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  1. believe that's the name he goes by? Kaine Kesler Hayden... Not 100% sure though
  2. probably because Trez is the other option
  3. Brighton are in a lot of trouble I think
  4. Showing a lot of faith in McGinn, I really hope he is good today
  5. Not enthuastic that McGinn seems to be undroppable no matter what
  6. i see that we've been linked with a bid to re-sign Tammy. I just don't think it makes sense from our point of view. Dean doesn't play two up top often, if ever at all. Already spent big on 2 strikers - and we're not moving Watkins out wide just to accommodate Tammy. We definitely need depth at striker but I think Tammy's just the wrong answer plus he'll cost a fortune.
  7. I think he's being left out to dry with McGinn & Barkley's horrendous recent performances.
  8. Please no Mcginn or Barkley
  9. It's clear to me that he has his favorites and tries to have them play themselves into form
  10. At what point does he get in the England call up conversation? Best player in our XI today
  11. Ramsey, Sanson & (Luiz/Nakamba) for Leeds
  12. 100% agree with this. He would've been booed off quite a few times I would imagine. (Granted, I think that's the case for several of our players as well tbf)
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