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  1. Absolutely he needs to be hit hard by this. you don’t crash a Range Rover into parked cars with pretty much no other car on the road in broad daylight without being a moron, or having a stroke or a heart attack. I doubt he’s had either of those.
  2. But it’s also not fair to void the season
  3. I think because with that situation you only piss off the sides below the playoffs. Fulham are six points behind and they need to win two games in a playoff to get into the prem. you can’t please everyone as you say but I think with this proposal you only need to complete the playoffs for the leagues in the summer, and that’s pretty much it. those missing out on playoffs you could look at a settlement for those
  4. The idea on twitter I saw was a good one tbh. award Liverpool the title and leave league as is. promote Leeds and West Brom and relegate no one. sides currently in playoffs have a late summer playoff. (Late July). 23 league season in 2021 and five teams relegated. Remove premier league from the league cup as a result. I think that’s about as fair as you can do it.
  5. Maybe kebabs with Ross McCormack
  6. A hammering once again...
  7. Today’s performance was like the time that bird dumped in Ashley Young’s mouth.... and just for clarification we are Ashley Young....
  8. This is reaaallly bad as a performance, we offered nothing
  9. How screwed are we as a club if we go down? financially I mean given the losses we will make
  10. Might as well pin this thread after today’s performance. we’ve got nothing left
  11. Guilbert was utterly disgusting then. Never seen such lazy defending ever
  12. Whoever keeps with zonal, it’s their fault.
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