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  1. John Terry

    Absolutely this.
  2. Pre match thread

    More of the same please Villa. Hope we can continue the good momentum we've accrued in the league the past few weeks. Jedinak back in for Whelan, hopefully. Otherwise, I expect us to keep things the same as against Forest.
  3. Jack Grealish

    Finally showing how good he can (and let's face it, should!) be for us. Hoping he stays clear of injuries as he's easily our most influential player in our team. He's absolutely essential to our play off hopes.
  4. Scott Hogan

    I honestly think he's been made to appear more limited because we have a manager with a very limited approach to games. We have the players to absolutely play in a way that suits Hogan and would, I feel, bring him many more goals. However, we have a manager who can't set the team up to make the most out of the qualities of his own players. I'm not meaning to bash Bruce at all by the way. I like him and he's shown he can, through his dour and often uninspiring way, get results from this time but, I do feel Hogan is often victimised as having huge failings when he's been forced to try and play in a system that has no intention of making full use of his capability. (This isn't personal, in any way, to you Omariqy in case it looks like I'm jumping on your comment in rage )
  5. Ratings & Reactions: Nottm Forest v Villa

    Big win. I was quietly confident about us being able to get a result today. The fact that we were on Sky worried me purely because of how much that dire Brentford performance is still in my mind but the new manager arrival for Forest and the fact they beat Arsenal didn’t worry me. We’re much better away from home, have shown against Sunderland and Boro that we can beat teams with new managers and showed against Bristol City that an epic cup win against a giant team doesn’t necessarily prevent us getting the win. I did expect us at 0-1 to keep pushing like we did against Bristol and if we grabbed the second goal I felt we’d run out comfortable (with it without scoring any more) but we’re better than Forest, Lichijh will never score two goals again in a game in his life and we’re on the back of two decent league games (cup game last week didn’t worry me for today but was disappointing to lose, all the same). We didn’t play that well going forwards but didn’t need to in the end as we controlled the pace of game in the second half and were very very solid at the back. Bruce’s tactic to win the game is keep a clean sheet. When we manage that we have showed we can win games. We need to stay in the mix for playoffs and keep pushing for an unlikely slip up from Derby and an unlikely (in my opinion) chance to grab second. Whilst I fear how we would’ve won tonight without Hogan’s very brave header (although Terry was unlucky) we defended so well it’s got to be pleasing to show that we are resolute when we need. Just a note on Hogan. I am very confident he would score goals in the Prem (for any team). He just needs the right players and system around him. Like him a lot and so pleased he got our winner. He links up excellently with our better footballing players (Grealish and Hourihane, essentially, as well as Snoddy when he delivered as well as he did today) and I so so hope his confidence is rising high, he stays clear of injuries and continues to show, what I am absolutely certain, he can do.
  6. Pre match thread

    Hoping all momentum hasn’t been lost from the loss today to Posh. I expect the same team (assuming Hogan is fit) as against Bristol. I doubt Terry will start yet. Need to bounce back from today against a tough Forest team. After two decent wins Bruce was smarting. He absolutely needs to try and galvanise the lads after the embarrassment of today’s cup exit to get us back on track.
  7. Please tell me when to stop laughing at SHA

    They won’t go down I don’t think. They have some decent players (Gallagher, Jota etc) and I think Sunderland and Burton will be the bottom two with the third from bototm up for grabs. They also seem to do well against the better teams in the league. If they start beating the teams around them then he’ll be comfortable, I feel.
  8. Scott Hogan

    Was good to hear him speak so honestly in his post match interview. He knows he hasn't give us the return of goals that we want/expect and you can sense his frustration. He comes across as a really level-headed person with his feet on the ground. Hopefully yesterday was a sign of more to come form Scott. With a run in the team and playing in a manner that suits him (i.e. not hoofing it up to and over his head) I am hopeful he can prove a lot of people wrong and score plenty for us. I really think there's a great player with Hogan.
  9. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Bristol City

    The best performance under Bruce, without a doubt. We did everything that we haven't been doing lately; we pressed and pressed and pressed the opposition when they had the ball and when we had possession we had players making intelligent runs, making space and moving forwards. We hunted everything Bristol City did down like a pack of lions and stopped them having any momentum. Grealish was, and is, head and shoulders our best player and was at the hub of everything positive for us today. He is the perfect link between our defence and attack and showed great pace when driving forwards today. I especially loved how, even at 5-0 up we were chasing them down and pressing them. Was so so good to see. We defended well when needed and credit to Elphick and Chester for keeping any threat Bristol had at bay. Hutton and Elmo did great too and thought Jedinak worked well with Hourihane in the middle. Great to see Hogan get off the mark for us today, he's a very very good finisher and must've been lacking in confidence so to score such a great header will have helped him enormously. Hope he's underway now with more goals to come for us. Great win today and a fantastic performance.
  10. Rushian Hepburn-Murphy

    Would love to see him start against Bristol City as I was pleased with what I saw today. Although I don't think Bruce will do it and he'll start Hogan. We'll only see RHM if we're somehow still at 0-0 with 20mins remaining or if we're 0-2 down with 30 mins remaining. He'd offer an air of unpredictability about him as currently our offensive play is too easily snuffed out. RHM could link up well with Grealish and his pace could definitely cause problems.
  11. The Banner!

    Bad idea. Please don't do this.
  12. Steve Bruce

    What worries me about Bruce is hearing him say how Elphick was only thrown into the starting line up for Boro as Whelan was ill, meaning Jedinak would’ve started at CB otherwise. It was the decision to start Jedinak at CB against Sheff Utd that cost us that game (in my opinion) as he was completely shambolic. I know Elphick has had his moments since joining us but we should absolutely be playing our players in their best positions. Tommy showed today that he can help us be solid at the back and, for me, is a far more suitable replacement for Terry than Mile. Bruce continues to baffle me at times.
  13. Ratings & Reactions: Middlesbrough v Villa

    Our only hope of winning games seems to be in keeping a clean sheet. Today we defended very well. Credit to Elphick and Chester (and Elmo and Hutton) who dug in deep and limited Boro’s forward play. We looked devoid of any idea going forwards and weren’t pressing the opposition when they had possession, which resulted in Boro having plenty of time on the ball. Our lack of a game plan, style of play or any creativity meant that when we did advance forward we constantly had nowhere to go so ended up playing the ball back to our defence. Grealish coming on changed our approach as he’s not only the most creative player in our team but also the most positive. Really pleased we got the win. RHM looked lively and we got more use out of him than we did Hogan. But the way we’re set up we struggle to get our forwards into the game. Big win and keeps us in the mix. Need to cut out the mistakes going forwards to give us the chance of taking advantage like we did today.
  14. Pre match thread

    We seem a total shadow of how we were a few weeks ago. The confidence has been sapped out of our team, we seem to lose every midfield battle in every game and can’t get any fluidity in our play. Boro away with Pulis’s first game in charge will bring an inevitable loss I feel...and probably an uninspiring performance too. Fed up watching absolute dross from a Villa team.
  15. Pre match chat

    We need a win some time soon after the missed opportunity against the Blades. I think we’re better set up away from home but a lot of that depends on if Davis plays well. He’s been quite poor for a while and hasn’t had the support of Snoddy or Adomah of late so it’s nulified his role. Big problem of late for us has been the fact our defence has been so leaky. Our previous success in games away to the likes of Preston, Burton and Barnsley was down to how tight we were at the back. We look very nervous at the moment and are missing Terry massively. We need to start picking up wins soon to try keep ourselves in the playoffs.