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  1. That no look back heel pass. Jaysus!!! Proper nawty that was!
  2. South Carolina update: *all schools closing tomorrow *e learning begins tomorrow. Had to do lessons up to the 27th but then our spring break begins. *bars and restaurants are closed for dine in patrons. Pick up or delivery allowed. *ive been laid up for 3 days but not with the corona. *dont plan on going out. *rumors are schools closing to end of the school year
  3. I’ve only gone and done it. 3 months in. Baby and mum healthy. *gulp*
  4. Didn’t mean to be senseless to what @maqroll said. Thoughts are with those less fortunate.
  5. I know some Mexicans. We can make this work!
  6. I’ve got 3 weeks off. Just purchased Brit box and am now binge watching only fools!
  7. Hahaha. Didn’t really buy a gun. Did buy some ammo tho! I was very calm. ps. I really wanted to buy a gun! pps. Do you know of a tank going cheap!?
  8. Good lad. Was it a panic buy? Dodgy mutton madras last night!?
  9. What could possibly go wrong in US I bought a new gun today.
  10. Soccer Club i work for in Charlotte NC shut down till April 1 The us soccer development league shut down thru May 1 High School athletics in my district in SC still on as is school, but this will change very quickly me thinks!
  11. Dom_Wren


    Donated money to Wando High School in in Charleston, SC as has a relative on the team i believe. Nice Fella, but could have given it to my High School The Wando head coach doesn't even support the villa!!!!!
  12. Just finished it.......Holy smokes!
  13. I’ll be at VP tonight lads! UTV!!
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