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  1. Add Bennett and Shorey and that’s 4 players in his own position alone that are all worse, and most of whom cost more than him!
  2. Antonio and Coufal here. I too have no Chelsea or Leicester players. There’s something about those two teams that puts me off. Maybe it’s their blue kit!
  3. No way. We’ve signed way worse players than Luna. I could name ten off the top of my head.
  4. I’ve read that one. Spoiler: It’s Christopher Samba.
  5. Bamford and Alioski are on my bench. Obviously planned to have doubles but it was a step too far to replace them as well as the other 3 changes I made this week. I’ve only got one more single and that’s Holding, who should do okay.
  6. I took a -8 like many others. I’ve bench boosted and have 12 doubles. My main reason for going with the BB now instead of 26 or another week, is that I’m lead to believe that in the next one the European competitions will be back on, so there’s more chance of rotation. De Bruyne captained.
  7. Oh yeah, I’m not put out at having 9 for the BGW, but like a few others, I have a couple of players that probably won’t get me more than a point (Brewster etc), so it’s more like 7. It’s all about GW19 for me though. Bench boost with 11 players who have 2 games, plus Son, Calvert Lewin, Brewster and Holding.
  8. Son was where my captaincy was. The double-GW will be tricky. Salah looks like a good pick, but recent blanks will really put people off. I’ve been planning the blank and double game week since halfway through December. I’m sure plans will see me fall flat on my face though. That’s normally what happens when overthinking! I used up my free hit months ago, so I only have 9 players playing in the blank GW.
  9. I’m so glad I didn’t captain Salah this week. My midfield heavy side finished on 86 points this week. Son, Fernandes, Salah (sigh), De Bruyne and Soucek sorted me out.
  10. £40m Joelinton, £20m 100-year-deal for Callum Wilson. The poor bargain hunters
  11. It’s very easy for Bruce supporters to say that Bruce is doing a better job simply because he has more points than Benitez had at this point in the season, but that only paints about 1/10th of the picture. Any team under Bruce will go backwards as time goes on. Overly reliant on big money signings and individual moments of brilliance, while the rest of your players get stuck into non-tactics for as long as he’s in charge. Young players generally suffer in their development, unless they’re one of the best ones, in which case they’ll have weight on their shoulders to produce individual mome
  12. It's such a good management formula. 1) No coaching. 2) Set the team up defensively and just tell the best players "Go on son!" 3) Scrape draws and wins, and disguise it as a masterplan. 4) Occasionally throw 4 strikers on (with no plan), and when it inevitably fails, say "See, this is why I play defensive football. The players aren't good enough to play tippy tappy Barca football. Wor just have to roll our sleeves up" Repeat, repeat, repeat.
  13. I don’t think I believe it. Who would cash out at 4-1 when another goal for either side still would have kept the bet alive and the game was clearly full of goals.
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