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  1. In the lull between signings and before the Euros starts, it gives one time to wonder if Villa are in the process of putting together the poshest team ever! If we signed Ward-Prowse and Loftus-Cheek they would join Philogene-Bidace, Campton-Sturridge and Abldeen-Goddridge on the Villa books. I am sure the referees would double check the line-ups to make sure we were not fielding too many players!
  2. And we all know you can never have enough right backs!
  3. I feel sorry for JWP in being left out of the final England squad. On the upside it probably improves any chance we have in signing him by not being distracted by the Euros. Fingers crossed we can get this one done as he would be a very good addition to the team. UTV
  4. Agreed. definitely has the feel of his second XI, which does not auger well for Jack starting in the Euros. They seem to think it is a choice of two from three between Foden, Mount and Grealish. I am sure players of this caliber will work it out and give the opposition the problem rather than taking the safe option.
  5. Just renewed in the Holte Upper. Told my daughter that it was bargain at less than £200 (senior plus last seasons refund). As someone who has the scars from many poor performances over the last 15 years, she said it's only a bargain if we continue to play as well at last season. Wise beyond her years (must have her mother brains) UTV
  6. Let’s hope the Spaniards can do what has eluded the Real Villa.
  7. Well that was a grand day out! It was great to be back at Villa Park. A very good team performance with lots of contenders for Man of the Match and no passengers or weak links. The back 5 all put in their usual rock solid performances. Traore is a slippery bugga and you would not enjoy marking him. I gave my vote to one of the unsung heroes. Step forward Mr Marvellous Makamba! Chelsea were very good in possession but were just not clinical today. Thats a fine haul of points we have from the London clubs (still frustated about the 3 we threw away against Palace.) For once a word
  8. an I want to change my vote for goal of the season now.!
  9. Typical Villa! A very good team performance and we should have won at a canter. Ollie, AEG & Traore all wasteful. How funny it was to hear the Spurs fans booing at the end of both halves. Also how frustrating to have thrown away those points at Palace but if we were going to choose one to win in London, then definitely Spurs for me! Ends one of those annoying runs that they keep droning on about. Was delighted for Marvelous. He is not Kante but he definitely adds something when he plays. McGinn also seemed to benefit from someone who does play that anchor role well.
  10. Delighted for them . Makes a nice change from seeing the usual suspects to be lifting this trophy. Great for them to be able to celebrate the achievement with their fans.
  11. Going to be tough. Leeds have three very winnable games. We have to beat Palace to have any chance.
  12. It's no wonder this is the most played top flight English fixture if we play them every 12 days! Same result as last time will do nicely!
  13. I did not want to comment on the match in haste or regret words I may type in anger. I have taken a further 12 hours overnight to contemplate and reflect on the events of yesterday. I still hate United and incompetent referees!! I did not realise the match would be played under SuperLeague rules whereby one on the six "seeded" sides would be able to bring their own ref! Let's have this fixture first up next season and just get it out of the way. Onwards!
  14. Well that made a nice change! The best team performance for the entire 90 minutes since Jacks absence. We could have been out of sight with a bit more luck or a lesser performance by Pickford. Well played keeper. Ollie ran his little socks off again tonight but also looked a lot sharper than in some recent games. Cash really does give us another dimension when he is on his game and finding space. Much better passing and movement tonight, it's a simple game. Corners still worry me but hopefully we will sort it out. Really concerned when I saw McGinn picking up DC-L! Lots of
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