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  1. cyrusr

    The Concert/Gig Thread

    And you’ve got enslaved as well who are fantastic! Great double bill!
  2. cyrusr

    Dean Smith

    Welcome Dean! with the speed this was done and that he was in a job, reckon he was the only real name on the list. Not necessarily the biggest name on the list but definitely has a lot of credintials. My only concern is whether he has the ability to handle the pressure. If he can, he will be just fine! Pleased Terry is back also - will give the players a damn good hiding again for all the mistakes they make!
  3. cyrusr

    New Manager Speculation

    So, having read the majority of this thread, am I right in thinking either: a) we keep offering the job to lots of people; only for them to know us back instantly and tell the press everything; or b) no one knows anything and all the press/bookies are merely speculating? Personally I want [insert name here] as he will win games and get Villa promoted this season [hopefully in a good attacking style but that’s not a prerequisite].
  4. cyrusr

    James Chester

    Explanation as to why no appeal. Sorry - Birmingham Mail: He decided just to take it rather than run the risk of a longer ban.
  5. cyrusr

    New Manager Speculation

    I’ve plumped for Terry; however would be content with Henry, Flores, Rodgers, Arteta or most of the others. Why? He essentially won the Champions League with Chelsea. And the more I think about the difference between this season and last, the more I think we were good because of him and in spite of Bruce. Plus he can be an option if he was player/manager. We could also justify giving him a bigger wage. The inexperience doesn’t bother me so much, think he’s got the head for it. Bring in a good quality assistant/coach and he will be away. Yeah if Chelsea come calling he will go no question, but it will only happen if he is a success with us, and I’m alright with that! Rodgers - arrogant yes but don’t really care about that will be here to win and can deal with expectations (see Celtic & Liverpool). Not Mick McCarthy though - there’s only one benefit to him and that’s putting one in the hole! Given how quick the trigger has been pulled - I wonder if someone is ready to come in. There were noises that the DOF is nearly there as well - joint appointment anyone? Also I think this will show the true intentions of the new owners - if it is someone crazy good then we know they mean business.
  6. cyrusr

    Pre-Match thread

    No Jedinak in the back 4! Bunn?!! Oh and no wingers natural wingers on the wings #thereorthereabouts
  7. cyrusr

    Pre Match Chit Chat

    Don’t forget Adomah to make it 2-3? Seriously though read that Weimann has scored 5 goals for them already this season; and yes it’s the same guy!
  8. cyrusr

    Pre Match Chit Chat

    Surely a given that Weimann will score against us tomorrow?
  9. cyrusr

    Jack Grealish

    OS Story: Bound to have a minimum fee clause but hopefully Jack will kick off proper this season now.
  10. cyrusr

    Villa and FFP

    To be fair the FFP, reading the Birmingham Mail article which quotes the Times article (and thus avoiding the pay wall) they would have got a 6 point deduction as they were £7million down (works on a sliding scale apparently); its because they decided to try and sign the player over the summer when they shouldn't have that seems to be "an aggravating factor": Where Villa actually differ is that we appear to have been in open discussions with the EFL about it and decided not to try and go behind their backs...
  11. cyrusr

    James Collins

    He’s already here as he’s a Villa youth coach which is good because we need another right back! On Collins.... he will likely be better than Jedinak but meh. Could/should have done better - at least Terry would provide leadership and the extra wage would have been well earnt IMO. Not sure what else Collins will provide other than less chance of Jedinak playing CB...
  12. cyrusr

    Tony Xia

    I genuinely don’t think the position is any different than it was in the summer. He still has a significant minority holding, this was shares that were in essence issued in around May that have been bought back by the club for minimal finances and swallowed up, leaving it in a position we were all aware of at the time of the takeover; i.e. NSWE having majority but Xia still significantly involved. From his perspective he will likely be around until he can make his money back and that won’t be until we are promoted so I imagine we will still hear from him until then. With the sentiments towards him, he seemed to have good intentions, in hindsight he was wholly naive about it all.
  13. cyrusr

    Tony Xia

    Not as exciting as everyone thinks. If you look back at the transfers back in July, it confirms that 30,000,000 ordinary shares are held by NSWE; 24,545,454 ordinary shares by Recon Group Limited and 49,133,436 deferred shares owned by Recon Group Limited. This share purchase is for the deferred shares only. When taking out the deferred shares, NSWE have a 55% share; whilst Recon Group Limited has a 45% share (that is of 54,545,454 total shares). This would suggest to me that this transfer is simply consequential to the takeover generally rather than Tony being quietly bought out after the takeover. You can look at it via the Companies House Records of Recon Group UK Limited. Also given he is still referred to as Co-Chairman on "Who's who" I would suggest this means nothing has changed from the summer. The tweet from Tony remains as enigmatic as all his others though... perhaps something has happened but we won't know about it for a couple of weeks when it arrives at Companies House.
  14. cyrusr

    Form and Stats

    Why are SHA up in 6th?! Even by their standards they are having a pretty poor start to the season I thought? How do they work out the xG?
  15. cyrusr

    Form and Stats

    Which teams did you compare with which and have you done it as now? Always wary of that as form can play a significant factor in those stats, particularly early on in the season. I did it with the same teams, but replacing the best team respectively with the relegated ones, so Wigan=Barnsley; Blackburn=Burton Albion and Rotherham=Sunderland. I got last seasons as W5 D2 L0 and therefore 7 points worse off [apologies to the phone people - table will skew the screen I believe]: 2017/8 2018/9 Pts Diff Home Score Away Home Score Away Hull City 0–0 Aston Villa Hull City 1–3 Aston Villa +2 Aston Villa 3–1 Barnsley Aston Villa 3–2 Wigan Athletic 0 Ipswich Town 0–4 Aston Villa Ipswich Town 1–1 Aston Villa -2 Aston Villa 0–0 Brentford Aston Villa 2–2 Brentford 0 Aston Villa 3–0 Reading Aston Villa 1–1 Reading -2 Sheffield United 0-1 Aston Villa Sheffield United 4-1 Aston Villa -3 Burton Albion 0–4 Aston Villa Blackburn Rovers 1–1 Aston Villa -2 Total Points Difference -7 Agree entirely with the sentiment though, in comparison to the games last season against the same opponents, we are already behind far behind. I know there are arguments to say the relegated teams were dire last season, but actually its only the Blackburn result which is affected. Even then, over the over 6 games we are still 5 points down.