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  1. The spirit and togetherness of the club in the promotion push, and to date, is easily the best it's been since before MON even, and the football has been excellent. Survival was the goal last year, and it was patently obvious to any sane fan that it would be very difficult given the ins and outs over the summer. And yes, there were lows last season. Regardless, Dean earned the right to complete the season, and thank God he did and no-one at Villa was listening to the nut jobs on here. If you were Smith Out at any point last season... you need your head checking.
  2. Can't JT give Lamps a call to sort us Hudson-Odoi on loan?
  3. Vastly underrated IMO, one of the league's most creative FB's (check the stats), and selling him would leave a gaping hole in the team. Let's hope Leicester look elsewhere
  4. Nah it was intended to mitigate the physical toll of a large amount of fixtures in a short space of time (i.e. the Championship all season)
  5. Oh come on, this is ridiculous. He's brilliant at breaking up the play, making tackles, interceptions. He is a good DMF with CL experience. Reminds me of when people were out here claiming Idrissa Gueye was poor
  6. Brings other players into the game more than any of our other strikers. Puts his body on the line, does the simple stuff well. There's a player in there. I just wish he could score
  7. I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone would want to get rid of Targett. He's behind only Robertson and Digne in terms of chances created, and for the most part has been good defensively IMO (he's had it very tough back there). Great signing.
  8. I'm not sure that would fly with the Premier League Player Registration committee
  9. If we're still in the PL at 6.15pm, regardless of how, this season will be a success, given the aforementioned total (necessary) overhaul of playing staff and injury-decimated spine (Heaton/McGinn/Wesley). Any other opinion is bullsh*t
  10. Came on here last night excited to soak up the shared VT joy after *one of the biggest wins in our recent history*... to find posters slagging off KD for his "unacceptable" second half miss, and question "where was this attitude all season?!", among plenty of other negativity. I guess some people just find it difficult to enjoy life's W's when they do come around. Unbelievable we are now in this position, everyone in football had written us off including most of our own fanbase. Credit to Deano, credit to the players, credit to the fans who never stopped believing. UTV - on to Sunday
  11. If he gets a career ending injury he is f*****d. If he underperforms consistently his job (/club) and wage will reflect that. I really don't see what your point is dude
  12. Spoke to my mate who's a Chelsea fan, regards Rui Faria... - Basically thinks he's a genius - Very hands-on coach, will run training sessions himself - Apparently Jose once said "If I am the no1 coach in the world, Rui is the no2"... interesting that Man Utd's downturn in fortunes has coincided with his departure although maybe reading too much into that!
  13. Some reasons why Henry would excite me: - by most accounts he is a scholar of the game, takes a very analytical view to coaching & tactics - he has achieved great things in football and would command the respect of the entire dressing room on this basis - inspiring for our younger players to have an idol like Henry working with them - a huge draw for attracting talented young players
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