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  1. Just having some salmon for lunch, thought it was an appropriate time to make my *first post on this thread. Has he signed yet? Oh and you're all absolutely crazy, but you've kept me entertained (a little) *might be my second but I am not scrolling 300+ pages to check. YES 300!
  2. I think we have to be realistic though Dave. If we do manage to sign Rashica and Traore and a big name striker (Tammy/Edouard) then I can't personally see us signing another winger/wide forward. I know we had the King links, he wouldn't be a bad signing at a decent price - but if we're raiding Bournemouth then Brooks is the man I'd want. Buendia would be nice too. Anyway it would be great if we did but I would prioritise a quality new ACM, CB and LB all before that (at this stage). It's a big season though for Anwar if we get this competition in, I think there's still a player in there - it's up to him if he grasps the opportunities when they arrive.
  3. Sorry if I have missed it but has there been a new link, errr.. linking.. us to Tammy? Not my money but I think anything above £40M is too much - but I would love him or Edouard in (especially if Samatta is leaving). I must say hearing Jack's interview and talk of the owners ambitions ETC - My first thoughts were of Abraham coming back. He obviously enjoyed is time here, knows the club well and watching Werner's debut the other night (I know he didn't score), he looks a class act and will be their first choice striker in all their "bigger" games. That said, I'd be happy with Edouard too. Watkins, Edouard (Abraham), Wesley and Davis up front Rashica, Traore, Grealish, El Ghazi and Trez (& Watkins) as wide options. Top 10 side that barring no injuries to key men.
  4. Delighted he got the goal last night which will hopefully do him the world of good confidence wise (even if it was only against "Burton"). Needs to keep spending hours and hours "finishing" on the training ground, because that is his only real weakness in his game (albeit a crucial one). Still think he has a lot to offer and will play his part this season.
  5. I won't write him off yet, yes he was poor last night, worst player on the pitch for us in fact, but he has got ability and he has shown glimpses of that in his time here. Definitely a confidence player but he needs to add some aggression to his game, he has been way too passive in many performances for us and last night was the same. Hopefully if we get some real competition for him (with the likes of Rashica & Traore) then he can step up to the plate. I'd keep both him and Trez this season but ideally neither in our first eleven, one as sub and one fighting to get in the match-day squad.
  6. Welcome Emi! Hopefully proves to be a great signing and has many clean sheets, not just for Villa but for my dream team His shirt to lose, Heaton as back up (providing real competition) and Steer third choice (still a capable keeper) - Bin the rest!
  7. Goosebumps! What a statement of intent! I have waaaaaaaay too much love for this guy but I don't care, he's a joy to watch!
  8. Unfortunately can't see this one happening, if it was I think it may have been announced as a double swoop with Watkins. A shame because he's obviously a real talent.
  9. Welcome Ollie! Pleased with this one. Next.
  10. £20m I think would've been the right amount but certainly can't blame Brentford for getting what they can and what they think they feel he is worth. Will be great to get this one over the line, I just hope and pray we can get a couple more in.. or 4... Edouard/Benrahma/King/Swift would give us loads of flexibility and improve our firepower immensely. I don't ask for much...
  11. Blatantly obvious to all that we need strengthening up front and out wide and time is ticking, but that said, I'm happy we didn't sign Wilson (or that he 'chose' Newcastle), especially on the terms mentioned. I'd much prefer Edouard and(/or) Watkins.
  12. Probably for another thread but are my eyes deceiving me or are people really suggesting Keinan Davis as a left back or midfielder?! Back to transfers, I think Watkins will sign this week and I'm hopeful Benrahma too, in a double deal.
  13. Oh yes, I totally agree. It's definitely not just as simple as going through the first eleven picking a winger out, then a striker.. etc. I also echo your sentiments regarding the money side of things, it bodes well for other signings - 3 good quality signings in the right positions and we might be in for our first "boring" season for a while (IE 9th - 13th?)... Actually f... that - We're winning a cup! Anyway, welcome Matty, much better being a than a
  14. If this signing had been announced after the signing of say, Rashica, Watkins and Edouard then I think we would be all pretty happy with this but because it's our first and probably in one of the positions we thought we were "ok" in, I think some are less enthused. Taking the transfer on it's own merit I think he's a decent signing, at a good age, with scope for improvement and Forest fans rate him highly too which is good enough for me. I think he comes in as first choice RB with Guilbert and Elmo providing competition ( I'd keep Elmo for one more season).
  15. Mates a season ticket holder at Forest - he said he would be gutted to see Cash go, said he has all the attributes to play at Premier league level. Only played this season at RB converted from winger so obviously very attack minded. He said he's not at top level though as a winger. To be fair it's pretty much what I thought from the games I've seen of him on TV. If he signs then wish him all the best, should be decent competition for Guilbert but I wouldn't rule out Elmo leaving tbh. Would've preferred Aarons but guessing he may be out of our range. As for Swift, have mentioned him previously, I think some will be pleasantly surprised, ok not a 'marquee' signing but a player with good potential, good on the ball, skilful, good set piece delivery, eye for goal and 8 to 12 million would be a great price. Get him in and Lansbury out and it's decent business. Definitely don't want to be signing all Championship players though and it's a little frustrating that no one has come in yet but I would be amazed if by this time next week we haven't got 2 of 3 in the bag ✍
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