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  1. Yes i agree . that’s a wiser system than having only one out & out main striker, even a 20 goal one . It’s also harder to defense against a group of attackers. I remember when we only had a peak Benteke , but when’s he is out injured our goal threat is totally gone ..
  2. The goal will be good for his confidence. He’s scored lots of similar goals at Brentford. Always like his attitude & his finishing is clinical if ball us on the deck, not Bruce’s style of aimless crosses.. His goal today may look easy but I remember Abraham missed lots of such chances last season..
  3. Digavilla

    Dean Smith

    The amazing thing he did it with majority of Bruce’s players.. his only few Jan’s signing Ming etc are class act. Can’t wait when he get his own players in !
  4. Did their keeper need to make a single save this half ?
  5. Just watched his goal .. Heavy touch & push ball too far right, narrow his own angle .. lucky to score
  6. We keep playing crosses into box against an ex Pullis team , & hope to get something ?
  7. Totally agree. He’s a very limited player , slow , & when you have no technical skill you have no confidence when oppposition comes within 10 ft , panic & pass back.
  8. If you expect him to be a old school winger , go to line & only do crosses, don’t think he’s good enough as he not that fast & weak ... but if we can convert him to inner half winger that’s cut into center .. in the Firminio/ Willian mold, he could be useful as his close ball control is quite good ..
  9. Hope the main reason for our recent bad performance is that most of the players already down tools , knowing they won’t be given new contract ..
  10. Jedinak , Whelan , Hutton , Taylor, Hourihane, just the thoughts of those players in the same team oh dear !
  11. In the last few games noticed he like to go alone & shoot from far , even there’s better option around , and lose the ball eventually or ran into dead end .. anyone else notice this ?
  12. We have nothing fm the middle , it’s crosses after crossed ..
  13. Yes He’s becoming very selfish , never look to pass nowadays ..
  14. Digavilla

    Dean Smith

    Yes i am thinking , maybe it’s like hmm new manager in / all slate wipe clean / if I work hard okay well he likes me will offer new contract. Couple of weeks later , can’t adapt perform /playing style required by new manager , feel no chance of new contract. Just go thru motion than .. maybe new manager get sack due to poor ..another new manager another new hope ??
  15. Exactly. That’s what happen when you signed players with no skill. With skill , you have confidence when opponents comes near, you are sure you can twist / accelerate/ fancy good work, get pass them , have composure. & open up angle for a thru run or forward pass . With skill you gain confidence / arrogant even ... Even those that do have some skill Bolasie / Kodjia / Adomah etc are too selfish & only shoot for goals instead of creating chances for team mates . Very shortsighted, thinking only goals will attract top teams to sign them or we will give them new contract based on no. goals they scored . In my opinion , in the modern game , I feel most modern managers do value Assists , just as much as goals .

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