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  1. Remember it well. I was at the front of the upper tier sat next to Kodjia’s brother and we all went nuts. Think this was also the same game Jimmy had missed a penalty in earlier. Totally made up for it late on in front of a barmy away end.
  2. Difference is we wouldn’t have been loaning Drinkwater from Burnley though, it would be Chelsea. We had to wait for Danny’s contract at Burnley to expire before we could sign him on loan. His contract expired a couple of days after we played Burnley and then we signed him pretty much straight away.
  3. Also we have used up our quota for loans for the season after Drinkwater and Reina.
  4. roonst83


    Couldn't agree more with this. I'm so pleased with the way the PL has placed a cap of £30 on tickets for away fans and think that should be the same across the league. With the increase in online streaming of games from companies we need to keep people in stadiums as much as possible and fair pricing is the best way to do that. Overall our prices are substantially better than a lot of Prem teams but it'd be good if the PL could adopt a similar approach for home supporters.
  5. He'd be much more suited to Leicester than United. And would probably encourage Leicester to sell Maddison and go big bucks in bringing in Jack.
  6. Couldn’t agree more with this.
  7. Dreading this. Their tails are up and they’re hungry and have Deeney back who loves to bully a defence. We need to be absolutely compact in the middle here and can’t have any players without the fight and desire. You can bet your mortgage on Pearson and Deeney instructing their midfield to kick lumps out of Jack and try rile him up. A month or so ago after seeing how we played at United I would’ve been far more confident. They’ll be confident they can smash us so hope Smith sets us up properly to stay calm and composed on the ball and try score on the break(s). Hourihane has to start and I think Nakampa will be dropped. The middle of the park doesn’t function well enough with both Luiz and Nakampa. Need to go out to win this.
  8. Just needed the win any way we could get it. Norwich played great stuff and closed us down, pressed us all game and have an immense ability to keep the ball from clearances, deflections, or when confined in tight spaces. They won’t know how they didn’t come away with any points today. As I mentioned at the start of the thread I think they’re a much more talented team than Southampton and they showed that today on the ball. We needed to win ugly to have any chance of stopping the rot and our CB pairing did great today. Hause getting loads of plaudits, and rightly so, but for me Konsa stood out all game. Both worked so hard for the team given that our midfield were so vacant and open in the first half. Elmo was solid. They exposed Targett a fair bit but their wing back is class. I was frustrated we couldn’t utilise Targett more going forwards. I don’t think we’re good enough in the middle of the park. No composure, or plan when we get the ball and Luiz and Nakampa almost cancel each other out. We’re missing an on form McGinn in that middle to drive us forward from defence to attack. All we have is Grealish to do that and when he’s stifled there’s nothing. Our wide players aren’t effective enough and Wesley is barely in the game. He harried a fair bit today but it’s another game when we can’t get our main striker into any good positions or make him any kind of a threat. Trying my hardest not to be too negative on the back of a win as there was relief all round with three points but there’s so much that needs fixing. Smith doesn’t know his best midfield and that’s hurting us. Positives were we hung in there and dig in deep. Desire was there but that leadership and spirit of last season isn’t the same (probably because confidence has been shot to bits). Hoped we kick in at one nil up but we couldn’t get going again and you could see Jack’s frustration with the lack of composure from Nakampa (I think) and Targett is not being able to do simple lay offs to relieve some pressure. Grealish rallied us so well and was our shining light again. Conor compliments him well too and the delay and composure on the ball by Grealish is just class, releasing it perfectly for Conor to do what he can. You wouldn’t want anyone but Conor there. Other mention for Heaton who keeps us in every game we win. Need that same quality in the central midfield and we would dominate games. I’m not sure if playing Watford in 48 hours is good or bad for us. Would almost rather we had a week to work on it. We need to make this win count and try hang in there with the teams above us in a bid to hopefully make some signings that galvanise this team and somehow keep us in this division. Performance wasn’t great today but we got more than I expected after that utter shower against Southampton. They showed, along with Watford, how teams around us are capable to get points away against top teams. We need more than crawling over the finish line against a team below us. Points were more important than performance today so it’s a big three points. Need to make it count.
  9. The movement and craft of Cantwell along with how Pukki gets behind the defence and the quality of Aarons and Buendia really worries me. We’re a wounded animal and if Norwich had any sense they’d look at the Leicester game and Saints game and hurt us. Need a reaction. Praying we get one
  10. I believe Norwich have way more talent than Southampton and will pose much more of a threat. Sadly. We lack any plan, any fight or any confidence. Dreading this.
  11. For me, Grealish works best as a “fake wide left” player, and in particular, when Hourihane is in the side. Because Conor can switch with Grealish allowing him to roam free and can’t get doubled up on and can have more of an affect.
  12. My point about Leicester was it was the first game we were well and truly beaten in front of our home supporters and this will have, undeniably, dented confidence in the team. And, as I mentioned in my post, Smith alluded to this in the pre-match press conference. I believe our confidence was shot from that game and yesterday was a hang over from it which will have contributed to the poor result. That’s all I meant. But I do also agree this form has been coming and in previous posts I’ve cited how our Achilles heel has been the fact we, unlike those around us, can’t seem to be able to pick up points against the top teams.
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