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  1. The "Witton Lane" Boxing Chat Thread

    Agree. This is the "biggest" fight that either of them can expect. With the rise of people like AJ in the heavyweight division it makes an absolute mockery over the fuss drawn up about these pair. Saying that, I was one of those who bought the fight to watch Haye will have to respect Bellew more this time but if he avoids an injury I'd expect him to be able to get past him for the win. Cue the SkySports w*nkfest, social media bashing and ridiculous press conferences. Cant stand Bellew, can't stand Hearn and i think Haye can eb quite entertaining. Last big payday for both.
  2. Robert Snodgrass

    I was very pleased when we signed him and yesterday reminded me why. Whilst he doesn't look near match fit yet (unsurprisingly) he does however give everything he has for the team. As someone mentioned above he chases back any lost cause and gets stuck in. He's got a great brain and has a great delivery too. He's a very positive player and I'm sure he'll be a very good option for us going forwards. Green isn't the final article yet and, whilst he can show glimpses of excitement in his play, I think Snodgrass is a much more reliable option. (But happy to have both to mix up). We'll see the best of Snodgrass when he's fully fit but we've got a decent player there and one who is out to try his hardest and give his all for us. His experience will benefit us too.
  3. Pre match thread

    We need a reaction. But 'Boro are a good side who are high on confidence and will be coming to VP to take all three points. Bruce's Brentford post match comments essentially admit he made mistakes in his selection and in-game decisions (quelle surprise) so he'll be scratching his head for his selection for Tuesday. Worried about out this one. A win seems highly unlikely as I think Bruce knows the potential severity a loss would do for his tenure so will go typically defensive and thus starving our forwards of any service and have us camped in our own, half giving the possession to the opposition again. The best managers get a reaction and are positive with their selection and approach when the chips are down. Remains to be seen if Bruce can ever be the manager for us. I doubt he can based on what I've seen but live in hope. Big game for us and for Bruce.
  4. André Green

  5. Best Villatalk thread since the one where someone shagged their auntie.
  6. Exactly what I'm sat here thinking. Penalty miss was a shocker too.
  7. 17/18 Promotion Charge

  8. Scott Hogan

    Agree on this.
  9. Pre-match thread

    Whilst home support should be favourable for a team, this can very quickly work the opposite way when the chips are down at VP. If (when) we go a goal behind the atmosphere can turn poisonous. Bruce wont know his team, will be desperate to not lose and when the inevitable happens and we go a goal down we may as well all go home as our manager has no way of getting us back into a game. Can't see us winning as I've seen no signs of any improvement from a team managed by Bruce. Im still trying to get last night out of my system as I have barely seen a more inept performance or game plan in all my 33 years as a villa fan. This is all starting to feel all too familiar and the atmosphere around the club at the moment reminds me of tow years ago in our relegation season.
  10. Birkir Bjarnason

    He's a utility man who cannot be utilised.
  11. Glenn Whelan

    He was simply non-existent.
  12. Steve Bruce

    And at least with RDM it was clear we had a game plan; albeit one that only lasted 45 mins but for the first half of most of the games underneath his tenure we smashed teams to pieces and created a hat full of opportunities. Our lack of midfield meant we were soft and allowed too much pressure onto our defence. But we played some excellent stuff at times under RDM. With Bruce you could see from his very first game just how dour we suddenly became. Yes we got a draw (and we're lucky to get that) but it was the most thoughtless and dire performance from a Villa side. He's way out of his depth and as much as I'm craving stability it has to be with the right man in charge. We have the players to be very competitive in this league but we have a manager with no ability to apply a style of play to suit those players (which he bought). He has to go; whether now or in a week, or a month he needs to go because there's no signs he can get anything from this team.
  13. Scott Hogan

    Agree 100%
  14. Pre-Match Thread

    The physio has had more minutes on the pitch than most due to the amount of injuries we've acrued.