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  1. As always he flatters to deceive.
  2. I’ll take this back. He looked slow, sluggish, lacking sharpness and completely off the pace tonight.
  3. We can’t handle adversity. It’s been the story of our season. Our heads utterly dropped after the penalty and we gave up and it showed. That level of character we showed gives you very little hope of survival.
  4. I’d be amazed if Smith changed the lineup from the one that started against Liverpool.
  5. Looks fitter, sharper and better on the ball. Need him to keep this up.
  6. I’ve got a feeling our only win will come in the last game of the season. But by then West Ham will be safe and we’ll already be down.
  7. Top 9 side I think
  8. That last minute goal against Arsenal was massive and pushed them away from everyone. They may mathematically be involved but that result and the timing of it really pulled them away from the pack.
  9. That is a valid suggestion. I imagine he probably will for Liverpool at least as it’ll be a park the bus job to try keep the shoreline respectable. But after that we need to be braver going forwards and take risks to try win games. Guilbert is much more positive than Konsa going forwards so I expect he’ll be given reduced game time via sub appearances at Liverpool and possibly against United before starting against Palace.
  10. I’m more concerned we’d lose our week’s preparation in between both games. Should we still have something to okay for then, of course.
  11. Looks like our game with Arsenal will be moved. They’re in the FA Cup semi and Lineker has just said they’ll be played 18/19 July. We’re due to play Arsenal on 18th. Assume it’ll be a midweek game instead after the semi. A few days before West Ham.
  12. He does a a bit of the “Andreas Wieman-esq non stop hustling” about it. I’m at the stage when anything is worth a shot. We’ve certainly lacked any urgency and we don’t press as a team so can’t do much harm.
  13. roonst83

    Keinan Davis

    He’s a disruption but not a threat, sadly.
  14. roonst83

    Dean Smith

    Lots of rumours across Twitter that Villa chiefs are in talks tonight about sacking Smith.
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