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  1. I've been at work what did I miss?
  2. Imagine that he will be staying with us now otherwise our winger contingent would need one or two more players
  3. Yeah I’m not sure why we’d loan Tuanzabe again w/o an option to buy after he signed a new deal
  4. Just had a listen to the Not the Top 20 podcast and I didn't realize that there were quite a few teams who have really towed the line with embargos and of course with all the losses made.
  5. In the event that Grealish is off… I really hope all of us fans don’t turn on the owners over it
  6. If there’s a possibility for a loan to option to buy we definitely should be over that.
  7. I suspect that they might have a pretty poor season. At first time of struggle, the fan base will probably turn on Rafa (if they hadn't already). Signings aren't looking too inspired either
  8. about to spend 30m on Ramsdale
  9. just watched Qatar in the Gold Cup. I am highly intrigued with their squad. Performed really well so far and want to see them against some of the better quality opposition
  10. Not really sure that I’d want him but what would the opinion on signing Lingard be here?
  11. One of the ideas on the city forum had me thinking: why are reporters from both sides reporting positive feedback for each club.
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