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  1. aren't they brassic? 10m will probably get them thinking. i dont want him anyway...have massive reservations about him. got a temper too
  2. i actually dont mind them. but then i do a lot of SBCs so had enough players out of packs to make decent sides with first owned players, etc. means i change the squads i'm playing with more regularly too which makes things more interesting
  3. presumably not giving any further detail on this for fear of drawing attention to it following what's happening with sheff wed. personally, stadium sales bother me not if it's the right thing for the club. if it puts us on a better financial footing then i'm happy with it. if they renamed it NWSE Park i wouldnt care either, because to us it would always be villa park, irrespective of what it was officially called.
  4. just need 1 more for carlos. struggling to find decent LBs so think he's the one i'm going for
  5. sorry to bump this thread, but worth mentioning the little shite that tweeted about jack's brother has been run over. he survived and will make a full recovery, so i make no apologies for being mildly pleased that he's suffered some discomfort
  6. i wondered that myself. there will definitely be some that cross from leave to remain as they were lied regarding the 350m to NHS etc. however there will be the pro democracy lot that switch to leave, plus the 'lets just get on with it' group you mentioned. the only way i could see a realistic 2nd referendum resulting in remain is if the turnout of younger voters significantly increases.
  7. they tried, with the likes of osbourne and some banker chiefs saying how 1000s of banking jobs will go, but that unwittingly probably gave the leave side a few more votes as people love to stick it to the bankers
  8. it should never have gone to the people for these very reasons. those that say "must leave the EU otherwise we open the door to terrorists" despite the 2 most significant terror attacks in recent history (Westminster and Manchester) being performed by British men. these are the totally uneducated individuals that vote on such major impacts to the country. it's ridiculous. at least an election is every 4 years so there's regular chances to rectify a decision if it turns out to be detrimental for the country.
  9. i won money on both...people are just that stupid. not in a month of sundays are labour getting a majority unfortunately
  10. mine's really difficult. tories will win my area, but labour has always been a not-so-close 2nd. but the lib dems smashed them in the euros. difficult choice between the two...which is why i'm so angry that lib dem + labour are facing off against each other
  11. tomav84

    Wesley Moraes

    perhaps i have a different definition of 'writing off' but i would say that would only apply to anyone saying that we should sell him in jan and that he will never make it with us....which only one poster has ever said (who is never really taken seriously) just because we are saying his performances thus far have been largely shite (and they really, really have), it doesn't mean we're writing off. i believe he will come good for us...but i think that will be in the final 3rd of this season at the earliest by which time we will be firmly in the bottom 3 if we dont bring in a goalscorer in jan i think those saying he's been playing well are overcompensating because they dont want to be seen as 'writing off' a young player. it's OK to say he's been shite...he's a big boy, he can handle it, and will improve. if you seriously think his overall performances have been good enough, you have very low expectations
  12. tomav84

    Wesley Moraes

    i would absolutely give my right bollock to sign giroud. would be affordable too. but goes against the transfer policy within the club...so no chance it would happen edit - he's only 33...thought he was even older...we'd get 2-3 seasons out of him edit-edit - some big names linked to him...dortmund etc...never mind, was a nice thought while it lasted
  13. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/nov/14/lib-dems-labour-brexit-jo-swinson-remain-vote-boris-johnson pretty much sums up my thoughts, this
  14. tomav84

    Wesley Moraes

    3 games out of 12...the other 9 he's been anonymous, to the point it's like we had 10 men. so yes, i think he's lazy. and of those 3 he wasn't exactly amazing vs brighton (but granted, wasn't as bad as he has been), norwich was basically vs their reserves, and everton - credit due - probably his best performance and has not repeated that level since. we simply do not have time for a striker that only plays well if he 'starts the game well'. we're in a relegation battle ffs. and contributing more for goals...I've seen you post this 'pass to assist' thing a couple of times...well that's a new one for me. so we're crediting assists of assists now are we? but to reiterate - i do think he will improve...i offered a bet to another poster that he will get more goals this season than maupay and i stand by that. but it is OK to criticise him that's all. but he does need help. another good striker to come in and push him.
  15. tomav84

    Wesley Moraes

    the lack of service line was spouted to death with regards to hogan before everyone finally realised he wasn't good enough. i'm not saying wes is as bad as hogan, just saying that it is OK to say that a new signing has not been good enough. i'm not writing him off, i'm just saying his performances have been sub par, his effort has been lacking, and is the weakest big striker i've ever seen. he is new to the league and the country, i do believe he will be a success, but he really could do with some decent competition to give him a kick up the arse. some players are naturally lazy...i do think he is one of those...but unfortunately he knows he can do absolutely nothing all game and he'll still be in the starting XI next week.
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