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  1. Think he had some cans last night to celebrate his b’day.
  2. Played quite well when he came on today. Is it me or did he look more trim today? Maybe the long-sleeve shirt he had on today is deceiving me, but I seem to remember him having a bit of puppy fat when he arrived. His workmate is v good, although not the most polished player in the world by any means. What I liked most today was that he took players on and tried to get to the byline. I know he likes to cut in but his pace is so impressive that I wish we’d see him skin more players like he did today.
  3. Pretty turgid stuff until the winner. Players not taking responsibility, lacking energy and relying on Jack. For his part, Jack was immense. His touch and composure are outstanding. Midfield was suspect today - that allowed Brighton to cut through us. McGinn looked spent. Marvellous did his job but allowed a lot of space for the opposition while he came forward. The intro of Douglas allowed us to play the double pivote and it gave us a better platform from which to attack. Think Dean will need to use this in the coming matches or we’ll get murdered. Davis was shaky when he came in but I thought he grew into it. Looked more dynamic than Wes by the end. Despite all of the negatives, however, we dug in and kept going. You can see there’s a team spirit there too. I hope this gives us confidence moving forward into some tough matches.
  4. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-7571345/Manchester-United-star-Jesse-Lingards-model-ex-cosies-football-rival-Jack-Grealish.html ’The model ex of Manchester United star Jesse Lingard was snapped cosying up to his football rival Jack Grealish this week.’ I have no idea who Jena Frumes is, but her Instagram account is...enlightening. I’m also v confused by this big eyebrow thing.
  5. He has done a huge amount in a comparatively short amount of time. I keep forgetting it has only been a year. We’re still seeing his style of play being rolled out and we’ve already reaped the rewards. Can’t wait to see what the future brings. I love his attention to detail, his humility and his precision when talking about players/tactics. He also seems like a thoroughly genuine person. I like it when people say that they never stop learning. Yes, he’s a villa fan so he ‘gets it’. But he’s also a tremendously exciting English coach who shows you don’t need to be a dinosaur to get far in this game nowadays. He’s absolutely here on merit, we’re ahead of CP’s ‘plan’ and long may it continue. Thank you, Dean (and staff)
  6. Hope he scores a few more for them and there’s talk of another Championship team trying to sign him permanently. Some money for him would be lovely. Basically a pub footballer who accidentally found himself earning thousands of pounds a week. Don’t think he was ever physically or mentally prepared for the big time. As someone said earlier, he’ll keep dropping and find his level in league one or something.
  7. He looks out of shape to me. Also, he thinks he's Nostradamus: https://www.stokecityfc.com/news/2019/october/Hogan-is-true-to-his-word/
  8. His English is going from strength to strength. Hope he beds in and gets that same kind of love as he was getting in Brugge.
  9. Ahh memories. I remember when those toilets were cleaned...
  10. Can I just say, I love how you’ve linked the videos so they start precisely where the relevant goals are! That’s attention to detail and it saves us watching largely irrelevant highlights!
  11. On paper, Dougie is a better player. But in practice, Dougie’s lack of English language skills and Conor’s years of experience with the club mean that it’s his shirt to lose now imo. I totally agree with some posters’ comments that he went missing in too many championship games, but I think having him free up Jack in premier league games is underrated. It’s like one of those basketball players who, while not the most explosive individual, serves the interests of the rest of the team. Look at it this way, the last time we had a ‘tick over’ midfielder was Gavin McCann...
  12. Marvellous is incredible. So tidy. Does the dirty work, head up, pass out and attack.
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