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  1. YLN


    Fulham saw what we did under Sherwood the season we lost Benteke and Delph and bought the French Foreign Legion and thought it looked good. We/They had money all of a sudden and decided the best thing to do was replace the heart of the team by spending money on expensive players with no premier league experience. It went as well for them as it did for us.
  2. Enjoyed that. Most of it anyway. Listening to Paul Lambert at the end I did not enjoy.
  3. No this one is about Villa I hate Birmingham is full of fun
  4. Very nice hattrick. 3 good goals.
  5. It's because his natural ability is excellent. Did you not read his post?
  6. YLN

    Scott Hogan

    Not being in the squad might count against him
  7. YLN

    Loan watch 2018/19

    Maybe, but the choice of club was a little unfortunate. He left a mid table club where he was 4th choice striker and joined a top of the table club and predictably still isn't getting to play. Like if benteke rejoined liverpool
  8. Was the corner flag blown over? Or was it punched by a rogue Birmingham City fan?
  9. But... isn't prison full of Blose fans? He'll be a hero/martyr Unless Blues get docked points
  10. The ball out from McGinn was top class
  11. Caught in two minds Abraham. Such a pity

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