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  1. Suso. Purslow next, but I'm prepared to cut him some slack. Can you blame the players for not being good enough? A few maybe - there have been a lot of individual errors, but there hasn't been a lack of effort. Smith couldn't make a silk purse from a sow's ear but by god he tried.
  2. Watford and West Ham have significantly better players. Imagine us having a striker that scores 4 goals in a game. Or how many more points we'd have with Deeney up front instead of Wesley/Samatta/Davis. Recruitment was wrong in the summer. It was a tough job, done badly. Suso has to go. Smith ain't the issue here.
  3. Playing well again, and robbed by decisions and poor finishing. Dean deserves big credit for getting a poor group of players with no quality strikers competing so well in this league. We need to stick with him, down or not.
  4. I'd chalked this down as a dead cert for Watford anyway tbh. Our fate relies on us beating Palace, West Ham and probably getting a point from elsewhere too. Unlikely, yes, but not impossible.
  5. It's the squad. A whole team of new players, from all over the world, and too many of them not very good. No manager had a worse hand this year and that's why we're struggling. Smith is the best manager we have had for a long time and I hope we stick with him regardless of whether he can miraculously keep us up.
  6. Losers mentality - maybe why he isn't a good competitor on the pitch
  7. I don't think there will be the same sort of restrictions after the summer. Even if the virus comes back, which is likely, most people will have developed immunity, some treatments are likely to have been established, and those vulnerable people who survive this round will have a far less stretched health service to rely on. I really can't see them maintaining the sort of restrictions that we have now - the economic and social cost is massive.
  8. As a Smith fan, I am really hoping for a performance on Saturday. A good result and the return of SJM and suddenly the picture looks very different. If we're as disjointed and defend as poorly as we did against Leicester and Saints then thinks will get very ugly and understandably so.
  9. I'm a big fan of Smith but our inability to defend set pieces is unacceptable and very much on him and his team.
  10. Smith isn't our core issue (IMO) - which is not to say he isn't flawed or doesn't deserve some flak for recent performances. I think he's here for the long run and I'm happy with that - there are some players who really need to step up though. When McGinn returns we should go back to playing 4 at the back. I really believe he'll make a big difference in terms of fight, quality and threat.
  11. I understand what you're saying here but I actually don't think (most of) the individual players are necessarily poor signings. Some haven't worked out (yet) but I don't think any of them are definite duds. I think the reason we signed from these tier 2 European leagues is down to one thing - wages. The interview with Purslow from the fans AGM earlier in the week makes for interesting reading in that respect. Because of FFP, we have been unable to pay big salaries and will still be restricted for another year or two in that regard if we stay up. Which is not to say that recruitment has been all it could have been - it hasn't.
  12. Worst performance I have seen under him today. But I'm still behind the guy. Our position is perilous - but so is, West Ham's, Watford's, Bournemouth's, Brighton's. McGinn back next league game will make a big difference in the worst position on the pitch for us - both in terms of quality and fight. Shame it's against Leiciester but I think that performance today is as bad as you'll see from us this season. It better be.
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