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  1. I was really hoping that Soton defender would have tackeled Trez for a free-kick, but no. He just allowed Trez to shoot. Not fair.
  2. Likeable chap. That's the best I can do.
  3. AVTuco

    Douglas Luiz

    What does he do on our midfield? What is he good at? Does he defend well? Does he pass ahead to his teammates well? Does he bring the ball up himself well? What is he?
  4. Could be decent, if we had a midfield. But we don't, so...
  5. Hides and puts his teammates under pressure with his horrible passes. He dislikes the ball so much - why is he playing football? Not a footballer is not far off.
  6. Biggest game of this sorry season. I'm dreaming of a win.
  7. Do you want to stay here and endure this shit over and over again. I'm not sure.
  8. It's been Jack's worst game of the season. He's visibly frustrated and negative.
  9. Jack's body language is deflated too. I'm not expecting anything from him right now either, which is, well, deflating.
  10. We were so aggressive and fresh early in the Spurs game - why are we like this today?
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