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  1. Rob182

    General Chat

    Does anyone know what consumer rights we have for services, as opposed to goods? Is it still a 30-day cancellation, or is that just goods? Someone at work said they think it's 14 days for services, but I don't have a clue. I signed my daughter up for 10 swimming lessons and the first one had to be missed because my wife was ill. The second one is meant to be tomorrow, but my daughter's ill. We paid for all of the lessons in one go, and my wife has called the leisure centre and they've said we can't get any of our money back so we'll just have to have 2 lessons.
  2. Rob182

    Christian Purslow

    Our previous CEO had the face of a full English breakfast.
  3. Rob182

    Dean Smith

    This just feels like the perfect fit, don't you think? An unfashionably named manager for a now unfashionable club. The media love to talk us down, and I'm sure many will talk about this appointment as being us settling for a future in the Championship, yet when Dean Smith talks, what he says seems to have substance and meaning, and his teams tend to play with style and substance too. Bruce was all regurgitated cliches, and yet he was a media darling. Looking at one of the other options we had; Henry will no doubt bring all the bells, whistles and camera flashes in the beautiful and fashionable setting of Monaco, but if I had to chose between "va va voom" or Brummie Smiffy, there's no contest! I think Henry or Faria would have brought that familiar feeling that we had with Garde and Houllier, talking us up as being this "great historic club", but deep down you knew that they'd only previously read about us when they've had to. The new guys will need time, as will whatever we're trying to set up in the background with Purslow (and possibly Mendes?), so I'm not expecting miracles straight away. But I do think we'll see an instant change in the way we play, with more focus on keeping the ball and limiting the opposition. Exciting times! UTV!
  4. Rob182

    Dean Smith

  5. Rob182

    Dean Smith

    A few people have said 4pm, but earlier this morning someone said 16:00pm, so I don't know what to believe.
  6. Rob182

    Dean Smith

    Be careful with that hope. In the wrong hands, it can lead to dementia, syphilis and diarrhea.
  7. Rob182

    Dean Smith

    Are there not some free agents available that would instantly improve our options? Collins or Huth come to mind. Or the potential recall of Elphick. Collins/ Huth/ Elphick recall >>>> Jedi at CB It's hardly an impossible task.
  8. Rob182

    Dean Smith

    Are there any extensive articles out there about Dean Smith's coaching methods etc? Now would be a nice time to have a read about our new savior.
  9. Rob182

    Dean Smith

    Honestly, the fact that he's a Villa fan is more of a footnote for me. I'm chuffed with his appointment because, from an outside perspective, he seems to understand tactics, he likes to play attacking football, he likes to instill a philosophy where he goes and, unlike Bubble 'N Steve, he seems to be able to change a game plan based on the opposition he's playing. He is both the 'sensible' choice (ie: has that ever-talked-down Championship experience, knows the league, knows the opposition), and also has the coaching ability to get a team playing above their means. The fact he's a Villa fan is just the cherry on the cake, for me. UTV! Deanoooooooooooooooooo!
  10. Rob182

    Dean Smith

    No mention of the super-model wife, I noticed , so maybe The Wolf of Wall Street is bang on. May as well use that money for... ahem.. satisfaction.
  11. Rob182

    Dean Smith

    @Stevo985 I agree, I think his retirement announcement was the end. I just wonder. He was one of the best defenders in the league last year, so even playing once every two games, once fit, he'd be a huge asset in our (broken) defence. Ah well, hopefully he'll still add as much steel and organisation from the bench - presumably in his full kit!
  12. Rob182

    Dean Smith

    £300,000 was mentioned. Which is an absolute bargain! Maybe we will buy the whole Brentford set-up after all
  13. Rob182

    Dean Smith

    Yes, that's definitely what it seems. I just think he's still got it in him, and don't want us to look back at the end of the season and wonder 'what if'. Hopefully we don't need him, and Smith & Terry manage to sort the defence out.
  14. Rob182

    Dean Smith

    My previous reply appears to have mysteriously disappeared from the thread, with no explanation. So I'll post it again. Nothing in my life is depressing, thank you. As I said, I was just looking through a positive new manager thread and felt the need to comment on your post, which seemed to have been posted from your high-horse, praising where your predictions came true and that people should have listened to your warnings. This is a thread of grown men (and women) who, I'm sure, can handle whatever minor disappointments they may feel. Let them hope or gamble. I, for one, am happy with Smith, though I was also also excited at the prospect of an unknown Henry/ Faria appointment. There's no disappointment here.
  15. Rob182

    Dean Smith

    If Smith can get us playing a way that suits Kodjia, Grealish, Abraham AND Hogan (not necessarily all at once), I wonder whether the Bolasie loan has an option to cancel. That £60/70k p/w, or whatever it was, would be better spent on a keeper and/or a defender. Also, while I'm thinking pie-in-the-sky, I can't be the only one wondering whether Terry would come out of retirement to be a player/assistant, though he might feel that would represent a step backwards in his leap into management.