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  1. Needs to stay in the side but also needs to keep performing like he did today. Got forward well, linked up well with grealish, McGinn and luiz.
  2. Not a bad showing from him. Solid performance.
  3. But in reality we expected to lose 3 or 4, goal difference will play a big part.
  4. Is a one nil loss a reasonable result? Hard to stomach that I'm thinking this, but would you take one nil now
  5. Trez and aeg have really put in a shift. We need to give some support with a sub here. Inject more energy
  6. Are we all just waiting for the inevitable? If it comes, I can live with that. Just please no collapse
  7. If we get through the United and liverpool game still one point behind watford, you've got to give us a chance
  8. With hindsight maybe but if you compared their year 1 and 2 to Randy's year 1 and 2 maybe evens the docs their are lots of similarities. Lots of communication with fans, investment in players, investment in the community and facilities, big words around long term plans. The real test will be in 5 years time.
  9. I dont think we should write off Norwich yet, if we were bottom but about to play 3 of the bottom 6 I'd think we had a chance.
  10. I wondered this, I'm sure something like 70% of our signings either played for him previously or hed admitted scouting.
  11. I don't see any risk of him returning to city. Hes had some good performances recently but I'd be really shocked to lose him this summer. It would take a decent bid and I just do not think the overall performances warrant anyone doing that.
  12. I favour single lines of accountability but at the same time I always felt it crazy that MON appeared to sign the player, negotiate the contract, etc. Why would you give an ex footballer that level of responsibility, surely others have more experience. In this instance, like many others I'd like to know how transfers work. I assume it's a collective, I assume dean is heavily involved
  13. Yes, how should we seperate his performances from Dean Smith's. Genuine question, what are the different targets for their respective roles or if one fails, do both fail. (To clarify I'm not arguing that any success has been achieved, the team is shit, I know that)
  14. Time will tell, but if we sell them for less, were idiots.
  15. Should be clear, I dont have any clear feelings about keeping him or getting rid. I was trying to draw a difference between him and dean and playing devils advocate for the debate (this is an internet forum after all). We look unlikely to hit 17th but are only 1 point off, is that 1 point the difference between success and failure. Luiz, Guilbert, Trez will all likely leave for greater sums than we paid. Is that success? With Lerner I'd argue to opposite, he had a 5 year plan but focused to much on here and now. It left us with an ageing squad. So the Pitarch role is about finding a balance?
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