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  1. We should be losibg? Well lucky for you we're not.
  2. Sick of posts which act as if the opposition are somehow going to lie down and let us run all over them. We're drawing due to a very dodgy penalty decision. We don't have a god given right to win every match we play unfortunately.
  3. That little bit of play between Davies and the Man City player on the touchline just then speaks volumes. Man City player busting a gut, Davies just strolling.
  4. At least we're seeing more of the ball in this half!
  5. https://www.brightonandhovealbion.com/news/2111936/club-statement-on-plans-for-european-super-league Ahead of today’s Premier League meeting involving the 14 clubs who haven’t signed up to be part of a European Super League, Brighton & Hove Albion has issued the following statement on behalf of Tony Bloom (chairman), Paul Barber (chief executive and deputy chairman), Dan Ashworth (technical director), and Graham Potter (head coach): Brighton & Hove Albion are totally opposed to plans for a breakaway European Super League as it would destroy the dreams of clubs at every level
  6. https://www.evertonfc.com/news/2111866
  7. Jusy had a quick look on the BBC News website (albeit on my phone) and it looks like the story has gone from being the main headline to all but gone.
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