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  1. We'll blow them away just like Newcastle. They may defend better, but it doesn't matter. Once we are in control, our quality in goal scoring will prevail.
  2. But he makes a mistake every game...
  3. Never seen him play, but I'm positive he'll replace McGinn.
  4. All we need to take from this is that when a clear off-side is coming, our defensemen must stop playing and under no circumstances touch the ball. Then we're fine.
  5. Does this new interpretation of the off side rule mean that if someone is off side, defenders are better off if they stop playing and try to avoid touching the ball?
  6. Mings is the one that handles the ball, Konsa defends. It's ridiculous to ask for Mings to make as few mistakes with the ball as Konsa. The way people here are blaming Mings for everything and at the same time hailing Konsa is making me dislike Konsa... I really don't want that. Perhaps I'll get off this thread for a while.
  7. Konsa made the same amount of screw ups. Mings did well tonight.
  8. Willing to wait, no worries about this guy. He's class.
  9. Terrible game, every touch and decision was wrong. Maybe covid-affected. On to the next one.
  10. Has become an asset over the last few games. I'm happily surprised.
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