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  1. Oh how I wish I was one of these... https://twitter.com/OfficialFPL/status/1350905923942944768
  2. Not saying we're going to get anything from this game, but to be fair, two of those goals came from corners and the other two were world-class, unstoppable strikes. It's not like they incisively destroyed their backline and passed it into the net four times.
  3. Google search, and then check the leagues they're in so that it seems legit. Would be pretty coincidental for there to be a small league with a Matt Targett, a John McGinn, a Hourihane, etc. but them all to be name doppelgangers of our players!
  4. Well, he sold Jack the week before it and had Watkins on the bench for the Liverpool match, so maybe he's on to something here. Targett made the transfers on the 13th...the fixture changes only came out the next day, so maybe he figured the Everton match was off and it wouldn't be a double gameweek...Hourihane kept Jack in the starting line-up!
  5. First half: 10 shots, 1 on target, 8 offsides Commentary: Tyler with Neville AND Carragher Studio: Souness, Keane, Micah Everything about this match is
  6. a-k

    Matty Cash

    Lewandowski when he sees an incoming cross from Cash
  7. The question should not be "where was VAR", it should be "how on earth does the ref give a red for that in the first place". VAR shouldn't be needed for instances like this because the ref has no business even sending the player off. Yes, if the ref is giving a red for that then VAR is needed to overturn it, but that's not the point I'm getting at here. Ref quality is so poor these days. There was even one yesterday in the (Chelsea?) match...ball went out of play literally two yards from the lino, and he was just staring at the ref waiting for him to make the decision on who it touched last.
  8. I know, but the way he said it was if that was the only reason
  9. I think they also didn't anticipate it lasting this long, since they probably expected those in authority to have listened to them much sooner.
  10. He thinks the current backlash against him is because it's been personal from day one Gotta respect his level of self-confidence and delusion, though
  11. Herein lies the problem. When referees are giving fouls like that, they can look at a screen all they want and still get the wrong decisions. Ref just gave a FK because Xhaka breathed on Zaha.
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