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  1. Khizzy

    Keith Wyness

    Wyness has (seemingly) been feeding stories to the press, possibly to save face. Probably happens all the time but stinks of someone running to his mates when the shit hits the fan to defend himself.
  2. Khizzy

    Tony Xia

    No one ever thought that it would happen to us, but here we are, up shit creek without a paddle and a pot to piss in!
  3. Khizzy

    Lewis Grabban

    Held the ball up really well and helped us see out the game. Liked his energy, was a great replacement for Hogan. Look forward to see him start a game for us.
  4. Khizzy

    Albert Adomah

    13 goals from midfield this season which makes him third highest scorer in the division. Pretty phenomenal in my opinion, considering that some people think he's actually not that good. Given that he's still scoring, I'd say he's pretty damn good. I think having Grealish back in the side gives him a bit more freedom as we saw yesterday. What a lovely finish as well, absolute precision - could have quite easily gone wide.
  5. Khizzy

    Caption competition

    Ref: "It's a no from me"
  6. Khizzy

    Robert Snodgrass

    What about Adolf? Oh! Not that sort of right winger? Sorry!!!
  7. Khizzy

    Gabby Agbonlahor

    He's done. We won't see him again. (Bet I'm going to be proved wrong on Sunday!)
  8. Khizzy

    Lewis Grabban

    Smash and Grabban.
  9. Khizzy

    Steve Bruce

    The same groups that think that Gabby is a Villa legend....
  10. Khizzy

    January transfer window 2018

    Grabban Granny.
  11. Khizzy

    Weekends Football FA Cup 3rd Round 5/8 January

    Wish we hadn't let him go, think he could have been a very good player for us in the Championship. Forest fans seem to like him a lot.
  12. Khizzy

    Steve Bruce

    Goodbye Brucie.
  13. Khizzy

    Gabby Agbonlahor

    Even his FUT rating of 69 this season goes to show how far he's fallen! (although 69 could also be a reference around all the women he's had ...)
  14. Khizzy

    Steve Bruce

    Absolutely HAS to go now. He's completely lost the fans, and quite obviously the playing staff too.
  15. Khizzy

    Leandro Bacuna

    Probably signed for them because the Reading sponsor Carabao sounds like Curacao which is the country he represents at international level. Or probably not!