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  1. Yeah, there's a very good reason for that.
  2. That in a nutshells sums up the sheer fickleness of far too many fellow Villa fans
  3. By getting promoted to the premier league when we were mid-table in the Championship this time last year. Have a word with yourself, posting utter tripe.
  4. A bit like when we sing "sh*t on the City" or "Birmingham are you listening..." numerous times at every game?
  5. Most of the posts need filtering in this thread so far
  6. Against the team currently sitting 5th in the table?!
  7. Nonsense, finishing either side of the red line is fine margin stuff. An extra win or draw possibly, nothing to do with drastic change.
  8. What did people seriously expect this year?! Our position in the table is exactly where alot of people said they'd be happy to finish the season!
  9. Only 16. Surely that means they should vote again?
  10. Sorry but that's not actually true. The IMF (and George Osbourne for that matter) stated that the UK would be plunged into a recession, if the UK voted to leave the EU, based on the assumption that talks between the UK and EU would go on for a few years. The 'UK recession' prediction wasn't made on the assumption that the UK would leave the EU immediately - that was never going to happen. The assumption of EU/UK talks taking a few years was correct. The UK being plunged into a recession wasn't.
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