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  1. Yep...Werner out, Calvert-Lewin in, and we already know who gets the hat-trick next week...
  2. Listed as only 75% chance with a knock...
  3. a-k

    Ross Barkley

    Have you seen this guy play so far this season?
  4. This has always been the key for me. If he's that good mates with Nakamba, I'm sure Milot would have been warned that it wouldn't be a Marvelous () idea to troll our fans with those Instagram posts if he had no intention of coming here...
  5. This thread when Rashica is announced after the link goes cold
  6. What are people complaining about? A win, a clean sheet, and good performances from all our new signings, and all of this after being a game behind. Yes, we looked toothless at times, but come on, that was a triple-decker parked bus by one of the most organized teams in the league. Look at their starting XI...would any of them get into ours? The reason they finished so high in the league last year is because of their organization, which was already going to be hard to break down when they didn't have 10 in the box. Let's just be happy about the result!
  7. My guess is that we are looking at multiple players but only have enough in the originally planned budget to spend ££ on one of those (e.g., Rashica). Then, we are trying to loan/sell other players (Samatta, Guilbert, Engels, etc.) to fund other transfers, such as a new CB. That's why we're not looking at shipping out players like Taylor/Elmo, and I mean this from a purely financial level, disregarding their contributions to experience, the dressing room, and on the pitch. We won't get much for them anyways, but they are our back-ups in those positions this season and are off the books n
  8. Hope we get this over the line this week, to help with the pain of having transferred Son out of my fantasy team...
  9. Why do you say that? Only one team yesterday was playing their first PL match of the season...Man U, and they looked off the pace the entire match. I agree, but if Fred is off, then I'd actually being inclined to go with Elmo over Cash. First game of the season, so I'd go with someone who has been there done that than a new signing up to the PL for the first time.
  10. From the BBC’s article on Traoré signing: “Having spent what could be up to £83m this summer, there is not expected to be any further big spending by Villa before the 5 October transfer deadline.”
  11. If not mistaken, Traore left the summer that Rashica came in.
  12. There was a private flight yesterday from Bremen to East Midlands airport. https://flightaware.com/live/flight/JCB1/history/20200915/1003Z/EDDW/EGNX Unfortunately, it was operated by J C Bamford and arrived in Bremen from Stockholm (and prior to that from a place called Trollhattan, which is a quite fitting city name in this situation...)
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