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  1. I've also heard these whispers about Hughes - not sure how true they are but he's likely to be available as only one year left. My Watford supporting mate rates him highly, especially since he has moved to a deeper role. It's not a 'worldie' signing but if we're paying Jack £200k and the trade off is Hughes rather than (e.g.) Bissouma I'm totally happy with that.
  2. I can see there's potential to upgrade, but given the season is only 3 weeks away he'll probably be first choice alongside Ginny and could make himself a fixture. Would be a risk to sell unless we know we've got a very strong replacement lined up .
  3. I haven't read the article, I am only relying on your summary. My issues with that table are not only associated with Villa. I obviously don't know their methods and inputs but would be very surprised if the table looks like that by the end of the season.
  4. Shame he's not fit yet. He could be a crucial part of the side but could do with pre season to give him the best possible chance.
  5. Not a chance in hell did they predict Leicester would win the title before that season started. Would love to also see a list of their failures. That list looks like total bollocks to me in various respects.
  6. I've really liked the other two Kappa home kits but yeah, this one isn't great. Oh well. We'll qualify for the Champions League in it this year and have a nice shiny new one to show off around Europe in 2022/23.
  7. My strong prediction is it will be the leaked one and it will look loads better on our players with professional photography.
  8. If you're City watching this tournament you're not spending 150m on Kane vs Grealish. I really hope it doesn't happen but Jack is truly one of the worlds best and showed it again tonight. Such impact. Villa since 6. Pride pride pride.
  9. Good player but a massive fee for a sub seems unwise
  10. Smith has one of the most exciting briefs in English football at present - restoring his boyhood club to former glories - with a patient, cash rich board, and a hugely promising young team. He'd be mad to leave - even for England. I think that opportunity could be there for him in the future if he wants it, but let's see how the next few years go. I think they are going to be a lot of fun.
  11. Looks like he would be back up for Watkins as well as an option out wide. Can't say I know much about him but I trust the recruitment team to get it right. Oh and he has 85 potential on Fifa...
  12. Yes you'd think there would be a few more incoming. We've lost Heaton, Taylor, Engels, Elmo and Barkley from last years match day squad - and in addition Trez is injured long term. I think Young replaces Taylor, Buendia Barkley, and perhaps Fred Elmo. Another CB is all but guaranteed, and I would expect another mid and forward - probably with at least one of Wes or Davis heading out on loan or full time. I have a feeling we'll give Steer the chance at no.2.
  13. Is it laughable? This Brazil side is nothing special and he's not a regular. He's a good talent but doesn't quite fit what the team needs in his position in my opinion.
  14. Doug going to the Olympics and I think he might find it hard work to win his shirt back. Could be a more peripheral figure next season if Sanson or Nakamba step up. Would love us to sign a world beater in that critical position but feels like the numbers aren't quite going to work for it - unless the Roma rumours are true...
  15. Can't go too far wrong on a one-year deal. Welcome back Ash!
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