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  1. Completely agree with this. “All business” was a perfect description of Mings’s performance and when he cuts out the lapses in focus and sloppy mistakes he really does stand out. Hause has been great when used this season and I personally feel he always looks our biggest threat at scoring for us from set pieces.
  2. Just how it sounded when I first heard the commentator say his name
  3. Such a good away performance. Better than Everton perhaps, and similar. We should’ve had about 6 goals and once they scored we took control. McGinn was excellent and Nakamba improved after his mess up. Our defence stood up to everything and Konsa looked very assured at RB. We stifled Kane and Son all game and stopped the supply. Did great. Grealish showed again how everyone lifts their game when they play with him; Traore and El Ghazi notably. Watkins just doesn’t stop hustling, so good. Subs were great when they came on. There’s some excitement building for Trouble Maker for sure.
  4. Back to his best today. Reminded me of how he played in the Championship; dominating the middle, driving forward. Was important for him to be played further up the field where he is undoubtedly better, and having Grealish helped lift his and everyone else’s performance. MOTM today.
  5. Looked to me like Watkins was going down before any contact was made. He was looking for it 100% so hard to back him there. However, Kane, Salah, Pogba and Mane would all have got a pen.
  6. I watched his game with my brand new twin boys who arrived Saturday morning. Made it home in time and despite feeling completely overwhelmed and being tied up in feeding, I was adamant me and my boys would be cheering us on. Unbelievably delighted with the win and though we played some beautiful stuff throughout and for the first time since Burnley away in January we created multiple very good chances and should’ve been out of sight by HT. Traore showed his craft and silky skills but always had a positive end result out of those moves, Barkley looking much closer to the player we had back in D
  7. roonst83

    Matty Cash

    Lesson learnt I’m sure. Impressive and quite staggering if this is the first red card of his career as he is fully committed at all times. It was completely stupid of him and he lost his head at clearly been frustrated at losing the ball to Foden. It happens. Generally our discipline on yellow cards across the team seems to be excellent and Smith will have torn him a new one after the game for sure as it ended any slim chance we had of getting something out of the game. Cash has been a revelation for us this season and we’re significantly better with him. I’m confident he’ll learn f
  8. Completely agree. He’s the epitome of a flat track bully in that he shines against inferior opponents but doesn’t lay a glove or have any real impact on a consistent level against the better teams. Anwar and Trezzy are similar in that regard and that’s why without Grealish having to rely on those three severely weakens our attacking threat.
  9. Dreading this. Can’t see anything other than a victory for Baggies.
  10. Unlikely as we were to get something out of the game before our sending off, Cash made certain of our defeat by his completely reckless and needless second yellow. City miles ahead of us tonight. Foden was class and City weren’t troubled. This season is really petering out and we look a shadow of our former selves without Grealish. He’s the only player with any composure, whose passing is always accurate and who can slow the game down and keep the ball. No Grealish. No party.
  11. I know what you (and others) are saying. Opinions are always split and, as such, what constitutes someone being discerning is completely subjective and as we’ve both said, the outcome and result will skew people’s take on performances. I personally think it was a much better showing that at Newcastle and Sheff Utd. We looked more of a threat when we got into dangerous areas but we lacked key decision making as I stated. That said, I think we were sloppy in places and so were our opposition. I’m far from pleased with the result, of course. I just think the performance against a team with
  12. I wasnt suggesting you are or aren’t usually positive. I don’t know you atall. It’s just opinions and reactions in general are more rife after a loss. I’m gutted with the loss and how it unfolded but we weren’t being peppered all second half and came closer than Liverpool to scoring through Trezzy’s effort off the post, before they bagged the winner. In my opinion, and that’s all it is, we were far from poor and I doubt people would’ve felt the same had Trezzy had scored and Trent hadn’t. Fine margins which we were on the wrong end of.
  13. Was expecting a comment of sorts. We kept them at bay for most of the game and they scored an injury time winner. Had we have hung on for a draw at the end people would mostly be applauding a decent hard fought result. With better decision making in key areas we could’ve won that and not lost, that’s all I’m saying.
  14. We played well today I thought. Deserved a draw and with better luck (Trezzy’s chance) and better decisions in the final third we could’ve won it. Had to get out and close Trent down for their (inevitable) winner. I was screaming for us to push out as we seems to lack the desire to defend for our lives after Martinez’s save. Think we’re better when we are set back and counter. We should do this against everyone whilst we still won’t have Grealish.
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