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  1. No worries at all, I agree the wins will all be irrelevant if we do drop out of the league and it's been a tough season . I just feel that although looking at the table it doesn't appear that we're in a 'better place with the same points difference and one game less, I'm looking at the bigger picture which is the games that are left to play and us actually winning our first game since lockdown and hopefully the confidence that it may bring in the final three games
  2. I've said for a long time 36 to 38 points gives us a fighting chance, I think 36 may not be enough, 37 may just do it, we can't mathematically get 38, so let's aim for 39
  3. The fact that we're all still debating our survival chances at the end of today speaks volumes...
  4. I understand how relegation works mate. If us and Bournemouth had BOTH lost today it would have been pretty much over for both of us. The fact we both won means we've both a fighting chance. I would've took that at the start of the day. We're going to need 7 points anyway, more than likely, regardless of the Bournemouth result tonight! I obviously would have preferred Bournemouth to lose but it's not the deal breaker. The good thing is that they have City next so hopefully they should come back down to earth quickly. And also there is now extra pressure on the two W's. By the way, I'm not enjoying the relegation scrap and would much prefer to be sat mid table planning for next season but unfortunately we are where we are. Will still enjoy the wins though or what's the point if you can't get some enjoyment from it?!
  5. Because at the start of the day we were 7 points behind now we're 4. Yes it's the same as before the weekend started but our relegation rivals just played arguably their "easiest" game left to play. Bournemouth and Watford both have City to play and West Ham have United to play. Sorry that you don't see it as a good day, I try to look on the positive side and today's result was a positive, it was a good win and nice to see us win a game again. You sound deflated that we won! For the record, Bournemouth winning has put a little dampener on it but at the moment we're not chasing them we're chasing the teams ABOVE the relegation zone so not the end of the world. Key was us winning today and that's what we did. Enjoy it.
  6. We all should know by now that predicting football matches is an extremely difficult task because there is always (at least) one result that no one expects, buuuuuuut, it's been a good day (so far) and we've given ourselves a chance, so here's my two penneth. If Bournemouth lose this, and you can't see them getting anything against Man City, then the most points they can accumulate is 34 points (with wins against Southampton and Everton). I could see 4 points from that MAXIMUM which would leave them on 32. Down for me. Watford currently on 34. West Ham currently on 34. I would like to write off games they have against City and United. Which leaves West Ham facing us and Watford facing Arsenal. Both those games scare me, us playing the hammers for obvious reasons, could be one of the biggest game in our history, but I have a sneaky feeling that Deeney n co could bully an Arsenal team all over the field and nick the 3 points. I hope I'm wrong. It's obvious we need at least 2 wins. I think I'm more confident of us at VP against Arsenal than I am against Everton to be honest. I think we will have 33 points after those games. So my theory would require Watford beating WHU so that come the final game of the season the latter are on 34 and we're on 33 and it's win or bust. To be honest I would take that if offered now. Ideally though, WHU beat the hornets go full on beach mode for our game, then the latter lose to City and Arsenal and we secure 2 out of 3 wins (in fact f*** it, 3/3)! UTV
  7. I'm not sure why people were writing us off, we're still in this, just the lay out of the fixtures was always going to give us this deficit to overcome. The hardest part is the physiological aspect of being adrift but hopefully the win and clean sheet gives us the confidence to at least make a fight of it.
  8. Poor first 45. Very good 30 minutes in the second half and average last 15. Close call for MOTM, Trez obviously the hero with the goals but Elmo had a great game throughout and probably just edged it for me. The difference today was Palace are NO Liverpool or Man Utd so of course we looked better and the scoreline reflects that.
  9. Not played well at all really and if we don't improve we will still lose this. I would be very surprised if we kept a clean sheet. Can't fault their effort. It's there. Just there's a serious lack of quality. Some of the comments in the match thread do make me laugh though but I suppose it's a place to vent your frustrations. I would get Davis on for Samatta, then probably look at El Ghazi for Trez though the goal may have given him a lift. He works hard but he's so poor but then has that nice side foot finish, similar technique to the one against Leicester.
  10. Hahaha I read this at the precise moment he scored n thought, bet he scores
  11. I understand fully that there is little, if no sympathy in football, and I understand some fans will want him gone. I just don't get the name calling. Shows a complete lack of class. I would hope we as supporters would be better than that.
  12. How old are you, like 12? Fair enough if he fails to keep us up, it's a massive shame, but it wouldn't be for the want of trying. A man that is Villa through and through. Who recently lost his dad to dementia yet was back to work straight away and doing his best to keep us up. Not forgetting he got us promoted in the first place. Will always have my respect, shame can't be said for you.
  13. As I said in the post match United thread, we are the most fragile team in the league and the current lack of goals in our team means once we go behind our heads drop considerably and the very little confidence we have disappears totally. Our key players are not performing and we really are in last chance saloon territory come Sunday afternoon. The thing is, I think just one win, one bloody win and the impact it could have on us going into the following 3 games could still be massive. I'm not giving up yet, call me delusional, and I sure hope the players aren't either - We ALL expected to lose the last two games and although we did, there were positives (mainly Liverpool and 30 mins against United). The four games we have IMO are all WINNABLE. We knew that, it's time for the players to step up. Like I said, I may be mad but I don't think it's over................. YET! Up the f***in Villa
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