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  1. Having watched both games, here's how I see it so far. Goalkeepers - Fine. Mistake from Heaton cost us yesterday but confident he'll be a good player for us. Plenty of backups too. Full backs - Elmo and Taylor have played ok the first 2 games defensively but are not particularly great getting forward. Target and Guilbert seem more forward thinking so hopefully we'll see them soon. Surprised neither have played yet which is a little worrying. Centre Backs - Mings and Engels look a good partnership so far and 3 decent players as back up, pretty happy with our options here. Central Midfield - Not sure we've quite got the right balance yet but Mcginn, Grealish look like they can play at this level and I think Luiz can too once he's up to speed. Yet to see Nakamba and think Hourihane is a good squad player. Lansbury is probably 6th choice which I'm fine with. Think there are number of teams with worse midfields than ours. Wide Forward - Trez looks like he might be ok at this level and looks a threat, if a little raw. El Ghazi blew hot and cold in the championship so was concerned about if he could step up, still not sure he can and was hoping he would be more of a squad player this year rather than a starter. Jota has looked a bit off the pace in his cameos so far. Bit concerning that there's not going to be enough goals/creativity from these 3. Centre Forward - Quite concerned here. Wesley did a couple of good things yesterday but was still pretty quiet and touch let him down a few times too. Can he get up to the speed and physicality of this league? Davis is very raw and would ideally be 4th choice. Kodjia blows hot and cold but seems a more natural goalscorer than Wesley. Worried about where the goals will come from on a regular basis Think there is some solid foundations in defence and midfield, just hope were not going to regret not getting another striker/wide forward in that most of us were hoping for
  2. Really missing Hourihanes set pieces today, they've been woeful so far
  3. Yeah but they are a much more established premier league club than we are (at the moment) and are also in London which is a selling point to players. Just can't see this happening at all
  4. Absolutely no chance we could get Zapata imo, he'd have much bigger teams after him than us. Would love to be proved wrong though!
  5. I agree. I don't have any issue with any of the players that we let go of, the obvious exception being Tammy and Axel but assuming they weren't available. If the rest of the players on the left list were good enough to make the step up then why havent any other premier league teams taken them on frees? Id be hugely surprised if any of them are playing premier league football next year. Whilst i'm slightly concerned some of the players we've signed won't be at the required level, I also dont think that signing 5-6 £25m players instead would have been that easy. Wether we like it or not, we are still a promoted club and will be one of the favourites to go down and that may not be that attractive to a lot of players in that bracket. Wages may be an issue too. One of the positives about the number of signings we've made is that at least we have genuine competition for places in nearly very position on the pitch now which can't be a bad thing. We also have some decent squad depth too now and actually own the players too
  6. It sounds like a pair of footballers from a "Toast of London" 5 a side team. "Can you hear me Baptiste Santamaria" etc...
  7. Now that it looks like our defence and midfield is pretty much sorted, I started having a think about our options at centre forward as I know a lot of people are saying we still need another option. I was interested to see what options our potential rivals this season have got in this area. Im not including Everton, West Ham, Bournemouth, Wolves or Watford for this purpose as I think they're teams that we should be challenging over the next 2-3 years, providing we can stay up this season. Sheffield Utd: Clarke Mousset Evans Sharp Newcastle: Joelinton Muto Gayle Palace: Benteke Sorloth Ayew Wickham Norwich: Pukki Rhodes Srbeny Brighton: Murray Locadia Andone Burnley: Barnes Wood Vydra Rodriguez Southampton: Ings Long Adams Austin Obafemi If our options at CF are Wesley, Kodjia, Hogan and Davis then how does everyone think we stack up against those teams? I think Kodjia is fine as second choice (and is probably on par with the other teams second choices) but a lot will depend on how quickly Wesley adapts. Interesting to see what happens over the next couple of weeks
  8. Biskitt

    Said Benrahma

    Not sure if it's just me but the way he moves, particularly at the start of that video, is really reminiscent of Eden Hazard. He's obviously not at that level but it stood out for me. He loves a nutmeg too doesn't he!
  9. I think the sort of player we are crying out for is a Rashford, Son, Richarlison etc type player. Not a winger as such, more a pacy wide forward who can play across all of the forward positions (including striker). Not saying someone on their level (as that's unlikely), just that type of player. No idea who though!
  10. Berghuis is an interesting one. 4th best player in Eredivisie last season according to whoscored, 12 goals, 12 assists. Left footed right winger too. Would prefer Steven Bergwijn though but he's out of our range at the moment
  11. Biskitt

    Ezri Konsa

    He looks strikingly similar to Axel in his playing style, size, strengths and weaknesses ans is statiscally very similar too. Not sure if it counts for much be he starts ahead of him for the U21s so for £12m in the current market, it seems a good deal. My main concern with Axel was always his durability as he's missed large chunks of both seasons with us due to injury. If you look at a lot of the best Premier League forwards (Aguero, Salah, Mane, Aubameyang, Lacazette, Vardy etc) then a lot of them a very quick players so having someone with qualities like Konza alongside Mings who's a beast in the air could work quite well for us. Hopefully Terry can coach him on some of the areas he struggles with and who better to teach him?
  12. Biskitt

    Tom Heaton

    Heaton is a good solid keeper and is currently 3rd choice England keeper. Really good character apparently too and we could do with a wise, experienced head to help organise the defence. Whilst I'd have preferred Pope/Butland from a longer term point of view, this signing will strengthen us and allows money to be spent where we desperately need it
  13. Biskitt

    Wesley Moraes

    I think this could be quite a clever signing for us. He looks very strong with his back to goal (Tammy was ok at this but can certainly improve) so to have this focal point to relieve pressure and get us up the pitch could be invaluable as were not likely to dominate the ball in most games. He also looks like he's got a decent touch, is a team player (10 assists is pretty high for a striker) and by all accounts is a very hard worker too. Can't wait to see him in action
  14. Not sure about Carroll. Neat and tidy player but always seemed a bit lightweight to me and not sure he’s significantly different to what we have already? Still think we’re lacking some physicality in central midfield
  15. I agree with pretty much everything that’s been said so far but this game also showed how much we need someone like Janssen at the back. A tall, strong, physically imposing centre back who also organises the defence would do wonders for us

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