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  1. More than happy with this one, is he Ashley Young of 10 years ago flying down the wing, whipping in dangerous crosses time and time again, well of course not. Will he provide us with a bit of experience to a young squad - yes, a winning mentality - yes, cover for full back/wing positions - yes, is he better than Elmo and Taylor (who he's effectively replacing) - yes. Like others have alluded, if this was one of our main signings then I'd be worried but when we have just broke our transfer record on Buendia and putting bids in for Smith-Rowe I trust our club/NSWE/Deano with this one.
  2. Pretty happy with that overall tbh - no real run of "difficult" matches and first three games could really set the tone for the season - I think we might be top by the International break in September (3 x 2-1 victories! Easy!)
  3. It does when he plays Maguire left of the back three and/or with two holding midfielders and any involvement of Eric Dier! Thankfully the last part wont become a reality. I think it can work but it needs to have the right personnel in and if we're dominating it would turn into a 3-4-3 anyway - Also I think, even though he doesn't play this system with us, it is Tyrone's best chance of starting. Something along the lines of: Pickford Stones Maguire Mings
  4. Pretty much what I would go for (against stronger opposition) - 4-2-3-1 - Pickford; Walker, Stones, Maguire, Shaw; Henderson (if fit), Rice; Mount, Foden, Grealish; Kane. Or as above but with Mount in for Henderson and Sterling (if he finds some form!) in the three behind Kane. I could certainly see us playing 3-4-3 though as we have great options within the squad, player wise and formation wise. It's pretty difficult choosing the best XI because many of the players competing are at a similar level ability-wise. Ultimately we have a good chance of going all the way but I think w
  5. I think he would be a very astute signing to be honest. Seems to have been around for ages yet only 21. Would look much better in a claret and blue side that tries to play football rather than the "direct" style he's currently involved in. 2 years younger than David Brooks which surprised me, he's the one I'd really like us to sign (I think he has a bit more to his game than McNeil) but I wouldn't turn my nose up at him or Pereira or Rashica though.
  6. It was fairly bright but from the limited time we have watched it, it wasn't a problem and didn't spoil our viewing - and it is positioned in quite a light room with sun coming in thru bi-fold doors with no blinds/curtains - so I wouldn't be put off by that. I can imagine it would go to another level though in darker conditions.
  7. We got a "LG - OLED55CX6LA 55" when we moved house about a month ago now and the picture quality was second to none - was delighted with it... buuuuuut... A couple of days after putting it on our kitchen wall (2 weeks after buying) a black line appeared down the middle of the screen - I think it is to do with the pixels but other than that I haven't got a clue. Anyway last night it just switched off completely (whilst watching the Villa yoof!) It is under warranty and we are waiting for an exchange but not in stock for 10-21 days - Probably going to get a refund then purchase the o
  8. I rate Buendia and think he would be a very decent acquisition for us however I do think the £40M that's been touted is a little on the high side - But I suppose that's the market these days so it is what it is (£40M is the new £4M and all that). Should he come to us, where do people see him start? Attacking midfielder or from the right? I suppose he gives us a great option in both positions. I think I would prefer him centrally but feel our weaknesses (or inconsistent performers) are on the flanks - so I hope we are still looking at improvements in those areas.
  9. 200/1 Skybet, worth a quid. I think you're right though, I can see it being a high-scoring entertaining game. Same team that started Spurs for me, it had good balance.
  10. We've had three cracking away performances (& results) this season - at Arsenal (0-3), at Everton (1-2) and now at Spurs (1-2). These are the teams we need to be competing with over the next season or two and I really believe with a couple of quality additions we will do so. Add into that, away wins at Leeds, Saints, Wolves and its been a really good season, tonight we were deserving winners and it really could (should) have been 5! Voted Mings because I think without him we're just not the same team but McGinn was excellent as was Marvellous and the tireless Watkins. In fact rig
  11. Don't think it matters what team we put out to be honest - we will only have a chance of getting something from tonight if our attitude is right. Hoping to see a much improved performance from the Palace game, but expecting a comfortable Spurs win and the inevitable Kane w***fest. Hopefully Mings back in for Hause (for his presence alone) and I would start Jack to give us a bit of a lift. I'd go - Emi; Elmo, Konsa, Mings, Targett; Luiz, McGinn, Barkley; El Ghazi, Watkins, Grealish.
  12. All nice n easy for 25 mins but as soon as they put their foot in we didn't want the battle and they ran out deserving winners. We are definitely a team at the beach and that lies at the managers feet, but calls for him out are ridiculous despite wrong selections / subs / timing of subs ETC. We are just too powder puff and when the referee let's lots of the niggly stuff go for them (like today) the result is inevitable. Hoping for a big summer window.
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