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  1. Getting rid of Elmo and Taylor for young who can fill in both of their positions would be decent bit of business if wages aren't too bad.
  2. Bizarre lineup... He really loves trying to justify his love for RBs
  3. Let's not be as deluded as the arsenal fans now.
  4. Can't believe how many opposition fans think we are selling Grealish because of this deal. It's about time our owners got the respect they deserve. They aren't messing about.
  5. joke that nakamba didnt come on. Generally mcginn looks good in the first half then tires around the 65th min and ends up mainly being a passenger for remainder of game. Ramsay usually looks decent when he comes on but when he starts he looks pretty average. We need to be ruthless in the summer with transfers. Complacency and we will be in a relegation fight next season.
  6. This. McGinn is usually pretty good in the first half but then from 60mins he always looks tired and starts getting sloppy and offering nothing. Somehow never gets subbed off
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