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  1. Mario Rabbids Kingdom Battle is a brilliant game. It looks off putting because of the rabbids, but I was pleasantly surprised. Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze is great too. How are you with indie games? The top two games on the Switch for me are BOTW and Hollow Knight. Hollow Knight is pretty challenging, but if you like metroidvanias then it's one of the best.
  2. I feel they could have cut the first episode as nothing really happens that's very different to the second one.
  3. I've enjoyed Wandavision so far. I don't like either of the characters really based on their appearances in the films, but I find it pretty intriguing. It's probably time to amp up the mystery though as I'm not sure how much interest they can generate from an imaginary sitcom world on its own. Interesting list of people's favourites. The most enjoyable one for me was Captain America Winter Soldier. It had a good balance of characters and changed up the marvel formula in a better, more ambitious way. I also weirdly really liked GOTG2. The other day I said Thor 2 and Iron Man 2 were
  4. Iron Man 2 along with Thor 2 are probably the worst of the lot.
  5. Taking people's ham sandwiches from them on a trip into the Netherlands is frikking stupid. But it's nowhere near as stupid or as much of a farce as Brexit itself. It doesn't come close but I suppose there's a certain poetry to it and it's certainly not the only example.
  6. Rolta

    U.S. Politics

    I read this the other day and it definitely made me sympathetic: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jan/05/lisa-montgomery-death-row-execution-history But yes it's about as awful a crime as you can imagine.
  7. Not sure this will come into consideration in any decision-making.
  8. How would this be sensible?
  9. Rolta

    Louie Barry

    I don't think he used a subject and verb for the first minute, but he pulled it together as he went on. That's no criticism though...17 years old, scored a goal on TV against Liverpool...I'm surprised he could get a word out. What a great goal. Great pass, great strength, great composure and a great finish.
  10. Rolta

    U.S. Politics

    Did that villanusa guy apologise yet?
  11. Rolta

    U.S. Politics

    Just because you like what it says doesn't mean it's not propaganda and a lot of horrendous bullshit.
  12. Rolta

    U.S. Politics

    Did you get that from Breitbart too? When does the penny drop?
  13. She doesn't seem to be having that debate though: as there are vaccines, surely it's not a choice between 'freedom' on the one hand and getting rid of the virus on the other — it's a choice between not giving a shit now and having citizens of the country die or being more patient as the vaccine rolls out – and getting the new strain under some kind of control. The Tories don't seem to have this in their makeup, but surely good leadership of a country is leading and keeping an eye out for everyone, poor to rich, not just your mates? I live in Madrid now and we've had barely any restriction
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