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  1. It's funny how people see the game differently. I thought that, against Man City, his hold up play was actually really good (considering the very small sample size available in a game where we had so little possession). Dare I say it, he held up the ball better than Wesley has for most of the season. He seemed to be able to run to where the ball was headed AND control it with his chest. Two things that Wesley could do with working on. (FYI I'm no Wesley-hater. I've got patience and faith that he'll come good).
  2. Nah, El Ghazi has 1 goal in 1 league game as a striker. We'll be fine
  3. You need to stop wiping your arse with your socks
  4. I don't know why, because I'm generally quite forgetful, but I've always remembered when someone mentioned the brand Superdry in Off Topic, many, many years ago, and I remember you making the comment that it's called that because of how it makes the ladies. That amused me back then too. Imagine caring one iota about fashion or brands.
  5. Because, obviously, the money men at football clubs finish their working week at 1pm on Friday and don't arrive back to the office until 9am on Monday! Come on VLV, everyone knows this is how football clubs operate!
  6. I just don't understand the dress sense of these footballers. No doubt that gettup is all the rage in Belgium
  7. Or accept it, as there's no guarantee that they'll get the asking price in the summer, on the basis that clubs then might start using the 'one year left' line.
  8. I've read that their asking price is £20m, so maybe they're thinking that £18m off Leeds between now and June is about as good as they could expect to receive in the summer anyway.
  9. I've never been that fussed about the idea of Bowen, but now that I've seen that Leeds have (supposedly) put in a £3m loan offer with an additional £15m if they get promoted, I'm suddenly jealous and want us to match their offer!
  10. Currently ... what?! With Rebekah Vardy? What?!
  11. People definitely left near me (Upper North) when the 3rd goal went in. It was probably only 1-2k across the ground, but there were easily 10-20 people from rows near me that left for good at that point. Either that or they spent the remainder of the first half and all of the second half waiting for a pint.
  12. I'm surprised so many are including Kortney 'shoebox feet' Hause over Engels. I know Smith likes a left and right footer, but is that more important than having a player with much, much more ability? I'd play a back three of: -- Konsa -- Mings -- Engels Or, if Smith is dead-set on having left/right footers in the right place: -- Konsa -- Engels -- Mings - - - - - - - - - - - - - Reina - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Konsa - - - - Engels - - - - Mings - - - - - - Guilbert - Drinkwater - Nakamba - Targett - - - - - - Trezeguet - - - Grealish - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - El Ghazi - - - - - - - - - - - - - - That would be my team, with our current options. Nakamba and Drinkwater over Luiz/ Conor. Attacking fullbacks over the two old fellas. El Ghazi over Indiana Vaseline. 3-0 Villa
  13. Can you give me the long list of good players that Sheffield United signed? They must have signed loads to be as high in the table as they are.
  14. Same here. At the start of the season, the only two teams that I feared were Man City and Liverpool. Obviously, Leicester have become an unstoppable force again this season, so they're now unbeatable most weeks too. But every other team in the league has had poor and shaky spells, and Smith needs to set us up to win against all of them. Stranger things have happened.
  15. Fact? I disagree that that's the reason why Villa fans dislike him. As has been said many times before in this thread, many fans dislike him because he seems like a nasty piece of work. Always spouting lies and twisting the truth to turn things onto anyone but himself, and to maintain his reputation to get him the next job. That's before we get into his performance as Villa manager, where he started a season with a completely unbalanced squad, with only one senior centreback (sending our other one on loan), and inexplicably playing Jedinak in central defence, subsequently resulting in said senior centreback permanently damaging his body. Oh look, we've come full circle
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