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  1. Hopefully he wears a FFP3 mask at least though.
  2. I wonder how much influence all those old Top Gear appearances etc had in building his profile?
  3. It's always Sunny and CYE would be my top 2 all time comedies but I found the humour in Community would not be a million miles away from IASIP and without meaning to spoil anything the finale may as well be an episode of IASIP. Also due to the shared writing staff the latter seasons of IASIP have definitely delved more into the meta humour found in Community.
  4. Adriano was more a case of what might have been, the raw attributes to be great were there. Robinho definitely was though.
  5. Not to mention the supporters of the racist and fascist Bolsonaro amongst them.
  6. Back on ITV4 today with the Championship League tournament which looks a decent format. On a more ominous note its also being streamed on Matchroom live, another paywall for snooker is not a good thing so hopefully they never start getting exclusive rights but I wouldn't be confident.
  7. Looked at Spike Lee's Summer of Sam film from 1999 for the first time there, probably short of a masterpiece but hugely underated all the same.
  8. I wonder will any of our players have taken advantage of the lockdown in a similar manner to Goretzka?
  9. Is Cantona rated that highly though? My reading of it is that he is considered a legend moreso for his character and charisma than being an all time great. He was very good but you don't generally hear people sayimng he was better than Shearer. Maybe I'm wrong. Loved this film too though and this scene especially.
  10. Liverpool's Brazilian contingent are fans of his too I think I read somewhere, long way from the beliefs of Shankly,
  11. Probably the most enjoyable player to watch also at his peak. Pity he ended up being a supporter of the fascist and racist Bolsonaro in the end though.
  12. Its more a case that I was brought up with Chef which has a completely different taste. Have never tried it in tea though.
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