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  1. More people deciding we should sell Jack because the media want us to
  2. This place is mental. People are really taking some twitter talk as more revealing than Jack himself posting a fingers to ears?
  3. a-k

    Douglas Luiz

    Looks like the attacker's left foot hits Dougie's knee...isn't that the second time now that has happened, also with the Pogba penalty? Doug really needs to learn his lesson by now....
  4. Lil wrecklace spelling they're
  5. Just reading that Everton are looking to raise funds and may need to offload James Rodriguez... I know he is 30 now and struggled with injury last season, but the class is there and surely will have a fire lit under him after missing the Copa America squad. Probably doesn't fit into our long-term plans but I wouldn't be against a cheeky bid, and probably may not even be 20mil as he only had a two-year deal with Everton.
  6. Were you not Abel to spell Cain?
  7. a-k

    Dean Smith

    If Deano was manager, we could have had seven Villa starters for England today. Jack Watkins the back four and Ross Barkley
  8. a-k

    Dean Smith

  9. It also sets my night up for a win. Put me to sleep after 20 minutes for a nice nap until Jack came on. Now I'm full of life again.
  10. It shows the poor quality of the manager, playing players out of position to fit his system rather than creating system(s) built around the players.
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