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  1. Sorry but that's not actually true. The IMF (and George Osbourne for that matter) stated that the UK would be plunged into a recession, if the UK voted to leave the EU, based on the assumption that talks between the UK and EU would go on for a few years. The 'UK recession' prediction wasn't made on the assumption that the UK would leave the EU immediately - that was never going to happen. The assumption of EU/UK talks taking a few years was correct. The UK being plunged into a recession wasn't.
  2. If we voted to leave. We were also told they'd be a need for an emergency budget.
  3. Honestly don't understand this sentiment towards fellow UK clubs when they're playing in the Champions League. Baffling.
  4. Don't be a man-child. Plenty of football left in this season still.
  5. The fact they were averaging 18 customers per flight may have been more the issue me thinks.
  6. The team started to play better around the same time the fans actually started to get behind them. Strange that.
  7. I tried this twice yesterday as I've cancelled my Sky TV package recently and I was offered 50% off for 12 months (on a rolling contract). They wouldn't budge and certainly weren't willing to offer 60% off and £100 credit. When I tried to press the offer, they simply said "well, whats the offer code on your leaflet then?"
  8. Hello General I was wondering whats happening with the issue of merging accounts I emailed the ticket office back in December as I have 2 accounts which i was not aware of. When i started ordering tickets online i thought my account would match up with the account i have used with the ticket office at villa park, When i realized that this was not the case i emailed the ticket office and have only used the account which is linked to the ticket office at villa park. The problem that I have is that for this season I have 3 tickets on one account and 8 on the other. The ticket office emailed me back Nick Thurman i think his name was, and said that the merging of accounts would be possible and would do so once possible. This was back in December, obviously the ticket office is very busy at the moment and probably haven't been able to deal with my request. I was just wondering who would be best to speak to because if i can merge my accounts together then I will have a booking history of 10+ for this season and a better chance to get to Wembley. P.S sorry to hear you cant make it to the final. Hope you get better soon !
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