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  1. Admittedly I haven't been his biggest fan, but in current circumstances I'd like him back on the field, not in the dugout.
  2. AVTuco

    Wesley Moraes

    I know what you're saying. My feeling, only a feeling, is that sometimes we write players off too soon, like you rightly pointed out, but sometimes we're right too.
  3. AVTuco

    Wesley Moraes

    What people said about Benteke has nothing whatsoever to do with Wes.
  4. Our number one CB. And that's a lot.
  5. AVTuco

    Tyrone Mings

    I hope someone pulls Tyrone back to earth. He's showing signs of being a bit too full of himself.
  6. You're right Keyblade. Mings lost it completely and was totally out of order. What El-Ghazi did was wrong, but it was a reaction to Mings' unusually aggressive behaviour.
  7. AVTuco

    Wesley Moraes

    Very disappointing overall thus far.
  8. AVTuco

    Wesley Moraes

    Horrible game from him. Again. And those dives of his.... not my kind of a player.
  9. AVTuco


    Another one to write off.
  10. January is too far away. We need to play Hourihane, with all his faults, he's needed to create and score goals.
  11. We are looking like transiting back to the Championship if anything.
  12. How on earth have we managed to get our hands on two strikers that can't score? Will we score 20 goals this season? I don't think so. A good result, but three points were up for grabs.

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