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  1. Lucky for us that Bamford isn't particularly good.
  2. I miss some middle ground here. I.E, a thread called "mid table race" or something to that effect. It would work like the sobering bridge between relegation and title chasing threads.
  3. Was that captain Jack commenting?? Who is he really, doctor Who?
  4. What are those numbers just next to the goal scorers? 33, 36 and 39 thousands. I've heard about numbers like that, but not sure if that was in myths or science fiction.
  5. Seems like the Villa team want that too!
  6. Disregarding match fitness, I'd much prefer Engels to Hause as substitute CD.
  7. I have to say it's fun to watch Traore's cameos. He plays with a wonderful enthusiasm, clearly hungry and wanting the ball, and he's more than able to handle the ball as well.
  8. My Konza fandom just grows and grows, like a blue whale cock in the mating season. While Mings uses his newly found confidence to grow a slightly more fancy game, Konza is just rock solid, classy defender, chipping in with the obligatory power headers on the opponent's goal. If we manage to hold on to him and let him continue his development, he will be a Villa legend.
  9. I have heard about it, I think. Either it's a type of antelope or a thing you wrap around a block of cheese to protect it from the sun.
  10. I'm not. I'll definitely be happy if we get to 100 points.
  11. Most defensive players have done at least one obvious mistake. Kosa though, has been solid.
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