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  1. That's true, we really had to bring a couple in, still it's very well done managing to get Reina and Samatta to join us in a relegation battle!
  2. He is a good example of why we should have patience with our younger players and support them when they make mistakes, both on and off the pitch. Just consider how many there have been who have written him off over the years. I think he is the best player I have seen play for us and I wouldn't swap him for anyone. I love watching him play, his balance, timing, ball control, he has that ability that the only other sportsman I can think of, Wayne Gretzky, had - the ability to drag players close to him, just to make a last second move that leaves the opponent stranded and humiliated. It's like he knows that he is on a level above everyone else and just plays with them. No wonder he is the by far most fouled player in the league. Agree with the posts above, hope we stay up and he gives us one more year!
  3. I'm perfectly fine with a back up striker, loan or whatever. If Samatta gets injured or needs time to adapt to the PL we are back at where we are now without a striker. I don't count on Davis staying injury free, and even if he does I'm not sure if he is good enough for this level.
  4. Yes I'm very happy with our business so far, in the second(?) Lambert season we we're on the way down and brought in Dawkins and Sylla and the season we went down we brought in none if I remember correctly, despite an urgent need of reinforcements. In both those seasons I got the impression that we had given up, that it was clear that there was no interest from the owner what so ever. This season having brought in Drinkwater (still to convince though), Reina and Samatta looks like really shrewd business and it seems as if the owners, Suso and Purslow are doing what they can. Still I'm a greedy **** who wants more! And especially we are in desperate need of another striker.
  5. Before the game when the players lined up in the tunnel he gave all the players a little hug and pepp talk, small things like that can be so important for a young inexperienced squand like ours.
  6. It makes sense to me, 3 at the back doesn't suit him and then it's logic if he says so, doesn't have to be anymore drama than that. It could perhaps work with him as the central CB and Mings getting the CLB position, but as I would like our RCB and LCB to go forward more it would require that the CB can cover that space and needs to be quick, which Engels isn't. It's a pitty really, I like him, he is good at reading the game, good in the air, good passer, but we need to play with a low line for him not to get exposed. I just can't really see where he fits in long term
  7. Why would we be happy to see our only back up LB, who has PL experience, have been solid and played a role in us getting promoted, leave? We would have to spend money on a replacement and that money is better put on a striker imo.
  8. True, like you and others have pointed out his quick passing is quite valuable to relieve pressure and make us keep the ball, didn't think so much of that. Thought he didn't track back enough and left it too much to Nakamba, but If he keeps improving I think he can be very useful.
  9. I really like him, he is a bit raw, he is young and will make some mistakes now and then, but he is one hell of a talent and a player. So comfortable on the ball, solves tight situations and often takes the right decisions. I want to see him go forward even more in games!
  10. Voted him MOTM today, was immense in midfield, our only midfielder who does the defensive work properly and can always be relied on that he will track back, won so many duels but most of all he was making more forward runs than I have seen him do before. A Kanté display today! Keep improving Nakamba!
  11. He is a very good passer and improves by every game, but Luiz is miles ahead of him. Don't really see that he is an upgrade on Hourihane or Lansbury yet either. If he keeps improvning then he could be. But for now I want him to do more defensive work, press more and run more.
  12. What a keeper he is! Not past it at all, the saves he makes are top class, his passing is the best I've seen, comes out and collects crosses, reads the game great and most of all brings so much calm and confidence to the whole team.
  13. YEEEESS YEEESSS YEEESSSS!!!! THAT WAS SOOO ***** GOOD!!!!!!!!! I don't remember the last time I celebrated a goal like that! Konsa I love you! Reina and Nakamba, Grealish and Luiz I love you! I love you all!!!!
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