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  1. For the first time this season (possibly except the spurs match) I can't really see where our goals are going to come from.
  2. I bless the rains down in Africa Gonna take some time to do the things we never had (ooh, ooh)
  3. For those worried: Hause will do all right.
  4. We have been rather decent so far, a whole hearted defensive spectacle. Man City not coming across as super sharp is much about us denying them as well. However: I wish for a bit more belief in ourselves going forward and keeping the ball. It must be demoralizing for the players to lose the ball time and time again almost as soon as we've gained control over it. I know it is to me!
  5. I genuinely think we are in for a 5-0 whopping. If we can't adjust our liberal interpretation of what a good defense should be, City is going to punish us thoroughly. I'd consider 4-2-3-1 formation, with Luiz starting instead of Hourihane and playing alongside Marvellous.
  6. Wow, Spurs really are completely arse droppings these days. Watford still leading against them.
  7. I love our aggressivity at the moment.
  8. One, five or ten years ago, I would be furious and also worried about hearing such things from any United representative. Now, however, I just find that kind of deluded nincompoop talk (or whatever you say in the GB) to be utterly laughable. Boy, it is a good feeling to have such a faith and confidence in our team and its leaders. UTV!
  9. The obvious joke here must be about his half brother something something Stamford. Also we should hope he doesn't get a song in the vein of "London Bridge is falling down".
  10. Very much agreed. So far, if anything, we have been the anti-Fulhams. Acquisitions has largely been successes or showing signs of being future gold. Our strategy this summer has been the right blend of boldness, strategic as well as psychological competence and a clear vision guiding every action. In the cut throat transfer market with little leverage as a team, we know how easy these things are to get disastrously wrong or at least much worse that we made it. If the Swedish Academy had a Nobel price category "football team overhauls" (scandalous omission, btw!) I can't really see who'd beat us this year.
  11. As a Norwegian I would of course love to have Haaland here. As a realist though.....I would really love to have him!
  12. Gompedyret

    The NSWE Board

    I'd like to see us put in cheeky offers for the best players of really, really good clubs.
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