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  1. Pretty sure we're going to get another forward in this transfer window. Also pretty sure he's going to be pretty damn decent, so very probably wont come cheap.
  2. Thanks for the info, mate. Shoddy facebook stream or bed time it is, then!
  3. Also what's the deal with restricting the stream for international viewers? Fiss pop. (Yea, I know about VPN)
  4. Verbifying McGinn!! Terrific stuff. Hopefully it can get used a lot to describe proceedings at the Villa in the upcoming season. "Man City had a seemingly comfortable 0-2 lead, when during second half the Villans collectively McGinned up. The match ended 8-2 to Villa, final goal featuring Douglas Luiz putting in a cross, then racing in to head it home himself.
  5. Likewise! A good, wholesome hyperbole makes the day, as far as I'm concerned. Do carry on, good Sir.
  6. Certainly! The previously mentioned panic has given way to a strange feeling which in addition to feel good makes the mouth water. Probably because we're witnessing a clear buying strategy and the signs of real intelligence and competence behind the wheels AND the thought of how bloody entertaining this team is going to be during the coming years. Can't wait to see how this batch of young, quick and technically brilliant is going to grow together, making each other even better. We might end up as an absolute nightmare to play against. Bring it on!!
  7. I was one of the panic-stricken. Since I live a very boring day-to-day life I allow myself a good non-lethal panic session in a safe environment now and then, just to feel alive.
  8. This is a case of "opposite Grealish"* - a loanee managing to become very well integrated and talismanic in his period here, thereby rendering his value to Aston Villa higher than the market price. *if that expression makes any sense outside of my head, I'm copyrighting it!

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