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  1. When you're under severe pressure and you've been pictured visibly breaking down, as PM it's time to go. Under normal circumstances I would feel sorry for her, but she's done this to herself with ridiculous red lines that pander to the worst inclinations of her party and those that voted in the referendum based on lies and xenophobia. The quote from Vince Cable where he reported that she'd said "the people voted for pain" sums the woman up for me. If it's true, then she deserves everything she's got and more. Even if it isn't, the 'hostile environment' and "queue jumpers" comments are telling. Running down the clock and taking the country to brink of disaster in order to blackmail parliament to accept a deal that would surely have meant the breakup of the union and systematic destruction of workers rights and environmental protections by the right-wring of the Tory party. Her political epitaph must surely read - "A gutless leader and a nasty human being".
  2. Ah ok. Just googled and he's apparently an "official advisor" to Batten...Disgusting.
  3. Out of interest, how come he's standing as an independent rather than UKIP? Thought he was a member now.
  4. Would probably lean toward that it might be a good thing...Might indicate all the racist pensioners have stayed at home.
  5. https://news.sky.com/story/government-shelves-key-brexit-bill-amid-speculation-over-theresa-mays-future-11726821 In news that will surprise nobody...
  6. You're right. It isn't all about the EU. In the last 10 years we've had a massive recession and austerity that's meant services have been cut to the bone. Combined with a real lack of quality leadership or backbone from politicians where they've blamed all their inadequecies on johnny foreigner and a mythical EU bogeyman that's probably done more for the working classes than the Tories, Lib-Tories and the Labour government before them.
  7. Absolutely. A proper opposition would have immediately pounced on a weak prime minister with half her party and cabinet missing but it seems only the SNP want to talk about it. He's pathetic.
  8. Very strange viewing in the commons. Half the tory party not bothered to show up including the chief whip and half the front bench...
  9. Laughably weak leadership. "These are my principles and if you don't like them I have others..."
  10. Did I hear him having a go at his security? "Complete failure...Should have spotted that a mile away"
  11. I do have a major worry that we're going to see more people by numbers vote for "remain" parties but still end up with Farage's Fascists.
  12. I would probably vote for them too if I felt they'd got a chance... That probably displays a massive problem with our electoral system. We've got far too many left-leaning parties splitting the left vote and not enough right-leaning ones. Ironically that's why we're in this mess...the tories knew that if their right-leaning vote was split they'd lose.
  13. Probably not tbh. I voted Lib Dem once to abolish tuition fees and they actively voted for the opposite. I don't like them and under normal circumstances I wouldn't vote for them, but I want to stay in. You're looking too far ahead IMO.
  14. We can only reform it if we keep our seat at the table. That's the priority for now, reform is a matter for another day.
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