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  1. To be fair they have been unlucky to lose their best defender and most dangerous attacking player to Covid and they may never be right again, just hope we don't suffer the same fate with ours.
  2. It was a pure early Michael Owen type goal and finish too from Barry.
  3. Also couldn't care less about the FA cup, just want the 1st team to be able to recover and be able to perform to the same brilliant levels we've seen already this season.
  4. Shite news this, just when things were good from a Villa point of view. The most important thing to hope is that none of the players are badly affected and start to suffer long term effects. Saint-Maximin being **** for Newcastle is what can happen, also countless examples of myocarditis and lung damage to sports people around the world. However serious questions have to be asked as to how a major outbreak was allowed to develop. Enough is known about how this virus spreads that there should not have been a situation where players were together in an unventilated closed area togethe
  5. He needs to get the Mussolini treatment.
  6. Back threes seem to be going out of fashion again. Wolves seem to be abandoning theirs now too, Arsenal's form has picked up since going 4-2-3-1 while it is clearly not working for Brighton. Works for Newcastle and West Ham when parking the bus though.
  7. I know he is only coming back from injury but Thiago has the legs of a 39 year old Paul Scholes.
  8. The only thing is that he had a similar December the year he kept Sunderland up, then in January signed Khazri, Kone and Kirchoff who turned their season around. Going to be far harder to sign international players with covid this year though and it is questionable how much he will be supported.
  9. Was world class again tonight, some of his touches were pure filth.
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