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  1. I am in Bangkok and that winner last night went in around 4.30am.. running around my front room trying not to wake the mrs up! Absolutely massive 3 points. Nakamba man of the match for me, he was everywhere
  2. I too think Jack is a better footballer but he will be hard pushed to have as good a career as Milner has had.
  3. Hiney

    Pepe Reina

    Definitely could have done better with their goal but that save from Maupay in the second half was class and saved us a point
  4. Hiney

    AVTV 2018/9

    Absolutely terrible, video freezing the majority of the game and audio sounded like they were using the same communication system from the moon landings. I complained about the service last time I used it and wastold I'd be refunded, still haven't been. I'll be complaining again
  5. Hiney

    AVTV 2018/9

    Video was fine for me but no commentary for the majority of the second half. It's beyond a joke really
  6. Any news on the injury? Hope it's not a bad one
  7. This thread is priceless, an absolute wankfest relishing in us going into administration to us being the jammiest club in the world ?? it's absolutely glorious https://www.smallheathalliance.com/read.php?1,2528869,page=1
  8. Hiney


    Just got back from a week in Bali. My thoughts, Bali is cool.. a lot bigger than I realised and every area seems different to the next. Kuta is a bit of a dump, basically Magaluf for Australians. We stayed in Seminyak which was still quite built up, but had a better vibe about it. Nice beach, if a little over crowded but had good nightlife. We did a day in Ubud and the surrounding areas which was ace. Felt like being in an Indiana Jones movie or something like that, amazing history and architecture. The highlight for me actually wasn't Bali, but the time we spent on the Gili Islands which are a small set of islands about 1.5 hours off the coast of Bali. Amazing vibe, bit of a hippy feel to it. There's no cars or bikes there so the only way to get around is by bicycle or horse and cart, and has some really nice beaches with beach bars etc. The nightlife is excellent though, loads of beach parties going on through the night. Gili Trawangan is the biggest, but we actually preferred Gili Air
  9. I decided at the start of the season to just buy the games individually as I knew a lot of them would be on TV, or that i wouldn't be able to watch them due to kick off times and the time difference here. I've found the service to be good for the games in which I've paid for. Thankfully all the ones either broadcast on TV at home or internationally are shown on Thai TV so i've been able to watch all of them for free
  10. Less of this PC shit please. It's a light hearted take on the popular "villa, stella, balti" banner given our new Chinese owners! Get a grip
  11. Had high hopes for him and thought he could be a good player for us but seems it's not gonna work out! Probably best to to try and cash in now and get what we can for him and invest in a player that's worthy of the shirt
  12. Spoke to plenty of black and Asian English fans, all encountered no trouble. Ditto this, all actually laughed when i asked if they'd encountered any racist bother.
  13. I spent 5 days over there for the Sweden match and the locals were absolutely spot on. The level of English over there is quite poor but they're so accommodating and the girls are without doubt the hottest i've ever encountered anywhere on my travels!
  14. Renewing this week, hopefully be treated to some better football this season!
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