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  1. https://coupler.foxsports.com.au/api/v1/article/amp/football/liverpool-to-be-awarded-premier-league-with-plan-that-could-see-no-teams-relegated-for-next-season-report/news-story/04ec1185a7abc3e80ba00301a70f7c85 Interesting article here. Essentially saying that one idea that has been discussed is that no teams are relegated and the top 2 championship teams are promoted creating a 22 team league with 5 teams relegated the following year. EFL cup would be cancelled for a year to fit the extra games in. Not sure if this will happen but certainly an interesting suggestion and one I'd certainly welcome!
  2. https://twitter.com/FrenkieStats/status/1229887138902237185 (Sorry, don't know how to embed the video) Such a unique player to have that height, speed and power but also the finishing instincts. If he keeps improving, he could be absolutely unstoppable
  3. Biskitt

    Joe Lolley

    Thanks for posting that interview, really refreshing to hear a footballer being so candid. Always seemed like a great lad on here and looks like nothing has changed since. Would absolutely have had him ahead of El Ghazi or Trez but appreciate those 2 probably cost less combined than he would and we desperately needed the squad depth
  4. The way I see it is that Samatta will be first choice and then we have 2 options off the bench. Davies is great for those games were we are leading but need an outlet to hold the ball up, I know it sounds a bit daft but he's kind of a "defensive striker". Baston might be the player we bring on if we need a goal as he's probably more of a natural finisher and poacher than Davies (who struggles with that aspect a bit) If its a free, I don't have too much of a problem as we can probably sell him to a la liga team for a couple of million if it doesnt work out
  5. They've signed Soucek who is 6ft 4 and an absolute workhorse for midfield. He's looked a good player to me when I've seen him. At least Bournemouth haven't done any business
  6. Not sure. I'd have like him as he's different to what we have already, he's 6'4, strong and gets round the pitch well. Wether he can get up to speed in the PL (hopefully not) is a question mark though
  7. Soucek going to West Ham is a bit annoying, from the admittedly limited bits I've seen of him, he looks like the sort of player we could do with in midfield
  8. Bournemouth winning tonight is annoying but looking at the match stats, they only had 34% possession and Brighton had 21 shots (8 on target), their keeper Ramsdale was MOTM too which suggests they are still quite vulnerable. Huge game! Ps Newcastle can **** right off
  9. Konsa is the right sided centre back, he should be picking him up there, not Guilbert
  10. Newcastle linked with Ademola Lookman on loan with option to buy. I know he struggled a bit at Everton for game time but he's always some I've thought that looks to have a lot of promise. I think he'd be better than any of the current wingers we have too.
  11. Great first half, totally dominated. They came out much better second half and we really didn't react well which is still a worrying trait we have. We still seem to lack composure defensively and sh** ourselves making clearances at times which just invites pressure. I'm still worried about how poor we seem to be in the second half of games too. Grealish was the best player on the pitch and Was had a really good first half, just hope his injury isn't too bad. Kodjia was awful when he came on, complete lack of of work rate and game management. 3 at the back seemed to work for us and definitely an option I'd like to see more of away from home. Huge 3 points ans hopefully we can build on this. Ps - VAR is a Cu**
  12. 1000%. Always thought he was shite, how he's been in a first team regular for so long is baffling
  13. I'm still in shock about that decision at the end, genuinely haven't seen anything like it. There was contact and it wasn't a clear dive so to disallow the the goal is a disgrace.
  14. Having watched both games, here's how I see it so far. Goalkeepers - Fine. Mistake from Heaton cost us yesterday but confident he'll be a good player for us. Plenty of backups too. Full backs - Elmo and Taylor have played ok the first 2 games defensively but are not particularly great getting forward. Target and Guilbert seem more forward thinking so hopefully we'll see them soon. Surprised neither have played yet which is a little worrying. Centre Backs - Mings and Engels look a good partnership so far and 3 decent players as back up, pretty happy with our options here. Central Midfield - Not sure we've quite got the right balance yet but Mcginn, Grealish look like they can play at this level and I think Luiz can too once he's up to speed. Yet to see Nakamba and think Hourihane is a good squad player. Lansbury is probably 6th choice which I'm fine with. Think there are number of teams with worse midfields than ours. Wide Forward - Trez looks like he might be ok at this level and looks a threat, if a little raw. El Ghazi blew hot and cold in the championship so was concerned about if he could step up, still not sure he can and was hoping he would be more of a squad player this year rather than a starter. Jota has looked a bit off the pace in his cameos so far. Bit concerning that there's not going to be enough goals/creativity from these 3. Centre Forward - Quite concerned here. Wesley did a couple of good things yesterday but was still pretty quiet and touch let him down a few times too. Can he get up to the speed and physicality of this league? Davis is very raw and would ideally be 4th choice. Kodjia blows hot and cold but seems a more natural goalscorer than Wesley. Worried about where the goals will come from on a regular basis Think there is some solid foundations in defence and midfield, just hope were not going to regret not getting another striker/wide forward in that most of us were hoping for
  15. Really missing Hourihanes set pieces today, they've been woeful so far
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