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  1. I’ll be at VP tonight lads! UTV!!
  2. Ive got it downloaded on my phone to watch on the flight on the way over for the watford game! Cant wait. What sort of stuff did he get up too in FL @Brumerican
  3. Zoran Krneta hired as the new sporting director. They didn’t want a GM apparently. They wanted a guy who can pick up the phone and get players and this lad is well connected apparently. Also found our who’s running the youth set up and he’s VERY VERY highly respected in the USA youth circles. Exciting times!
  4. No good guy with a gun jokes. Come on lads. Slacking....
  5. three sided die Meaning to write this up for a while! Flew out the Sunday night before thanksgiving. booked using a flight voucher wed been given for being bumped from first class, so free direct flights return to Vegas was a bonus! (not the best times, but direct is key!). Flight was great had 3 seats between the two of us and free drinks, so was well oiled by the time we got there. Stayed at Ballys, $27 a night rooms! threw our bags in and bosh straight down the linq for some drinks and late dinner at the ale house. Real chilled first night as i wanted to get up early on the Monday. Monday up and in the sports book at 9am!? placed some bets on the villa game, and they gave us the free drink tokens. so we had a cocktail at the bar (5 o clock somewhere right!), well people who were gambling and not using there tickets were giving them to us! so we ended up getting pretty hammered, before going to beer park to watch the match. My old college roommate lives in Vegas with his wife and 2 kids, and as luck would have it, they won a 2 night staycation on the strip, so they gave the kids to her in laws and came and joined us for 2 days! We watched the match, won some money on the bets and then went back to the sports book to put it all back on the ravens! That night we did dinner and a comedy show at the tropicana, and then a few drinks afterwards, but this was different than going with the lads, as we wanted to do stuff during the day, so early night again! Tuesday we got up and did lunch at a lovely Mexican place downtown and did fremont street, then went the mob museum. That was awesome, then had a cocktail in the bar downstairs, really cool. Went to the container bar for more cocktails and then did a Brazilian steakhouse for dinner. Weds we just chilled on our own as the weather was bad, and walked up and back the strip and had a quiet dinner as we had to be up at 3am for a 6am flight back! Great trip and cant wait to go back!
  6. Charlotte (25 mins from me) announced as the 30th MLS team. Panthers owner David Tepper paid a record $325 million for the franchise. Mind you hes worth 12 billion..... Interesting to see the youth dynamic for me as i work in this market!
  7. So as a citizen, but not resident (been out the country for more than 15 years, so couldn't vote!), Was this ultimately a brexit vote? My friend back home says that People not taking to Corbyn was as a big a reason? And if it was a brexit thing, was brexit basically an immigration vote?
  8. What time UK time will we get a clear picture of whats happening?
  9. I'll be honest, I didn't think he'd hit the ground running like he did, as someone who works in football, albeit at a very minor level, I guess that shows how much I know!!
  10. I guess im NITK yo soy el grande pendejo!!
  11. Two big upsets on the road, Seattle beating LAFC 3-1 (best team in MLS by a mile) and Toronto beating ATL UTD 2-1 with an absolute worldy after ATL was up 1-0 and then missed a pen.
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