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  1. KevinRichardsonsMoustache

    Match Thread: Villa v Swansea

    I never want to hear this again...
  2. KevinRichardsonsMoustache

    Pre-Match Thread

    I’m buzzing for this game, chaps. The heady optimism, the idea that we’ve a coach who knows what he’s doing, a team full of attacking talent, coaches - actual coaches - doing football coaching before a game and not telling players to put their boots on (FML!). The lack of vegetables being thrown. The potential for some players to find a new spark of energy. The knowledge that I won’t have to listen to the same cliches in the post match interview. I can’t wait! Come on Dean!
  3. KevinRichardsonsMoustache

    Dean Smith

    Media bods wasted the chance to ask some meaningful questions about his philosophy on football, how he sees his style developing and the underlying structures that he and the team want to implement at Villa. Instead, they want responses to quaint little questions about how he's a villa fan and isn't it nice that he's home. Yes, that's all well and good but don't portray this as some parochial bullshit. He's the most progressive coach to set foot into VP and BH for years, probably in my lifetime. He's probably the most promising English manager of his generation and the reporters want to talk about his f-ing commute.
  4. KevinRichardsonsMoustache

    Christian Purslow

    I love that sense of power you get from people like that. AVFC shouldn't be associated with bloodsuckers like Wyness and the like. Purslow looks like a class act. Hope he just gets on with his job and rebuilds the reputation of the club within football (we want to be a club that won't get stepped on but that does things the right way).
  5. KevinRichardsonsMoustache

    Dean Smith

    Ditto. Interviewer kept pushing him on the connection and DS was quick to remind him that he’s here on merit as a manager not because of his connection to the club. Full of professionalism and lacking the cliches we have become so accustomed to with previous managers. Also loved his comments in JT: showing that he is the boss but has the humility to be able to learn from others around him. This was a skill his predecessor was sorely lacking. Would love to get an an insight into how his training sessions differ from Bruce/Calderwood’s.
  6. KevinRichardsonsMoustache

    Sir Doug Ellis

    As with all of the deepest relationships you have in life, Doug’s time with Villa was full of the usual ups and downs. His commitment to that relationship with villa, though, was never in question. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and our most recent owners have given us food for thought. It’s foolish to think that our readings of history can’t change based on our context. At the time of the Robbie Keane/Muzzy Izzet thing, I was furious with Doug and couldn’t wait for Randy to take over. Overall, though, he clearly committed himself to the club and that is something that I’ll always respect. More than anything, this is a time to think of Doug’s family. Whatever our thoughts on the man, there’s a family that is grieving today for a father, grandfather, uncle etc who has passed away. A little respect is therefore desirable, even if that’s just for today.
  7. KevinRichardsonsMoustache

    Dean Smith

    I’m sorry if this has been noted already but why have the Villa PR team decided to so aggressively ‘smooth’ the photo of DS on the official site? It looks like they used some dodgy iPhone app to add ‘effects’ to a perfectly good image.
  8. KevinRichardsonsMoustache

    Dean Smith

    I too went to bed early! I’m delighted with the appointments - it’s progressive yet effective for the championship and reflects that the board has been listening to the fans. It’ll give me goosebumps to sing ‘one of our own’ when he comes out at VP against Swansea. He’s living the dream AND he actually cares about the football his players play. I can’t **** wait. I’m interested to see how the three men work together but, if they can click, god, we’re onto something here. Welcome home Dean.
  9. KevinRichardsonsMoustache

    New Manager Speculation

    I’m so impressed you’ve a high res’ image of him readily to hand, on file.
  10. KevinRichardsonsMoustache

    Ratings & Reactions: Millwall v Villa

    He was a right back after all. He’d fit right in among at least 50% of Bruce’s makeshift squad.
  11. KevinRichardsonsMoustache

    Ratings & Reactions: Millwall v Villa

    Deep down, we all knew it was going to be uninspiring stuff.
  12. KevinRichardsonsMoustache

    Match Thread: Millwall v Villa

    Is that a request? A challenge?
  13. KevinRichardsonsMoustache

    Match Thread: Millwall v Villa

    More magical distribution from Nyland.
  14. KevinRichardsonsMoustache

    Match Thread: Millwall v Villa

    There’s a remarkable arrogant nievety about most of them. They are largely better than the players they’re up against. But they don’t have the humility to get stuck in.
  15. KevinRichardsonsMoustache

    Match Thread: Millwall v Villa

    Have never got into a rhythm in this game. It suits Millwall to play this bitty, stop start, sort of match. They might be a terrible side but they’ve got our number.