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  1. Just spent a 3rd week in the specialist section of Charlotte main after throwing up more blood. had a procedure called TIPS. unreal to read up on it. Two follow up procedures by the end of august. Then the plan is to be as back to normal as possibly can. We’ll see…
  2. Just bought my stone’s tickets
  3. Football team in lose pre season match with nowhere near best eleven and players easing back into fitness not trying to get hurt shocker.
  4. Dom_Wren

    Ice Cream

    Rossi's ice cream, Weymouth, Dorset. End thread.
  5. Villa need to sign the Colombian kid Luis Diaz from Porto.
  6. Villa need to sign the Colombian kid Luis Diaz from Porto.
  7. Lainz came off bench and scored for Mexico vs USA and was best player in pitch last night.
  8. Christian Fuchs signs with Charlotte MLS team.
  9. Born in Aston raised in communa trece....hard as coffin nails I bet he is!!
  10. All very spot on. My mate is a massive nacional fan. He hasn’t played much but apparently he was born in Birmingham is what he just text me. If true. No work permit problems. Just been called up to Colombia u-20s but would be eligible for England if he’s a Brummie
  11. Who would you have from the relegated sides I’d go Lookman (Fulham) Pereira (west brom) Berge (sheff utd)
  12. Antony. Brazilian winger from Ajax. diego lainz Mexican right winger from real betis.
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