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  1. 3 x GK: Pope, Pickford, Henderson. 9 x Defenders: Walker, Trippier, Chillwell, Saka, Stones, Maguire, Mings, Keane, Coady. 7 x Midfield: Henderson, Rice, Foden, Grealish, Sancho, Mount, Maddison. 4 x Forwards: Kane, Sterling, Rashford, Vardy (DC-L)
  2. Emi Kesler Konsa Mings Targett Nakamba Traore Luiz Sanson El Ghazi Watkins I'm not sure how ready Kesler is but I think we have nothing to lose to give him a go, Elmo has been poor 2 out of 3 matches and I would like to see a change in there (though I doubt we will). I actually don't think we were that bad on Wednesday night but I appear to be in the minority - I mean don't get me wrong, we weren't good but I think we were very unfortunate not to get at least a point. If anything, we got gradually worse afte
  3. Sanson for Nakamba at HT for me. Completely different game now we're chasing it. Let McGinn sit in. Probably a Barkley for Ramsey sub too but I'd leave that for 15 and get after them from the off.
  4. So many overreactions on here. I dont think we've been that bad. No way we should be losing. The goal they scored was very fortunate but poor by Elmo who is confirming he's not up to the required standard after this season (even as back up). We've gone close 3 times, probably should have had a pen (or dangerous free-kick) and we've pressed pretty well but don't get me wrong pretty loose with the ball at times. Not great, but this was never gonna be 0-4 or 0-5 and I really don't understand some of our fans thinking that?! Still hoping we can turn this around UTV
  5. Earn the right to play, don't underestimate them and eventually we should have more class and take the 3 points back home. Same side as Saturday except for Sanson coming in for Ramsey. Need a LOT more from Traore - He was the biggest disappointment for me against Leeds. Have Barkley, Luiz chomping at the bit on the sidelines.
  6. I was nervous as hell when I knew he would be starting against Leeds, mainly because his performance against Leicester the week before was pretty poor to say the least and he would be facing a huge test against the likes of Raphinha and Harrison. But he didn't put a foot wrong and probably showed it was more rustiness the week prior than anything else. He has been a solid signing overall and I do like him, but I think (well, hope) that, a bit like when we let the likes of Jedinak, Whelan and Adomah go, that as a club, we are moving on to another level and looking at having stronger c
  7. Not disagreeing with the Bamford comments, but this incident isn't him, it's Llorente (I think).
  8. Fair play with this post and much respect Buuuuuuut, they do make it hard to not have a few digs at them. All I have seen from their 'fans' tonight is that it was a sh** game, we were lucky, Targett should have seen red (ignoring Klich should have seen red before) blah blah... The rest are nowhere to be seen after a defeat. Honestly every time it happens. Silence. F*** em! Ps superb battling performance by the lads tonight, well done Smith for getting the energy back in the midfield which let's face it we ALL knew was key. UTV
  9. I guess that's aimed at me to be honest I didn't expect A) anyone to agree with it or B ) it having any sort of possibility of happening. My real worry is Elmo at RB - He was shocking yesterday and I fear the same next week up against Harrison. I suppose we have to hope that it was down to limited game time and after the 90 minutes under his belt, we may see an improved performance. I also think it would be a tough debut for Kesler. The loss of Cash is a big blow no doubt. I would love us to try a different formation and personnel - If it doesn't work then so be it - We aren't goin
  10. F*** it - Let's press high, loads of energy and beat the dirty words removed 12-7. Emi Konsa Luiz Mings Sanson Nakamba McGinn Targett Ramsey Traore Watkins
  11. On paper most fans would probably agree that the midfield 3 of Luiz, McGinn and Barkley to be the strongest we could field, but all 3 are out of form right now and could all easily be replaced by Nakamba, Sanson and Ramsey - who have all done 'ok' in recent cameos. We just seem lethargic since Covid hit us, especially in the middle of the park. It would take huge balls to replace the entire 'engine' room for the Leeds match but if we play with the same side that started today then the game will be over in half hour like it was today.
  12. Id take Elmo off put and konsa at RB, Barnes is killing us. Drop Luiz back with Mings picking Vardy up. Trez for Traore for more energy. Or Watkins wide with Davis. Then one more sub after 60, take your pick - Sanson, Ramsey, Chuk... But nothing...
  13. We were always going to have less possession therefore having Elmo, Barkley and Traore in the same team was asking for trouble!
  14. Undeserved point really. Firstly fair play to Brighton, they aren't a bad side at all, play good football and defensively solid - their past few results show that they are no mugs. We were poor though. On the ball and off it. Martinez won us that point. Mings and Taggart did ok and Cash prior to his substitution. Everyone else a bit meh though I won't attribute blame to Watkins who was starved of service. I said prior to the game I was really looking forward to this and would accept any starting line up but as the game progressed I was crying out for a change. I just don't get Bark
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