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  1. Take out from the authentic mexican place. 3 x chicken and shredded cheese tacos with salsa verde........different level.
  2. Dom_Wren

    Louie Barry

    Regarding youth, years ago at a coaching convention i met Paul Power (u 18 man city head coach) and Jim Cassel (Man city academy director). This was when Mancini was managing them. They were very gracious down to earth lads and entertained me and a pal over a cuppa. The thing that shocked me the most, is that they said, our goal is not to produce pros for the man city first team, but pros for other teams. He cited that in his whole tenure, Mancini had been to watch one u-18 game. They were just trying to give lads the opportunity of a making a living from playing the game they love! Really surprised me that, but that modern football i guess.....pressure at some clubs mean the gaffer cant take the risk.
  3. I went upstairs to paint the baby's room at half time, final words to the missus....."what a boring game" sake!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Dom_Wren

    U.S. Politics

    Charlotte last night, Columbia today. 30/60 mins respectively from me.
  5. Dom_Wren


    Finally made it out to my father in laws land!! was so hot we had to keep the guns and magazines in the truck with the AC on just to hold them!
  6. 2 more cases at a prem club.....
  7. My mate who lives in LV reckons they're opening this memorial day weekend coming.
  8. Soccer club I work for is getting back on the fields June 1. Heavily restricted, but back none the less.
  9. See the two lads from FL, both NFL players and multi millionaires, held a robbery at a party .......best part the three getaway cars were beemer, merc, lambo.....
  10. Dom_Wren


    Promised the missus with the nipper on the way id give it up. The schedule was brutal. 5 nights a week on the fields, and then traveling all over the gaff (Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, DC, Orlando, Raleigh, Atlanta etc..) on the weekends. Not saying i wont get back into it, just the right time to step away.
  11. Dom_Wren


    Shot once this year, if that! Cant remember the last time i walked the dog not been in the gym for 9 months baby on the way so thats kiboshed the travel sold the mustang Thank McGrath im getting out of coaching!!
  12. Pram came the other day. mierda getting real!
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