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  1. how these absolute scummers manage to get away with it every year. they're the footballing equivalent of Jimmy Saville.
  2. Winning 1-0 with 26% possession. Surely their defenders must be nackered all the time.
  3. I think if we beat Southampton this thread will be already quite close to being locked. 10 wins see you safe 9 times out of 10. We would have 5 already inside 6 games. I am a bit of an optimist a lot of the time so I think by Christmas we will have 9 of them in the bag and the odd draw. estimate for Christmas Day will be 28 points, with 25 games still to play. Am sure we would muster 4 wins out of the last 25 to be safe. It took us 13 games to get 14 points last season. We could be a point ahead of that with 7 games in hand!!!
  4. We should play 4-4-2 and try and pack more in midfield. We need to keep things compact imo for this game. Hit fast on the break.
  5. Looking like 11 points clear with a game in hand of the drop, I know mathematically it’s usually the 40 point mark but how far do the bottom three need to behind before probability kicks in big time? FYI we had 15 points after 18 games last year..... we could have 15 by 6 after this weekend.
  6. Completely agree. Just looked at previous results and table positions. Cardiff are the only side to go down with 10 wins (they hardly drew any). 10 points nearly always sees you safe so we need another 6 wins and that should be it. we really need to be ahead of the game compared to others to build confidence for the latter part of the season.
  7. Pressing game works unless you go over the top and direct then all the pressing in the world is useless. hopefully Dean has the ability to change tactics mid game is Southampton double up on the man with the ball and the short passes.
  8. Agree with this. if we can hit 18+ after 9 games you’re top four. beggars belief we could be over half way to safety before December hits us...
  9. That is a good point and not thought of it like that. Definitely something the Club should look at a lot more with Jack, especially if we continue this form and start to get noticed wider by other countries.
  10. He doesn't need to, we have McGinn who is the scottish Mane when it comes to pressing. His work rate allows Jack to do his thing.
  11. For him to be worth an extraordinary fee we would need to finish Top 4. if we do that and he has been instrumental in getting us there, then yes he absolutely would be £150m+. On the basis we have a squad (despite £200m being spent in the past couple of years) an upper mid table first XI and a mid table squad overall. Also you'd have to think the extra income along from the group stages of the champions league would be what £50m? Add in additional sponsorship and tickets etc Villa achieving that would be a solid £75m. We would be able to demand £150m for Grealish
  12. Saw the highlights of the game we won 3-0. he looks like an absolute unit in midfield. serious power.
  13. The average number of points for 4th is 68. Therefore if we beat Leeds on Friday it would mean we need 53 more to do it. 20 wins usually gets you there and we could have 5/5 come the weekend. still way off but looking at the fixtures after 9 games we could have 8 wins and a draw. At that point could start talking about the real potential of it happening. Would mean we would need to win just 12 of the last 29 games to get it done.
  14. All that is left to do is wait. Tories have ruined themselves by pursuing No Deal on the back of COVID mess ups. Once both of those bite in to a huge recession and see other countries riding upwards after the crisis, it will end up with the tories being lost for another generation at least. Brexit is still a beacon because it hasn't actually happened fully yet. Brexiters still waving the flag, until trade barriers bite their companies and see them lose huge amounts of money due to Brexit directly they will continue to wave that flag. Farmers have already seen that pinch
  15. We have 12 and there’s 27 to go at from those fixtures. Even with the odd draw and couple of losses we could get 17 points. leaves us on 29 points after just 13 games... night and day from last season.
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