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  1. I want to see replays of these fouls the ref doesn't give. Why don't we get replays of them
  2. It's a free, a cynical challenge and a chance for Hourihane. But actually no. It's a chance for Chelsea. Grealish wins the most fouls because he is the most fouled. This seems to escape some refs
  3. VAR is a farce. Real Madrid vs PSG Game is destroyed
  4. But the Egyptians won't support us anymore Why would anyone ever pass the ball to Taylor in the final third?
  5. What a ball from Luis. What rubbish from Trez
  6. 70% possession last 10 minutes. What would we be fighting for?
  7. I liked the video. Lots of laughing. I like laughing
  8. YLN

    Scott Hogan

    His evening comes to an end. Some suggest he got an assist. I'm not so sure
  9. YLN

    Scott Hogan

    Irish commentator just mentioned that hogan is looking irked by the lack of service. Poor Scott
  10. YLN

    Lovre Kalinić

    No club willing to pay enough of his wages for it to be worth villa letting him go is my guess. May as well have an international goalkeeper as 3rd choice
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