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  1. There's still absolutely no hope whatsoever that we'll survive. Don't anyone start thinking there is. I'm just saying this as a friend.
  2. I felt like he's trying too much. Terrible was too strong a word to use, but I expect more good decisions and faster play from him.
  3. Elmo is currently the only one of our players I relate to. And it's not because he hasn't played. I've been supporting him all the way, and thought he should've gotten a chance after the goal he scored. Should play ahead of Gilbert or Konsa.
  4. Trez MotM, Elmo great, many other positives, but Jack was still terrible. And I really don't want to start hoping again. I won't.
  5. Only one of them is the Boss and has to pay. More than that though, I'm looking ahead, and while Smith would possibly get us promoted again, I don't want him to be in charge the next time we're in PL.
  6. So long as we have Sawaris and Edens, there is reason to be calm and hopeful in the longer run. But supporting Villa will never become an easy ride. I wouldn't want it to be either. Pain is part of life, and part of football. I'd hate to be a Bayern fan. Too easy.
  7. Yes it does mate. I love it. Would make me 20 years younger.
  8. True. Without home charging option I wouldn't get one.
  9. Purslow (supposedly) made the worst decision of the season by giving Smith the extension for no apparent reason at all. The real owners seem to have bet on the wrong horse.
  10. It would be, if we had any. Powder-puff as always.
  11. Boys showed real fight to avoid relegation. They unselfishly left everything on the field. But it wasn't to be. Today, after a monster fight, United took the points. Extra mention to the manager and John Terry, where would this club be without them.
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