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  1. WWE: General Chat

    I didn't particularly like last night, it seemed like they didn't really know what to do with all of the returning legends,. Oh and the enzo news doesn't particularly surprise me. I get the vibe that his personality is very similar to the way his TV character was portrayed.
  2. Not looking good for the vikings right now
  3. I think this would be the clearest example. Either way, I think the SB is going to be better quality with the pats. It just would've been more exciting for a neutral if there was a fresh team involved.
  4. I think if the Eagles win then the Pats would blow them out in the SB. Vikings are a different story.
  5. I thought that jack was down at first (thought that they had rolled up on each other when the ball was not in possession of either player. I genuinely cannot see how you couldn't see any holding. The saying is that refs could call holding on almost every play.
  6. We officially parted ways with John Morton. If we don't end up with Defilippo I will be very confused and disappointed that we Morton go while we retained Bowles.
  7. WWE: General Chat

    For the Rumble I'm thinking Reigns (though it would backfire spectacularly as it did the last time the RR was in Philly). If he still is the IC champ I think Nakamura wins. For the women, i think Rousey to set up a WM match v Charlotte
  8. WWE: General Chat

  9. I'm honestly so disappointed that we kept and have extended Bowles.
  10. Couple extensions around the league recently. Jets signed both Mike Maccagnan and Todd Bowles to two year extensions. Bucs informed Dirk Koetter that he will be the HC for 2018 Packers Resigned Davante Adams and Corey Linsley to extensions as well
  11. College sports - general chat

    Josh Allen? That game was very weird, he only had 11 completions and 19 attempts. It seemed that after they had gotten that lead, the HC decided to stick to the run game and then their defense kept on getting turnovers.
  12. WWE: General Chat

    Rusev and Rusev Day has gotten so over outta nowhere. I would be totally for him winning the Rumble next month and putting him in the main event scene.