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  1. Time to log a bunch of hours in this. Just starting a new season after winning Promotion w/Avellino to Serie B. Have been able to get a bunch of loans from French teams, specifically Monaco, which will be immensely helpful
  2. Not quite sure if this requires its own thread so i dug way back to bring up something that I've noticed (from following several of our current players on instagram). With pretty much most of the players staying at home, some have started the "#StayAtHomeChallenge" where they juggle a roll of toilet paper and tag mates to do so (Björn's was posted on the official social media accounts) and our guys were all tagging each other. Not saying that it really means anything, but it does suggest that the lads this time around are "closer" than 2015/16. Also saw that Guilbert & Björn posted clips when they played each other in France, and Freddy apparently has a Villa FiFA career mode going as well as a tackle challenge from former clips (he tagged Mings, Hause, & Konsa). Not saying that this means much at all, but it still is a little "comforting" that our squad has (what it seems as better) relationships throughout. Especially going back through some of this thread Yes, being quarantined at home allowed me to do all this research
  3. I was listening to him on his ESPNFC podcast and seemed like this was the main point he brought up
  4. just peering around other forums and it looks like Watford would be the most hit club if it came to extending contracts. According to their forum, Ben Foster, Mariappa, and Holebas all have contracts expiring on the 30th. Throw in Pearson's and they could be looking at a pretty different squad.
  5. i saw somewhere that Fulham are still to play both Leeds and WBA...
  6. not sure that it has officially been "postponed" yet since they've not convened yet but either way Callum Hudson-Odoi has tested positive for COVID-19 so It's definitely going to be off
  7. I just don't know how they would be able to resume the season at any point in the near future — until the COVID-19 is no longer "a threat". I don't think there is a way that this will be cleaned up by June 31/July 1 (the dates when contracts are up according to my FM knowledge). After this, how would they be able to continue running the league after players move on? Just don't see any real good solution for all parties (PL/Championship/L1/L2/non-leagues) where specific clubs don't have a strong reason for/against.
  8. For as much as I disagree with some of your posts (whole different point), I don't know how anyone can disagree with this. Literally every other sport in the world had canceled/suspended their seasons and the PL came up with the crap of playing this weekend WITH FANS allowed, and it took a ****ing coach getting tested positive for them to do any action. Utterly inexcusable, insane, and greedy.
  9. This is going to get all of football suspended now. Almost no choice I think after some of the things that just transpired here stateside (NBA suspending, European travel ban etc) I think pretty much every league (football & other sport) is going to have to cancel now.
  10. An interesting case, Björn is. Clearly lacks the pace to play with a high line, but also has ability with the ball at his feet — passing wise. Just weird that Smith likes playing w/high lines and he tried to sign him at Brentford, and fancied him at the beginning of the season.
  11. I will be surprised if more leagues don't end up getting suspended. Especially after the Italians starting it.
  12. Rumors that they want to buy a Scottish team to get around the new loan + stockpiling players rule. I guess they would have a similar approach to Watford/Udinese approach with the young players being "sold" to the other club with buy back clauses.
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