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  1. Khizzy

    Said Benrahma

    I think people are getting things completely wrong here. We're not doing a Fulham, we're doing a bloody Brentford!!!
  2. Kalinic not getting a run out. Wonder if he's off? Nyland nowhere to be seen either.
  3. I'm not as pumped for this signing (if it happens) as I have been for the others. I'm a bit worried he's going to turn out to be a bit of a dud, like a slower version of Adama - too many stepovers and no end product. But I trust the management and I'll reserve any real judgement on him until he's played a few games.
  4. Khizzy

    AVTV 2019/20

    Ahhh who needs a huge Villa fan and ex season ticket holder commentating for the club when we've got Jack Woodward in the hot seat. In fact we've now got TWO Captain Jacks!
  5. I'm glad he's back. AVTV was pretty dire without Captain Jack. I actually met him when Ron Vlaar signed and did a signing at the club shop. I asked to get a picture with Jack and he almost looked embarrassed but complied. I think he thought I was taking the piss, or didn't think I'd know who he was! He's not Alan Partridge, but OUR Alan Partridge!
  6. Khizzy

    James Chester

    If we're absolutely desperate for the money after our recent spending then maybe £7.5m is a good return for a player that's probably way down the pecking order for the CB position. However, looking at it a different way, keeping a player who can play cup games, be a great rotation option and generally be a positive influence on the squad in terms of his experience, continuity and attitude is a good thing and £7.5m is not going to buy that. Personally, I'd tell Leeds to do one.
  7. Our LB in the first half and the Minnesota United sponsor have the same name!
  8. I expect him to be a decent addition to Tranmere's squad, but he needs regular football. He's not a PL striker and his ceiling is probably Championship, if that. Shame he hasn't kicked on in the last couple of years but our academy hasn't really produced a decent striker since Gabby (and he peaked too soon), although you could say Weimann but he wasn't technically a player we developed from a young age.
  9. Khizzy

    Douglas Luiz

    If he's good we can call him Deadly Doug. If he's crap he can be known as Douglas Lolz.
  10. Today's Cricket World Cup final and the England Ashes win in 2005 - and that's coming from someone who stopped following cricket in 2006 after being a fan from way back in the early 90s (until today of course).
  11. He's brilliant, just love listening to him and hearing that lovely accent that I've been deprived of since I moved to Sheffield last year! Talks a lot of sense, you can see that everyone on the coaching staff believe in each other and in the players and they all know what they want to achieve and how to get there.
  12. Let's not forget that England had a Villa fan in their ranks today!

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