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  1. trying to think if i've seen anything better this year than Maid...i'm struggling to though. absolutely brilliant.
  2. i've done it...won the lot with my villa save...the sextuple. every season no matter how dominant my team is there's always one cup that gets away. but finally done it...charity shield, super cup, league, both cups, champions league. i think this is what you call completing it mate.
  3. no way is deano only on 28k a week.
  4. i wonder if sanson might start you know
  5. this is absolutely nail on head. and having come so close to going down in the first season has made us appreciate it even more. there must be other factors too, under MON i think the country was still recovering from the recession so funds were tight...but i do think we took the PL for granted. i remember going to blackburn away and there was only about 800 of us in the away end. going back further to the second GT regime i was able to get away tickets on general sale. now even if you have a season ticket your chances of an away ticket are slim
  6. did the EU set our minimum wage structure? genuine question...i'm not clued up enough on the topic,i just thought our government could set minumum wage to whatever they wanted whether we were in the EU or not and they tried to get the furloughed british to pick fruit when covid hit and the romanians/polish/bulgarians went home. no one wanted to do it, because it's back breaking labour for 12 hours a day starting at 7am. i dare say it's not the money that put people off doing those jobs, but i might be wrong
  7. i'd probably halve that number at least of who would take up a season ticket if it was offered. got mates on that list that still don't know if they will if/when they get the chance. PL definitely a factor, new ownership, people have been in lockdown so they're a) keen to get back out to games again and b) have cash on the hip the football and general atmosphere is better too. going to games is just all round better than its been for years. even in the MON days we didn't sell out that often
  8. https://www.expressandstar.com/sport/football/wolverhampton-wanderers-fc/2021/10/14/wolves-sign-academy-coach-mike-scott-from-villa/ never heard of him. says he was our head of youth development. i thought that was harrison but he's listed as the academy manager...guess they're 2 different things.
  9. call ticket office, they will issue your mate an e ticket so he doesn't need to use your card or just give him the bloody card...as others have said, if they made it easier, more would do it officially
  10. are you a brighton fan now that leeds are crap? they seem to turn into prime barca whenever we play them but whenever else i see them i think they've looked crap and it's only because there have been one or 2 worse teams than them each season that they're still in this league. they shithouse just enough decent results to stay up each season but ultimately they're a poor side, expensively assembled by an average manager. i can't believe we're even comparing ourselves to them and comparing smith to potter is also quite insulting to smith they've had a piss easy start to the season...we'll be comfortably above them **** brighton
  11. they don't. at grounds where they have an official policy like chelsea, there are so many people they simply do not have time to check. i was in the process of taking my phone out to show them and they just waved me through basically. i think the lack of any official check is becuase AVFC know it's just a pointless exercise
  12. probably the most likely formation
  13. this...and to be honest any quirky place like the fat duck either. just don't get the fascination with those sorts of places.
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