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  1. You can stick me in this camp, despite having a working class heritage I've always been a tory voter and felt completely unrepresented by the labour party. I had some horrific experiences with the unions which definitely havent helped. Stammer starts to appeal as a genuine alternative as he turns the labour party into the conservatives lite. The reality is though that not much matters until voting time which feels years away.
  2. That's another thing I'd change, more regulation for the industry. Introduce a single government controlled logon and force data sharing between the companies. All companies need to be based in the UK and prevent access to any foreign betting sites. I'd also introduce a maximum customer loss, if the customer goes above that amount they can reclaim the losses from the betting company. Not disputing how broken the current system is.
  3. Especially if you throw in mings and targett as well.
  4. I completely agree that in its current form, it's just too much temptation. I believe though that it would be very easy to implement the rather level of controls to really help people.
  5. I feel the opposite, I'd ban all other kinds but force the online companies to share data and properly support customers. Through online you have no excuses, you can track and share information in real time about any customer, it's just not in the betting companies interest to do so.
  6. If the delay is due to a housing developer, they will be desperate to complete before christmas so they can take the sale in this years financials. That certainly my experience, we ended up moving on the 23rd December, they had to pay a months rent to my purchaser (who needed an extended stay in their house) and they ended up acting as our removal company when we could find another.
  7. dont fall into the pride trap, find out whats driving the 7 weeks and look to work around it. house sales are complex and the decisions are big ones. The reality is, 7 weeks would still be much quicker than finding something different. If this is enough to make you walk away, it probably isnt the thing that should represent your most expensive purchase ever. Try to remove the emotion.
  8. On the other hand, my kids school always host a large display for our villa, typically makes 5-10k for the pta which is so essential for extra equipment for the kids. Not being able to host events like this will have an impact, no way could it go ahead safely though.
  9. I thought the way to stop leeds pushing forward down the right was to punish the space they were leaving. I was surprised to not see grealish swap sides or Watkins play wider. It was very comparable to the first half against liverpool where we were constantly over run in the right back position.
  10. not our greatest performance but we were definitely in the game going into the second half. our lack of depth shines through unfortunately, 3 down and only one change from the bench. Regroup and go again, we can be better.
  11. Midfield needs to do a bit more, they dont seem to be supporting the front 3 and the back 4 seem isolated.
  12. I think we just all underestimated the effort in settling a new player. I remember John McGinn talking about his first 6 months and how he didnt who to pass to, which run a team mate would make, where they wanted the ball. Multiply that by 12 new players, a few different languages and an elite level of competition and I think their lies the problem. Were now seeing reward from a reasonably familiar team with some quality enhancements.
  13. i wondered about the subs but other than Traore, who would you change. It didnt feel like anyone else would improve us. If anything you would probably have replaced Barkley with conor, glad he didnt.
  14. i feel like its a case of not changing a winning side. trez has risen to the challenge so far and is looking dangerous. traore looked really good when he came on, ive not issue with these two battling it out.
  15. Why would he agree to that?
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