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  1. Villaphan04

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    one of nixon's latest tweets responding to a question about mendes as well as asking about if the loans are prem-standand Seems like he's been pretty decent for us recently as well so hopefully some good news soon
  2. Villaphan04

    WWE: General Chat

    Anyone going to be watching SummerSlam this Sunday?
  3. Villaphan04

    André Moreira

    the commentator over in the states said it didn't look like Moreira was Steve Bruce's kind of keeper. If he is not, then what was the point of loaning him? Especially if we were after Nyland the whole time. Anyways IMO he had an up and down game. seemed to be decent with distribution at first, and also had the PK save. But as i said on the match thread he seems to be more of a risk taker and will come out for long balls, crosses etc. which might get him in trouble.
  4. Villaphan04

    Match Thread: Yeovil v Villa

    Kodjia sure looked like he threw a punch
  5. Villaphan04

    Match Thread: Yeovil v Villa

    he's been alright. Seems to be pretty good with distribution but seems to have the tendency to come out to get long balls (might not be the best trait)
  6. Villaphan04

    Match Thread: Yeovil v Villa

    Moreira so far looks pretty decent. especially with his feet
  7. I'm thinking we will possibly shop Teddy if/when Darnold wins the QB1 job. Wondering what kind of value we could be getting
  8. Villaphan04

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    while i'm thinking that Swansea will be up in the mix by the end of the season, their squad depth is ridiculously short. Apparently have only 1 senior center half
  9. Villaphan04

    Italian Football

    anyone following what's going on with Serie B? I've been seeing that there are only going to be 19 teams for this upcoming season.
  10. Leeds up 1-0 early vs Derby
  11. Villaphan04

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Wigan

    Not convincing at all but 3 points is 3 points. Better start to the season then last year. Also think we need a CB + CF on loan and possibly a LB as well
  12. Derrius Guice tore his ACL what a shame. Would've been a big part of the offense in washington
  13. Villaphan04

    Football Manager 2019

    I'm in the same boat. I wasn't sure about getting 18 and just went ahead to get it. Within the day I was back on 17. Hope I'm wrong but I don't see the game massively improving. Still not sure i'll pre-order this
  14. Villaphan04

    Football Manager 2019

    Completely agree with this. Didn't particularly like 18 and think that 19 isn't going to be massively different. I hope to be wrong