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  1. Just came into our itu at heartlands
  2. See this bench son, you’ll see it loads at citeh, you know what’s good for you
  3. How can man citeh afford both? If Kane Is trying to force a move and we’re holding on then maybe just maybe citeh will have to forget about signing jack
  4. Didn’t brother sponsor someone in the 90’s? What ever happened to them
  5. Yeah my trust have cancelled surgeries, Admission numbers have gone up fast over the last 2 weeks, we have had to open another covid only ward
  6. The back seat! Oh wait I mean ah feck it…
  7. Renewed on Buenday 8 seasons now! Bring it on!
  8. There’s 20 in Uhb ( all 4 hospitals) with only 2 in ICU
  9. Love to have a badge like this! Might have to save it though for the 150th anniversary in a few years
  10. Concerned about season tickets, I usually pay on finance for me and my lad, pretty sure I would have started paying for them by now, wonder how long before they make a decision?
  11. Be nice to get 3 or 4 to boost the goal difference
  12. Didn’t Lerner have some plans made up?
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