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  1. They have been testing more than anyone else. Their denominator is higher and their median age is lower. So their mortality rate is going to be lower than those countries that are only testing the sick older patients. So Spain don't pick up the young less unwell patient among their denominator so their mortality rate is going to be higher.
  2. 100% of health workers that have died are dead. Anything else is an extrapolation. There is nothing valid from extrapolating that because healthcare workers make up 15% of the overall covid infected, that they also make up 15% of the dead because the demographics of healthcare workers and those that have died from covid are totally different.
  3. The post says that 15% of those dead from Covid are healthcare workers, when in fact it's that 15% of cases of covid are healthcare workers. The vast majority of healthcare workers are going to be under 50. The mortality rate of those under 50 is about 0.5% in Italy. Between 50 and 60, the mortality rate is 1.7%. This does not equate to 15% of those that die are healthcare workers. 15% of those that have covid are healthcare workers. Close to 100% of healthcare workers are under 60. The mortality rate of people under 60 with Covid is around 1%. 99% of healthcare workers who are infected are not going to die from the infection. The reason it makes me angry is that healthcare workers are going to work and facing into this every day. It is absolutely irresponsible to add to their worries even more by suggesting that 15% of those that have died are healthcare workers when it is absolutely untrue. We don't need to spread misinformation that adds to the stress already being felt by healthcare workers
  4. So complete bollocks then. Edit that post to say you don't know what you're talking about. Mortality among healthcare workers does not equal that of the general population with this disease
  5. Where did you get this information from? You should be ashamed spreading this kind of stuff if you're not certain of its accuracy.
  6. This Can't think of a better example of a clear and obvious error
  7. YLN

    Björn Engels

    And Christmas was 4 weeks ago. So we can expect a new post in the next day or so. Strong work Poirot
  8. A sickly child that will die if his father's boss doesn't start paying him a fair wage? I can see why he is so angry
  9. YLN

    Wesley Moraes

    This thread is absolutely ridiculous. You're all basically just stanning how you are the poster who thinks welsey is the most rubbish and it's just snowballing as you try to outdo each other until your arguments bare no resemblance to what you've actually seen the player do. The suggestion that Wesley has no discernible talent and we would be better off playing a non striker up front is not even worth discussing. I don't even know what he has done so wrong. He looked pretty good in most of the games I've seen him. He has missed a couple of chances, but playing on his own up top against the top 6 established premier league teams in his first season in English football, he had been holding his own. Let's see how he does against the teams at or around our level before writing him off. Price tag is weighing heavy as well in people's assessment of him.
  10. I want to see replays of these fouls the ref doesn't give. Why don't we get replays of them
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