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  1. he was better than konsa who was awful. one pass put him out of the game time and time again
  2. well you can add me for a starter then. Smith's mistakes cost us massively today. the team played well going forward but taking off el ghazi and samata just handed the initiative to spurs when we should have been pushing them back. he clearly shouldn't have played engels in a back 3 as he can't play there. konsa and hause aren't good enough without mings to organise them. even then they struggle. If Terry is meant to be coaching that defence he should resign in shame asap.
  3. yep has all the hallmarks of after the lord mayors show.
  4. he was still class when he left villa. We were gutted to see him go. he hasn't had a serious injury since.
  5. so we might have a chance of getting him. make him target no.1 I say. Sod stats, sod how he's done at any other club, sod form. We all saw what he did last time. he hasn't had any serious injuries he has it in his locker. With the unconditional love he'd get from the villa crowd his confidence would sore and he'd be twice the player he is at Palace.
  6. tezzaleed

    Tom Heaton

    not sure why everyone is freaking. Nyland looks a different much more confident keeper this season. he was world class against liverpool in the cup and did well today when he came on. the take from the final corner was excellent. he's more than earnt a second chance.
  7. glad to see others suggesting we try him up front. we're desperate for someone to offer a bit of a threat up there and I think with his shooting ability he'd bag a few. may not be great with his back to goal but neither is wes. failing that play him up top with davis in a 442 mcginn and Marv in the centre with jack and trez out wide.
  8. Didn't he lead the line as a lone striker in our first season in the championship. Did alright as far as I remember.
  9. you don't remember him setting up luiz for the shot he scored from. OK.
  10. ok hands up I didn't see the match but I will say this. when full backs push on the defensive midfielder needs to drop in and cover when play breaks down. I cant say whether hourihanne was doing this but I suspect not because it's not his strength. hence we bought 2 cdm's. I'd say judge targett when he's playing alongside a proper cdm.
  11. except he won't play for them again. They'll just have a disruptive influence in their squad. He's more or less said he's chosen Villa by his actions. seems this is just about bargaining and Bournemouth trying to get the highest price.
  12. You don't remember his first game then. saying that happy with this. good price for a promising, flexible defender.
  13. yes exactly. when full backs push on the defensive midfielder should drop in to help out. it's partly about legs but also just about awareness and responsibility in that role.
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