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  1. Jack and Doug need to communicate with each other. Our attacking intent is good but we need those two working together in the middle
  2. The Stoke game was his chance to show he had some utility. He failed. That performance may also have put an end to any Championship club coming in for him. Unless he has some brilliant acumen as a coach we don’t know about, I hope we can come to an arrangement to cut him loose.
  3. Dean and his team have learned so much - and they’re big enough to admit that they’re learning. You can see it in all of our league performances this year: tactical astuteness rather than the ‘we play this way and we’ll die trying’ of early last season. I was dubious when Dean spoke of assembling a team based on certain values - hard work etc. But, I have to admit: you can start to see a sort of AVFC football brand coming into focus here. I think Dean saw it all along.
  4. Progress, folks. Summer additions give us threats and energy across the pitch. Last year’s signings have improved (Doug, Trez, Konsa). As every commentators has said so far this season, we do not look like the team that struggled last year.
  5. Martinez being a pro there: buying the boys some time
  6. Matt Cash: so much energy, good position sense. Really astute signing
  7. This eleven and last season’s eleven: night and day. We’ve done well this transfer window: hope they can stay fit
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