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  1. YLN

    Björn Engels

    And Christmas was 4 weeks ago. So we can expect a new post in the next day or so. Strong work Poirot
  2. A sickly child that will die if his father's boss doesn't start paying him a fair wage? I can see why he is so angry
  3. YLN

    Wesley Moraes

    This thread is absolutely ridiculous. You're all basically just stanning how you are the poster who thinks welsey is the most rubbish and it's just snowballing as you try to outdo each other until your arguments bare no resemblance to what you've actually seen the player do. The suggestion that Wesley has no discernible talent and we would be better off playing a non striker up front is not even worth discussing. I don't even know what he has done so wrong. He looked pretty good in most of the games I've seen him. He has missed a couple of chances, but playing on his own up top against the top 6 established premier league teams in his first season in English football, he had been holding his own. Let's see how he does against the teams at or around our level before writing him off. Price tag is weighing heavy as well in people's assessment of him.
  4. I want to see replays of these fouls the ref doesn't give. Why don't we get replays of them
  5. It's a free, a cynical challenge and a chance for Hourihane. But actually no. It's a chance for Chelsea. Grealish wins the most fouls because he is the most fouled. This seems to escape some refs
  6. VAR is a farce. Real Madrid vs PSG Game is destroyed
  7. But the Egyptians won't support us anymore Why would anyone ever pass the ball to Taylor in the final third?
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