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  1. The Leeds w*nkfest from Skysports/media was in full force this afternoon with Martin Tyler praising Leeds by referencing how much of a threat they were when they were 4-1 down at Palace in injury time. Couldn't make it up.
  2. He’s always been prone to massive lapses in concentration that usually result in us conceding goals. And takes way too long on the ball which results in our players getting marked and any chance of fast build up fading away. It’s almost as if he deliberately takes lots more time on the ball than he needs in order to appear super calm and composed whereas it hinders us. He’s also barely ever a threat from set pieces going forwards. Konsa is far surpassing him. Really love having big Ty at our club and he’s a model pro in so many ways. Just needs much more improvement to reach a high
  3. Can’t ever fault Trezzy for his effort, work rate and endeavour. But he is completely limited by his abilities. Yea, he pops up at the back post, but this is down to his endeavour and desire to score. Not his ability to. He has improved this season though but he can’t take players on and I never expect him to score when he lines up a shot. Frustrating but until he has someone better than him taking his place (Traore isn’t showing anywhere near enough effort to challenge Trezzy for a starting spot) then we won’t be a threat on the right. Don’t get me wrong I really like Trezzy but he
  4. Really fear for us without Barkey. He offered us something no substitute can replace. Without him we’re essentially relying on Grealish and we’ve found out before if you stop Grealish you subsequently stop Villa. Hope he’s not out too long at all He’s a massive miss for us.
  5. Hard to take. We once again struggle after the international break. No sharpness and momentum and our key influencial players were poor. Barkley injury wasn’t ideal. Awful defending for their first goal and as I always say if we don’t score first we nearly always lose. Trezzy has a lack of ability and fluffed guilt edge chances. Works really hard but need to do better with those for sure. Just never ever fancy him to score. Can just about see why the pen wasn’t given as he touched the ball first but that’s a foul anywhere and anytime on the pitch. I can see both sides of this
  6. The beauty of having a player like Grealish is for all the planning you can do he has the ability to tear you a new arsehole anyway as he’s so skilful and unpredictable. There are times when he can be nullified but as we’re more of a threat with Watkins and Barkley up top it means you can no longer simply stop Villa by stopping Grealish. And if you double up on him then there’s space for Barkey, McGinn etc to exploit. And by having those other threats that need close attention too it means Grealish can find space and be a constant threat, as he showed the other night. I love h
  7. Was going to write up my thoughts, but this does it nicely enough ...
  8. Massive win and very well deserved. Fantastic performance, never sat back and kept going at them. Once we settled after a rocky first 20mins we really started using the ball well. McGinn’s distribution in the first half was excellent. Defended really really well as a team and attacked in numbers. We’re a threat all over the pitch and our midfield is just so much stronger with Barkley. When he drops deep it leaves Grealish free and when he switches with McGinn it just ensures the opposing midfield can’t get too comfortable as both drove forward when they play up top and both are so strong
  9. Pleased with this. Strong, agile and attacking prowess in his playing style. He'll improve our midfield for sure. And I hope he's better than the last Ross we had at the club ... ... although, to be fair, Ross from Friends would've been better than McCormack.
  10. Great to hear. Same for me, my order arrived Friday. And luckily I ordered a size up so it fits
  11. Update to my order. I saw people on Twitter complaining to Fanatics Support about the issues so I sent them a DM yesterday and explained. The immediately wrote back and apologised and said I’d have an update ASAP. I received both an email from Hermes and AVFC store first things this morning and it’s apparently due to arrive tomorrow. So looks like going to them direct us a positive effect on my order so I’d urge you to try the same.
  12. I have the same issue. I pre-ordered the black training top and it was supposed to arrive September 4th. No sign of it and no email confirmation about any delay or when I should now expect it. I looked back on the store and it stated that new orders are expected next week but I’m not sure if that means that’s when my top will arrive. Absolutely unclear and useless. Terrible service.
  13. Good competitive run out. Showed good energy levels, albeit against lower league opposition but Burton always make it difficult. Bossed the whole game and should’ve bagged one or two more really. Grealish head and shoulders above the rest. Watkins looked lively and wanting to be on the end of everything. Makes such a change to see that hunger in a Villa striker. And like the look of Jacob Ramsey. Looked very comfortable and confident on the ball. Nakamba chewed up a lot of the play but doesn’t ever look like he’s comfortable on the ball. His second touch is usually a tackle but he broke
  14. Good shout. After I typed that I thought it would have been unlikely we would've signed directly from Arsenal.
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