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  1. Although the opportunities have not fallen evenly to the front two, it will come. I have been pleasantly surprised about his work rate, he is not just lurking awaiting a chance to spring into life. one of the benefits of playing both Ollie & Ings is that we are forming a really effective press at the top of the pitch. Very apparent at Old Trafford and a key aspect of our recent improved form.
  2. No problem with that. 14 has been a magic number for Villa in the past (1981)
  3. I have just seen his post match interview. Loved his “We are Aston Villa , we can go toe to toe with anyone” Seems like a really decent bloke and has physical presence. You can see why he probably the best arial defender at the club. he is almost unrecognizable from the guy who seemed a huge liability when he was starting at left back in the Championship. well done for getting your head down and just getting on with it. You now have the shirt and should now keep it until form or rotation dictates otherwise.
  4. What a difference a week makes. Last week we play well and lose 3-0, this week we are ok but win 3-0. Mainly down to the quality of the opposition and taking chances. Bailey looks the real deal. When did we last have 21 minute cameo that produced a man of the match performance. He is looking to take defenders on at every opportunity A solid team performance. The 3-5-2 formation look better suited to away games but it is still early days and we are a work in progress. You could see players looking for wide players on both flanks but nobody there until Bailey came on. Ollie worked hard as ever but neither him or Ings got a chance of real note. an important 3 points, just takes the pressure off if points are hard to come by in the coming weeks. Wednesday night will be a good chance for Sansom, Buendia, Traore and a few others to have a good run out in the Cup. I don't care how we do it next Saturday but please let us have that overdue result. UTV
  5. I saw the scoreline & watched the match. The 2 things do not align. A very good team performance. If you watched the game minus 2 (strikeout) make that 3 clips, we win at a canter. Low point. The ref was very poor (dare is say biased or is he just incompetent and weak). The Sky commentary sickeningly sycophantic. Plus points. Good first half by Ramsey. Some strong runs from midfield. McGinn's 90 minute performance. Some glimpses of Bailey to promise good things ahead. Another day and those chances/deflections go in (please let it be at Old Trafford) Shout out for the travelling fans. they out-sang the boys in Blue from start to finish. I think we saw enough today to have some hope. Keep the faith. UTV
  6. Can't wait for pre-season to end and we get all our players back from the Olympics. international duty, hospital, their sunbeds & quarantine. Hopefully we are not too far adrift of our expected position by the end of September. Thought Dougie did a good job today holding together midfield with his two guest partners. Although we have some very promising youngsters, it was a surprising choice to put Chuck into today ahead of Marvelous. The game largely passed him by and it showed what a huge step up there is to this level Still, very valuable experience for him. AEG is another interesting player and his performance demonstrates the hugely different views of people at a game of football. Many commented that they though it was his best game fir the Villa but I didn't quite see it. He had a lot of the ball but never seemed to have the belief he could beat his defender and produce a chance for the isolated Ings. I liked the little cameo we had of Ings & Ollie together. All things considered, not a bad point. Thank goodness for the international break and let's look forward to a change in fortune for the rest of the season. Onwards, UTV.
  7. Only by a major stretch of the Lyrics from Chas & Dave’s Ossies Dream
  8. Great to be back at Villa Park with a full house. An important win for us after last weeks performance. The 2 games show what fine margins there are at this level. Today we got a couple of breaks and just about deserved the win. Ings showed exactly why he will be an important signing for us. 2 games, 2 goals. A goal out of nothing today. He did not get much supply but the menace is always there. The refereeing was interesting today. From what I have seen of our 2 matches, the referees have adopted the Euros approach to the game, which is welcome. No more a slight touch and an immediate free kick. A shame Newcastle seemed to be the early beneficiaries of most of the decisions. We will need to adapt quickly and hopefully all referees are consistent. No special rules for Bruno Fernandes! Man of the match. Hard to say anyone was head and shoulders above the rest. Ramsey recovered from some early mistakes, was solid and kept going the full 90. Young was ok but the old Ashley would have made more of a couple of opportunities he had. Mings was solid and seems to relish playing with the armband. My vote went to SJM who seemed to play further forward and was more like his oldself. The team more or less picked to itself today, so hard to be too critical. I look forward to seeing Ollie, Bailey and Traore as forward options. Not vintage but 3 points nevertheless. 3 more next week and we will have made a solid start considering the disrupted per-season. UTV.
  9. Ings is a very good signing for us. Some people are getting too hung up on numbers and formations. With clever mobile players we can stretch defences and then one of them will take advantage. It's not as if Ings is just a target man to hit and then play off. He is a predator and a top class finisher, the likes of whom we have been short of for a few years. Onwards & Upwards. UTV!
  10. Could be 1-4-6. Forget the midfield!
  11. Just what the doctor ordered to pick up morale. Great timing. from a Saint to a Villan! onwards and upwards!
  12. Lol. a different world. All the small kids were ushered down to the front of the Witton End, well out of sight of parents. I think Harry Burrows also chipped in with a couple of goals.
  13. Not my first Villa Park game but the one I have the clearest early memories of was a snow game. My birthday 1962, an FA cup game against Crystal Palace. villa won 4-3, watched it while standing on a pile of snow cleared from the pitch at the front of the Witton End. Happy Days️
  14. Agreed! Home or away, let’s just get this monkey off our backs as soon as we can!
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