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  1. I might be picking up fag ends here, but universities are businesses and a lot of them make most of their money, I believe, through international students who pay much higher fees. I live in Spain and there are plenty of university courses here in English. I've heard the same in Germany and elsewhere. At the end of the day the universities want students (aka money) and the students want a degree. Anything beyond that is, unfortunately, I think, overcomplicating/overthinking reality. Universities are competing with each other globally for international students. If somewhere in the UK make
  2. Grealish does have the odd huff for balance. And he can take a few moments to get his head together at times too.
  3. Ironically (as I say I watched the full-screen video) Davis against Fulham did exactly the opposite to Barkley—he won the ball and we broke away and scored. Barkley complained and they went and scored.
  4. I just watched the bit in the video with the complete screen. It was about a minute before they scored in the 90th, and it would be wrong to say that his being unfit is the reason why he's not running. He is though complaining about, I think, Ramsey taking the ball off him when he was in a good position. I wasted my time watching the game again from the moment Barkley came on, and I think his work rate up until that moment was actually fine and he had some nice touches—along with some bad ones, but he was in the game and looked useful. The problem is he really could have made a diffe
  5. All the other players around him (including Ramsey bar one challenge when he is directly in front of the Liverpool player) are doing the same. I'd like to see what's going on properly rather than look at such a zoomed in shot on one player. People do have positions and roles to keep to. I'm as disappointed in his lack of impact since the first few games as anyone, but I feel a bit cynical about this video.
  6. Maybe Jack Grealish is a cgi creation made by the club just so they can mess with heads like they're doing now. I'm not sure what they'd gain from it though. Maybe Smith feeds on adult anger?
  7. Rolta

    Matty Cash

    A ball bounced into his arm for one. Kane cheated for another. I can't remember the other two, but in both of those I definitely cut him some slack. He didn't need to get so close to Kane in fairness, but it happens. I'm not feeling weighing up a couple of moments with a general clear impression that he is a quality right back and one of our best signings in a while (along with Martinez and maybe moreso than Watkins).
  8. Rolta

    Dean Smith

    The irony that Davis was a huge part of changing the game!
  9. Rolta

    Keinan Davis

    It's pretty obvious that if we don't have Grealish having him up front should be plan b. We can't play the same way without Grealish.
  10. I couldn't disagree more. He's never been good enough and a few passable games as a defensive winger doesn't change that.
  11. I don't get how people can watch us and say he's good enough for the Premier League. He has never shown anything but the opposite. Players like Trezeguet are the reason we were fighting relegation last year and the fact he kicked the ball in the net a few times (while doing nothing else) doesn't change that. I still have nightmares of Samatta and Trezeguet losing the ball every time they got it. Thanks for those goals though, and he tries hard.
  12. Ha this is the nail on the head. At least I get to laugh. I agree with the League Two comment too—well, maybe League One, but it's there or thereabouts for me. He looks like someone really trying very hard to make it and to take responsibility, which I definitely respect, but he's just not got it.
  13. He was mostly good before the covid outbreak. Just like most of the players his level has dropped off hugely since then.
  14. Rolta

    Keinan Davis

    This. Every team selection should begin first with the thought, 'How do we make a team that doesn't include Trezeguet'. Davis looked good when he came on.
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