed with his solo work, so might give the new one a try!
  15. cyrusr

    What Album Are You Listening To Right Now?

    @Rugeley Villa - it was at this time he was producing Opeth records which is where the heavier influence comes from. "Fear of a Blank Planet" is a particularly phenomenal record