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  1. Villaphan04

    Transfer Window Summer 2018 - Speculation

    I think that we would be facing a severe relegation problem (if we go up). Keeping our current strikers (and perm. signing Grabban) would be more than good enough for a championship title challenge, but I don't think are premier league quality and we would have a shortage of goals.
  2. Villaphan04

    Transfer Window Summer 2018 - Speculation

    IMO he could potentially be a very good shout. Could also help us try to tap into parts of the American market as well
  3. Villaphan04

    The MLS Thread

    Interesting signing. AFAIK DC United has never had a "splash" big name signing so this seems to be a little interesting. Maybe a ploy to get new followers for the new stadium in DC.
  4. Villaphan04

    Football Manager 2018

    So I've been trying to get into this game as I have just finished up classes for the summer. I still cannot seem to get into it, and think I might go back to 16 or 17. They just were overly ambitious in adding different things to the game and over-micromanaged these additions to the game and it just ruined the flow for me. I really hope that they come up with a different formula for 19.
  5. Villaphan04

    Tom Fox

    I hate to bump this thread but I just saw that he has been the "team president" of the San Jose Earthquakes in the MLS for about a year(through the power of FM 18).. I have no clue why anyone would want to hire him (Well it is the MLS)
  6. Villaphan04

    U.S. Politics

    Take a look at one of the current candidates for a senate(?) position in West Virginia. At first, I thought it was a hoax but apparently not. Ridiculous His youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCutG-LlzgHTqG6zLMI5VyIw
  7. Villaphan04

    NFL 2018 Draft Topic

    yeah most have Darnold as the best QB, I just don't particularly like him. The turnovers for him especially scare me.
  8. Villaphan04

    NFL 2018 Draft Topic

    1.. Who do you realistically want to take? Rosen 2. Who do you think you will ACTUALLY take? Mayfield, not sure I like that pick 3. Who do you think might fall to your spot who you would take instead? Allen 4. Who do you want to completely avoid? Darnold
  9. Villaphan04

    WWE: General Chat

    Very surprising results for me.
  10. Villaphan04

    Budapest & Vienna

    I will be in both cities for a couple of weeks to "study". Any recommendations for either?
  11. Villaphan04

    U.S. Politics

  12. Villaphan04

    WWE: General Chat

    I completely agree, I do think that they could easily work a few storylines between a couple of the teams to go along with it.
  13. I thought for sure that we would have had to give up next year's first round to move up like that
  14. I'm still not sure about how I feel trading up to 3. We didn't give up a lot (as compared to other trade ups in recent years), but I still really didn't like giving up a couple of early 2nds.