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  1. I think the curious case of Conor Hourihane is simply that he is on the level that he can perform against lower table PL teams, but not against the better teams. Everton and Arsenal are good chances for him to prove us wrong.
  2. He is not that bad with his feet imo, has quite a good sweet left foot at times, sometimes he looks clumsy on the ball but somethimes he shows some good skills both on the ball and in his passing. Imo there are more severe problems, his positioning is not good at all, he doesn't spot danger, he doesn't show any natural defensive instincts, never throws his body on the ground to cover shots, often jogs back calmly in situations where a natural defender would rush back. He is often second to the ball, except for headers. He simply lacks the understanding and reading of the game that is required and does not do the basics good enough. To that comes the lapses in concentration and the constant howlers. His last two games were the best I've seen from him, but he is still an accident waiting to happen and brings nervousness to the defence. Still hope he can improve but I have almost given up on that...
  3. I think they analysed our games during the break and found out that we let in all too many goals on corners and crosses and decided to go with Hause as he is good at winning headers, placing Konsa at right back to give us even more stability at the back.
  4. Did a good job holding the fort outside the bench today.
  5. I like the way Dean Smith(?) screams "Dougie! Dougie!" all the time urging our players to pass it to Luiz. It's a great nickname, Dougie! Dougie!
  6. Was terrific today, the Mings of last season was back when we needed it the most, continue like this for the last three games now.
  7. Very near scoring a hattrick. He is doing av very good job defensively as well. I think he is an intelligent player, but looks like he is used to a lower level where he can run past players more easily, in the PL he comes up against better players and he can't do the same tricks he did in Turkey,. Hope he can beef up a bit and kick on. No doubt he is scoring important goals for us.
  8. That's the spirit! We are back in it!! Fully deserved win and marginals went our way this time.
  9. Wonderful Trez! Some big pieces of humble pie to be handed out in this thread, I'll take a bite myself. #supportourplayers
  10. So this is the most important game of the season, last chance, like the Webley final last season. It will be very interesting to see the attitude of our players, who are up for it and not, who wants to be here next season and who wants to leave.
  11. Agree there was a really good player in there in Kodjia, before his injury I thought he was a class above the Championship, full international and scored some lovley goals. After his injury however he never seemed to really come back into form. Don't know if it was a case of him simply not being able of coming back because of the injury or if it was him not having the right character.
  12. Butland, Allen and Ince I agree are really good at that level, but the rest I'm not so sure. West Brom managed to keep many good players and also did well with their new signings, hope we can repeat that if we go down.
  13. True, the injuries we have had has showed how vulnerable that would have been. We probably didn't have much other choice than doing it this way, also made sense to try and resign as many players as possible, sign players who knew DS and the style of play and players fitting into the system. A stark contrast to the previous regime with for example signing more right backs than we needed and leave us with one regular CB.
  14. Fully agree, also hard to see Luiz in the Championship. The rest of the squad would imo be the best in the Championship and if we can keep most of the squad intact agree they would romp the league. I also understand the reasoning with bringing in the players and that we had to go for foreign ones because of the wages. Imo all our signings are good players who can succeed, even in the PL. In hindsight though I would probably have preferred five £25M players and a couple of loans and freebees instead.
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