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  1. got a feeling marv can as well, based on some social media interactions with the french speaking lads
  2. agreed. always felt was too big for him.
  3. so we have a manager and a head coach? weirrrrrd
  4. we're above them with 2 games in hand. with the money spent and the quality available to him, he really has done an appalling job.
  5. yep. summer of 2019 not looking like as much of a disaster now is it? and smith was full of praise for suso in the interview he gave shortly after he left. think he was just a fall guy, as we came so close to going down.
  6. it has already been established there's no such thing. smith said last summer that him, suso and purslow are all one team and agree on every signing
  7. i've had this debate countless times with countless people so not wishing to carry it on again; i accept my views are in the minority. but for me, where i agree to disagree with people, is that you say bruce failed with us. i disagree there. he was 90 mins away from promoting us and no, if smith hadn't worked his miracle, i still wouldn't blame bruce.
  8. nah, not keen on this. bruce stopped the rot. he was sacked at the right time and i love what deano is doing. but i harbour no ill feeling towards him, and i doubt he does towards us either
  9. he signs the cheques doesn't he? shite like joelinton was signed before bruce was even appointed too. managers don't deal with the financial side of transfers, they draw up a list of targets and the owner/execs/sporting directors do the rest.
  10. i was very against signing him and 100k a week for 5 years i'm glad we didn't. those in charge of our club would've gone down in my estimation if we'd agreed to that sort of deal. i've just never rated him personnally guarantee newcastle will be regretting that in a year when they're lumbered with him for 3 more years
  11. it's been dealt with the right way. even the official twitter page is taking the piss call me old school but i don't like players being stroppy about being subbed, especially the captain. pleased that he's getting ripped to shreds for it, but in a good way
  12. not long ago we were saying how important it is to have sanson in the door because of the gulf in class between luiz and marv. we know that's now not true. not long ago we were saying it was a disaster trez being injured, now he will struggle to get back in the team. a few weeks back el ghaz was a forgotten man who we'd look to flog at the earliest opportunity the squad has improved. with every player playing well, the squad players have upped their game to dislodge them. if we got europe we'd strengthen further, no doubt about it. i'm convinced the owners will keep spending until we're i
  13. So I'm reading that that the city goal correctly stood? As mings had time and options? It's still bizarre though. I think it needs revising...had schar left it, then at least the lines would've come out. Just doesn't make any sense to me
  14. so theoretically, attacker standing in offside position (providing he's not impeding the keeper's view) shot comes in, keeper saves, offside-standing attacker taps it in, that's now OK? because the ball has come off the keeper? would've been loads easier to hold hands up and say 'we've **** up on this one' wednesday night. now you're going to have defenders deliberately leaving it rather than intercepting it. if the newcastle fella hadn't touched it, they'd have gotten the lines out. madness.
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