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  1. I think we'll win it, not easily but definitely. And I'm scared shit anyway!
  2. AVTuco


    What about Mallory?
  3. AVTuco


    Milwaukee killed Toronto last night. They look so dominant. If you double or triple up on Giannis, he passes to others who are able to put it in for a three. If you don't, Giannis will finish you off himself. Their bench is awesome, unbelievable. 10-1 now in play-offs. I think they'll go all the way.
  4. Derby! Yes yes yes! I'm not saying we're sure to go up, but we're definitely going up. Finally, it's happening.
  5. I couldn't watch the penalties. Relief is my strongest feeling now. Thank you Steer.
  6. Shambles. Another year down here. Deservedly too.
  7. We need a real leader now. Show that you're the man Grealish!
  8. Yes, but we haven't realized it yet. Our players are happy to get to penalties.
  9. We have to win this in extra time! We'll 100% lose the penalties.

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