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  1. I know how the world works...that doesn't mean we have to agree it's how it should work. The league and the clubs don't really care about the players and their families. They'll jump through the hoops the government ask them too in order to be allowed to play/make money but don't kid yourself into thinking this is safe...it isn't. They've done what they can but it's like sending soldiers into battle, they're still going to be getting shot at. This is a massive gamble they're taking with other peoples lives. I really hope the worst doesn't happen and they regret this decision.
  2. And that's what this is all about in a nutshell. If there wasn't as much money in it they'd be far more concerned with the risks to safety. It seems you can put a figure on peoples lives.
  3. Not just the positive tests that are the problem. Presume those that they have come into contact with since the last test need to isolate now?
  4. The problem isn't the people who've got it and are showing symptoms...they'll either get over it or turn up at hospital with two potential outcomes. We need to know an idea on the percentage that have it but show no symptoms and a plan to detect them because those people are going to start getting on tubes and buses infecting other people.
  5. Measuring it isn't an exact science. If the number of infected are decreasing per day it's an indicator that it's below 1 though.
  6. I think this is as unfair as some comments that we only want the season voided so we don't get relegated. Everyone has their own priorities in this and are trying to find a way to have their cake and eat it. Liverpool and their fans feel they've won their first title in 30 years. They want to be given the opportunity to win it properly and preferably they don't want an asterix after it from here until the end of time. We can surely understand that position. We don't want to be relegated by some shady means like PPG or standings given our game in hand and how close we are to getting out of it. They can understand that position too. There's a definite compromise here that they get the title (they'll just have to accept that some will choose to put an asterix after) and no one gets relegated. There's then the small matter of the TV money that everyone has to accept is going to be less. The clubs do have things they can agree on...they want the money.
  7. 1. If all the staff and players are tested then those tests aren't available for the key workers...you know, those people keeping the country running and other people alive. If they can guarantee those people all get a test before footballers then sure. 2. Is it possible to say there would be "literally no chance of infection"? If that were possible we wouldn't have a pandemic at all. My Mrs is pregnant right now and due in July. I'm currently working from home but if my work told me to go in or go to a clients etc right now I'd be telling them no because I won't risk bringing anything home. I expect there will be footballers who have vulnerable people at home too. Is it right to ask them to train and play? How many first team members of a squad is it ok to lose before the integrity of the competition is compromised? What happens when a player ina squad tests positive and the whole squad goes into lockdown for 2 weeks? Is it more than 2 weeks? What about their recent opponents? Do they lock down too? At the end of the day, it's a game. It's worth a lot of money but it's still a game. Any non-essential reason to congregate in numbers is a risk. They can minimise it but they can't rule it out and that makes it irresponsible when everyone else is being told to stay at home.
  8. What if it does? Germany has been widely accepted to have dealt with this the best (or at least one of) of all European countries and we're second only to the US in terms of deaths/infections with hundreds still dying daily...To take a leaf out of Boris's book (shudders), you can't make those comparisons. We're a long way from being in a position to restart. Assuming that the criteria is for our deaths/infections to be at a German level. They're desperate to finish before the contracts all expire and introduce a whole new level of farce. Not to mention the UEFA deadline. Time's running out.
  9. Well the rumours are League 1 and 2 are going to be cancelled and massive doubts Championship will be played at all. They want to at least complete the championship though because it becomes nearly impossible to justify promotion from Baggies and Leeds if they don't.
  10. Genuinely can't wait until football restarts and Liverpool win their first couple of games, get crowned champions and then send their entire first team home/on holiday so the rest of the league becomes a matter of "who can spank the Liverpool kids more"...thats tegridy!
  11. What would you regard as essential diy supplies? Either open it or close it, not this confused crap they seem to be peddling right now.
  12. Has anyone been to B&Q halesowen in recent days? Hardware shops are supposed to be open as regarded as essential. Need to get laminate flooring for the nursery I've been working on (Mrs to drop in next few weeks) and I've been told second hand that they've rearranged their store to block off anything they don't regard as "essential supplies". People stuck in for potentially months and they can't even do a bit of DIY...seems like madness as they're open anyway.
  13. He doesn't want people to die...he just doesn't care if they do.
  14. Listened to Boris and his science guys yesterday and anyone can read between the lines and see what's happening here. Our government are taking a strategy of doing pretty much nothing to combat the spread because they want to develop "herd immunity"... Translation, we're just going to let the elderly and vulnerable suffer/die. There might be some science to it but that's cold, even for the tories. I have another theory though, they've done the sums and decided if they can fix the care crisis by wiping out the elderly and keep everyone else at work earning money that's preferable to the cost of fighting this thing... It wouldn't be at all like tories to be all about money.
  15. I don't think anyone really knows really. We haven't seen anything like this in the modern era (the last 'proper' pandemic being 1918). The rates can't really get any lower so the central banks are running out of road to deal with economic shocks, so if we see issues on the level of 2008 I think we're looking at best at recession and at worst depression. In that case, the rates won't matter too much as people might not have jobs to pay mortgages in any case. I was just trying to lighten the mood that if I still have a job in January my mortgage will at least be cheaper!
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