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  1. I'll go out on a limb here and say he probably knows him from youth football in the Smoke.
  2. Bowen and Olly Watkins looked standout players in the championship last season. Watkins impressed me at Villa Park last year - he impressed me even more when he spoke after the game and sounded quite sharp upstairs n'all. He can play a few positions up front and has added goals to his game this season in a more advanced role. Not saying either are nailed on to take the top flight by storm, but those are the kind of longer term projects I'd like to see us invest in.
  3. Jarrod Bowen is on a free apparently this summer. If we were taking a punt, I'd sooner it would be on someone like him.
  4. I'd be amazed if that was the case. Unless the £7 million we were quoted at the time was made up off add ons and we're preempting one of those kicking in.
  5. The yellow 'W' on that brings back memories of the Dafabet kit. The second Macron one was actually alright, just ruined by a messy looking sponsor. This year's away has the sponsor the same colour, so they should have stuck to all white for the home kit n'all.
  6. With Newcastle seemingly in the shit and needing money to pay Bruce's release fee, we could help them out and take Dubravka off their hands.
  7. Of all the Brentford players touted for big moves over the last year or so, he's the only one I've seen who looks like he could genuinely step up. Can play on the wing, attacking mid or up top, as a stop gap.
  8. Did Webster play when we hammered Ipswich 4-0 back in April 2018? I don't recall any Ipswich defender impressing me during that game. Or when we beat them 2-0 at Villa Park a few months prior to that. And aside from Max O'Leary and Jay DaSilva, none of the Bristol lot looked much cop when we played them either. But maybe Webster has looked like a cross between Martin Laursen and Paul McGrath in the 44 other games last season.
  9. And how about for every year prior to that since 2008? In Citeh's case, if they turn a profit now I'm sure the owners won't mind. But the main motivation was (and still is) very expensive marketing for Abu Dhabi. And to stick it up to the other Gulf states.
  10. One of the first things I read from them on taking over is that they want the club to be self sustainable. So unless they get dizzy hobnobbng it with the Oligarchs and all the rest in the top flight, I don't think we'll be doing a Citeh anytime soon.
  11. If that's the case, we'd probably be targeting better players than Kalvin Phillips and Adam Webster.
  12. It's incredibly one-eyed. And reads more like a folksy blog with barnyard overtones than a newspaper article. But compare and contrast their obvious support for the biggest club in their region with the shite stirring we have to put up with from the Mail if we go three games without a win.
  13. That might just be the worst kit of all time.
  14. Cattermole. Holding that club together singlehandedly, judging on the commentators fawning over him today. Looked as bollocks as he usually does from what I could see. He can trap a ball further than most players can kick it.
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