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  1. Conor Hourihane

    Weak and invisible.
  2. Ratings & Reactions: Bolton v Villa

    No heart. No fight. No desire. Bolton wanted it much more and had far more determination. We were tremendously sloppy in possession and were always under pressure from Bolton. We win the games where we hunt teams down, press the opposition and have a good shape across the park. We did none of that this evening. When you lose the midfield you invariably lose the game and we were easily beaten in the midfield today. Bruce’s substitutions were out of sheer desperation and, as such, the team had absolutely no shape or plan and it all turned to shit. We played into Bolton’s hands tonight and we look a shadow of the team that convincingly beat Wolves a week ago. I’ve has my doubts about second place all season. We’ve spent a day or two there at most and we always have some spectacular fall from grace around the corner. Need to turn things around and quick else the play offs will be hard to stay in. That said, I can’t see us getting past the teams that are likely to be there.
  3. Please tell me when to stop laughing at SHA

    Problem i don’t think Barnsley will be able to get enough points to keep challenging Blues. There’s only one relegation place up for grabs as both Burton and Sunderland are doomed.
  4. Pre Match

    Quite simply, we need a reaction.
  5. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v QPR

    Got what we deserved tonight. Best team won. They were much hungrier than us, first to the ball and sharper. We looked massively complacent, sloppy and had no drive, energy or tempo to our play. Need to ensure this doesn’t turn into a slippery slope. Second place looks a very tough ask, third will be a struggle in my opinion as both Fulham and Cardiff look unstoppable. Very tough game against Bolton next.
  6. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Wolves

    Last night's game was the very best of Aston Villa and an amalgamation of the Bristol City and the Blues game, through the atmosphere in the stadium, the hunger and work rate of the players and the fact that even at 3-1 up we were still hunting them down and pressing them. Absolutely magnificent. I always felt, and indeed stated in the pre match thread, that we needed to be at our very best to get something against a very very good Wolves side, and we showed that. We had them rattled, both by scoring early and by hounding them and pressing them whenever we could. I think Bruce had his tactics spot on today. It was the right team, the right shape and the right approach throughout. I remember sat watching as a nervous wreck at 3-1 (I was strangely more nervous at 3-1 than 2-1 for some reason, perhaps because it was when the third goal went in I dared to believe we would win this) thinking one goal for Wolves and we could crumble. But then I thought we're not that Aston Villa anymore, we're made of much stronger stuff and the likes of Terry and Chester show no signs of crumbling ever. We're a team with great belief, one who is more united and together in team spirit than I've known for years. With Fulham and Cardiff both winning (again!!) I wasn't confident we'd win this one. Having seen Wolves a few times this year they look a cut above anyone else in this league, until last night that is. Wolves showed their class on a few occasions last night and certainly have players that look Prem class. But we showed that we can play it around well too and when we're on it we can look very fluid with our attacking play. I remember seeing a tweet the other day from a Wolves fan mocking us for our praise of Grealish and said "you wouldn't catch him anywhere near the Wolves 18" to which Matt Kendrick replied with "will any of the Wolves 18 catch Grealish though". Last night showed to everyone watching just how exceptional Grealish is. He was the best player on the pitch, no doubt. He gets away from his markers with ease, glides across the park and can perfectly weigh a pass. Just love the guy. Jack was fairly subdued for the first 20-25 mins but towards the end of the first half he came into the fold a lot more and drove us forward with class. Second half we were truly excellent. Our intensity, tempo and energy was just fantastic and Wolves couldn't contain us. Snoddy's great delivery for Chester was inch perfect and Wolves looked rattled. The ground was rocking and belief was in the air. Albert delivering for a fantastic striker's finish by Grabben sent the place wild. Wolves, to their credit, kept playing some excellent stuff and could (and should) have had two penalties. We rode our luck and the icing (excuse the pun) on the cake was Thor's fantastic individual goal. Absolute scenes. What I loved most was seeing how each goal galvanised our boys and we were looking for a fifth. Just fantastic. Bruce's tactics were spot on I believe. His substitutions were absolutely correct as Albert and Hourihane were on yellows and in a game where we were likely to need some last ditch or cynical fouls to break up Wolves' play as they pressed to get back into the game, it was a wise move to protect those players and bring on some fresh blood. All the players gave their all and worked their socks off. Grealish was sublime, Snoddy was endlessly persistent, I thought Taylor had an excellent game against a difficult opponent and drove forward well (unlike midweek where he kept playing it backwards and safe) and made some great challenges, Terry and Chester controlled the back so well, Elmo worked fantastically with Snoddy and showed great positional awareness too and I thought Jedinak swept things up very well too. Adomah continues to do what he does best in being there at the right place at the right time as well as constantly drive at the opposition. And Grabben was an absolute handful for their defence all game. All our players were excellent and our fans were too, making a huge impact on the performance as the place was simply rocking. We made a big statement of intent last night as we continue to push for that second spot. Tuesday is a massive opportunity for us to make it count.
  7. Expected Cardiff to win but was chuffed to see Fulham were drawing at Preston in the dying minutes. Devastated to see them win. If it’s not us, which I don’t think it will be, then I absolutely hope Fulham get second place as I dread facing them in the play offs.
  8. Pre Match Thread

