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  1. I got rid of all my City players with my wildcard this week. It’ll probably come back to bite me, but I’ve had enough Pep roulette for one season, and he’s still bound to do it a load more. Lingard, Lacazette, Trent & Salah have sorted me this week though.
  2. I told my wife I was putting the PS2 in the bedroom and asked if there were any old games she’d like me to get. One of the 3-4 she mentioned was Discworld..... it’s like £50-80 on eBay! Wtf. How do some random games become golddust
  3. Make that *2 to play. Sanchez not in the Spurs squad. Another great wildcard move
  4. Chuffed with the Lingard brace, but I’m not liking the Iheanacho goals. I avoided him, thinking he would likely drop back to their bench again. Nevertheless, I’m having a good week, 52 with 3 to play. Up 30k to around 70k overall rank.
  5. Are there any tips for making a PS2 look half decent on a big ‘Crystal UHD’ tv? (No idea what that means. Sounds like a type of milk to me). Is it just a case of reducing the screen size and playing with the settings? ...For a start I’m having to buy some sort of HDMI adaptor to plug the red, yellow and white leads into, as TVs haven’t had scart lead inputs for about 10 years, I guess!
  6. Mine is the same as V4E’s. Vice City! I think that’s probably one of the games I’ve sunk the most hours into (alongside Skyrim probably). I don’t actually have too many PS2 games, looking at my collection. GTA 3, Vice City, San Andreas, God of War, Crash Nitro Kart and then memory, about 4 crappy action games.. that I can’t even remember the names of. The backwards compatability excites me though. I know I’ve got Abe’s Oddysee on PS1 . It’s just a shame that 98% of my PS1 collection are copied.
  7. Same here. I spent hours looking through each fixture and figuring out a single week transfer I could make to improve my team, and then in the hour before the deadline I swapped out three players for three others that I hadn’t planned for! And yet... this season is the most I’ve ever been invested in FPL
  8. We’ve just bought and set up a new bed where the TV magically appears out of the foot-end.. bit. With that, I’m considering bringing my PS2 into the bedroom to do a bit of retro gaming! (and to double up as a DVD player). I’ve spent ages looking at PS1 and PS2 games on eBay today, getting excited about some retro classics. I also never realised that you can get wireless PS2 controllers. They just come with a little plug-in receiver bit that goes into the console.
  9. .. And it only took 2 hours for the first casualty of 80% of the wildcards out there! Pray for Neto
  10. You and I are both on the same points, both done our wildcards and have 11 of the same players! I took out Holding for Sanchez 20 mins before the deadline.
  11. Bale and Son both coming on for 1 pointers for me Bring back the bloody international break!
  12. Mine are that there was a button to intentionally elbow a player, and that it was really shit. I actually still have my PS1 copy of it.
  13. Ex-Blink 182’s Tom Delonge then
  14. Yeah, so, the double Newcastle defence differential gamble didn’t pay off
  15. I’m going to take a -4 too, but that will only get me to a 9-man team. 10 if Son plays. I’m going to be a maverick and bring in Newcastle defenders. It’ll probably bite me on the arse, but hey ho!
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