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  1. Awful game. Some of the worst passing i've seen us do in a long time. We somehow manage to get back into game and then instantly throw it away. Hopefully Bailey will be back after international break and we can move back to 4-3-3.
  2. One of the worst passing performances I've seen us have in a long time. Shocking.
  3. Not sure how mings didnt get the interception from the cross..
  4. This is painful to watch. Spurs arent even good. We just cant string more than 1 pass together
  5. happy its just 1-0.... Ramsey has to come off. Yellow card and looking out of depth. lets go 4-3-3
  6. Hause still makes me nervous when ball is at his feet.
  7. Deserved win with both watkins and ings not playing great and no bailey in the squad. Good times ahead once we get the chemistry upfront.
  8. nothing better than beating fernandes, ronaldo and the great mike dean
  9. should have taken watkins off. buendia to feed ings would have been good
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