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  1. yes exactly. when full backs push on the defensive midfielder should drop in to help out. it's partly about legs but also just about awareness and responsibility in that role.
  2. stadium is finished it's just the fire safety system needs sorting. If his release is more than £25m though we may be safe.
  3. I'm concerned Jack and Tuanzebe are both suddenly out with injuries as we approach the window. it's not possible both are on the way out and smith has decided to move on.
  4. ok so he's not to blame but he doesn't do much. That's not only illogical it's just patently untrue. In fact it's so clearly wrong I'm calling you out as a spurs fan trying to unsettle the best player we've had since 1982 so Spurs can Hoover him up in Jan window.
  5. I can't believe this thread. I came in to see if there was any news on Jack's injury and find people slating him. Genuinely if you're looking to blame Jack in anyway for our failings there's something wrong with you.
  6. two words. Shaun Maloney. Should be our lesson learnt on the next up and coming Scottish superstar. wasn't he meant to be the Scottish Rooney.
  7. johnston de leat terry chester taylor jedi onomah lansbury snodgrass adomah kodja
  8. i really don't get it. Bree just is not good enough. he was awful again today. Surely de leat has shown in the very few outings he's had that he's a more complete full back. he cant be worse.
  9. bacuna was never ever good at yhe top level. he ran around a bit more than the other lazy garbage we had at the time. he was ok as a right back occasionaly and he hit 2 good free kicks. bacuna will always suffer from poor passing and slow decision making. which is why he loses posession so often. hourihane has never been given the chance to play his natural position for us for more than the odd game. he is obviously better than Bacuna and him not playing probably means Bruce has to decide between lansbury and hourihane so we can sell one to raise funds. I expect him to leave before the close of the window but think that is a mistake and we'll regret it.
  10. what a shockingly bad piece of business. him and chester were easily our best cb pair last year and arguably the best we've had for some seasons. he's relatively young still and i think would have improved. we're now gambling on terry and/or samba staying fit and in form to avoid having to play elphick or possibly even that lazy scum richards. unless jedi is going to drop back.
  11. tezzaleed

    Tony Xia

    Could it not just be that he's realised that if we have too many changes every season, there's no stability and we lose half a season bedding new players in. The continual rotating door that is our squad is self defeating and wasteful. Maybe he's just started to wise up.
  12. I'm dead set against sweeping changes again this summer but these are the signings i think would agree with. With maybe a backup cb for baker.
  13. Finally one person who gets it. The one thing you can't buy in the transfer window is time to knit a squad together. For the players to start trusting and playing to each others strengths. You rip up this squad and replace 5 or 6 players from the first team and you've set the reset button. Croatia 98 a squad of players who'd grown up together and knew each others game. Granted they had davor suker but the team was the reason he shone. A team that played as one. Time is what this squad needs not 6 more players plucked from here there and everywhere. Hourihane, lansbury, kodja, green, hogan, baker, chester, taylor, adomah, amavi, bree, jedinak, grealish, johnston (if we can keep him). That core of players are good enough given time and the right support. Granted we need cover for Jedinak and maybe another winger or attacking midfield option as skill players drift in and out of form. But 5 or 6 changes would be suicide.
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