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  1. roonst83

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v West Brom

    I cannot see us winning again this season. Absolute heap of shit. Poor from Smith again and the players clearly aren’t playing for him or the fans. The final nail in this atrocious wreck of a season will be the inevitable loss at the sty, with the only slight fortunate part of that will be it will be a meaningless game by then anyway. It hurts much more when it is a shock. This has come to be expected so just feels yet another “meh” moment.
  2. roonst83

    Kortney Hause

    Absolutely abysmal
  3. roonst83

    Pre match thread

    Have no idea whether to look forward to this with slight optimism after our comeback last night or utterly dread it after our terrible performance for 80 mins last night. Either way, the Sky cameras will be picking it up and likely hoping for an upset for Smith on his return. Most unlikely result based on past couple of months is a Villa win. We always do poor away to Brentford. Probably a draw and we continue to drift. Need a win but struggle to see it with the players we have, the lack of cohesion we are displaying and the lack of grit, bite and determination that we have been showing of late (barring a last ten mins last night). Ultimately these games are becoming more and more insignificant as we go on dropping points and missing opportunities. Some time soon we’re going to need to get a win again on the road. Wednesday would be ideal.
  4. roonst83

    Dean Smith

    Whilst I agree with the fact that those players listed are mostly poor there’s not many other better options available at the moment.
  5. roonst83

    Albert Adomah

    Has this guy ever played a full 90 mins for us? He’s absolutely ineffective.
  6. roonst83

    Please tell me when to stop laughing at SHA

    Pains me to say it but they’re a far better organised and balanced team than us at the moment (and have been for a while) and seem to play as a team. In midweek when they went down to ten men you could see how they stuck together and kept pushing forward. I fear we’d absolutely crumble in the same situation. Not looking forward to the game at the sty. They’re long overdue a win against us and on the basis of our current results it’s hard to fancy us for a win.
  7. roonst83


    Yeah saw it today. I was wrong. Last season when it was boarded up must have been the refurb.
  8. roonst83


    Pretty’s sure this is closed now. Could be wrong but seem to remember last season it wasn’t there.
  9. roonst83

    Pre match thread

    Need another win to try pick oursleves up after our recent slump. It’ll no doubt be another tough and close game but we need to be winning this if we’re to have any chance of making the top six. We controlled possession and pressed well against Ipswich and need to do the same away to Reading. Unless we bring in any strong new recruits I expect a similar starting XI to yesterday’s game. With some tough teams to come we need to be getting maximum points against Reading. May be able to counter more as the home team will want the ball. But, then again, I thought the same about our last away game at wigan. Tammy to become the first Villa player to score 20 league goals since the 80s? Let’s hope so. Shame about the reduced allocation for this as we always fill the 5,000 away end, but hopefully or fans will be right behind Smith and the boys to help us get the must needed win. Until we get Grealish and Tuanzebe back we know we’re seemingly much weaker but we have the players to take the win here and need to find a way to do so.
  10. roonst83

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Ipswich

    Painful and nervous last half hour. We missed a whole host of chances and should’ve easily wrapped this up. When they scored a belter to get back in it we seemed nervous and far from convincing. Needed the result, I had us down for 2-1 but should’ve been much more comfortable. Overall we probably played with better intensity, pressing and passing in the first half to sixty minutes and created more opportunities than lately, but we were playing bottom of the league and we should’ve been out of sight. Tammy could and should have had a hatful of goals and missed some sitters for him. A clean sheet would’ve been ideal as we did control the game but we ship goals so easily I’ll just take the win and be content with that for now. Long way to go to get us in playoffs as there’s so many teams above us and some with games in hand. We’re desperate to have Grealish back but it’s going to be a big ask to make playoffs given how many goals we continue to ship.
  11. roonst83

    Ratings & Reactions: Wigan v Villa

    I said at the start of this thread if we lose it’ll start to get ugly for us and Smith and it has. Utter utter shambles. Terrible all round and no place to hide for Smith and players. No plan. No idea. Out battled, out fought and outplayed by the league’s worst form team. Taylor, El Ghazi, Bolasie, **** Whelan, Thor etc all absolutely **** awful. Tammy didn’t touch the ball. We’ve fallen off a cliff since Baggies and Grealish got injured. And the triple substitution was just pointless, bizarre and massively harmed an already under performing team. There’s no sign whatsoever of us winning against anyone. Players look utterly terrible and Smith has a lot to answer for. Absolutely dreadful. Feel like top six has gone purely because we aren’t even showing a glimpse of controlling a game and winning a football match.
  12. roonst83

    Tammy Abraham

    Yeah agree. If Wolves was a permanent deal then I think he was gone. My guess would be the idea of another loan into a great team where he wasn't guaranteed to start and which could, consequently, affect his sale at the season's end was a key factor. I always felt that he isn't in a sitation at villa where he could lose. If he keeps scoring people will always want him as as long as his name is out there for banging in goals then he's always in a shop window for Prem teams.
  13. roonst83

    Pre-match thread

    Need to win this or else it starts to get ugly. I expect Tammy will he gone. My biggest concern is how lacklustre we’ve looked since losing Jack against Baggies. I didn’t expect we were so reliant on one player but that seems to be the case. But what’s amazed me is that our whole approach has stumbled since the Baggies game; no pressing, no high energy and tempo and we’re now creating a lot less chances and don’t look a threat. We’re now playing the same way that got Bruce the boot and we need to improve and fast. Lansbury sounds like he earns himself a start. I doubt Smith will start OHare and will likely play Kodjia in place of Tammy but keep the shape. We need more from Hourihane and McGinn as a pair and need to press and press the opposition when they have the ball and go on the attack. Mots important we try hover around 6th place until we get jack back and some new signings in to try make a surge for playoffs in the closing months of the season. To do so, we need to get points imat places like Wigan. We need a win.
  14. roonst83

    Pre-match thread

    This approach also works for non skyQ customers (Sky plus). You just need to ensure you’re on the right channel as sometimes the Championship game is on the main event channel. If so you need to change to Channel 403, as the person above has said. I havent been able to work out how to record on the red button via the SkyGo phone app though.