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  1. I'm still expecting Elvis to turn up in your post.
  2. AVTuco


    This is a worthy point. It looks great and Mings makes his opponents look poor, but I think Dean should tell him to wind it down a tad.
  3. Complete waste, net negative to us. Looks like he doesn't belong out there. Completely lost. And I'm a sucker always expecting him to be like he was back in time. He's not, and he never will be any more.
  4. Thanks again John for your great review. I'm overjoyed with your reference of El Ghazi having something similar to Ronaldo. I have mentioned it a couple times, but don't get any support, so I've thought it's just me who sees something alike in them. (obviously not as a player or skill level etc.) I think it's the way he runs with the ball at full speed. That's when I notice it.
  5. You're right, we're probably better now in this regard. But that's still the tactic I would use against us.
  6. AVTuco

    Jed Steer

    It'll do Kalinic good to watch Steer from the bench a bit. Kalinic is definitely better in the medium term, but now Steer is at the helm. Steer didn't have much to do yesterday, but what he did, he did well. Seems our defense has faith in him, which is important too.
  7. It suits us when someone parks the bus, and we have Jack available. We're in trouble when they come at us. We have to keep playing on the front foot.
  8. AVTuco

    Dean Smith

    You're back to being Dean to me, instead of Smith.
  9. No. (But it was a good ending to it)
  10. Tammy was good today, even if he didn't manage to score. I really hope he's able to come back in two weeks since Kodjia is abyssmal.
  11. I hope this is the last post of this little exchange, thank you.
  12. He did some ronaldoing today. And the one time he tracked back after losing the ball in the second half. Showed a lot of heart too.
  13. Good stuff Elmo, you were great today. Very composed and confident.
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