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  1. roonst83


    Further to my earlier post (when I counted that there were 2,200+ left on the live stadium plan on the ticket website) I now think that Villa haven’t released all the blocks. The reason for this is some of the blocks are listed as “tickets not available” rather than “sold out”. It also wouldn’t make sense for 20k season ticket holders to have taken 4 days to be sold and then 16k or so to have gone to the three home games or more punters in 5 hours. So my guess is there’ll be more than 2k left for sure. I’m not sure how many will reach general sale but I think tomorrow will be a busy day for the one home gamers.
  2. roonst83


    Managed to get mine fairly swiftly earlier. Had to queue for around half hour. No queue at all now for those eligible, so I popped back on a few minutes ago to count up what was seemingly available. I counted 2283 remaining seats accordingly to the stadium plan. They will go fast tomorrow and unless the club release more then I fail to see how this will reach general sale. Im hopeful there'll be more made available.
  3. roonst83


    I'm not eligible until Sunday but I wanted to check the booking system. Before and after I logged into the ticket site it said "coming soon" - can I assume this was because the online system won't allow me to attempt to purchase until Sunday as it knows I'm not a season ticket holder? I'm just worrying that come Sunday I may be greeted with the same "coming soon" tab after I select "buy now".
  4. roonst83

    Steve Bruce

    Bruce’s **** up began with keeping the same team that beat Wolves against QPR. He admitted it himself and has been playing catch up ever since, to our detriment. Kodjia was atrocious today. Today wasn’t the game to ease him back to fitness. Certainly not at 0-0 with half hour left. Today smacked of a lack of intent. They know 2nd place has gone and they also think we’ve guaranteed playoffs. And played so turgid as a consequence.
  5. roonst83

    Jonathan Kodjia

    Great to have him back purely because he's our only striker who can pull a goal out of his arse. What we desperately missed last season was other players chipping in with goals. Kodjia was our only outlet and the only player capable of scoring. My fear is despite Kodjia's knack of scoring goals I don't think he's the best fit for the team due to his poor decision making and selfish play. I hope Bruce has coached the selfishness and poor decision making out of him as if Kodjia lost that side of his game and developed more of a team ethic and footballing brain then he could potentially be a very important asset to our promotion challenge.
  6. roonst83

    Easter Weekend Football 30/31 March/ April 1

    100%. Barnsley simply won’t win enough games to challenge Blues. Blues smashed Hull the other day and I expect them to overcome a poor Ipswich at home tomorrow and they won’t drop into the bottom three again, in my opinion. Monk was a rest appointment for them.
  7. roonst83

    Conor Hourihane

    Weak and invisible.
  8. roonst83

    Please tell me when to stop laughing at SHA

    Problem i don’t think Barnsley will be able to get enough points to keep challenging Blues. There’s only one relegation place up for grabs as both Burton and Sunderland are doomed.
  9. Expected Cardiff to win but was chuffed to see Fulham were drawing at Preston in the dying minutes. Devastated to see them win. If it’s not us, which I don’t think it will be, then I absolutely hope Fulham get second place as I dread facing them in the play offs.
  10. roonst83

    General Chat

    All the best buddy.
  11. roonst83

    General Chat

    Hope all is well @Chindie You’ve got the Vtalkers firmly behind you (and, naturally, ripping the piss in good faith and humour).
  12. roonst83

    The Championship thread

    Yeah I tend to agree. The goal is obviously to take us back to the promised land of the Premier League but the last few years of our Premier League tenure was absolutely horrific to experience. We weren’t competitive and you could nearly guarantee the games where we would lose. I certainly lost the love and happiness of the sport in our final year. The players, the attitude, the ownership, the lack of ambition and the fact that we were a laughing stock all really hurt to see. I’ve really been enjoying the Championship, certainly this year and perhaps that seems fickle as were more competitive but I just enjoy having more of a purpose to our season than trying to cling onto a status in a league where we get perpetually drubbed. We grow up as kids playing the game and are taught to go out and try and win and enjoy ourselves. As fans we want entertainment from the sport and to feel competitive and get enjoyment. I absolutely want us to get promoted and it’s my hope we can one day become a real force to be reckoned with in the country’s top league. I guess that’s why I am enjoying the Championship as we are competitive, we can win regularly, games come thick and fast and we are a force to be reckoned with, just in a lower league. Getting relegated used to be such a big fear of mine and I would lose many a nights sleep worrying about something I have no control over. But having circled the drain for many a year in the Prem it was almost relief and I’ve a much fresher outlook on the football league in general and in fact when I speak to colleagues at work who support the likes of Southampton or Stoke I absolutely don’t envy them. Each week is a struggle, enjoyment levels are incredibly low and their only hope is to hang in the league. I want more for my club. If we make it to the promised land I hope we can get to a place where we can challenge at the top and, as we are doing now, have a sense of togetherness in the team and with the fans and can all help strive to be the very best we can, and should, be.
  13. roonst83

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    Fulham are the only team that I'm absolutely convinced we wouldn't get past in the play offs. The likes of Cardiff, Derby, Bristol City etc would provide a stern test but one I believe we could possibly overcome but Fulham would run out comfortable, either over two legs or in a final, should we get there.