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  1. a-k

    Douglas Luiz

    Do we know when his buyback clause expires?
  2. a-k

    Joe Bryan

    We heard that about another J.B... Joe Bennett
  3. Or, our own player gets regular games to develop while another (who we don't and won't own) is just used as cover.
  4. a-k

    Keinan Davis

    I would believe that's pretty common of that generation...
  5. Made the Sky Sports Free Agent XI along side names such as van der Wiel, Mandanda, and Ibra.
  6. Flabby flabby flabby flabby agbonlahor, he loves the crack, he loves the cra-aaa-ack
  7. If you moved to a new country (presumably with your family) for a job, to eventually find out they were under false premises and got completely thrown under the bus. Then to find out no one in the club cares, from the owner, CEO, head of recruitment, players, etc (e.g. if the fact that players Remi wanted were not actually contacted), would you not be f***ing pissed off? Not necessarily happy that he's going to cost the club more money but I am damn well with him in being irritated and holding out and trying to get as much as he can.
  8. The board hung him out to dry in January and him continually picking these players is him sticking his middle fingers up at them. These are the players they left him with, you know, the ones who don't give a f*** anymore and continually make mistakes. I agree, I don't think the kids could do any worse, but it's a hostile environment out there right now and not the situation for them to get their feet wet in.
  9. Didn't realize we were playing ourselves.
  10. a-k

    Keinan Davis

    Makes the bench today. 17 year old who we signed on professional terms in December. Anyone know anything about him?!
  11. Fair play to Micah for the chat, but are you really, really trying? Just watched their chance before our goal, where Okore had to get a late foot on it (around 16 mins). Left his man in space and to say he made a half-hearted attempt to get back to him is an understatement. Even if say it wasn't his man, if you see an opponent in on goal you bust your ass to get to him. Maybe you don't reach him, but when you've got a man sprinting at you it adds pressure to the shot.
  12. a-k

    Adama Traore

    Fractures of some small bones don't always show up on x-ray right away. For example, the scaphoid in the wrist may be x-rayed numerous times before it shows a break.
  13. a-k

    Brad Guzan

    As vital as Benteke was in 12/13. His performance against QPR was sensational. Should be in his prime but it's amazing to see the role confidence plays.
  14. I'm waiting until after January to judge Remi. I'm optimistic he knows the squad is weak and not good enough and has just been trying to limit the damage until he gets players in ASAP next month. That, or he was promised money by Randy and won't be given it. Time will tell.
  15. Lescott does not have the legs to play with one day rest, and I wouldn't risk Okore either with his history and just coming off a layoff. What other options does he have?
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