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  1. Had the GlenDronach 12yr the other night after a recommendation on here. Very nice thank you.
  2. Forget the cardboard cutouts https://inews.co.uk/sport/football/sex-dolls-fc-seoul-south-korea-football-team-fans-apology-2856371
  3. The photo of Jack with the manu badge next to him makes me feel ill, can't imagine how I will feel if he actually puts the shirt on
  4. Full Christian Purslow interview on talksport here https://talksport.com/football/702743/christian-purslow-exclusive-aston-villa-neutral-venues-premeir-league-relegation/
  5. Full interview here https://talksport.com/football/702743/christian-purslow-exclusive-aston-villa-neutral-venues-premeir-league-relegation/
  6. I just don't understand how the efl could sue the pl if they null and void the season. What would their argument in court be against the pl? They can't blame the pl for not being able to finish the season, how are the culpable? They’re not allowed to play matches until the Government changes the rules and there will be a date, either because of player’s contracts ending or the impact of future seasons/tournaments that will deem it impossible to complete the season. Even if they thought they had a case would they have the money to sue the pl? Also, if the pl can't be concluded then there's no way the efl can finish all of their fixtures. They might not be able to even if the pl does, they haven't got the same resources. How do they decide who gets promoted then? That’s the time when the law suits will arise, by clubs who have had decisions made against based upon forecasts or table as it stands scenarios. Then there would be an argument about fairness.
  7. IF somehow this works (really can't see it), we decide who's in Europe and who's relegated. So who gets promoted and takes Norwich's, Watford's & West Ham's place.
  8. Premier League players can 'walk away' from their clubs on June 30, says leading sports lawyer Nick De Marco QC insists FIFA's recommendations of contract extensions cannot be enforced under English employment law https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/11971338/premier-league-players-can-walk-away-from-their-clubs-on-june-30-says-leading-sports-lawyer As a lot of said regarding employment law. The league surely as to be completed by June 30th and that's not happening.
  9. Well my old man told me to be a city fan and you'll never guess my reply
  10. Hopefully will be topped up with a further points deduction for that thug that hit Grealish.
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