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  1. Terrific interview. Seems delighted to be back. I think he will be very useful. Free transfer and 60k a week? Sounds like a good deal. And he looks fit, looks really well actually.
  2. If there is any truth in that a bid has been made and rejected, then preliminaries must have been carried out. May just be an opening shot, or a take it or leave it. But if the rumour is kocher work will have been done.
  3. This is fun. I suspect we are scaring the bejesus out of Arsenal, Spurs and Everton. And according to that last interview I saw where Grealish was lauding Totti for remaining at the same club, I think that is what he will want to do. Provided we can provide him with that platform to achieve his ambitions. And if he does go eventually, signing the likes of Buendia to step in makes a lot of sense.
  4. If the club think it is a good idea, then I am happy with it. They have done well so far. I guess he must be happy to be back up. Would probably get some time on the pitch as he can cover a number of positions. Hard to forget that dive against us. Just goes to show, be careful what you do on the way up, you might have to face the same fans on your way back down.
  5. He is a full Brazil international, but yet we are debating whether he is good enough for us. That does not seem to make sense. There has got to be something wrong with the way we are using him.
  6. A statement of intent. He is a cracker. Gonna be a fan favourite. Welcome.
  7. Young. He was very impressive. He could be a dark horse, who might actually make it.
  8. A lonely, disconsolate little figure walks slowly into the setting sun muttering, ``If only''.
  9. Grealish draws so many free kicks, to have Ward-Prowse to take advantage of that could be game-changing.
  10. Pliilogene-Bidace? (for 10 minutes)
  11. I was trying to be kind.
  12. We could probably get better for 40m.
  13. Glad he is ours. I am hoping for big things from him. Yes, he has had a dip in form, but he is very young, and we have seen at times how good he is. It's like a new signing.
  14. The Arsenal fans really are a smug bunch of bastards. The incredulity in his voice every time he mentioned Buendia going to Aston Villa - unbelievable. They are not so much upset about losing out on him, as on losing out to Aston Villa.
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