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  1. Going on stats Traoré has 3 goals and 2 assists in 15 games which is better than 2 goals and 2 assists in 19 games for Eze. Personally I don't pay that much attention to stats though. I haven't seen all games Eze has played, but I get the impression that he has made the winger position at Palace more his own than Traoré has here. Must though also take into consideration that Traoré is new-ish to the league, had to move here and didn't have a proper pre season, whereas Eze could more or less just continue playing but at another ground. Too me it looks like Traoré has a higher ceiling, som
  2. How did it feel and how did you react? I was also interested in his name, apparently Sanson is an old English name, perhaps he has English ancestors and hence can adapt better. Sanson can also be derived to Samson, the last of the judges of the israelites in the Book of Judges, I thought that was quite cool. Anyway, how did it feel?
  3. Such a good man and good manager Dean Smith, we are really lucky and privileged to have him.
  4. I think that there is a risk that also people who only had the "normal" symptoms still can get the long term symptoms, and in some cases these symptoms can appear after quite a long time, so I'd still be worried about all of them who tested positive, even if no one was hospitalised. Fingers crossed everyone is fine and without long term symptoms.
  5. I was banging on about us signing Benrahma in the summer and advocated paying the extra 10M to get him over Traoré. It has been interesting to follow how Benrahma (30 M-ish), Eza (20M) and Traoré (17M) have performed. So far Traoré has been best value for money imo, perhaps even best performance-wise. Benrahma has not yet been as good as I had thought he would be. Moyes has a way of bedding in players slowly (which isn't bad), he did the same with Bowen who didn't get many games the first month or two. Benrahma has also been played in a couple of different positions, but despite this and that
  6. Will Hughes is back after injury now, I still think he would be an interesting alternative. If we get Sanson in perhaps Hughes can wait to the summer, he wouldn't need much time to adapt. Shakespeare will know everything about Hughes and I trust his judgement.
  7. Sadly I think the thought could be to have him as Luiz replacement next season, if so very clever by us to bring him in now, bed him in and have him ready to go next season.
  8. I think that after Jack he is the most gifted player I have seen at the club. I go to bed every night praying that he will stay.
  9. Yes that's true, and it is of course very individual, perhaps mostly us that has been unlucky with the French. The first one I remember is Mathieu Berson, who wasn't bad, but like most of them were off after a season or two. Ginola was the best from what I can remember.
  10. I love those running the full length of the pitch celebrations! Think Savo did it once, did Tommy Johnson do it as well at one point?
  11. Morgan Sanson - nice sounding name, good looking man!
  12. Why not keep Nakamba? He is a good ball winner, can still improve and good to have as cover?
  13. We need another CM who is a battler and can pass, if that's Sanson I'm all for it! If Lundstram is available I think he would be a safer and cheaper option, but Sanson is sure more exotic. One hesitation I have is that many French players seem to find it hard to settle in England, which always makes it a bit of a gamble.
  14. Yes, I think Wesley as a 10 in the Barkley position and Watkins as the no 9 could be interesting to see, Wesley occupying opponents and wrestling and Watkins given more space to run at goal. Would mean more burden on our wide forwards to create chances, but in some games and against the thug teams it could be interesting to see.
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