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  1. Hopefully will be topped up with a further points deduction for that thug that hit Grealish.
  2. So this individual who attacked Grealish doesn't represent the values at the club eh
  3. Amazing how they spotted the ball had gone 2 inches over the line for there first but couldn't spot somebody having there shirt pulled off or the ball being kicked out the goalies hand☹☹
  4. Blue fans, if you want your photo taken with the Carling Cup it will be in the Coventry Road branch of cash convertors!
  5. Anyone had any luck with their tickets for the Olympic Stadium? My mate did, he got 55,000 tickets for West Ham v Doncaster!!
  6. In an interview about his failed marriage, Sir Paul McCartney was asked if he would ever go down on one knee again... In response he said, "I'd prefer it if you called her Heather."
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