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  1. It does make you wonder. I mean, there are stories doing the rounds saying we are 'locked in' on payments even if we drop him. What other business works that way? Surely nutting a coworker is gross misconduct and the guy gets sent to HR for an exit interview?
  2. Seems like Jota is a well-liked figure at the club. DD isn't and he sounds like a bit of an arsehole.
  3. Guilbert gets sucked into following his man and then leaves a great big hole behind him f9r the full back to race into.
  4. You can’t come into the premier league and play so open, you’re just tempting fate that your defenders are going to make errors.
  5. How does DS recover? He hasn’t showed any ability to raise these players, which is a great shame. I like the guy but I think he’s learning (by his own admission) and we need someone who has learned a bit more.
  6. Defenders playing facing the goal again. Getting turned. Constantly.
  7. Agreed. Dead men walking. Shame cos some of them are good players individually, like v good players.
  8. Every **** bounce, every **** second ball, goes to the opposition. Show some tenacity. Show some football intelligence. It’s men against boys and we look like a lower half championship side.
  9. The tackling on Grealish is almost comical. These referees are shocking
  10. I expected the season to be tough, v tough, if I’m honest. But the errors and the management team’s inability to boost morale (knowing we were going to struggle) still shocks me. As a team, we’ve all but given up on the idea of a midfield.
  11. CO:COM: STOP SAYING MINGS HANDLED THE BALL. Shoulders are not hands. Shoulders are not even arms. They are shoulders.
  12. Hourihane’s shove was a penalty. That shoulder was not.
  13. There are so many images of Stan after his diagnosis where the club showed why it’s so special. There’s still something family oriented about Villa. So while I like the images of the Holte End and the power of sheer numbers, there’s something about these intimate shots that gets me and reflects who we are as a club. The video of him at BH and getting his birthday cake still hit me hard.
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