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  1. So Saxon have a cover's album coming out this month... I suspect it will vary from "add nothing to the originals" to abominations...
  2. To be fair, wouldn’t you actually want to be banned from Pontins? Apart from the random music festivals who would suffer going there?!
  3. cyrusr

    U.S. Politics

    Whilst it’s been 20 years, there is still history of NY voting GOP (yeah I know he was mayor and not governor but point remains). I still can’t believe Arnie has been an elected representative. You are right though, Trump has lowered the bar so much that you Cuomo could have grabbed them by the p**** and probably not worry.
  4. So Serena Cherry from Svalbard's black metal solo project Noctule has its debut album being released in April. Lyrically based around the video game Skyrim lead single is out and it ain't bad
  5. I thought that given they sold the rights to their old stuff a few years back that they were not going to bother releasing anything! Just listened to the title track and its somewhat underwhelming but won't stop me buying it I am sure!
  6. Caught live supporting Boris back in 2019 (felt like only yesterday!) and thought were pretty decent but not enough to part my cash that day (wanted a ton of Boris merch and it was cash only...). However having listened to that I might reinvestigate... thank you!
  7. Exactly this. Read the book when I was a teenager and really enjoyed it. The "game" involves running in real live, so more akin to "Hunted" or similar show but set in dystopian society where the wealth is with the few and the majority of people are poor and hungry. People get cash rewards for calling you in as well so added incentive to make it difficult. Whilst I enjoyed the film, it is very different in that sense. Not really sure why they are remaking it but if Edgar Wright is remaking the film, meh but if he was making a new film based on the book, I would be very worried!
  8. I'm just waiting for the inevitable email evidence to come out to say that he is telling complete lies
  9. New Gojira album announced for 30 April
  10. Yeah I have bought a fair bit of rubbish over the years for completeness sake; but I think it depends on what your forking out on it. Usually those ones that aren’t great usually aren’t very expensive. To be fair though, happening upon something random was always the best part of going to record shop. Discogs does give that satisfaction pretty well but nothing quite beats spending an afternoon flicking through music to find that oddity or new band to like.
  11. That’s just cruel Why wouldn’t you bother with getting 2 when you have the other 3?! Even if it was utter tripe the collection needs to be complete! Edit: so just checked out how much 2 is on discogs; yeah I think your good for not getting it! £60 in UK looks to be the cheapest...
  12. Possibly, but that doesn’t mean start him. Players in bad form should be dropped and Barkley has been very inconsistent/bordering poor since return from injury. Yesterday was his worse game and should have been subbed much sooner. Sanson did far more in 15 minutes than Barkley did in 75; says it all really. Unless he has an absolutely storming training week, he needs to be dropped. With possibility of Sanson/Trezeguet/El Ghazi all potential options (depending on formation etc) to come in. We have options and we need to utilise them. Reading the comments of inconsistency at Evert
  13. cyrusr

    U.S. Politics

    Yeah but what I don’t get is that as these actions took place whilst he was president, surely he is immune then and the proper way to punish him is by impeachment? My knowledge of US constitutional law is reaching its limit! If indeed they can get him on criminal charges, why bother with this impeachment side of things? Just get him criminally. I mean it’s irrelevant as it’s merely the thinnest excuse not to convict him. Surprised that 7 turned though so that’s a positive; presume they are up for re-election in tight seats + Romney? Still all just a circus though isn’t it really? Whe
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