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  1. yeah I'm pretty sure that we were linked with him in Jan. Seems to be a pretty versatile player.
  2. Think that would be a very good signing, but 7.5 million seems a bit steep.
  3. It is from Nixon so keep that in mind
  4. New LB & RM/RW please. Also, can we not just link ourselves with some old Smith players, like Maupay and actually go into the European Markets to search for players like they did back when he was at Brentford. Getting the 'next' Maupay for less then him I think would be ideal. (N.B. I would love to see us get him, I just would prefer if we spread our approach out and not continue buying the "best/proven " championship players after they've already increased their value ten-fold.
  5. Well we were the only team out of the 4 that did not see a red card in either leg.
  6. Taylor-Crossdale (iirc we were also randomly linked with him) is also another young English player apparently headed abroad (from chelsea to Hoffenheim) Reece Oxford going to Augsburg as well. good to see youngsters try moving abroad
  7. ah yes okay. forgot about that
  8. wasn't one of their goals (in the second game this season) literally kicked out of Kalinić's grasp? Or am I thinking wrong?
  9. Hudson-Odoi has apparently ruptured his achilles. very tough injury to take, especially at his young age
  10. I just saw this angle on twitter and I think i've just gotten more confused about the handball rule. Live time as it happened yesterday, I thought the ref had made the right decision with VAR, but after seeing this combined with the other changed var decisions in the recent champs league I'm not so sure.
  11. Thought I'd make this as Villa have just announced that they will be coming over Stateside for a pre-season friendly with Minnesota United. (Not sure if this is the right thread to put this) Also I had seen rumors that we were under consideration to play DC United as well so keep an eye out for that as well. https://www.avfc.co.uk/News/2019/04/16/aston-villa-heading-to-usa-this-summer
  12. Alex Neil has apparently changed his mind about the WBA job and signed a new 3 year deal with Preston. Their search goes on
  13. what a performance by him today.

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