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  1. Definite BS. I imagine we'll be in for a young LB next summer to push Targett though.
  2. Smith has already said there will be times when they don't both start (Ings and Watkins).
  3. I don't think Traore would be good on the left at all. No reason Buendia couldn't do it though IMO. He's hardly a typical winger anyway, and is both footed, preferring his right.
  4. I've been pleased with Ings albeit like everyone he wasn't great today. But it's time for a formation change and he doesn't get in ahead of Ollie up top.
  5. Maybe. You could also play Buendia there. Bidace is pushing hard for more involvement too. Hopefully Bailey makes it but I just don't think 352 works against teams that sit and counter, our full backs get caught too high too often and we lack real creativity.
  6. I don't think it's the best formation against teams that sit back. It definitely has a role for us this season but against Wolves we should go back to 4 at the back.
  7. Showed his limitations today. Was right to start him after United but unfortunately he's a bit cumbersome and there's a reason he's 4th choice.
  8. The most boring part will be your posts.
  9. Well, you'd have to say the 352 worked well when we played sides that came at us (Chelsea, United), it wasn't great for an hour against Everton but they were poor and when we scored we ran riot. Today, with Spurs sitting back, it just didn't work. Poor individual performances didn't help but we didn't really look like we had the discipline and were constantly caught out at the back. Time to go back to 4 at the back with wingers - which sadly probably means Ings on the bench, but we can't start them all. Hopefully Bailey is back but even if he isn't I'd still go 433/4231.
  10. Awful. No fluidity, only player that wasn't off colour was the keeper.
  11. This is awful - make a change before it's 2 Deano.
  12. Ramsey is having a mare. Need Buendia on and get some control further up the pitch .
  13. As poor as we've been since first game of the season so far. Need to step it up.
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