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  1. Saw Grealish was reported to be on £70k no? Saw that on some cack sun article about a potential United deal.
  2. We just need some more players who are villains, you always get an extra little %
  3. Pass a ball to the wingers oh crosses a plenty oh crosses a plenty ooooh oooo
  4. A very good summary of global politics trump johnson putin kim jon The globe is being run by narcissists
  5. The fact that we put some of the largest profit margins of ANY industry (US healthcare) on (Not even nice drugs for niche illnesses) basic drugs like insulin to keep people with every day diseases and illnesses is embarrassing as a species where we are meant to have empathy. and now the gammon generals are wading in on the NHS and they’re not even trying to hide it anymore. the British public lap up the deflection which is so obviously bull it’s almost impressive. Still got morons backing Jenrick on social, o haven’t read or seen such brainwashing since reading about China’s “educational camps”. I do feel at some point the stack of cards will fall and when they do I’ll be sure to say I told you so to everyone who voted for it and voted for these muppets. its looking likely we will leave on WTO terms at the height of Covid economic impact. And no it won’t be the EU’ fault whatsoever.
  6. I agree with much of this, we sell or get rid of players only to see them flourish elsewhere. we need a clear direction on the football style and systems we want to play and then buy accordingly. otherwise you just end up with square pegs in round holes. we know that there are options at relegated clubs who would suit and we should look there and also at championship sides. we look much better after lockdown when counter attacking, I’d look for blistering pace and first touch as key attributes.
  7. That should be our approach imo. 4/5 big hitting signings and keep most of the squad. Sell or let the dead wood leave and then bed them in and wait for those injured to return. I’d much rather see that than huge squad changes. culture and continuity is as big a factor as morale and form. You’ve got to have the right atmosphere and right mindset within the club. also I’d rather have a player fighting for the shirt than for just the salary.
  8. That’s what’s I am not sure on. It says based on 2018/19 accounts so would assume not? I imagine it’s higher now but even if it went up by 1/3% that’s £80m still considerably lower than most of the league.
  9. Very useful table if accurate. Although not using this years wage bill.
  10. City bid £40m for Ake accepted. Bournemouth “sale” has begun
  11. Say we get something decent like Tammy £45m Digne £30m Rico £15m Locatelli £25m put that one a starting XI with; Heaton Mings Elo/targett luiz McGinn grealish Trez Yes there’s still some weaker links in Trez and Elmo/Targett. but that should be enough to kick us on and then when Wes etc are back it creates a bit more competition and hopefully the team culture kicks things on. huge squad changes is hard, very rarely works. no reason why you couldn’t do 4 buys now and hit further in January too.
  12. Whilst I agree, I am not suggesting we sign four players to compete with existing players. id expect those four players to be good enough to simply push McGinn, Targett etc straight to the bench. each signing should be £30m+ and that’s getting you to £120m Straight away. Maybe I’ve misjudged our financial situation and FFP but not sure whether we have £200m to smash on a whole squad who will take a fair while to gel. id much rather go straight for the best players we can, rather than find 9-10 potentials to do the job better than those we currently have.
  13. kidlewis

    John Terry

    So the defensive coach had no bearing on our poor defensive Performance?
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