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  1. Targett and Jack played for England U21 at the Toulon Tournament in 2016.
  2. Davis can finally get off the mark!
  3. Imagine if we have Rashica, Buendia and Grealish all in the same side. We really would need to get a quality striker in to put all those chances away!
  4. Given that he seems to be a prominent journalist in quite a small country, I'd say his information must be fairly reliable. We've seen foreign reporters get it bang on most of the time, plus other countries don't have the ITK culture we like to have here. Rashica would be a very good signing if it happens.
  5. No thanks to Harold Wilson....
  6. Khizzy

    Wesley Moraes

    Definitely think Wes will be a Villa legend - Edens, that is!
  7. 6-7 for me - if we do have £100m as has been reported then we should be looking at getting 4 quality players with that money and augment the rest of the squad with some decent loans or free agents.
  8. Are we going to have to buy McArthur as well as McCarthy? Seeing as they've been at the same club three times!
  9. You would hope that we've done our homework already and started making approaches to players on our shortlist as soon as our future was secure, or started making tentative approaches before the season was over. I'm sure Suso knew his time was up irrespective of the outcome of the season. Given that we have three weeks before pre-season starts, we need to try and act quickly if we want to get give new signings enough time to get used to their new surroundings.
  10. Our left back spot is quite problematic and if we were to strengthen there, it might be better to sell Targett, buy a better replacement and keep Taylor as a backup since he has probably the most Premier League experience of all our players (maybe barring Heaton?). Otherwise, clear the rest of the deadwood as much as possible e.g. Jota, Kalinic, Lansbury, Bree, possibly even Nyland.
  11. Wrong thread - should have put this in the Summer Goners Thread!
  12. Him and El Ghazi need to stay, as backup at the very least and just get two quality starters for the wide positions - he's more than adequate for a place on the bench.
  13. If he goes, he'll go with our blessing and with the fact that he's kept us up and that we can command a much better fee than we would have if we went down.
  14. I just completed 5+ months of intense chemo last Thursday and I'm still battling the side effects from this cycle (mainly a huge amount of fatigue) so I don't even know if I'll have the energy to even watch it!
  15. Jack doesn't owe us anything but he does owe it to himself to make sure that he contributes towards keeping his boyhood club up in his last two appearances by putting in some special performances.
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