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  1. Had a butchers on bluemoon...what will be the most heartbreaking is if we sell him to a club where nearly 20% of the fanbase don't want him
  2. well one things for sure, half of these ITKs must be right funny how we've apparently got a lot of loose lipped staff at AVFC and they all seem to be talking to city fans though
  3. nah been on holiday the whole time. not back till next week
  4. this is still where i'm at problem is we don't know our owners valuation of him. WE think 100m is too cheap. who knows what our owners value him at
  5. they follow each other, but doesn't say from when
  6. the betting market is all over the place. was as short as 4/11 earlier to go to city and now back to 5/6 for both city and stay at villa. some serious money went on him to go city earlier and looks like some cash has gone on the other way since
  7. riiiiiiight....so just so i understand, you're 100% that your source told you it happened. you're not 100% that it actually happened. honestly, i think you're probably genuine, but i think you're being had by this 'source'. edit: if your source is a journo, i'd be curious as to why they didn't break this meeting as an exclusive.
  8. well help us out then...were you present at said meeting? photo evidence you cannot share?
  9. little piece of advice, don't throw around things like "i know that 100%" then say you're just "relaying info". it's contradictory...emotions are running high at the moment as i'm sure you can tell, it will ease the backlash you're getting
  10. official lions clubs have the opportunity to apply for tickets for most games. it's your best bet. aside from that really it's villatalk/twitter for any spares.
  11. next injury he gets i'd love the physio not to let him anywhere near their table. cause you know, immune system can do the job can't it?
  12. yep. a footballinsider article and our resident attention seeker saying a bid's going in but that's it
  13. We can replace any of those players you just mentioned...that's the difference
  14. tomav84


    sold out...shite. i could have got one but was gonna wait till friday so could sit next to a mate!
  15. forgotten about by neutral fans, but not by the players. the players that moved from a smaller club (where they could have been a legend) to a bigger club and now look on their wall to see a framed messi shirt from an epic champions league contest. these big nights will remain in their memories forever, even if they only played a small role in it. as has been said above, it's a romantic notion that jack prefers the idea of a statue to playing in the CL but if we're honest it's something very few players would choose given the choice. and not as if that's guaranteed...i've been to st marys stadium a number of times and never seen a le tissier statue and he's a legend down there. think he has a pub named after him but not even 100% about that.
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