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  1. Tammy Abraham's could demand wages that would likely to be multiples of what Watkins could ask for. Could be £20m over 5 years in the difference.
  2. A former Villa player (veteran of the Bradford debacle) of a similar background is Derrick Williams. Born in Hamburg to an Irish mother and American father so could have represented all 3. Well he would't have been selected for Germany so that helped narrow it down.
  3. I drive a 2006 Corolla van. I have it 11 years. It has never given me an ounce of trouble and the 1.4 diesel engine is as frugal as can be. I am happy with my motoring decision.
  4. A grubbier, wealthier Doug Ellis. I'd rather have a club washing the reputation of Sports Direct over washing the reputation of genocide in Yemen.
  5. Its a brand of very rare energy drinks owned by their owner.
  6. Yeah a full back who can play both sides would be ideal. Someone who could cover/rotate with Guilbert and Targett. Elmo and Taylor both only have another 12 months left on their deals so I'd let them stay as backup but give them the option of moving for free if 1st team football is what they want.
  7. Obvious the reason why he has never made a Belgium squad too. I'd be happy enough letting him go and replacing him with a decent championship centre half to provide cover for/compete with Konsa. I mentioned Darragh Lenihan at Blackburn who would be ideal and cheap. Save the big money for the forwards.
  8. Spurs are linked with a £10m move for him I read somewhere. Big wages are the problem too.
  9. Some load of shite if true. Wouldn't be against it as a replacement for Terry in the backroom as he failed at Benfica in his only job as manager.
  10. Liverpool were mocked for celebrating a draw with West Brom in Klopp's first season, nobody is laughing at them now.
  11. Actually if we are to take advantage of the financial predicament at Bournemouth then Aaron Ramsdale might not be a bad shout to improve our goalkeeping situation. They have some good young keepers on their books too.
  12. Jayson Molumby has been very good for Millwall too, can see him as an improvement on Dale Stevens.
  13. They have some good young players to come back from Championship loans too.
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