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  1. WakefieldVillan

    Ratings & Reactions: West Brom v Villa

    Fair play?! F*** that! He could hardly deny it. Fair play would have been telling the ref he handballed it (twice)! Cnut!
  2. WakefieldVillan

    Match Thread:West Brom v Villa

    Match winners on both sides so too hard to call which way this is going to go! I think we've played ok, probably shading the first half and a little unfortunate to be going in level. A little lucky with out goal but fair play for El Ghazi, if you don't shoot you don't score. Poor goal to concede, Tammy needs to hold the ball up there, the flick would have to be something pretty special to find Bolasie, from there Hutton should clear and Chester should have been closer to Gayle. Disappointing, because that aside, they haven't created a whole lot. Would like us to try keep the ball a bit more and wear them down. UTV
  3. WakefieldVillan

    Dean Smith

    Thanks for the reply, appreciate that and it is always nice to hear another fans opinion on the promotion chase. I agree with elements of your post, but feel you are doing us a bit of a disservice saying our away form is patchy under Smith. Our away form under Smith (to try get back on topic, apologies Mods) is two close defeats in which we could easily have had 4 points from, followed by two tremendous 3-0 victories at Derby & Boro. I think tomorrow night could go either way and like pretty much everyone is predicting, the match will not be short of goals / chances - but Smith has got pretty much everything spot on since his arrival and I feel a lot more confident going into these games under his leadership.
  4. WakefieldVillan

    Dean Smith

    Good post. Out of interest, what do you think the score will be on Friday night? And what would you consider a good result for Leeds? I'm guessing you think WBA are more of a threat than we are (which is fair given the league positions and your recent result against them).
  5. WakefieldVillan

    Villa FA Cup 3rd Round Draw

    Would love a decent cup run... Hoping for Doncaster or Barnsley away Prediction is Oxford at home
  6. WakefieldVillan

    Ratings & Reactions: Middlesbrough v Villa

    Absolutely thrilled with the 3 points yesterday and even more so with the performance. I posted in the pre-match thread that I would consider playing Jedinak (if fit) to combat Middlesbrough's aerial threat and was concerned they would physically be too strong for us. Well maybe watching us under Bruce has made me negative because thst is precisely what he would have done. I was wrong. Bruce was wrong. Smith picked another attacking team which bosses the game from start to finish, it was a joy to see our Villa pass and move, keep the ball, create chances, work hard for each other and the positivity of the manager is shining through each and every one of our players. A real TEAM performance & difficult to give a MOTM to, I chose El Ghazi, but I could argue a case for at least 5 others which shows how well we are progressing under this new regime. Happy for Nyland for keeping a clean sheet including the fine tip onto the bar, and kudos Smith for sticking by him in his team selection, I rated Dean's performance very good. Only saw the highlights of Derby away, so (for me) this is the best performance of the season.
  7. WakefieldVillan

    Pre match thread

    As a couple of other posters have mentioned, I too would be tempted to start with Jedinak for his aerial presence, if he is fit and available for selection. Boro started Tuesday's game at Preston with Flint, Ayala, Batth, Hugill and Gestede all in the starting eleven, these are all six-foot plus and I worry that we will not be able to cope with the many set-pieces you can expect from a Pulis team. To be fair Gestede came off injured at Deepdale, so he probably won't start, but that means Assombalonga will and he's no doubt the better player and will cause us different problems to Rudy. Would probably have taken a point if offered prior to last night's game, but with two dropped points, we really could do with all 3, with the baggies next in line.
  8. WakefieldVillan

    January (we need a keeper) transfer window 2019

    Haha - I know what you're saying, I did think it was a bit Bruce-esque! Basically, on current form Axel plays Centre Back and is currently playing very well, Chester is the one that should be dropped if for instance Cahill came in, but I can't see our club captain being left out and Axel is better than Hutton hence the back 5 I suggested. I personally think he could play at RB (under Smith) he's decent at bringing the ball forward, pacey and athletic, I wouldn't read much into his performances under Bruce there. Bottom line is our defence is a mess, as shown last night - can you honestly say you would prefer the defence / keeper that started last night over my selection? No way we would be conceding FIVE at home!
  9. WakefieldVillan

    January (we need a keeper) transfer window 2019

    Tom Heaton and Gary Cahill on loan and Joe Bryan permanent if possible Heaton Axel Chester Cahill Bryan We've enough going forward as shown tonight
  10. WakefieldVillan

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Nottm Forest

    I'm just sat staring into space, bewildered with what I have just witnessed.. that is the craziest game of football I have EVER seen... Well.. since Preston! Girlfriend is upstairs, in bed (keep it clean boys)... I usually talk her through what's happened.. I did this at HT (lucky her) she said I looked rung out and should switch my phone off and go to sleep, I kinda wished I had, it's going to be impossible to switch off after that, think I've aged 5 years! Need time to digest it all in.
  11. WakefieldVillan

    Match Thread: Villa v Nottm Forest

    Maybe said in jest, but you did it to wind up. Another reason to hate Leeds I suppose.
  12. WakefieldVillan

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    We would if it was FOUR points for a win
  13. WakefieldVillan

    Please tell me when to stop laughing at SHA

    I must admit I now and again look on their forum to read one of the many Villa threads (or vile as they like to call us) and I can't believe how 99% of them come across as real Neanderthals when talking about our great club. The jealousy is just something else. The comments in particular aimed at Jack is just utterly appalling. I remember the gloating after the play-off final and how they were loving our financial situation and they genuinely believed it was the end of AVFC, then the last ditch takeover and we are the spawniest club around. EVERY club has idiot fans including us, but from someone who doesn't live in Birmingham you can just tell which supporters out of the two are more respected. They will ALWAYS be in our shadow.
  14. WakefieldVillan

    Neil Taylor

    I feel his performances have improved since the arrival of Smith, but yesterday (for me) he was poor. He was beaten a couple of times with ease by Mahoney which could have resulted in goals and luckily for us Jota wasn't fit or he may have caused him a lot more problems. It's by far the position we need to strengthen first in January.
  15. WakefieldVillan

    Pre Match Chit Chat

    Presuming Adomah, Bjarnsson and Lansbury will not be fit for this one, but McGinn has recovered I would go; Nyland Elmo Tuanzebe Chester Hutton Hourihane McGinn Grealish Bolasie Abraham Kodjia Should be a decent game, can see it being a 1-1 draw, but hopefully can pinch all 3.