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  1. tomav84

    Louie Barry

    "criminal charges should be brought against villa for handling stolen goods" was my personal favourite
  2. people forget the size of the modern footballer, in terms of height and muscle. throwing him in now could really harm his development if he's not physically ready to rub shoulders with premier league defenders. that said, i've never seen this lad in the flesh...he looks young, but might be build like a brick shithouse for all i know
  3. lol how are you amazed by this? "youngster, villa fan, get him on! i dont care that's never played a game of senior football before, he'll be brilliant!!"
  4. that's rather strange lengths to take your dislike of a team i must say. so harry kane scores the winning goal in the world cup final...you dont celebrate presumably? how bizarre. if a blues player scored for england i'd cheer that too. but each to his own and all that i can't stand spurs either, i hate them more than any other team, but come on man...
  5. they're really investing in the women's team...don't follow them religiously but understand the team's doing well this season and this is another step in the right direction for them. keep it up AVWFC!
  6. my mate, who has been incredibly unreliable with info in the past, says he heard of a bust up with smith + terry. while normally i wouldn't believe a word he says, it would explain his absence
  7. BBC MOTM - " two tackles, two clearances, gained possession 11 times, had a pass completion rate of 82% and won 60% of his duels "
  8. in spite of their goal i thought konsa was brilliant. was between him and trez for motm for me...obv the goal sealed it. absolutely buzzing
  9. tomav84

    Pepe Reina

    yep - i'd agree actually.
  10. did fine today...still not sharp enough but can tell theres still a player there
  11. pop over to the neil taylor thread and let me know if you still think fans get behind a player who gives his all in spite of technical limitations if you mean to say that fans will get behind a player who runs through walls in spite of technical limitations AND is an up and coming youngster? then yes i agree with you
  12. i think we need to do that anyway. all the other teams around us have done, and will likely do again before the end of the season.
  13. tomav84

    Kortney Hause

    spot on. i'm all for this playing from the back stuff but he is simply not good enough to do it. needs to be dropped for engels if he's fit
  14. typical villatalk reaction....jovic? yeah would be alright i guess
  15. Sounds like there was an issue with attitude. hopefully this gets rid of a rotten egg in the team always liked him...would have loved him to have been a success here
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