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  1. I agree with this. Jota is best served in a game where we’d likely dominate possession, at home and against a team without the quality of Chelsea. He can’t defend at-all and is tremendously weak and one footed. Chelsea will have plenty of the ball so Jota isn’t the right fit. That said, I like the guy and there’s clear talent there but only really in selected games. Had great feet and can pass but he isn’t right for these sorts of games, in my opinion. Plus, he’s not match fit. Guilbert will be a big miss as he brings a real threat down our right. I’d be more hopeful if Tammy wasn’t playing as he can certainly hurt teams. They have some pure class and play with rear fluidity and intensity with the likes of Pulisic and William capable of smashing through teams. But we’re a threat and if we can score first it’ll be interesting. Got nothing to fear and more pressure on Chelsea than us. Listening to Jack’s post United interview he came across as though he has to gee the other players up about our next couple of games and give them belief we can get something. Was slightly concerned with that as I hoped our boys felt that themselves. I could be absolutely wrong in how I read into his words but it came across that way (to myself, at least). We should have confidence in our ability as we’ve given everyone a game so far this season and have nothing to fear. All games in this league are tough but we went through everything to get ourselves promoted so we can play in these games and go at teams with no fear. It’ll be tough and we’ll need a lot of resilience and moments of quality. As I say, pressure is much more on them than ourselves.
  2. All credit goes to the linesman not VAR. VAR couldn't disallow the goal as Mings was clearly on. The ref and the linesman gave the goal and the linesman’s flag was kept down. VAR merely verified the decision. Had VAR not been invented then goal still would’ve stood. Feels a tad harsh to assume the linesman guessed the offside and kept his flag down knowing VAR would likely correct it, as opposed to do what he’s a paid professional at doing and reading the line.
  3. Always felt there would be a chance for us today as United have shown they’re vulnerable when you go at them. Proud of the boys for the performance, everyone working hrs for each other. Can’t fault the boys and the set up and plan was good. Would’ve been interesting to see how the game would’ve panned our if we went in at Ht a goal to the good. Once again Mings makes a huge error leading to their goal. He’s too casual on the able too often and either dallies on the ball too long as we saw today, or he takes his time before passing it which leads to our players being put immediately under pressure. Do love the guy and he’s a great leader for us but I do get very nervous with him on the back on our back line. Made up for his error with his goal. Was convinced it was offside but was the absolute right call. Great finish too. Grealish was once again on top form. We all slowed down second half and didn’t get on the ball enough or keep the ball well enough in the second half. But we did always look like we were trying to take the game to United when we were on the attack. Konsa continues to impress me with his reading of the game and general assured play. Luiz, Guilbert and Targett all did well too. Another quiet game for McGinn. Not sure if he’s not playing well or just being over shadowed by Jack. But he’s certainly not running the midfield like we know he can. But he still played okay. Disappointed to lose Guilbert for Wednesday night as he offers us more than Elmo can, particularly going forwards. Hope ElGhazi’s injury isn’t too bad. Didn’t look good but hoping it’s not too serious. He’s looked lively lately too. Was important that we took some points off one of the “top teams” as everyone around us have shown that they can do so, so I’m hoping this will give us some much needed confidence ahead of some very tough games coming up against other teams riding high. We’re going to need to get points away from home as well as at VP if we’re to stay in this league. Today showed we can. Need more of it. Decent point today, and showed great character to come back from a losing position in front of 76k fans to claim the draw.
  4. This has been the one thing that I've cited as holding us back from progressing up the table and sets us apart form our rivals. The likes of Newcastle (Spurs away), Norwich (City home) Southampton (United home) and Brighton (Spurs home) have shown how they can take big scalps and take points form big teams. We have had plenty of plaudits for playing well against top teams but we haven't been able to cross the finish line and see games out against Spurs, Arsenal and Liverpool. We need more resilience, composure and effective game management as and when we find ourselves in winning positions late in games. If we can do that, which I think we're capable of, then that would hopefully bring great confidence and help push us on for other games and give ourselves the best chance of staying in this division. From what I've seen of United they're more vulnerable away from home when a team takes it to them. They've improved with Martial back and their front three are dangerous and they'll likely perform better at home. But so were Liverpool's front three and we kept them at bay for large parts of our game against them. We will need to be at our best across our whole team but we shouldn't fear United at all and if we take it to them they may be vulnerable.
