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  1. Do we only have one more friendly before the season starts? :-S
  2. About Us – Dublin Lions Basketball Club The club is an amalgamation of three local clubs. Lucan Basketball Club which was founded in 1989, Leinster Lions who have been playing as Lions or Rathcoole for several years, and the Junior Section of the old Clondalkin Lakers Club. The Club was formed in the Summer of 2008 with just a handful of teams competing in the 2008-09 season and has since grown in size to one of the biggest clubs inn the country with over 20 teams active in the leagues along with 2 Academies. The Club has had many players make International teams and county teams. We have also had several players receive scholarships from schools in the USA and the UK. One of our Alumni Aidan Igiehon will play this season 2019-202 for Louisiana in the AAC Division 1 college basketball in the USA which is a first for any Irish player. The Club has this season for the first time in it’s history been promoted to the Irish Super League as a result from a huge effort by all of the players, coaching staff and many others. A special thanks to the team sponsors Abbey Seals without whom we would not have been in the position we are now. We look forward to a great season Your in Sport Paul Molloy – Chairman. #GoLions D
  3. That's actually quite logic, the more time that passes by with out him leaving, the greater chance that he is staying.
  4. Bloody hell 10 years ago, wasn't that when they nicked Milner from us and we got Stephen Ireland instead? You get out again!
  5. You make him sound like he is a has been on decline, he was integral in the Chelsea team under Lampard, it's only the last half a season under Tuchel that he hasn't played much, and is two years younger than Watkins. I'm with you on the price tag. £30-40M is a lot of money, and I'm not sure we can spend that on a back up-player. The market under the pandemic is a bit strange, but I'm not sure who would be better value for money? I guess if we got Abraham in we should loan out Wesley, and then see if we can get as much back as possible (or he improves and can contribute). Wesley and Abraham on the bench meaning we have £50-60M value of strikers on the bench doesn't seem plausible.
  6. Yes, and didn't he fit in like hand in glove to our system when he played for us? That was under Dean Smith too obviously.
  7. Haha yes and some short cameos at Man U (but would like to underline my "would prefer someone even better")!
  8. I thought his all round game was excellent in his season for us.
  9. And I also want us to sign Sander Berge as our midfield marchall!
  10. I was going on about it last season and feel it is even more pressing now, we need another CB! And I'm worried about the lack of links to one. have we heard about anyone else than Tuanzebe, and that can as well be old lazy links. I was really surprised that Mings played almost every game last season. I don't expect him to do that this season and especially after the congested schedule last season and the Euros. Hause was better than expected but we cant count on him other than coming in the odd game or in the cups. We desperately need cover for Mings and Konsa, if one of them get a lengthy injury it could derail our whole season. And they wont be able to be in top form or avoid suspensions during the whole season anyway. I'd like us to bring in two CB:s, one older head (Cahill?) and one who can really compete with Konsa and Mings, preferably who is also one for the future. I wouldn't mind having Tuanzebe back, but would prefer someone even better.
  11. I would love us to sign him, and wouldn't mind us splashing £30M on him. I think he is a complete player, there are several areas that he can improve on, and given he is only 23 I'm sure he will. I think we need another proven goal scorer, Watkins can't play all games next season and needs competition. They can also work together in some games, Watkins playing out wide or Tammy dropping to the nr 10 role. I think it was Grealish who said that Tammy had the best technique and ball control in the squad when he was here, or most difficult to take the ball from with his long lanky legs or something like that. He has got really good ball control and technique, especially for being such a tall player. He is a very intelligent footballer and makes great runs, hence why he get into so many opportunities to score and consequently scores quite a lot. He had a great understanding with Jack and the other ballers in the squad. He perhaps misses some, but he has a great scoring record and it is that ability to get into the right positions that is most important. He is very tall and can develop his heading even more, he is already great to have at defending corners. He can improve as a target player, but has all the attributes to be really good at it. It's also increadible that he is only 23, feels like he has been around for ages, and has constantly scored goals. A question mark is why Tuchel doesn't play him, but most probably he simply doesn't fit the style of play, Tuchel seems to often play without an out and out forward, neither did for example Giroud get many chances under Tuchel.
  12. And even more amusing they had both Ross Barkley AND Danny Drinkwater coming on in the second half!
  13. So enough about Grealish, how is the situation with Grillitsch?
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