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  1. Khizzy

    John McGinn

    He can be the new Snodgrass for this season and beyond, hopefully (in that he's Scottish and Villa fans absolutely love him because he's classy!)
  2. Khizzy

    Gary Gardner

    When his brother gave the spiel about being a Villa fan and then buggered off and said the opposite after joining the knobs across the city, I was suspicious of Gary as well and worried he would do us over too in the same way by following him to Blues. He won't say that he supports Blues though as he's only on loan there. But anyway you can't trust a Gardner!
  3. Khizzy

    Joe Bryan

    Hope he has a terrible time at Fulham and ends up in League 2 in a couple of seasons.
  4. Khizzy

    Joe Bryan

    Don't worry guys, Fulham will go down this season and we'll go up so we can laugh at them then. Happy with the Villa cult hero that is Alan Hutton at LB. We're a better team with Grealish in as well and McGinn should be a very good acquisition so we don't need this guy.
  5. Khizzy

    Isaac Success

    One way to buy success, I guess.....
  6. Khizzy

    John McGinn

    Avfctransfers on Twitter is saying that McGinn is complete. Not sure if he means medical or has actually signed.
  7. Khizzy

    André Moreira

    I wonder if someone decided to get him against the wishes of the manager, who then threw his toys out of the pram after it went through and decided to get someone else instead - hence why we've signed another keeper so soon. It's interesting that Moreira wasn't even on the bench on Monday, although I don't know if lack of international clearance had anything to do with that?
  8. Khizzy

    Ørjan Nyland

    In theory, this guy will probably be our number 1 given his age and international experience. Moreira will probably be backup as Bruce said he was brought in to be backup for Steer. Shame for Steer who will probably get loaned out or sold. Bunn may be kept on as third choice because it may be pointless loaning him out given he is on a one year contract, think he was doing some coaching too? Sarkic will probably play for the u23s.
  9. Khizzy

    Alan Hutton

    You can tell he absolutely loves being at the club and the fans as well. Proper cult hero!
  10. Khizzy

    Tommy Elphick

    Miserable bastard, barely celebrated for his goal.
  11. Khizzy

    Nassef Sawiris

  12. Khizzy

    Fans Consultancy Group Meeting

    Nicky Keye to get her job back?
  13. Khizzy

    Steve Bruce

    He knows the squad, and changing it now would be madness, so close to the season starting. As long as we don't lose anyone and bring in some loans or frees I'll be happy. Just get behind him guys.
  14. Khizzy

    Nassef Sawiris

    Looks a bit like fictional Villa fan Jim Hacker in some of his pics.
  15. Khizzy

    Wes Edens

    Oh dear, he's got a "BS in Finance". Isn't that what Xia has too?