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  1. Rob182

    Time for a takeover

    Has anyone suggested a protest using apples? As the saying goes, an apple a day..
  2. Rob182

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    This. Unfortunately, bringing in average, steady & unspectacular Championship players is where we are at right now. By combining this with selling any first team players that bring in a respectable amount of money, the club will be able to turn around this poor situation. The sooner people get on board with the idea, the better. Let's say that we sell Grealish, Kodjia, Chester, Bjarnason, Hourihane and a couple of the fringe players for peanuts, whilst bringing in replacement players on low wages for free (plus signing on fee, of course) that are of the quality of Marney, we will be able to finish mid-table. Next year we'll then see some more of the high earners leave (whoever is left of Whelan, Jedinak and Richards), and probably sell whoever of Bree/Green/Davis/O'Hare had a good season. It's not what people want to hear, but that is what we need to be doing. Keep churning out the promising youngsters, picking up free transfers and bargain 'prospects' in an attempt to make a healthy profit on them. Eventually, by doing this method, we'll be able to complete at the top end of the table. At which point you get to keep your better prospects (providing the finances allow it). As depressing as that may sound to some, it's better than going bust or continuing with our current cycle of 'buy high, sell low'.
  3. Rob182

    Aaron Tshibola

    We really don't help ourselves though. I can't help but think that other clubs would try to utilise some of their unwanted players in an attempt to get them back in form and drum up interest. As soon as a manager starts to dislike a player, we send them off into the wilderness with no chance of a return. Gollini was shipped out on loan for 18 months, Tshibola was sent away to MK Dons and Scotland, Elphick was dropped after maybe 4-5 bad games, despite being one of our best players in the first 6 weeks of his first season, McCormack was just ignored until we could send him to Forest (IIRC) and then Australia. Even going further back to Lambert's time, we sent Hutton to Forest and Spain after a nice spell in the 'bomb squad'. The only player I can think of in the last 3-4 years that I gladly saw us completely ignore is Richards. All of the others players have had some sort of redeeming quality worth salvaging.
  4. Rob182

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    He’ll probably call Safestyle to see if he can get a second one for free
  5. Rob182

    Summer Transfers 18/19

    Reo-Coker and Kieran Richardson are both training with baggies. Big Dave has apparantly said that they're there to get fit, but he wouldn't rule out signing them if they prove their worth. Please let it happen.
  6. Rob182

    Steve Bruce

    So we're at the point in the discussion where one side says 'Of course other clubs know the full extent of our finances', while the other side says 'Other clubs don't necessarily know the full extent of our finances'. None of us will know the truth. To me, there is a fine line between talking up your own players whilst saying "We are open to acceptable offers for all of them", and simply coming out and saying "We HAVE to sell Jack".
  7. Rob182

    Steve Bruce

    Why would clubs offer us £20m, £10m and £8m for Grealish, Chester and Kodjia now, when they will know that they can probably offer us £12m, £7m and £5m on deadline day, which we’ll have to accept? I think the chances of us making quick sales decreased as soon as Bruce laid our cards out on the table.
  8. Rob182

    Steve Bruce

    No-where else have we officially confirmed that our BEST and most valuable player HAS to be sold. So of course it’s going to effect what they offer. How could it not? No-one other than Tony and the people privy to our finances know the full extent of our problems. If we go by the media then we can’t pay a £5m tax bill monthly, but what happened with the July one that would have been due last week? One week the media says we have to make up £40m for FFP, then it was £60m, then £75m, and then another report said that not all was as bad as first feared and that there is hope we could keep our better players. Fans could be forgiven for thinking that only the people within the club, and those close to them, would know the full extent, and that it wasn’t outside the realms of possibility that we might have been able to cope by just selling a handful of fringe players plus Chester and Kodjia. I’ve been called naive in this thread, but I think is naive for people to believe that all other football clubs magically know the ins and outs of our finances. If they knew, and that information got out to them, then why would the fans also not have this crystal clear picture of our financial situation? Because no-one knows for certain. It was stupid of Bruce to say what he said. Until that interview, you can guarantee that some fans, clubs and players probably still thought there was a slim chance he could stay. As soon as Bruce says he has to be sold, everyone knows for certain the situation, and his price immediately drops. Maybe Bruce was playing the victim, an unfortunate situation forced upon him, lowering expectations, like he’s done in the past.
  9. Rob182

