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  1. As much as I hate the international breaks I love the matchdays! UTV!
  2. Would love to see a gif or clip of that save in the first half when he was in full stretch and saved the shot going just beneath the crossbar to his left. ONe of the best saves I've seen, freakish!
  3. It was new to me that diving results in a free kick. It's normally a free kick for the diver not given and perhaps a yellow card, but a free kick against the diver? Is that a new rule? Not that it in a million years was a dive, but even if it was, should he really give a free kick?
  4. Just watched the game. After reading the reactions I was expecting a poor performance. It wasn't. Crystal Palace is an established Premier League team with solid players topped with £80M Zaha. A newcomer playing away to an established team early in the season can easily be well beaten. We weren't. First half and up until Trez got sent of at 55' we were as good as them. We didn't create many clear cut chances, but neither did they bar McArthurs shot. After going one player down you would expect them to comfortably see the game out, they caused some trouble in our penalty area at times, had plenty of corners and some chances. But we still played positively, Grealish had two shots blocked, Guilbert haveing one chance. Their goal came on a counter attack when we had built up pressure against them. The last minutes often reflect the game, you would have expected them to just pass it around seeing it out, instead we pressed them and should have had the equaliser if the ref wasn't an idiot. A note on Wesley, he didn't have so much to work on, we didn't move the team enough forward to create many chances, but I still think he had a good game, did what could be expected by him. He hold the ball up well and finds good passes. As comparision I don't think Maupay touched the ball in the first half this week end, and Moise Keane didn't do much more. Don't think we could ask much more of Wesley than what he did this game. All in all I think it was a fully ok performance from us, encouraging that we weren't well beaten. Had we not got the sending off we could as well have been the team who scored, even a draw would have been a good result.
  5. And so his value doubled! Fully deserved call up!
  6. Thanks! That nutmeg alone is worth the money we payed for him.
  7. Thanks! And regarding the language he seems to speak English without any problems at all, sometimes you see interviews with players and you get the impression they don't understand the question, talking about something else than the question asked or repeating obvious things. Wesley understood and replied directly and gave calm answers. Strange why anyone would say anything else.
  8. To you who dont understand how much Grealish contributes, please watch the last games again and take a closer look at his movement, his defensive play and in particular his contribution in the build up to our chances, the we thanks to him can keep the ball and pass it around, how he more often than anybody else makes himself available of a pass, how he almost at everytime controls the ball even in tight situations and does something constructive, drags players towards him, then makes a quick turn and pass to open up the oppositions midfield. As I pointed out earlier in this thread I think he is taking more responsibility now and contributes more defensively, he doesn't get in as many attacking positions as before. But - he still does, his shot in the first half was very near for example, and look who was just behind El Ghazi when he scored at the end. Look at the sprint in the first game against Spurs when he took the ball deep in our own half and ended up in the Spurs penalty area giving Trez a wonderful opportunity to score. I'd put my head out and say that Grealish is more or less involved in almost every good move or chance we create. He will play for England later this season and the top six clubs will come drooling for him if they aren't already. Imagine what he would do in a Man C team...
  9. do you know where can I see that interview?
  10. I also like the passion he shows, the way he argued with Mina for example, or how he doesn't accept when he gets manhandled and not getting a free kick and lets the ref know that, or when he lashed out at someone fouling Trezeguet. Mings had to calm him down a couple of times. He looks like the hulk and as he could eat someone alive. I sure wouldn't want to upset him. Think he will cause quite a lot of problems for defences during the season, making space for the others to score and get one or two himself.
  11. I think Dean Smith said that Elmo is a very intelligent and tactically aware player if I recall correctly. I fully trust DS, especially in this regard, and it corresponds with my impression of Elmo. I think he is a very decent right back, reliable in defence, good enough passer, good engine and very good in the air for his height. Has got Premier League experience in abundance as well. On top of that I think his best attribute is his crossing, he creates a lot of chances for us. I'm glad to have him a the first choice, or as back up to Guilbert if he can outperform Elmo. Very happy with the new deal, fully deserved!
  12. Thanks, always good to see stats like that. When you just look at the game like I did it's probably easy to see more what you want to see. Bentekes stats are much better than the impression I got when I saw the game, hardly noticed him doing anything of worth. Joelintons slightly better. Could also be worth noting that Benteke cost £30M and Joelinton £40M. What has concerned me a little is that Wesley has looked a bit slow into the situations, like the defenders have been one step ahead of him most times. It could be that he needs to get used to the team mates and the tempo and hopefully he will sort that out. Compared to fo example Benteke I think he has looked very good the times he has dropped back, received the ball at his feet and then picked out passes. Looks like he is intelligent and a good passer, like that delightful direct chip to Trezeguet in the second half. Benteke was often a bit more hit and miss with his passing. When it comes to having the ball at the feet and running towards the defenders, or having the ball in tight situations near the corner flag, Wesley looks far more limited in those aspects. Benteke could to step overs and little tricks, and could beat his man, whereas Wesley seems to be the typcial target man who in those situations tries to find a pass instead. I remember Benteke running through both Chelseas and Liverpools defences with the ball, or when he shrugged away Smalling and ran half the pitch with the ball. Those things I dont think we will see from Wesley. What I'm hopeing for is a good intelligent target player who creates chances for others and gets first on the ball on crosses and scored a few himself. If that's enough in the long run for where we want to be I'm not sure. Though he is only 22 still so still have plenty of time to improve.
  13. I think he was really good. A solid left back, careful in his passing, often found space to receive the ball in their half, didn't do anything wrong what I could see and nearly scored as well. Feels like he is getting some kind of scapegoat treatment at times.
  14. I watched Joelinton and Benteke today who both would be comparable to Wesley, being big target men. Neither Joelinton or Benteke did much of notice, and didn't hold up the ball particularly well, in fact I would say Wesley did more of that and also created a couple of chances both for himself and for others. I think he stepped up yesterday, won more battles and stood on his feet more. I've seen enough to be sure that he will be an asset for us this season.
  15. Very impressed by him yesterday, didn't put a foot wrong what I could see and his passing was even better this game. My worries from the previous game that he at times was to passive and didn't throw himself in front of the ball when the opponents have a clean shot at goal was rectified this game, must have got a lesson by Terry. On at least two occations he did just that which was wonderful to see. Learning and adapting after only one game. He does lack a bit of pace, but reads the game brilliantly and stands in the right positions, so it wouldn't be much of a worry.

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