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  1. a bit OT but they want 50 mil for him. I don't think we'd have the money for that. But I think Edouard at 30 mil would be more tempting for Celtic.
  2. I was listening to PoF with Kieran Maguire the other day and apparently Bill Kenwright was trying to give about a million quid to help save Bury but it's against league rules. Absolute shame that clubs can't go and do that.
  3. I would like that move but I still think it is pretty far fetched. If any other club came in for him, I'd doubt he'd be coming here as he's a Small Heath fan.
  4. Will definitely be interested to see how they play against the non top-6. They will dominate the game possession wise, but they could be very exposed against counter attacking teams (like Wolves)
  5. I keep seeing people saying we should go in for Rico Henry at LB. There'd be almost 0 chance he'd come here.
  6. Not sure why he’d come out with that statement if he was on his way out. Which then makes it worse if the club is trying to sell him. Why would he agree to go after that?
  7. so you think we will lose because of the coach only and not the 11 players on the pitch? hmmm (I agree that tactics will be highly influential but we can't go around saying that we will lose automatically because of the coach)
  8. they are absolutely lucky that there are no fans allowed. Would imagine that the atmosphere would've been at toxic levels
  9. will be very interested to see how they fare against teams who tend to sit back more than a team like Liverpool. Don't think they will get relegated, but I can definitely see shades of Blackpool back in 09/10 (i think)
  10. good thing they already have Clipper as a sponsor
  11. this is very reminiscent of the Watford Liverpool game right before lockdown
  12. I was just trying to think about this and I genuinely can't figure out anyone else.
  13. that will be very interesting. tough test
  14. Second game back and VAR is already looking better than it did last year. Giving the refs the directive to go to the pitch side monitor
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