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  1. If he goes, in the movie of Jacks life, after he wins everything, there'll be a sad quiet bit when he realises that doing it at City was meaningless and that he sold his soul and he would have been happier at Villa after all.
  2. I regret that I bet £200. £60 at 2.0 and £140 at 2.2. This year I also invested in crypto about an hour before Musk and China crashed the market.
  3. If any of the more confident people want to buy my bet off me I'm more than happy to take a loss. I haven't felt this pessimistic since when Benteke from nowhere and completely unexpectedly signed a new contract. I feel those two sentences were a bit of a journey but sum up where my thoughts are on it all.
  4. They're probably the only people who can afford him at the moment. But there's a reason for that—because they're a cheating shit club.
  5. Man City are a cheating scumbag club. I get the 'he gave us a lot' but just don't go to Man City Jack. Therefore stay with us and let's kick on. Be the hero.
  6. It's actually, 'Now, yes I can confirm' but he didn't use the tilda on the i of sí! I'll take what I can get at the moment, so liked and believed!
  7. Isn't she just describing how Grealish was in the video of the new home kit and that she's excited about going to Walsall. As evidence goes this is the most barrel-scraping I've seen so far!
  8. If I was the manager of the shop, I'd be bored being asked about Grealish all the time, and while there is still rumours and uncertainty I'd take the photos down until things are settled one way or another. I doubt the people in the shop would be that clued in to what's happening. (I think I'm ignoring the fact there'll be a pretty direct line of communication from the top to the shop). This is what I'm going to tell myself anyway. Got to find a way to work my cognitive dissonance somehow.
  9. Rolta

    John Terry

    Have a read of his statement and he gives some answers!
  10. Rolta

    Wesley Moraes

    We did it with Delph, although I don't think he played that many games for Leeds the second time. But there's no shame in it, and Delph went on to do pretty well afterwards.
  11. Despite Kiwi's best efforts, I agree. Martinez faced a lot of shots last season and we rarely looked tight. Just signing Buendia isn't going to make all that difference and I don't think Barkley was really 'the problem'. We're supposed to be improving as a team and it's going to require investment.
  12. He's on a run of having a point though. Grealish for me is so much better on the left, and according to today and Norwich fans Buendia is better on the right. As we were so heavily linked to esr, it suggests maybe Smith thinks so too.
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