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  • Posts

    • Refugee crisis
      By chrisp65 · Posted
      Turn them around and march them back to Kobani. It's not a nice knee jerk twitter solution, but it might protect our house prices and pensions. Got to think with a long term strategy not just react to dead toddlers washed up on beaches.
    • Things that piss you off that shouldn't
      By The Fun Factory · Posted
      Crystal Palace. Apparently they have the worlds greatest support because a couple of thousand of them make a bit of noise.  Two seasons ago they were averaging 16,933- but football doesn't matter outside the Premier League apparently. They also have a ridiculous nickname of the Eagles- it should still be the Glaziers.You are a made up club created by Allison I am afraid to say. They are like the Albion when they first came up with there wacky supporters, just really glad to be in 'the best league in the world'. They are going to come mid table at best. Pardew for England? That makes me sick. Also the group is a dump and is in the twilight zone of sarf London in which it is impossible to get to. They are the only London club who's main rivalry is with a club based on the south coast. That says it all. I wish they can just go away.
    • The Randy Lerner thread
      By Brumstopdogs · Posted
      The key thing here is that this is not showing the complete picture - what it is showing is 5 summer transfer windows only. As an example we paid £18m for Bent in January during the last 5 years and this would't be included just because it was in January! As for Lambert he spent close to £50m net in his 3 seasons here. The problem IMO was more him being a poor manager rather than what he had to spend. In terms of Lerner clearly he needed to change the financial status of the club even more so with the club up the sale. Looking across the last 5 years (rather than just summer transfer windows) I note we have a higher net spend than Spurs, Everton, Swansea and Southampton but smaller than some clubs you would expect us to spend more than. That tells me you don't necessarily need to spend more but spend smarter and sell smarter. UTV.  
    • Refugee crisis
      By Nabby · Posted
      I do feel as if I'm not totally supportive of the UK taking refugees I'm an selfish bastard who doesn't care about people dying It's a far more complex situation than is being portrayed for example not all of the people trying to get to Europe are from Syria so were is the line drawn who does get let in ? As it seems no end in sight for peace in Syria (and other countries ) then it's surely going to take more than offering these people shelter long term. I think the floodgates have been open and actually agree with the Hungaran prime minister that the 1000s now will turn to Millions and I'm not sure Europe can cope with this.
    • The Randy Lerner thread
      By briny_ear · Posted
      I feel no hatred or bile for Lerner. I just want him out and replaced by an owner more capable of funding the club in a more sustainable way.
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