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  • Posts

    • Christian Benteke
      By V01 · Posted
      Didn't even make the bench for Belgium's 3-1 win over Bosnia & Herzegovina, ouch.
    • The Randy Lerner thread
      By avfc1982am · Posted
      I think you make good points however the current situation although very much of Lerner's own doing is also down to massive mismanagement within the footballing side of things. Lerner whether people like it or not has already spent a fortune since he arrived and I believe under the pretences that those spending it knew what they were doing. The club was always going to have to become self sustainable in the long term and we are doing now what should have been done when O'Neil arrived imo- Bring in high quality youth with long term resale value. We didn't and ultimately paid the price with the cutbacks over the last few years after paying high wages for ageing footballers.  It needed to happen though and now with the investment from the sale of tekkers and the delph we are addressing the quality of the squad as a whole. Personally I don't buy into the crap that you have to spend fortunes to remain competitive or build. Or that we need to keep spending thee same net £'s as everyone else. No doubt you need funds however getting in the right manager and coaching staff is just as important.  Most people have been unhappy and like you last season I had enough however Lambert has now gone, Lerner is staying(at least for now), and we as a club, although not spending the amounts as some, have invested very well in the transfer market this summer. We have rid ourselves of the majority of players enjoying a free ride and have players with ambition and points to prove. All the ingredients to move forward as a club again. A cracking summer imo. We have a clean slate to now work with including the fans. New journey's to travel and heroes to build along the way. After the bullshit of the last few years I think we all need a break. A break from negativity! The crowds need to be brought back Villa Park with entertaining football and we need to encourage our team and not cry about net spend.  I also think we are competing with Everton and Sunderland this year and think we will finish above both. 
    • Best of Vine
      By Stevo985 · Posted
      Hey guys!
      The swanky new site enables us to embed Vines. Here's a thread for our favourites  
    • Spurs
      By Zatman · Posted
      Berbatov deal was a disaster and he got ripped off by Fergie and made take Campbell on loan, dont remember the Keane deal as he sold him 6 months earlier and rarely played when he signed him   Levy has now **** up 3 summers in a row at Spurs 
    • Xcom 2
      By Wainy316 · Posted
      Nothing more devastating than losing your ultimate guy with the awesome kill record. Love XCOM.
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