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  1. I think that’s a speech from someone who: a) sees himself as a natural leader and is developing into that at Villa b) considers himself a professional person c) has moral and religious scruples about duplicity d) knows he does not want to play in the championship but needs to focus on the task at hand I can see a pretty big team coming in for him based on his post-lockdown performances alone.
  2. We’re all working on the assumption that DS will persist with this same system if (when) we sell Jack. What if the system is effectively built around Jack and, with him off, DS changes it? Does that affect the sort of player we want to sign?
  3. He tries some audacious things but I’m not sure if this is because he isn’t aware of the basic ways you might, for example, control a football or lay a pass off for a team mate. I think the kind thing to say is that he’s ‘unorthodox’. When he went from Al Ahly to Anderlecht, it was presumably because they wanted to look into how much skill sat at the root of his unorthodox style. Judging from how little time he spent there, I’d argue that he was found out back then. Why we then gambled on him later in his career is beyond me. Finally, and I know this is cruel as is terrifically difficult to settle in a new country, but his communication difficulties compound his lack of talent. He’s out there on his own.
  4. While I want to answer the question posed by this thread by saying ‘it’s a bit of both’, I’ve started to wonder about the way DS, ROK and Terry works. So, since lockdown, we’ve decided to (try to) shut games down to the detriment of any attacking intent we showed before. Does this show that Terry has more influence that ROK or is it that ROK’s attacking plays are not working? I remember DS saying that when the players returned for small-group training, ROK was working on their attacking movement on an individual basis. Watching every game since the restart, it seems like any attacking fluidity has gone. We all pointed the finger at Terry for the bad defensive record, but what about ROK’s role in our attacking impotence? I think he comes across as a lovely chap but I’m starting to ask questions. If DS gets the ultimate say in decisions, has Terry become the dominant voice over ROK? And does this explain why our tactical changes take so long - because the managerial team needs to unanimously agree to them rather than being the whim of the Head Coach?
  5. Really showing maturity beyond his years. Never hides from the ball, a good eye for a pass and his engine is phenomenal. Watching him yesterday made it clear: He’s going to be a big player full stop.
  6. This might not be particularly relevant so, admins, please move this if necessary. Like everyone else, I’ve found most of this season utterly miserable. Especially after Christmas. Also, the world around us is changing on a daily basis, it seems. i just wanted to say that most of you on this forum have made it far more bearable. Say what you will about Villa fans, but our sense of humour is superb. The team is fundamentally missing that twelfth man.
  7. That touch in the first ten minutes yesterday, meant to be a quick lay off over, what, three yards? He fluffs it, and it piddles off his foot by about a yard. I don’t mean to exaggerate based on one point, but it really summed him up.
  8. That was coming at a bit of pace. He had no idea where he was palming it, mind!
  9. He was four million more than Trez? Ok, I retract my last comment.
  10. Can I just say that the commentator’s obsession with players like St Maximan infuriates me. He is deeply inconsistent, incredibly selfish as a player but, one in ten times, pulls something truly wonderful out of his locker. One day he’s a ten, the next he’s a four. Whereas players who graft and are sevens each game get zero attention. Nobody wants to be a worker bee.
  11. Ultimately, I think it’s the Irn Bru that’ll prevent him playing at a higher level
  12. I was rather assuming, like the fake crowd noise, the Savage noise was also taken from a bad video game. Some of him comments are quite out of place
  13. Savage’s comments on the toon are a bit weird. Brilliant defence all season. Fluid. Wtf is he on?
  14. It does look like it has been smeared on doesn’t it? With a little fluff on his chin from in the plug hole for good measure. It’s like a grungy Chelsea Flower Show exhibit.
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