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  • Posts

    • Leicester City
      Richard Keys was chatting to Brendan Rodgers on his show yesterday and they both said that the contract extension could equally be about getting Leicester a higher fee if he moves on. They actually referenced Delph as such a case. Rodgers alluded to the fact that it's becoming quite a common agreement between player and club when the player has been given the 'shop window' for them to get their big move.
    • Hendrik Almstadt
      Only from what OBE said that Fox said at one of the audiences he's had with fans. not sure if there's a transcript out there, but OBE said:  
    • Hendrik Almstadt
      Possibly, but that's nowhere near the same as what was being suggested. That's the same kind of involvement in transfers as a scout.
    • Leicester City
      Mahrez is the only truly class player in their team.
    • The Rémi Garde thread
      The board need to make peace with Remi - he is our best hope.
    • Carles Gil
      I think that's part of the problem. Looking back we had attacking quality and players who could beat a man like Gil does. Similarly to Gil most good players we had couldn't consistently beat the second and third man and if they could, they eventually left our club. 5-10 years ago we'd be look at Gil and say, he's a great young talent, now we look and say, he's one of our best players.
      Adjusting to our new level has been tough for many Villa fans and I don't think they understand what extra he has to do to be a consistent attacking threat. For me the fact he recognises that he MUST put himself in positions where he'll lose the ball shows he's understands how to improve us.
      Consistent execution comes with practice and space, yet with such little movement around him he doesn't really get a chance of either. At times against Norwich he was double marked, yet other players still found little to no space. 
    • The Rémi Garde thread
      observation and question:  I think all managers have a style they prefer and if they are good, will get there with time and money.  But a good manager will take whatever he has and figure out a way to make it effective.  I think Remi came in knowing he had four problems: Confidence.  Lot's of new players still trying to adjust to the speed of the league. A defense that gifted goals as a hobby.  An attack that was anemic.  It has taken time, it has taken some trial and error (as it always must), it has hit some real setbacks with injuries and red cards and some baffling refereeing decisions, and a complete absence of support in the window.  But he is getting us playing in a way that has a chance of succeeding in most matches at least. Question:  Watching on television I could tell that we shifted the tactics a bit at half-time.  The midfield was alligned a little differently.  (Gana playing farther forward perhaps?) But it's so hard to tell on television when you can only see a small section of the field.  Can someone tell me exactly what changed up?  EDIT of course things changed after the second goal and the field opened up a bit, but I sensed something different before the goal and after, beyond just the more open field.  It could be I'm wrong, but a poster above mentioned something to the effect that the changed tactic was good.