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  1. @AntrimBlack this is why called you post-match... arrogance.
  2. These are exactly the kind of comments I hate to see before our games, winnable or not. That said, I hope you're right.
  3. Another decent performance from Jack who was possibly heading for MOTM (possibly Mount) before Foden struck twice. Sancho looked lively albeit against a weary Iceland side. Took the shine off Jack's performance but it could be a good thing for Villa, he knows he has fierce competition in the England squad so needs to keep firing on all cylinders. He won the free-kick for the first goal, played a huge part in the lead up to the second and those moments made it easy for England. The formation didn't suit Jack, weird watching our defenders (usually McGuire) play so far forward, Saka pushing
  4. Not sure if @villalad21 has started his Christmas drinking early with all the negative Wesley comments but personally I think it is ridiculous to write him off already. I think we only need to look at the turnaround in form of Trezeguet as an example of giving a foreign player time to adapt and settle in a new country before getting rid. Trez was absolutely abysmal for majority of last season and I will be the first to admit I was thinking how bad is this guy, but to be fair he's got his head down, got fitter, contributed with goals, is working harder than every player on the pitch a
  5. Head 1-2 Have a nagging doubt that we might slip up here. Obviously hope I am wrong, just have a feeling our returning international players might be slightly off the pace. It will aid us somewhat if their injury list is as severe as the one above, but tbh we shouldn't have to rely on this to get the three points - We have already been quite fortunate IMO to face a weakened Liverpool side and a Vardy-less Leicester. Team selection may come down to the fitness and rest period of the international players though I am sure Smith would prefer to send out the same team that faced A
  6. Underwhelming. Says it all that Jack is the best player on the pitch (again) without (for me) reaching his Villa performances. He still had a decent game though I just feel Southgate is holding him and the team back with his formations - IE three at the back - though at least last night, the wing backs had more license to roam forward. Thought Mount played well, he's a good player, it's ridiculous that the media (well, Southgate) has made it a Mason or Jack scenario - last night, albeit against very poor opponents you can see they are capable of playing in the same side and playing well -
  7. Only managed to see the goals so can't really comment too much on the performance, but always felt there would be goals in the game but was hoping we would be the ones to nick it. At 0-4 it was looking very embarrassing, but least we restored some pride back. They really have hit us with some wonderful goals today. It seems to be all or nothing with some fans with not much middle ground. I've heard how Watkins is the absolute real deal but has (for me) been poor in a fair few games. Same with Cash. Probably because they are new players. Barkley was an absolute steal. But now he's lazy and not
  8. Tough game, need to keep their front two pairing quiet, we do that we win (easy eh?!) Even though there are no fans watching, it still makes me feel a little more confident seeing us playing with the claret & blue seats in the background and hopefully the familiarity helps us to victory. I would start Traore in this one as a replacement for Trez who was v poor against Leeds. It's a bit of a gamble because we may lose a little defensive cover but we're at home, we've had a great start to the season (Leeds aside) and I think we need to attack the game in a positive manner and hopef
  9. Fair enough mate, I just personally think some of the criticism I saw on social media after the game a bit harsh. Yes, ultimately, he made the wrong choice, because it didn't end up in a goal, but I'm personally not going to criticise him in this period of play, I think he had earned himself an opportunity at a strike on goal with the 60 yard run. If however the run hadn't happened and it was just a case of him and Ollie clean through on goal and he chose to shoot with Ollie in a much favourable position then my feelings would completely change, for sure. But when all's said and done
  10. Have mixed feelings about watching this, on one hand it is an absolutely brilliant run and shows what a truly talented footballer we have... But in the end it leads to nothing and we end up getting battered (after the first goal). I love the injection of pace after the half way line where he leaves Koch for dead, then the moment he sits both Koch and Ayling on the floor - if only he could have just dinked his finish (which I thought he was going to do at the time) then we would be talking about goal of the season right there. Definitely reminiscent of the one he scored against Roth
  11. I think trying to pick a MOTM pretty much sums up the whole team performance really. I gave it to Cash for sticking gamely at the task of being left 1 on 1 a criminal number of times throughout the evening. This despite the fact that all their good moments stemmed from Harrison down the left. Think we need to be magnanimous in defeat. We owe ourselves that after 4 wins on the spin. We also owe Leeds that. I hate them with a passion but they were very good tonight. Particularly once they went in front. On other nights, one of our chances goes in and it's a different ending to the game
  12. Leeds just shading it for me but could still go either way. Their work rate and speed has been very impressive to be fair (begrudgingly). Trez has been very poor, but I'm not sure Traore is the option to replace him.. yet. Think we might be left even more open down the left hand side. I know it won't happen and I know it won't be wanted on here but I would be thinking about Davis up top Watkins from wide and Trez off. I think the extra strength and muscle up top will help us get more of the ball. Anyway, need a big half or we will lose this COME ON VILLA
  13. Though it may have been Bamford that slowed the play down, not actually sure it was - It was Klich that went down the left flank, cut in and scored. We didn't win. It ended 1-1. We were hanging on last 10 minutes but that was mainly because we were wrongly down to 10-men. In the end it was a nothing game. Bielsa gets credit for giving us the walk-in goal, but I am not sure he would have reacted in the same way should automatic promotion still been on the table. Really not sure why it caused such a furore to be honest - I would have preferred the 1-0 loss. Anyway,
  14. I did say "call me mad!" Oh no I definitely love Villa more than I hate Leeds - Though I can see why my statement may suggest otherwise. It wasn't 2 points less though, it was 1 point - though it might not have been clear on my post. For clarity I meant I would prefer 2 x wins & 3 x draws (beating Leeds) rather than 3 x wins, 1 x draw & a defeat to Leeds. For me knocking their lot down a peg or two, whilst remaining unbeaten in 9 games would be fantastic. And the "invincibles" record will still be in sight I get that the extra point may be vital come the e
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