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  1. In his interview with the official website yesterday, Richard O’Kelly mentioned that he was puzzled by some of the decisions. ‘I’m not sure we always got the rub of the green’ was his phrasing. The refereeing performance against spurs made me wonder if this is how the Italians felt in the 90s when match fixing was so obviously happening?
  2. I think I'm going to need some alone time with the stats dashboard.
  3. Any idea when the squad photo is released? If I remember rightly, it has been in September in the past couple of seasons but I'm not sure if this is Championship timing. I want to imagine I'm a kid again, picking up the Express and Star and seeing the central page has our team photo on it. Ahh the days: when the photos were taken in the stadium instead of BMH.
  4. Full vid is here: https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11677/11784060/aston-villas-summer-spending-not-a-trolley-dash-says-chief-executive-christian-purslow “Aston Villa's summer spending was no "trolley dash" according to chief executive Christian Purslow, who told Sky Sports Newsthe club had an "obligation to be competitive" in the Premier League.”
  5. The owners are properly switched on to modern media optics. It’s not just quaint uncle tony or weird Randy: it’s a business with a consistent message. That this is so refreshing shows how stuffed we were before! I’m enjoying the ride so far.
  6. This is a superb post. I’ll just leave it here and hope people see that the ‘we are Aston villa’ BS didn’t allow us to escape the trap door last time and we are owed nothing at all by this league. We’re a newly promoted team and we’re going to get a kicking from time to time. Let’s take the positives from yesterday - of which there were many - and move on. Dean is the man to lead us.
  7. Need to get the ball down and play. Heaton’s long ball distribution is more a Burnley style. We need to get it down.

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