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  1. We're trying. O'Hare, Green, Doyle-Hayes, Davis (signed from Biggleswade but still only 20) and Hepburn-Murphy are some of the youngsters that have tried to step up recently, but as I'm sure you know, developing and relying on are two different things, and the one is very dangerous when you're trying to survive a first season back in the Prem.
  2. Or we might just replace any outgoing players (eg: Luiz if he goes back to Man City) and pretty much stick with what we've got. If that happens, let's not panic and, instead, just enjoy being back in the big time!
  3. Rob182

    The NSWE Board

    There was a little article on Egypt Today yesterday, as Forbes have increased Sawiris’ real time net worth from 6.4 billion to 7.9 billion, which is nice. Egypt Today but yesterday not today
  4. That's right guys! My confused reactions are back whenever you bring out the shitty fish puns! @AvfcRigo82 I think you must be getting V4L mixed up with someone else. I've never seen him ridiculed on here. He's a well respected poster, partly because of his clear ability in scouting - and giving reports to us when we're in for random players that most of us have never heard of, but also because of what he's been through personally, which many gave their words of support for in his Off Topic (now moved to Other Football) thread. I wonder if you're thinking of a different poster who has occasionally received stick.. Perhaps one who likened Nathan Delfouneso to Didier Drogba, or referred to Ethan Moore as a once in a generation player. Isn't that right @sir_gary_cahill
  5. I think it was the 'he is a scout' part that gave it away. Unless you're banging the 'she can be a he and still be considered a she if she bloody wants to!" drum
  6. Bottom but one row, far right, that's got to be Grealish with his alice band?
  7. Rob182


    I was expecting them to have done some more transfer activity by now. Do they have a squad big enough to take on the Europa League and the Prem without it massively effecting the latter?
  8. Bale, personally. Just so that Villa would potentially have one of the Top 10/15 players in the world. I get why people would go for someone like Zaha instead of Bale, but that wasn't the point made by the person I was quoting. The alternative suggested was to get a few young players. I don't consider a 26-year-old Zaha to be a young player that you could buy a few of.
  9. So do I, but in the parallel universe where Villa have a chance of signing Gareth Bale on 300k a week, I think it's madness to think that the £60m would be better spent on a few young players.

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