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  1. I cannot think of any circumstance which involves you getting naked that actually makes things better.
  2. Think this is fair and it was definitely a poor game from him. However, as @sir_gary_cahill points out, he still pumps those goals in for Spurs. He is better off sticking in and around the box but is not helped by a lack of creativity. If Southgate actually allowed the players to create and they pressed higher, the Kane wouldn’t need to come deep as much. To bring it back on topic, that is why it was exceptionally foolish for Southgate not to bring Watkins into the squad. Even for 10/15 minutes he would cause absolute mayhem against a tired back 4. 2 strikers is just nonsense, particula
  3. We will limp into the next round as 3 teams likely to qualify but as soon as we face someone half decent in the playoffs we will go out.
  4. Also I looked up what a “pizza crunch” is
  5. Guaranteed to be against Grealish as well.
  6. This is just the type of signing that is wonderful to read. Improves the 1st team and flexible for either formation that has been used recently (4-2-3-1/4-3-3) and just sublime. Getting arsenals “no1 target” is just sheer icing on the cake.
  7. cyrusr

    Josh King

    He has scored 1 more league goal than Wesley in the last 2 seasons and Wesley has been injured for most of that. He is not an improvement to our squad so why would we sign him? This is just lazy journalism at best.
  8. Actually was looking to come on here to ask a similar question - I would probably be looking to play more strategy games (Total War, Age of Empire); is there any other recommendations for say a budget of between £500-£1000? I know of the reputation of Alienware but don't want to pay for something just because of a label.
  9. I have found this transfer to be particularly amusing on 3 fronts:- Barcelona no longer have the financial clout to bring in mediocre names, let alone big names. They are financially ruined and suspect that Messi will be leaving as they can no longer afford him; PSG are wasting money on mediocre players but can still overpay the likes of Barcelona so if a player wants a final pay day, they can get one without going to an "ESL" club; and One of the suggested factors is that Wijnaldum really respects Pochettino so underlines the fact that Pochettino is not going to Spurs lik
  10. why? He’s done nothing noteworthy since Dawson’s Creek. I know people want experience but this is a stretch too far.
  11. I’m just glad we can still sing a song to them about whether they have won a European Cup or not
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