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  1. I think Staveley sounds and looks stupid, the PIF golf guy not very smart, the Ruben brothers I don't have an opinion on really, but if they team up with Staveley and the Saudi mass murderer State and thinks it's a good match for an English football club, then they are also stupid.
  2. I don't worry about Newcastle ecplipsing us or buying players we are after in January, we have clever owners, they have stupid owners, doesn't matter how much money they have, they are still stupid.
  3. Fully agree, and seeing Newcastle fans celebrating wearing masks of bin Salman is disgusting, like someone would have a mask of Saddam Hussein and cheering him. It's so sad really, especially as I quite like Newcastle, now I despise them most of all.
  4. I wonder who the owners have as an adviser or who it is taking the operating decisions, our new owners apparently had Purslow advising them, and that was a really clever by the owners. i haven't heard about anyone else than the muppets Staveley and that PIF guy who likes golf and the Ruben brothers who now about racing. From the outside it looks like Staveley is the one fronting, is she also the one they rely on, their Purslow?
  5. Dont you think it will take some time for them to build a competitive team? Top players wont want to join a relegation contender, so they will have to pay hefty sums for players with less ambition, or go for players at clubs just above them. Robinho was a statement signing, but wasn't much value for money. Man C needed a good couple of years of looting us and Arsenal and basically buying everyone they could before they managed to be attractive enough for the best players and managers who could take them to the CL places. And at that time we didn't have the FFP. If players like Sancho and Grealish cost £75-100M, the money that they can spend within the FFP-rules would probably at least mean that the journy will be longer for them.
  6. Before Man C was my hate team no 1, now it's Newcastle, congrats you top the league of despicable teams! Does anyone know anything more about these "legally binding assurances" that Saudi Arabia will not have any control? I'd like to know more of that in detail. Amanda Staveley answered the question about that with only empty words. This smells like utter bull, bin Salman is the chairman of the PIF and is the dictator of Saudi Arabia. Of course he and Saudi Arabia will have the same influence as they have in questions regarding for example Saudi Aramco or any of the other big investments that the PIF makes.
  7. Yes and the threat of bin Salman ordering the player to be tortured and beheaded if he turns them down or expresses criticism of Saudi Arabia.
  8. The SAS Shearer and Sutton was amazing! I agree, it's about having players behind Watkins and Ings who can provide service, the million dollar question is how to do that without leaving us too vulnerable in midfield.
  9. That's a very good read. Replacing 1 player with 3 doesn't improve our starting 11 as we cant field 13 players. I see Bailey as Jacks replacement, I have loved what I've seen of Bailey so far but as of yet he isn't an improvement. Buendia I see as a replacement for Barkley, compared to the Barkley before his injury it's about even. Ings I see as a replacement for Wesley, but as Wesley was on the bench that's an improvement of the bench not the starting 11. So the staring 11 hasn't improved. The biggest concern for me is that we didn't seem to have a well thought out plan of how to best use the players we bought. For me it's hurting to see Bailey, Buendia and Traoré on the bench. With the system we play now there doesn't seem to a natural position for any one of them. Spending £70M on two exciting players and then have them on the bench is a concern. I don't want to be negative but I don't think Watkins and Ings will work, at least not with this formation and and the players we field behind them. To me Watkins and Ings are too similar, both like to drop down and run in behind the defence, neither creates much for the other and they more or less run at the same balls. Both need creative players behind them who feeds them with quality through balls and create chances for them, problem is, when we play two hard working box to box midfielders behind in McGinn and Ramsey, they wont get the quality passes that for example Buendia and Traoré can provide. That leaves it to our wide players to create chances, but there we have our two full backs who are good full backs, but mostly just whipps in crosses. I think it would be better for Watkins and Ings if Buendia played instead of Ramsey and if Bailey played instead of Targett. If also Traoré played instead of Cash then they would get a lot to work with, but it would probably leave us far too vulnerable. I have no doubt that Dean Smith will figure out a way of making it work, but I think it will mean that only one of Ings and Watkins will play, perhaps both can play if Watkins plays wide forward at times.
  10. I'd like us to have that option, Wesley is a good target player, occupies defenders and likes to drop, with Watkins running in behind the defence would be a good pairing I think. Would rather have a proper no 10 in Buendia there though.
  11. If we need to play three at the back and two up front, I wounder if not this would be at least a little bit better? At least Ings and Watkins would get some quality from Buendia to work with. Would love Bailey instead of Targett too, but not sure if it would be solid enough. Emi Konsa Tuanzebe Mings Cash McGinn Luiz Targett Buendia Ings Watkins Though I think our strongest team would be a 4-2-3-1 with Cash, Konsa, Mings, Targett; McGinn, Luiz; Traore, Buendia, Bailey; Ings
  12. Well I don't agree that he has been the best midfielder in a couple of games. He and McGinn has played in front of Luiz and I think McGinn has brought much more to the team in every game, battled, harrassed and pressed more and contributed with some creativity. Luiz is difficult to compare with as they play in different positions, Luiz has been the holding midfielder and played quite well, I don't think Ramsey can play that role yet, and neither seems Dean Smith think so. For being a box to box midfielder I think ramsey hasn't contributed enough defensively, McGinn has contributed more. Against Spurs Ramsey was overrun. Attacking wise Ramsey hasn't contributed much either. Playing as a box to box midfielder in this formation you have to be more all action midfielder in my view. Don't get me wrong, I have high hopes for Ramsey and love watching our youngsters coming through. But at the moment I don't think he contributes enough. I don't like seeing Buendia and Traore on the bench and then having three grafters in the middle and two full backs on the wings. We lack quality in the final third imo, and of these players Ramsey is the one for me that shouldn't play at the moment. Luiz is our best holding midfielder, and McGinn brings more to the team than Ramsey. Re Chuck I think I've written in some thread that I don't really see him ready for PL yet and wondered if it is his physicallity that makes him look so dominant for the youth teams/U23. As the rest I of course have high hopes for him, and he is still so young so it's not fair to judge him by one or two short appearences. Would really love to see a team in the future with the three Ramseys and the two Chukwuemekas! But it doesn't change the fact that I right now don't think JJ contributes enough and would like for example Buendia to play instead of him.
  13. It now striked me what I don't quite like with the 3-5-2, and it's that we dont have any wingers, as long as I have followed Villa we have always had exciting speedy or tricky wingers, either in a 4-4-2 or in a 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3. We tried three up front with Yorke, Milosevic and Collymore, without wingers, and it didn't work. Perahps if we play this formation and we play Bailey on the left instead of Targett and Traoré on the right instead of Cash it would do, it would be gung-ho, but it would do for me. I don't quite like us when we have full backs as our main threat on the wing.
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