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  1. A draw seems like a reasonable result. Watkins, Konza and Martinez were excellent. Mings and Targett had good games. Barkley is hopeless and adds absolutely nothing. Luiz, disappointingly, has lost his way over the last number of games. Trezeguet does his best but is really not up to the task. Davis, bless his heart, needs to forge a career in a lower division. Sanson was good, deserves to keep his place. Ramsey had an impressive cameo, and needs to be starting every game. Grealish and Cash badly missed; we need players in the summer to keep us moving forward.
  2. I thought I was having a deja vous moment.
  3. Well, that was very Aston Villa. We were not expecting to be top 10 this season, so that is good, also not fighting relegation, so that is good. But really, we should not be that bad against that quite poor opponent. Martinez, Konza, Mings, Watkins all excellent; the rest - rubbish. We need to spend big on some genuine quality players. We can live with this oft repeated abysmal performance at the moment, but not if we want to compete further up the table. You cannot rely on breakaway goals, especially if you don't have Grealish, and the constant easily cleared high bal
  4. Well, by extension, that is what you are advocating.
  5. So..........sell Grealish and Mings as well. Good plan. And no, we don't need the money.
  6. I really like Guilbert. One of the good guys.
  7. I think he does the job that he is there to do very well. He is the only player we have who is a proper DM.
  8. It is amazing the number of `celebs' I don't know. I clearly don't watch enough trash television.
  9. El Ghazi was well up for it today. Nakamba was brilliant. After going ahead we just did not look like losing that one. Our defensive record is really very good. A very steady performance.
  10. Strangest line up I have seen in a long time.
  11. That's true. There's room for both methods, depending on circumstances.
  12. I know it has been said before, but it is not a one in one out. We need to strengthen the squad. We need to be in a position where Luiz and McGinn are backups to better players if we are to progress. It takes money, but we now have serious financial clout.
  13. Agreed. And not just before the game but in game as well. Something our management team does not do very well.
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