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  1. Talking of Winston, my mate prank called him back when he was at Chelsea back in around 2003. I somehow sourced his phone number (don't ask me how) and he phoned him posing as a representative of Small Heath named Dave Andrews and asked if he would sign for them. He was actually open to the idea of doing it and started going off about how no one respected him and that everyone hated him at Chelsea! My memory is quite hazy so don't remember much else.
  2. Stoke wanted him on loan and I think we should ship him out at the end of the window and let Barry take his place at least until Wesley is fully fit.
  3. Honestly, get these kids onto the bench once we know we're not getting relegated. They're better than a lot of the deadwood we have. Ramsey has benefitted a lot from playing and I'm sure the others will also benefit. I'd rather have Barry on the bench than Davis, for a start.
  4. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. No point in rushing Barkley back either.
  5. Only 4 players with perfect 10 scores - Neymar and Lewandowski are in good company!
  6. We were absolutely ruthless today against one of the best teams, if not the best club in the world. Seven goals against a team that hasn't conceded that many since the early 60s and who very rarely concede away goals is a special performance. The fact that we could have parked the bus at 3-1 but carried on attacking and scoring says a lot. We could have easily capitulated but didn't. That shows the measure of this squad now, people would have written us off - me included but we pressed hard and ran our socks off and destroyed them. Considering the gulf in quality between us and them last seaso
  7. Captain Jack playing like Messi tonight. What a performance. If any opposition fans think they have the right to criticise him again after that then I'll remind them of this result.
  8. Certainly does. Dorigo was my hero as a teenager (weirdly enough) and he wasn't even at Villa. If we had someone half as good as him right now at left back we would be laughing.
  9. Quite obviously it was a cross-cum-shot
  10. Rashica - 7, McGinn - 8, Lansbury - No one cares.
  11. Watkins + Benrahma = £65m+ ? It would just be cheaper to buy the whole club and loan those two to us for a few seasons. Come on NSWE, make it happen
  12. Jack can be the ultimate hero at his boyhood club, which also happens to be one of the biggest clubs in the country with huge amount of history, with a massive fan base and a beautiful stadium and superb facilities instead of being a forgotten squad player at a Liverpool/Man City. There's no shame in that! Yes Jack, beating Blues with the winning goal after receiving a punch from the great unwashed will remain the greatest moment of your career!
  13. Targett and Jack played for England U21 at the Toulon Tournament in 2016.
  14. Davis can finally get off the mark!
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