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  1. John Terry

    Beyond gutted. All our stability and resilience have stemmed largely from Terry. He's a colossus lost for us.
  2. Ratings & Reactions: Preston v Villa

    Agree with this 100%.
  3. Ratings & Reactions: Preston v Villa

    Absolutely excellent display throughout. Makes such a difference when we take advantage of our dominance as we did with Chester's goal. And our counter attacking second goal set us up perfectly. Yes Preston had some injuries but they're a strong team, especially at home, so that was a really excellent win. Reminded me a lot of our performance at Barnsley away, we handled their pressure very well, led by the absolutely excellent Terry. I think what helped tonight was having Davis up front. He, unlike Kodjia, can lead the line and bring others into play. We can play the ball into him and it sticks, and he brings players like Onomah, Adomah and Snodgrass into play. Kodjia can be great for us too but not in the same way we play Davis and not how we played him on Sunday. We defended very assured and very solidly tonight. Special mention to Whelan, Onomah, Terry and Davis who were our best players I felt. Hutton did very well too. Bruce got his set up and tactics spot on tonight. We were positive from the outset and were rewarded. We played the ball on the floor far far better than against blues and were calm with the ball in playing ourselves out of trouble. Jedinak was brought on at the right time and Davis was on the verge of picking up a second yellow so was very relieved when Bruce took him off. Excellent away performance from us tonight and all the players and Bruce deserve credit. Three very valuable points.
  4. Glenn Whelan

    Our whole performance, style of play and approach was far better tonight than Sunday and it's no coincidence that Whelan was miles better tonight. He kept things ticking over and kept everything simple. He was great tonight.
  5. Alan Hutton

    He's crazier than a clown's cock but credit where it's due, he did very well tonight.
  6. John Terry

    Warrior. Leader. Captain. Love this guy. He gives his absolute everything and was fantastic tonight.
  7. Pre match thread

    I have that fear too. May try and stream the Spurs v Madrid game if that's the case
  8. Pre match thread

    Nooooooooooooo. Hutton can do less damage at LB as he's not in his natural right side where he bombs forward without licence, and either crosses or runs the ball out of play. On the left he's (slightly) more considered and plays it more sensible and safe. We need to play our best players in their best positions so we should be ruthless and bring Taylor back in. It wasn't as if Taylor was injured, he was banned so should be fresh and raring to go.
  9. Jonathan Kodjia

    Apologies if this has been covered but is there any update on his injury?
  10. Josh Onomah

    So deep? He was sat behind Kodjia for 60 mins until Bruce brought Jedi and Davis on.
  11. Josh Onomah

    I wouldn't agree with the hoofball having "very little" to do with Onomah's performance, but do agree it was a bad day at the office, for Onomah and, indeed, all of our midfield.
  12. Josh Onomah

    But we played vastly different against Fulham than Blues. The ball was on the floor against Fulham a lot more (form both teams) and as such, was a much better game of football. Bruce just told our defenders to lump it to Kodjia all game on Sunday and that relinquished any impact Onomah could have. Im not meaning to let him off for Sunday completely as he wasn't effective atoll but i do think that's largely down to Bruce's tactics.
  13. Josh Onomah

    I personally think he was a victim of being played in a position that wasn't aligned to his strengths. He's not a no.10 and certainly can't do much when the ball is hoofed up over his head all game.
  14. Pre match thread

    Very tough game coming up. They smacked us at their place last year and are always a tough opponent. On the back of what I've seen today at the sty I'd throw Davis in and replace Kodjia for Hogan if he's injured. We need to be set up more positively and play on the front foot more. What was lacking today was a plan for when we had the ball going forwards. We lacked ideas or creativity and Kodjia, Adomah and Snodgrass were too easily handled. That's why I think playing two up top helps us as Davis is a handful up top and, unlike Kodjia, can take a hoofed ball down and bring others into play. Kodjia, in my opinion, is far better playing with/behind Davis as when he's not the prime focus he can play with more freedom, can't be as easily marked out of the game and can influence our attacking play more. Not sure if Jedi is ready for a start but he should feature at some point and I'd bring Taylor back for Hutton. Need more from Houihane as he was completely lost and vacant against blues, same goes for Onomah, although with the latter I think that's largely due to the ball being hoofed over his head and him not being in his best natural position. We need to get something on Wednesday night to keep us in the mix. If we play like we did for the first 60 mins today then we'll get well beaten. Play like we did in the last half hour then we have a chance.
  15. Glenn Whelan

    Thought he was utter shite today. Kept giving the ball away and was on his arse more than his feet. Stood up to the physical side of the game well enough but I want so much more quality from him.