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  1. My married married a girl who thought dragons were just extinct, you know, like the dinosaurs.
  2. But you might have to rely on someone. Couple of players out with covid, couple of injuries and you're into the second string. I'd have him in over Nakamba.
  3. That's because weve played quite a few games less that other teams. That will catch up with us and we need a squad, particularly for our central midfield. Hes never going to dislodge those above him but it doesn't mean we wont need to rely on him.
  4. What a great night, a superb goal, the uncontrollable tears of pure emotion, the shirt swap. Hes pretty much just lived the dream of every young villa fan growing up and I felt all of it in that interview. The battle to be composed, talk intelligently but just wanting to blurt out words and never stop smiling because you're a kid. Love him.
  5. What a moment, god only knows how good he is or if he's even ready but sometimes a chance comes along and you've got to take it. What confidence.
  6. All I'm saying is, when that cross came just now, Mings was no where to be seen. Certainly wasnt picking up Mane.
  7. I'm not worried about this. The fa cup has it written into its rules that you have to fill a team from your under 18 and under 23s squads. The premier league makes you register a squad of 25 before the season starts and we have many precedents set in this competition around cancellations. I could see us fielding a weakened squad but the only way we play kids is if we choose to.
  8. The goals will come again when Barkley is back and Grealish is operating from the left. Barkley was almost playing alongside him at points, Grealish on the left will stop him drifting out so much as well and keep him central. I think hes been asked to play an unselfish role during the injury spell.
  9. We have a printer in subscription, you've just reminded me to up the tariff. My frustration now is that with so many kids in the school, the quality of remote learning will be even lower.
  10. What's everyone experience of school so far. My childrens primary school have just reported that 250 children have been registered as belonging to key workers. School has about 600 kids in total This is up from 80 in the first lockdown (which reduced to 30 by the end). What's causing this? Employer flexibility, people not wanting to home school again or a result of businesses not being locked down in the same way anymore. Anyone else seeing the same?
  11. Your wife's still at school?
  12. Also wanted to understand this, my dad lives 20 miles away, can I go and meet him for a stroll?
  13. A friend just posted this, so many hours of my childhood lost here.
  14. The first set look like figures from mask to me. Are the helmets all removable? I was obsessed with this as a kid.
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