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  1. Merkel: Backstop alternative 'possible within 30 days' I should add, if it can be found in 30 days, what on earth have they been doing to date?!
  2. cyrusr

    New Music 2019

    Even more reason for everyone to listen to them then! Cheers!
  3. cyrusr

    New Music 2019

    Knew they were midlands but didn’t know they were Villa? How do you know that?
  4. cyrusr


    Statement From Club in Full Villa have done the absolute right thing with this. Ultimately they have taken him out of front line, gathered the evidence and considered it carefully before passing judgment. Whilst we don’t know the details (nor should we at this stage or ever), they are clear that he is at fault, on a civil proof standard. They are so confident that they have sacked him without pay off, which is generally unheard of in this day and age. They have also passed it on to the relevant authorities. It is clear that he will, at the very least, never work in football again. What is a shame is that it has gone on for so long, but it was clear he was a part of the institution and seemed untouchable. Might also explain why so many promising youngsters were completely shot when they got near the first team. Fresh start and new era for the Villa youth along with the rest of the club.
  5. It'll be interesting to see how many of the Tories that voted for no-deal back in March turn face now that Boris is heading in that direction and the only apparent alternative is Corbyn. I suspect it will be a lot closer than it should be...
  6. cyrusr

    New Music 2019

    Would not have put this as your sort of thing? So its an 8/10 for would buy? Anyway, the collaboration album between Pijn & Conjurer "Curse These Metal Hands" was released last week and its a cracker: Sounding like early Baroness/Mastodon, it is rather...
  7. Whilst that is true, it still comes down to we are always, always going to be worse off than Europe in a “no deal” and Europe knows that. Europe only has to resolve issue with trade with 1 country, we have to renegotiate deals with everyone. Yes they have managed to sort out some major players such as the Faroe Islands, Central America and Liechtenstein, we might need to sort out a few of the smaller countries such as USA, China, Japan and South Korea. With the divorce bill, the EU can also simply use it as a ploy for negotiations as well, and as @desensitized43 has said, we have already started paying this anyway. The problems with the “deal” boil down to our own “red lines”. The hard border is purely because May refused to have a customs union as a possible outcome of the negotiations.The whole reason for the lack of a deal is our own fault. Boris et al keep spinning it as EU’s fault but it simply isn’t. All this ranting they do is only for their own supporters and so they can pass the blame when it hits the fan.
  8. Likely line up IMO: Heaton Elmo/Guilbert - Engels - Mings - Taylor/Targett Hourihane/Luiz Grealish - McGinn Trezeguet/Jota - Wesley - El Ghazi Subs; Steer, Konsa, Taylor, Luiz, Jota, Kodjia, Davis Think it is tricky, given we have had only 1 game against tough opposition. Taylor/Elmo did better than expected. Jota/Luiz/Kodjia failed to impress in their cameos but circumstances were difficult. Think it will come down to how well the players train during the week more so than how they did on Saturday.
  9. At least targett is on the bench, so when it’s clear Taylor isn’t working he can substitute him. Completely unrelated but what are the odds are for a substitute in the first 10 minutes?
  10. Elmo over Guilbert can understand though would prefer Guilbert. Same with Trezeguet over Jota. Luiz on the bench shows how much they rate him. BUT TAYLOR?!
  11. One of the frustrating things is that back in March, one of the votes was to force the government to go back to parliament before no deal runs out, yet they couldn’t agree on that either. They literally voted against themselves having control of the process. Sadly one of the massive reasons we are in such dire straits is the incompetency of the current politicians. Are these genuinely some of the worst politicians we have ever had, or have my eyes got more open with age?
  12. Sessegnon has already gone through. Onomah hasn't been signed off yet though...

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