    Steve Bruce

    There are some really snarky responses in here. Face facts lads, people have different opinions, and that's the beauty of a forum. If you have to revert to snarky, childish responses then maybe you should start to question your side of the argument, at least until you can provide an actual response worthy of posting, anyway. @bannedfromHandV No-one had said that Spurs hadn't heard of Grealish until Bruce mentioned him. Despite everyone knowing that our financial position isn't currently 'ideal', no-one knows the full extent of the issues, and therefore we could have held on for over £20m for Grealish. As it happens, Bruce has come out and said he has to be sold, so now Spurs (or whoever) will probably drop their offer to £10-£15m and wait until the last few days of the window. Had Bruce not said what he's said, we could try to keep the illusion alive that all is not lost, and push for a hard bargain. Do you think Levy, or a manager underneath him, would come out and name names of players that we have to sell? Would he heck. Likewise @bannedfromHandV, obviously no-one thinks that a Football Manager click of a button is all it takes to sell players. And @bobzy no-one is expecting us to get £40m+ for a few fringe players, but it's not unrealistic to aim to get £500k-£2m for each of Elmo, Taylor, Tish, De Laet, McCormack, Whelan or Gardner, if there were any takers. Or maybe a few extra million for Jedinak, Adomah, Lansbury, Hourihane or Hogan. Wages are an issue, but if we offer to top-up the additional wages for the new club, then we'll still be saving and making money. This could all be considered before we get to the prospect of selling Grealish, Kodjia, Chester & Green. Say we managed to scrape together £12m by selling Lansbury, Gardner, Taylor, McCormack (for a huge loss) Tish, De Laet and Elmo. Would you prefer to lose all of those and be able to keep Grealish, or would you prefer to lose Grealish for £15m and keep all the fringe players? I think this is the point that was being made, and I agree with it. Even if there's a 10% chance of other clubs wanting some of these players, with us paying a small portion of their new wages, it's still something worth considering before a manager simply tells the world "We have to sell Jack". (...and before someone posts the next childish remark, I'm not insinuating that we sell ALL of those aforementioned players. I'm saying that if we transfer list a number of them, or make enquiries to interested parties, then we could potentially sell 5,6,7 of them). If we truly believe that Jack's value is £30-40m then should we not try to get the club on an even keel, keep him here and sell him when we can actually command his true value?
  10. Rob182

    Tony Xia

    Did you see his supposed list of transfer targets? I think it’s better he’s gone.
  11. Rob182

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    I'm glad that people have come round to the idea that we can actually bring players in. Just a week ago people were sticking by the fact (a 'fact' from the media, of course) that we would be selling players and not bringing anyone in. Bruce himself has said that we'll need to beg, steal and borrow, so I'm sure we will bring players in. What was it last week, 'Villa can't even afford free transfers'. Pull the other one. We're not going to sell half of our squad and then only rely on the players we have left or youngsters with less than 5 appearances between them.
  12. Rob182

    Tony Xia

    To be honest, I don't know which end of the pineapple I'd prefer.
  13. Rob182

    Villa Kit 2018-19

    That home kit.
  14. Rob182

    Tony Xia

    I don't see how players and agents would know the figures. The manager might have been told, and he might have told people close to him, but I can't imagine the club are going to call a meeting with the players and tell them the exact finances. Yes everyone knows that we're not in a good situation, but the exact finances and the full extent of the issue is what some people have been calling for Xia to explain. That's not going to happen. I reserve my right to refuse to make comprehensive judgements because nothing has changed in that we still don't know the severity of our situation. I have never said 'Xia has my full support' or 'Xia in' or any other pro-Xia bollocks that people seem to make out I have. I'm just not going to be actively leading the protests for him to leave when I don't know the full situation, or the mess that a new (possibly worse) owner would inherit. I'm under no illusions that Xia's management of our finances has been crap, but do I think his gamble was similar to that made by many other clubs that got relegated from the Premier League in recent years? Yes. I'd say it is. You insinuate that people know the finances, but in recent weeks we've heard the press say that we have £40m to make up, then it was £60m, and now it's £75m. Maybe things are coming to light in time, or maybe the press are guessing.
  15. Rob182

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    How long was his course?