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  1. I think we should put him in a special dungeon in Villa Park for players who commit crimes overseas. Steer hasn't committed crimes overseas so should keep his place in the team. We should reward not committing crimes overseas
  2. YLN

    Dean Smith

    Ugh Twitter is making me look at aston villa posts because it thinks I'll like them. They are all about how DS shouldn't lose his job and if he does, the tweeter will be very upset. I didn't know there was a debate happening. This is just people thinking news is actually true things that are happening and not just a careful selection of words designed for attention or clicks or sales, with no reference to reality or whether or not Brexit would actually be a good thing. I may as well be reading tweets about how Hitler was a bad guy. No one said he wasn't!
  3. The Ref Watch article on Sky Sports says that if the tackle has endangered another player then it's dangerous and deserves a red card "When you see that challenge from behind. The law says: does he endanger the safety of the opponent. Well, the outcome would certainly say yes" I think this logic is very flawed. He's basically saying the outcome informs the decision, which seems wrong. The referee can't make a judgement based on how injured he thinks the player is The injury looked worse than it is. Dara O'Shea was taken down by Fernandes in the Ireland Portugal match and suffered maybe a worse injury but the ankle didn't dislocate so there was less to shock the referee and Fernandes stayed on the pitch. With joint injuries, it's not about where the bones are now that determines the severity of the injury. It's where they have been. Like Wesley's leg divider probably looked fine when he was lying on the pitch afterwards but we all saw where the different parts of the leg were during the tackle
  4. YLN

    Jed Steer

    Watching the second goal again. He should have been making himself an option. A better keeper would have sensed the danger and been there to get the ball. And a better keeper wouldn't have stopped coming for the ball. I think not having Martinez behind them negatively affected tuanzebe and mings. He would have been screaming at them
  5. YLN

    Jed Steer

    Steer will go down in Villa history. Being so critical of him for a game where he has by no means had a disaster is very unfair. He's not a great starting premier league keeper, but he doesn't claim to be. He got Villa promoted though with his saves in the penalty shoot out. I'd like if he became a reasonable lower level PL goalkeeper, but if he doesn't, he doesn't owe Villa anything
  6. All ligaments in the knee are involved in 'twisting'. The ACL won't heal itself without surgery but the others generally do. Wesley i would say tore every ligament in his knee joint and damaged cartilage and probably had a small avulsion fracture as well. He is lucky he isn't walking with a permanent limp
  7. I do get the point about team spirit, but i would be more of the opinion that you upset more of an apple cart by punishing Emi than by dropping Steer for Emi after the latter is available again. Steer won't be expecting to keep his place once Emi is available. Having Emi on the bench for reasons of spite would create more division.
  8. Steer to keep the jersey if he plays well against Chelsea? Please. That would be insane. I like Steer but we have a top 4 keeper in Martinez. Sorry nose. Face has been quite the pill lately
  9. YLN

    Dean Smith

    My word the mathematical gymnastics in this thread. This is like the time someone thought Bezos could give every person on earth a billion euro and still have over 170 billion left over. Because he subracted 7 billion (population on earth) from Bezos' wealth. Should people be allowed to vote?
  10. That was a bad article from Preece. He prefaced it on Twitter like he had just written a piece for the guardian and the athletic, but it was a rambling load of nonsense. @tomav84 put it much better
  11. Teams get paid for loaned players. Not just wages covered Loans aren't free. Far from it Now whether Strasbourg are going to cover his premier league wages is unclear. But if he was to be sold, the balance of his wages would need to be covered by us or deducted from the transfer fee if he wasn't getting equivalent in his new club. Guilbert might be desperate to leave and go back en France, and so is willing to take a hit on his wages to push the deal through. Many unknowns. But there's no suggestion that loaning a player out is a sign of weakness
  12. He is in Faro with Ireland This photo must have been taken a few days ago. Not important, just... look what i noticed. Aren't i clever
  13. YLN

    Ezri Konsa

    From Google: "Anterior drawer test and the pivot shift tests have a sensitivity of about 62 percent."
  14. Not every knee injury is an ACL rupture Unless you play for Aston Villa
  15. Which is exactly where they should be
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