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  1. Biskitt

    Wesley Moraes

    I think this could be quite a clever signing for us. He looks very strong with his back to goal (Tammy was ok at this but can certainly improve) so to have this focal point to relieve pressure and get us up the pitch could be invaluable as were not likely to dominate the ball in most games. He also looks like he's got a decent touch, is a team player (10 assists is pretty high for a striker) and by all accounts is a very hard worker too. Can't wait to see him in action
  2. Not sure about Carroll. Neat and tidy player but always seemed a bit lightweight to me and not sure he’s significantly different to what we have already? Still think we’re lacking some physicality in central midfield
  3. I agree with pretty much everything that’s been said so far but this game also showed how much we need someone like Janssen at the back. A tall, strong, physically imposing centre back who also organises the defence would do wonders for us
  4. Really poor game management at 5-4. Not sure why were still throwing everyone forward at this stage and then Grabban had acres of space in the box to make it 5-5. I love the attacking play were producing but we need to be able to close things out and be a bit more solid at times
  5. One thing I noticed in the second half in particular was how much more confident (technically) Norwich were to us when under pressure of the press. They just seemed so much better at manoeuvring the ball into space or giving a quick 1-2 whereas we seemed to panic. There were a couple of occasions when we managed to put some decent passing combinations together but in order for Smiths system to work, we’re going to need more technically adept players
  6. Was going to mention Ryan Fraser, always looks a good little player to me. Not sure if he’s been mentioned already but Lukasz Fabianski has turned into a really solid keeper over the last few years and is a bit underrated IMO
  7. Modric really is a joy to watch, never seems to give the ball away and pretty much always takes the right option. Absolutely bossed it today
  8. I don't have a problem with Wilshere going as he is a good player on his day, I just think Drinkwater should have gone instead of Barkley as we've already got Rooney/Lallana/Alli and even Sterling who can play the number 10 role and Barkley can't really play anywhere else, he's not been in good form since January either. We have a shit ton of forward thinking players, Just think Drinkwater would have been a more useful as a solid option to close out games or make us a bit more solid defensively in games where we need it.
  9. Great ball by Drinkwater. Him and Kante are bossing it
  10. Cazorla is just an absolute joy to watch isn't he? Always plays with a smile on his face and he's absolutely bossing it today. Probably my favourite non villa player in the league
  11. Biskitt

    Adama Traore

    ^ Completely agree. Let's not pin all our hopes and expectations on a 19 year old who has just come to this country and has only played about 2 top flight games in his entire career. Ease him in as an impact sub and then see how he gets on
  12. Biskitt

    Adama Traore

    Souare isn't slow either and he absolutely pissed passed him about 3 times in a row. Can't wait to see more of him
  13. Fair play to him. You really can't fault the amount of effort he's putting in. I think his tenacity and willingness to travel to speak to players face to face is probably a good reason why we are getting some of these signings done No wonder he's knackered!
  14. Agree, definitely should be off. Very very lucky. Absolutely love watching Cazorla play, probably one of my favourite players in the league, makes it all look so easy and rarely makes the wrong choice
  15. Norwich are away from home and have had 10 shots (5 on target) already and it's not even half time. Sunderland are absolutely desperate aren't they!
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