    Massive game and huge test for us. Fulham did a great job on them the other week and deservedly beat them. They have class throughout their team and we absolutely need to be at our very best to trouble them, in my opinion. We need to hunt and press them all over the park as we did against blues and Bristol City. Hopefully we start Grealish as he brings class, drive, creativity and craft to our forward play. It’s imperative we win the midfield as if we let Wolves’ midfield dominate then we’ll be hard pushed to get something out of the game. We haven’t played well enough for our capability over the past four games, despite getting some wins, although we did show great perseverance against Sheff Weds so we need to be at our best as Wolves are a cut above most in this league.
  9. Ratings & Reactions: Sunderland v Villa

    Result was all that mattered tonight. We’re expected to get past bottom of the league Sunderland but I thought they would provide a tougher test for us. Was very pleased they looked abject and a beaten team from the off. We were very sloppy up until we scored and then it strangely felt a formality we’d win and we seemed to totally control the game without getting troubled too much. Was great to get the win especially as Cardiff and Fulham won too. Fulham frighten me with how easily they seem to win games. We really need Cardiff to lose a game soon though to give us a sniff of jumping into second. They remind me of how Derby were a few weeks ago when they were in second place. Great to see us run out with a comfortable score line despite not playing as well as we can. We lack creativity and fluidity without Grealish so we need him back in the staring line up and great that he got some game time today. From what I’ve read it seems he slotted back in very comfortably and looked sharp. We need him for our promotion push. Albert too so it was good to see Adomah get 90mins. Great three points tonight. Big game up next.
  10. General Chat

    All the best buddy.
  11. General Chat

    Hope all is well @Chindie You’ve got the Vtalkers firmly behind you (and, naturally, ripping the piss in good faith and humour).
  12. The Championship thread

    Yeah I tend to agree. The goal is obviously to take us back to the promised land of the Premier League but the last few years of our Premier League tenure was absolutely horrific to experience. We weren’t competitive and you could nearly guarantee the games where we would lose. I certainly lost the love and happiness of the sport in our final year. The players, the attitude, the ownership, the lack of ambition and the fact that we were a laughing stock all really hurt to see. I’ve really been enjoying the Championship, certainly this year and perhaps that seems fickle as were more competitive but I just enjoy having more of a purpose to our season than trying to cling onto a status in a league where we get perpetually drubbed. We grow up as kids playing the game and are taught to go out and try and win and enjoy ourselves. As fans we want entertainment from the sport and to feel competitive and get enjoyment. I absolutely want us to get promoted and it’s my hope we can one day become a real force to be reckoned with in the country’s top league. I guess that’s why I am enjoying the Championship as we are competitive, we can win regularly, games come thick and fast and we are a force to be reckoned with, just in a lower league. Getting relegated used to be such a big fear of mine and I would lose many a nights sleep worrying about something I have no control over. But having circled the drain for many a year in the Prem it was almost relief and I’ve a much fresher outlook on the football league in general and in fact when I speak to colleagues at work who support the likes of Southampton or Stoke I absolutely don’t envy them. Each week is a struggle, enjoyment levels are incredibly low and their only hope is to hang in the league. I want more for my club. If we make it to the promised land I hope we can get to a place where we can challenge at the top and, as we are doing now, have a sense of togetherness in the team and with the fans and can all help strive to be the very best we can, and should, be.
  13. Pre-Match Thread

    Tough tough test. They gave us a tough game at VP and it was by no means a walkover and this will be much tougher, I feel. They're fighting for their lives and have shown in recent games that they can be resilient and have started to get some results. We need to play on the front foot from the off. Grabben will get some abuse but their stadium hardly has the intimidating/very loud atmosphere it once had as their stadium has looked quite bare this season so hopefully he can make an impact. I'd be surprised if Grealish and Adomah both start, if they don’t then I'd go with both Davis and Grabben, which has proved successful in our last two games, as Hogan appears to be redundant without Grealish. Even with Jack, I'd start Grabben as he looks a handful for defenders. Like the look of him. Huge game with us chasing Cardiff and with Fulham right on our heels.