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  1. Not sure if it's that weird actually. The lockdown and the circumstances during that period affected people in differents ways. Could say it was a kind of massive psychological experiment, many coped fine, but some got mental problems from it. I guess just having arrived in a new country, trying to settle in, didn't help. Don't know if he had family with him or lives alone. I have absolutely no idea if the lockdown affected Samatta in any way, but he was sure worse afterwards. Could also be as easy as he lost his match fitness and didn't have proper opportunities to keep fit in the same way during the lockdown.
  2. Agree, I rate Jota highly. I'm very glad to see Wolves lose him, it will be very difficult for them to replace him. I hope Wolves decline. There is something very fishy going on at Wolves with Fosun and Mendes spinning money around.
  3. I think Engels was somewhat of an odd signing. If true that he was scouted at Brentford, he was scouted for a mid table Championship team with the hope of developing him. Not the ready made Premier League CB we needed or still need. There was also some doubts, not really rated at international level, went to Greece but didn't play much, then on loan to a mid table French team and did ok. Although being tall he looked very thin with question marks over how he would cope in the PL or if his body would cope with a PL season. When he has played for us I think he has looked like a very intelligent player, reading the game well, good positioning and good passing. He didn't seem to be bullied the way I had feared either. Problem is he is slow on the turn and with the mistakes he did it's a question mark over how well he adapts to the pace and intensity. Would be interesting to know if something has been going on behind the scenes that we dont't know, something doesn't sit right. Could be as easy as that he is injury prone and doesn't come back to full fitness before the next injury comes along. Anyhow we need a new reliable PL standard CB.
  4. Well they speak German as well, but it's not really relevant as most people speak English and most probably Wesley spoke English to communicate there. He English was not terrible at all. He English was fully ok in the interviews he gave when he arrived. And by fully ok I mean that you could notice that he actually understood the question and could give a reasoned answer.
  5. I'm still a bit worried about Abu Dhabi FC activating the buy back clause on the last day of the window, then we are in big trouble. But they wouldn't do that would they? I mean it would case so much bad blood and be held against them in future dealings with other clubs.
  6. Yes and L'Equipe has lost it's credibility, who can we trust now!?!
  7. I'd say Wesley is more attractive than Tammy, real man there Wesley. Falls over like a little girl at times though.
  8. I've held L'Equipe as the perhaps most reliable football paper there is, pure quality, interesting to see if they are right or have declined!
  9. No problem, yeah a bit too sensitive there perhaps I get you. If DS and the management team who see him in training everyday has decided that he isn't good enough then so be it. If we are bringing in one more forward and when Wes comes back he'll be fourth choice if not fifth. I don't like the idea of us signing a player and then shipping him out after half a year. It's a commitment signing a player, he was doing great and was loved at his previous club and is an icon in his home country, we lure him here, make him move his life and family to another country, then we don't give him a proper chance, decides that he is shit and ships him out. If it's his own wish I'm ok with it, otherwise I don't like it. Some proper poor scouting that.
  10. Ah perhaps paying a bit over top for him is to get the work permit easier?
  11. Heard a dealbreaker is if he can get hold of the traditional German brötchen i Bham or not
  12. I think Ross Barkley has looked like a really good player everytime I've seen him play, but always wondered why he doesn't get more games and often doesn't start the games. Big and strong, looks a bit of a unit, which we need. Can't get my head round if he is good looking or not though, I leave that one for @sir_gary_cahill
  13. Some players have problems with their own fans booing them. Remember Savo spitting towards the Holte (or was it the towards the fans in the North Stand?), he never really come back from that incident did he? And didn't Hourihane get booed last season before the lockdown? He seemed to take it well and came back brilliantly. Better not start off with booing Traoré by the look of it!
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