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  1. @terrytini, Ah explains it then I was 3/4 way up on the RH side!
  2. Got back at 1am this morning, my voice is gone, got bruises on my legs after going bats**t crazy when Jack scored. What a game, what a comeback. First half a bit Meh, Ref had a shocker, grabbed a beer in the stand at half time, and the general consensus was we could do this after talking to a few fans. Second half, I don't know what DS said to them but we came out the traps flying, great penalty strike from Jimmy danger, and the Team goal for Jacks was superb. Mentions must got to Elmo & Taylor, than ran the wings well, supported the forwards and got back to help the defence out when needed. Taylor looks like the type of player now we all knew he could be, shows what a bit of confidence can do. McGinn, I mean where do I start never stopped running, breaking up play, getting the ball moving again and supporting the forwards, best 2.5 mil the Villa has ever spent. Finally the fans, I couldn't believe the noise, non stop singing, got behind the boys when we were 1-0 down, and never lost faith. I'm so glad that toxic, moaning and groaning has gone, a bit a belief in ourselves and the team and we will be ok. Ill be there to do it all over again Saturday (if my voice lets me!)
  3. Forest look rattled we could get a cricket score here
  4. Any one see the blues steward getting hauled off by the WMP after Jack ran to the crowd?
  5. Jeez what the hell is going on if I was the players i would walk off
  6. Wow does ghazi not score scruffy goals! What a shot
  7. Jeez possibly Chesters worst game for us and nyland I have no words!
  8. I wonder what D'S is saying to them during half time?
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