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  1. Whether we go up or not, I am proud of the players and management team this season and this run has just been incredible! We weren't at our most fluid today and could have done with the second goal just to finish them off earlier but really, 1-0 flattered Millwall greatly. Grealish MOTM closely followed by Mings
  2. Bottom line is we can beat anyone in the play-offs whether that be over two legs or in a play-off final - Providing we play to our capabilities and have our key players playing. I really don't fear any of the teams we could face (including Leeds) however I am not stupid enough to be too cocky as anything could happen and although I would have us favourites no team involved can be ruled out. I'm actually worried about Bolton tomorrow, everyone seems to think it's a given and I hate these types of games but hopefully our mindset is right and the class should prevail.
  3. I think a few weeks ago this was considered a must win match but for me it's more a must not lose now after 7 wins on the bounce has put us in a terrific position. The main reasons I'd settle for a point is them having an extra days rest, us playing 50+ minutes with 10 men and the suspension of Mings. I personally would play Jedinak over Hause (if the latter is struggling) but I can see why some people have concerns, his lack of pace may be targeted, I just feel he's more of a leader and up against Diedhiou I would back him (at least) physically. Either way Tuanzebe and the full backs all need to have solid games if we are to make it 8 in a row. I think the gaffer has some difficult choices to make tomorrow, with both personnel and formation. Does Kodjia come in, buoyed by his goal and performance on Wednesday night and also facing his former club? If so, where does he play? Up front with Tammy or out wide where he maybe less effective? Does Smith freshen things up by bringing in Whelan or Lansbury? Does he play 4-4-2 with 2 natural wide men or a diamond 4 as been suggested on here? Or stick to 4-5-1? More questions than answers for me, if I had to choose I would probably go; Steer Elmo Tuanzebe Jedi Taylor Whelan McGinn Hourihane Grealish Abraham Kodjia But even with the team above I'd have concerns over our energy levels and what some of them have got left in the tank. Prediction 1-1 UTV
  4. Was like the Kodjia of old last night and it was great to see. He has definitely given the gaffer some food for thought for Saturday and will be interesting to see how we line up. I personally don't think we are usually at our best when playing a standard 4-4-2 but a middle diamond might work better with the strength we have in central areas and I think it's in wide areas where we have struggled to find any real consistency. Back to Kodj... Unlike when Tammy stepped up, I never felt for one minute he was going to miss his penalty, none of this silly run up, little stutter, waiting for the keeper ETC, just get the ball on the spot, pick a spot and hit it clean and precise.. and that's exactly what he did! Fair play! I think the goal lifted him and he was a nuisance all half, plus the drag back in the corner with three around him was disgusting
  5. Still on cloud 9... Watched with some Rotherham supporters who were match sponsors for the game and ended up meting and having my photo took with Jack by the away dressing rooms then again on pitch side before the game, I wasn't expecting it at all and it was like a dream come true (even for a 41 year old ). I asked him if he was gonna bag and he said "I hope so" in his strong brummy accent, so I am claiming an assist for etching it in his head! At half-time, I genuinely couldn't see a way back into the game but the second half performance was absolutely brilliant. I rated the managers performance as good, but the more I think about it that needs changing to very good! The decision to play 4-3-2 and bring on Kodjia was so so positive and so refreshing to see. Also after 60 minutes I was urging him to bring on a midfielder to shore things up, but not a thought in his head to do so (until the 88th minute?!) again, so positive. At times in the second half, we looked like we had the extra man, and at worst looked like there was no numerical advantage. The whole team worked tirelessly and in particular the midfield 3 were so impressive. McGinn however, was a cut above. Absolutely faultless display and a catalyst to us turning the game around. A special mention to Kodjia too, who worked more in one evening than he has done all season. On his day, he is better than Abraham for me, well more natural ability. He has set the benchmark now and hopefully this performance will be the start off a personal run of good form (and goals). If I am nit picking the negatives were Mings, who looked shaky prior to the sending off and the first half performance of the whole team left a lot to be desired, but they all made up for that and showed great character and resilience to come away with the points. I was watching in the home end, behind the dug out I had wonderful views of the Villa faithful and the noise coming from the stands were electric. My (Ipswich Town supporting) mate said we have brilliant fans and was a little gutted that we weren't in there with you all so credit to the fans too, they helped to keep the players going! UTV
  6. Rotherham last night, I'm the one breathing in
  7. Pleased he's found a bit of decent form however regardless of which division we are in next season I hope we move him on and strengthen accordingly. All hypothetical but should we get to the play-offs, I would feel more confident with a back four of Elmohamady, Tuanzebe, Mings and Hause (providing Chester is sidelined). Hope he can keep putting in solid performances in the meantime, we know we have goals in our team, just need our defenders to stay switched on (unlike Elmo on Saturday!)
  8. Some good posts in here giving the respect that Rotherham deserve and I hope the Villa team and management do the same, I am sure they will do. Attitude is key in games like this, on paper our squad is much superior but we have to earn the right to play then let the football do the talking. I would be tempted to bring Kodjia for Green and Hourihane for Whelan, but wouldn't be surprised to see the same eleven as Saturday (with Tuanzebe for Hause if the latter is injured). Got a hospitality ticket from a match sponsor for this one, with free beer (positive) but in the home end (negative) so hopefully I can control myself when we hit another late winner Prediction 1-2 UTV
  9. Massive result is massive. Thought we would lose today and even more so when going behind, but fair play to the team for turning it around, albeit a little fortuitously. Voted Steer MOTM because the penalty save made that ending possible and he took a little bit of stick for the goal conceded last week so this will do him the world of good. Derby and Bristol both conceding late goals has made this a beautiful day Bring on Rotherham...
