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  1. how must it feel being a norwich fan? you just couldn't even get excited about being promoted knowing that the club will just come straight back down
  2. been mentioned once or twice on here but i enjoyed your honor so far...last episode still to watch watched the first 3 episodes of the syndicate too, think there's a 4th coming out. very easy viewing that one doesn't need to pay attention to but nevertheless still decent enough
  3. the fact that he's named and shamed is massive. instant sacking from his job etc.
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-56730629 49 years old!!
  5. yeah not happening for either of those 2. fulham's bad start has ultimately cost them. shame because they actually try and play football but now we have another season of newcastle and burnley
  6. i think we'll buy a LB to replace taylor and that's it, defence wise. we have too much improvement to do in attack without needing to find defenders too. hause and engels are capable back ups to CB positions. RB will be a case of assessing how guilbert's done in france (which is pretty decent from what i've seen) or evaluating whether kessler is ready...seems like he's pretty close
  7. they need all their FFP headroom for a new striker. they won't waste 30m on someone who hasn't been great all season and not guaranteed to make profit on. just because the clause expires this summer doesn't prevent them buying him in the future if/when he becomes good enough for them. it's not a now or never scenario. if he becomes a superstar in a couple of years they'll just give us 40/50m for him anyway and not bat an eyelid.
  8. thing is, when that was what was sold to us i was all in favour of it then it got put into practice and we realised that the clear and obvious thing was never implemented
  9. i do think there's a difference though, she is worthy of whole schedules being cancelled for. she's the longest serving head of state, a record unlikely to be broken. when she dies it will be a huge deal. official days of mourning etc
  10. yep spot on...not given up on him at all. i fear we will always have an issue with consistency with him but if we get more consistent performers around him then it won't matter as much
  11. pretty much my thoughts. the last 9 games, which is about 1/4 of a season so a fair sample size, have made me think that he is tactically limited. i want him to take us to the next level...i really do. how amazing would it be to have an AVFC fan in the dugout whilst the champions league music plays? but my gut feeling is that if/when that happens, it won't be deano that gets us there. if we spend big again in the summer and hit a run of form similar to recently, then i fear for him.
  12. that indicates full stadiums next season to me...
  13. especially when there is a far more obvious reason for others to use by way of the covid outbreak allowing us to hit the reset button whereas we'd have 100% gone down if that hadn't happened. but people can keep using hawkeye all they want...doesn't bother us and just makes themselves look like idiots
  14. they should be winning at least 3 of their last 7 we'll do well to win more than one or 2 of ours. i think wolves will finish above us too...they have a number of winnable games left, including 4 of the current bottom 6
  15. smith tends to leave it till the night before the game before deciding the team. however i'm happy to save him the bother as i, and everyone else, knows what it'll be. just 2 positions he needs to decide upon: Emi Cash Konsa Mings Targett Luiz/Marv McGinn Ramsey/Sanson/Barkley Traore AEG Ollie Oh and get well soon trez.
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