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  1. We have no attacking threat at all , Conor & Elmo offers nothing at all
  2. At this rate we need to score 3 to win a match ...
  3. Leicester look nervous , we look up for it. Let’s get a goal before they settle
  4. Their defense very shaky after Cook injured. Need a few more Mane/ Salah goals in second half
  5. Digavilla

    Dean Smith

    That’s exactly what I observed as well . Zinchenko is only an above average player , it’s the whole team playing as unit/ drawing defenders away to create space for teammates. It’s a sign of a well coach team by Pep , not only about ability but more importantly the selfless attitude, by working tirelessly without the ball. I remember watching Pep’s old interview when he said “to be a better player , you have to be a better person first “ . How true !
  6. It’s the first time I see our whole team huddled together after the game! I seen a lot of teams does that like Sheffield Utd/ Wolves etc before the game & its a sign the players all united in their cause & get along well. These generally translate on how those teams plays good teamwork, supporting each other , running more to create angles/ opening for teammates etc. They says nothing unite more when facing a crisis & hope this huddle is the good sign that our players are now fighting as a team for the run in .
  7. Fully agreed. Hope we do our best to keep them if go down .
  8. City are not good with headers defensively , we had 2 clear header chances already. More of the same please
  9. Thought our players after witnessing Watford thumping Liv last night , they would be pump up & inspired, guesses not ...
  10. Hopefully we keep the fight up & bring the same into our survival battle
  11. Let’s hope Ings will help our cause in second half
  12. Agreed . Playing as a middle defender is never easy as have to be good with both feet. He’s right footed which is why he caught the guy when he tackled with his right foot , which gave the penalty away.
  13. To be far he’s last played on 21 Dec & not had any competitive games since , sure to be a bit rusty & tired at the end & commit error...
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