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  1. Conan Exiles, mostly playing online with my brother-in-law. I can't remember the last time I played through a game so far in a 'co-op' situation. It's taking me back to the days of Streets of Rage on the Megadrive!
  2. I've seen a load of Villa fans on twitter saying that, because of where the Peaky Blinders were actually from, it's highly likely they were actually Villa fans. I don't know if that's just Villa fans trying to stir up some trouble, or whether there's any truth behind it. I don't care either way, but it would be funny if that somehow came out, and the noses all had to throw their Tesco flat-caps and ASDA George waistcoats in the bin.
  3. Rob182

    General Chat

    Well I’ve never heard of a chinchilla with a proper pet name so it must be! The wife named her’s Howard back when The Mighty Boosh was popular, after Howard Moon. However, one of my cats is called Edwin, which breaks the rule.
  4. Have you reassessed your thoughts on us being a one man team? Even at the time I thought implying that he's much better than the rest of the team was strong (I think Grealish, Mings and McGinn are our three best players, and all three have a similar ceiling in how far they can go), but the game against Liverpool surely shows that we're not a one-man team, and that we have other options available if he's out. (Despite the fact that we lost! Obviously!)
  5. Rob182

    Wesley Moraes

    Should the worst happen, and Kodjia and Wesley both got injured while Davis was out, I wonder who Smith would play up there. Trezeguet or El Ghazi seem the obvious options.
  6. Rob182

    General Chat

    You didn't need to add the speech marks @BOF! Insert [that's the joke] meme (Joking aside, the wife's Chinchilla was put to sleep. ...... shortly after the birth of our daughter! ba dum tish! ... No, but seriously, we used to have a Chinchilla called Howard and he got put to sleep around New Year of 2017 and it was very sad xxxx miss you Howard)
  7. Rob182

    General Chat

    It’s hard to word a post about the numerous small beings that run around your house. Just be glad I didn’t bring my wife’s chinchilla into it
  8. Rob182

    General Chat

    This morning when I opened the door to my 19-month old's bedroom, one of our cats walked out. My daughter was put to sleep last night at 7pm and didn't wake up until gone 6, so the cat had been there for over 11 hours! The little bugger must have been hiding in the wardrobe or under her cot.
  9. Can you ask them if there are plans to change kit contracts so that we actually get kits at the same times as all other clubs? I’m sure I read something about it being to do with the start and end dates of the kit contracts. The simple solution would obviously to be to have a shorter deal so that the next one can start before the season, instead of weeks into it.
  10. I wouldn't worry too much about that. Based on other's purchases, seems like it's pot luck of where your badge will end up. You might get one on your belly button
  11. Also, I don't like it when people include the 'Billing vs Bournemouth' decision. I don't think VAR can tell an official to give a yellow card (which in this case would have resulted in his sending off). I'd rather people just include the actual valid ones that have actually cost us goals or penalties.
  12. I’ve been looking forward to Purslow coming out and saying something. When he talks people listen, and he always seems to get to the route of an issue. I wonder how many more decisions against us (and none for) it would take for them to actually start talking to lawyers.
  13. I came here to post this. I don't think it'll happen, because it may put Wesley into Incredible Sulk mode, and just looking at his '4 in 8' stat makes it look like he's been better than he has. So I imagine Smith with stick with Wesley, stick with the same back 5 and only make changes to either Hourihane or El Ghazi. But, I feel that Davis showed a lot more in his brief cameo than Wesley did all game against Brighton, and starting him could give their makeshift defence a few extra concerns, with him being an unknown quantity to non Villa fans.
  14. I'm sure there's a website called 'fullmatchreplay.com' or something like that. Give it a google
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