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  1. With everyone being so pessimistic, I'd like to offer information with a glimpse of hope. In Finland, today we had zero deaths caused by Corona. Also confirmed cases went down to 62 from the high of 140 on Saturday. I know, we're a small country and this doesn't mean anything to anyone in the UK, but it gives me a reason to smile and be more optimistic than I've been for weeks. A leading virologist in the country said yesterday that we could possibly have our holidays in June on our cottages like we always do. But he didn't promise any mass events like sports.
  2. Whatever. I'm with Jack. Always.
  3. Why don't we just continue in the Autumn and play another season on top of the one we've played so far? Then have a combined 2019-2021 season.
  4. AVTuco

    Dean Smith

    Just cut the losses here and start again mate.
  5. AVTuco

    Dean Smith

    We surely need many things, but my enthusiasm for a new chance at PL will be curbed somewhat if I see Smith at the dugout. With a new guy it would be like this misery of a season never happened. I don't believe in him any more, his basics are so wrong. The whole strategy is flawed. And on top of that, if we start poorly, Smith will be under pressure in no time. And then we can't be saved any more.
  6. AVTuco

    Dean Smith

    He hasn't learned anything thus far, why would he learn now?
  7. AVTuco

    Dean Smith

    Those are quite big assumptions you have made mate, and with very little, if any, substance behind them.
  8. AVTuco

    Dean Smith

    Corona is our only hope to stay up. If it saves us, let us use our luck wisely. Smith was not the answer, we know that by now. We need someone better.
  9. Promoting teams and not relegating any could be based on positive discrimination, or whatever the legal term might be. The idea being obviously not doing harm to anyone, and taking only the positives. However, this does not take away the relative unfairness to those teams below promotion teams currently in the Championship and lower leagues, who are dreaming of promotion. But in reality there is no way that can happen now. The alternative would be to cancel the season, and in that scenario those teams would not be promoted anyway. Taking all this into account I feel like promoting two teams to higher leagues from each league and not relegating any would be pretty close to a best possible solution for everyone.
  10. AVTuco

    Dean Smith

    We can't waste this golden chance we're about to get by sticking with failed Smith. The day the season is officially declared void or whatever, and we will stay up, Smith needs to get the boot.
  11. I'm not having it. Villa has done enough to serve me some Championship level footy and excitement next season. This must be delivered.
  12. All our players should go get Corona, one by one.
  13. It only takes killing a couple hundred thousand people to keep Villa up. I'm all for it.
  14. AVTuco

    Dean Smith

    I meant I'd like Smith and JT to leave mate.
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