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  1. You could argue Ronaldo is interfering with play there and becomes active when the player steps in to stop the ball going to him. It's then that he's offside rather than when he touches the ball. Just a possible interpretation of why that was offside and ours wasn't. Mings has chosen to control the ball instead of letting it run on. He's doing that to avoid other Man City players getting on it. Let's say it's at the other end. Stones knows Wesley is behind and lets the ball go, knowing it'll be called offside, but Wesley holds up his hands to say I'm off and not interfering. And Watkins p
  2. I'm assuming from what everyone is saying that it was Taylor's fault
  3. Every time Villa win a game 1-0 away from home when maybe we were a bit lucky it reminds of me Richard Rufus scoring an OG when we beat Charlton 1-0. I don't know why that game sticks out in my memory so much, but I think of it every time we win an away game 1-0. https://www.irishtimes.com/sport/red-faced-rufus-sees-villa-reign-1.228177 And maybe the game where Ian Taylor scored against Liverpool at Anfield and rubbed his head. That was a good one too. These matches are from more than 20 years ago. I thought I was young
  4. We win our game in hand and go second... Dear oh dear
  5. Dean doesn't trust anyone other than that 12 it seems
  6. What was Konsa doing there? He looked like he was in a race first to the touchline wins
  7. Here's an idea. Yeah £15 is expensive, but if you got 15 mates/neighbours around, it's only a pound each. Great little joint initiative brought to you by Covid-19 Herd Immunity Interest Group and Cull the Elderly UK
  8. I'm not saying this is all down to me, but i am thinking it very loudly. Me in Ghana 13 years ago:
  9. Had a very vivid dream last night that villa signed Milner and rio Ferdinand this transfer window. So get your bets on now
  10. Sell Guilbert because now we have a player who finished 8th in the championship last season and conceded 5 in the only game that most of us know him from, in the division below. Yeah I don't follow that logic really
  11. Bent was a good finisher but was shite at everything else and a total passenger. Not suitable for a team challenging for Top 4. Did he ever finish higher than 8th?
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