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  1. Of the brexiters I know not a single one of them voted for this reason. Your statement is a massive stretch. Most people didn't know what they were voting for anyway.
  2. They'll go for a big name surely.
  3. He's a great defender and we should definitely sign him.
  4. Rolta

    Dean Smith

    Five years ago we were a mess that almost went into administration in the Championship, propped up by loans from Premier League teams, and they were an actual, functional Premier League team. Our spend includes about £65 million on the loan players, or replacing the loan players, from our promotion season. They've built from a much more solid place (they were a good Championship team for a while) and have been able to build sensibly. We had a few years of bored or mad-charlatan owners almost crippling us, and had to spend a little quicker all at once. Both teams appear to have invested solidly over the last period, but most comparisons work in Smith's favour if you consider the context.
  5. I think we could do with all four.
  6. I think he's been really good in the previous few games. He's a great defender and he'd be a good signing.
  7. Rolta

    Austin MacPhee

    Seems like Hause ran away from goal looking for a shorter ball. I feel it might have been a plan, and more complicated than it seems.
  8. Rolta

    Dean Smith

    To be really fair our problems last year began after our covid break when Grealish was still playing. With Grealish we were pretty shit then. That suggests covid was a bigger problem than we realised.
  9. His all round play is so good. What an amazing header to set Cash free.
  10. I like them both, but I really rate Tuanzebe. I think he's been a bit of an unsung hero these last two games. I'm not against the idea though. Hause has a lot of good qualities, but on the ball Tuanzebe is on another level I think. But I more meant that Smith might use it as an opportunity to get some others involved. But I might be wrong.
  11. We have no Axel, so a change in formation may be about to happen.
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