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  1. Had my jab on Tuesday. Originally booked through NHS I then got the text from my local doctors which allowed me to book more locally and get my jab that afternoon. Amazing really. Technology working well. The vaccination centre was so well organised. I think I'd been jabbed within 3 minutes of setting foot in cheltenham fire station. A bit of cold sweats yesterday and felt very lethargic but all in all I seem to have avoided the big side effects.
  2. My worry with the 50+1 debate is that it's too late. Unfortunately we now have a league where a small number of clubs have a global presence and substantial income. Moving to fan ownership will see these clubs reinvest more income in players. The next tier of club has had to rely on investment to make them competitive. Villa a great example, wolves another. I fear we will see this disappear and that will create a bigger gulf than we have today. I'd be very surprised to see billionaire investment where they have reduced control.
  3. Dont apologise, everyone gets an opinion. Mine is I couldn't give a shit about things like the top 4 or the perceived success of being a mid table prem side. I'd love to win trophies but the most important thing for me these days is knowing i get to support the club every year and that the fan base has some form of connection to how the club is run. Weve had too many years where quite frankly VP has been a horrible place to attend.
  4. ive been listening to the ESLdebate, the frustration from fans of united and arsenal about the ownership and it struck me that were maybe overlooking one of the key benefits of Deano. As well as being a superb manager, hes one of us. He puts the fans opinion right into the ears of our owners, what other clubs can boast that. This isnt Steve Bruce at Newcastle, this is a man that has stood on the terrace, who's only family have swept the terrace. I know the pressure on premier league managers is huge, but this guy will know what it means to deliver success to our fan base and he will
  5. Odd. I thought both him and Konsa struggled during the everton game. Good one the ball but Richarlison had a period where he seemed to win every ball of the top and neither of them seemed to close Sigurdsson when he picked up the ball 20 yards out.
  6. I think you have to subscribe privately to stats sites. They did flash it up on BT sports at the end of the game though
  7. I'm not sure its rubbish. It may have been the only way we get Luiz and it may have driven down the purchase price. He was an essential part in us staying up and if he leaves, the price probably feels right. C15m profit for a player that helped keep us in the league and has more than played his part in a likely top half finish this season.
  8. I'm not sure I agree that McGinn is our most energetic option, Barkley also covered the most ground on the pitch last night. Rather than bring on a purely defensive midfielder, we introduced Ramsey, went a little more narrow and played with a midfield 4 that are all capable of covering ground and picking a pass. Perfect option to me and restricted Everton to virtually nothing in the last 10 minutes. In fact we probably had the best chance when McGinn broke
  9. This is where I am. His ability was clear for all to see, the drop off in form and fitness needed an explanation. The hate was counter productive, what did it achieve, he was very likely aware of it and it's hardly likely to motivate him. The best thing for aston villa was an in form Barkley.
  10. such a good player and a great runner. If he stays through the middle i think he gets 20 prem goals next year, id love him to hit 15 this year. Should have had 2 tonight really.
  11. i actually thought Mcginn, Luiz and Barkley were excellent together, really high workrate and seemed to link up very well. I was surprised not to see Nakamba at 2-1 but also glad. I think whe hes on the pitch we play deeper and invite pressure. Keeping the midfield 3 together and adding Ramsey was a smart option. We kept quality and legs on the pitch.
  12. i dont feel sorry for him, playing in a top 10 side is a really high bar. Hes competing with Watkins unfortuntely and squeezing him into a side means asking him to play wide. I think tonight showed why thats not a great option. Keinan needs to keep working hard and trying to make an impact when chances present themselves.
  13. covered the greatest distance as well, over 11km. Lets put the hate behind us and see if hes worthy of another year.
  14. Bamford was questioned on the Crouch podcast this week about the one thing that Bielsa has demanded of him this season, he named counter movement. The ability to not occupt a defender but move then 5-10 yards out of position. Its the one thing he had improved most of. Maybe to the untrained eye its not a huge attribute but means a lot to premier league managers. No real idea if Wes is good at it or not.
  15. always looks to go forward which we really need. His return to form feels like its conincided with us making so many more chances in the final 3rd.
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