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  1. after his terrific cameo last time he should have come on also against Liverpool. Or start.
  2. He has loads of potential, hope he will fulfill it. But at the moment he is a 17M winger, it might be as easy as that he is really good against the lower half teams, but not good enough against the top teams. If he would outperform the players at Liverpool, Man C etc he would be a 50M winger. He also has a obsessive compulsive disorder of having to play one stupid blind pass backwards in every game.
  3. I'd love to hear him explain what he meant, in English :- D
  4. Has he really made that many similar mistakes this season? I feel it gets blown out of proportion sometimes and it's easy to label someone to be prone to mistakes. Everyone does it, sometimes it gets exploited, sometimes not. He gets cought out sometimes when he tries to play the ball instead of just kicking it away, if we demand our defenders to play it 100% safe all the time we can call Bruce back. Aren't we just one or two clean sheets from breaking the record this season? Only Abu Dhabi FC and Chelski have conceded less this season. Mings has played a central role in that, having a super s
  5. That move and burst for his assist was pure class, not many players can do that, he is a joy to watch. But he really has to cut out those Bacuna-style back/cross field passes. It's like he does one every game.
  6. As I saw it he tried more or less the same things in the first 75 mins, but failed, and was also more restricted as the game wasn't as open. In the last 15 the game was more open, the opponents getting tired and going for a last push to get a goal, like often in the last minutes of the games. The tricks that Traore tries will have more chance of succeeding towards the end of the game, and did so this time. He is clearly at his best when he has lots of space, the game is open and when he can go on the counter, compared to when teams sit deep with many players in front of him.
  7. Hope he gets back to 100% fitness soon, his technique and passing is a level above everyone at the club bar Grealish and Luiz, a pity he hasn't been able to show it for a long while. He is too expensive to have on the bench.
  8. Yesterday it was the unplayable Keinan who looks like a real talent that came on. I wonder if it has to do with confidence or form or something if it is this Keinan that appears. After the restart last season he looked like a world beater and reports were that he had been immense in training, he was unlucky not to score during the first games and then he faded and kind of came back into his shell and reverted to sitting on the bench. I still have high hopes for him, he is such a joy to watch when he plays like he did yesterday, strong as an ox and great technical ability!
  9. He is such a funny character, I couldn't tell if he is 20 or 50, could be either a fashionista or a bricklayer in his home land, is Egyptian but calls himself Trezeguet, plays with the confidence like he thinks he is Ronaldo and tries to go past players all the time, but fails 9 times out of 10, the tenth time he succeeds with something making him look amazing, when he is happy he looks like the hapipest man alive, his sad face looks like he is absolutely devestated, sometimes it looks like he can't control a football at all, sometimes his touches are exquisite, he runs around, fumbles, falls
  10. I'm still convinced that he is best as the holding DM in a midfield three, I think why he hasn't been as good this season is that he mostly has been playing in the mid two in a 4-2-3-1. It kind of brings the worst out of him. As the lone holding DM he is the one dictating play, the build up play goes through him, his exceptional technique, ability to keep the ball, solve tight situations, his passing and vision comes to it's best in that position. Defensively he is the anchor who reads and breaks up play terrificly. In a mid two in the 4-2-3-1 he gets restricted and becomes too static, the spa
  11. Very happy with this! It deserves a repost of my artwork from 2016 when he signed the first time:
  12. Agree that he isn't suited to play as an advanced midfielder, though as I see it when Barkley has played, at least when we have played 4-2-3-1, he has more or less played in the no 10 role as a second striker, and often being the one pressing as high up as Watkins. Now it is of course small margins where that differs from being an advaned mifielder, but in that role I think Wesley would be perfect. I think he said that he played attacking mifielder in the beginning of his career, and in the games he played for us he almost all the time fell deep and tried to link up the play, that's proba
  13. Apart from being very pleased and happy that he is back after his horrible injury, I'm also very glad to see sensible discussion in this thread without the previous usual knee jerk reactions of abuse.
  14. He is definitely slimmer now, and I think that's good, I thought he had to much gym/night club/body builder-muscles before, his chest muscles were unnatural for a football player. I think it will benefit his mobility and agility to be slimmer, he is still a real unit though, but more apt to playing football now.
  15. Imagine if we had Bruce as manager, Mourinho vs Bruce :- D
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