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  1. Twas either 1969 or 70 against Q.P.R. the season we got relegated to Div 3. I think it ended 1-1. My sketchy memory recalls the smell of ciggies & booze & the sight of grown men going beserk when we scored.
  2. My distant relative was Thomas Cramner who was Archbishop of Canterbury. He was burnt at the stake I`m related to the Boddington`s (brewery peeps), can`t stand the stuff though.
  3. The History Channel... Show some actual history documentaries, not Storage Wars & Pawn stars all the **** time!!!
  4. I`m old enough to have watched our beloved C&Bs long before the Premier League came about. So IMO this crap about "the worst premier defeats/goals conceded etc riles me. Yes, mistakes have been made (MON spending & McLeish) & certainly the last few seasons have been poor/unacceptable, but be very careful of what you wish for.
  5. Uncle Josef Stalin I`m sure he murdered more people than Adolf
  6. Ok, maybe somewhat OTT but its only sticks & stones, stop being so **** P.C. about everything.
  7. Or maybe the new Frank Carradus?
  8. Yep, I`m in total agreement , FFS its a SPECULATION THREAD!!
  9. Or...just perhaps....you've been sold a dud and you aren't as ITK as you think. look, ffs, she hears something she deems reliable and she passes it on. sometimes its right, sometimes its wrong. this transfer chat is nothing but idle gossip. i dont care whether julie makes it up randomly or actually has someone in the know who tells her the odd thing, it matters not one **** to me, because i enjoy reading it if shes right, great, if shes not, well at least it gets a bit of discussion going and entertains us for a while sounds to me like you, for some reason, resent the minor att
  10. Good point Blandy, I would also add " a Jimmy Rimmer as a goalie" to your list
  11. I am probably in a minority here, but although Paul McGrath was undoubtably a great player for us, I dont think he was our best. I will go with the OP & it`s Sr Dennis of Mortimer for me.
  12. The Borough of Solihull borders Brum & Cov, Yet we are never considered from Coventry (perish the thought) But apparently as I am a native of Solihull I`m a f*cktard, paedo etc... but it could be worse though...I could`ve been called a nose
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