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  1. I'm very happy with this team selection!
  2. First own goal, make it look like it was a mistake and play that you regret it, second own goal look confused, third own goal run over and celebrate with the villa players. You can do it Marc!
  3. Come on Albrighton show us where your true loyality lies and score a couple of own goals now!
  4. Can't believe how high up in the air Southgate is in that picture, must be the angel of the photo or something? btw - best thread in ages!
  5. Yep, it's something fishy about those ducks...
  6. It either says quack quack or it doesn't?
  7. The only positive with yesterday was that we abandoned the 3-4-3, hope we stick to the 4-3-3 from now on. It was good trying 3-4-3 away to Burnely, and we need to be able to play different formations at times, but it hasn't worked out better for us than 4-3-3. We are still letting in soft goals and we loose much of our attacking threat.
  8. So you actually do have an opinion on the Aston Villa women's team then and wish them the best of luck that's good! UTV!
  9. I think it looks like a shrewd signing, I wasn't too fond of us splashing £30M on a striker even if we had it, it would disrupt the long term planning and would make Samatta second choice. I think it's smart to bring in Samatta as first choice, have Wesley who comes back next season and then bring in someone as a cover. If Barton doesn't play a game for us I bet he wont make a big fuss of it. Looks like he is good enough to be able to contribute as back up. Risk free with the short term contract. Very smart both short term and long term. Samatta is our main man now and we should give him the opportunity to show it. Baston on the bench ready to contribute when needed.
  10. Calm down a bit buddy, we are all Villa fans here. Of course you may have your opinion on if Wesley can jump or not, but if you have a dig towards a player and put it in a sarcastic manner others have their full right to react on it. As this thread has gone a bit rouge when it comes to abuse, expect more reactions when having a dig. When it comes to jumping and heading my take on it is that Wesley is probably better in the sense that he would win more headers than Samatta, for example Wesley was deployed in the Tammy position defending corners, I'm not sure if Samatta was played there. Of the little that I've seen of Samatta he looks like a great goal scorer, with great timing and a good leap, I would expect him to score more headed goals than Wesley, but mostly because of his timing and general goal scoring instincts. When it comes to "jumping" or winning headers I think Wesley is probably better, both because he is much taller and stronger and because he seems perfectly ok when it comes to jumping (and not having defenders climbing on his back).
  11. It feels a bit risky to let him go, if we continue to play three at the back we are only one injury or suspension away from not having any cover at all. I guess we have a recall clause so we can call him back if we need. Otherwise it would be irresponsible. All the best to Chester, will miss him much, such a role model and top top professional. We need people like him in the dressing room. But of course he needs to play, we owe him this for all he has done for us. One of favourite Villa defenders.
  12. Haha thought this was a joke, he really doesn't want to come back to Villa does he?
  13. Fantastic! He is improving, think he is better suited to play in a mid two than as the holding midfielder in a mid three, I've kept saying that if we play a mid three Luiz should be the holding mf and he one of the two box to box, but must say that playing in a mid two probably suits him best. He still contributes so much defensively but also has a good engine to go forward and really can pcik out a pass. As the holdin mf he gets a bit stressed with the ball, when he carries it further up the pitch he is more comfortable with the passing. Just need to up his game one more level and start taking shots at goal and get in the box and then he will be truly Marvelous!
  14. That goal was probably worth the fee we payed for him!
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