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  1. Even if all of those players made the step up to the championship, the price of them would mean that we’d have very little money for other positions we need to invest in (DM and LB), and that’s before we even look at the possibility of buying the rest our loanees! Imagine if we bought Mings, Tuanzebe, Hause, El Ghazi, Bowen, Lolley And Maupay. You’d be spending around £75m to essentially replace Green with Bowen, and Tammy with Maupay from our current eleven. That doesn’t feel like a £75m investment. I suppose £75m doesn’t go a long way nowadays, but I just feel like our new scouting set-up could find us ‘our own’ Bowen, Lolley and Maupay, instead of buying them while their price tags are at their peaks, much like Hogan and McCormack when we bought them.
  2. Rob182


    I definitely got lucky by the sounds of it. See you there guys, or in spirit, to those who will be cheering on from home!
  3. Rob182


    Same here. I reckon I was one of the last to get one. I was 8047th in the queue. ‘52 minute wait’ changed to ‘32 minute wait’ and then jumped up to ‘over an hour’. I eventually got into the stadium plan around 5:45pm. There were no tickets available but I refreshed the screen like a madman for about 15 minutes and eventually got one. I wanted two tickets, but will happily settle for the one I got on the roof. Longshot, I know, but if any VTer wants to return their ticket/ has a change of plans - DM me and I’ll come and pick a ticket up off you.
  4. I don't know whether I like all the talk of buying players like Maupay, Lolley, Bowen etc. I get that they're good players at this level, and that they probably have the potential to be better. But this idea of picking up the better Championship players seems flawed, considering the inflated English prices, when for the same amounts you could probably get better players from European leagues. I'm no European expert myself, so I'm useless if anyone wants an example of the type of players we should go for. But I just look at Anwar El Ghazi, who apparently can be picked up for somewhere between £3m-£6m, and I see that as a much better option than splashing £10m-£15m on a Lolley/Bowen type. I'd be interested to see a list of Dean Smith's Walsall and Brentford signings, including their purchase prices and from where they were bought from.
  5. I think that's extremely harsh. During our 3 years down here, he's been one of our most consistent performers, when fit. He also formed a good partnership with Baker, before he was flogged to make room for Terry. So, it's unfair to imply that Terry guiding him was the reason he had a good season.
  6. I actually think he'll be happy to play his part. Being a squad player wouldn't mean he'd just get 3-4 cup games. An injury to or a poor performance from one our first choice centre-backs could see him get a chance and a run of games (which would be more than he was getting at Baggies when he was there for a few seasons in the Prem).
  7. I wouldn't sell Chester. In my opinion, he's one of the few players that we own that I'm confident are good enough to be part of a Premier League squad. Chester, McGinn, Grealish, Whelan & Elmohamady are the current AVFC players that I would say are definitely worthy of a place in a Premier League squad. I'm not saying they'd be good enough for a permanent place in the first team (Eg: Whelan would be an able back-up DM), but I would look to hold on to these players for certain. We have others that will probably make the step up, such as Steer, Guilbert, Hourihane, Kodjia etc. But they will still have question marks over them. Then you have the next set of players that are largely average in the Championship, so will have even bigger question marks over them if we move into the big league: Green, Taylor, Davis etc.
  8. I think it’s very optimistic to say that our team is equal to or better than Brighton, Southampton, Burnley and Bournemouth. We can’t underestimate the jump in quality we will (hopefully) be facing. That’s not to say we can’t become a 10th-14th team, if we invest wisely and keep our best loanees, of course. I just don’t think we can assume we’re better than we probably are. Just think back to how we played while Grealish was out injured. We looked a shadow of the team we are now, but there’s no guarantees we’re going to continue on this wave of good form. If we go up, I’ll just be hopeful we can avoid relegation. On topic: I think there will be a bit of a balancing act, between seeing which loan players are able to be signed, which aren’t, and then hopefully loaning them back again, so that we can spend bigger money on other important positions.
  9. Rob182


    Tomorrow is the day! I hope there’s no ‘breaking’ avfc news between now and 5pm tomorrow to say they’re sold out. Fingers crossed!
  10. I wonder whether the potential permanent signing of El Ghazi could do wonders for Green. They’re very similar in style, but El Ghazi just does it all better. Pace, dribbling, skills, longshots. Maybe Green could learn from him?
  11. I think you need extra bodies though, even if they're not Premier League quality (yet). Players like Davis and Green are both promising youngsters, on low wages that could be used in cup games or for the odd sub appearance. I'd definitely look to loan out the players that haven't even made their mark in our championship team, such as Doyle-Hayes, O'Hare and Hepburn-Murphy. Send players like that out to a Championship team to further their development before they try to make the step up to (hopefully) the Premier League, if we're there!
  12. It's extremely unlikely we'll make wholesale changes like that @Pez1974 Though you're probably right in the players that won't be good enough for the Prem, it'll just be too big a squad upheaval. I think Smith will look more down the route of bringing in 7-8 players maximum (after the ones that we have on loan already). Although our squad needs changes, too many can upset the squad harmony that we clearly have. I would imagine we'll see something along the lines of this, IF we go up: If possible, buy: DF: Mings, Tuanzebe, Hause, New first choice LB, New CB MID: New DM, New CM WING/FW: Abraham, El Ghazi, New RW, New LW, New FW Keep: GK: Steer, Kalinic, Nyland DF: Chester, Guilbert, Elmohamady, Taylor, Bree, MID: McGinn, Grealish, Hourihane, Lansbury, Whelan WING/FW: Kodjia, Davis, Green, If possible, sell/ release: GK: Bunn DF: Elphick, Hutton, De Laet, MF: Bjarnason, Gardner, Tshibola, Jedinak WING/FW: Adomah, McCormack, Hogan This would leave us with the following squad of first team/ back-up players: Steer, Kalinic, Nyland, Chester, Mings, Tuanzebe, Hause, New CB, Guilbert, Elmohamady, Bree, New LB, Taylor, McGinn, Grealish, Whelan, Lansbury, Hourihane, New DM, New CM, El Ghazi, Green, New RW, New LW, Abraham, Kodjia, Davis, New FW. Plus some youngsters that would be loaned out or given the odd chance (Doyle-Hayes, O'Hare, Hepburn-Murphy etc). This leaves us with a few players that probably aren't good enough for the Prem (Lansbury, Kodjia, Green, Taylor etc etc), but it's probably better to keep a good squad together and bring in some quality, than do wholesale changes and risk dropping like a stone next season due to the squad not being 'one'.
  13. I can't see Villa doing this. Our owners are rich enough and savvy enough to find other ways to put money into the club, if we got to a time of 'desperate measures'. The thing about what Derby did, is that you can only do it once. After that you're back to the norm of scraping by and trying to be clever in other ways. I just can't see our owners doing it for a one-time, one-season lump sum on the accounts.
  14. Some of you may remember that a baggies mate at work pranked me a few years back, having a text sent from an 'AVFC' number to say my season ticket was suspended (Hall of Fame Thread, if you haven't read it). Well, today was his first day back in the office since our play-off game. I gave him a lovely return to work, by covering his desk in Villa flags and scarves

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