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  1. If he gets a career ending injury he is f*****d. If he underperforms consistently his job (/club) and wage will reflect that. I really don't see what your point is dude
  2. Spoke to my mate who's a Chelsea fan, regards Rui Faria... - Basically thinks he's a genius - Very hands-on coach, will run training sessions himself - Apparently Jose once said "If I am the no1 coach in the world, Rui is the no2"... interesting that Man Utd's downturn in fortunes has coincided with his departure although maybe reading too much into that!
  3. Some reasons why Henry would excite me: - by most accounts he is a scholar of the game, takes a very analytical view to coaching & tactics - he has achieved great things in football and would command the respect of the entire dressing room on this basis - inspiring for our younger players to have an idol like Henry working with them - a huge draw for attracting talented young players
  4. Can't be bothered to go back and check if you're actually talking about Eddie Howe, but if you are, u dizzy blud. Also think we'd be extremely lucky to get FSW, he is a very good manager far beyond someone we could realistically hope to attract presently. But none of that matters Henry + Terry's Barmy Army!
  5. So in his earlier press conference, Bruce said Forestieri "if fit will cause us problems" . He's suspended.
  6. 5. Stay with Villa, risk suffering a serious injury / bad loss of form this year, and lose out on the opportunity to play in the Champions League. Let's not forget careers are short and the vast majority of players never get an opportunity to make the step up (professionally and financially). I really hope to God he stays as he is basically irreplaceable at this point, but no-one could begrudge him the move.
  7. Why the **** is everyone so happy? I'm really confused
  8. Sick game. Playing it on hard: it's hard
  9. I'm surprised by the generally negative feedback, I'm having a lot of fun with this. Took me 10-15 Online Divisions matches to get the knack of defending, but on reflection I think my issues were largely due to playing online and suffering lag. Something's improved recently (maybe servers) and haven't lost an online game for ages... normally an offline player and yet to even get started on ML, which is normally great.
  10. Found May's refusal (or at least initial refusal) to condemn the US Muslim Ban yesterday disgraceful. "US immigration policy is their own business" - completely failing to consider the lives and rights of UK Muslims who would be affected by it, let alone how it contradicts the wider principles of justice and tolerance which we loudly claim are British values. I'm relived to see I am not alone and it in fact has caused a shit storm, with protests in virtually every major area. I'll be protesting at Downing Street tonight, I can't imagine looking back at this in ten years thinking "I did nothing".
  11. Did you try it on Grounded (unlocked after completed once)? - different game. So intense. (Areas still cleared once cleared though) Definitely getting part 2, one of the best games ever
  12. In no particular order, and sorry if cheating to include all MGS 1,2,3 as one game but, meh 1) Metal Gear Solid 1,2,3 (PS1/PS2) 2) Skyrim (Xbox 360) 3) Mass Effect 2 (Xbox 360) 4) Mario Kart (Wii) 5) Far Cry 3 (Xbox 360) 6) The Last of Us HD (PS4) 7) Limbo (Xbox 360) 8) Championship/Football Manager (PC) 9) Age of Empires: Age of Kings (PC) 10) Gran Turismo (PS1) Probably forgotten a load, but oh well
  13. It's a long old season, we have the AFCON coming up and will no doubt suffer injuries, I'm sure he will play a big part.
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