  5. roonst83

    Wesley Moraes

    He just isn’t very good.
  6. Can’t see him featuring until Newcastle and that’s assuming he’s ready by then. If he’s only 50/50 then I can see how Smith plays him. He won’t and he probably shouldn’t either to avoid making things worse. He’s essential to our hopes of survival so we need to be sensible with him. Like we were last season.
  7. Staggering that he isn’t made it in. Has created more changes in the Premier League than any other English player, was shortlisted for player of the month for October and yet Southgate doesn’t pick him. It’s just baffling, more so when the likes of Oxlade, Delph and Barkley are ahead of him.
  8. I think smith will want to see how Luiz and Grealish work together in the same team (with Nakampa playing the holding role) against a team other than City, which was hard to fairly critique due to the quality of the opposition. Think we miss with not having Hourihane is his dead ball qualities. I expect to see Luiz over Hourihane on Saturday.
  9. Doesn’t add anything positive for us, unfortunately. We’re much weaker with him in our team.
  10. Absolutely agree with this. Thought we were bringing Konsa on and was gutted to see Kodjia.
  11. Game lacked any real quality or chances from either side but we were well in control having over 70% possession and we’re comfortable throughout. What I’m pleased with is how despite making wholesale changes we still played the same way with the same approach (before Keinan went off injured). The coaching staff mentioned this was their plan to make the whole squad and U23s used to the style of play so they can adapt easily. We couldn’t ever do this before because we never had coaching staff who thought that way. Luiz and Lansbury were great tonight. Luiz controlled the tempo of the game completely. But his mistake for the goal typifies why he’s struggling to secure a starting role, he’s too casual and much in the same way as Mings does, his sloppiness and lack of focus does cost us goals. But he dictated the play and pace of the game tonight without barely breaking sweat. Was against a very inexperienced Wolves team but they still had plenty of talent on there, youth or not. Our two CBSs were at complete ease throughout. Konsa is knocking on the door for a start, looked completely at ease. Premier League is a different level of course but I’ve been impressed with what I’ve seen so far. Only player who looked absolutely gash as always was Taylor. He’s utter garbage, which I (and most) knew in the Championship. Useless and kills any kind of decent threat we find ourselves in down the left. So annoyed we persevered with him purely because people felt “he hadn’t done anything wrong”. He is ineffective to us at all times and Targett gives us so much more balance and options and actually crosses the ball into dangerous positions. We also can’t play with Kodjia. As soon as Davis went off (who was playing well enough i thought and was looking a real handful, albeit without being a threat to scoring) we lacked any craft or attacking ideas and that’s because we play to a system that needs a strong target man up top. Kodjia isn’t that atall and we essentially tried to ride the game out for half an hour. Not really a criticism of Kodjia as such (although I don’t rate him atall and find him solely focused on himself, lacking any form of football brain and disjointed us massively) it’s more indicative of us being used to a style of play and being forced into the change stifled us up top. Job done tonight and good to get a win after Saturday and ahead of Liverpool. Positive thing for me is we have a second team that play the same way our first team do and rather than being reserve players of very little ability, a fair few of those players tonight are arguably knocking on the door for a starting place. That’s positive and shows good squad depth. But we’re massively lacking going forwards. El Ghazi and Trezzy aren’t enough of a direct threat and with no Keinan to rival Wesley there’s less completion for Wesley to be fearful of and we have to put up with one good game in every four or so games. We need one or two new strikers in Jan. Would like one of the lower league teams but anyone but City away. No so much for the near guarantee of a loss, more so of how dour every game is at their place with empty seats, disinterested fans and lack of any atmosphere or interest from anyone there at all. Kills the game seeing a half full stadium like they had against Saints.
  12. He frustrates me more than most. He acts way too casually too often in games and is often guilty of poor positioning and thus allowing players in behind him. He just needs to keep things simple and he can become a really great centre back. But until he learns to stay fully focused for 90 minutes he’ll always have the propensity to undo other wise decent performances by making ridiculous errors. He received a great deal of praise when he played for England the other day, and I agree the way he conducted himself in light of being racially abused, was something to be truly applauded. But I’m not accepting he played great as England trounced the opposition and he barely had a thing to do. I really like the guy but can see why Ake kept him out of the Bournemouth team as he’s far more assured. Tyrone needs to learn, and fast, to keep things simple and not play too lethargically. He tends to trot around nonchalantly when he’s on the ball and releases it too late to our players who, by the time they receive the ball, are being closed down. I find Mings makes glaring errors in most games, not loads, maybe one or two per game but in this league, as we are finding out, they are costly and we need Tyrone to be top of his game to be able to hopefully lead us to safety.
