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  1. Credit must go to Scott Hogan for making the run into the box that unsettled their keeper for the third goal.
  2. Khizzy

    Dean Smith

    What's Steve Bruce up to these days?! Does anyone care?
  3. Khizzy

    Conor Hourihane

    Poor performance again. He's a decent but limited player - let's not forget the fact we bought him from Barnsley and not Barcelona!
  4. Khizzy

    Alan Hutton

    Arise Sir Alan!
  5. Khizzy

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Bolton

    Only managed to catch the second half but really impressed by our attacking threat, think we can build on this. Also noticed a defensive improvement too, Tuanzebe played pretty well at the back. Hard game coming up against Derby but I'm confident we can come away with at least something - extra day's rest compared to Derby should work in our favour.
  6. Khizzy

    Villa and FFP

    Wes: "Nassef, we need to find a way to deal with FFP - and quickly" Nassef: "How about we hire one of the guys that helped come up with the bloody idea?!"
  7. Khizzy

    Mark Bunn

    Can we recall Steer in January? We need to get rid of the other three and get in one very good keeper.
  8. Khizzy

    Easah Suliman

    Bring him home at the earliest opportunity now that Bruce has gone. At least we can get him training with better players even if he doesn't get much game time with them. He's being wasted in Holland.
  9. Khizzy

    New Manager Speculation

    Good point, I think DOF would certainly be a great shout for Cabbage at this stage in his career, either that or assistant to Smith or Rodgers.
  10. Khizzy

    New Manager Speculation

    Cabbage, Smith, Rodgers. In that order.
  11. Khizzy

    Steve Bruce

    The cabbage did the trick then.
  12. Khizzy

    André Moreira

    Don't think Simon Dawkins is American, as far as I remember he was a Spurs reject. Funnily enough, my mate who is a Spurs fan always talks up their young players / rejects didn't rate him one bit. Says it all really.
  13. Khizzy

    Awful Loan Signings

    Michael Bradley.
  14. Khizzy

    Steve Bruce

    Our form has gone from pretty good to absolutely abysmal in less than a month, even after getting in the new recruits (although not all have played yet). Enough is enough and the international break is the perfect time to get rid of him and bring in someone new. I don't think our new owners will take kindly to this sort of result so soon after an another embarrassing defeat in midweek.