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  1. The gap between us and the top teams now may be bigger than the equivalent back then I feel.
  2. Inspiring. OK Come on Norwich (vs. Watford). And then West Ham vs. Watford. And then everyone else vs. Watford.
  3. Rolta

    Dean Smith

    Bet it's literally a tweet. Or someone read a tweet and told him what was on the tweet. Or someone saw Purslow and Smith talking together on the TV and then told him. Apologies to avfc1982 but I think a lot of people have a bullshit alert when it comes to 'from what I gather...' type posts.
  4. Rolta

    Keinan Davis

    He's been under contract at a Championship club until this season and pretty much injured most of the time this season.
  5. Genuinely think he's looked the same before and the same after.
  6. British is the nationality for people from the UK—so he'd definitely be considered a British manager—unless he thought of himself as Irish and not British. Britain is doesn't exist unless you're saying Great Britain (the island itself), which is what you were saying, and being real casual so missing the first word.
  7. It depends if we have to buy an entire team or not, but we've all talked about that before and don't need to do it again. Anyway, the January transfer window in the Championship went pretty well.
  8. We wouldn't have to use all the same players. I believe there is a transfer window!
  9. Rolta

    Keinan Davis

    I got the day wrong.
  10. This isn't a sign of bad positioning. If he was marking the winger all game it would be. The defence moves left or right depending where the play is and they try to minimise space between them. It's a fundamental of football. The alternative is to leave enormous gaps between your back four for players to run into and exploit. I'm genuinely confused by this comment.
  11. Presumably we don't want to replace our entire team again. Put it this way, replacing El Ghazi would be low in my list of priorities. But Trezeguet—I'd value him at about 500k, and think he'd start being effective at around League 1 level.
  12. El Ghazi is fine for the Championship if needs be. But the other two need replacing.
  13. I don't think he's quick at all. He's incredibly averagely paced, which is an enormous problem. He's quicker than Jota mind.
  14. Rolta

    Dean Smith

    I think he got injured a few times. Smith likes him and never fancied Kodjia, yet we saw Kodjia a lot.
  15. Rolta

    Keinan Davis

    Today's the day Keinan. You can do it. Time to arrive.
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