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  1. Guess it depends on your seat but in mine a vote for either is a wasted vote and just means the Tories could potentially win with ~30% of the popular vote.
  2. I guess a lot of people are surprised by their results. I certainly thought I'd be much more Labour than 15%. We really need a proportional representation system. It can't go on where people are voting for parties they agree with only 15% of the time to prevent the party they agree with (apparently!) 7% of the time getting in.
  3. Disgusted to find that I must have selected at least 1 Tory policy somewhere along the line.
  4. This. Never felt more genteel than an away day at Fulham.
  5. I'm similar to this. I don't want to vote Labour but I honestly don't care who wins out of Labour/LD/Greens as long as the Tories don't win. It's an anti-Tory rather than a Pro-somthing vote which just shows up how pathetic and shoddy our system is. Ironically, I think it was the Brexit National Front Party that made up my mind when they stood down in all Tory seats. Up until that point I had seriously considered Liberal but it's too big a risk now. The right are playing dirty so we all have to get down in the filth and hold our nose when we vote to ensure they don't succeed.They know they're a minority and have been for quite some years. It's only the massive abundance of left and centre left parties that keeps the Tories in power, hence why we're in this state because they were terrified of their base being split with UKIP. On balance I think the country can survive 5 years of Corbyn (even if he got in I don't think he'd be there that long tbh) but it definitely can't survive a no-deal Brexit under that lying rocket polisher.
  6. Still won't confirm how many children he has and why he won't acknowledge them. Normally I don't like these kinds of personal things being brought up but as a bloke with my first child on the way I consider it a question of character as a man. You father a child, you acknowledge them and take care of them. To me it just proves that he can't be trusted to act with integrity.
  7. desensitized43


    I'm suspicious of the numbers they're reporting. If they were truly losing that much money they wouldn't be valued at the level they are and have people climbing over one another to invest. Something stinks. That doesn't comfort me. Why should they be chased and forced in court to pay? I don't have a choice whether to pay my tax or not, it just comes straight out in PAYE and NI. One rule for the plebs and another for massive (mainly American) corporations. Yes, it's a media term but I was mainly referring to the practice of forcing your staff to become "contractors". Adventagous to them as they don't legally have to treat them as proper employees with all the associated rights. Both sides get to avoid paying the tax they should be paying. It's a disgrace. Alot of people are happy to use public services, schools, hospitals, police, fire, roads etc but seem to have an allergy to actually paying into them.
  8. desensitized43


    I'm so conflicted about Uber. I don't like that they're another massive US company that makes loads of money (although they insist they don't, despite $50b valuations) and yet pay no tax to the country. Undoubtedly there are legal and safety issues that they need to be forced to sort out, as they clearly won't voluntarily as that costs money. Not to mention my general distaste for the "gig economy" which I see as nothing more than an attempt by companies to circumvent employment rights. On the other hand, taxi's are way too expensive and I don't earn enough money myself to have morals about such things.
  9. Not even a hint of shame. 80k+ a year but we're all supposed to feel sorry for him while people sleep rough and visit foodbanks. The problem is that these kinds of people think they're being punished.
  10. Probably best not to talk about Andrea leadsom in those terms
  11. ITV were being mischeivous with the question on a number of levels tbf. Corbyn's smirk was acknowledgement of that. Corbyn is a republican, but it's a perfectly legitimate point of view (one I share). He's been on record many times criticising the institution, so his reponse shouldn't come as a great surprise to anyone. The media do like to portray everyone who thinks that way as some sort of raving lunatic/communist though Corbyn may be at least one of those things. The point is though, if you can't criticise an institution that is sheltering someone accused of raping a child, is that a country you want to live in? I took the whole thing to be a serious indicator of Johnson's lack of a moral compass. At the very least he wasn't clever enough to understand the implication of what he was being asked.
  12. The question was if it was fit for purpose. It's pretty clear why they were asking that question. Given all that's happened in the last week it was a loaded question that was obviously referring to Prince Andrew. "beyond reproach" literally means above criticism. Perfect in every way. With recent events you've got to admit that Johnson didn't need to go that far. He's allowed to support the institution as many do but to imply that it's wrong to criticise the institution to which Andrew belongs, that's been accused of the most disgusting crimes and was associating with someone who definitely was. Not to mention his alleged use of the 'N' word. That's shaky ground mate. He's said it purely to play to his base without any consideration for the victims. Disgusting.
  13. For me the most disgusting thing about last night was Johnson's comments on Prince Andrew/The Monarchy being "beyond reproach". So by accident of birth he's allowed to associate with a prolific peadophile and (allegedly) be a willing participent in his disgusting activities. Where does that end? If the royals are allowed to sexually assault children, is he also allowed to murder as well? When you listen to the reaction to the comments from the audience you could hear a noticable pause before a reluctant applause from some people who would likely have clapped regardless of what the lying filth said. He's lost a lot of women voters there. A lot of men as well you'd hope. The ones who care about decency to other human beings and respect for women.
  14. Having been caught up in the "Clegg-mania" of 2010 I felt massively betrayed by the tuition fee broken promise. Not that I'd have benfitted as I had already finished uni by that time so I was using my vote for my younger cousins. I didn't care that much that they worked with Cameron as I regarded him as fairly centre, for a Tory. It was that they didn't use the strong position they were in to demand their key election pledge was fulfilled and then the kick in the teeth was the trebling of the fees they voted for. I generally, even today, like most if not all of the Lib Dem policies but I can't get over what they did. It was unforgivable.
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