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  1. Seems like they're tying themselves up in knots again over whether "only women have a cervix". Not sure why the national debate has degenerated to this kind of level tbh. There's queues at petrol stations and shelves bare but all some of the Labour MP's want to discuss is what genitalia the person in the toilet stall next to them has. They're a shambles.
  2. Yeah I saw his apology on Insta and felt really bad for the guy. Saw that he'd disabled comments too and felt even worse. How bad must the abuse be that they have to do that? The guy doesn't need to apologise for having the balls to step up and take a pen.
  3. Well the government that caused Brexit are going to do everything they can to avoid telling people the truth that a lot of the pain they're experiencing are because of Brexit. I think deep down it's human nature to want to believe you haven't been conned...no one likes to feel like they're stupid, and they aren't because even intelligent people can fall for a con. I feel like a lot of people will choose, subconsciously or not, to believe this has nothing to do with a decision they made 5 years ago. Unfortunately we have to just take the pain and wait for enough of those people to die or have some kind of epiphany that the Tory party are a bunch of posh English nationalist rocket polishers only in it for themselves.
  4. Yep. I know someone who told me they voted for it "to see what would happen". wtf is wrong with people? It's the future of your country not Wagner winning X Factor.
  5. Because the banter that cuts the deepest is always the one with the ring of truth to it.
  6. Amazingly they’re being allowed the negotiate down their own punishment because the EFL want to avoid a lengthy and costly court battle. If they stay up by a couple of points or goal difference someone will kick off big time.
  7. For the right player it's worth doing something like that no question. Is Lingard the right player to elevate to that kind of level? Based on his 4 months at West Ham, I'd say probably. Based on the 4 years or more before that? Definitely not. Lingard would be a huge gamble/leap of faith for me.
  8. Problem with alot of the players at these clubs are the wages he'll be on. To move to a West Ham or a Villa we'd have to make him one of, if not the top earner. Is he worth that? What does that do to the squad harmony if he turns out to be a Stephen Ireland or Micah Richards stealing a living?
  9. Let me guess Didn't see that one coming from a mile away
  10. For me it was getting past the way they were all speaking - the Baltimore slang along with all the street talking. I had to have subtitles on for the first few episodes to make sure I didn't miss anything. I think I've described it before as like going to watch a shakespeare play at the RSC. For the first few minutes you don't have a clue what's going on but then your ear adjusts to their manner of speaking and you're generally fine. Part of it is that by it's nature you're listening to wire tap conversations with people who have Baltimore street accents, but they're also talking in code because they know they might be being listened to. That makes it much worse. You do just have to appreciate the authenticity that went into The Wire, including using genuine Baltimore gang members in pretty major roles (I think Snoop?). It's a show that really never talked down to it's audience with massive exposition dumps and really committed to what it was trying to achieve. Definitely my favourite of all time.
  11. Well that just makes this worse, doesn't it? We've got a proven liar asking for people to pay more and promising it'll go to fix a certain problem. What could possibly go wrong?
  12. Is that really the case though? I'd always thought it was entirely different. Happy to be wrong though. https://www.which.co.uk/money/tax/national-insurance/what-is-national-insurance-a01s79v8uxrp
  13. 1) Income tax is not National Insurance. They're completely different. NI is for access to benefits, state pension and NHS/Social care. It's not for paying for schools and other infrastructure services. 2) Agreed society is too divided but that doesn't mean those "it's just people" haven't played their part. The cost of living has gone up markedly and it's primarily due to a generation that decided to **** us all. Those people will be the primary beneficiaries of this NI increase, that all of working age are now paying for while they've been asked to shoulder no more of the burden. I don't begrudge them getting more money, they didn't make the policy. They did vote in large numbers to put the lying filth in office that did though. 3) Come on, man. We've had years of stagnant wages and austerity due to something very few of us were responsible for. We're all old enough to know the value of money and this characterisation that we're all thinking money grows on trees is just lazy. It's not unreasonable for them to close the tax loopholes that allow large (mainly american) multi nationals to pay **** all in tax or to stop very wealthy (largely) tory donors to avoid paying their fair share by burying their wealth in offshore tax havens before coming after the working man/woman?
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