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  1. Interesting, that. Another one who can play a number of positions. This is a trend this window. (Apart from Martinez )
  2. This one will be interesting. Welcome, Bertrand.
  3. Do they think Hause is better? I cannot believe that.
  4. Terrific farewell interview for the Arsenal fans. Obviously came from nothing, and has not forgotten his roots. He deserves this chance with us, hope he does well. Welcome, big man.
  5. I think from what I have seen it is more down to the player than the money. Waiting for a `better' club to come in for him. It would be very satisfying if we were to bring in someone better, and give him the elbow. Is he as good as he thinks he is? Doesn't seem to be a queue of clubs vying for his services.
  6. AntrimBlack

    The NSWE Board

    The recommendation is 55+ generally, or 40+ if a father or brother has had it.
  7. AntrimBlack

    The NSWE Board

    This. I had no symptoms either. All you VT'ers - get it done.
  8. We made heavy weather of that. Grealish was immense; Watkins looks the part; Ramsey had a good game; Davis scored a good goal. Fair play to Burton - they gave it everything.
  9. A sensible wage bill is the road to nowhere. These owners are ambitious.
  10. Yep. And our performances in the transfer windows will also have a bearing. Our ambition.
  11. AntrimBlack

    The NSWE Board

    Sorry to hear that TRO. I was diagnosed in 2007. I am still here. Be positive. That's the answer.
  12. So exactly where we were 1 week and 150 pages ago?
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