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  1. WakefieldVillan

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Swansea

    Cheers pal, born and raised in Wakefield, followed Villa since I was 4 (37 years ago) apparently it was the colours I went for (but too young to remember!)
  2. WakefieldVillan

    Pre-match thread

    If I was offered a point now, I would probably take it, but hopefully we can start like we did yesterday, on the front-foot and with a positive attitude, we may be able to sneak all three points. McGinn suspended is a big blow, I think Hourihane will come in and I would be tempted to freshen up a bit more with 3 games in 6 days. I'd go; Nyland Hutton Chester Tuanzebe Taylor Grealish Whelan Hourihane Elmo Abraham Kodija
  3. WakefieldVillan

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Swansea

    Had a nice day out with my old man, who I found out was 77 not 76, sorry dad... I also found out his pension was going into his account on Monday (3 times, during the day ), it was a struggle walking up the Upper Trinity steps for him, but he got there in the end! On to the football... Was slightly deflated with the starting line up, did seem a bit 'bruce-esque' but was prepared to see how it panned out! Thought we started the game on the front foot, pressed higher, got the goal - great cross from Elmo & nice header from Tammy. Had other moments where we could (& should) have got the second but for the final ball letting us down. Second half I thought they shaded it to be honest, though having said that Jack and Tammy had a couple of chances & Adomah dragged one wide when he should have made the keeper at least work for it. One nil is always a dangerous scoreline and but for Nyland we managed to see it out (thankfully!) Thought the subs were all the correct ones to make and were positive but actually had an adverse affect on us, in particular Bolasie who looked disinterested?! McGinn MOTM for me, closely followed by Nyland. Was a little disappointed in the atmosphere, sounded great at kick off and in last minutes but for such a big crowd it seemed a bit flat (it's one of the reasons I prefer the away games!) Missed our train home due to the queues at the train station and nearly got hit by a smoke bomb from the Swansea Neanderthals passing us on the coaches (who even does things like this with old people /kids around?!) Dropped my dad off at 9.15pm and last thing he said was... "who we got next?!" UTV
  4. WakefieldVillan

    Pre-Match Thread

    Just ordered 2 tickets in the upper trinity for me and my dad, been contemplating it all week (he's 76 & it will be a long day for him so wasn't sure) but I'm totally buzzing for it now, he used to take me when I was younger and I thought I may regret one day not returning the offer and spending the time with him! UTV!
  5. WakefieldVillan

    New Manager Speculation

    First post in here as I was up until very recently in the Bruce-In camp, I hope he can turn it around and he will have my full 100% support whilst he's here, however I think we need a change. My order of preference would be; 1) Arsene Wenger 2) Brendan Rogers 3) Rafa Benitez 4) Eddie Howe 5) David Wagner 6) Claudio Ranieri 7) Thierry Henry Chris Wilder 9) Giovanni Van Bronckhorst 10) Remi Garde Yes, I get that at least 9 of those are extremely unlikely to say the least!
  6. WakefieldVillan

    Steve Bruce

    Up until the Burton and Sheffield United games I have been one of the Bruce-In camp, this was mainly due to the fact I felt that having stability going into the new season would work in our favour and I was more concerned with what replacement we would get in as opposed to seeing Bruce as some kind of Messiah! I like Bruce, he seems a good guy & I think he brought what we needed after Di Matteo was fired, BUT, this has been a poor start to the season, the results have been poor, the football even worse and I think it is criminal the state our defence has been left in going into this campaign, the last thing you would expect from an ex centre half and that of a Bruce side. I feel he is underachieving with one of the strongest squads in the league (defence aside), the football is poor (most of the time), there is no real style of play, he is playing players out of position and first time I have said this, but I think it's time for a change!
  7. WakefieldVillan

    Ron Saunders in care

    I lost my mum 6 months ago to this cruel disease, so it is still very raw, there really isn't a positive, just hope he has the best care possible and my thoughts go out to him and all his family
  8. WakefieldVillan

    Pre-Match Thread

    I'd go... Nyland Tuanzebe Chester Jedinak Hutton Elmo McGinn Hourihane Green Grealish Kodija Morreira, Taylor, Lansbury, Whelan, Bjarnsson, Adomah, Hepburn-Murphy Think Bruce will make 2 (or 3) changes with Nyland and Tuanzebe coming in and possibly Jedinak. UTV
  9. WakefieldVillan

    Pre-Match Thread

    Apologies but what does this mean? Think the Jack will he stay or will he go thread has affected my brain!
  10. WakefieldVillan

