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  1. You read my mind. This will be one of those niggly games where we can kick on and progress but come up short with a loss or a draw. If we turn up we should be smashing these 3-0 but we know they will be pumped up and Maupay always seems to cause some trouble with our defence.
  2. He needs to play further forward. His jack Russell pressing works a lot better against the defence and DMs. Arsenal were shot today because of it. if he’s pressing too deep in our half I think it loses its value. barkely is playing okay but I’d be looking at McGinn playing a bit further forward as well Somehow
  3. Why not 4-2-3-1 luiz nakamba Traore (McGinn/Barkley) Grealish watkins McGinn needs to be playing further forward than he is today. He is so much better for us pressing higher.
  4. Am sure he will start a game vs the bottom three. He should be, he’s shown he’s good enough
  5. Agree, this thread is no longer relevant to Aston Villa anymore. shows how far we’ve come
  6. This was what I came here to say ”look daddy.... big lady!” Also see; “What do you want to be when you are older?” (After super Saturday London 2012) ”I want to be black” in front of people by the swings. “Dad can’t come to the phone because he’s having a poo” youngest also banged himself on the coffee table (it’s the only time I cannot avoid swearing in front of anyone) “F*club’ hell. Stupid table” in front of the in laws. Very much the Meet the Fokers moment. One thing kids that age don’t know or care for is societal peer pressur
  7. I wonder if covid is hampering him. He’s not looked right since he returned.
  8. It’s been pretty bad. Apart from Targett and Martinez
  9. West Ham playing very well and pressing us very hard. I feel more nervous than most West Ham fans will be feeling. Martinez has kept us in this. Could be 3-0
  10. That’s what I am getting at with the bench as good as. Trez improved his game and essentially early in the second was our second best wide play after Jack. Then el Ghazi game in with form and then Traore. their spells were as good a return for goals and assists as each other. our bench does not offer that for LB, RB, ST and an extra CB. hause has done great but we have two CB positions, he can’t play twice. we need players who are as good as Cash on an above average day and Target on above average day. This ensures they know they need to be hit
  11. Grealish is the best dribbler of the ball in the PL this season, by some distance. his carries, dribbles, dribbles past players and runs in to the box he is all 1st and some way more than second place.
  12. Well this weekend has been pretty much perfect for us results wise. we win everton lose West Ham lose spurs lose just wanted Leicester to beat Leeds for an ideal week
  13. Well this game for us is the game which will sum up our season. 1) I believe a win here puts us mathematically safe this season. Past two seasons at week 21 it’s been 16-18 points not 14 for relegation at this stage. 2) West Ham are 5th and played two games more than us. A win means we go above them with two games in hand. 3) it’s two wins back to back, something we haven’t done since Boxing Day. 4) It puts us 6 points ahead of the next side below us on the same number of games (Southampton) albeit they are also playing so will remain a game ahead.
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