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  1. That's right, dude. It's all about Marx and Lenin and that we want to take all your hard-earned stuff. Nothing at all to do with the abuse and racism these guys have to take on a daily basis.
  2. They would need to completely detoxify the soil and groundwater first.
  3. At the reported 30m though? (pinch of salt required)
  4. He’s inconsistent sure but his goals and assists stats this year have been ok. He’s certainly better than trez and el ghazi. don’t get me wrong he’s not going to be getting into any top 4 sides and he is one footed but he’s a solid mid table premier league player.
  5. Is Chuk an 8? I see him more as a 10.
  6. Buendia AND Pereira signing in one window!? Don't tease me! I don't think that'll happen now. I'm not sure we should either. We need to leave a path for some of those outstanding youth players, particularly Chukwuemeka to make it to the first team.
  7. Where do we expect him to play? Right side would see Traore drop out. I think it's more likely we'll see him start centre before all hell breaks loose and him Grealish and Traore start the interchanging. It's a mouthwatering propect!
  8. It wasn't meant to. There's a spectrum of outcomes that can't be predicted accurately. The rates of deaths and hospitalisations has come right down but the number of infections is going up and we still don't have any data on how bad those infections are. It's clearly not causing the deaths it was before but how ill are these people getting? Is it enough to lay most people up for days like flu and then your fine (something I think we could all live with) or are these people getting medium/long term breathing issues or long covid? I don't know because I haven't seen any data on it. See
  9. Should it? I know people who got the virus who were doing marathons and wolf runs etc before who now can't walk a mile without needing to sit down. None of them went to hospital.
  10. Nope. This is a desperate action to try to save 21st June. They know it's political suicide to not do it so they'll **** over and lie to whoever they need to to meet that date. We're 100% opening up on 21st regardless even if we have to do an about face a couple of weeks later when they realise they've massively **** up.
  11. The glorious leader is nowhere to be seen after dropping this **** bombshell either. Only wants to be seen when there's good news about.
  12. 100% agree. I thought it was becoming a bit of a tired empty gensture but the moment the fans came back in and started booing I changed immediately. The thing is, when it started there was almost universal praise for what they were doing but you soon started to see in the right wing press and social media lies about BLM being a bunch of communists wanting to pull down the capitalist system. As you said, the irony is that the systems these fools have been brainwashed into holding sacrosanct have failed them utterly but they're too foolish to see it
  13. Careful not to underestimate the Scots. I hear they've got a lad in midfield who's handy.
  14. I wonder if this might have something to do with that squads of yesteryear were made up of a core of Liverpool and Man Utd picks which inevitably led to 2 camps who intensely disliked each other. By picking from a more diverse pool you don’t get that even split.
  15. I don't disagree that in large part this is a situation that the Tories have made worse with pathetic political games because they hate Khan. I don't know about how London's funding arrangements compare to NY or Paris but if the network is majority paid for by fares then it seems that if there are fewer people using services and thus fewer fares then a conversation should be had about, at least temporarily whether there should be less frequent trains or buses? The last thing I want is for people to lose jobs, but at some point an assessment needs to be made if TFL should be running at the
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