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  1. Thanks, Dale. I had no idea. Along with the Kelly Brook gifs, I do learn things on here!
  2. I like this but it is predicated on the assumption that El Gharafa paid all their transfer fee up front. Why is their deal for Kodj not spread across the duration of his contract as well? If this was the case and Kodj had a three year deal, we’d be getting 900k per year.
  3. Well, we have 13min. Let's hope he's registered already and it's now just a matter of fannying around with the website photos, etc.
  4. No one say anything about playing in the hole...3, 2, 1...
  5. He looks like he has a nasty cough in that photo
  6. Oh do f*** off, Everton: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/aston-villa-transfer-news-piatek-17595767 I know we won't be signing him but it amazes me how much money other clubs have to chuck around, when we're talking about FFP despite having owners who are loaded.
  7. Hold on: you’re describing the Werther’s Original advert. It’s 6.56am and my childhood memories are in tatters
  8. We’ve written so much about Suso in this thread that it has been compiled into a book. Someone seems v interested to read it...
  9. They’ve stuck him in Shenstone. I knew I should’ve gone to get some chips tonight. The Cajun hake burger is good: there, I said it
  10. Christ, is that Francis Jeffers?! Looks like his hairline and chin are receding at the same rate.
  11. Well, that was a quick fling wasn't it?
  12. If we have been after him, part of me thinks Leicester would've said 'we don't have a recall option'. But is that too simplistic? Have we been strung along?
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