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  1. It's an absolute farce. Surely VAR should be flagging up decisions such as that disallowed Burnley goal! The Leeds goalie cleaned the Burnley player out.
  2. panic buying paint and decking?!
  3. Albion v Burnley 5.30pm SS Box Office - if EVER a game deserved to be box office....
  4. Yeah, there's a very good reason for that.
  5. A bit like when we sing "sh*t on the City" or "Birmingham are you listening..." numerous times at every game?
  6. Sorry but that's not actually true. The IMF (and George Osbourne for that matter) stated that the UK would be plunged into a recession, if the UK voted to leave the EU, based on the assumption that talks between the UK and EU would go on for a few years. The 'UK recession' prediction wasn't made on the assumption that the UK would leave the EU immediately - that was never going to happen. The assumption of EU/UK talks taking a few years was correct. The UK being plunged into a recession wasn't.
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