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  1. I want us to come out of the gates quickly and take the advantage in this one. Can't give Sheff Utd a sniff: need to keep them demoralised. Hope McGinn is given a bit of freedom to roam about and that Bertie, Ollie and AEG link together nicely and cause them some problems.
  2. Having him as an option off the bench - hopefully eager to get stuck in and able to give defenders a different challenges to Ollie - will be a big boost.
  3. He was concentrating on his own game yesterday: not covering for Ross, wondering where he meant to be positions vis a vis Doug, or working out Jack’s whereabouts. He was the senior player in the midfield and it showed.
  4. Will we get a bounce from the lacklustre performance against Brighton? We need Jack, Bertie and Doug, in particular, on song today. Barkley will start and Leicester will target Elmo.
  5. Model professional and has all the attributes of a world class goalkeeper. Stunningly good signing.
  6. Completely agree. He was completely ineffectual: it was like seeing him in ten years time. I regularly say this but I really hate his utter lack of leadership. I understand we’re all different characters and I appreciate that Jack gets the sh+te kicked out of him on a weekly basis by gargoyles from the likes of Brighton and Burnley, but I really dislike the ‘he just robbed my sweets’ face. A bit of stoicism, a bit of silent assassin, wouldn’t go amiss. They’re kicking the crap out of you because you’re a superb footballer, Jack. Now go onto the next level. I wonder if,
  7. It was the lack of bookings and inconsistency of decisions that got me, tbh.
  8. Busy and quite direct. An interesting one. Looks a little in the wiry side, though: perhaps that is me being old fashioned
  9. He’s not fit and looks like a liability. Doesn’t look like a grafter defensively: wants to be involved in offensive build up (not v well lately), but won’t get stuck in on the messy side of things. This is Drinkwater all over again. ‘Let’s play him so we can see him at full fitness’. ‘To drop him would hurt his confidence’. ‘A Ross firing on all cylinders will be amazing’. He needs to be dropped. He’s not worth £10m let alone the £30m that was mentioned in January.
  10. Can someone explain how referees are adjudicated? Some of the decisions were utterly baffling (and I try to say this without the claret and blue specs on)
  11. V poor, disjointed performance. Couldn’t deal with their press in the first half and then we forgot how to hit basic passes once they had tired in the second. Martinez was excellent. The hit and hope passing gave Watkins little to play with, Jack was off the pace. Traore played poorly and couldn’t deal with Brighton’s physicality. Barkley gives little defensively and looks like the weak link in that midfield. Nice cameo for Sanson. Looks industrious.
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