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  1. Great signing. We should be a real handful for teams this term.
  2. His movement and work rate is excellent. Dreadful finishing so far but I think he'll bag a lot of goals in this team. Not dissimilar to Tammy. I hope he can become a bit more clinical - we won't always get as many chances as we have today.
  3. I'd start unchanged too. Pressure on Trez to do something or else the shirt could be gone for some time.
  4. I like Conor - his stats are excellent - but agree that his all round game is not such that he should be starting every week.
  5. Great news! I really like him. Needs to add goals but there's a player in there. Defences don't like him that's for sure.
  6. Agree I think Loftus is more what we need. Loan with a buy option would be good. Needs to stay fit though.
  7. I rate El Ghazi as a squad option. He can produce quality from the flanks. Not a starter though and realistically he's 4th/5th choice if Bert and Rash get done (depending on where Jack plays).
  8. We're going to need to let players go to comply with squad limits - keeping 7 players in each position isn't an option.
  9. Even still, given the formation we play, and assuming Bert and Rash get over the line, I think we have enough.
  10. + Wesley to come back, Traore and Rashica can play up front, young Barry in reserve if really needed. We only play one up front, that's plenty of options.
  11. No reason whatsoever to believe that isn't BS. Barkley would be decent mind, as would Loftus Cheek.
  12. Heaton is a quality goalkeeper. The competition between them should be v healthy. It will be Martinez shirt to lose though given the injury. Steer is also a very strong option as a #3.
  13. I do put some stock in statistics. It's not the whole picture but I'm encouraged by these posts. Wesley and Samatta were flagged as poor signings by the stats and it was borne out. However Trezeguets stats were excellent (in a far weaker league than Ligue 1 of course). Look forward to seeing him play.
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