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  1. tezzaleed

    Kieran Trippier

    better than having to plough through pages and pages of rubbish in the speculation thread before you get to an actual rumour. these days it's 90٪ pointless posts about who we should buy or arguments that go massively off topic without reproach.
  2. you're waiting for a move to a big club. no ones playing ball on the asking price. you're mates a sports journalist. what do you do to try and force the issue. sorry I hate myself for posting this. it's actually worse than that though. if you're in negotiations with a club you want to join and that club are known for insisting on keeping things quiet what don't i do.
  3. before mee viscously crippled him he was tearing burnley apart. I'm not saying he'd proven he was a class act or anything but generally his hold up play was good and he could hit a wide range of passes probably better than anyone in the team. imo he was showing signs of turning into a player but I suspect he's now finished. That injury looked career ending to me.
  4. He's been very poor since restart. I mean awful. He has had chances, he's totally fluffed all of them. Granted strange times but I can't really see him improving enough. If we get any interest I'd try to recover as much as we can, if not maybe he'll improve now the relegation pressure is eased.
  5. tezzaleed

    Dean Smith

    Wanting Smith out has got nothing to do with how much I think he's spent. I accept we had to spend a lot to replace a lot of dead wood and aging players, and that apart from Wesley none were particularly expensive. I want Smith gone because he seems to be a clueless manager who can't react at the right time in games and clearly doesn't understand football. Anyone who blames Konsa for that goal is just wrong. both centre backs had been dragged out of position and the team had lost its shape a good ten minutes before the goal. Any manager worth their salt would gave made changes to replace clearly tired players 5 or 10 minutes before the goal. McGinn struggled all night again and should of come of for nakamba. el ghazi was either dreadful or shattered. only one person was to blame for that goal and why we didn't win that game. Smith. get rid.
  6. tezzaleed

    Dean Smith

    smith out now. has to go.
  7. changes made far too late. still got mcginn on the pitch. Smith needs to go now. pull the trigger now and get someone in from the reserves to manage the last few games and start the search for a new manager for the championship.
  8. anyone know how he got on today?
  9. tezzaleed

    Keinan Davis

    Him ahead of el ghazi or trez any day for me. doesn't matter he's not a winger he's effective on the ball and helps the team move up the pitch. As long as he's not injured, which is the problem.
  10. tezzaleed

    Tom Heaton

    oh ffs it's the mirror, hence guaranteed bollox.
  11. he was better than konsa who was awful. one pass put him out of the game time and time again
  12. well you can add me for a starter then. Smith's mistakes cost us massively today. the team played well going forward but taking off el ghazi and samata just handed the initiative to spurs when we should have been pushing them back. he clearly shouldn't have played engels in a back 3 as he can't play there. konsa and hause aren't good enough without mings to organise them. even then they struggle. If Terry is meant to be coaching that defence he should resign in shame asap.
  13. yep has all the hallmarks of after the lord mayors show.
  14. he was still class when he left villa. We were gutted to see him go. he hasn't had a serious injury since.
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