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  1. Exactly, they made the mistake with Delph literally days before and even made him captain. they cannot be that stupid twice surely
  2. I just hope to god he stays and signs a contract. had an awful weekend on top of cricket. Think Jack going would give me a summer depression.
  3. Jack came on four minutes into extra time and pretty sure he had about five touches of the ball. He really didn’t have an opportunity
  4. Any stats for the game? Saying Jack had no impact on the game but given he was on in ET when no side passed with any intent I bet he hardly got the ball anyway. really annoying he was brought on so late
  5. When you’re at an event and they say “the buffet is now open”
  6. If Messi goes to City they won’t get Grealish and Kane. messi salary will be about £30m a year on its own
  7. It’s right next to our meetings and events area which can host hundreds of events every year. doesn’t matter if it was in Moss Side, it’s adjacent to the venue, and people will book hotels in Birmingham and Uber it.
  8. I’ve been to the Emirates and indeed Edgbaston and they’re a different level. Edgbaston building a pretty sizeable hotel on their land. Very smart move and will pull business their way. villa will need to realise the hotel in the next couple of years for sure
  9. Villa park really needs a small luxury hotel for meetings, events and match day usage for the rich to spend a wedge in. Would make the venue a much bigger prospect and increase bookings for many events outside the season as well. absolute no brainer to me
  10. That’s because Levy bleeds his fans dry and it’s London prices
  11. You read my mind. This will be one of those niggly games where we can kick on and progress but come up short with a loss or a draw. If we turn up we should be smashing these 3-0 but we know they will be pumped up and Maupay always seems to cause some trouble with our defence.
  12. He needs to play further forward. His jack Russell pressing works a lot better against the defence and DMs. Arsenal were shot today because of it. if he’s pressing too deep in our half I think it loses its value. barkely is playing okay but I’d be looking at McGinn playing a bit further forward as well Somehow
  13. Why not 4-2-3-1 luiz nakamba Traore (McGinn/Barkley) Grealish watkins McGinn needs to be playing further forward than he is today. He is so much better for us pressing higher.
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