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  1. WakefieldVillan

    Pre-match thread

    The line up is pretty much as expected, with the wide players being the only ones rotated and it's hard to say whether it makes us stronger or weaker to be honest. I remember Smith saying in one of his early interviews that he always liked to have '3.5 goals" in his starting eleven and his first few selections showed that, I feel that he is going against what he believes in with this selection. Abraham is the one goal and you have a goal between maybe Hourihane and Green, I don't see much more goal threat. I think we might well be tightening up now but he/we need to get the balance at both ends of the field.
  2. WakefieldVillan

    Pre-match thread

    Going to be interesting to see Smith's team selection today after Wednesday's poor performance. I feel only Kalinic, Mings and McGinn actually deserve to keep their shirts but unfortunately given our current injury situation we haven't got the (right) replacements with Tuanzebe, Chester, Grealish, Carroll and Lansbury all out. I hope to see no Adomah and Taylor for starters, but wouldn't be surprised to see both. With what's available I'd probably go; Kalinic Hutton Elphick Mings Hause Whelan Hourihane McGinn Kodjia Davis Abraham For me none of our wide players having been showing any kind of form, Tammy I think would put a shift in and still be a goal threat cutting in, Davis can hold the ball up better and allow McGinn and Hourihane to play off him, ignoring Kodge's faults he still has the ability to produce moments of class. No Barnes or Gayle is a bonus for us, I think we might edge this 2-1.
  3. WakefieldVillan

    Kortney Hause

    I thought he was shockingly bad first half on Wednesday night but improved slightly in the second half but that wasn't exactly a difficult achievement. I'm not going to completely rule him out as a dud though after just 2 games, however underwhelming they have been. He hasn't played that much football (it clearly shows) but least there is a bit more of a physical presence with him over Taylor, I don't think we've much to lose at this stage.
  4. WakefieldVillan

    Pre match thread

    Our recent results against these leave me feeling apprehensive for Wednesday night but hopefully the team can be boosted by Friday's remarkable comeback. I would start with the same eleven that finished that game, providing Chester and Grealish are still sidelined. Would be a boost to see Jack on the bench sometime soon, seems like an eternity since he hobbled off at the Hawthorns. Hard to call this. Usually I would say I would take a point in this kind of fixture post-match, but single points aren't enough for us. We need to attack from the off, press high, play with confidence and purpose and hopefully if we can take our chances we may edge it 1-2 or 2-3. UTV
  5. WakefieldVillan

    Mile Jedinak

    Was shocking last night, extremely bad. Not sure if his legs have totally gone or whether it was lack of match fitness; maybe a combination of both. I know Sheffield United players took their foot off the gas and sat back in the closing stages, but the difference Whelan made when he was on the pitch was like night and day compared to Mile. I think his time is up in the summer, but he's not been the worst player to grace the claret and blue shirt and obviously has decent traits but passing a football sure aint one of them
  6. WakefieldVillan

    Scott Hogan

    I'm equally intrigued. I think he will fit in and if he can regain some confidence, I expect him to grab a few goals.
  7. WakefieldVillan

    Leroy Fer

    Would be happy with this one, decent combative midfielder, experienced, not afraid to put a tackle in, would add some aerial pressence and more mobility than Whelan or Jedi. I think he would compliment McGinn and Grealish hugely. Hope it goes through
  8. WakefieldVillan

    Scott Hogan

    I'm firmly on the fence with this one; 100% agree that is time at Villa has been very disappointing to say the least, one five game period aside, he's either been very poor, substitute or injured. He was definitely the wrong signing at the wrong time. A player that really struggled in a 'system' that didn't suit his game. Is that Hogan's fault? Is that Bruce's fault? I would say a bit of both to be honest. A player does need to try to adapt his game to get game time, but asking him to come on as a substitute and hold up play whilst it was being hoofed up field was just plain ridiculous. With Smith coming in I was hoping that he would get the best out of him, the 'Brentford' Hogan but thus far it just isn't happening, playing one up top and the form of Tammy contributing to this, but also, lets face it he has been pretty terrible. As a striker (more than any other position I would say) you need to be brimming with confidence to get the best out of you and you can tell that he is bereft of this and it shows. I would love for him to find some form here as I think 'some' of the criticism is a little harsh but it doesn't look like it is going to happen so hopefully we can still get a decent fee rather than sending him out on loan, my worry is that he will go elsewhere and he will score goals. I guess time will tell.
  9. WakefieldVillan

    Pre Match Thread

    Must say, pretty underwhelmed with that selection, was hoping not to see Adomah and (to a lesser extent) Whelan. Then when you add Taylor, Hutton & Elphick (though the latter has been doing ok) its not great on paper. Hopefully Smith knows what he's doing and can guide us to a victory and a decent performance or I think the doubters will be out in force later.
  10. WakefieldVillan

    Pre Match Thread

    Have I missed something? Please tell me I have
  11. WakefieldVillan

    Pre Match Thread

    The only way I would play 2 up top is to sacrifice a defender and go 3-5-2 otherwise I think we would get over-run in midfield. I don't think Smith would adopt this formation but if he did, I'd like to see something like this, which would at least eliminate our terrible full backs and may get us back to the quick high-press football we were playing at the start of Smith's reign; Kalinic Elphick Chester Hause Jedinak El Ghazi Hourihane McGinn Green Hogan Abraham Could quite easily swap Hogan for Kodge or Davis, Bree into the back 3, Elmo (dare I say) for El Ghazi... Just hope we can get back to winning ways, Ipswich are 5/1 with some bookies, I don't think it's that clear cut at all.
  12. WakefieldVillan

    Aaron Tshibola

    Is this another case of one of our players becoming a 'better' player just because they haven't played for us for a while?! That aside, I wouldn't be adverse to a recall and for Smith to have a look at him close up, he looks like he has decent attributes but he will need to show a LOT more than he did prior his loan move(s).
  13. WakefieldVillan

    Albert Adomah

    Me too. I thought goals aside, his overall game showed flaws. His time is up for me!
  14. WakefieldVillan

    Match Thread: Villa v Hull

    Bowen - What a surprise.
  15. WakefieldVillan

    January transfer (we need a whole new team) window 2019

    Would be an upgrade on Taylor (who wouldn't)?! He had a decent game at Villa Park a few month ago. Only 22 I think, so has time on his side and one that Smith could improve as a player. A bit lightweight, but quite quick and skilful in the games I have seen him play. Was under the impression he'd signed a new contract not that long ago though might be wrong. Definitely wouldn't be against this signing though if it happens.