  10. If (and it is still a big IF) we finish in the play off positions, I will be terrified whoever we play, I think that's just what the play off's do to people! In my ideal world I would prefer Norwich to slip out of the top 2 (extremely unlikely) and face them in a semi final with either Bristol City / Derby / Preston in the final. But I think the chances of avoiding facing the teams currently 2nd 3rd and 4th at some point are ridiculously high. Leeds worry me a lot, but more based on me knowing a lot of Leeds fans and losing to them would be horrible. West Brom have individual match winning class players (at this level) in Rodriguez and Gayle. And Sheffield Utd concern me more with the system they play and how we deal that. Whatever happens it is going to be an exciting run in, hopefully we continue this cracking run and then we can worry about our play off opponents later .
  11. I can't argue that Leeds played extremely well that day and were deserving winners, but we started the second half on top and their 1st goal came a bit against the run of play and gave them the impetus to go on to victory. From memory, both teams had players missing, but our losses were much more detrimental to us, most noticeably Grealish and Tuanzebe, Bree (although he did ok) played centre-half and but for a stupid mistake by Elmo deep into stoppage time, we would have still took a point from the game. I wouldn't worry too much, since that game, we have a more composed keeper, Elmo & Taylor are starting to at least look like footballers, we have a pretty solid central defensive partnership and of course we have Jack back who changes our whole dynamic. What we would have to do is make sure we match Leeds for passion, desire and work-rate, ability wise we have as much to offer anyone in the league. Anyway, we may not even play them yet so I will get back on topic. Are we going up?! Well prior to our run of wins I had us 7th on the predictor and just missing out by a point, within that prediction though, I had victories against Derby & Boro along with draws at Forest & Blues, so bodes well. 8 cup finals, then hopefully another 3, bring it on...
  12. What a crazy league the Championship is, two weeks ago I thought we were out of contention for the play-off's but then, boom, 4 successive victories and we are now in with a great chance of securing either 5th or 6th place. I don't want to tempt fate but I really believe that we will get one of the final spots providing we don't lose any of our key players (IE Jack, Mings and McGinn). I know it has been said on numerous occasions but the loss of Grealish is the reason for me why we are just challenging for play off's as opposed to the automatic places. His return and the signing of Mings has just lifted the whole squad and with the likes of Axel and Lansbury available for selection next game and hopefully Chester before the end of the season, then I think we have one of if not the best squad in the league. The play-off's are a bit of a lottery and can be decided by the finest margins, but I genuinely feel that we would be the most feared team out of the four teams and I include either Leeds or Sheffield Utd in those thoughts, who would be picking themselves up from missing out on automatics. On our day we have the talent to beat any side in this division, we just need to keep the run going, the belief going, concentrate on one game at a time and not get carried away, for me I am more worried when we play the "lesser" teams than the so-called bigger clubs where we may be complacent and our recent results seem to reflect this. Blackburn up next and for me this is one of those games but hopefully the International break doesn't affect us too much and we put them to the sword. As for the run-in, for me, Sheffield Wednesday and Leeds away are the two games where I think we may drop points, but I can see us making VP a fortress and winning our 4 remaining matched there, with a Norwich team already on the beach. Fingers crossed we are back where we belong next season! UTV!
  13. Had £10 e/w on Poker Play and Potters Corner yesterday plus £20 on first race on ITV, which name escapes me. Won £650. If I had put them in a treble I would have been ecstatic! Not sure why I picked them, was just one of those days, added to by pretty much all the football scores going as I wanted, especially the Villa. Had a poor 2019 betting wise and nearly 1k down before yesterday so it was nice to finally have something going my way. I've also decided it's time to reign it in as it was affecting my moods!
  14. Absolutely buzzing with last night's result, which was thoroughly deserved as the Forest goal came from a cross (no way the little ginge meant that one) and I think Steer only had a couple of routine saves during the course of the match. Us on the other hand had several good chances, aside from the goals. Tammy should have scored on a couple of occasions, one header wide he should have hit the target and then bringing a fine save out of Pantilimon. Kodjia and McGinn were both unlucky late on too. I was never fully comfortable watching the game, even with a 2-goal lead, but that was as much to do with the previous game at VP as opposed to how this game was going. We have been involved in lots of games with late drama and i feared the worst when the official held up 7 minutes stoppage time, but i needn't have worried. McGinn MOTM for me, goals win games and his two put us in a great position, his work rate was second to none as well, but we know that's always a given. The whole defence played well, marshalled extremely well by Mings - What a difference he has made?! I still feel that our wide players need to do more, at times they get out muscled easily, or give the ball away cheaply , though that said Green showed little glimpses that there is a player in there somewhere - if we got them fully firing then I would fancy us to get a play-off spot & promotion. As for the gaffer; I thought the team selection and the substitutions were the right choices at the right times, so great night all round - Roll on Saturday!

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