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  1. 100% worth it. Completely irreplaceable for us. Players will want to come to Villa just to play with him. I think we get CL within the next 2 seasons if he stays.
  2. Thought he was better today tbh. Doesn't work hard enough without the ball but he made a good contribution on it today.
  3. Great game today I thought. Looking another v astute signing.
  4. Not massively surprised Luiz has been dropped - he's struggled to impose himself recently. I personally don't rate Nakamba - but he had a good game last time out. Hopefully Barkley has been told his place is on the line.
  5. Would be tempted to play 433 for this one - Luis with McGinn and Sanson and Traore back left.
  6. Very much doubt he'll be better than McGinn - think we shouldn't expect too much too soon.
  7. Think he's scored more with his right than left! The one footedness matters less with Cash and other bombing on the outside of him. Starting to look really good isn't he
  8. Good game today - although under zero pressure from Newcastle. He's less impressive on the ball when pressed but certainly did a job tonight.
  9. Much love for Conor. A bit lightweight for the Premier League - especially top half where we aspire to be - but he's been a good servant and will have a legacy of promotion, great goals and fantastic stats.
  10. Well on his way to club legend status. My favourite Villa manager in 25 years supporting the club.
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