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  1. No, he won't be leaving soon. He's a good character to keep in the reserves. Doesn't complain and settles for his role.
  2. An interesting player at least. Welcome.
  3. AVTuco

    Douglas Luiz

    At this point we're clearly a stepping stone. We should all just accept that. After all, Villa used almost a full team of players to step up into the PL, and then pushed them aside. It's not only one way.
  4. They should cap memberships now to avoid a real mess where people having become members no longer are guaranteed a ticket. I'm speaking for myself, I know, but that was the big selling point to get people to sign up as members. If you take that away, disappointment will be huge to those that have become members for this reason. And there are many of them.
  5. Thanks for the info. Very valuable.
  6. Thanks mate. So A4-A5 front if possible?
  7. AVTuco

    Douglas Luiz

    It's not going to be announced today, is it?
  8. Anyone want to suggest stands to choose, or not to choose, for a newbie? View more important than "atmosphere".
  9. AVTuco

    Wesley Moraes

    A tad worrying, since team spirit has been our strength. We really don't want to destroy that. Let's hope you're right and he'll be ok.
  10. I agree. And yet, rather him than Landsbury.
  11. Yeah. I suppose he is a PL player now aswell...
  12. AVTuco

    Kortney Hause

    I like him. Unfortunately his minutes will be few this season.
  13. AVTuco

    Ezri Konsa

    Hope he gets some minutes in PL. I like what I see so far.

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