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  1. This is all so, so, so stupid. Sounds like the plot in an episode of some footballing satire a la Spinal Tap.
  2. That pass to Archer for the sixth goal was absolutely sublime. *chef's kiss*
  3. That Atcher fella really likes to find the net, doesn't he.
  4. Konza is the latest of the players raring to go and show that Villa is more than just a Gresford vehicle. It's possible that him leaving was the best thing to happen in terms of getting our players fired up with something to prove! From the Express & Star interview:
  5. This guy deserves a wealth of clean sheets for us.
  6. Due to getting a new contract, according to the whispers twatter account. Sounds good.
  7. Usually I tend to go for a particular brand of headless, wild optimism, but ahead of these first matches I really have absolutely no idea what to feel or expect. I'm absolutely certain that as a team, despite losing Grealish and not counting any potential incoming players, we're already in a better place with a higher ceiling now than the end of last season. However, even a team like Watford are able to punish sides not up for it, and we have had a really messy pre-season with central players away or in jured and not being able to bed new players properly yet. It's fair to claim that we wont play our best football in the first matches, but then again, that can be said about most teams. So as far as I'm concerned, anything can happen. There's a certain charm to that, so I'll just enjoy the ride. 10 points to Villa after 5 games.
  8. I'll graciously accept both outcomes, though the headline alliteration in the case of Ings will be a pickle.
  9. If Watkins plays I really hope he gets a hat trick just to set the tone for the season. Then afterwards we can have headlines like "Watford walloped by Watkins!".
  10. This. I bet Young will get plenty of minutes in the first games, while some of the others get up to speed. Though not necessarily as full back.
  11. Do you have any link to more details? Source? Edit: nevvahmind. now on the OS.
  12. We're seemingly after his brother Caleb in Northampton, Lange trying to snatch him from right under Spurs' nose.
  13. Certainly beats my idea of something a la "These are a few of mye favorite Ings"
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