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  1. Would be interesting to see Mings reaction to that
  2. Yes at least against the top half teams, and especially without Jack
  3. Boy was I scared seeing him coming on, but fair to him he had a good game, can't fault him for the goals, quite good kicking with both feet. And he didn't have that frightend face that he usually has!
  4. I can understand he didn't want to make even more changes having been forced to leave out Heaton, Grealish and Engels. But I still think he needs to rotate more, it's not just about the stats how much the players run, it's also the mental tiredness of playing too much. Away to Wolves in cold dark November would be a perfect game for a seasoned Irishman like Hourihane. Both McGinn and Nakamba has showed signs of tiredness and dipping performances of late, I think he must play the likes of Hourihane and Lansbury on theese occations. I also think it was a mistake to play Guilbert instead of Elmohamady. We already had a new player in Konza in defence and had to change keeper, we would have needed some more stability and the experience of Elmohamady, Guilbert was woeful in the first half. It's also a bit too adventurous with the 4-3-3 away, as I said before the game I think we should ahve played with two holding midfielders.
  5. Needs a rest, hope he doesn't get to play during the international break.
  6. He was poor yesterday, and it didn't help that he was isolated up top. DS said after the first games that we needed to have players further up the pitch to get closer to him, one of the reasons why Jack was pushed forward. But now it was back to leaving him alone up top, and he is not yet good enough in his hold up play to help us out in this type of game. We should bring in someone like Crouch as a manager and teach him how to be a proper target man.
  7. I don't think we should be too harsch on him, he showed why he has massive potential with some of his passing yesterday. He was the only one I thought could make a match winning pass or create something yesterday. His lame attempt towards Adama shows why I have constantly said he should be the holding midfielder. Had he been playing that role he wouldn't have been exposed in that way, it would have been Nakamba who is a stronger runner. Luiz isn't particularly fast, so I don't think he is suited to the McGinn role. In the holding mf role he get more one on one battles in tight situations, at that I think he has shown that he is really good, often wins the ball and is strong. In the holding role his exquisite passing comes to it's best as well, our build up play should regularly go via him and not Nakamba, Nakamba is more of a safe ordinary passer, like Hourihane or say Westwood going back further. Luiz with his passing can take our build up play to another level and can contribute to us keeping the ball, gaining possession. In the McGinn role he doesn't get the ball as much and gets exposed more. I want Luiz ans the holding general dictating play and McGinn and Nakamba on either side running and chasing all game long.
  8. do we know for how long he's out?
  9. I thought he was the only positive yesterday, voted him motm. Good on the ball and often spotted danger, throwing himself in front of the ball to block shots on a couple of occations. He could have done better on their second goal, but can't call it a mistake. He looks very calm and composed, seems to read the game well and often pops up in the right places, seems to solve situations well without panicking. It's almost scary how similar his playing style is to what we saw from Tuanzebe, but I think Konza seems to have even greater potential, at least when it comes to distribution.
  10. So we now have two Brazilian internationals in our team? Considering where we have been over the last few years that takes some time to sink in.
  11. Is this true?! Absolutely fantastic! He seems to be someone who perhaps more than others needs confidence, this will give him a massive boost! I must admit that I have so far not really come to grips with if I think he has great technique or if he looks a bit fumbly with the ball at his feet, but getting called up to the full Brazil squad isn't to play with , with their tradition, samba style football and plenthora of good players, it's an amazing achievement! On top of that his value must have gone up a step now as well. Hopefully he will impress and get some minutes as well.
  12. I'd like to have Luiz as our holding midfielder, I think it would contribute more to our passing and possession. He wants the ball all the time and is exceptional in keeping it and finding passes. I think Nakamba is more mobile and has a better engine, so he could play the McGinn role but to the left of Luiz, I'd like to see more what Nakamba can do attacking wise as well, he seems to have a trick in him and is good with the ball. Alternatively I'd try having both Nakamba and Luiz as holding midfielders when we play away.
  13. I have always had a sweet spot for Southgate, despite leaving us for Middlesbrough. But now he must have gone mad. He says he sees Jack as a winger, and then says he is behind Hudson-Odoi, who has 2 starts in the league this season. Madness.
  14. Agree, you have put yourself in a good position for my poster of the season award
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