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  1. Villaphan04

    Football Manager 2019

    Same here. Really cautious about 19 but it seems to be getting better reviews than 18
  2. Villaphan04

    UEFA Nations League

    Ah okay thanks. So the winners from the each group in the respective 4 leagues are drawn into the Semi Finals against each the top teams from the other 3 groups? Interesting way of doing qualifying
  3. Villaphan04

    UEFA Nations League

    Somehow the Ukraine v Czech Republic game was on ESPN so I tuned in. Ukraine looked pretty decent and won their group (so i guess they have qualified for Euros or something?). Even with the hiccups that are showing and will become apparent, I like the way of trying to give lesser talented nations matches against similar ranked sides.
  4. Villaphan04

    January transfer window 2019

    Linked with Scott McKenna again recently.
  5. Villaphan04

    The MLS Thread

    There haven't been any quotes on this, but I'd have to guess that the Canadian Top division would have to be involved as the 2026 World Cup has been said to be a motivating factor behind this idea.
  6. Villaphan04

    The MLS Thread

    I would have to think they have to massively overhaul the system were this to go thru. MLS has 23 teams currently with a couple others waiting to join and adding the (I think) 16 Liga MX teams would leave around 40+ teams in just one division. I have to think that this would be a real possibility with the amount of teams that would be in this so called super league.
  7. Villaphan04

    The MLS Thread

    Very interesting rumor, but would take it with a grain of salt. I think it would be near impossible for this to even occur and trying to figure out all the logistics would be a nightmare. It could be comparable to a possible Top Europe Club league.
  8. Villaphan04

    New Manager Speculation

    Osorio was linked a bit back but there hasn't been more speculation for him. What is Ranieri up to these days?
  9. Villaphan04

    New Manager Speculation

    if he is attainable then I would be all for that.
  10. Villaphan04

    Jesus Garcia Pitarch

    didn't Prandelli come out and say he was a villa fan at some point or was that someone else?
  11. Villaphan04

    New Manager Speculation

    completely agree if he gets the sack but still I'm not sure it is realistic. Is he a mendes client?
  12. Villaphan04

    New Manager Speculation

    Probably an unrealistic shout, but if Monaco do sack Jardim, could we be in for him? Just throwing this out there, and highly doubt that we'd be able to get him anyways but you never know
  13. Villaphan04

    New Manager Speculation

    IIRC he wouldn't leave Wigan for us in the Premier League but he would leave Belgium for us in the championship? Weird
  14. Villaphan04

    New Manager Speculation

    Wasn't aware that Petrov had been linked with us
  15. Villaphan04

    Week 5: Go "Dallas Texans"

    I was not expecting my jets to have that kind of game today, I was shocked. I would be honestly really surprised if either Bowles or Vance have their jobs at the end of the season. Also Crowell has been a very good "bargain" signing for us so far.