  13. Such an important win today. And, despite being thousands of miles away, I got to experience a dramatic ending, too. I’m currently travelling around Argentina for a couple of weeks with my girlfriend and today had to catch two flights to get from Salta to Mendoza via Córdoba. My transit time in between flights was perfectly timed so I could tune in (via a stream) on the airport WiFi for the first half whilst simultaneously holding my phone adapter into the socket in the airport to try get some much needed battery charge. The coverage kept breaking which added to my frustration at seeing us a goal down and being outplayed, as well as my tiredness from a very early start. I was nervous about this game due to the “must win” importance I’d labelled it given our bet. V.tough run of games. Was jubilant to see we were back in it at half time and to see they’d had Mooy sent off. Boarding was delayed so I was constantly refreshing the poor stream for the game and would constantly have to put up with the game freezing randomly in the most inconvenient places (ie, either us or them attacking). They still looked a real threat despite having ten men and I was fighting like mad trying to contain my frustration. As we boarded the plane I had to use my girlfriend’s phone as I haven’t got any coverage or data out here. Again, there was multiple stop start internet connection whilst on the tarmac and every time we missed a chance or gave the ball away in a dangerous position I would make my frustrations known to those around me. So much so my girlfriend was looking at me with great concern and said “are you really this nervous about the game?” to which she got a shaking of the head and dismissive response. As we were in the process of taking off it was now ‘86 mins on the clock and Brighton were breaking on the attack into our half when the phone froze again. I quickly googled “Aston villa” which brought up the live score so I could Ollie he score more easily if needed. I felt panicked and nervous at the risk of (once again) potentially throwing away such a crucial game and handed my girlfriend her phone. Cue an hour’s flight of me biting my nails (literally, cue more astonishment and look of bewilderment from my girlfriend) and fidgeting and counting down the minutes until we landed. It felt worse knowing that the result was already done and dusted and me not having a clue. I suspected it’s be a draw but was fearful of us throwing it away and couldn’t bring myself to believe we’d snatch it as we looked like we couldn’t break them down atall. As we landed I felt hot and anxious and waited as Kate turned her phone back on, she tried to cover her phone from me seeing it (as she “wanted it to be a surprise” in case we won”) but google still showed 1-1. She said it hadn’t refreshed yet so after I frustratingly told her off for keeping it from me I refreshed the page whilst she was holding the phone to reveal 2-1 to Villa was the final result. Cue absolute scenes from seat 19C on the airplane with me shouting “GET IN THERE BOYS!” and stomping my feet on the ground and throwing fist pumps in the air from my seat. Pretty sure everyone around me thought I was merely relieved to have survived the turbulence as we disembarked. Little did they know. Expected a tough game and they looked in control until they had Mooy sent off. Grealish was instrumental and showed incredible leadership and maturity through his performance today. So glad he’s one of our own. Performance aside, all that mattered today was getting three points and we dug deep, persevered and managed to do the thing that Villa never do in the Prem and bag an injury time winner. The agony and the thrill through experiencing that game today through dodgy streams, iffy airport WiFi and bags of nerves just sums up how important it was we got the win today, any which way it came. There’s something unique and special about being thousands of miles away from home yet being completely transfixed by the going’s on of your football team. I celebrated by sinking loads of Claret from my hotel balcony in a vineyard in Mendoza. Upon me seeing the full time result and going nuts on the runway Kate said to me she’s chuffed because she’s “still on for her bet”, which was Villa to do a Leicester at 2500/1. You couldn’t write it. Tomorrow I’ll be riding a horse in the hills of Mendoza singing Sweet Caroline. UTV. p.s. Grealish MOTM. Obvs.
  14. Absolutely cemented his position in that DCM role. Was my motm yesterday at Norwich. Has such agility, calmness, acceleration and a great football brain. He is so good at breaking up play and taking the ball from the CBs and making use of Jack and McGinn. A great midfield trio they are with Hourihane complementing then all too. Think you can mix up Luiz and Conor. Decent balance across this Villa midfield and a lot of that is down to the fine work Nakampa does.
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