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  1. Yep. Talk him up to get someone to buy him. We may not know where he will be in 2-3 years time, but unless he improves massively, he will not be at City.
  2. This would do me, but I would probably swop Trezeguet and El Ghazi.
  3. Well, I'm 76, I've seen some shit players in my lifetime, and he is certainly one of them.
  4. Put El Ghazi up front. He may not always score them but he does get into good positions. A couple of times in recent matches he has been in the CF position anyway.
  5. I cannot see how he will ever be good enough for the PL, but we should loan him into the Ch to see if he can improve, or at least do enough to sell to a CH club. I think he is will just go down as a poor signing and we will be taking a hit on him. These things happen - though I still wonder what the management team saw in him.
  6. A new striker is not the answer to all our problems, but is certainly the answer to one of them.
  7. We were the better team and should have won that one. However, a point at Old Trafford is still excellent. We need fear no one.
  8. Everyone makes errors. But he makes silly, unnecessary errors. That is what is so annoying.
  9. I often think he would be good up front, I think it would suit his game. But I imagine the management team, who know a lot more than me, would have thought of that if it was a good idea.
  10. Good game. We were decent first half, and good the second half, apart from those first 10 minutes of the second when we were sleepwalking. Happens quite a lot - what do we do at half time? We just do not come out switched on and prepared. Hourihane MOM for me; Grealish very good; Konza and El Ghazi also very good. I do not see what others see in Wesley. If we wanted a false number 9 or an advanced midfielder, we should have bought one. What we needed, and now still need, was a goal scorer. That has got to be addressed in January. The chances we make, I think a guy who could put those chances away would be having a field day.
  11. I think our midfielders have a better chance of scoring than our main striker, so I am good with that.
  12. To any of our younger fans who may not understand the expectations of us older fans. This is why we expect so much.
  13. He is progressing very nicely. And he is big enough.
  14. I thought Kalinic was a better keeper than Nyland, but the experts obviously disagree.
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