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  1. This for me. Some teams are going to p1ssed off no matter what decision is reached, at least hopefully (with Euros put back to 2021) we may be able to have a non-disruptive 20/21 season. First (and last) time I will agree with Karen Brady. I would feel like this regardless of Villa's position.
  2. 14.50 - Thyme Hill 15.30 - Delta Work 16.10 - Caid Du Burlais 16.50 - Greaneteen (Just put this lucky 15 on!) Not won a race since Shiskin won on opening race
  3. I'm completely torn. It goes without saying recent performances have been dire and we have suffered other poor ones throughout the course of the season. Our defensive stats are poor that's evident for all to see, our football hasn't improved through the course of the season, we make way too many individual mistakes, the coaching staff have also made mistakes (I think they would be first to admit that), Smith has yet to find our best formation and best starting eleven and we have lacked desire and passion in lots of matches which stems from the men in charge. Clearly there are lots of issues to rectify - the questions are, can the current regime turn it around? Will they be kept on to try turn it around? Or would (insert name) have a better chance in doing so? I really don't know, but I can see arguments for both alternatives. What I would say is that despite the above I feel that Smith has been extremely unlucky with the injuries to Heaton, McGinn and Wesley (who has been derided, but most fans would admit, has been missed) 3 key players from arguably our 'best' eleven. These injuries have really hit us hard and added to this the ridiculous VAR decisions which have gone against us which may, just may, have seen us currently sat outside the relegation places with a bit more luck. I was definitely one of the supporters that thought a 17th place finish would be great this season and to push on next season - I am keeping everything crossed that we can still achieve this but I realise it's a tall order given our recent displays and the fixtures to come. I won't even go into the discussion of how many players we had to recruit just to get a full squad because another poster has already beautifully put all that a short while ago, but this in itself made it an even more difficult task to gel all these new players together. I am trying to put to the back of my mind that he his "one of our own" and the story of his dad's illness (which I lost my mum to) and the fact that he's a really like-able guy and purely look at it from a footballing aspect - and yes I am totally torn. I really want Premier League football next season, mainly to try retain the services of Jack for another season and the likes of McGinn and Mings and changing manager might give us a better chance of achieving this but then I don't want us to go back to square one every couple of years hiring & firing managers and having no footballing vision moving forward. If there is a call to make I am glad I don't have to make it and if he was sacked I would still think he would go down as a successful Villa manager and would appreciate what he has done for the club. UTV
  4. Nyland Guilbert Engels Mings Targett Nakamba McGinn El Ghazi Grealish Samatta Davis Reina, Elmo, Taylor, Konsa, Luiz, Hourihane, Trezeguet
  5. I am not usually an advocate for re-signing old players but if we were to get relegated (which looks ominous) then I think our first signing should be Marc.
  6. His worst performance for a very long time last night, not sure if he is fully fit or if he has had his head turned but he hasn't performed to the incredibly high standards that he has set himself probably since Watford at home 6 matches ago. If he is fit then 100% he plays, any people suggesting otherwise are crazy
  7. The scary thing for me is that he is comfortably our best defender by some distance which probably confirms why we have conceded the most goals in the league. We're a much worse team when he doesn't play, but by heck does he need to up his game, stop thinking he is better than he is, stop dithering on the ball and start doing what defenders are there to do - F****** DEFEND!
  8. Was never convinced when we signed him, his performances have confirmed the doubts. Nyland should play till end of the season.
  9. A few weeks ago I felt quite confident we could pick up something from this, not anymore. Will either be a plucky 1-2 defeat or an embarrassing 0-4 loss.
  10. He was the pick of the midfield tonight but that doesn't say much. We desperately needed to sign Kalvin Phillips though whatever the cost, we'd probably be safe in my view. A guy that can put a crunching tackle in. We lack so much fight its untrue.
  11. Absolutely horrid performance that was with not a single positive to take from it and VAR giving that pen for that word removed to score just capped the night off. Smith got it totally wrong tonight, I am interested to hear his post match analysis but I've had enough for tonight. I think he was torn between two formations tonight and it showed. We played 4 at the back against these at VP and got torn to shreds, tonight was the same. The cup games we played 3 at the back and although we still gave chances away we weren't left quite as 'exposed' as tonight. But because the 3 hasn't been working I think he trusted us to carry on with 4 but then negated all our attacking threat by playing Elmo and Conor who were both passengers and both hooked. I always knew tonight would be tough, but that was shambolic, he's going to have to work miracles to lift the players after that. It's probably more likely that the fans will do it on Saturday than him to be honest. Boy do they need our support now. I'm clinging on to the hope that he stumbles on a winning team/formula and we gain some confidence from somewhere but it's looking gloomy to say the least. No-one out there deserved any consideration for MOTM really, they were ALL poor, but special mention to Reina, Guilbert, Mings, Luiz and Conor who were the worst of the lot!
  12. Absolutely massive team talk required, we have been utter dreadful from 5 minutes in. No fight, no desire, no belief, no leadership, no confidence. We are so weak all over the pitch it's laughable. I'd bring Davis on put him up top with Samatta playing off him. El El Ghazi for Elmo. I'd like to take Conor off to but probably best to keep 1 sub till later, but they all need to pull their **** fingers out. I don't mind losing, but I hate losing in this manner. Disgraceful performance. Oh n Reina has been very average from day 1. We've signed him 10 years too late. Stick with Nyland after tonight till end of season.
  13. Unfortunately it's going to be Leeds and West Brom promoted which always looked the likeliest outcome for me, can see the former winning the title now they've well and truly overcome their annual blip! I think Fulhams experience will see them win the play-offs but I hope it's someone else. A Brentford vs Fulham final would be a good spectacle!
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