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  1. Because it’s a Sunday and everyone is bored waiting for the next villa signing? Come on it’s been 3 days!
  2. Also noticed youth team entered into EFL Trophy: BBC Article
  3. cyrusr

    Wesley Moraes

    TBH never saw anything from Carlos so never believed Ellis, though profess never really researched. Not fussed for "nearly joined" players.
  4. cyrusr

    Wesley Moraes

    According to Wikipedia no Brazilian listed, so I think he is A tale spun by Doug Ellis, see bicycle kick. In any event not sure a trial would really count anyway.
  5. cyrusr

    Wesley Moraes

    On topic, love the prospect of this and how it has come out completely out of the blue! Let’s just hope work permit and international clearance are not a problem, though I suspect if there was any real doubt, they wouldn’t have announced it.
  6. cyrusr

    Scott Hogan

    This. His confidence is shot to pieces. He might be better off going to League 1 with say Sunderland or somebody like that to get his scoring record back. Perhaps then he can get his 20-5 goals that he is determined to get. He will not get that at Villa; for whatever reason you want to stay, his days here are done and he needs to move on, whether that is permanently or on loan.
  7. Well, I thought I would double check. How about if I phrase it as "least bad"?
  8. So out of the 10 is there anybody that would even do a half decent job or do they all need to be lined up for the good of the country?
  9. OT - but for a pic that reminisces about checking Saturday football score, why are they using scores from Wednesday 24 September?
  10. That was my first ever away game. I am just glad the away fans were superb as always
  11. Can't believe its been 5 years Rewatched the Young Ones the other day, absolute classics.
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