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  1. AVTuco


    Unfortunately for Lauri, he has to play Giannis all the time.
  2. AVTuco

    Wesley Moraes

    Often he's not in the right place to get to scoring positions... maybe this is why? And if so, will he want to be a proper striker?
  3. AVTuco

    Wesley Moraes

    We don't have the time to develop him. He needs to be scoring now.
  4. Should play, and probably start, against Newcastle. Easily one of our main goal threats.
  5. AVTuco

    Douglas Luiz

    Not necessarily, but he is giving his opinion, which is the purpose of this board.
  6. Elmo's done well with the time he's gotten. Time for him to get a new chance and Fred to rest a little.
  7. Please come back soon Jack.
  8. AVTuco

    Douglas Luiz

    So far my biggest disappointment. Has ability but is very very lightweight. Terrible at defending.
  9. AVTuco

    Wesley Moraes

    In 1982 Brazil had a CF like him in WC. Was he Serginho or something like that??? Pure crap.
  10. No Nick, it started from McGinn's poor ball to Taylor.
  11. So many terrible performances. Without Jack we have no hope. Positives: Nyland was fine, and Landsbury did not injure himself.
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