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  1. Say what you want about Newcastle, but I’ve never seen a team with their shirts, sock and pants pulled up so much. That’s what football’s all about.
  2. Oh man. Against my better judgement I had a scroll through their forum to find a match thread, and I think I may have lost a significant amount of brain cells from reading the Sheffield United match thread. Apparently Smith is a vile cretin who has always instructed his players to dive, Sweet Caroline is a ‘bandwagon’ song and it’s an embarrassment for us to have images of the cups that we’ve won at Villa Park
  3. And 95% of this thread is discussing Leeds with absolutely no connection to a Villa rivalry. It just seems that a LOT of fans of other clubs want to drum up a rivalry with us. We should probably be flattered.
  4. I just assumed they’d prefer things like clothing, or items to help with education, like pens and notepads.
  5. Surely we’re 2 injuries away from that? As our wingers seem fairly comfortable on both sides. If Grealish and Traore are going to be the first choice options, we have Trez as first backup and El Ghazi as second.
  6. Some div Leeds fan has pointed out the size of our thread on Leeds. His limited brain capacity probably didn’t notice that this thread has been going for 8 years What annoyed me more was a Villa fan further down that thread said that Heroes and Villains is a better villa forum!
  7. I love following these guys on twitter. Their songs are amazing. It’s great to see all the shirts that people send over there too. Also.. I think the gesture is lovely, but I’m really not sure whether 60 Aston Villa mugs is what they wanted or needed.
  8. I'm sure we heard the same thing about Trezeguet when we signed him. But I still think natural strikers are a better option.
  9. I'd add another striker to the list of priorities before LB too. 1) CM 2) LW 3) ST (For 3+ months we have Watkins and Davis only). 4) LB 5) If we're being greedy, another CB. (But personally, I'm happy with the Mings/Hause Engels/Konsa options)
  10. Rob182


    I'm surprised they haven't invested more this summer. They have a wealthy owner, they presumably have the funds to spend big again, but they seem to be relying largely on their squad that got relegated last time. If they just spent a modest 50-60m on a creative player and a solid defender, I think they'd have a much better chance of not being a complete embarrassment to the league.
  11. Sometimes half an inch makes a LOT of difference Mikey. I should know, it's all I've got
  12. I'd imagine Nakamba's defensive performances and stats are actually better than RLC's in a similar number of games. (Though Nakamba has probably played as many games in one season that RLC did across 2-3 seasons).
  13. Agreed. It's more of a box-to-box midfielder that we need, to slot into Hourihane's left midfield position, in my opinion.
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