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  1. Dom_Wren


    I love Hispanic culture. My wife is of mexican heritage. I’ve found the Hispanics and attitude to be closest to England in many aspects.
  2. Blimey. I knew it wasn’t gonna be easy but my McGrath. He’s had terrible problems jam tarting like blood curdling screams. Change formula. Gripe water. Probiotics. Nada! today we bought some anti gas stuff and he’s passed out trumping away with no pain. Please please please let this be the solution!!!
  3. Liam Michael Wren and Brad Pitt.
  4. Dom_Wren


    all good brother, my mate was born in Medellin's communa 13 (pablo territory) and hes taken me to various local places here in the states. I love Arepas and Aguidiente!! Im super jacked to go, well stay in the communa cos i love the local vibe, its supposed to be class, as long as you dont cross the other side of the main road. Literally!
  5. These are the two candidates we (The US population) picked to battle it out to be leader of the free world? oh bugger.
  6. Dom_Wren


    yes! were gonna take a chance (going with my colombian-american mate) and go when semi final is in Medellin! So even if Colombia arent in it, we may get Argentina or Brasil!
  7. Liam Michael Wren, born Monday Sept 21st @ 3:21am. 7lbs, 7 oz. Havent slept a wink!!! Pics to follow, got to change a nappy now!!
  8. Dom_Wren


    missus has given me the green light for 7 days during copa america next summer!!!
  9. met crouchy and barry down broad st. top lads! ill try and dig out the photo!
  10. I got into a massive scrap in a kebab shop on broad street with the owner. As he said British troops dying in the war was great.....
  11. Great Thread! All my family is brum born (mum from Aston, Dad born in coleshill, but raised in city), I was born in weymouth. Some things from me: *My cousin (born and bread brummie) as soon as he found out missus was preggers moved out (they had a flat in the mailbox). *I ALWAYS go to the villa when im back in the UK and as an old man have never felt unsafe. *Got mugged with said cousin at 15 in brum. *Alot of family members have now moved from brum to other areas (Ohio, Spain, Herts, Myrtle beach) so maybe that tells you something. All very much working class
  12. very possible, i get the feeling we are being viewed as serious customers in the transfer market and wont be messed about. As someone else said. "The lion is awakening"
  13. Just wanted you to know mate. I have no dog in this fight.
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