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  1. This exactly. Hoping we see a similar thing on the left when targett gets a chance.
  2. Rest them all. Steer Elmo Konsa Hause Targett Marvelous Lansbury Hourihane El ghazi Kodjia Davis Solid back up team. Should get job done
  3. Got tingles listening to the Villa crowd at the end of the match on the TV. Wesley is an absolute beast. I think he probably one of the strongest players physically in the league. He bullied Mina. Can't wait to see him against weaker defenders. Elmo had been playing well but guilbert just offers more. Good both attacking and defending. Think he will be one of our best players. Would like to see targett but Taylor had a solid game once again and is probably better defensively. I'd imagine rotation between the two depending on the opposition. Now we can relax, rest some players and enjoy the mid week game. UTV!
  4. Elmo and Taylor have been decent but if our strategy is to keep on whipping in crosses then guilbert and targett should start
  5. Mings and engels have Been absolute quality. Unfair they have Conceeded 5 goals already.
  6. luiz has look decent since his mistake. Mings, Engels and Mcginn have looked quality. Wesley improved towards end of half. Shame we made couple mistakes and the ref is hopeless.
  7. We have bottled it with our mistakes and the ref/var has bottled it with not giving a 2nd yellow
  8. Feel like mcginn or grealish should drop bit deeper to help luiz and give him more options

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