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  1. I'd potentially start him ahead of McGinn. McGinn needs a rest. Let him miss the weekend and have him firing for the Christmas period
  2. Not great but Smith doesn't even introduce kodija. I think he needs competition, wasnt the worst tonight.
  3. Another chance to watch JDH at cheltenham yesterday, an improved performance on my last watch, particularly in the second half but a long way to go to make a prem team. First half he played in central midfield with Rohan ince (big, quick, very mobile) and they ran the show. JDH was always an option, rarely having to make tackles, relying more on intercepting the ball and his quality stood out. He pushed the ball forwards quickly but you wouldnt see him taking on a man or two. Think Conor hourihane. He looked like a player from a prem club. Second half he (along with the rest of the Cheltenham side) went missing. They dropped very deep, JDH struggled to get on the ball, caught in possession and stopped finding his passes. Needs to find consistency, on two showings so far he looks like he has found his level. Hope to be proven wrong.
  4. I loved MON but I love dean smith more. I'd happily let him take us down, I think hes done more to bridge the connection between the fans and the club than any other manager and he cares about the club.
  5. I agree, early on in the game in watched him jog a ball about 40 or 50 yards up the pitch. People just dont try to tackle him. I love him playing higher up the pitch as well.
  6. I was worried that smith would go defensive on 70 mins, a third would have killed the game. I looked at the bench and couldn't see a better option. You simply cant take McGinn or grealish off.
  7. Has anyone worked out how much money we can spend in Jan given FFP?
  8. Bournemouth got 25m from us for a centre half that we had for 6 months who'd barely played a minute for them. I dread to think what wilson or king would be, I'd take either.
  9. Fed on scraps today, actually thought he did ok, winning his fair share of the balls forward and linking up play when given the chance. Should have done better from al gazis cut back. Better than many others today though.
  10. I cant remember him in the whole half, it's like were just playing nakamba
  11. McGinn and luiz anonymous today, need to get on the ball and take pressure off the others.
  12. I'd love the lad from rangers, exactly what we need, I think they'll want big money
  13. Aren't we the 4th or 5th highest scorers though? Given we dont have this serious firepower right now, something seems to be working.
  14. If he could become a bit more clinical in front of goal, I could see him getting 10 plus goals a season. He certainly gets the chances.
  15. Meh, a bit casual at times, struggled to make an impact, subbed in the second half. Probably not the best game he'll ever play.
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