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  1. I don’t know if anyone has said this before so apologies: I have to plump for Stefan and Luke Moore in this category. I know the youth and reserve leagues are a different game and all that, but massive things were expected of these two - esp Luke. I remember at the time hearing that he was going to be like Vassell but with an end product(!). Other than a nice showing in that 6-1 blowout against Boro, Luke’s failure to launch marked the end of my naive period concerning our academy!
  2. Brilliant call. I was so pleased when I heard about him signing. Then watched him on TV at the WC and on his debut and couldn’t believe what a player we had. Absolute tragedy what happened to him. I remember seeing both Balaban and Crouch after they agreed to sign for us but before making their debut. Balaban played for Croatia against the Republic and unlike Nilis, he looked God awful. I saw Crouch playing for Pompey the evening that the mighty teletext said we were in talks with him. Honestly I had never seen a player like that before - he really was an oddity.
  3. Impressed with that interview. He talks a good game. I loved how specific he was - those little finger, pinching, gestures emphasising his interest in detail. I hope these coaches can themselves adapt to the expectations of Villa. Could they be overwhelmed by just how good our facilities are?!
  4. Whelan is like the anti Grealish in many ways. Still, makes sense at this moment in the game.
  5. That pass Yannick. That **** pass. I think I’m pregnant and carrying his child.
  6. Movement prior to that offside. Love seeing that from claret and blue shirts. Lovely stuff.
  7. I’d love to see him Nick one here. Confidence builder
  8. Is Phil Parkinson trying to hold in a poo? His face each time the camera pans onto him...
  9. For me, Jack is a cracking player. Maybe a luxury in this league but hey. My main issue is that, while he’s super willing, I’d like to see how the team performs without him. Is it that boy winder must have the ball to the detriment of the rest the rest of our play? I can’t answer that question..just an idea.
  10. The fourth official HAS to be double or triple jointed to twirl around that board like that. Miracles...
  11. Tuanzebe has shown real quality tonight. Fair play to him.
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