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  1. Came across this belter today on Apple Music. some right tunes on their album
  2. I think they’ll be in the top 4 odds fighting it out not to go down
  3. I’m worried about spending too much and also bringing in too many faces early on. we need quality over quantity. McGinn, Green and Grealish all capable starting XI. We’ve added El Ghazi and hopefully Mings and Wesley. I don’t think we have have huge squad depth anyway unless we plan to spend £250m. Build that spine of the team (which isn’t too far away) and January and next summer could be the time to go big
  4. So compared to last year we think we are +£11m already against sponsorship? not a bad start, probably covers the increased promotional wage bill or at least a mega chunk of it
  5. Can’t imagine we would get more than £1m for the sleeve sponsor if that!? Unless we upweight loads of other activity with it around the sponsorship deal. i imagine our corporate and conference sales will do well, coin in some more there
  6. So then, just how much wonga are we getting from The two sponsorship deals and the change in supplier? anywhere else we can go Full Del Boy and get a good strong balance sheet? I don’t want to be anywhere near the red anymore...
  7. Could create a new topic surrounding villa finances overall? I imagine deals will be coming all over the place not just for shirt?
  8. I wonder how much the sleeve sponsor will net is each year? I saw that someone estimated the main shirt sponsor at £10m a year? Is that right?
  9. Am I right in thinking we have only lost 1 league game since Jack came back?
  10. I am not sure where the optimism comes from. I cannot remember anyone saying he was anything other than an expensive and poor option last season and the season before that. Certainly not a replacement for Benteke and certainly won't do enough to keep us up. Is that not what we need to do? Try and find someone who 'could' get 20 a season, not 8.
  11. Richards and Barry literally played almost every game in the first title winning season. One was injured and the other didn't even play for us any more in the second. Milner played more games for City than he did for Villa and regularly topped 35+ and then 45+ games. Not sure your experience playing for your local cricket team is really that comparable to being a world class athlete playing in one of the best leagues in the world in probably the most competitive sport on the planet. Of course it is. When you are talking about whether someone has earned a medal. Matches count if you come on in 89th minute. can you go find their minutes per game for those seasons please. then we'll talk. Ricky Lambert "played" 28 league games last year.... yeah for about 10 minutes a time.
  12. Face it Man City specialise in ruining promising England players careers. They win medals through part time playing and you only need to look at Richards, Sinclair, Barry and Milner to see that. Those players would have had much better careers (in terms of maximising individual potential) by being somewhere else. Forget the medals, in terms of being as good as they could be (player wise), absolutely should have gone somewhere else. Can anyone who supports Man City seriously expect Delph to be a regular there? I play cricket at a reasonable level and there is something to be said when you realise your hardly playing in the top team and also having little or no input into a league campaign. Playing 4 out of 18 first team games and batting 8, does not mean you have earned a medal. The same goes for those fringe squad players at Man City, they are deluded if they think they have earned those medals. Having it and feeling like you earned it are very different.
  13. Gabby isn't a great footballer at holding up the ball, or passing, or reading the game and getting into spaces. What he is good at is being quicker than pretty much anyone else. I would like to try and create space for him to run into. I've always said this. It was a key MoN counter attack which revolved around good passers and Gabby. We need to create him space and then hit the ball into space where the is 1:1 with the full back or anyone else. He will 90% of the time win the ball first or get fouled trying to... I don't know how other than allowing him to swap positions if either full back on the opposing side is slower or not starting the game very well. Now with City that is easier than Spurs. Walker and Rose are pacey but Rose I think would be more likely to cause fouls on Gabby as walker strength is more suited to him being able to toe to toe it with Gabby. Delph for me in the centre is the only one capable of finding that needle thread for him to get on to, or weight it well enough for him to get into that space. We don't need gabby to score, we just need him to get onto balls we try and play into space. Apart from Kane the height of spurs doesn't concern me, but they are a quick side and we need to try and stop their full backs keeping us penned in. Leaving Gabby on the half way line removes Walker or Rose straight away. No way on earth Dier is stopping Gabby.
  14. kidlewis

    General Chat

    It's £360 all in. I didn't want it abroad because stag venues abroad are full of words removed. Would rather drink, play sport and fifa tournament and eat like kings. There is 11 of us. Venue has pool, snooker, table tennis and table football. Hot tub and tons of other stuff. £55 for all food and drink.
  15. kidlewis

    General Chat

    Question: Stag do 3 nights Nice house in UK (pool table, table tennis, gardens for sport) All food and drink in house Taxis to town 30 mins One night out How much would you pay?
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