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  1. I am Aston Villa “Footbal” club fan., Yes the football style is very important as well, if not must well support any Aston Villa sports club basketball or MMA etc
  2. Just watch Bernardo Silva demolish Brighton , Bhundia is similar type just need games & more importantly like minded intelligent /skillful teammate like Foden etc, play as a unit. I am not sure if Smith knows how to utilize him properly, as such playing style are more the latin managers style, which not many English is good at.
  3. What right have he got when we bring in Ings ? So we should only keep Davis/Wesley to warm his seat , if he’s injured. If its true he should go Spurs , the moment a Player think of his own self interest instead of the team, he’s will drag us down. So evident in the last few games he’s players very selfishly / hoarding ball instead passing etc.
  4. He’s a quality player , but need to play in the right position & formation. He’s not the central midfielder himself , better in a unit with light minded skillful player .. Behrama , or even David Silva needed a season to get up to speed too if I remember correctly
  5. So disappointed .. it like someone said you look damn good in that 3-5-2 shirt (against Chelsea / Man U) and we refuse to take it off no matter what
  6. Smith thinks he can blend them into like Mane/ Salah .. but it takes time and good man management skill / strong personality which I don’t Smith has it in him
  7. Can we just stop doing this Tony pullis rubbish ? What retro ?
  8. Ings is a quality player , Smith doesn’t know how to use him
  9. Why Mcggin is given a creative role in the middle he don’t the skill willl definitely lose ball in the dangerous middle position … Smith is really clueless
  10. Smith has been relying on Grealish all this while , just checked his past results without him , it’s no surprise we are where we are …
  11. What’s the problem , wolves needs only 15 min to score 3 , we have 45 min
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