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  1. agreed with most of this. I like Nakamba but it's telling that he rarely gets a game for us. I really like Luiz as well and want to give him more game time, yet also think there is room for an out and our DM better than Nakamba. I guess my big concern would be where does this new DM signing play. Like you say, Luiz would then compete with McGinn (whom Smith loves like you said) and Sanson (like you say again wasn't signed to be a backup). I just don't see where another midfield signing would go in because Deano isn't going to be dropping his 2 wingers playstyle (or at least hasn't shown
  2. yeah I just don't understand where a new signing at CDM fits into our squad with us having Luiz McGinn and then bringing in Sanson in January. Don't see any space for one in our starting 11 unless Dean drops us playing that advanced attacking midfield (of the 3). Throw in Ramsay as well getting game time and I dunno
  3. As much as I would like to see us sign a very powerful/strong/energetic defensive midfielder, I just don't see where one fits into the starting 11 unless he is replacing McGinn or Luiz, based on the tactics we've seen from Dean this year.
  4. He's just posted another Instagram DM message he received that pretty much shows what he (and other players) are having to deal with currently. Absolutely despicable messages being sent
  5. Anyone know much about Keane Lewis-Potter? I think he might've been mentioned last summer and probably isn't the level we are looking at but who knows
  6. believe it's the same club that Gignac is at so he probably had a word
  7. Yeah I’d like any of the 3 and not Bournemouth to come straight back up with the other 2 relegated squads
  8. All we as fans want is officiating consistency -- and granted we can't have 100% consistency. when Ollie gets a booking for "simulation", I'd really like to see that standard being upheld and simulation getting punished by bookings
  9. The other thing for me is that the inconsistency with ref's punishing diving. If refs generally booked players for diving, I wouldn't necessarily have that big of a problem with Watkins getting booked for that, but refs have let so many without giving cards that it's a bigger issue imo
  10. could say the exact same about Wesley at the beginning of last season.
  11. exactly that. No doubt if we play a "big 6" team those decisions would go against if we are looking for a pen or if we are conceding a pen
  12. that decision from Luiz cost us the game. Both of those pen shouts turned down at our end get given at the other end. Simple.
  13. Carney & JPB both on the bench tonight. Maybe we’ll see a debut?
  14. I think you are kind of missing the point that a few of us are trying to make here. I don't think any of us disagree we need an upgrade on Ghazi, but if we sell him we would likely be in the market for another winger as well. Why not just keep Ghazi and sign another winger? Smith loves to rotate his winger options and going into the season with Traore, Jack, and New signing as our only winger options is not ideal. Also, I'd love to sign Olise, but I think it's unfair to consider him an upgrade on Ghazi because he hasn't played at the top level (only with Reading in the championshi
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