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  1. He gets the ball out of his feet and starts looking for what's on as soon as he receives the ball. He literally is heads and shoulders above most of his team maters because he's always looking about the place for options. I love it. I hope his physical development continues as his game depends not only on his quick feet, but also his strength in holding off opposing players (or protecting himself from the occasional loose touch).
  2. This is an example of a referee putting his mark on a player: ‘you’re in the premier league now, son’. It’s basically a decorative red card: ref thinks we’ve nothing to play for - not like the so-called big clubs - and wants to make a show that he’s upholding standards. Of course, the higher the profile of the player or club, the more difficult it is for a referee to wave his willy like this because it starts a whole public conversation about issues they wish to avoid (Salah: race; Kane: that England’s golden boy is actually a cheat). Frankly, refs are afraid of public spats
  3. It won’t be a busy summer. Uncertainty about income will drive less transfer business. With the exception of Tayls and Elmo, whose contacts will expire, I’m struggling to see much more movement. Plus, I think the coaching staff put a premium on consistency in the group dynamic: they don’t want to disrupt the dressing room.
  4. I assumed it was meant to be a message against gun violence: he does the gun sign and then the ‘shush’. Am I reading too much into this?!!
  5. V much deserved. What a signing.
  6. The mental aspect of his injury will be the most significant thing in play here. He’s a fighter, we all know this, but it’ll take a hell of an effort from him to not only to get back up to pace, but for him to believe in his body again.
  7. Get him in with the youth teams teaching them how to do the stare:
  8. McGinn trying not to look. Jack like a kid in a sweetshop, imagining his face in the...sweets
  9. He hasn’t matured as a player: as one poster said earlier I. The thread, he still thinks he’s the 21 year old explosive player who can turn a game at a moment. Problem is, he doesn’t have the intellectual gift to be able to see that the game has changed since he was 21 and that his body has deteriorated. He has to change his game
  10. He certainly has that Gallic technique: tidy etc
  11. Yes! As does Kane. It’s the nose on Kane that does it for me
  12. We’ve been dire, of course, but I’m in no way impressed by Spuds.
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