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  1. Like I posted in the general PL thread... I think that their fanbase has turned on the ownership. Pretty much wanting relegation for your own club is a very radical idea. And if Moyes does get sacked again (who knows), who would they get in? Doubt Sam wants to go back considering some of the quotes that are out there surrounding his departure.
  2. I know we've got some relatively negative posters on here but I've yet to see any poster wanting us to get relegated.. I just went on a West Ham forum and it looks to be roughly about half of their posters whom have 'accepted' relegation, and/or want to get relegated just to spite their owners. I didn't realize how unpopular the board/owners are over there.
  3. If they're actually going to be signing Bellingham for upwards 30 million.....
  4. he has been putting some stories up (which only last 24 hours)
  5. Anyways back on Newcastle, Jetro Willems has ruptured his ACL so another injury problem for them
  6. Thought that I read somewhere that he'll be the first Tanzanian player in the PL history. That will bring in an entirely new group of fans for our fan base (like with Zimbabwe/Nakamba)
  7. I think it just depends on what your preferences are. Both FIFA and FM have their frustrating moments. Also depends on what kind of save/game you're interested in.
  8. It — Jan Transfers — will come out in a update/patch (sometime in Feb I believe)
  9. I would rather replace Konsa then Engels atm
  10. Villaphan04

    Pepe Reina

    spotted on the NBC broadcast in the stands.
  11. How did Robertson not even get carded for his challenge? It seemed extremely similar to the Aubameyang challenge earlier and he got a red? No VAR look?
  12. I'd like to know how and why the opinions on him have soured so quickly with him not even playing a role since going off with a head injury right before our 10 match winning run. He seemed to be relatively competent for me coming in to a new country with a makeshift defense.... and not giving him another chance. Lad has only played 7/8 games for us
  13. thinking that this new handball rule might be getting looked at after the season.
  14. Something that (potentially) could impact the rest of the season. Fabianski had to be subbed off for injury in his return from an injury... Don't know how bad it could
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