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  1. two 'recent' acquisitions will relatively 're-shape' parts of the industry. https://news.sky.com/story/british-airways-owner-iag-agrees-864m-deal-to-buy-air-europa-11853850 https://www.reuters.com/article/us-delta-latam-analysis/delta-swings-from-market-weakness-to-strength-in-latin-america-idUSKBN1WM1YD
  2. Every game it feels like Pool always gets one of those types of Penalties. There is some contact but is rarely given to a majority of PL teams — while it always goes in Liverpool's favor.
  3. Was about to come post the same. think he'd be right up there with what we need. Go for him — plus he's in the last year of his deal iirc
  4. Thought Luiz had a really good performance — my motm. Also thought Guilbert was pretty solid against one of the world's best Think DS had the tactics correct, we just can't compete with one of the best XI's in the world. Think the ref had a decent, if bland, game — but VAR is absolutely horrid
  5. ...........................................
  6. he hasn't been learning I guess. Giving the Fiend another match is an interesting angle imo
  7. here we go..... absolutely insane
  8. The next installment of the series was announced a few days ago. Interested to see the different updates and other features that they have added.
  9. also a little surprised to see Charlton in 3rd. Wonder if it was just an easy start to the season or if they will challenge for back to back promotions
  10. woah boy get ready City done by this again
  11. wasn't he linked with Brentford when Smith was in charge of them last summer? Excellent debut and can't wait to see more from him
  12. was just coming to say this. I remember a similar type assists that Van Dijk had last year and the press were all over it. Superb
  13. Not sure if this works for you but here
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