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  1. That sounds like one of those things that people say before a game, but then change their tune after it. Picking up a point against a good West Ham team that will be hoping for top 10 this season wouldn't be a dreadful result. A point would take us out of the relegation zone and maybe give us a bit of confidence for the upcoming games. Don't get me wrong, a win would obviously be ideal, but I wouldn't feel indifferent about a draw.
  2. I've only just seen this notification. Remember when @Paddywhack tried to park the boat and he did a full 180, crashing into two little old ladies in their antique boat? Good times
  3. I just think of it as 'why exclude betting on the team that you know the most about?' There's obviously the whole 'heart/head' conundrum, but if I see a genuinely good price for a Villa away win (which I think 3.3 to beat Palace represents), then I'll go for it.
  4. I break that rule all the time. I bet on (and against) Villa loads.
  5. BTTS is my banker pick for that game which I've thrown into an acca (with Villa to win, at a decent price, obviously!)
  6. What a loss this is to our canteen. Him and Nyland were a formidable mash potato partnership.
  7. I don’t think it was anywhere near as good as the Sunderland one. The best thing, for me, about these fly on the wall documentaries is that it should be ‘warts and all’. The Leeds one wasn’t that. The story of last year was Leeds’ hilarious collapse from first to play-off failure, with the added bonuses of spygate and the Villa/Leeds goal(s). This documentary seemed so intent on being Uber-pro-Leeds that they missed out the actual fallout of most of best bits of the season. They didn’t show the Derby fans singing the ‘stop crying frank lampard’ song after winning the play-off semi, I don’t think they showed the Derby players doing the ‘binocular’ hand signs, they didn’t even mention that we got promoted at Wembley and, as mentioned above, they didn’t properly cover what happened in our game against them. It was just all too self-congratulating (or words that make sense) for me. In the Sunderland one, you saw the mess for what it was. In this one, it was like “Leeds are the biggest club in England, the only one-club-city and in recent years, were European heroes. They’ll be back, and this is just the beginning!”.... but it actually should have just said “here’s a hilarious capitulation”, like the Sunderland one.
  8. If anyone knows how to get the ball in the goal, it's him.
  9. Like we all got over MON..... Unfortunately, whether you like it or not, a manager that has played some part in our recent history is going to get mentioned. If Di Matteo had been given 18 months in charge and had now got a job in the Prem, we'd be talking about him too.
  10. Rob182

    Cameron Archer

    I feel like the majority of our mismanagement of youngsters over the last 10 years has been over-relying on them. An example that comes to mind, is that a lot of people said that Weimann would have benefitted from a few loans instead of being relied on as part of our Gabby/Benteke/Weimann front three in a relegation battle. This is something that I don’t think our youngsters will suffer from anymore. We have a good squad that should allow for fleeting appearances in the first team, or loans to League Two/One clubs.
  11. A nice cameo to get him off the mark. I wonder how much it plays on attacking players minds when they haven’t scored yet. Like others though, I kind of wish he’d not been risked and instead we gave someone else a cameo.
  12. Great goal. He should take Jack under his wing
  13. Rob182

    Cameron Archer

    I thought he looked really comfortable on senior level football. He received and distributed the ball well under pressure, tried a few dribbles which showed good confidence and had a hand in Grealish’s goal too. Good early signs. I’d never heard of him before today.
  14. Alright Ahmed, whatever you say
  15. Keinan Davis won 2 aerial duels in his 3 minutes of appearances, and he only gets a 6.05? I'm not saying he should have had an 8, because I don't think he did a lot after he won these balls, but I just think stats are mostly pointless. I remember after the first two games, Elmo's main defence was "But look at his WhoScored rating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!".... 6.61. Then Guilbert has come in and has basically impregnated the whole of the midlands with that performance.

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