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  1. Had to you them. Yep, not a clue! Looking at background, a little surprised though. Very, very weird person and history. Went to Solihull School according to Wikipedia.
  2. This has been stuck in my head for the last few days for some reason.
  3. Premier league and EFL off until 3 April.
  4. Just started playing this a few days ago and only really just got going but yeah, I can tell this is something very good! You can instantly tell its similar to Fallout, however, for me, it has a lighter tone to it. Definitely enjoying it though!
  5. Oh yeah, can’t wait get hands on the Britney Spears and Charlie XCX vinyls.... Seriously looked through and nothing particularly grabbing me. The Clutch 16LP box set would be cool but stupidly expense and maybe the Black Sabbath and Motörhead singles but nothing worth getting out of bed for!
  6. cyrusr

    U.S. Politics

    Sadly this could be right, or certainly is the thinking behind the moderates falling in line behind Biden.
  7. cyrusr

    U.S. Politics

    Bernie > Biden > Trump Would probably not be much of a contest anywhere else in the world, save for Russia. To be honest, even if Dems beat Reps in presidential election, it won't matter much if the Dems don't win the Senate and/or lose the House.
  8. For me, definitely music over football, though I can understand people’s preference of football. I can see why people get fascinated by lower leagues and different teams, but I am a Villa fan rather than a football fan. If a game doesn’t effect Villa, I’m usually not that interested in it. don't get me wrong, I am a ST and will go to Wembley, but would I have gone seen the Carabao Cup final if it wasn’t Villa? No chance. I am however a sucker for Villa and will try and watch what I can. A gig though, I can spend anything between £5/10/40/100 on a ticket and most of the time I will love it. I don’t go thinking “they will suck”. Don’t get me wrong, there have been gigs that have been terrible (Manowar was the last one, and that was £100 ticket, utterly awful) but if I know I won’t enjoy it, chances are I won’t buy a ticket. Then usually there’s a couple of support acts and actually a chance to see someone new and possibly better than the main act (Møl is the last one I can recall, so much more engaging than Ghost Bath who they supported) and I feel I get even more value for money. I always feel better in a gig and feel like I can buy a t shirt/CD/vinyl/tea towel (damn right!). Do I buy the replica shirt/program? Nah, once in a very, very blue moon have I bought a program. Definitely agree with @mjmooneyand @bickster though, the smaller the venue, the better the gig. @kurtsimonw I would really recommend trying somewhere smaller gig wise, it might surprise you. I wouldn’t bother about guns and roses or arena/stadium shows, particularly if you are only half interested it’s a complete waste of money. But that’s me, and I know some agree with that and some don’t, and that’s cool, so long as you are doing what you like, what I think doesn’t really matter anyway
  9. Perhaps when our team is bankrolled by dodgy oil money, is full of players that are earning more than our entire team combined and could probably walk into most, if not all teams in the premier league. Until then, I’ll support my team when they try, when they put some effort in to go against the odd and keep trying to the final effort. Even if they concede 22 shots, only 4 were on target and villa had 3 on target, but will that ever be good enough for some fans?
  10. Possibly, but I think I prefer them over Elmohamady/Hause and I don't think there are any other options! I would almost be tempted to put Barry on the bench on the simple basis of the unknown quantity. He strikes me as a player with no fear and actually could be that unexpected factor. Don't think he has been training with the 1st team though and there are no real noises of it so don't expect it. Would be a real wildcard choice though.
  11. Reina Konsa - Engels - Mings Guilbert - Targett Luiz - Nakamba - Hourihane Grealish Samatta Bench: Nyland; Elmohamady; Hause; El Ghazi; Trezeguet; Borjan Looks a little weird but think this might work. . Our biggest problem with 3 at the back is that we get overrun in midfield. El Ghazi/Trezeguet have also been very hit and miss. Drop them for Hourihane and allow Grealish a free role behind Samatta. Guilbert and Targett to really act as wing backs to give the width. Think this would also create more bodies around the middle of the park and frustrate Man City. I do think that the only realistic chance we have of winning is nicking a free kick and Hourihane scoring it. Its a shame that Man City haven't been to China recently and caught the coronovirus...
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