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  1. No from me as well. Though, I can't help but fantasize about how the Benteke of old Villa would do in the team we have now. He'd blossom like...some sort of meat eating, high octane, unstoppable superflower. Sigh.
  2. Burnley are one of those really annoying teams that I tend to feel that we should beat comfortably, but then somehow they always put up a royal fight. However them having beaten Plop recently I think will work to our advance, as they will think they're better than they are and open up in an attempt at playing football, giving us more space to do wild shenanigans around their goalkeeper. Another 1-0 win, or 4-0 if we manage to rattle them early on.
  3. Nail on the head, good sir! How didn't I think about that word.
  4. Woa. That's.....hmm, what is the word I'm looking for? Excellent? Fabulous? Magnificent, splendid, superb, sublime, phenomenal? Wonderful? Something along those lines.
  5. Should have had one or two more goals, though. They were there for the taking, really.
  6. Offside or not, that was a gorgeous goal. More of those thank you, Jack!
  7. OK lads, let's just score one early on, then score some more. Then, deny them a goal or two. It's all I ask, really.
  8. For all his drive and skills, Foden has a rather stupid haircut.
  9. That was the first time I thought "That was a clear cut goal" when the ball hit the bar. Now is the time for us to score, guys.
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