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  1. tomav84


    The semi final definitely doesnt count then fingers crossed for some tickets left monday
  2. tomav84


    even though we were in the prem, i'd wager our support is actually better this season. ill be surprised if it makes the 3 game window
  3. tomav84


    I remember seeing two lads go through turnstile together on one ticket at the last fa cup final and get away with it...fair play to the little scamps for having the balls to try it
  4. tomav84


    not a direct dig at you sir (or your mate) but i have always found it odd that so many know this is a problem that they have to resolve, yet wait until the 11th hour to do so. seen so many social media posts from folks with similar problems. apologies for sticking my oar in, sure it's the last thing you need, and hope you sort it!
  5. big, breaking, shocking news....his red card has been rescinded
  6. i posted something similar in an earlier page, and it's something i'm highly in favour of. means everyone knows where they stand...i believe they do similar for mankading in cricket, they agree before the match that it's not to be done
  7. not that you're suggesting refs stop play for all injuries, but i'm already skeptical as to how many players clutching their heads actually have head injuries or whether they're just trying to get the game stopped. maybe the answer is just to say across the board tough tits if your man is down, carry on unless the ref stops it. i wonder if yesterday's events will prompt the discussion, or perhaps teams could agree on an approach pre game between the managers and/or captains
  8. To be fair, i agreed with pretty much everything you said...the cooper tackle i agree was a booking but no more. he was out of control (despite winning the ball) but dont think his aim was to injure jack, which is generally the definition of a red. The bit of your post i left above, yes you should play to the whistle, but your man stopped...actually stopped...i even think there was a motion like he was about to put it out, before knocking it down the line. in this case, i think we can easily be forgiven for not playing to the whistle and is the reason for the reactions afterwards. it was deliberately deceptive and incredibly unsportsmanlike. fair play to bielsa for ordering the goal and the players for allowing him through (except that tosspot janssen...imagine had he actually stopped adomah? that would have inflamed the situation once again and i guarantee there would have been more reds...ridiculous behaviour)
  9. have i missed something? they werent getting automatic anyway...i do wonder whether they would have let us had they had a chance. money does strange things to people, and there is no way they'd have let us score if a win would have put them 2nd
  10. we tried to get bayern tickets but there was no chance, especially for 11 of us. we were lucky that there was a PDC darts tournament last weekend so went to afternoon session of that. aside from that, there is much fun to be had just going around the different beer gardens. Augustiner keller, lowenbrau keller, and hirshgarten are my personal favourites. take a pleasant walk through the english garden too, and there are a couple of nice beer houses there as well. if you're looking for somewhere to watch the villa sunday, killians irish bar has sky sports and was an OK bar we also did an escape room on the monday to kill some time before we had to leave, if that's your thing
  11. just had a cracking weekend in munich for a mate's stag. they dont like big groups of lads in the evenings (i guess what capital city does?) so struggled to get into some bars after dark. no problem with the big large beer houses though
  12. the least surprising piece of sports news since tom daley came out
  13. the problem is that until it happens to you, it's so easy to make that statement. not one spurs fan is complaining about the curtailed celebrations this morning. any reservations they would have had about VAR would be totally eliminated today.
  14. well it's a trade off. a change in how we celebrate goals basically for the big decisions to be correct. the powers that be have decided that it's worth the trade and many agree...some obviously dont and i'm sure there were debates too when the offside rule was introduced or when keepers suddenly couldnt pick up backpasses. but football fans over time adapted and accepted these changes, and we will here too.
  15. i believe there are new rules coming into effect next season, one of which being that if a goal is score with an arm/hand, intentional or not, it's disallowed
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