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  1. cyrusr

    Tyrone Mings

    Good post. It’s crazy that he hasn’t been with us even 12 months but I guarantee the vast majority of Villa fans are the same. The impact he has had has been formidable. So proud of him, he has completely earned the praise.
  2. Even if we do leave on 1st November, it is just the beginning. That is what is so utterly frustrating with the “let’s just get it done” argument. With a deal - working on the future relations with EU and how trade will work and also on all the trade deals with pretty much every single country. However building on a platform of what we have at the moment, so smaller actual impact on businesses. without a deal - working on trade deals with everyone including the EU, however on a platform of no trade deals with anyone major (so WTO tariffs etc), plus trying to negotiate with an EU that we have just stuck 2 massive fingers up to (not just the fact we are leaving but all of the financial agreement that comes with the deal; you will imagine the EU will still want that...). Whichever way you look at it, it is not the end, merely the beginning of a new stage of the process.
  3. Sounds like he will run the Donald Trump defence. If there is a personal relationship, sexual or otherwise, it should be declared...
  4. Can't link the article as its behind a paywall, however the FT are suggesting that Boris has made concessions on the Customs issue, which is the only way I can see Ireland acting in the way they are... So whilst he may end up with Europe on his side, he may lose more in parliament... Its daft as if he (and May) tacked on a confirmatory vote to the deal they would probably get the deal through parliament (enough Labour MPs in leave areas to push through I reckon, hell, even Lib Dems may support if Remain on the ballot). The only reason that they haven't done that is that all signs point to remain winning that vote this time (though they did say that last time...).
  5. cyrusr

    U.S. Politics

    To be fair, he's not wrong that the polls haven't been positive for him, but then he has never had a majority on the popularity anyway, but slagging off one of your main supporters though, not a good thing! What has caused him to lash out this time is that the poll had 51% saying that he should be impeached and removed (Link to article on Fox News website). When you go into the details of it though (data link), only 13% of Republicans support impeachment and removal. The only ethnicity that had a majority for not impeaching is White men, and even then that's only 55%... Given we are only at the start of the enquiry and we have a 2nd whistle blower to come out, I think its going to get a lot messier for Trump...
  6. cyrusr

    U.S. Politics

    Absolutely. I'm just glad that American navy really saved us back then...
  7. Went to see Black Flag the other night. As one of the original hardcore bands, thought it would be a good idea to see how they are live, given the impact that certainly "Damaged" had on the scene. I already knew it was just the guitarist Greg Ginn and a bunch of hired hands but still would hoped for something decent still. Its hardcore punk, how hard can it be? Very, apparently. To say unimpressed would be a somewhat of understatement... To be fair, bass and drums were fine and just did their job, not a real issue. Maybe a bit more interaction but couldn't really complain, they were hired hands, nothing more, nothing less. The singer, who is actually a professional skateboarder Mike Vallely, should definitely stick to his day job, he certainly is no Henry Rollins. He was very slow in delivery and sounded like he was about a few beats behind the band. He also sounded exceptionally flat which I think is a feat in itself?! Given the songs are fast paced anyway, it somewhat means the songs lose purpose. There was also very limited interaction with the crowd, he barely moved throughout and there were large sections of the show when he had his back to the crowd. So yeah, I don't actually know whether he is a good skateboarder or not, but he certainly isn't a singer... Now the guitarist, I know he is 65 years old, but he was less mobile than a bloody snail. Given how you see Iron Maiden, Alice Cooper, Judas Priest, even Ozzy f***ing Osbourne and can move around the stage a lot, it isn't good to stay in 1 place for the majority of the show. There was also a tendency to go off at points what seemed to be little jazz interludes. There has always been that "I'll do what I want attitude" with Black Flag, and that's fine, but pick your time. Halfway through your set, or a song that suites it, not a problem. It was the one right at the bloody end in the middle of your "Louie Louie" cover that just was completely wrong. The crowd looked utterly bemused not entirely sure the show had ended. It really just stifled any atmosphere (any that was left anyway) and ended the show on a complete flat note. Then to not even say goodnight, thank you, etc and to just simply either leave the stage immediately (guitarist) or start packing up your gear (bassist and drummer), it really left a lot to be desired. Only the singer actually spoke to some of the crowd at the end (off mic for some reason). So yeah, not impressed.
  8. I think I read about something about a request to keep it confidential. To be fair, if the pair of them weren't having sex, they are doing everything in to make it seem like they were.
  9. Damn British people. Going over there, taking jobs from hardworking Polish people...
  10. 1 in 2015 and that was Carswell when he was already the MP (and subsequently left): Party Leader MPs Votes Of total Of total Conservative Party David Cameron 330 50.8% 330 / 650 11,299,609 36.8% Labour Party Ed Miliband 232 35.7% 232 / 650 9,347,273 30.4% Scottish National Party Nicola Sturgeon 56 8.6% 56 / 650 1,454,436 4.7% Liberal Democrats Nick Clegg 8 1.2% 8 / 650 2,415,916 7.9% Democratic Unionist Party Peter Robinson 8 1.2% 8 / 650 184,260 0.6% Sinn Féin Gerry Adams 4 0.6% 4 / 650 176,232 0.6% Plaid Cymru Leanne Wood 3 0.5% 3 / 650 181,704 0.6% Social Democratic & Labour Party Alasdair McDonnell 3 0.5% 3 / 650 99,809 0.3% Ulster Unionist Party Mike Nesbitt 2 0.3% 2 / 650 114,935 0.4% UK Independence Party Nigel Farage 1 0.2% 1 / 650 3,881,099 12.6% Green Party Natalie Bennett 1 0.2% 1 / 650 1,111,603 3.8% Speaker John Bercow 1 0.2% 1 / 650 34,617 0.1%[195] Independent Unionist Sylvia Hermon 1 0.2% 1 / 650 17,689 0.06%[196] In 2017 no party really got 13%; though Lib Dems got 7.4% (so less share) but gained seats. UKIP lost their seat. Ultimately it depends on where those votes are concentrated. The Brexit Party vote, whilst has some concentrations in the north, is likely to be spread around England and therefore probably not enough to get seats. What I suspect will happen with the Brexit Party votes, is that it will take a swipe at Tory/Labour margins and likely make marginal seats swing. At best, they will get 1, possible 2 I reckon, but even then that will been seen as a success by them. To be fair though, over the next few weeks, that % could increase/decrease depending on what Johnson et al will do.
  11. It's just ridiculous. I was actually having a look back at this thread earlier today as I wanted to avoid work. The amount of nonsense spouted at the time by people on both sides... To be fair some of predictions are pretty accurate... What was clear at the time though is that there wasn't a plan and shockingly there remains little plan. BBC now running a story asking whether no deal is going to become policy, which means it will. I would be curious to see if many more Tories break rank after that...
  12. Something Johnson did whilst in Australia many years ago... I had to double check that it wasn't an actual parody account.
  13. How long has it been doing nothing for? 2 1/2 years. Yeah that was another thing that doesn't make sense with Johnson's deal...
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