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  1. We need another outlet besides Grealish.. teams knows that & shutting Jack down & we are a nothing team
  2. Watch Brentford recent they were brilliant to watch , playing modern & pass & move football , all players comfortable on the ball etc ... is Thomas Frank the real brain behind Brentford style of play ?
  3. When our players get to ball , no teammates moves forward or open an angle to receive a pass , this is basic modern football.. Whats going on it’s so unlike how his Brenford plays ??
  4. Most likely the players don’t get along .. too many nationalities / sects etc . Just look at Brighton huddled together before kick off, our players all stood alone without even looking /talking to each other . That’s shows on our play .To play well together you have to hang out together, which I don’t see is happening.. Smith is not a strong personality who can control & unite the team , like other managers like Wolves Santo , or even Watford Dean.. we are indeed in big trouble
  5. If we have poor players , than drilled into a team & worked as a team. I always feel all our players are not on a same page ..
  6. Brighton’s showing us how to play the right way ... triangle one touch passing / getting into box.. create chance .. we are chasing shadows again. What do we do in training ?
  7. Drinkwater was so slow why’s is he playing ? Another mistake & he will be off
  8. We look so lethargic , were there a similar party like the city players had with the 22 models ??
  9. Most importantly hope he’s the type of striker that Smith can coached into his system & playing style , as so far all our current strikers Davis/Wesley / Kodgia are not Smith type of player. This guy looks more mobile / 2 Footed & quick to fire shots , from some the videos .. abit like Chelsa Salomon Kalou type player.. quite confident he will do well under Smith stye & system. Weskey /Al Gazi/Trez missed lots of good chances & if he convert half of those , he would have done well .
  10. City really showing how modern football should be played .. buy players with technical ability / skill as priority instead of brute strength .. look how small & thin the Silva / Mahrez/ Jesus/Fidel..but all our athleticism players are played off park chasing shadows ..
  11. We are like a poor MMA Fighter with only one simple left punch attack (Grealish) & nothing else !
  12. Why signed , even on loan a player who’s not motivated to play , for Chelsea & under Burnley tough manager Sean Dyche , what’s made Smith thinks he can change him ?
  13. Please hold on another min.. we will also drag Burnley into relegation fight
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