    Pre-Match Thread

    Praying for 3-1 Villa
  11. WakefieldVillan

    Tactics for the 2018/2019 Season

    Didn't realise we had re-signed Ian Taylor
  12. WakefieldVillan

    Tactics for the 2018/2019 Season

    I must concur what others have already said on here and that we do not have the players for playing 3-5-2. I too, do not mind the system but we seriously lack the pace (particularly at the back) and the ability on the ball to play out from defence. I hope Bruce is just trying a few things out in pre season and doesn't try it away at Hull in a couple of weeks time. As our team is at the moment I would play 4-1-4-1 and line up something like: Steer De Laet Chester Jedinak Hutton Bjarnsson Adomah Hourihane Grealish Kodija Davis (if fit) Bunn, Elmo, Elphick, Whelan, Green, Lansbury, Hogan Think we desperately need to add a new keeper (seen we are linked with one, Bunn should not be anyway near the squad). A new centre half - Think Terry would have worked in a three, I'd take Tuanzebe on loan, Huth would be an upgrade on Elphick, hard to say who though without knowing whst funds we have to work with. I would prefer Jedinak mopping up in front of the defence but only in certain games against physical opponents. I think Davis is the best we have at holding the ball up and bringing others into play, hence Kodija out wide. Need to keep Jack and Chester and I think with a couple of good loan signings we will be play-offs again UTV
  13. WakefieldVillan

    Villa Kit 2018-19

    We have had worse. We have had better. I am more concerned about who will be wearing them. I thought they were going to be dreadful to be honest but I quite like them both. 7/10. Not keen on the Luke logo though and I have seen better kit designs from people on here.
  14. WakefieldVillan

    Jack Grealish

    I can only reiterate how everyone else feels about losing Jack. I couldn't sleep last night after watching that Steve Bruce interview. I am 40 for Christ Sake! I remember being in tears when my hero David Platt left, but I was young so could be forgiven, football meant literally EVERYTHING to me back then. Since then we have lost the likes of Bosnich, Yorke, Young, Delph, Barry and Benteke - All of whom I was sad to see go, but accepted that there were (are) bigger clubs than us around and circumstances around those departures are completely different to this. Jack, for me, could reach the very top, if he can stay clear of injuries I fully expect him to be a major player in any of the top sides. I would have loved to have seen him in this World Cup with this England squad, I think he could have easily made his mark in the games we have played. The way he glides past players is a joy to watch, he retains the ball well, he can pass, thread balls through, slow play down, such a skillful technical player. I am not saying he is better than, say for example Dele Alli, but I think he has been extremely poor this tournament and I do think Grealish has a higher ceiling. Absolutely devastated that we are going to lose him in the way we are and I don't think I could ever forgive Dr Xia for letting this happen. I can't bring myself to talk about him on Jack's thread. I wish Jack all the best though and will genuinely watch him as much as I can regardless of him not wearing our Claret and Blue jersey.
  15. WakefieldVillan

    Ratings & Reactions: Huddersfield v Villa

    Think Chappy was pretty much spot on with his match summary earlier in this thread, I went with an Ex Huddersfield Town player (supporting Villa) he thought like me we were worthy of at least a point, possibly three. In the end missed chances cost us and a very sloppy goal to concede. My player ratings are as follows; Johnstone 6/10 - Made a good save early on but the linesman flagged so wouldn't have counted, didn't have much to do other than routine catches. I think it would be a little harsh to blame him for the goal. Bree 7/10 - Looks a good signing, composed on the ball and nullified the Huddersfield pacy winger. Would have liked him to push on a bit more but that may be Bruce's instructions. Taylor 5/10 - Think he's a little more solid than Amavi defensively but still got caught a couple of times in the first half where he was a bit hesitant. Chester 6/10 - Solid enough. Baker 6/10 - See Chester. Though he did get caught out in the second half when he pulled down Wells. Rightly carded. Jedinak 8/10 - My MOTM. We look a much more stronger unit with Mile in the side. Won all his headers. Does the dirty stuff. Lansbury 7/10 - Worked hard, extremely unlucky with the strike that rattled the bar, felt like he tried the ball into the channel too much second half, again maybe Bruce's instructions. Hourihane 5/10 - Surprised he's had any votes for MOTM?! Was most looking forward to watching this guy live but was left disappointed. Think the 1st half miss affected his game somewhat - In a Barnsley shirt that breaks the net! Tried hard but quality was lacking. Spent most of the night closing down the Town centre halves, but when we do this we need to hunt in packs not as individuals. Adomah 4/10 - That rating could be a little high! Was invisible most of the match and showed nothing on the ball. Disappointing to say the least. Amavi 5/10 - Looked like he was asking Bruce where he needed to be during the first half. Think it's a straight choice at LB between him and Taylor. Last night with them both on the pitch we struggled physically. Kodija 6/10 - Showed some nice touches and battled hard against two physical Town defenders but had little support from his team-mates or the referee. Subs; - Both a little too late to judge Referee 4/10 - Rated poor - Jedinak harshly yellow carded with his first challenge yet the Town players seemed to get away with lots of similar challenges, niggly ones that went unpunished. Mooy's foul on Lansbury looked a nasty one (yellow given, perhaps a red?! but would need to see it again). Think the pen for the tackle on Kodija would have been harsh, think he should have just fallen naturally and it may have been given, the theatrical dive made it easy for the ref to give it Town's way and to appease the home fans. Bruce 6/10 - Average - I think he played the right team and on another day we win that, but don't think it was particularly pleasing on the eye from either team. Injuries/Suspensions didn't help as we had no one on the bench who could really come on and affect the game.