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  1. Did he really say that? What a massive dick. Look at the attacking players at his disposal tonight and tell me that pretty much any international manager in Europe wouldn’t have given his right nut to have a squad like that to pick from. Utter bollocks. The truth is he’s a failed club manager who’s really lucky to be in that job. He wants to show a bit of humility and learn to manage better. I have no idea what Kalvin Phillips is showing him to get in that team. Let alone the fact that we seem to need 2 defensive midfielders even against mighty San Marino. Kane seems to want to play
  2. I'm by no means an expert but a lot of the rise of the SNP has been attributed to former Labour voters switching to SNP...they basically stole their clothes and wrapped themselves in a saltire to boot. I guess it's possible those left-leaning people might switch back to Labour but I would think a lot of them have made minds up about the independence question and that would make it unlikely in my view. The Tory vote on the other hand has always been pro-union and they've been able to do better in recent times by being a magnet for those of that tribe. Anything to split the main bloc of vot
  3. Interesting to see where they're planning to field candidates. When elections become about a single issue for a lot of people and there's only really one party addressing this it does distort the entire system. If they split the independence vote this can really only be good for the tories *shudder*.
  4. I don't even see this as a white/non-white issue. It's a public vs state school issue, and it's not just limited to the press. You look at all the "elite" professions. Press, Politicians, Boardrooms of major companies, acting, to some degree the music industry, a lot of sport. All massively over represented by public school alumni. It's not just a skin colour thing (although I accept if you aren't white you're double hamstrung), if your parents can afford to get you into the right schools at the right age you're set for life and it's got to change. Unfortunately those with the power to ch
  5. I think the problem here is the double standard rather than the joke itself. It's inarguable that she's been linked to a lot of men (although that doesn't necessarily mean she's been shagging all of them). The answer to that is "so what". She's committed no crime and should feel no shame but her aggressive response suggests that the joke has caught a nerve. There's plenty of men (ironically most of the older men linked to her) who chose not to settle down with a single partner but they aren't subjected to the same level of scrutiny - that's where the sexism lies.
  6. tbf it could just be autocorrect troubles. No matter how many times I try to add "Mings" as a word to my phone it always autocorrects to "Alf Garnett word"
  7. Hate is a bit strong (I don't think I could name 10), but there's a few clubs that if they went to the wall tomorrow I'd be raising a glass... Small Heath - Needs no explanation Millwall - No place for them in the game Leeds - Dirty Cheaters. Man Utd - Growing up in the 90s and seeing all of the plastic fans at school. Hated them. Chelsea - A nothing club before the financial doping. Man City - See above. Real Madrid - Corruption in the extreme. Our clubs get propped up by foreign oligarchs and governments. They get propped up by their own government.
  8. It won't end until these people can't hide behind the mask of anonymity that social media provides. These morons need to be exposed, lose their friends, family and employment. Ultimately the worst of them need to lose their right to walk the street and make to spend some time at her majesty's pleasure. Not sure the taking of the knee is effective beyond being a token gesture although I get that footballers, like the rest of us don't have the power to change anything beyond making these kinds of statements.
  9. Wow, didn't know that. Amazing that they'd legislate to allow (and fund) an ex-president to continue to shout from the sidelines. Especially when he could run again in 4 years - impeachment not withstanding. They're basically paying for him to go on campaign for next time.
  10. I know the question will have been asked many times in relation to Donald Trump...but is this normal? Setting up an "Office of the former president" complete with what looks to a rip off of the presidential seal (is he allowed to use that anymore!?) https://news.sky.com/story/donald-trump-opens-his-office-of-the-former-president-in-florida-12199271
  11. Has anyone watched any of those "Sky Cinema Original" films? Are they as bad as they all appear? The latest one being some contemporary take on Oliver Twist complete with "edgy" street kids, parkour, car chases, and Rita Ora(!?). Looks terrible. I thought Michael Cane was over that period in his career when he used to do bad films for the money. He's surely better than this.
  12. A quick Google tells me DiMatteos record as Villa manager was P12, W1, D7, L4. Admittedly it was a difficult time, we'd just come off the back of being spanked every week in the Premier League and no doubt the confidence was rock bottom. We spent a lot when we went down it's true - although you'd struggle to claim is was wisely spent (McCormack!?). Certainly the pressure of being expected to challenge and that money being spent affected the players. I get you don't think we were bad enough to go down that year and even a managerial dunce like DiMatteo would have equaled or bettered Bruce'
  13. I agree but there could be a lot of reasons why the system he's trying to play isn't working. Maybe the players he has don't fit or haven't bought into it? Maybe they're just shite . I suspect he'll be doing some serious defensive work on the training ground and get a result you don't expect from somewhere. I really disliked him at Villa but saw him as a bit of a necessary evil. We were a complete shitshow under DiMatteo and were in real danger of a Sunderland-style slide to L1. Whether you liked his style or not (and I certainly didn't!) he made sure we consolidated in the division, and
  14. Let's be honest. When you employ managers like Bruce/Allardyce/Pulis you aren't doing it to challenge at the top end of the table or play decent football. He's there to keep Newcastle in the division and do so while spending as little as possible. The easiest and cheapest way to do that is to implement a rigid system and be difficult to beat. When that "goes well" they'll nick points. They'll still have fans complaining about "style" and whatever but as Stoke proved, it's amazing what fans will put up with provided they get results. The moment that changes those managers don't have the "good f
  15. The thing that pisses me off about the whole "he should have cleared it" crap, is we're being punished for trying to do the right thing. Bring the ball down and play out from the back. Hoofing the ball and having it come straight back at you is exactly what teams like City and Liverpool want you to do. To blame Mings for this is wrong in every sense. I don't even blame the letter of the laws as I think it's being misinterpreted. That City player didn't "receive the ball" he tackled Mings to "win" the ball. That's where I think they got it wrong. If Mings had chested it down and passed the
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