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  1. That Jefferson Airplane fella is going to get himself sent off.
  2. I can live with that. Let's just sell him in the summer, when his value has passed £ 80 mill!
  3. Spirits really lifted. This match (and the turnaround lately) has actually given me some hope into the last part of the season. UTV!
  4. I'm afraid I agree with you. No fight, no belief. And the result is that we come across as a team without any footballing acumen, just frustrating to watch as a fan and utterly non-threatening to any opposition. If Smith goes now we'll still have a chance, as I believe we do have the building blocks for quite a good side. At least miles better than this dross.
  5. On the bright side, I learned a new word today!
  6. And to think that I had genuinely high hopes for this team a few matches out into the season. Shudder.
  7. They obviously do it on purpose, so Nyland can get a feel for goalkeeping again.
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