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  1. Yeah, we've had the wool pulled over our eyes too many times before
  2. Jim from Moseley, first one on, 'Dean Smith saved our season last year by loaning us Scott Hogan' then went on to say 'I would like to pull on Dean Smiths heart strings again to save us this season and loan us Keinan Davis'. I think they should all phone in and thank us
  3. Only one winner in tonight's game and it wasn't the current world and premier league champions. Yes they go through to the next round, but those boys tonight have not only raised they're own profiles but the club's. Villa will have made alot of friends and admirers from that, as you say with talksport being an example. Can only be good for us going forward.
  4. HuhNot been on for a while, enjoyed catching up the last few pages Dry January's not going to well. Cracked this open tonight after tonight's game
  5. Missed who got motm on the tele tonight, must of been a Villa player though. Interested to know if was a bottle of vimto or Dr pepper they were given though.
  6. Wish I could if give this more than one like, spot on. Reserves!!!
  7. Been getting wound up by him all game. Talks sh#te and so biased.
  8. Such a hard call for motm for me. Gave it to mcginn in the end thought he was immense tonight. But so were many others, Luiz was superb as were El Ghazi, Traore and of course Jack. So happy with us this season
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