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  1. Absolutely cemented his position in that DCM role. Was my motm yesterday at Norwich. Has such agility, calmness, acceleration and a great football brain. He is so good at breaking up play and taking the ball from the CBs and making use of Jack and McGinn. A great midfield trio they are with Hourihane complementing then all too. Think you can mix up Luiz and Conor. Decent balance across this Villa midfield and a lot of that is down to the fine work Nakampa does.
  2. roonst83


    Watched most of it. Was a perfect away performance at City. I said after they dispatched Watford and Beskitas that they’d kick on now, but didn’t expect that result. They tactically stifled City and we’re bold enough to go at City every time they countered. Deserve the win and their performance, set up and approach is a blue print for how we, along with other teams, should try approach the game when we play them.
  3. Agree about the Mings and Engles comment. Mings can be a warrior in defence at times but sometimes I find he is way too casual on the ball and with following his man and both of those things cost us. He is often too slow to release the ball which leads to the player who receives the ball being under immediate pressure. Love his leadership qualities but he’s got areas to improve on. Engles has looked very assured overall but was naive giving the penalty away at Arsenal and should’ve done much better in picking up his man against Burnley. Essentially, we have a good CB pairing in Engles and Mings but basic errors are costing us key goals.
  4. We go again. Tough fixture away at Carrow Road. Norwich appear to be a different beast at home so this will be tough. Burnley was a missed opportunity to take a much needed three points so sooner or later we’re going to need to pull a surprise result out the bag. So I hope this is it. Hope Targett is fit as he provided much better balance at FB and an attacking option going forwards. I thought our set up against Burnley worked well in the first half but we seem incapable of stringing two strong halves of football together and we looked poor second half and couldn’t adjust to Burnley’s switch of tactics. Not sure how much longer we can persist without Wesley so feels like Keinan deserves a start. Although in May after Wembley if you told me we’d be starting Premier League games with Keinan Davies as our main striker than I would’ve been gutted. Essentially, we look weak up front and don’t have any natural goal scorers which is harming us. Need a result.
  5. roonst83

    Wesley Moraes

    The very fact he’s top of this messaging forum and hasn’t scored today tells you everything if you didn’t go to the game; he’s poor and needs dropping. He’s costing us points and whilst I don’t think Keinan (or Kodjia) are better, Wesley needs to know he isn’t for a guaranteed starting place in this team. He was woeful today. Spends too long playing the man not the ball, is powder puff up top and his ineffectiveness causes other players to overcompensate on his behalf. No harm in trying Davies instead. He’s more hungry and can’t do much worse.
  6. We should consider playing Guilbert because he’s our absolute best attacking full back.
  7. Was really excited when we signed Konsa but turns out I’m loving Engles instead.
  8. roonst83

    Tom Heaton

    Don’t get the debate here at all. Always play your best players. Heaton is better than Steer. Yes, Heaton gave away a daft penalty last week, but, he’s made some excellent saves in the opening two games. He’ll be massive for us this season. I’ve got nothing against Steer but Heaton gets the nod every time.
  9. Currently sat on a boat in the Ionian Sea on my way home from holiday, so wanted to kick this off. Huge game and tough test for sure. Full house at VP with expectations of a performance high. We need to be right behind the boys for 90mins. Bournemouth are a well oiled outfit who play great football at times and Eddie Howe is a very shrewd manager who I rate highly. He’ll be aware of how we like to play and will try stifle us by sniffing out Grealish. I wonder if Guilbert and Targett come in, whether Luiz starts and if Jota gets the nod ahead of El Ghazi, who I think was poor against Spurs. (I also think Jota was poor in his substitute appearance but think in a team that should have more of the ball we’ll get much more from him). Goes without saying how much of a huge game it is for Mings. He and Engles will have to be at their best to stop the front boys of Bournemouth. But it’s a game we need to try and get on the front foot of and apply pressure to the opposition all game. Energy levels will be key so I hope the last two games against Spurs and Leipzig, where we had less of the ball, will have improved our fitness levels. Wesley needs to be stronger and less stroppy than he was against Spurs. A big man up top is always getting some physical treatment to try nullify their threat. For me, he wasn’t first to the ball fast enough and if he does that then he can hold the ball up well and bring the likes of Grealish and McGinn in. Benteke used to do this for us excellently. I’d like to see Luiz start and for Grealish not to have to be so deep. Every game in this league will be a very tough test and we have a team and manager getting themselves used to it. A win here would be massive. Leta hope we pop those cherries.
  10. His hair looked nice.
  11. *Positives* 1. Overall first half display and our counter attacking 2.Mings & Engles 3. Elmo & Taylor stepping up 4. McGinn 5. Trezzy looked a threat 6. It’s Spurs away and not many teams will win there 7. We can improve 8. Some first teamers still to come in 9. Heaton was great. He’ll win us some games on his own *Negatives* 1. Wesley - looked weak and bullied 2. Grealish, as class as he is, needs to learn in this league you can’t **** around on the edge of the box without getting punished. It’s Spurs not Rotherham. I’m certain he will leave this and tiredness may have been a factor. 3. Jota looked a lost soul when he came on. Looked way out of his depth. I’m putting this down to it being a difficult game and situation to come into but he’s shown better. And needs to be better. 4. Kodjia. Useless. 5. El Ghazi looked lively but with nothing in the end of it. Lots of step overs but looked better just trying to take players on. Think Trezzy was far effective than him and with only Wesley up to, we need to be effective in the wings. But I appreciate it’s against Spurs. Bring on the Cherries.
  12. Very similar to our opening day win against Bournemouth in our last season in the Prem.
  13. Can pay the £11.99 for Premier 1 then cancel the subscription as it’s a rolling monthly subscription, I believe.
  14. Any chance you can make a one off payment (alá NOW TV) for the game if you’re already a sky subscriber? And does anyone know of this means we won’t be showing the game on our YouTube channel? EDIT. Ignore. Just seen on the ‘Coverage’ thread that can only view it on Premier 1
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