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  1. As I said in another thread, when I watched Brentford -WBA at Griffin Park Benrahma was the one who stood out. WBA had imo almost a Premier League class defence and Benrahma was a menence down the left all game, got the sense that something could happen everytime he got the ball or had space down the left. Looked a bit short, but compact and strong and full of running. On the contrary Maupay, who I watched a bit extra as we were linked with him, was anonymous the whole game, completely silenced byt the WBA back three.
  2. Almost too good to be true. Could it be that we made that bid earlier in the window, Brentford declined and said £20M was the asking price, we moved on to Trezeguet, and now Benrahma is trying to force to move - but too late as we are closing in on Trezeguet instead? L'Equipe was at least a couple of years ago a reliable paper, but they only say what Benrahma hopes, not what Brentford thinks, and that's most important.
  3. Savo is all smiles, didn't he escape military service or something like that with the move to us? Given his nationality and the wars in the Balkans it was a bit of a provocative picture that.
  4. I have only seen him play on a couple occations, against us for Forest and some short stints for us so I wouldn't be too sure of my opinion on him, and I almost always agree with your assesments of our players, so you are probably right. Having had to see the likes of Bacuna, Sylla and others over the last years he strikes me as a gifted footballer who knows how to pass the ball. Is it his ability in general or his attitude (or both/something else) that makes you not rate him?
  5. Is it only me or is the badge placed sligthly too high up on the shirt? Compred to last seasons kit it looks like the space between the top left edge of the badge and the collar is much shorter. Imagine the players clapping the badge after having scored, they would risk punching themselves on the throat by the look of it!
  6. A bit harsh imo, I think he is a very good passer, has good vision, seldom gives the ball away, finds good solutions and overall seems to be a very intelligent footballer. What makes be doubt, beside his injury record, is that he doesn't seem to run and move enough for our midfield and seems a bit slow. On top of that he makes the impression of being a bit big headed and arrogant. Like he wants to stand in the middle and have the ball all the time and then let his team mates do the running. I had some hopes of him playing as the DCM, his second half against Swansea in January in that position was really good. I think attacking wise that would suit him perfect, dictating play, letting us keep the ball and spreading passes. What makes me a bit worried playing him in that position is that I'm not sure he would be good enough defensively, or even bother doing that job properly. Having said that, he's probably not worse than Hourihane defensively. I have some difficulties seeing him play in the other central MF positions as I think the way we want to play now it requires someone with a higher work rate and who is more mobile, although he did get his fair share of goals at Forest. Anyway I hope he stays injury free and works hard so we can see if he can live up to what at least I see as a talented footballer.
  7. I feel quite confident with him and Elmo competing for the RB spot. I think Elmo is an intelligent and reliable player, got a good cross as well. Guilbert looks to be full of running and potential, hope his tactical awearness is good as well, very promising nevertheless.
  8. Haha why not? if he is fit I'd pair Chester with Mings as first choice at the beginning of the season. During the season I expect Konsa to take over that place.
  9. I'm looking forward to seeing more of his passing and him driving forward. The two halves I've seen him so far he has most of the times just made the simple safe pass to the other CB or to the RB. Perhaps he is just buliding up his confidence. He has looked solid and assured, but would like to see him pick out forward passes more.
  10. I'm also looking forward to seeing him play. I wonder why he didn't get any minutes today. As the season is only threee weeks away and Engels is new to the league I guess he wont be first choice together with Mings. If so it's about time he gets some minutes on the pitch. If Chester is fit enough I would pair him with Mings as the first choice CB:s. I'd have Konsa as third choice and then Engels and House depending on how good Engels is.
  11. Yes! It was that pass that made me think wow he really has it. It's the passes almost only Jack makes for us.
  12. He is a proper baller isn't he? Looks like Grealish like to play with him, they seem to connect well. A bit like Gil but tactically aware, makes the defensive work and takes the right decisions. What a bargain he seems to be!
  13. He has good technique and ball control for being such a big lad, and is strong as well. But the more I see of him the more I doubt he is overall good enough for where we want to be in the Premier League. I think he should get a couple of games coming on from the bench and starting the odd cup game during the fall to raise his value, then loan him out to a Championship club in the January transfer window and then hopefully we can get £4-5M for him next summer. Happy to be proven wrong and for him to develop further though!
  14. Never understood this link. Why would we develop another teams player? He is too young and raw to go in and make a difference for us right away. We would just spend our time and money to develop him. Young players needs game time, letting them make mistakes and have patience with them. If he is as good as reported, the Chelsea would just take him back after we had made him a proper player. No logic in this. If Chelsea payed us lots of money for it I would make sense for us, but that's not probable.

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