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  1. yep i'm ignoring that...el ghazi was the one that crossed the line. if you dont want to be shouted at, then dont **** up
  2. bumping this thread as im the market for a new pre match drinking establishment. what's the aston tavern and the social like nowerdays?
  3. tomav84

    Wesley Moraes

    i disagree. he knows where the back of the net is
  4. i actually voted him MOTM. seemed like he was always trying to make something happen. wont single him out for his passing because everyone's was poor last night. seemed to be growing in confidence, taking players on etc
  5. tomav84

    Wesley Moraes

    interesting point, and thanks for sharing the initial benteke thoughts...i thought he'd scored more than 1 in first 5 for some reason. the difference is that back then we were an established premier league side. the cracks were starting to appear, and we only finished 15th, but deep down we knew there were 3 poorer teams than us and we'd likely be ok. now we're 5 games back after a 3 year absence and we're all shitting it that we'll go down again and need goals to stop that happening hence the initial panic. benteke didnt throw himself to the deck like wes did last night either....
  6. I really like Taylor. He's been a great servant. Defensively solid this season, but this I can't disagree with. Unfortunately El ghazi and targett would be a defensive car crash together, so need to make do till Jan and add a lb to the shopping list
  7. tomav84

    Dean Smith

    Unfortunately best of a bad pair
  8. tomav84

    Wesley Moraes

    Droppable offence, especially when you couple it with staying on the deck feigning injury whilst we were still building an attack. Factoring in his clear lack of ability I don't want a player like that in an Aston Villa shirt...cue everyone telling me it's still early, I'm overreacting, he'll grow into the league etc I just don't see us progressing with this guy leading the line
  9. Of course not...was just illustrating what a season in transition looks like. I define it as one you essentially write off while you rebuild, which they are doing. We cannot however, as we'll go down Anyway, it's pointless arguing over the definition of transition...5 games in now. We should be seeing more from the front 3
  10. If we treat this as a season of transition we're going down. Chelsea are having a season in transition...we need performances and results Defensively I agree we're solid but we're toothless going forward
  11. A new front 3 for Xmas please Santa. Send this lot to the bench...and they'll be lucky to get a place on that
  12. plenty of positives. much better attacking intent. i get worried every time they get the ball though. actually think el ghazi and jota have been ok. defensively they do leave us exposed though
  13. anyone remember how it felt to not be shitting it every game and were a comfortable, mid table premiership side, and home to west ham was just another game...no bother...might win, might not, but whatever the result we'll be ok this season. it must have been a happier time
  14. so much of what you write points to you being a troll!
  15. as you appear privy to our transfer plans over the summer, would you mind sharing the name of the mystery french striker that we couldn't get in the end? or any of our other supposed 1st choices for that matter. you indicate 'most' were 2nd or 3rd choice. so who was our first choice left back? or CDM? or CB? or winger?

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