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  1. Not sure this was the game to bring him on, clear lack of pace. But thought he had a decent game — had a delicious cross field ball to play Trez in soon after coming on. Clearly has the ability to unlock defenses and at this point, i'm not sure who else bar Grealish has that in their locker. Problem is we can't rely on him in games vs pacy squads. Probably why he's been a Championship player.
  2. thought we were decent, but Dean still stumbles with the timing of substitutions.
  3. Still think he's our 2nd best center back (close with Konsa) but the 'way' which Dean has us trying to play exposes his weakness (pace). would still prefer him over Hause
  4. apparently there's a video going around, rumored to be Rick Parry talking about the current wigan situation (not sure why he'd go out and talk to fans about it, but definitely seems like his voice in the video) and boy, if it is true this situation could get very messy very fast.
  5. I've gone around to the other 3 teams forums fighting against relegation and I've seen this exact statement on all of the sites
  6. and that VAR didn't see anything wrong with it either.
  7. think they had Antonio up top vs Tottenham I believe as well.
  8. you know the teams are all shocking when, after looking at all our recent performances, we are considered the team mostly "in form" out of the bottom 5
  9. Is that John Park? Remember watching a tv show about celtic and recruitment and he was mentioned a lot. seems to be out of a job now as well
  10. Watching the Leeds/Luton game. and Luton just went ahead on a lightning counter attack, very good finish. The bottom of the champ is almost the exact opposite of the PL: most of the teams getting some results since the restart
  11. voted for Jardim, as someone who I personally would like and also seems reasonably attainable. Also, does JT have the actual badges to be given the job full time? IIRC, that issue arose around the time that Bruce was sacked and that he couldn't be considered for those reasons.
  12. absolute no thanks to him
  13. Northampton Town won the League 2 playoff final vs Exeter City 4-0.
  14. If/When they go up, they will need some massive investment I think. They would need to sign a keeper on a permanent, starting center half (as don't think Brighton would let Ben White go there again) and a starting striker as well. Those are just off the top of my head, would assume they would need to sign a few more as well for depth.
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