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  1. A lifelong Villa fan from Solihull who got punched in the back of the head by a jealous and nasty Blues fan and then scored the winner in a game between two bitter rivals, whilst wearing the captains armband. Jack today showed how to shut up his critics without resorting to dirty behaviour, hats off to him - you couldn't make it up could you?!
  2. Might as well give him a few starts before the season is over. Thought he tried hard today even if things didn't always go his way.
  3. Khizzy

    Kortney Hause

    Stick to your singing career mate.
  4. Khizzy

    Kortney Hause

    I don't rate this guy as a full back, he lacks mobility and doesn't know what to do with the ball when he has it. He's a very average defender, but you would expect him to be that at the very least because of his size. I hope I don't have to see him there again, although with Taylor being our only real natural LB we don't have much choice.
  5. Khizzy

    Lovre Kalinić

    Goal wasn't his fault - he's looking pretty settled and making some decent saves.
  6. Might as well just write this season off while we still have a bit of sanity left, people.
  7. Khizzy

    Kortney Hause

    It'll be interesting to see what happens to Hause once Tuanzebe and Chester come back into the squad. Mings and Elphick are playing pretty well at the moment.
  8. Adomah had a good season last time round but he's not been the same player this season, unfortunately. Green is still learning, seems to be hungrier than Adomah (at the moment) and for what it's worth comes from the local area and is a product of our Academy, so probably understands the club and fan expectations more. Green needs to play more games to get up to speed but as it stands he has the potential to quickly become our most dangerous winger. He's quickly getting there though, just needs to work on that final delivery.
  9. Yesterday, pretty much every attack consisted of him charging down the wing with the ball and as soon as he got near the penalty area he either just slowed down or came to a complete standstill, not bothering to try and even put a cross in but instead just passing it backwards to someone. I really want him to do well but the last few games he's really regressed.
  10. Stick him up as an attacking midfielder while we wait for Grealish to return, that way he'll still be able to contribute goals and assists but he'd be less of a liability in defence.
  11. Ref is bloody blind, even still we should be playing better than we are. No excuse but we were robbed for the second goal.

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