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  1. Rob182

    New Manager Speculation

    @DCJonah should perhaps have put that no other club could have ‘afforded’ him. Small Heath could have signed Terry, but afford him, they most certainly can’t!
  2. Rob182

    Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    I'm looking forward to it. We might start it tonight.
  3. Rob182

    Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    My new house won't have TV or internet until next Friday when Virgin turn up,(apparantly we're the first house on the street to have Virgin. But I don't know whether I believe that), so the missus has agreed to watch The Sopranos with me. I've never seen it before, so I went to CeX yesterday and picked up the whole box-set for £20!
  4. Rob182

    Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

    "...and I can't get it to stay up"
  5. Rob182

    General Chat

    @lapal_fan TL;DR.
  6. Rob182

    General Chat

    I think we know. "oh for **** sake?! Grandad's locked himself in the garden shed...... and it looks like he's shut himself in with a chainsaw that he can't turn off again... I'M COMING GRANDAD!"
  7. Rob182

    New Manager Speculation

    Maybe you just got a sudden rush of blood to the head when posting your 'Okay cool' response @bannedfromHandV, as you must not have seen that I even referenced the Leicester that won the league in my post, as there will always be the anomolies that go against the rule. Look at the list of the highest to lowest spenders that you just posted, it's very similar to the actual league table in most cases, but with Hull and Sunderland (surprise, surprise), appearing at the wrong end of the table, as is their underacheivement this season, and Milwall & Preston at the other end, due to their overacheivement. I haven't once said that Sunderland's squad is one that should be challenging for promotion, so you've twisted my post nicely there. But I've said that they, as a football team, (and as a team that has just dropped out of the richest league in the world) should be aiming for Top 6/ promotion. Whether that means bringing in a more competent manager to get their squad of partial Premier League quality players firing whilst bringing in new blood to improve them, or whether that means shipping out high earners in any way possible (loan/ sale/ sale with Sunderland paying part of their wages for the new club) and starting from scratch with a largely new squad. Whatever way a relegated club choses to approach their first season in the Championship, they should be aiming to get back up first time. I haven't used anything as stick to beat SB with, by the way. I joined the discussion half-way through, to simply argue that Bruce hasn't spent big on just 'one player'. It's at least two, with the money we pay Terry. He chose to go for an experienced free-transfer on large wages, instead of using that money to bring in other players for the same combined amount. Again, I'm not disputing that the signing of Terry was a good one, in case you see a nice chance to further twist my words.
  8. Rob182

    New Manager Speculation

    Do you honestly believe that? Really... Honestly? Of course money does not equal instant success, or success in the form of silverware, but money in football is the one thing that makes the biggest difference. That's clear for even the youngest, Man-City-top-wearing football fan. Generally the balance of teams from top to bottom will show you the highest spending down to the lowest, except for in the anomoly situations like Leicester winning the league under Ranieri, or Wolves spending little and winning the league (but having huge backing in the form of one of the richest companies in the world and having fingers in the richest pies in the world).
  9. Rob182

    New Manager Speculation

    That's a very narrow-minded stance, if you don't mind me saying. You don't know much about Sunderland's spending in the last 12 months (which was the team you decided to bring into the discussion, and the 'past 12 months' wasn't even mentioned until this post of yours), and you can't accept my view that in-line with their wages, which should be classed as ongoing 'spending' they should be at least aiming for play-offs, so you want to stop the conversation. You may as well have put your fingers in your ears and walked away shouting "la la la laaa". Just doing a quick google search and looking at Sunderland's squad, I'd imagine that all of the following were signed up on decent lower-Premier League wage deals: Rodwell, Gibson, Cattermole, O'Shea, Jermain Lens & Brian Oviedo. With the following players probably also getting a fairly reasonable wage also: McNair, Galloway, McGeady, McManaman, Wilson, Watmore, Kone & Jones. As @AntrimBlack has said, the difference between us and Sunderland is that we seem to have made some good signings, whereas theirs seem to have all been fairly poor - or least not good enough to turn their ageing wreck of a squad round.
  10. Rob182

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Yesterday I was in earshot of a 'side-by-side' (a one-on-one training session, as it's called at my work) between two people, where "to be fair" was used no less than 30 times in the space of a 10 minute exchange. At first I found it funny, and then as the conversation went on, I just became more and more amazed that neither of them could see that they were each using it every 20 words. To be fair.
  11. Rob182

    General Chat

    I was in a vintage (ie: charity) shop on Cradley Heath high-street a few months back and there was an old, local map on one of the old oak bookshelves. I couldn't believe my luck when I saw the £2.50 price tag on it, considering the map opened up to at least a metre wide and was in really good condition. I trotted up to the till with my coins in hand, happy as a pig in Cradley Heath, only for the shop assistant to tell that was the original price, back in yesteryear, and that it was £15 to buy. I wasn't that interested in it, so I had to do the ol' trusty "Actually.... I think I've already got this one, anyway" trick.
  12. Rob182

    General Chat

    Are you a real-life Mrs Doubtfire? Or does Mrs Mooney not allow you to have your own keys for fear of you locking yourself inside a wardrobe?
  13. Rob182

    New Manager Speculation

    If by 'pulling up trees', you mean challenging for promotion, then yes. I would say that all relegated Premier League teams should be aiming to go back up on the first attempt, or finishing in a play-off place at minimum. Sunderland have massively underacheived in comparison to their spending (wages or transfer fees). Hull probably have too, although I don't think the extent of their spending is as bad as Sunderland's.
  14. Rob182


    Untrustworthy.. Thicko
  15. Rob182

    New Manager Speculation

    Surely wages are taken into consideration when determining what he has spent on players? In which case, he has spent 'big on at least two players. Terry and Hogan. We're probably spending a fair chunk of weekly wages on Jedi, Whelan and Snodgrass too.