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  1. tomav84

    Football Manager 2019

    signed nathan ake once i got promoted as easily my highest paid player on c.£55k p/w. 3 months into the season he wants a new contract. i said he had plenty of time left and he threw his toys out of the pram. into my 3rd season and he's still pissed off. whilst i cant claim to know the true mentalities of football players, surely this is unrealistic
  2. tomav84

    Football Manager 2019

    start touting him out for large fees mate - they go up to 12m then the board will accept on your behalf. they did for me anyway
  3. tomav84

    Dean Smith

    whilst i highly disagreed with much of what he posted, i do miss the cantankerous old git i must say
  4. tomav84

    Dean Smith

    judging by you're other posts about DS i think you're the new @Grasshopper !
  5. tomav84

    10 year challenge

    in 10 years the elite teams will have formed a new euro super league and the prem will be the new prediction FWIW oh...just to show what a funny old game it is, 10 years ago today bournemouth were 23rd in league 2
  6. tomav84

    Leeds United

    see this is what winds me up - same as those cooing over pep from the city documentary (not saying he's not a brilliant manager) saying 'why dont we do this?' none of us on here (to the best of my knowledge) have ANY idea of the preparation smith (and previously bruce) go into for our games...absolutely zero idea whatsoever. so one manager makes some fancy powerpoint presentation and another allows himself to be filmed for a documentary and suddenly they're amazing and we should be putting in more effort
  7. tomav84

    Leeds United

    emergency press conference @ 5pm - rumours of bielsa resignation
  8. tomav84

    Dean Smith

    the word you're looking for is hysterical
  9. tomav84

    Dean Smith

    not quite sure your point? we loaned him out once as an 18 year old to notts county (where he played almost every game, might i add) and he's been with us ever since, so sort of further validates my point that if they're good enough to challenge for the 1st team then they dont go anywhere. RHM and o'hare are now in their 20s - we'd know by now if they were going to make it or not in my opinion...or they would at least be going to a fellow championship side
  10. tomav84

    Dean Smith

    because the man u u23s are shite too - just looked up the line up, they're nowhere near the 1st team either (i know it's a bigger step up) just accept that our youth team aren't good enough...that's why our so called best u23 players are going on loan to the likes of burton and cambridge.
  11. tomav84

    Leeds United

    i see they're being formally investigated by EFL for spygate...imagine a smack on the wrists and a token fine would be sufficient i'm more amazed that their keeper hasnt been banned for a game or 3 for that disgraceful kick he put in...that was violent conduct for me
  12. tomav84

    Dean Smith

    our praise of brentford stems from them absolutely demolishing us on more than one occasion since we've been in this league. they massively overachieved considering their resources, and were actually heading for top 6 this season. furthermore, previous success/failure is in no way indicative of how you'll fair at a new club. look at bruce at one end of the scale with his multiple promotions and solksjaer (so far) at the other end following his catastrophic failure at cardiff bruce divided the crowd somewhat. by the time he left he had lost 99% of the fanbase. at the start of this season he had a number of supporters so indicating that you know smith wont take us anywhere is an opinion largely in the minority (i would guess) at this point not much of this i disagree with though unless this season ends with a relegation dogfight and/or next season starts horrifically, i still see him being in charge this time next year
  13. tomav84

    Micah Richards

    amazed i had to go to page 3 to find this thread...i was expecting a multitude of excitable posts at the mere thought of him leaving to join celtic. or is everyone just past caring now?
  14. tomav84

    Dean Smith he's worked with is OK with me...had he said "best in the league" that would be a different story
  15. tomav84

    Dean Smith

    sadly, i agree. i think until we accept that we're not going anywhere. does anyone know how leeds see themselves these days? they've been down here a while, do they still think a club of their size has a right to be in the top tier or have they accepted their place now? it's just interesting that they're now looking ready to make the step up when they've been some way off previously and i was wondering if the attitudes of the fans had changed