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  1. there are plenty of players that haven't needed time to adjust i.e. Madison and you could potentially include jack too as he wasn't a regular when we went down before. i'd say the championship players that need a bit of time is at the back because the gulf in class for of prem/champ strikers is huge hence why it took konsa a few games. the pre-existing relationship with he and smith also would be a massive help. i really think he'll hit the ground running.
  2. a watkins/wesley partnership excites me. whilst my opinions on samatta aren't at their highest currently, i've not given up on him. think his attitude is right. we need a decent 4th striker though and davis needs to go on loan. the very real thought of starting next season with watkins, wes, sama, and davis is a little concerning.
  3. not a single one of those has proven themselves good enough for this league. 2 are proven to NOT be good enough. we need someone in addition to those.
  4. yes. No sell on value for wilson Wilson's wages would be twice as much Wilson still likely to command a transfer fee of at least 15m...don't see us getting him for the 10m quoted Wilson poor last season Pre existing relationship between watkins + Smith
  5. domestically speaking, i think it's that all clubs are just after the same players. eze, benrahma, watkins, brooks + the 2 wilsons have all been linked with pretty much everyone 6th or lower in the league. i think it's a lot to do with agents kicking up the media talk with the hopes of starting bidding wars. but no one wants to make that opening bid.
  6. i still can't believe how quiet the transfer window has been. i guess players are still on holiday, but across the board there has been very little activity
  7. thing is it's only a matter of time before they put adverts during the drinks break. for that reason alone i'm happy for it to go. i loved it during the relegation fight though...chance to breathe
  8. People were calling for suso to go anyway, it would've just been another stick to beat him with. But from what it sounds like a good number of people want rid of her, as if they didn't like her to begin with. Each to his own but not sure why. People saying they didn't trust her in the first place, something seemed off about her etc. I dunno, I just don't get that vibe personally.
  9. some clubs are taking the money with the view to refunding if/when they need to. keeps their heads above water for a bit i guess and hope that some sort of rescue package is provided by the FA/EFL/PL in the meantime
  10. flippin eck there are some reactions on here...my understanding is that she even offered to pay a fine with the barbados government said it wasn't necessary as it was just a misunderstanding. what jack did was 100 times worse than this or some social media comment and it was forgotten about as quickly as it took him to leg it to his house...i'm clearly missing something? why the hate?
  11. money wise it's not as good a deal as one thinks, but at least free transfers removes one obvious hurdle of having to haggle the price with a selling club
  12. could argue mings actually. signed for bournemouth for big money, couldn't get in the side (partly due to injuries) but wasn't highly thought of at all. then flourished when he signed for us
  13. i was thinking torres, but his goalscoring form upon his return to atletico actually wasn't too dissimilar to his record at chelsea
  14. interesting thought, will footballers bypass the 2 week quarantine rules on the basis that they're going to be getting regular tests? i.e. we buy a player from spain the day before start of season is he going to miss the first 2 weeks as he's quarantining ?
  15. i really hope targets are better than wilson. plus he's on 100k pw at bournemouth. he won't want to drop wages by much so we're looking at having to pay him similar and he's just not worth it
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