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  1. I rate Pep, but I still can't shake the feeling that this extension isn't going to end well for either side.
  2. Yesterday, it felt like every time we had a corner we played it short quickly and I keep wondering when the last time that worked out for us was?
  3. if this were the point where refs started overturning these type of calls and being consistent, I would be fine with it. But I know they won't which is the problem
  4. yeah when I watched it live I thought Trez went down way to easily. But there was definite contact. If it hadn't been given on the pitch, there wasn't; enough to overturn for me. Also haven't seen other decisions like that get overturned this season which is why it stings more
  5. anyone else notice Barkley putting down a red bull before the walkout
  6. I understand and agree that Barkley was offsides. What I don't understand is how it took so long (about 5 mins it felt). It looked clear and when the VAR put the lines in, it said offside but then Atkinson went over to the monitor...
  7. heard he is pretty highly rated as well, and know that he was a very good signing on fm. Though it seems he moved to Dijon from Monaco this summer.
  8. This gem? why would we even be interested in Henderson either.
  9. would also throw out James Sands (from NYCFC) as more of a center defensive mid option. Also could help with an American signing for increasing the fan base / club popularity.
  10. A few players I'd be looking at in Jan/next summer: Krystian Bielik, Emile Smith Rowe, Mount (if/when Lampard gets sacked).... not sure about left backs (I know there's Rico Henry but still don't know if he would even come here since he's a SHA supporter)
  11. Salah has just tested positive for COVID, and considering that Trez was just with him at a wedding in Egypt, I wonder if this might be a problem for us
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