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  1. We scored a goal .... Now some of our players probably calling their wives / mummy / family to share the epic news... it’s like first drop of rain in a drought.., that’s how long we last scored .. Sad...
  2. Grealish is really slowing our play down , by taking too many touches ...
  3. Ok forget about its our last chance saloon ... just entertained us one time please Villa ...
  4. Maybe I should just forget about the outcome & relegation Implication & just enjoy the game instead .. but can someone teach me a how to appreciate a Elmo’s 30 ft floaty 80s cross into box that even a blind keeper can gather ... what exactly are our guys doing in training??
  5. It’s a gift... But dont think it will make any difference in the outcome.. sigh...
  6. Digavilla

    Dean Smith

    Yes agreed. Good players seldom make a good manager .. just have to look at the likes of Maradonas/Zidane etc . Maybe it’s the fact they have exceptional natural talent & ability , so there’s no urgent need to develop other skill like game strategy / games intelligence / organization skill/ team formation etc in their playing days , but these very are important skill sets you need as a manager now.
  7. It’s no point we having free kick , not even a single header won / head on target
  8. In the premier , you need to beat the defender , creat a opening/angel before shooting , not just blasting It blindly into a defender..
  9. Mcggin Is really off the pace , so slow in movement/decision making etc ..
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