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  1. Not to outdo you, but I remember when there were no subs.
  2. Whatever you and I think, and neither of us know, it's just guesswork, the owners and CEO do know, and it will be up to them to take appropriate action.
  3. If the owners have ambition, things will have to change. Recruitment: Trezequet, Jota, Hause, Konza. None of these should have been signed, and I suspect Smith was involved in them. Targett, El Ghazi, Wesley. Poor signings for the PL in my opinion. Just think what we could have done with decent signings scouted from abroad in these 8 positions. We need the kind of scouting that can pinpoint the kind of players we need. The players I have mentioned above appear to my eyes to be what I would term lazy signings. Not enough thought put into what we really need. Management: I like Smith and he is one of us. But let's not let that cloud our judgement. He did well last season. But he still finished the season 5th with a team superior, if not better, than that of any other club. (Just my opinion, but I loved that team.) This season he has been terrible; has appeared completely out of his depth, and barring a miracle will get us relegated. His only mitigation is, as I suggested above, poor recruitment, but I still feel that he should have been able to get more out of the team. I am unconvinced by his performance this season. Ownership: The owners need to be smarter in their appointments, or they will only be wasting time and money. To sum up: Recruitment and Management need to be changed if we are to maximise the potential of our owners, rather than the status quo, or the slow downward spiral.
  4. I am surprised we are still in with a shout; all down to the poor calibre of the teams around us. I agree with a previous poster; Hourihane should start every game; his spot kicks are invaluable, and he may even score. El Ghazi up front. Again mentioned by a previous poster. Good idea. Can he be any worse than what we have up front? This is the time for Smith and co to earn their huge salaries and do something different in a last attempt to keep us up.
  5. West Ham will be fine. We have to better Bournemouth and Watford.
  6. Clearly you have spotted things I have not.
  7. Before the stoppage, Samatta was doing the sort of things I was wanting Wesley to do .
  8. Veretout has shown since he left us just how good he is. Luiz may be as good eventually, but not yet.
  9. I think they will be going out all guns blazing to make up for that result.
  10. Jota is going to be busy.
  11. Thank god we have Taylor.
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