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  1. Wow. Isn't that incredible. Do we have any numbers for Egypt?
  2. I don't think he has to be all that fantastic to have more impact up front than El Ghazi or Wesley.
  3. Easy to remember. Top priority for any terrace chant.
  4. Vassilev has done well, but he is not a striker, just filling in in an emergency. Will we perhaps see him in his proper position for the first team in the future? He looks promising.
  5. Don't you think that at £3m he should be classed as a signing, notwithstanding his age.
  6. I like this guy. Hope he does well. On a side note - is Woodward really the best we can get. He is a shit interviewer. Always the same inane questions. And he poses the questions in such a way that the interviewee can only repeat the question as his response. He is an embarrassment.
  7. Love his attitude. He will be missed tomorrow if he is out.
  8. I would have thought he would need to be scoring goals to be described as such.
  9. We just need to stay up. That is the only goal this year. Be it 17th or 10th. (10th is a random position, not a forecast)
  10. Strange decision to loan him in when most of the season will have passed him by before he is up to speed. On a more positive note - we can send him back at the end of the season - if he even gets that far.
  11. A valuable point, but both teams were pretty shit. Smith needs to keep Drinkwater away from the squad untill he is actually ready, if he ever is. He is a liability at this point. If Luiz had started I think we would have put up a better show. And well done to young Vasseliv. If we do not have a striker signed before Watford we should play him. He gives the team some balance. Some of these decisions do make me wonder if Smith and his team are watching the same game as me..
  12. I am surprised that he was not successful for us. He did seem at the time to have all the necessary ability and experience and qualifications.
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