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  1. Cleverly is "Deep Throat"? cough cough
  2. This wasn't a very Clever thing to leak to the press.
  3. In fairness he wouldn't have had to relocate either. I don't think we should take it so personally.
  4. If its a loan until Jan id say there was a good reason for that. We probably will be buying him in that case.
  5. Must have put a deal sheet in before 11pm last night. Or the old fax machine excuse. This is really strange.
  6. Not that I think its going to happen, but Guillem Balague is full of it.
  7. They deserve those wages. If you want to keep top players you pay for them.
  8. Utd want rid. Theyll want some kind of fee (rather than not use him, pay his wage and him leave for nowt next summer). I think theyll make it happen.
  9. Could be mate. Its all a bit vague in my mind (at the best of times)
  10. I disagree for on the Incognito account. Definitely seems to be run and sanctioned by the club. Didnt it tweet a load of rubbish to begin with?! Im pretty sure it did.
  11. INCOGNITO AVFC ‏@INCOGNITOAVFC 8m A lot is going on behind the scenes. We hope to conclude 1 deal all being well without next few hours. But, plenty going on. #avfc
  12. I have a feeling this will happen. Reckon Utd will pay him up.
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