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  1. Sorry but no way do we leave Jack out
  2. Good post. I think with Nakamba having a solid debut and Luiz more settled in, and added to the fact that the wingers aren't quite "at it", I would definitely look to playing that team above (more so if or when Targett is fit) - I think it 'could' work well. Newly promoted I can see why Smith is keeping to a settled formation but Brighton away in the cup would be a perfect chance to try something different IMO.
  3. Overall he was pretty solid, but I thought he looked the weaker of the centre halves. He had a tough battle with Haller (who looks a good player), but it was nice to keep a clean sheet and good to see a nice partnership with Engels blossoming.
  4. Grew into the game after a couple of misplaced passes. Showed good energy levels and a very competent debut.
  5. Pretty poor tonight to say the least and it's the home games like this where he needs to make an impact. When he receives the ball on the half way line I genuinely am not sure which team he's going to get the assist for! Rather see him off the bench or maybe playing in a more central role (4-2-3-1) and I think tonight was crying out for a 'Benrahma'.
  6. Taking off the claret and blue specs.. oh... I think a point was probably a fair result. We had the better chances, they looked more composed on the ball. Tale of two halves for Jack, probably our best player in the first 45, possibly our worst in the second period. Slightly disappointing we got worse with the man advantage, if anything it hindered our play with them sat back and hitting us on the counter. Engels MOTM for me, had a really solid start to the season.
  7. Realistically I would have hoped for at least 5 points after our first four games (Expected loss at Spurs, a win against Bournemouth and a point in the others), so we're 2 points off what I thought we would be, hardly catastrophic. Think we need to be aiming for 8-10 points in the next 5 and we will be doing just fine, won't be easy, but we never thought this league would be anything else. The crowd at VP as such a huge part to play. My main worry is if we go several games not picking up any points and how it will affect our confidence.
  8. I agree... to an extent. I would still have him on the bench in away games, but not as a starter. I like him, he is a nice, intelligent footballer and can pick out some wonderful passes just think he may be a bit of a luxury away from home when we need to dig in a bit more.
  9. This for me. Jota should not be starting away games, most of the games where we are going to be up against it and playing more counter attacking. But this is probably for the Jota thread. Will give Luiz plenty of time before judging him, but think some supporters were overrating him after 15 average minutes at Spurs. The potential is there so hope he lives up.to the hype.
  10. Definitely nothing to fear in this game, we head here off the back of two decent victories and will have a new-found confidence. As long as we settle into the game well, with no mistakes (IE unlike Bournemouth) then I feel quite confident we can take 3 points or at least 1. I think if we get the service into Wesley he can bully their two centre halves (whether that be Cahill, Dann or Kelly) and exploit a possible lack of pace?! Would start with @wedge team, but with El Ghazi instead of Jota (purely because I feel that he offers more defensive cover on the flanks and for me that is Palace's biggest strength, whether that be with Zaha, Meyer or Townsend.
  11. I think most people are in agreement that his strength, hold up play, the bringing of other players into the game are all strong attributes to Keinan's game with the main concern being the lack of goals. Well hopefully the one he scored last night will give him the confidence to perhaps back himself a little more and to get more goals which will be a great thing for Villa and put pressure on Wesley which is what it's all about - pressure for places.
  12. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but found it astonishing that posters wanted us to go with a full strength team tonight. Perfect team selection, perfect night barring the injury to Taggart (hopefully nothing too serious), delighted Davis got on the scoresheet, Nakamba looks a great addition, Lansbury produced two moments of real class and a great finish from Guilbert. Good fitness for the fringe players and I think the likes of Hause and Konsa needed the 90 minutes because at times we were shaky at the back. Meanwhile Crawley knock out Norwich and Crewe beat them only last week! Good night all round though, now for Palace...
  13. I don't think anyone has said this, I think some people just think we should have enough quality with our so called "second string" to get the job done against a league two side. Whatever side we put out I would hope and expect 100% commitment.
  14. Reading many of the comments on here it seems that it's pretty divided on whether we go with a full strength side (and take the competition seriously) or we make wholesale changes (and effectively go out with a whimper!). I really do not believe, under this current regime, that we will take this game lightly whether we make the changes or not - I may have to come back on here later tonight and eat my words, but I will be amazed if our "second string" do not get the job done if that's the route that Smith takes. I think we are all in agreement the Premier league takes priority, but don't for one minute think that we can't also have a good cup run, because no doubt about it we can. What I like about our squad at the moment is that there is good competition in each position (the way it should be) and not a "huge" amount of difference in terms of quality of performers should we alternate the starting eleven. I personally feel that picking up any injuries / suspensions to real key players (basically our spine) is, after the result, the most important thing tonight and also I feel that by not selecting the fringe players (as they currently are) it sends out the wrong signal to them and could bring disharmony to part of the group. So with all that said, (if all fit) I would go with Steer, Elmo, Konsa, Hause, Targett, El Ghazi, Nakamba, Hourihane, Lansbury, Kodjia, and Davis. Prediction 1-3.
  15. Think you're being a tad harsh and it's easier to say after a victory but on another night they go away with a point at the very least. Although Heaton didn't have a shot to save, they had one cleared off the line, hit the post and missed a complete sitter, if that was the other way around I would be thinking "what if"... That said, Calvert-Lewin as your main striker doesn't bode well.

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