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  1. I think he'll get his chance pretty soon.
  2. Has Lingard been sent packing already?
  3. Some will be good, some possibly won't. That's how it usually goes. Spending 30 mill on someone ups the odds, but gives no guarantees. I'll be happy if we consolidate our place in the division. Europe is a pipe dream.
  4. This will not be a season of progress. I believe our owners saw that, and didn't commit more funds until they've seen how we do without Jack. A mini-rebuild just ahead of a season. It'll take us months to gel. This is a season of consolidation and finding ourselves again. 12th - 17th.
  5. No need for this at all Tyrone. Our Captain.
  6. AVTuco

    Jed Steer

    Not great, but not to blame either.
  7. It's not so clear Watkins' overall play is more important than Ings' scoring. That was the issue.
  8. Is it? I'm not so sure. Someone has to score goals, and that is pretty damn hard. I hope they start to work better together, yesterday there was no chemistry between them.
  9. Axel was poor for the goals one and three. First one everyone can see, and third one he gave far too much room to Lukaku. Hause might be a better choice defensively.
  10. Hope Tyrone got it out of his system with that error. Even if it put a fork in us yesterday, we didn't lose any points because of it. I'm still "a fool" for Tyrone. I think we need him dearly when he's out. He's the backbone of our defense, not Ezri. Ezri is very good at playing second fiddle though.
  11. Ollie is so good at every other aspect of his game, if only he was more clinical. Without Jack, we'll have less chances and Ollie can't be so wasteful.
  12. Well played in the first, and second was a bit of a struggle, as expected. Felt that Smith didn't really try to get points with his subs but get many guys some game time. A bit deflating ending with the third goal.
  13. Even Steer got himself together after the initial flapping.
  14. Playing great. My gut says we'll lose this, but it's been very encouraging.
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