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  1. Wasn't sure whether this is "US politics"...I guessed it kindof is now. https://news.sky.com/story/harry-dunns-parents-reject-bombshell-offer-to-meet-anne-sacoolas-during-trump-talks-11836686 Just when you thought Trump couldn't sink any lower, he tries to engineer a situation where he can force grieving parents to meet the person who killed their lad, to look like the "great dealmaker" for his moronic Twitter following. A truly classless move.
  2. Landed awkwardly and looked like he'd locked his knee. Seems to be moving a bit better now. Even with only one good knee he's better than most of the rest of Scotland team!
  3. Point taken. Not official...still prominent enough to be taken seriously.
  4. Have a look back...I've already said that I agreed with you that we can't be sure what exact percentage of right-wing nutter voted for Brexit. Must I say that again to make you feel better? It might make you sleep easier at night to think that just because there's no empirical evidence against what you say (as it's a secret ballot). Logic and a wealth of evidence that can be gleaned from social media (including the official leave social media) points heavily in that direction. You can argue (and throw childish insults around) all you like. I don't expect you to admit to being wrong, you voted leave after all....for the record, that's an "indirect" comment.
  5. I've come to expect it now! The point to make is, any right thinking leaver who's spent years trying to argue that leavers aren't all racist or xenophobic and trying to play down that element as insignificant should be at best disappointed (and at worst ashamed) that the official leave side are coming out with this shit. I'm not trying to tell you how to feel about it. I know if I'd voted leave and spent years defending myself from people implying I was in some way a racist, I'd be feeling pretty ashamed right now. That's just me though.
  6. I've only implied that you've consistently trotted out the line that we can't be sure that every right-wing white racist voted for Brexit...something you've done again today. You're right that we can't be certain as it's a secret ballot but we can assume if it isn't all of them, it's pretty close.
  7. It's designed to appeal to the crowd that are constantly evoking the language of war and still go to football matches and sing "no surrender to the IRA". The kind of nasty right-wing racists we're constantly told didn't all vote to leave because "we can't possibly know that, because we weren't in the voting booths when they placed their cross". I feel vindicated that I've constantly maintained that there's a real undercurrent of racism and xenophobia in the leave side. A fear of all things foreign and a harking back to the days where Britainnia ruled the waves and faces were white. It's not the only reason people voted to leave...but surely after seeing this, that disgusting "breaking point" poster and the constant cries of "we want our country back", even you can't deny it's a pretty major one.
  8. Well a big part of the leftist Brexit argument was/is that the EU is essentially Thatcherite capitalist club. We helped to shape the project and where it would go economically speaking back in the 80s. The thing they don't get is that capitalism isn't going anywhere. It's what underpins the entire western world. They want to break the system and rebuild it in their own image, much like the Farages of the world but at the other end of the spectrum. The far left and far right are two sides of the same coin.
  9. I have this discussion with my uber hard-left Corbyn-loving uncle frequently. Voted Brexit thinking he could nationalise everything and end up in a socialist utopia. I often delight in telling him he voted the same way as 99% of all the racists and bigot in the country (1% omitted for the inevitable Diane Abbott pic). Any side that Farage, Johnson, Tommy Robinson, Trump and Bannon are on I'll pick the other side...doesn't matter what it is...no thanks.
  10. I've heard from leavers that one of the primary reasons for leaving is that countries in the baltics and Eastern Europe are far right and basically racist so we don't want to be a club with them. Ironic that we're reportedly relying on one of those racist Eastern European countries to get us out.
  11. I thought that had to be a parody account...nope, it's the leader of the free world just threatening to "obliterate" the economy of a NATO ally. Just another day.
  12. Stories/rumours have always been planted in the media throughout history. The difference here is the ease with which it's done and the speed at which that misinformation proliferates. Unfortunately, journalists are under pressure to justify their positions and in this day and age if you've got some information it's better to post and be wrong (in the knowledge you can always just post a "I'm now hearing..." correction) than appear to be a journalist that's getting no information.
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