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  1. 91!! What a fantastic age! Enjoy the match mate and more so enjoy her company - I lost my mum last year and I would give anything to see her this Sunday.... Just not whilst the match is on
  2. I mentioned after the Brighton match that Jack was a nailed on member of the next England squad so I take full responsibility, so sorry lads and er.... sorry Jack But on a serious note, I think we all thought that this was his time for selection and I am pretty baffled that Southgate has decided to overlook him again even after watching some of his fine recent performances. The injury he sustained last time out would have been the only reason for the England manager leaving him out.. IMO, though it could be a bit of a blessing in disguise (from a Villa perspective) that he can now rest up after the Wolves game. It is ridiculous to compare him to Delph who is a completely different player, but the question for me is do we really need Delph in this squad for these up and coming games, when we have Rice and Henderson - It was the prefect opportunity to have a look at Jack on the International stage and see what he can bring to the party - which as Villa fans, we all know - The ability to carry the ball, glide past players nonchalantly, pick a pass, draw fouls ETC... He really is different to practically every other player in the squad bar possibly Maddison. I may be biased, well there is no maybe about it, I AM biased, we probably all are on this topic, but he would be one of the first names in the squad for me, behind the obvious ones in Sterling and Kane - he just would give us something extra to our play. As for Southgate, I think he has done a decent job overall, blending in younger players and trying a decent style of football but I am not one of these that would get carried away with being World Cup Semi Finalists, in 90 minutes we beat Tunisia (last minute), Panama and Sweden! Any decent opposition and we came up short, therefore Jury still out! Back to Jack - A nice goal and victory at Molineux would be just the tonic!
  3. This for me. I said that if we didn't get promotion last season (which for a long time was looking unlikely) we would lose Jack at the end of the season so what a relief for us all that we managed to achieve promotion and nothing can take away the fact he led us back to the Premier League. I sincerely hope we stay up this season and our owners / management show serious ambition in the summer transfer window and Jack feels like there is a real chance of success staying at his boyhood club, but I would respect his decision to leave should he go to another club such as Liverpool, Man City ETC - as horrible as it would be! Hope he is fit for Sunday, if he is then a definite starter for me.
  4. I detect a lot of sarcasm in this post. You're right, Engels has looked pretty solid this season and will probably start tomorrow but I don't think it's ludacris to suggest a) Konsa might be better suited to nullify Liverpool's front three or b) playing Konsa would automatically mean we are defeated
  5. Might have been easier saying 'same team as the one that played City' Davis won't be on bench he's injured, King Kodge will be though
  6. Has he shagged your missus Trent? On a serious note I have noticed that you are clearly not a fan of him, which is fair enough, I agree his Villa performances haven't been great and I know you wasn't a fan when he was at Forest so you've probably seen him a lot more than me. I thought he was ok last night and his pass for the first goal was sublime - I think he has more talent than you give him credit for to be honest.
  7. I think you're probably right that he will more than likely go with the same side as the one that played Ci£y, I wouldn't have a problem with that, it will be a tough game regardless of what team we put out but hopefully we can give a good account of ourselves.
  8. Assuming Jack has recovered in time for this one and going on the performances of the fringe players last night, I think the main decisions Smith is faced with are the following; Elmo or Guilbert - Elmo played well against Wolves and got a goal to boot, but against a pacy Liverpool strike force I think Guilbert is better suited. Horuihane or Lansbury for either Luiz or Nakamba - Lansbury was better than Conor but I think neither will start on Saturday - If Jack doesn't make it, possibly Henri would get a chance. El Ghazi or Trezeguet - Anwar was the better of the two I think and at the moment more likely to pop up with a goal so I'd side with him for this one. Konsa or Engels - Ezri looked assured last night albeit against weaker opposition whereas Engels hasn't done a lot wrong since he joined, I don't expect many would agree, but I would be tempted to start with Konsa for this, again maybe better suited to the opposition. The rest pick themselves.
  9. Gomez, Milner, Ox, Lallana, Keita, and Origi all started last night - I would envisage all these players would be in their squad for the Club World Cup.
  10. I think best (realistic) scenario would be a semi final line up of us, Everton, Man City and Man Utd with the latter two playing each other in the semi final and us facing Utd in a one-off final. Having said that, I think a Villa v Leicester semi would be great games!
  11. Third best team we could have hoped for after the obvious two. We will play a strong side and have too much for them, bring it on!
  12. Positives. Through to the Quarter Finals which basically is all that matters. Luiz - controlled middle of park. Would have been my MOTM but for concedeing possession for the equaliser. Lansbury with 2 assists, first one was a delightful pass - which shows he does have something regardless of his haters. Elmo with a goal and a solid performance. Decent back up player. Konsa and Hause looked unflustered - maybe it was the level of performance of opposition. Davis looked handy at linking up play as we know he can. Negatives. Davis injury. Hope it's not too bad. Taylor was erm.. Taylor. Nearly cost us with that back pass and like many have alluded to, he just kills our momentum. Inconsistencies with our wide men. I ain't writing either off, but I want to see more over the course of the season. Hopefully a kind draw in the next round and who knows what could happen. Fingers crossed.
  13. If all fit I think Smith will go for; Steer, Elmo, Konsa, Hause, Targett, El Ghazi, McGinn, Hourihane, Lansbury, Trezeguet, Davis The ones in bold I believe are definite ones to start IMO. Then for me it's a choice between; Hause / Mings or Engels or a lesser extent Chester. Taylor / Targett. McGinn / Luiz or Nakamba. I personally would try keep the back four as strong as possible, regardless of what side they put out they will be capable of punishing a weakened defence. Give Mings / McGinn 60 minutes and let's get off to a flying start! Think the front 3 picks itself tonight unless Kodje is somewhere very lose fitness wise.
  14. Similar to mine, but with Elmo and Lansbury for Guilbert and Nakamba
  15. Speak for yourself, I more often than not just casually side-foot it with power into bottom corner. Easy. . Back to Keinan, he definitely isn't a "natural" finisher but as I have said before he has a lot of other attributes to his game. I would play him Wednesday and if he performs he stays in for Liverpool. Simples.
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