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  1. Is there any video footage of his post match reaction? I might need to share that with a watford fan
  2. It’s not that, some small comedic elements but overall it made me Think/feel 1) realise why Trump is in the White House 2) how can anyone produce such a turgid video 3) she has no idea what’s coming out of her mouth, only what goes in it 4) the fact that she said staying hydrated and eating lasagne keeps you healthy, the same lasagne she throws about 1kg of cheese into....
  3. I don’t even know where to start with that. It ended up making me bloody livid. the gloves the “dabbing of the meat” the pasta not submerged in the water. the trying to grate buffalo mozzarella handled a dog and didn’t wash the hands the way she says lasagne
  4. He’d have set the stall out for frustrating us by time wasting. Both barrels got given in 95th.
  5. I’m giving my MotM to Guilbert for absolutely clattering two Watford players with legitimate tackles.
  6. There was urgency in the second half I’d not seen from players in the last four. something kicked in. The reality of our position and our opposition. The half time team talk. maybe a couple of them were on a promise if they got the Three points.
  7. They time wasted at every opportunity. Justice is best served in the 95th minute
  8. Yehenxkvkebwvsjdkfnfnebsjsjcjwbqvahsjfjebwkakcnfnrjaozkcbfndnsjakcjvbdjakskc
  9. Mega time wasting from Watford. So frustrating and poor for the game.
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