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  1. i have it on good authority that he offered JT 100k p/w and he still chose us
  2. tomav84

    Dean Smith

    who they are loaned to is absolutely a gauge on their ability. if mings was inundated with premiership offers, none of them made the papers. he dropped a division because no one in the premiership wanted him, because he, at the time, was championship level player. we would have loaned o'hare to a league 1 or championship side had there been any offers, but there weren't hence why he's in league 2...because every single one of the 48 league 1 + championship sides including us felt that he was not good enough for them. they cant all be wrong!
  3. tomav84

    Dean Smith

    being dependent on one player could apply to even the top clubs and it really is true in our case. might have had more possession and shots but i dont think we deserved any more than those 5 points we got based on overall play. Preston (A) 1-1 - played poorly but probably deserved a point QPR (H) 2-2 - played crap and deserved no more than a point Hull (H) 2-2 - see above to be honest Shef Utd (H) 3-3 - salvaged a draw from their errors, we deserved to lose West Brom (H) 0-2 - got exactly what we deserved Stoke (A) 1-1 - lots of possession but created too few chances to deserve a win jack returning has given everyone a lift. it might be pure coincidence that things are clicking into place or it could coincide with the injury to hutton for all i know. i just hope he stays fit for the season and we build a team that can win without him in the summer whether we go up or not. premiership teams will have the ability to contain him, so we'll need a plan B
  4. irrespective of our league position this has to be a huge positive. it wasnt long ago there were reports of bad eggs in the dressing room, that the players only listen to JT etc. well it doesn't appear that way now...if it was ever remotely true in the first place
  5. I was surprised when it happened at the number of blues ashamed of what he did...he was widely condemned by their fan base. Well normal service has been resumed. Most are either in support of the banner for getting a reaction from us or brushing it off as banter
  6. and 100% of MOTM votes for mcginn...has it ever happened where one player gets every vote? there's always one that votes for someone obscure...
  7. sums up how shite forest were tonight...offered nothing. but taking nothing away from us, midfield controlled the game. this was our 2nd cup final this week with 1 to go...how the **** are we 4 points of 5th?!! love it!
  8. i assumed they sacked him because jokanovich was nailed on...maybe even some chats behind the scenes whilst moore was still there. very odd indeed
  9. pretty much my thoughts...and those 2 games cannot be against teams also fighting playoffs, so the next 2 are about as must win as they come
  10. Moving over to the SHA thread per admin request...i too have not been in trouble with the law but i believe it's where bail comes in. the fella that pushed smalling on saturday had enough cash to bail himself until later this month (26th i believe his case is) whereas it's unlikely the SHA knob would have been able to, hence he just remains in custody until they can fit him in with a magistrate...which happened to be the very next day. had he pleaded not guilty or something i guess they reconvene at a later date? it was captured on tv, he pleaded guilty, no point hanging around
  11. wasn't he sat next to his dad and he encouraged him to do it? coupled with reports of altercations with grealish's family at the courthouse, those kids have no chance...
  12. presumably the FA could step in an also introduce a lifetime countrywide stadium ban?
  13. just got in from the pub...looked on the BCFC forum expecting to see several posts applauding (as the fans in the stadium did) the actions of the idiot. very, very surprised to see everyone condemning him. fair play to them for that i must say. however, they as a fanbase do have to take some responsibility though...i've seen numerous posts pre game about taking him out early, and generally fueling the hatred as much as possible. it was only a matter of time really. unfortunately this is going to mean games played even earlier and probably pubs closed on derby day
  14. but again, he wouldnt have been part of the wage discussions around bolassie. had everton agreed us to only pay say 20k of bolassie's wages then he's only have got another loan/free transfer for 30k a week as he had the budget to do so and you refer to 'his' policy of loans vs youth...well how many fans would have given him time to develop said youngsters? very, very few...he needed to sign players that were to make an instant impact and hopefully get us promoted. we expected/expect instant sucess. FFS i mean some are even saying smith should go if we don't come flying out of the blocks next season

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