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  • Posts

    • The Randy Lerner thread
      Sounds right - I've heard a few things too - mainly about the potential sale. " up himself, paranoid, very weak mentally and a control freak." Spot on there.
    • New Music 2016
      New Young Thug song played at Kanye West's fashion show. Hopefully it's going to be on SS3  
    • The Rémi Garde thread
      As an aside, I'm never convinced by this.  To me if he  - or anyone else - is really a good Manager (*) they shouldn't need their 'own players', aside from someone to be their man on the inside. Its partly this belief that results in every change of Manager needing a long process of him bedding in, then getting rid of 'not his' players, then acquiring 'his' players who in turn need to be bed in !  By which time people are fed up of things not having improved, so the Manager gets sacked, etc. (*or maybe, more importantly, following on from one !) E.g ; You'll like this one TRO - Tony Barton didn't need his 'own' players !!   (Question ; Is this because (a) the guy BEFORE him was such a good Manager who had chosne well, or (b) because Barton was such a good Manager he had no trouble working with what he had, or (c), because in a way they WERE his players ?) All three ? For me, I am getting close to thinking Garde has done enough to warrant 'a go', though I agree it is to early to decide, and way too early to be anywhere close to being sure. And that is because he is doing it with' NOT' his players..('it' being the apparent forging of some character, desire, way of playing, certainty of style, harder to beat, and some decent football in places)
    • U.S. Politics
      I'm not a fan of the whole 'Europeans mocking Americans' genre of political one-upmanship, so consider this an expression of horror rather than hilarity, and I will note that I found it here (, an American website.  This is Mary Lou Bruner: She's campaigning for the Texas State Board of Education, you know, approving schoolbooks and unimportant shit like what kids get taught at school. She likes to post on Facebook to tell people her opinions: On Dinosaurs 'When the flood waters subsided and rushed to the oceans there was no vegetation on the earth because the earth had been covered with water. It took a while for grass and trees to grow back and the big plant-eating dinosaurs needed lots of vegetation to live. The dinosaurs on the ark may have been babies and not able to reproduce. It might make sense to take the small dinosaurs onto the ark instead of the ones bigger than a bus. After the flood, the few remaining Behemoths and Leviathans may have become extinct because there was not enough vegetation on earth for them to survive to reproductive age. Most of the dinosaur fossils which scientists have found are permanently preserved in positions of great distress as if they were trying to keep their heads above water or above the mud.' On School Shootings ... The school shootings started after government removed the Ten Commandments and the Bible from public school buildings, and disallowed prayer at school and school events. The school shootings started after the schools started teaching evolution is an absolute fact and the classes cannot talk about weaknesses in the Theory of Evolution. The shootings started after the schools started teaching the Constitution of the USA is a flawed document written by selfish aristocrats who were only looking out for their own wealth, The school shootings started after the government started teaching children to feel sorry for themselves if they do not have as much as other children in the school.... On 'The Muslims' 'The Muslims use our own First Amendment against us. Islam is not a religion. Islam is an inhumane totalitarian political ideology with radical religious rules and laws and barbaric punishments for breaking the religious rules. If Islam is a religion it is a cult religion. A group that forces people to join or die is not a real religion. A group that kills people who try to leave the group is not a real religion. A group that disfigures, dismembers, or mutilates bodies as punishment is not a real religion. A group that practices child sexual abuse or forced marriages of small girls to adult men is not a real religion. The USA should ban Islam and stop all immigration. from Muslim countries because Islam’s stated goal is to conquer the USA and kill the infidels (nonbelievers).' Mary Lou Bruner is not an outsider candidate. She's been endorsed by the former chairman of the State Board of Education, amongst others.  Good luck, Texas 
    • Sunderland
      Pretty crazy that he scored against Liverpool in a PL match less than a week ago and is now probably done in professional football for good. I was surprised that Sunderland even let him back in the first place while the whole thing was ongoing.
    • Relegation Thread Version...99?!
      Lets say we won the next 2, on your logic that would mean we are aiming for 4 wins from games including Swansea, Bournemouth and Newcastle - then we might feel as though things are back in our hands to extent (although not really).  What I'm trying to say is back-to-back wins would make a massive difference to us. Sadly I've been saying this since the Newcastle game in December.
    • West Bromwich Albion
      they have had 10 games with one goal or less in it
    • Relegation Thread Version...99?!
      Totally disagree - we need to focus on catching the team above us, and then once we've caught them, focus on the one above etc. We won't need 38 points if everyone else collapses, we just need to get close enough to be in contention, sooner the better.