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  1. Nah replaced Barkley after tonight.
  2. Defensively yes, going forward our midfield is brilliant. McGinn seemed to be missing a bit defensively tonight, going forward he was great, some fabulous passes. our problem tonight was not pressing when they were out wide. Top sides don’t do that. yes letting them have it wide and cross in is easier on the whole to clear but as we proved tonight it’s not the case for us. Top sides like city do just one thing off the ball really well. Just one. they press the man with the ball in their own half constantly and ensure the easy short passes are also
  3. In terms of a loss yeah but we’ve lost points in games where Grealish was our best player and we conceded or drew when we should have done more. West Ham and the other Burnley game examples.
  4. My only worry about him going is he performs like this and still loses, looking around thinking “I love the club but some you are utterly shite” We cannot keep having Jack put in a game like that and we throw it away. We are a young side relatively speaking but some are experienced enough to close out games like that. we need a little run of wins now but cannot see it happening.
  5. Absolutely, we should be where West Ham are with the games in hand. and to re address the losses means we need to be overturning sides which would be a big win. we don’t make it easy on ourselves. If we beat City and United all things are good again. But having to do that is so frustrating and also very unlikely.
  6. That’s how it’s looking currently, probably him returning from Injury and getting back up to fitness will take time. he needs to up his game because the new signing added to the mix causes more competition for places. if he’s thinking about his future career he needs to put in performances or he will end up being a bit of a Wilshire
  7. This is why I’m so frustrated. We have had 106 shots on target. That’s 5 less than Liverpool at the top of that list and we’ve played fewer games. for god sake we need to be more clinical. Jack needs to shoot more Barkely and Traore need to pass more we need to move the ball quicker in the final third especially with overlapping runs. That’s really it.
  8. Barkley has been off the pace the last two games. Possibly getting back up to match fitness and maybe sluggish from covid. either way he need to bring his A game back because he’s not cementing his place that’s for sure
  9. That might be true but like an employee or a business within the year you reassess. It’s not really the point. A situation where we were top but lose the last 12 games in a row do finish tenth wouldn’t be a “we will take that”. This wasn’t a game against city or United, it was Burnely, who hardly every score and grind out 1-0 wins. we’ve let three in against one of the lowest scoring sides in the league. If we go and pump Southampton 3-0 then it goes some way to addressing the balance as I think that’s a game we draw on paper, but at this point in the season we a
  10. Agree, you simply cannot lose games like that and expect a top £ finish. really poor with the possession, the shots etc. We need to offset that by beating one of the top 4 sides again to offer neutrality to this awful result
  11. We’ve played two games less and just five on target shots from the most on target in the whole league
  12. This game is what we will Be about this season. Get the win and we will get European football. Huge last fifteen here
  13. We must get the next goal. We should have put this game to bed by now. we must be clinical in the final third and move it quicker.
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