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  1. I think Barkley is my most disliked Villa player possibly ever
  2. Yeah I mean if we're making Top 4, we'll need to get results like one of the 4 best teams in the league would expect to get in our remaining games. And if we want top 7 similarly. It will all be about hitting a bit of form in the last 9 games. If we continue to play like we did in the last 8 games, then obviously not. But it's possible we'll go on an amazing winning run. Unlikely. But possible
  3. 7 points behind 4th with a game in hand. Why not? With Grealish to come back as well for the last nine games. Maybe
  4. Don't worry Trezeguet. I remember my first header too
  5. If Villa had 5 fewer points, we'd be nailed on for relegation
  6. 20 minutes is a long time to hang on to a lead. Not against Villa it isn't
  7. Like they're already being suspicious with the type of injury. Lower leg injury. Like what is that? If i go to into hospital with an injury to my lower leg and they do scans and they tell me I've a lower leg injury, I'd be like yeah I know. My lower leg is sore. What's the injury? It's your lower leg. I presume what he has has a diagnosis. It's not Jack Grealish syndrome. What is WRONG with his lower leg?!
  8. I blame heroin. I think the young people of 2008 to 2013 in Ireland who had the openness to be creative with the ball, and to try new things, ended up trying heroin instead of playing football to a decent level. Partly down to John Delaney forgetting the need for youth development, partly down to the recession, partly down to Ireland being horrible to watch and not inspiring anyone to go out onto the street to pretend to be Shane Long. All the young people who were from working class areas, who were high in the personality trait of openness which predicts creativity, ended up taking heroi
  9. YLN

    Crypto currency

    GUTS now approaching 5 dollars. Was 16c a few months ago. I bought a very small amount in the ICO, but now it's looking good. VZT less so
  10. Regardless of the touch on the ball, he was taken out by the keeper and therefore couldn't get to the loose ball to put it in the net. Touching the ball doesn't mean you can do what you like to the player, does it? Looked like a bad call to me
  11. Neil Cutler is a giant. And very handsome.
  12. Either we'll start the second half like we started the first or Wolves will take control.
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