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  1. well sky don't currently have CL, but it would be an interesting bidding war between them and BT to get the CL games, on the basis it will be the main football each of them are showing
  2. FFS i can see that happening too
  3. love reading away...be great for them to come back up. maybe we might actually be able to go to games next season
  4. Didn't give him a huge amount to spend, don't think there will be much pressure at all. screams of doing a norwich to me...taking the money and running
  5. it's ridiculous that it's not happened yet. i shamelessly admit that i use a MAG box with IPTV subscription to watch my games but naturally you get that 30/40 second delay, so having to mute whatsapp chats, twitter notifications etc every time villa play is a bit of a pain. if it was 10-20 quid for every PL game, as a standalone product (i.e. no sky subscription required) i'd actually pay. the problem is that there is a worldwide audience that loves watching PL footy. NBC etc in the US just showing the 3pm games on their normal channels. i have colleagues in the US that like watching
  6. it's near end of season...you're in a relegation fight...your game is monday night, all your rivals win at the weekend, putting you in the bottom 3 when you were say, 16th and 2 pts clear at start of the weekend. probably would add to the pressure. think it's naive to say it doesn't matter at all...but right now, yes i agree with you
  7. he'd rather sit in the stands than play football. that's his choice. some footballers love the game and are desperate to play (jota, nyland) and will take pay cuts/reduced pay out terms to do that. most wont...look at ozil for instance. maybe lansbury knows that no one half decent is interested in him otherwise they'd have come in for him in the summer so he knows he will be unemployed it's up to him...fans tend to bay for the blood of players who dare to remain at the club and take the full salary that some **** once upon a time agreed to pay them. he has no allegiance to us. he has desi
  8. going off topic but never seen this before. really nice idea. personally i'd think of it as a charity donation, not expecting to get it back. definitely will look into it
  9. Burnley looked alright i thought. might be OK in the end. west brom failed to beat quite an ordinary brighton side. i think they'll look back on tonight at end of season. big 2 points dropped for them. said earlier 3 of the bottom 4 will definitely go down, i'm extending that to bottom 5. brighton really didn't look good tonight giving the kiss of death here, but not a chance are any of these sides staying up at our expense. it would require a season ending injury to at least 3 of our top players i reckon
  10. i didn't mind world war z...unoriginal but i didn't hate it
  11. actually quite enjoyed borat personally. i kept expectations low because it was never going to top the first. everyone involved obviously knew him, and even when he disguised himself it was obvious that it was a set up. so it was always going to be difficult and still had enough amusing moments for me echo the plaudits for Maria too...did a cracking number on Guiliani
  12. think someone mentioned earlier that if we equaled our appalling PPG ratio from last season for the rest of the season, we'll still end up on like 47 points. so we would need to be worse than last season to be in trouble. which i don't see as being possible
  13. if we have a very realistic chance of europe i think we'll do just that. on a totally separate note, if comfortably mid table, i really hope we take the FA cup properly seriously.
  14. i get that we totally shouldn't be getting complacent cause we have some wins on the board but the bottom 4 look really poor. after 6 games last season watford had 2 points, eventually going down. still a point more through than sheff utd, burnley and fulham do now. brighton sit in 16th with 4 points which would have had you in 18th/19th last season. personally, i'll be amazed if someone outside the current bottom 4 goes down. really think it will be 3 of those 4 but a couple of shite results and as you say, a couple of teams picking up form and we start to look over our shoulde
  15. if flirting with europe or relegation i think we'll spend. if we're 10th/11th, comfortably safe, but no real chance of europe i don't think we'll do anything
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