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  1. Molde official Tarje Nordstrand Jacobsen, who leaked the Q&A between Molde owner Rokke and OGS last night, has gone on vacation until june 6, according to vg.no, Norways biggest tabloid. Don´t know wether this is incredibly bad timing by him, or if the owner/board feels that he has mucked up so bad that they have to sideline him until OGS is gone.
  2. All the players in the top flight in Norway are full-time professionals, and so is most of the players at level 2. The wages aren´t close to those in the premiership, but they nevertheless put in just as many hours training and preparing for matches as those playing for Villa or ManU.
  3. I guess Ole is pretty pissed off at the Molde directors and owner at this point. The only one that can prevent him from coming to VP now is Randy. What time is it in the states now? He should be dragged kicking and screaming out of bed this instant, and be told to call OGS offering him a sweet deal - or else...
  4. OGS is not happy with Molde director Tarje Nordstrand Jacobsen for leaking the Q&A between him and Molde owner Røkke tonight. "I believe we agreed to let what was said at the press conference be the last word in this case". When asked what he thinks of the leak, OGS said "Which one of us is behaving honorably, I will lett who ever wants, to think for himself" http://www.vg.no/sport/fotball/norsk/artikkel.php?artid=10061788 The guys at Molde must REALLY want him to go now, can´t explain their amateur behaviour in any other way :bonk: Methinks they try to make OGS the scapegoat in this, but for each try digs their own hole deeper and deeper.
  5. Eikrem is an midfielder with an offensive mindset, tipped by many to be the next central midfield general in the norwegian national team. He got scolded by OGS for diving in a league match against Rosenborg last year, and has, to my knowledge not fallen over since - he even sleeps standing up :-D He is just as good as our current midfielders aged 19-21, in my opinion!
  6. Lol I love it. Is that genuine or dubbed? Just ask as he is speaking in English when thought it would be Norwegian to Norwegian players Molde has got a lot of foreign players, 4 africans and 1 brazilian at least, and OGS is used to speaking english during training from his time at OT.
  7. Latest development: The 3 questions OGS was asked by Moldes owner Røkke - and his answers - now published on vg.no: http://www.vg.no/sport/fotball/norsk/artikkel.php?artid=10061788 1. Will you be in charge of Molde all of this season? - It is hypothetical, but if I get an offer, I will leave as soon as I can, preferably after the match against Hønefoss next friday. 2. If you leave Molde, will you take any one of the staff with you? - Yes, Mark Dempsey and Richard Hartis (the two coaches OGS brought with him from United). 3. If you leave Molde, will you take any of our players? - Yes, Magnus Wolf Eikrem. Seems like he has made up his mind, and just waiting for Randy to make him an offer. The relationship between OGS and Molde seems to be deterierating by the hour. TV experts here in Norway have been talking all day about Molde and Røkke behaving like childish amateurs, and OGS being the only one behaving sensibly.
  8. When asked if he is expecting another call from Villa, OGS says that it´s up to Villa. "They are looking for a new manager, and i expect them to talk to several candidates." No one from the media has asked if a deal actually has been made. OGS looked uncomfortable up there, and neither he nor the Molde officials has said that he has declined any offer from Villa, or that they guarantee that he will be staying at Molde. I guess he´s ours if we want him!
  9. Whan asked by journalist when he is going to talk to Molde owner Røkke, OGS answers "Do you want to know when I´m going to the toilet as well?" The media asking more questions about Molde and the owner than Villa at the moment.
  10. OGS is saying that he never intended the situation to get to this. He got a request via a friend monday night if he was interested in talking to Villa. Then talked to Røkke and the club, got premission to talk with Villa. Says he has ambitions about becoming PL manager, but has not actively been searching for a job.
  11. The guy on the left is Tarje Nordstrand Jacobsen - ceo of Molde. The man in the middle is Øystein Neerland - also Molde official. He just said that OGS still is under contract with Molde.
  12. Don't you think the board took a gamble when they appointed Eck? I don´t think Eck was a gamble - we all knew how shite he would be - and were sadly proven right. Can´t see how Solskjær is much of a gamble, really. A decade of playing for the most successful club and manager in the country, a couple of seasons coaching the reserves at OT followed by instant success in Molde. How many of the managers linked with us the last couple of seasons have won the league recently? Molde is holding a press conference in 10 mins, although it will be mostly in norwegian, you can follow it here http://www.vgtv.no/#!id=53294
  13. He did have financial backing, but Molde is not amongst the richest clubs in Norway - a budget on about £10 mill a year. There are four clubs - Rosenborg, Brann, Vålerenga, Viking, with higher budgets than Molde, but those four big ones have underperformed for years now. What OGS has proven in Molde, is that he can be a success with limited funds. There is enough of managers around swapping jobs with eachother despite the fact that they have been pissing away their employers money time after time. OGS has at least proved that he is capable of achieving success.
  14. True, but it seems the Norwegians, and even Molde fans are seeing things from OGS's point of view. Is this the case, Norwegians? It seems like the popular opinion is very much on OGS side in this. On Twitter and on the debate forums, he gets mostly supportive comments. Solskjær has a exeptionally strong position in norwegian football. I support Rosenborg, Moldes arch-rivals, and just can´t bring my self to dislike the man. For me this is a triple joy if the move goes through: Villa gains a good manager, Molde loses one and their finances goes down the drain as a bonus
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