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  1. This is so true, McGinn even commented on it in his first season, he said hed spent 6 months just trying to understand where to pass the ball, the runs his team mates would make, etc
  2. I'd assume so, recently made the brazil squad suggests he was being monitored.
  3. Hoped for something more established but this is probably what I was expecting. I wonder if FFP has restricted us.
  4. Disappointing that we didnt make a change until we were 5 nil down. Unbelievably city made the first change of the afternoon when their work was done. I know we dont have options but you simply cant bury your head in the sand, you have to try something different
  5. I agree, for what we paid his assist and goal return is decent. If he was an option off the bench I'd be pretty happy, the problem is hes our starting winger so you expect a little more.
  6. I'd love benteke, call it nostalgia, call it whatever you want I just think that sometimes certain players and certain clubs belong together.
  7. In which case I'd go with what weve got. The reality is we wont sign a top class keeper and we badly need to strengthen up front, thay would be my priority.
  8. Huge blow, what's the latest on steer/kalinic. Weve got 4 senior keepers, we should have options here.
  9. Two forwards now needed In this window, can we recall RHM
  10. Southgate has never rated him, in the under 21s he barely picked him, he wont take him to the euros, he just doesn't value that type of midfield player.
  11. Naaah, they play every day, that's not an excuse. He was either injured or he just didnt care. I'd buy a lack of match fitness if you're asking him to play 90 minutes. We didnt
  12. But surely that's relevant, he wasnt fit enough for 20 minutes, how do you want him to play 90. Was he injured, he looked very bad.
  13. Wow, that we terrible. He looked exhausted. Wed have been better without him.
  14. I feel the same, the turn around is absolutely incredible, we were nearly broke and possibly looking at playing league 1 football. Instead were back in the prem, weve given a great account of ourselves with a branch new team at some of the biggest stadiums in the country and we sell out every week. Keep going Dean, you have my support.
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