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  1. Has a role to play from the bench, and has some upside.
  2. Agreed. He seemed unmarked in many of his goals. But it's because he gets free, he knows where to be. I'm trying not to get my hopes too high, but Ollie really is something.
  3. AVTuco

    Ezri Konsa

    He'll still make mistakes this season, but I hope they're not very costly. Still, I like him a lot and I'm very happy he scored a winner Monday. He'll be excellent for us long-term.
  4. Just shouldn't be anywhere near starting unless we plan to be in another relegation battle.
  5. Might be better than Targett.
  6. Yes, exactly, seen Sarr and would be very happy to have him. Rashica may be good too, but unknown for me.
  7. I'm not so sure he is what we need in midfield.
  8. An accident waiting to happen. He'll cost us points.
  9. My new favorite player. What a man.
  10. AVTuco

    Matty Cash

    Liked a lot what I saw from him. We may finally have found a very good RB.
  11. Won against ten men! Martinez is the real deal. What a difference from Nyland. Cash looks a player too. And Konsa, I'm so happy he scored. He needs confidence, and he'll get plenty from this.
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