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  1. If they hold out until the last minute we will probably have bought all our centre backs.I do not believe our guys will wait around for Mings.
  2. Of that echelon (RHM, etc.) I think O'Hare might be the one to make it. He seems to have the application to succeed.
  3. That would certainly give Bournemouth a kick up the arse.
  4. I agree. He absolutely deserves to be our number two. As to Wolves, you are totally correct, but the core that took them up was much larger than ours was, and so we have to add lot more players. Adds to the excitement of the window.
  5. £20m is not, to me, smart business for him.
  6. I hope our people are more hard-headed than that, and fortunately I think they are. If you are saying he is good enough to be our number one in the Premier League, Del, then I have to respectfully disagree.
  7. Mings is unproven in my opinion. Any more than £10m is too much. I don't think our owners will wait very long either. They seem to want to get everything sorted quickly to let Smith get the team gelled.
  8. I am not comfortable with him wearing a villa shirt when `off duty'; it is disrespectful to Bournemouth and I can understand his club and fans being annoyed. (it is quite funny though) Wouldn't want him to do it to us though.
  9. At the fee mentioned I think that is unlikely. They are trying to milk us for a player they did not even play in their first team. This is all based on a good half season with us. I love the guy, but I hope and believe we have other options.
  10. Well, that was unexpected! I'm liking the way our guys do business. And the media know nothing.
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