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  1. A football cliche book! Let me get in the race for it, so that I can prepare a bid and slap it in.
  2. I'd just really like some players that could finally get the best out of Jack Grealish. Speed and intelligence, paving the ground for some cracking interplay. And the departure of Neil Taylor and at least one of Nyland and Kalinic. Preferably both.
  3. While we wait for any transfer action we might as well exploit the fact that nothing have really materialized yet, and play a good, old fashioned game of how much and when. So just for fun, look into your crystal ball and tell us: 1. At what date do we sign our first player this summer? No youth players or kids, only players meant for the main squad counts. 2. How many players have signed for Villa within Oct.5? Again, no youth players or kids, only players meant for the main squad counts. Number of outgoing players are irrelevant, but if you think many players will leave you might up your guessed number accordingly. 3 When the transfer window slams shut Monday, Oct. 5, what is Villa's gross expenditure on incoming players? If a price isn't public knowledge we just go with what's probable. Also, we go with the transfer price at the time, so no add-ons or contractual fanciness. The competition goes on as long as it's reasonable, i.e. until it's clear that an inbound transfer is going to happen and isn't far away. And, be gentlemen and -ladies, don't "guess dates" after it's been reasonably certain what the date will be. Winners get a plethora of bragging rights, I guess.
  4. Gasp. I hope the gems he'll uncover are more interesting than this:
  5. One of the more amusing answers to Trump's latest tweet about how unfair and illegal the Twitter trends are.
  6. Only one place above Messi. Grealish out!
  7. I miss some good, old fashioned ITK's! Even if their ITK status is more or less dubious. Hairyhands, TheTrees, even Julie and the likes, step up.
  8. Just a fun-loving cow playing with her horsie friend.
  9. Worst thing is when a player we want gets a price tag SLAPPED upon them. Those are so hard to scrape off after an acquisition.
  10. I hope whatever happens that we get a quick clarification whether he stays or goes. I don't want pre-season to be a continuous will he/won't he soap opera.
  11. This is actually quite sensational. Even with obvious weaknesses in comparing these numbers like for like, the tendency still show that -we've done our homework in the break on how the team should defend better and we've managed to implement it too -we have defensive resources already that are much better than the total number of goals against indicates -younger players like Konsa coming into their own can really make Villa an even stronger unit in the coming seasons -even with the summer bringing less investment in the squad than we hope for in our collective wet dreams, there are still reasons to be optimistic about the future. UTV.
  12. Gompedyret

    Tom Heaton

    Quite sad that we are without a recognized and fit first keeper, as Villa have been a regular keeper warehouse these later seasons.
  13. There are only so many places you can slap before it becomes a metoo case.
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