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  1. Hmm. Transfermarkt has 27. Still more than I expected, admittedly. After the 97 tournament and Up until the 2000/01 season he scored three over three domestic and CL seasons. So hardly prolific, or the sort of regular threat you'd need to plan against. I do remember commentators regularly panning him for trying to recreate that wondergoal as another effort ballooned hopelessly into the stands. But by the looks of it, in 2000-01 season he bagged eight alone. Maybe Raul and the like were monopolising the chances closer to goal in earlier campaigns and only letting him have a di
  2. Does he actually score many free kicks? I know he banged on two pearlers against us last season. But Stuart Gray banged in two Brazilian efforts against Port Vale in the cup years ago and never got another one after that. Speaking of Brazil, Roberto Carlos was oft touted as a freekick specialist after his weird banana shot against France back in 97. He actually scored about three free kicks in his life. I'm happy enough with the route we've gone in recent years. And if we'd gone for a youngish CM/ defensive midfielder already playing to a decent standard in a good league (bu
  3. In a market where Aaron Wan-Bissaka moves for £50 million with limited top flight experience and Burnleh were looking for similar last summer with Tarkowski, Southampton could ask as much as £70 million for their captain and current England international. They might deal at somewhere in the region of £60 million, but - unless he has a buyout clause or whatever - it just doesn't seem to be the route we'd go. Another possibility is we may have informally tested the waters with Jack, Mings or possibly even Targett asking him would he be up for it and his camp have leaked our interest to get
  4. Guardian generally don't post speculative pap and Paul Doyle is also the Midlands correspondent for them. Not saying they'll sell. FWIW I don't think they will. But if he's writing that we have an interest in the player I think it's a bit more than Grealish's recent comments + WP's dead ball stats = newspaper filler.
  5. Re Wilson: He's from Coventry and started his career with them. They can be a bit odd out that way. Many seem to have a visceral hatred of Villa. Despite them barely registering with us at all. Perhaps he was wary of pissing off friends and family etc.
  6. Heh. I hope your interpretation is the correct one.
  7. You take a move to the likes of Norwich with a view to one day - hopefully - getting a move to one of the big 4-5 in England. We might be viewed that way again in the not too distant. But it's a while since any new player viewed us that way TBH. If he has designs on regular international football with Argentina, making any sort of impact at Arsenal (even if he's not a first team regular) will be a bigger help to him than tearing it up with us. If he was a player already at another big club who had been in and out of the side and packed off on loan, the appeal of close to guar
  8. I've seen that sort of theory mentioned in a few places. But Martinez didn't want to leave Arsenal, let's not forget. He spent eight years of his career there and is still highly thought of in North London. It's just that Arteta needed the reddies for his midfield rebuild and didn't see a sufficient gap in ability between Martinez and Leno to guarantee the former the no 1 jersey. If Buendia ever got as far as asking Martinez about Arsenal, he might just as likely say "Brilliant club, if you get a chance to play there you must take it." Our Emi's own personal circumstances me
  9. Sport Witness, you say? Must be close then.
  10. Aye. And tell them how to behave. "You can protest, but only this way." "Oh I've changed my mind. That way affects my delicate sensibilities as well."
  11. Taking the knee itself was a compromise by Kaepernick as outlined here:
  12. In my experience, it's not the finer points of Marxism that worries White Van Man and the others who see Tommy Robinson as some wise sage. They see white men taking the knee as somehow subjugating themselves to the black race. Domnic Raab summed up the views of Middle England/Middle Earth pretty well last year. But you'd expect that sort of awareness from a person who didn't realize how important GB's most important port may be to trade. It's odd to see it that way when it was Colin Kaepernick (mixed race) taking the knee during the US national anthem circa 2016/17 that inspi
  13. There's the rub. We've given out about the moves of the Wanky 6 this week being greed driven and immoral (which they were). But we'll be scoping the French and Spanish market for bargains owing to Covid and their lack of bloated TV deals.
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