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  1. I'd love to know how they plan to enforce this. It's a truly crazy law trying to close the stable door after the horse has bolted log ago. From a purely 'Brexit' perspective, it's incredibly frustrating when you've tried to educate some people who've fallen for the lies about the EU and you get stuff like this. Not that the EU have a monopoly on stupid law making but you know how this is going to be used by some very prominent throbbers.
  2. There is also the realisation for people on the other side who previousl supported the WA that they might have more to gain than lose if they switch back to voting it down.
  3. The honourable member for the 19th century now indicating he'll back the agreement. It seems the penny has finally dropped he'll get nothing more extreme. I wish someone had seen that coming.
  4. Of course she will. If she doesn't she'd surely have to resign. There seem to be more and more MP's willing to defy and 3-line-whip which in normal times means you're basically resigning the whip but we've already established she's completely toothless.
  5. No Plan at all... Really hope this is taken away from her tonight. She's a pathetic oxygen thief.
  6. It would take a very brave speaker to deny it. Anyway. A lot of the throbbers are going mental over the prospect of indicative votes. You can literally hear them bricking it that they're about to find out just how tiny a minority they really are. Of course they could resign the whip like Soubry and the hard remainers...but they won't because they've always been the biggest cowards in the room.
  7. So how do we think this is going to play out now? I'll say the WA will come back Monday (Bercow will allow as it comes with the extension attached). It'll go down again although I think the ERG (or most of them) will back it. We'll then have indicative votes, but I don't think anyone can have a clue what the outcome of that will be. I reckon it'll be Customs Union + Single Market now.
  8. There's a big discussion that needs to be had around these orders in general.
  9. When I read this yesterday it reminded very much of a scene in Downfall. Where Hitler was knowingly ordering little kids to their death. His inner circle were divided and suddenly Goebbels pipes up with words to the effect of "the people voted for this, they gave us a mandate"
  10. I didn't say they were. It was a joke. Trying to lighten the conversation at a very serious situation but let's not pretend there isn't a foreign government operating a very sophisticated campaign to influence us. Just because it's inconvenient to you doesn't mean it isn't happening.
  11. I've emailed mine (James Morris) as it's fairly quick and easy. He won't listen though as he's considered one of the "rising stars" of the tory party. Looking at his voting record he basically does whatever he's told. Pointless. On a side note, he really really looks like a certain dictator from the 30's and 40's you might have heard of...
  12. Well that depends on your priorities doesn't it really? If it were me in that position it would be... 1. The country (not 'Will of the people') 2. Me - yep, I'm very important to me 3. Party I suspect the PM puts herself as 1, Party 2 and Country a distant 3rd.
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