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  1. 5 points, but still involved despite tonight's result
  2. Suggested that weeks ago, on paper it's stronger than what's on show tonight.
  3. Fair play to Bruce and the Geordies getting those results but it's extremely hard to take as a Villa fan, if each of those games were played 100 times over they would probably struggle to pick up TEN points! I'm glad I'm not watching their brand of football week in week out, having said that our equivalent fixtures (albeit our games against United & Chelsea were away from home) show that we are pretty similar in terms of our possession, shots on/off target (overall) just that we have conceded a lot more shots against us in these fixtures. That surprised me but I feel at least we are trying to play the right way where as Bruce is well.. doing what Bruce does! We are currently 7 points adrift from them in the league but I think it will be a lot closer come the 17th May - Here's hoping!
  4. Thought the penalty and performance as sub at Rotherham was absolutely crucial to why we are playing Premier League football right now, for that alone I think he has proved a hit rather than a miss. Wish him all the best but trust Smith and the coaches decision to let him go, I just hope we are in for at least one other striker (in addition to Samatta) because we are looking extremely thin in this department. Good Luck Kodj!
  5. Shame about Davis because he is decent at holding the ball up and bringing others into play, something we're clearly lacking without Wes. I'm not too sure RHM would offer much more than El Ghazi to be honest, having said that at least it would allow us to play Anwar in his correct position. Really disappointing not to have any reinforcements in.
  6. Welcome Pepe! Not seen an awful lot of him since his Liverpool days where he was a very capable keeper, hopefully he will be a solid acquisition like Heaton was looking to be, prior the injury. A clean sheet Saturday would be a great start!
  7. Like the look of that but I think Davis is going to be out a while longer hence no one else selecting him
  8. That's pretty much how I am seeing things, but I don't think we could afford to go into the next set of games with that front two and expect to gain maximum points. #prayforastrikerortwo
  9. Reina Konsa Phillips Mings Guilbert Nakamba Drinkwater Targett Grealish Benteke Morelos or Reina Guilbert Konsa Mings Targett Nakamba Drinkwater Grealish Benrahma Morelos Bowen Yes i'm bored.. but hopefully we have some new signings, especially a striker... If we don't I think it will be a 2-0 defeat I'm afraid! UTV
  10. Yesterday again showed why he doesn't usually get selected against the better teams where we normally see less of the ball. I watched Conor many a times for Barnsley (I get it was in the lower league's) and he was never afraid to get stuck in and put himself about a bit, but I've barely seen him do that at all for Villa in his time here. That was the worst thing for me yesterday, not just Conor but the whole team, where was the fight, the aggression, the tackling... absolutely none of it, dreadful.
  11. I think him being directly involved in us conceding three goals is pretty bad to be fair mate. I also think you're being a tad harsh on Hourihane and Lansbury, from a technical aspect I think both are a pretty capable, it's the other deficiencies in their game which is a problem. I would say he's technically head and shoulders over Nakamba and Luiz though. Anyway, the first 15 minutes showed to me he can be an asset to us and an upgrade to what we have, just needs to get to full speed and like you say time unfortunately isn't on our side with massive games coming up.
  12. Was really impressed with him away at Leicester, looked commanding, looked a big frame in the goal, looked confident, made several decent saves and I was questioning the decision to bring in Reina. Today showed very much why we're in for Reina. Abysmal.
  13. Voted Grealish MOTM but only cos he had to endure 90 minutes of that turgid Villa performance and deserves so much more than what his team mates offered today. Trezeguet was lively when he came on and fair play to him. In hindsight his and Nakamba's energy could have made things a little more bearable to watch. The team selection and notable inclusion of Drinkwater backfired immensely and he contributed to 3 (I think) of their goals. I'm not going to write him off because as daft as it sounds in the first 10 minutes he looked ok but then his legs went - 50 minutes before I thought they would. Was always going to be extremely difficult to get anything from the game as we all knew, but the players well n truly looked beaten before a ball was kicked and then it was just a case of keeping the score down. Defensively were shocking and having no real focal point to our attack meant it was just wave after wave of attacks and it was a painful watch. I rated Smith very poor but I think the players still let him and themselves down today and I wont be calling for his head off the back of this game. We need to regroup, get some signings in and do our upmost to stay in this league. Fair play to the Villa crowd that were still there singing at the end, class that.
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