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  1. But surely that is unfair on the teams competing to be promoted from the second tier. I think it is a very poor decision and I hope we do not follow suit. Voiding is the only fair solution.
  2. Indeed. And let's not forget the banks, many of whom are sitting on Government money (our money) intended to be used to keep the workforce working, but offering loans of that money at exorbitant interest rates and asking employers to put up their houses as surety. Just as bad as the money-grabbing rich clubs using that same money (our money) to pay wages while players, managers, etc., continue to earn the eye-watering amounts of salaries beyond the comprehension of the rest of us.
  3. Player's salaries are already a disgrace. Do they really want to lose any of the minimal respect they already have. Players, managers, coaching staff - do something to alleviate the financial problems faced by back room staff and lower league clubs. Don't be such greedy bastards. You all have plenty. More than any of you are really worth.
  4. I am laughing with you, my friend. Don't ever change.
  5. Third time I have read this in the last couple of minutes. Very commendable, SGC, to produce something to keep us amused at this time. How many more times have you done it, and is there a prize for getting them all?
  6. AntrimBlack

    The NSWE Board

    Oh, Tro. I cannot agree with this. How can you mention these guys in the same breath as Ellis. We have never recovered from his tenure.
  7. It is all opinions. I think he is too unreliable, which is a quality I think is the first requirement of a CB.
  8. Attack: Apart from Grealish, we don't have much. Samatta I like and think will prove to be a gem. Midfield: McGinn has been poor in the PL. Luiz and Nakamba may be young enough to improve. They need to. Defence: Engels and Guilbert I like, though both need to improve. Targett has his moments. All three are probably only good enough for back up. Mings, Hause and Konza not good enough for a PL team, even as back up. Keepers: They have all looked dodgy at times. Only Heaton looks good enough, with Nylan as back up. That's a poor squad, though many of you will disagree with my assessment. But my assessment is based on us being in the PL, and the sort of money rich clubs we face. A lot of our problems are down to recruitment. What we have is a CH squad trying to compete in the PL. Also we may (possibly) have a manager who is not up to the job, and cannot get the best out of what we have. On the bright side, and it is certainly not something I recommend, if we do go down, with these owners and a policy of buying good young'uns, we could come back up with a better chance of making a fist of it in the PL.
  9. According to the experts, a vaccine will take a year to be ready for use by the population.
  10. The least problematic scenario is to void the season, although even that will throw up many problems. And I very much doubt that there will be football again before August at the earliest.
  11. This virus could well be problematic right through the start of next season. So what happens then. No summer transfer window and all clubs go with what they have, when they are actually able to start the games again. And what about season 20/21? Possibly just ditch it? I am beginning to think the unthinkable. That this season could be declared void. That would be a shame.
  12. My youngest son is a Sunderland supporter, and he loved Allardyce. Short term appointment? Might work. Smith's new contract does not look so smart now. Who was going to come in and headhunt him at that stage?
  13. Too many players have regressed since the start of the season. Some of the performances early on, when we were unlucky not to get wins against good sides, had made me optimistic that we could at least stay up. That probably points to a deficiency in the coaching, as they should be improving with experience, not the other way round. I would say a number of the teams around us do not have players any better than ours, but they look better drilled and more determined.
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