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  1. YLN

    Match Thread: Villa v Swansea

    Nyland is the fart that won't clear
  2. YLN

    Pre-Match Thread

    What's tabbing?
  3. YLN

    Dean Smith

    So now that the dust has settled a little bit, we can focus on what really matters to us as fans. What are we going to do about his hair? He has a league 2 haircut and we're a club with premier league ambitions. Have we got funds to bring in the Fab 5?
  4. YLN

    Sir Doug Ellis

  5. YLN

    Dean Smith

    Maybe next time Mick
  6. YLN

    Dean Smith

    When I read the headline I was shocked and disappointed. But then to my great relief, I realised it wasn't Dean Saunders. What ever happens, at least it's not Dean Saunders.
  7. YLN

    John Terry

    He was just joking about retiring from playing wasn't he. You've been JT'ed. That's what he might say when he's named in the team on Saturday, hoping for a sort of Punk'd type spin off like Rio Ferdinand had. And we'll all laugh and cheer and AVTV will give him his own segment where he goes around in disguises playing pranks on former players. Calling up John Carew and offering a job in the new Bond film, inviting Gabby on to Celebrity Who Wants to be a Millionaire and asking him only €100 questions and seeing how he gets on. Things like that. It's good news
  8. Saw Barry Bannan coming out of an early house in Dublin City Centre at 11am. He didn't seem drunk, but I guess it was only 11am. He's suspended tonight anyways for Sheff Wed, so making the most of it. Good luck to him.
  9. YLN

    Steve Bruce

    For me it was a stonewall penalty. I don't know what he's talking about there. He stepped on the defender's left foot. It was the bottom team in the league. They haven't won a point at home until tonight. The start of the second half performance was awful. I only heard the commentator say Preston player's names in the second half. It was disgraceful the quality Villa have in the squad, which was apparent in the first half and once we were 3-2 down. In between those two times it was completely hamstrung by a manager whose bottle is lost. He won't jump. He's ready to be pushed.
  10. YLN

    Match Thread: Villa v Preston

    Why weren't we attacking at 2-2. You **** clown
  11. YLN

    Match Thread: Villa v Preston

    This second half has looked like our final few seasons in the premier league. Did Man City beat us 8-0 at one point. There is literally nothing remarkable about this recovery. If you've ever seen a Villa match before
  12. YLN

    Match Thread: Villa v Preston

    I don't care if we hold on for the draw. I think that's worse
  13. YLN

    Match Thread: Villa v Preston

    Dear oh dear. Are they heading for their first away point of the season? Of course they are