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  1. I think Leeds has been the best team we have played this season, I fancy them going up directly.
  2. I think he is of the coptic minority in Egypt, and they are usually christian. One can of course be arab and christian as well, and as for nationality Egyptian too. Being coptic I doubt he would define himself as an arab though, but what do I know. Whatever he is or calls himself, I love him. He seems down to earth and humble, seem to have managed his familys wealth in a good way and been successful himself. From the outside he has seemed to have done everything right so far, more than I could ever have hoped of from a new owner. I would do anything I could (which isn't much though) to prevent him being replaced by a generic middle eastern consortium, especially if it has state connections. PSG owners p*** o** with your dirty corrupt blood money and stay away.
  3. El Ghazi! What a game! He took out the Ronaldo in him, created a chance everytime he had the ball and looked like scoring all the time! I was afraid we would suffer from fatigue, but we played with energy and were full of running. Very very pleasing to see that we can play good football even without Jack.
  4. What a class act he is!! His come back came in the precise right time. Like he was never out, or even that he came back even better, even more assured and calm. Did he do everything right today? Can't remember a fault or a bad pass and saved us several times.
  5. May be a blessing in disguise, I thought he looked a bit off it on Saturday and again today, think he may benefit of a rest, he would clearly not be dropped. Didn't deserved either of the cards so I hope the suspension is cut short if that is possible when the red is the outcome of two yeallow, perhaps we can't appeal that?
  6. god I hope he didn't completely exhaust himself for this game, we need you for the rest of the season, we need to give him a rest soon, question is when? Super display once again.
  7. Good stuff Dean! Very good choice to rest a few, rotating Whelan for Hourihane and Adomah for Green, rotating a bit, but not disturbing the rymth of the team. Made very shrewd tactical changes and substitutions to the second half. Rallied his troops through the game. UTV and in Dean we trust!
  8. After I read OBE:s post on page 228 I don't hold any grudges against him. I try to follow the principle of supporting all players who try their best and have a good attitude. The injuries isn't his fault. And him being a bad defender and overrated footballer isn't his fault either. We can't expect players to cancel their contracts by themselves. There should be insurances in these kind of situations, but I guess there isn't and in the end it's just the way it is. Buying players and giving them high wages is a gamble. Micah was a massive gamble and the ones who made the deal are to blame.
  9. Strange goal, strange logo up left.
  10. Dean Smith is actually Dave Smith by birth.
  11. Posted it in the match thread, but what an absolute disgrace their supporters are, continuing to boo Grealish after that incident, it's that kind of behaviour that incourages idiots to do such things. But what a show of mental strength to handle the situation the way he did, continue to captain the team and to go on and score the winner. 23 years old and in my eyes already a legend.
  12. That was one of the best victories I have seen, 3 points and Jack scoring feels very very good!

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