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  1. Had a very vivid dream last night that villa signed Milner and rio Ferdinand this transfer window. So get your bets on now
  2. Sell Guilbert because now we have a player who finished 8th in the championship last season and conceded 5 in the only game that most of us know him from, in the division below. Yeah I don't follow that logic really
  3. Bent was a good finisher but was shite at everything else and a total passenger. Not suitable for a team challenging for Top 4. Did he ever finish higher than 8th?
  4. This commentator has lost the run of himself. Apologising for saying weird things and now this about Chelsea having a blue day.. Because Pedro has injured his shoulder and his team have lost the FA Cup final and they play in blue. Also that's entonox, not oxygen. Hippy crack AKA
  5. Did David Lynch write this thread? I have absolutely no idea what's going on. Getting rid of Samatta, Guilbert, Targett, Hourihane, Wesley... would be an absolute disaster. Didn't we completely gut the squad last summer... wasn't it a disaster with players not knowing each other and not gelling properly. Did we learn nothing? We somehow got away with it, and now people want to go through that all over again? The summer after Leicester's great escape they sold two players and bought six - the vast majority of whom were squad players. They had a settled team, and just needed two
  6. YLN

    Dean Smith

    October 2018 he took over a team in 12th and got promoted from the championship. In his first full season he kept the team in the premier league and got to a cup final. If anyone is arguing that another manager would have done better they have a limited grasp on reality.
  7. Getting promoted after finishing 5th thanks to a mid season purple patch. Dismantling the promotion squad by some necessity and some design. Losing McGinn Heaton and Wesley to long term injuries. The 5 sub rule allowing teams with huge squads to eviscerate us with 60 minute substitutions. Probably some naivete from Smith, but he was at a disadvantage. Successful promoted squads always have settled teams. We were a victim of our success. I would not sack Smith
  8. League One teams didn't replace a huge portion of their squad with a load of strangers from all over the world in the summer
  9. I hate watching Villa in the premier league
  10. Grealish slowing everything down like he's decided he's going to go into a jazz solo, when actually it's that he doesn't know how to do mary had a little lamb.
  11. That ball from McGinn. Does any other team in the league do that shit?
  12. Wolves never do the shite Villa do. I have not warmed to Samatta at all. He is consistently offside, he is slow in his movement and he looks like he thinks it's all someone else's fault
  13. I remember Traore. Are the commentators thinking of Djimi Traore? Here comes big fat John.
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