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  1. I’ve just seen some Man Utd fan page on twitter has tweeted my post above. Much to the amusement of their fans The funny thing is that my two mates that told me are both (Birmingham based) Man Utd fans. So if any Man Utd fans reading this think it’s made up bullshit - it’s come from your own
  2. Two separate people in the last 24 hours have told me that Grealish to Man Utd has been agreed. One mate told me that his mate is Petrov’s best mate and he told me last night. I know he has some sort of connection to Villa because he used to always post photos of him and Ashley Young in corporate venues. Then this morning a separate mate told me the same thing, but his source is a guy he works with that manages some finances for a lot of the Villa Youth players. I know all of the above sounds like a mate of a mate had a dog who had a cousin etc, so take it for what it is. I’ve been told the same thing by 2 separate people in the space of about 15 hours.
  3. Did we not do a similar overhaul in the last season we got relegated? I’m sure we brought in around 10-12 players then too. It just shows how a massive overhaul (which is necessary, if bad ownership and decisions have been rife in previous seasons) gives you a huge mountain to climb before a ball is even kicked. Funnily enough, in that season, people were quick to criticise all of the individual parts instead of looking at the situation as a whole too. Just look at some of the Paddy Reilly signings now. Suso will presumably be this season’s scapegoat.
  4. Please provide evidence that the posters on here have smelly arses!
  5. I don’t think changing the formation is right for this game. Smith has a good record against Bruce’s teams, and that’s a result of Smith’s trusted formations beating the Bruce set-up. If we switch it to 2-up top, we’ll play long balls a lot more than we’ve seen recently (which is quite a lot anyway), and we’ll be playing Bruceball against the master. Personally I’d stick with the same team, but maybe throw in Jota or Trez for El Ghazi, as El Ghazi hasn’t looked confident to me. Or, if just getting Samatta on the pitch is what everyone’s desperate for then I’d play him wide instead of Anwar.
  6. I apply this rule too. Just yesterday I saw a horrific murder on my street and with a shrug of my shoulders, I thought “what about all the other murders happening? not my problem guvnor”
  7. @tonyh29 Funnily enough, @Paddywhack reckons that the big, green, gormless looking fish is based on him. I couldn’t possibly comment. I might go through the video and label a VTer to each fish. My brother-in-law does the art side and says that the orange one is based on me. I can’t take credit for the name, that was the in laws idea too, but the expert rhyming... that’s all me! All my years of playing in punk bands has culminated in this
  8. Have you made a YouTube channel? Do you want to share it in this thread for other VTers to have a look at? I put this in the baby thread earlier, but I figure that’s slightly off topic so I’ll dump it here instead! Me and my brother-in-law have started a Kids YouTube Channel. Him on animations and art, and me on the music side. Here’s a couple of links for any VTers interested: Likes, subscribes and shares to any other people or groups would be greatly appreciated. Post links to your channels if you’ve done one. We’ll all share the love.
  9. Rob182

    The VT Baby club

    I’m not really sure where to post this, but this thread seems appropriate-ish. Me and my brother-in-law have started a Kids YouTube Channel. Him on animations and art, and me on the music side. Here’s a couple of links for any VTers interested: Likes, subscribes and shares to any other people or groups would be greatly appreciated. (Also, on topic, my second baby is on the way, due at the start of September) Edit: On second thoughts, I’ll put this in a thread of its own. On topic, my new one due September is a boy
  10. Sorry if this has been asked and answered before, but have the 'PPG' calculations been done on an average across the season, or based on home and away points? Do we end up relegated in both scenarios? EDIT: Never mind, I've googled it. We do.
  11. Genuinely, I would like to see you try Dem It’d probably say “Kermit behind clothed doors supporting event activities”
  12. Many people now get their sports channels via other means, for a fraction of the price
  13. Sorry to hear that @It's Your Round, even though, like you say, you won't miss him. A loss for his closer family will be felt.
  14. My dad has amazingly beaten it. He's 66 next week, he has throat cancer and he has existing heart problems (stent etc). We were all bricking it that if he got it he'd be done for. A few weeks ago he had a temperature of 39.1 but when the paramedics arrived, they said they weren't concerned, and that it seemed more to do with his heart (high heart-rate too) than Covid. They took him to hospital anyway, and he stayed there for 4 days until his temperature went down. Other than a high temperature and generally feeling lethargic, he didn't really have any serious symptoms. Test results came back a week later, and we were all expecting the docs to say "nope, just a different virus", but they confirmed it was Covid. It's seems that it's a blessing in disguise that the NHS messed around his chemo treatment/results for ages, because until this week, he hasn't had a chemo treatment since the end of January. My assumption is that his immune system managed to strengthen itself in the 2-month chemo break. It's mad to think that, had his chemo gone ahead as it should have in Feb/March, that Covid could possibly have killed him. Stay safe everyone
  15. I don’t think Cahill would have chosen us over Palace anyway. They would have offered him much higher wages than we could afford.
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