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  1. Great to be able to see the match in person last night. I think Bree, Davis & Green all need a season loan out hopefully in the championship Guilbert was immense it has to be said.
  2. Last night was interesting for a bit
  3. Heading out of DC on Tuesday night and making an early return thursday. wish I could have more time but outside of the training session, it seems that there's not going to be much official villa related going on (excluding the nights out of course )
  4. was this after brexit happened? I know that one of the more likely situations is the 17 foreign player rule being enacted.
  5. The 2nd debate just seemed to have more firepower than the first this week. I was really really impressed by Buttigieg. Seemed to be very thoughtful and actually took responsibility for a failure unlike a few others. Everyone's saying that Kamala Harris had great debate and I don't disagree but she didn't really provide much in terms of policies. Also I wouldn't be surprised if Sanders is finished. Just running on the same platform that he did in 2016 just doesn't do it for me.
  6. The one thing I've still not gotten used to is that the trials seem to be much more frequent than in years past. Also apparently my personality is now mercenary
  7. Bacuna scored the first ever gold cup goal for Curaçao and it ended up being the winner.
  8. AFAIK we've already sold out the 2 sections that were given to us by MNUFC. There's also a facebook event thru the "Aston Villa America" hosted mostly by the Lions Clubs Chairman.
  9. He's definitely not the most accurate source out there, but he has gotten a few things right about us recently. (eg. both the Nyland and Lyden injuries, the Abraham loan and one or two others IIRC. Obviously not accurate about everything but has gotten some spot on recently.)
  10. Don't the new squad registration & loan restrictions come in soon? If they don't loan him out again, would it be likely that he plays for them? I would think he's not good enough for Chelsea ATM but would be an interesting prospect for us. I def think he would be a pretty solid alternative option for us if Tuanzebe doesn't/isn't allowed back on loan/sold

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