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  1. liverpool will be an interesting one once they won the league, which they should have done by the time they play us if bundesliga is any indication you are right. they're lower scoring than usual too. some 0-0s between teams that are normally high scoring
  2. the only change we will see come from this is having set rules within the PL rulebook as to what happens if the season is unable to be completed so that clubs know the score before they start the season i.e. PPG being used etc
  3. it wouldn't be the official line, but i definitely see there having to be a pause once the season starts due to an outbreak. if liverpool have won the league by that point, it's one less problem the PL have
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52726278 so that's 3 matches affected presuming they are playing 3 different teams. or they are told to just treat as injuries a part of me (wishing no ill against anyone) hopes that it's a high profile player, a sterling or salah perhaps. i think the premiership will care more about them than those at the bottom end
  5. i went to bournemouth v man u this season and the crowd was quite lively by their standards...they won 1-0. we wont have a chance to have that effect on the team when we play utd it's a complete farce but i've long accepted that regardless of the decision, it will be unfair on someone. it is completely impossible to make it 100% fair. void season = unfair on liverpool who have near enough won the league; unfair on teams that were among favourites for relegation in august who find themselves safe (palace, sheff utd) PPG = doesnt take into account games still to be played, where history tells us that freak results and great escapes are highly likely - unfair on current bottom 3 behind closed doors = doesnt give teams with big, lively home crowds the chance to cheer their team to victory (only really unfair on us and west ham...not many of the remaining clubs in and around the relegation zone - hence the most logical option in the eyes of the PL) from what we've been reading these are the only options...the whole "no relegation but promote 2 teams" doesnt appear to have ever been a genuine consideration
  6. he said jack has a decision to make in the summer. last i checked jack's got 3 years left on his contract and to our knowledge no bid has been accepted, so he has no decision to make it's not as bad as berger, but certainly same ball park
  7. reminds me of patrick berger talking about gareth barry. not quite as bad, but along similar lines
  8. really dont see an issue? he so easily could have said "hope he keeps us up, and then helps us take the next step next season, and one day captains us in europe" why on earth is he talking about him 'making decisions'
  9. wherever you reside, i have no doubt that you sit there chucking at these gullible villa fans biting on your posts. it's getting silly mate...please stop trolling the site but yet i find myself biting! so, on the small chance that you're actually serious, how do you think that a sunday league team that supposedly knows how to defend a corner would fare against a premier league side? serious question
  10. i can see it being a farce anyway, especially if they take relegation off the table...every game involving sides not aiming for europe will be like pre season friendlies
  11. hope so. i'm not so sure. as CP said there is 10s of millions at stake in tv money. the mid table sides just wouldn't risk their best players and could just field a side in order to fulfill the contracts
  12. my worry is that it comes down to a vote...only those in danger of relegation are likely to vote against it
  13. interesting he did allude to something along the lines of "are we going to agree to rule changes that increase our chances of relegation? probably not"
  14. Missed it...can anyone give a summary of what he said please?
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