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  1. Next Aston Villa Manager

    Was more thinking out loud - I am still confused as to what his role is?
  2. Next Aston Villa Manager

    Given the nature of international football and the fact that these guys have limited options to make the best team, maybe not bad shouts either of them? Indeed - could be lured surely. Get us up and you get to pick the players we sign. Stepping on the toes of Round though surely? That list though, is one of the most depressing things I have ever read...
  3. Steve Bruce

    I have now had a chance to watch the "highlights" of the match and listened to Bruce's post match interview. That was a woeful performance and seriously worrying and sadly it is the same problems have continued from last season and 2nd half of Hull. However, if anybody thinks that Bruce is walking or given some time to turn it around after that interview would be sadly mistaken. I took his comments as "that was the worst performance and they need to do better" rather than he doesn't think he can do it. If you put it in context of when it was said then I don't think he truly meant it as an admission that it was beyond him. Indeed, later on in the interview he states if carries on for next 10 matches then he's in trouble. He is in the mindset that he needs to sort it or he's out, rather than he is about to be out of the door. Sure, I am still trying to figure out his "tactics" but I am just utterly bewildered as to how this same person got a team (arguably weaker) promoted only 2 seasons ago?! We are just completely inept without Kodjia at the moment and I am still at a loss as to why. Whilst Bruce is the obvious answer, to be fair to him, these problems have been a part of Villa for a long time. He hasn't helped, don't get me wrong, but are we certain he is the problem? I, along with many, many others, thought he was the best option for us last year. It is looking more likely that he will be added to the long list of failed managers. And yes, the pressure will increase exponentially if we lose tomorrow and lose in the same manner we did at the weekend. I just hope they don't play Bacuna tomorrow because I know exactly what will happen... However, whilst people can have their misgivings of Bruce, to suggest that the best thing would be to lose to Reading are really cutting their nose off to spite their face. Whilst you can be anti-Bruce, remember that it's a nice feeling when Villa actually win (it's been a while I know!).
  4. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    I thought we assimilated him....
  5. Jordan Amavi

    Good luck and hope he does well. One would have wanted to keep, but Taylor is nailing down the LB spot anyway, who will cover if he's injured/suspended? Bjarnasson?! The Board might need to have a look at the transfer market for this...
  6. Leandro Bacuna

    Am I right in thinking that only Steer is the only signing of Lambert's that remain?! Now we just have to get rid of the Sherwood deadwood...
  7. Leandro Bacuna

    Agree. Whilst he was definitely poor on Saturday and has not had many good games, like Hutton he does try. I thought there was something there to begin with, however, as it always seems to be at the moment, Villa grinds down the players. However, to make it perfectly clear, really pleased to see him go. One of the last reminders of a bad era for the club. My hope is that we are not selling to a "direct rival" championship club. If we do, he will suddenly remember that he is playing football and can pass to the person in the same kit... Any more rumours of which club it is or do we think it is still Reading?
  8. Pre-match thread

    Richards not even on the bench! Team not too bad either generally, however I have no clue how we are lining up?!
  9. Entrance music

    *Music Snob Alert* Actually that's Ozzy's solo work, not Black Sabbath that they play in the pre match playlist... We did end up with Sabbath for a little while when the fans chose the songs - think A LOT of Villa fans like the connection, however when it was playing it just sounded weak IMO and sounded a bit flat. Need to sort out the mixing if they go down that route. Saturday just kind of went flat and was just plain odd. Hopefully they can sort it. Not the most important part of things, but helps gets the fans more into it.
  10. Squad Numbers 2017/18

    Squad Numbers at the moment (or what I can make of it anyway): - 1. Free 2. Free 3. Taylor 4. Richards (Potentially Free) 5. Lansbury (wants to take 10 though???) 6. Elphick (Potentially Free) 7. Bacuna 8. Free 9. Hogan 10. Free 11. Agbonlahor 12. Chester 13. Steer 14. Hourihane 15. Free 16. Bree 17. Free 18. Free 19. Green 20. Bjarnasson 21. Hutton 22. Gardner (potentially free) 23. Amavi 24. Free 25. Jedinak 26. Kodjia (Terry to take) 27. De Laet 28. Cissokho 29. Hepburn-Murphy 30. Free 31. Bunn 32. Free 33. Free 34. Free 35. Blackett-Taylor 36. Free 37. Adomah 38. Lyden 39. Davis 40. Grealish 41. Free 42. Free 43. Free 44. McCormack (Potentially Free) 45. Free 46. Toner To place: Kodjia; Samba; Elmohady; Whelan; Johnstone At a guess I would say: 1. Johnstone 2. Bree/De Laet/Hutton – whoever is Bruce’s first choice RB 4. Chester/Samba 6. Whelan 8. Hourihane/Bjarnasson 10. Lansbury/Kodjia The rest I have not got a clue…
  11. Aaron Tshibola

    I am not sure that it as bad a transfer as everyone is making out. Yes we paid £5 million for him, however it was mainly on potential. Potential is always a gamble. How many bigger signings have we made "on potential" that have failed miserably? Look at other clubs, there are plenty of examples where money has been wholly wasted. In the big picture, it is not that significant a loss. Perhaps we paid a little much, but on what transfer last summer didn't we do that?! It didn't work last season. Not too sure how well he did at Forest (I'll assume not great) but he now has a season on loan at a club where he is likely to get regular football. We are over populated in midfield no question of it, and anyone outside of Hourihane, Lansbury, Whelan, Bjarnasson and Jedinak is likely to be considered to leave this summer. To me, its a win win. If he makes the grade, great, we have a player who has increased in value or perhaps even better developed into someone we can use. If not, well we are not wasting squad space/money on wages. Would rather youngsters go out on loan and develop rather than potentially get 1 or 2 games a year. Hope he gets lots of game time and does well for them
  12. Jordan Veretout

    Might have been able to do something, but pleased sold and for a decent(ish) amount as well. I like the mention of add ones as well. The Midfield is currently way over crowded and clearly doesn't want to be here. So bye bye!
  13. Germany 23rd July

    According to Hertha's twitter we still won 2-0....
  14. Germany 23rd July

    Delighted to see him fit again! Such a bad time with injuries. Hopefully can push Johnstone for no1 shirt/keep him out of it!