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  1. Villaphan04

    Jed Steer

    Genuinely curious about this, but when was the last time he was really tested by a team? I don't recall him making a lot of big saves. That said, he's in great form
  2. I thought so myself, but seems like he was pushed in the back. Still I would've thought that VAR would've checked that. Also don't know how Chiellini didn't foul the Madrid guy right at the end by clearly impending him. Thats a pen for me and not sure why VAR didn't even have a look at it....
  3. Well who would've thought of this..... https://apnews.com/421dca3cbf454bf191cfc3af9f4dc685
  4. Restarted my game with the new update and got the Spain U-19 job with the lowest rep etc. Went unbeaten through the entire year to the U-19 championships. Also had England loaded as "view only" and Villa got promoted. First year they go out and splash the cash to sign Mahrez, Cena Tosun, Holgate, and Juanmi.
  5. looks like Ranieri is going to get the Roma job.
  6. Roma sacked Eusebio Di Francesco and are rumored to be close to replacing him with Ranieri
  7. Considering that this call is garnering debate amongst refs seems to me that it wasn't a "clear and obvious error".
  8. I think it was used quite well in the Porto/Roma game but I think I would've let the ref have a look with the "trip" by porto right at the end. Don't think that it would've been called a pen but I felt that it was close enough. I think the main takeaway from the addition of VAR is that handball's like PSG's aren't being called real time and only being caught by VAR. This brings around a different standard with refs w/o VAR and it gets confusing going back and forth.
  9. big decision today and for me thats the wrong one. I think VAR is a step in the right direction, but with it a ref can call pretty much any handball.
  10. Apparently Saudi Crown prince MBS is stepping up his offer to takeover Manchester United.
  11. Simeone signs a new contract at Atlético that runs until 2022.
  12. I was not the biggest fan of his appointment and am still skeptical on him. I think, however, that we need to give him some time to build the squad his way.
  13. I don't think I've seen a footballer trip up so many times in games. That being said, felt he was one of our better players today.
  14. Absolutely gash. Don't understand bringing Kodjia on over Ramsey.
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