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  1. After the City game, I predict you think we need 10 new players.
  2. Better than I expected. Obviously it hurts with a late goal like that, but still. We are a bottom half team which overachieved massively early on in the season. More changes needed in the summer. Trez is weird, but maybe because of that, he can make things happen.
  3. I must say I love Trez. No-one else has a player like him in the team.
  4. Milner must be 50 by now ... but still high quality.
  5. A small loss in the next two matches would be a happy surprise. Not looking forward to this one at all.
  6. I don't think we're there yet. We need to find enough quality starters first, and I'd put my money on them.
  7. We obviously will try to get real quality, but in our price range we still need to take some risks. Not as much as before, but some. And that means not all of them will pan out. So if we buy 2-3 quality player we can expect 1 or 2 of them to come good. I expect us to be in the 12-14th range this year. So, a clear improvement is realistic nect year.
  8. Not next year. We need higher quality starters first.
  9. Back ups don't need to be quality, as long as they're better than Taylor. Midfield is the main problem, Ideally I'd switch them all but maybe McGinn can keep his place for another year. Luiz and whoever the third midfielder is should be replaced at minimum. Sanson, Nakamba, Ramsey as back ups. And a quality RW is a must. So, two quality midfielders and a quality RW. And then some benchwarmers. Should be doable.
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