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  1. The problem is how do you address people's "feelings"? The evidence has proven that their feeling that their wages are being suppressed isn't factually correct.
  2. This why I don't have a great amount of sympathy for that argument. These are people that want me to pay more for a job than would be appropriate under "normal" market forces. Basically, it's protectionism. Ironically one of the things Brexit folk will point to the EU and criticise it for. Ultimately what they don't understand is that the builder that's benefiting from this protectionism against polish builders coming in and undercutting his price, will himself have to pay more for clothes, food, electronics etc because of the same rules. Wiping out any perceived increase in his pay.
  3. I get the argument that there's been a certain degree of wage supression but it's so difficult to quantify though. I've not seen any figures to show how much wages have been supressed by people from the EU coming in. Speaking from my perspective, as long as a tradesman I'm hiring is qualified i.e. not a cowboy, I'm probably going to go with the best price. That's not the eastern European peoples fault. I'd have to ask why white Britons are charging more? Are they ripping me off as a consumer or is this just market forces at work? An example would be, why would I buy a UK-made shirt from M&S for double the price to one made in the far east from Primark? Should we ban goods coming in from overseas to protect M&S?
  4. They just hate foreigners. Doesn't matter what colour they are. They don't like any of them but I imagine you're correct that there's some kind of imperial-era style hierarchy to who they dislike more. Judging by the way we hear they're quite happy to see the other nations of the UK go their own way, it seems they don't much like them either.
  5. Yep, that's why I'm generally quite loath to describe those who voted for Brexit as racist. There are certainly racists among them but I'd argue the vast majority are more accurately described as xenophobes. You will often hear people saying things like "we'll make our own laws" as if laws made exclusively by those they would certainly describe as "native" are somehow better than those made in collaboration with fellow Europeans. That's xenophobia.
  6. It's not £39b any more. It's more like £32 because we've already started to pay this. Also, I hate to break this to you, but it's not going to come crashing down just because we aren't going to pay £32b over however many years we agreed to pay this. Other countries will plug that hole, if they don't they'll be more frugal with how they're spending money or they'll find a way to borrow it. Institutions/countries of that size and scale don't collapse into bankrupcy over £32b...They want the money but what is more likely to collapse the EU is if they abandon the principles that underpin the entire institution. Particularly for a nasty bunch of xenophobes like Boris and the ERG.
  7. I don't think there will be many who actively vote for a Corbyn government. That's the end of them, politically. It'll be down to the number who abstain to save face. Those guys can still have a future under the next person.
  8. It's never going to happen though, is it? To get this VONC through, they'll need every vote to go their way. Corbyn and his merry band of closet communists aren't going to agree to that as it immediately kills him and their project to drag Labour back to the seventies. They'll whip against it (3 line probably) and you're then talking about a vast majority of the Labour party having to defy the parties whip.
  9. The problem with the GE option is that it does nothing to nullify the false "mandate" of the 2016 referendum. In the absence of politicians of substance with the balls to make decisions in the national interest - you know, what we actually pay them for - Another referendum of some description is the only way to put this shit to bed for the forseeable and move on with our lives. Sure there'll be some angry throbbers, but they've been angry about their lives for a while now. No need for us all to suffer. I'm off to the Winchester...
  10. Re. Parliamentary Supremacy - Surely if there's a law that says "if you want to do x you must do y" and they don't follow that law, then by the letter of EU law (A50) we'd still go out but there'd be some legal force to "go after" those responsible at a later time. Re. Parliamentary majority - Even if a majority government were elected they'd still need a large proportion of those MPs to vote for something. At that point parliament has had it's say and they can't point to a dodgy mandate from 2016 and use it as a pretext to destroy the country. I accept that the default destination of A50 can't be changed unilaterally but I'd be interested to know if there was a way in UK law we could bind a government to get fully informed consent from parliament to go for the no WA option. If they can't do that then in UK law they'd have to withdraw or extend.
  11. IMO if he's going to insist on an election the price should be this... They should pass a law that the UK can only be taken out of the EU on a no deal basis if MP's have explicitly given consent in parliament. That will protect the country from Boris/another throbber going to the country and spouting all the lies we've heard before and then using that election/vote as a mandate to do something damaging.
  12. Tbf he's behaving like the idiot that he is. He can't be PM without the formal support of at least 3 other parties and informal help from a minority of another parties members. That letter isn't an "offer" of any scenario. It's him dictating his terms. That letter should have been an offer to have a discussion around what could be done. The Lib Dems/SNP/Greens don't need a general election. They need either another referendum or revocation. A GE could conceivably leave us no better off and possibly worse.
  13. Come on. You can't ignore the racial connotations in this. As for it being purely an "American thing". That's crap and you know it. We share so much in terms of language, culture, TV and news with the states that generalisations don't stay within the borders of the US.
  14. A lot of hate for The Red Sea Diving Resort (Netflix) around. It wasn't fantastic, but it wasn't the worst thing I've ever seen. I'm convinced that Chris Evans is going to fade into relative obscurity now he's done with Captain America, he's just not a good actor. At the other end of the scale, they really needed to do more with Michael Kenneth Williams. Fantastic actor and really underrated. Makes me want to go and rewatch The Wire.

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