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  1. I think Mings might be a greater loss than Grealish.
  2. Has Sarkic been on the bench before?
  3. The supporters are not much better. Look at the crowd applauding the tackle.
  4. That tackle is bad enough for a red. And possibly would have been, had it not been so early in the game.
  5. Sixth is as good as third in the play off lottery.
  6. AntrimBlack

    Alan Hutton

    And I think he took the best, possibly the only, offer on the table.
  7. The two players we have already bought would indicate that money will not necessarily be a problem. Mings certainly stands out in a poorly performing side. Is he Premier League quality? Not sure about that. The same applies to Abrahams. Both, I think, would be possible signings for next season in the Championship.
  8. He did bloody well then, didn't he? Get him back.
  9. Things have changed. Smith will have a big say on transfers, of course, but a lot of the decision making as far as transfers go is now being made by others, in order to lessen the effect of changing manager. So if we have to dump him the upcoming transfer business will not be wasted. That's the theory, anyway!
  10. They were sent on loan to find out how good, or bad, they are. The contracts of a number of them are up in the summer, so I suspect we will see a number of them not coming back. Does anyone really expect many of them to come back and slot into the first team or even the squad? I doubt it. I think we will be buying young players, and it will be curtains for most of those on loan.
  11. That would certainly be interesting. And not beyond the bounds of possibility.
  12. We must never allow ourselves to be so reliant on one player again. We need to build a team.
  13. He needs a bit of time, but he has got potential.

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