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  1. His play ahead of the second goal was a gorgeous piece of handiwork. Or footwork, perhaps.
  2. He's not as good as Ollie at creating and getting to chances, but he can rival anyone in the team when it comes to taking the chances / being cool and find the goal. Anwar certainly has big weaknesses, but on days like this it's just difficult not to love him.
  3. That was about as satisfying as the 2-3 result against them in 2008. Also highlighting how seemingly random football is. The two latest matches, and especially today, the team has been almost transformed. Suddenly the drive, hunger and forward leaning attitude from early season is back. Is there yet to be a final twist this season?
  4. Gompedyret

    Keinan Davis

    OK, Keinan. From now on, you just go ahead and save our season. That's a good lad.
  5. Woa. For a little, precious while they made it all seem rather easy!
  6. What is slightly frustrating is that Newcastle clearly is there for the taking, just taking our offensive game up a little notch would quickly result in several goals.
  7. Agreed. Just got a new keyboard, so spelling is a bit all over the place right norw.
  8. Dwigfht Gayle is such an ungly bastard. For some reason I just can't stand him.
  9. Just seren the latest 15 minutes, and Trezeguet really hasn't pulled up any trees during this time.
  10. Looks like several teams, like Rome and Athletico Madrid now have their own crypto fan tokens. I wonder when this will be a craze in PL, and if AVFC would do well getting on the train early. Though I do suspect that teams with large fan bases like scouse and manure might actually earn considerable amounts of money on such a thing, as "everyone" would want to own some. Of course, the tokens should be given a "practical" value, like being usable in fan gear shops or for buying tickets etc. Plenty of practical challenges of course, but with crypto markets booming right now it's far too easy
  11. During the last match commentators made his name sound like "Morgan So-so". The cheekiness!
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