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  1. AntrimBlack

    Steve Bruce

    Well, he failed the last 2 seasons, but I don't remember any Bruce supporters eating their words. Any need to insult those of us who have a different opinion to you, Dave?
  2. AntrimBlack

    Steve Bruce

    It might just be me, but I struggle to recognise more than perhaps a couple of players in any team in this division.
  3. AntrimBlack

    James Collins

    We could just have kept Baker.
  4. AntrimBlack

    Technical Team/Player Recruitment/Scouts

    I was commenting on the article which suggested Atkins was a scapegoat for somebody. Not sure who else he would be inferring. Round, etc. , are all gone. I read in one of the original articles that there had been a problem between Bruce and the scouts about bringing in foreign players. Nor did I imply that Bruce has the power to sack scouting staff without reference to the owners, etc. That is just making things up. But he was present at the meeting where they were sacked, so it is entirely possible that Bruce could have been involved in that decision.
  5. AntrimBlack

    Technical Team/Player Recruitment/Scouts

    Bruce throwing them under the bus as he has done on occasions with the players to defend his position?
  6. AntrimBlack

    Anwar El Ghazi

    I stand corrected.
  7. AntrimBlack

    Anwar El Ghazi

    El Ghazi on the left (his position) and Bolasie on the right. Simples.
  8. AntrimBlack

    John McGinn

    My MOM by a distance last night.
  9. AntrimBlack

    Anwar El Ghazi

    Same for me. I like him. It takes time to adjust to our `style' of football.
  10. AntrimBlack

    Yannick Bolasie

    His arrogance/confidence is a joy to behold. He treated the Rotherham players like kids in the school yard. That is how our players and manager should be treating every game in this league - with an `I am better than you' attitude.
  11. AntrimBlack

    Tony Xia

    Perhaps it is just me, but the thing that always worried me about Xia was his suits. How could a successful businessman wear such rubbish suits? I must admit, I am proudly superficial.
  12. AntrimBlack

    Steve Bruce

    And at least one of our smaller players should be standing on the half way line when the opposition is taking their corner.
  13. AntrimBlack

    Steve Bruce

    Are we the only team in the CH which makes it compulsory for FB's to take throw-ins?
  14. AntrimBlack

    Steve Bruce

    It is amazing with the amount of evidence from previous clubs that the media continue to support him. Also a little bit of due diligence by Xia's advisers would surely have steered him away from Bruce. The 4 promotions probably held undue sway in their choice.
  15. AntrimBlack

    Pre-Match Thread

    Hutton at LB and Elmohamady at RB and that is a good side.