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  1. The next installment of the series was announced a few days ago. Interested to see the different updates and other features that they have added.
  2. also a little surprised to see Charlton in 3rd. Wonder if it was just an easy start to the season or if they will challenge for back to back promotions
  3. woah boy get ready City done by this again
  4. wasn't he linked with Brentford when Smith was in charge of them last summer? Excellent debut and can't wait to see more from him
  5. was just coming to say this. I remember a similar type assists that Van Dijk had last year and the press were all over it. Superb
  6. Not sure if this works for you but here
  7. I think our defense looked quite good. Don't think we will have to worry much about them (and we still have a couple other options at the back. Hopefully Guilbert can slide in nicely at the RB slot and Targett at LB. Might have a few problems up front tho (still thought we should've brought in another striker + winger)
  8. Dean was just on the post match NBC broadcast table. well spoken
  9. was just coming to say this. Doesn't seem like he will be good for counter-attacking when we play against the top 6
  10. think bringing Jota on for Trezeguet cost us
  11. I assume that a majority of Eastern Europe has a very different stance on race in general which is going to cause a lot of issues. I believe the article a few posts down also talks about some of the other European nations that have faced similar issues in the past and it will be very interesting to see how this all plays out (also the political situation in some countries currently is not helpful). Hopefully, for Malcolm's sake he is able to win over the fans but it seems highly unlikely at this point.
  12. Palace after Chalov apparently. would've loved him here

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