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  1. I guess im NITK yo soy el grande pendejo!!
  2. Two big upsets on the road, Seattle beating LAFC 3-1 (best team in MLS by a mile) and Toronto beating ATL UTD 2-1 with an absolute worldy after ATL was up 1-0 and then missed a pen.
  3. Speakeasy at bottom of the gaff apparently. Supposed to be good.
  4. Nice 1. Rum tour a must? Anything else you’d recommend?
  5. Booked in for 4 days over thanksgiving. Going with the missus (had too). Gonna walk the strip. Drink. Gamble. Walk the strip. Do the mob museum. Drink. Gamble. Do freemont Street. Drink. Gamble. Do a show. Drink. Gamble. Then fly home at 1:30pm, leaving from the airport to a stag do in Charleston till sunday. Battered! (hence why i had to take the wife.)
  6. Didn't call it at all..... Enjoy lads im out, if anyone wants a dialogue, my pm's are open!
  7. People trying to do me harm. Slim i know. I've got no problem with people "Anti Gun" or "I wouldn't own one etc.." No problem at all. I find some people have an issue with a personal legal choice of me exercising a right. That what always gets me! I am supposed to understand 'the other side' and when i say, fair enough personal choice etc.. some people (not you, i don't think!), have a pop, and i'm like, okkkkkkkkkkkk. I used to have a firearms enthusiast thread, but stopped posting it, because it got hijacked, despite pming asking mods, and posting several disclaimers, that if you didnt like firearms, target shooting etc... then why would you be in it!? Same with this thread, I feel the lack of understanding of law abiding citizens want and right to exercise a legal option for self defense is stopping a real dialogue within the US. It feels like Gun owner=Bad Gun owner. I don't have the solutions, but its nice to be able to have a point of view without being ridiculed for it.
  8. Honest question, and ill give you an honest answer, might not be everybody's cuppa tea, but i feel safer. Hope to McGrath i never have to use it. Be the happiest man in the world to be ten ft under and never been close to using it. But for me personally, I feel safer knowing that i have it.
  9. Don't ever carry on me when i'm working, more having it in my truck when I travel.
  10. I take mine when I travel within states with reciprocal agreements on my CWP (concealed weapons permit). Have never took it on a plane, but do know there is a process for it and its kept in the hold, not on the main body of the plane.
  11. McGrath works in mysterious ways!
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