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  1. cyrusr

    New Music 2020

    New Boris Album “NO” came out on Bandcamp on Friday. Glorious as ever:-
  2. I’m not sure what’s worse, Trump remaining president more Kayne West music.
  3. Maybe that he was trying to normalise a racist word so everybody used it? In any event, knowing the background of why, somewhat suggests that they need to change the name...
  4. Surely they just need to head to the nearest wetherspoons?
  5. Thanks for that. Looks fancy, I hope the Mrs will enjoy!
  6. Its weird, for all of Biden's faults, he is clearly the better candidate. I really think it will be a lot closer than what the polls are saying at the moment, and I fully expect if Trump doesn't win he will cry fowl play and try and stay in. I think we will probably not know the true answer until 2021...
  7. been to the bistro and can concur it is very good. Ginger's bar does a pretty decent cocktail as well! For me, what puts me off tasting menus/Michelin stars is that I can be quick a fussy eater and I worry that I will get something that I will have absolutely no desire to eat. When are you booked @StefanAVFC and is it anywhere we would know?
  8. Scaremongering? Daily Mail? Well I never...
  9. These 2 I agree with and there should be more support for the scenario. In your case, it is a perfectly legitimate way to earn and the government actually gets taxes in some form (via income, corporation and/or dividend) so to me that isn't so much an "ethical" issue. As @Genie says though, those that aren't paying taxes that are meant to, I struggle to emphasise for. Those caught up in the black economy that are vulnerable etc. and would want to get out of it otherwise, absolutely they should be supported, but that is for other reasons.
  10. Oh very much so. Has the government explained the impact on "project restart" for this? I imagine the amount of planning of this ranges from "none" to "absolutely f*** all".
  11. Baston and Sarkic are released as of tomorrow so won’t be available after that. Keeping the score down will be brilliant. 1-0 or 2-0 loss will be fine. No expectations for getting anything positive out of this, but get a draw or a win would make up for the performance against wolves.
  12. Isn’t it true for every decade though? Bay City Rollers anyone? The Monkees? The whole Disco fiasco? @bickster’s absolute hatred of the Beatles is obviously well known on this board. You can pretty much go to any “top 40” over the last 50/60 years and pretty guarantee that over half of each which is pretty poor. I think with the 80s, it is quite easy to pick on because of its complete eccentric fashion and the chart music. For me though, you have the rise of NWOBHM with Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Saxon etc and then the rise of Thrash with Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, Megadeth etc. Don’t get me wrong, even in those lot, you can get a lot of tripe (still can’t stand Megadeth) and don’t get me started on Hair Metal, the pinnacle of why metal gets such a horrendous reputation. I do agree the nostalgia can be a little off, currently in metal there seems is a nostalgia for nü-metal which to be honest, is probably best left buried. I think the point I’m making is there is good music all decades, you just have to find it. As I’ve got older, that’s been another element rather than just finding new bands. I mean, I’ve ended up buying a load of stuff just because I’ve seen it here, hell I even picked up Screamadelica the other day because a load of you kept on going on about how it’s the greatest record of all time (disagree but can see why its well liked, a lot better than a lot of the other stuff from around that time). I mean, the stuff that influenced what you liked post 1988, do you not enjoy that? Although I know your not doing this per say, but I don’t think it’s fair to rule out a decade in its entirety. Ultimately, there is A LOT of good music out there, l and finding it is part of the fun is it not? Oh, and Arms of Mary? Nope never heard it either, and to be honest, having now listened to it, I’m glad I hadn’t
  13. cyrusr

    General Chat

    How about a bit of Blackjazz, the combination of Black Metal and Jazz?
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