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  1. interesting points. how long before season ticket holders buy extra so that they can flog for inflated prices i wonder? this is why the club need to sort the ticket exchange out asap. there's no way 30k ST holders are attending every game, so that's going to be an invaluable source for some people to obtain tickets
  2. anyone privy to any updates on this? tweeted avfcsupport but they're unsurprisingly not very helpful
  3. i thought you could move your seat for pretty much any game? so if you bought your cub a ticket, you could move your seat for that game next to them
  4. it's probably a few less. lions clubs get 150 between them, plus staff + players. but even if it's 2k that's very impressive. and that's assuming everyone that can go, has actually booked their tickets
  5. paper talk reckoned that everton tabled £33m for him. if we're talking those types of figures i'd be surprised if we're in the race for this one
  6. 15+ aways at 5pm today...i'll be amazed if they arent sold out by tomorrow. surely 3k fans did 15+ last season. i heard over 1k did 18+
  7. i agree. problem is football fans are so used to abuse being in one direction that they dont like getting it back (not that he in any way abused us, and actually he was quite diplomatic when he did bite back) i also doubt smith could have done the job bruce did initially and also don't think he could have put a squad together on his own last summer in such a short time frame. but i also doubt...no, i'm certain, bruce would never have won 10 on the bounce, or stuffed the likes of boro and derby away. i consider 2018/2019 a team effort between the two. he was dismissed at the right time, but had set up a good core of a side that, with some sensible january additions, someone like smith was able to take over and finish the job.
  8. he wanted out in his first interview from his car from what i remember! maybe it was his poor english but i definitely remember him indicating using us as a stepping stone wasnt aware of that, if so then fair doos
  9. nakamba is on strike apparently trying to force a move to us. thoughts on this? benteke did it when signing for us then **** off first sniff of a bigger club. it says something about their character and personally i can't stand it...he better be good
  10. isn't it nice for us to have actual back up plans. 1st choice, young british players who speak the lingo and probably easier to settle in, etc. 20m for webster? jog on, we'll just get engels for 7m. 30-sodding-million for philips? fine, we'll just have luiz for half the price...
  11. unless the editing was very good and they cut out parts where an interpreter was speaking, wesley appeared to understand the questions he was asked on AVTV but just responded in portuguese
  12. tomav84

    Douglas Luiz

    it was relatively low fee too...12m...which barca (sensibly) knew he wasn't worth. yet wolves felt he was worth 18m. so we're getting luiz for 3m LESS than they paid for adama. mega lolz.
  13. tomav84

    Douglas Luiz

    but he will be ours...am i missing something here? this is a transfer, not a loan as everyone keeps implying. a loan means that they return to their parent club whether they want him back or not (unless a mandatory fee has been agreed). this is just a buy back option, something to cover city's backside if he turns into a superstar. if he 'just' becomes a decent premier league midfielder then city wont bother...they buy superstars, not just decent players. if he becomes a superstar then that would mean he's had a cracking few seasons for us and had a key role in our progression...so he'd end up leaving anyway to a bigger club whether there's a buy back or not.

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