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  1. Chris Samba

    Isn't that really for a different thread though? I don't see how that follows at all. A football team is a forever ongoing project.
  2. Chris Samba

    One reason not to sack a manager is for letting someone train with them and for possibly weighing up options. Unless perhaps that someone is Jeanette Krankie. .......and just when did "experience" become a dirty word? I missed that memo.
  3. Chris Samba

    You can't bottle common sense.
  4. Chris Samba

    If Samba does get signed, then I'll welcome him as he will now be a Villa player. Being hostile to his arrival or using it as a further excuse to want Bruce sacked just seems a tad counterproductive.
  5. Chris Samba

  6. Steve Bruce

    Wait, it'll come, we'll spank someone soon.
  7. Tony Xia

    To be fair to Di Matteo, he also gained automatic promotion to the Premiership for WBA ...... and an FA Cup for Chelsea. ...... and Steve Bruce has achieved promotion to the Prem 4 times..... which is quite a few.
  8. Art of Football - Competition!

    Villa 2 - 0 Cardiff. 32,498
  9. Sum up the transfer window...

    1) Refreshing. 2) Exciting. 3) Forwardlooking. 4) Faciallyastute. 5) Unfloccinaucinihilipilificating.
  10. Aston Villa Bingo

    Counter attacking side. Four strikers on the pitch! Young and hungry. No width. Noone to feed the strikers. Although, on a point of pedantry, if someone feeds the strikers, then they wouldn't be hungry anymore.
  11. Good Luck Villa - `We Go Again!`

    I concur. UTV!
  12. Christian Benteke

    A hell of a lot less? I'm not quite convinced that comparing the two is a good idea. Bale is proven top ten, if not, top 5, in the world. Shockingly gifted. The question really should be, in my mind, "what will Benteke be worth if he has another cracking season?" And my answer to that would be, probably the upper end of the value we put on him this season. The difference is that other teams will then be prepared to pay it. Which would be a shame anyway.
  13. Christian Benteke

    Excellent news and the outcome I hoped for.
  14. Christian Benteke

    That article is devoid of quotes from anyone, let alone Benteke. No vowing, no saying anything. Kendrick doesn't even seem sure that CB knuckled down in training. Dreadful reporting.